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Love Never Dies - Chapter 1


I sat watching the plane back away from the gate; the plane that carried my first and only boyfriend ever off to his new life. Simon, my boyfriend, well I suppose ex boyfriend now, was off to America. His dad had landed a kick ass job in New York so his whole family was moving over. His mum had left the week before with his little brother while Simon stayed back while his dad sorted out a few last minute details here.


His parents didn't mind him staying back a few more days; they knew how important we were to each other. In that regard we'd both been lucky. Both sets of parents had accepted our sexuality and the subsequent relationship without fault. Both our mothers said they'd both known about us for years. It's not like either of us radiated gayness; something I'd asked my mum time and time again. They both said they just knew their little boys were different.


Simon and I had spent the last few days trying our hardest to enjoy the little time we had left together, all the time ignoring the fact it would end all too soon. Simon's parents had removed him from school the week before, while mine allowed me to take an early start to the upcoming summer holidays. I think they'd realised how important it was to me to spend what little time we had left with each other together. They also realised once he was gone, how devastated I would be.


Simon was my first love. People think that seventeen is too young to know what love is; I say their wrong. They'd never feel how I did towards him; they'd never be inside my body or mind to know how I'd react when he was near. A simple touch would set off sparks inside me. His voice would not only travel into my ears but also into my soul, his words could give me exuberant joy. I lived each day just to see his face, feel his touch, or simply hear his voice. I had no idea what I was going to do now.


Tears stung my eyes as I watched his plane pull back. I stood from my seat in front of the large windows and walked closer to the glass. My finger tips pressed hard against the smooth, cold surface as sobs wracked from deep within me. I couldn't watch anymore. I could almost feel his eyes on me from within the aircraft. I didn't doubt for a second he was feeling the same pain I was.


As fast as I could, I turned and made my way from the viewing area. My legs carried me as quickly as they could out of the terminal building. I raced out past the drop off point and into the short term car park I'd left my truck in only an hour before where I reached the Ford Ranger my parents had given me for my seventeenth birthday only seven months ago. It had been my dad's idea to buy the truck for me. My mum had been against it thinking it was too large and powerful for a new driver. She'd wanted to give me a small car, thank God it was dad that took me to the dealership.


I hit the door lock button on my keys and went straight for the crew seats ignoring the front. I crawled in curling myself into a small ball and allowed my tears to flow. I knew it was over with Simon; I knew I'd probably never see him again. We'd speak on the phone once in a while, we'd send letters for a while, we'd chat over the internet, but it'd never be the same. I doubted I would ever again feel his soft touch or feel the lightning sparks as he kissed me. I was resigning my self to life without my first love.


I must have fallen asleep at some point because I woke when I heard my mobile going off inside my jean pocket. Groggily, I dug into my pocket to grab the phone. I pulled it out and flipped it open without even looking at the display.


"Hello?" my voice felt so weak and tired, I could only imagine how it sounded.


"Drew, sweetie are you okay?" It was my mum.


"Sorry, I'm at the airport still mum. I stayed in the car for a while. I needed a while to clear my head."


"Oh honey. Are you okay to drive home? I can send Dad to pick you up if you want?" she asked.


"I'm okay mum. I'm about to leave anyway. I see you in a while okay?"


"Okay. Take care and drive safely. I'll see you when you get home."


"Okay, I love you mum. Bye."


"Love you too Drew." I heard the click telling me she'd hung up the phone.


I took a moment to rub my eyes. They were sore from all the tears I'd expelled over the last... how long had I been out here anyway? I looked at my watch realising it had been four hours since Simons' flight had left. No wonder mum had called in her little panic. I stretched my six foot frame as best I could in the confined space before climbing between the two front seats and over the centre consol into my seat.


I put the key into the ignition and turned it, starting the engine. Before moving, I flicked through the discs in the CD changer looking for something that reflected my mood. I settled on Green Day, reversing the truck as American Idiot came blasting out through the speakers.


I paid the parking charge as I left before turning onto the road and making the forty minute drive home. It was a quiet and fast drive back to my parents' house. I pulled up outside the property and got out to open the gates. I made quick work of swinging them open before driving through and closing them after me. I drove up the short driveway, clicking the garage button as I approached. I pulled into my parking spot in the three car garage next to mums' Range Rover. I turned the trucks engine off and climbed out looking over to the utility room door and saw mum standing there looking as concerned as I was expecting. I simply walked over and let her hug me with her smaller frame.


I couldn't help but sigh at the comfort I felt from mum. My tears threatened to fall again as she squeezed me as tight as her small, thin frame would allow. Her hand reached up to gently stroke my short blonde hair as my head rested on her shoulder.


"Oh my baby, I'm sorry this had to happen," she said in her soothing voice.


My tears were falling again wetting her shoulder, "Mum, I miss him already," I sobbed out.


"I know you do honey, I know you do. Come inside, I want you to try and eat something okay?"


I nodded my response against her shoulder. She took my hand in her own, gently rubbing her fingers against the palm of my hand. She gave me a gentle pull indicating it was time to start walking. I followed her into the house, firstly through the utility room and then into the spacious kitchen. She led me to the large rustic looking pine table that was the centre piece of the room.


My dad was sitting there reading his news paper and he looked up directly into my eyes showing the concern he had for me. I smiled gently at him as I sat in the chair next to him. He raised his hand to my shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze. That small token of compassion from him reminded me that I had so much that so many others didn't. I had my parents' love.


