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Love Is Blind


Copyright 1999, 2000 by DMR

Part VIII.


Those days that followed my decision were increasingly difficult. Lara had asked me to speak with Devon, but I couldn't. I simply couldn't. So I focused all of my energy on my classes. Most of them weren't overly difficult. My speech teacher was turning into a major thorn in my side, but I continued on. As the days progressed, I found Tommy to be more than I first judged. I thought he was just the friendly jock, but in fact he seemed to be actively seeking my friendship. Since I felt alone in this school, I decided to take his friendship. He and I always talked in History, and Mr. Jackles was constantly giving us the evil eye.

One particular day, I came in. Anthony, a boy who had always shown me a very angry aura since the first time we met, was not in his seat. In a normal high school, this wouldn't have been unusual. But when you have dorms right next to the classes you take, it is more of a surprise. I thought that he was merely sick. I shrugged it off and Tommy and I began our normal chatter.

Mr. Jackles came in as always with his penny loafer leather briefcase and set it on his desk. He had a smirk on his face. Uh oh, I thought. Something is definitely up. "Hello class," he said slowly and gleefully, "Today is Friday. So you'll have a whole weekend for your favorite thing: studying!" My eyebrows raised. I kept wondering what he was up to. Just then, Anthony burst into the room. His face was strained with tears. He almost ran to his seat. I turned around, looking at him with concern, but he returned my concern with the stare of death. If looks could kill!

I turned back around as Mr. Jackles said, "Welcome, Anthony! You're just in time for me to announce to the class that we're having a midterm on Monday!" The class groaned in response. "Spare me the melodrama!" I hadn't noticed it before, but Jackles was acting almost.. queeny. I'd never thought of him that way before. I then noticed that his pager beeped at him. Jackles checked it, and excused himself. The class started nervously talking about this surprise midterm. Some were very angry. I went back to Anthony's seat.

"Are you okay?"

"Leave me alone," he said, wiping tears away from his face. I stared into his eyes. Something had deeply upset him.

"Anthony.. What's wrong?"

"Mordrin.." he whispered. I didn't understand. "We have to watch out for his cane." This confused me even more so. Anthony's eyes started to water again. "I didn't want him to be the one. I wanted someone else... Someone that I cared for, at least. I just thought he wanted to help..." Mr. Jackles returned to class.

"Anthony, I'm afraid that you're going to have to go. Mr. Mordrin has an academic meeting scheduled with you." The class oohed at this. A meeting like this was normally conducted when a student was suffering from poor grades. Anthony shook his head, no. Mr. Jackles walked back to Anthony and physically pulled him up. "Look, we don't need a suspension for insubordination. Let's go to it, young man."

"No!!!!" Anthony's scream filled the classroom, killing all conversation. "He can't make me!" Mr. Jackles was turning bright red. He looked like those teapot caricatures in the cartoons as they were about to boil.

"You get out here NOW! You have a meeting and that's it! Not one more word! GO!!" I had never seen Mr. Jackles so angry. It was scary. His anger was as pure as the hate my father had for me. I shuddered at the thought.


(as told by Devon)

Lara was right. That Ben.. whatever his name... was a real asshole. After that first day, she didn't tell me if he was in the hallways, and I didn't ask. I didn't need to be hurt anymore than I already had been. I just went about my business as if nothing else mattered. I became as I was before meeting him - secluded. The days passed one after the other, nothing new ever really happening. Lara grew increasingly overprotective of me, as if the slightest breeze would push me over. I kept telling her that I wasn't made of glass, but Lara is Lara. She won't have a word of it.

And after that strange incident of Mordrin visiting my class, he never bothered me again. That man just does not make me feel at ease at all. It's like he has some dark ulterior motive to all that he does. Oh well. I guess it's just my mind running to conclusions again.

Lara didn't mention anything that went on in the hall again for about a week. I heard her sigh that worried sigh she makes only when she is deeply concerned. I asked her what the problem was. "It's that boy again," she replied.

My ears perked up. I said it without thinking: "Ben?!"

"No," she said distractedly, "but he hangs out with him. He's been watching you with... sad eyes ... a lot recently."

I assured her, "I have absolutely no interest in anyone else other than..." With that my voice trailed off.

"Ben?" she filled in for me. I responded with silence.


God, Mr. Jackles is such an ass! I think I said that,rather than think it, as I diligently studied for the upcoming History mid-term. All the things that were going to be on the test.. and I had missed half of them! Being the new kid sucks. But then again, it's not half as bad as being with my dad.

Before I knew it, I heard the door slam. God, they were at it again. These two were clear as clock work! Three times a week or more. Hump hump hump. Can we say INSATIABLE? Ugh! The bed was only lightly squeaking, so I ignored it. I continued to sift through my History text. But the next thing that I knew... SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK! "Ok," I said, slamming down my books and notes onto the desk in my room, "That's IT!" Fuming, I stood up and opened the door carelessly. I stomped down the hallway and ripped open the door.

Jamie was moanly loudly, his pale hind end exposed. Tommy's legs were over Jamie's shoulders. Tommy was moaning, "Oh Jamie.. yes.. Jamie..." Then I heard something that cannot be properly described. I heard a shriek so high pitched that Sarah Brightman would be put to shame. It must have been at least four octaves above middle C. Tommy was staring right into my eyes as he continued to shriek. He must have screamed for five minutes... I hate to use the word, but.. Five minutes straight.

Jamie noticed the look of utter fear in his lover's face and immediately pulled out. Tommy's legs dropped to the mattress with a loud thump. Jamie turned around to see me at the door, arms crossed. As opposed to his partner's wild reaction, he merely gasped and said, "Oh shit." Jamie grabbed the blanket that had been kicked to the bottom of the bed and pulled it over his mate and him. After continued screaming, Jamie turned to Tommy and yelled, "Shut the hell up!"

"Oh god.. please... oh... please.. Ben.. it's not what it seems!" Tommy was whimpering, and I saw tears start to streak down his face. It was difficult to stifle a laugh, but I did. "I mean... we were just.. Umm..."

"STUDYING?!" I boomed. In hindsight, I didn't mean to be so cruel. But I was very annoyed. Tommy whined something and nodded his head, yes. I rolled my eyes.

"Look, I'll do anything, Ben... Just don't tell anyone..." Tommy was going to bribe me! At this point, I couldn't take it anymore. I just started shaking, and finally burst out laughing. Tommy got very worried, and began to cry even more. "I'm begging you, man! Please!"

"Do you..." I said, regaining my composure somewhat, "think that I am STRAIGHT?" I could feel myself turning red. "Why do you think I was asking about..." Suddenly, I stopped laughing. Devon. My angel. But I couldn't...

"You're... you're gay," Tommy stated rather than ask me. It was obvious that he was shocked. Jamie just smiled and nuzzled his head against Tommy's muscular shoulder.

"Bingo," I retorted.

"Shit. Well, if you won't tell I'll let you..." Tommy said, indicating the part that only Jamie had used. Jamie saw what he was suggesting and glared at me. I giggled to myself softly.

"You don't have to do anything, Tommy!" I shook my head. Jamie visibly relaxed. "Besides, Jamie would kick my ass," I said smiling. Jamie looked at me with a goofy grin, and kissed Tommy on the shoulder. So there was more than sex for them. They really cared for each other.

I picked up Tommy and Jamie's clothes and threw the pile at them. They seemed to blush a little, realizing that they were still naked. They quickly dressed after surviving the initial embarrassment. Just as Tommy slipped on his final sock, we heard footsteps and keys jingling in the hall. The two lovebirds looked at each other in fear. A moment later, there was a loud knock on the door.

Tommy and Jamie jumped off the bed, pulled apart from each other, and moved to opposite corners of the tiny dorm. I walked up to the eyehole in the door. Before me stood a middle aged man with a pot belly. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and a stained tie. On his left breast pocket was a golden star. It read GLENVILLE SHAW ACADEMY FOR BOYS SECURITY TEAM. Oh shit, I thought to myself. I took a breath. I saw his arm reach back to knock again on the door. Before he did so, I called out, "Who is it?" My voice cracked. God. I thought I had finished all this voice changing crap. Why do you sound like a complete retard at the most inopportune of times?

"Pizza delivery," a nasal voice sarcastically replied. He paused and then said, "You've been screaming at the top of your lungs: who the hell do you think it is?" Without giving me a moment to respond, he said, "It's security! Open the door, please." I shook my head and opened the door.

Tommy and Jamie almost seemed to be cowering in the back of the room. I turned around to see a very pathetic body. He must have been 5'6" and 275 pounds of fat. His hair was pine brown, and the mustache on his face seemed to be a faux pas from the 1970s. He walked in bowlegged. Who the hell did he think he was, John Wayne? I sat on the center edge of the bed. He didn't seem to have but a few brain cells left, so I thought that I'd appease him. "What seems to be the problem, officer?" A spark went off in his eyes. Ooh, officer. That helped his ego. He thought I respected him, so he calmed down a little.

"Well boys, you need to calm down. Some guy from the next building over called a complaint about the noise."

"Who?" Tommy asked suspiciously. He had apparently found his balls again. Damn it, Tommy! You're going to get us in trouble!

"That blind freak." He answered curtly.

"He's not a freak!" I yelled. The pig-wannabe just gave me a hmph! as a response. I looked down and sighed. "Look, sir, we're sorry. We didn't mean to be so much trouble. We're just stressed out over an upcoming test.."

"Oh CRAP," exclaimed Tommy, not thinking. "I forgot about that!" The pig in training's eyes shifted from one person to the other.

"Well, some of us were studying," I continued. I tapped my fingers on my legs nervously. "Look, sir. We're really sorry to have been such a problem. We won't do it again. We'll go right back to studying and not bother you again." My eyes beamed sincerity. He just crossed his arms.

"You know the dorm rules," he finally said. Jamie looked down, soon followed by Tommy. "No loud noises, or punishment will ensue." Tommy looked at him pleadingly. "But.. I guess I can let you off this time. But if I hear any more complaints, I'll have to inform Mr. Mordrin." He looked at each one of us as he said this. That done, he shoved his hands into his side pockets and walked out the door. After he closed it, we all let out an audible sigh. Thank goodness he was gone!


(as told by Devon)

Those damn kids! The curse of being blind, of course, is that your other senses develop beyond those of normal human capacity. I swear, sometimes I can even hear a dog whistle. And what I heard couldn't possibly have been human. Not male at least. It was so high-pitched. It was killing me. Luckily, the sound was from the next building, so it was somewhat muffled. I'd never done it before, but I called security. I felt like a weasel while doing it, too. But that's all right. It shut them up, at least.

I went back to work as I heard my door open and close. "Hello?" I called out, disinterested. It was Lara. She was whistling some tune that I can't recall as she put some bags down. She had bought something. Leave it to Lara to cheer me up when I'm grumpy.

"Good evening, Mr. Devon," she lovingly said. I could feel her smile beaming all over the room. "Jesus boy! It's cold in here!" I heard her walk over to the thermostat and adjust it.

"You know, if my daddy had the money to pay for the contruction of my own penthouse, I'd put it to good use!" I just laughed to myself slightly. Good old Lara. She always teased me about either my money or my accent. I'm originally from England, you see. My mother was Irish, accounting for my hair. And they were very well off. After my father's company went international, he decided to move his headquarters to the United States. It wasn't too long after that that the accident happened. Please don't ask... I don't like talking about it.

Anyway, after the accident, my father decided that I would be better off in a school where they could take care of me. It's not that he couldn't afford a full-time staff; I think he sent me because he didn't want to remember. The accident took mother, too, you see. I was the only survivor. So he sent me off to this school, and one of his provisions is that I have a livable dormitory. Livable for him meant a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. He also required that I have a full-time aide. This was mandated by the state as well. So it happened, seven years ago, that I met Lara. It's funny isn't it? I've known her for so long, but I can't see her face....

"Devon," Lara said, full of worry, "What's wrong, boy?" She held me to her. I guess she could hear me weeping from the kitchen.

"Why did it have to happen to me?" The tears were slowing down. "I mean of all the people. Why me? This thing called fate... it's so cruel."

"Now now," she comforted, "It's all right. I'm going to make us some dinner. I didn't have any dates lined up tonight." She laughed to herself. "Let's eat by the pond."

And so we did.



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