Mum had made pizza which she sliced and served onto three plates for each of us. Dad stood walking to the large stainless steel American style fridge. He took out the fresh orange juice and grabbed three glasses from the rack next to it. I sat back and watched my mother and gather work in sync with each other, their routine well practiced, realising I'd expected Simon and I to one day be the same. I decided to file that thought away and deal with it another time. There's no way I'd be able to sit and eat with them if I started to analyse the somewhat depressing thoughts I was starting to have.


Mum and Dad returned to the table in their practiced manner sitting opposite each other. Dad poured the orange juice into the three glasses then sat them in front of each of us. I sat and tried my best to eat, my stomach was turning and I had to force the food down my throat. I kept my eyes down looking at nothing but my food. I never said a word to either of my parents. My parents never even tried to make conversation with me, they both knew me well enough to know that I'd talk when I was ready.


I managed to finish about half of my meal before requesting permission from my father to leave the table. Dad simply nodded his head and gently smiled at me. My mum looked up to meet my sore eyes showing she was there if I needed her. I stood from the chair and walked out through the kitchen door into the hallway. I walked on auto pilot up the stairs to the loft ladder that led to my part of the house.


When my parents had bought the house I'd immediately fallen in love with the large loft space. It was floored and had one of those sliding ladders that could be pulled up if you wanted total privacy. Of course, I was never allowed to pull the ladder up when I was in there. Mum would freak out if she didn't have access to check on me from time to time. That was never an issue though; I'd never been one of those kids that hated their parents. I'd always got on great with both Mum and Dad. In fact, the most reclusive I'd ever been was during the short period of time I'd spent trying to work out a way to tell them I was gay and in love with Simon.


When we'd moved in, my dad had asked me which bedroom I'd wanted to claim as my own. I'd immediately asked for the loft. The room, even with the floor, was mostly unfinished with the roof trusses uncovered by plaster. Dad had immediately seen it as a great project we could work on together. I'd temporally moved into a room on the level below and I actually left most of my possessions in their boxes, not seeing the point of unpacking them if I was only going to move again in a short time.


Dad had immediately started work on the loft. He involved me every step of the way. Since his business was a construction company, he had the tools and expertise to do the job. I think he also saw it as a way to introduce me to the family business. We started work, covering the trusses with plaster board and insulating the whole space. He had an electrician from his company wire the room. Again, I was allowed to choose the locations I wanted the lighting, and the power and phone connections since it was me that would use them. I was extremely lucky in the fact my dad was successful in his work. I was never given a cost budget to work with.


Their was a plumber hired to plumb a small en suite shower room so I wouldn't need to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Since the space was so large, covering the whole top of my parents' large new house, we decided to split it into three rooms. Half the space would be divided into the bedroom and shower room, with the other as my own private living space.  Dad had four large Velux windows installed so I could have as much natural light as possible. It ended up being the brightest room in the whole house.


Simon was with us most of the time we did the work. His input was just as important to me as my dad's. He had an eye for design and he wanted to be an architect when he finished school and university. It showed already in the quality of design he added to my space.


When the walls were up and the spot lighting installed, along with all the electrical outlets, Dad and I started choosing decorations for them. For the bedroom, I choose a colour called Egyptian cotton. It's a really light grey shade that made the room feel bright and had surprising warmth to it.


In the living area, I choose baby blue; it really set the space off. We painted for two whole days, coating the room three times. Simon, Dad and I are far from professional painters but the dust sheets Mum had supplied saved us from causing any damage to the light wooden floor with our many drips and spillages. It was one of the best times I've ever spent with my Dad. He treated me not as his son, but more like one of the guys. He laughed and joked with us being just as playful and teen-like as Simon and I.


When the room was painted, the lead on the project shifted from Dad to Mum. Her chosen carer was an interior decorator. I trusted her taste so much I would have sat back and let her choose furnishings if she'd let me. Instead, she dragged me all across town from one department store to another, collecting fabric samples from each as we tried to decide the style of furniture I wanted.


After days of stressful shopping we'd decided to match the curtains to the paint colours for each room.  That was the easy decision, I felt like I must have sat on at least a hundred different sofas with Mum before she agreed with me on the size and style best suited for the loft. We picked out an entertainment unit for my TV and a desk to store my laptop computer. The entertainment unit was a large, multi level thing with various little shelves on each side of the large open TV space. It was coloured in a light beech effect that matched the computer desk we picked.


The bed was the easiest part; I knew exactly what I wanted. I had seen a large king size bed in the first store we walked into and knew right away I wanted it. It was made of thick brushed steel, with a matching thinner, tubed head board. The second I saw it, I could imagine spending Sunday mornings wrapped in a nice, big, warm duvet relaxing. Mum liked it so much she ordered one for her and Dads' bedroom too!


I decided to use the dressers I had from our old house since they matched the style I was looking to create and were more than big enough to carry the clothes I had. I think Mum was impressed that I was willing to reuse my old stuff when I'd been basically offered a blank, signed cheque to furnish.


Since the order was so large the company arranged a speedy delivery two days later which gave Dad and I just enough time to finish the small snagging list we'd made from reviewing the work. I started packing the few boxes I'd unpacked again in preparation for my exciting move.


Delivery day came and thankfully everything but the sofa came flat packed making it pretty easy to lift through the wide hatch. The delivery men luckily knew my Dad so they stayed to help us lift the sofa through the hatch. The two guys along with Simon raised the sofa and its matching chairs up while Dad and I pulled from up above. For a few seconds I thought it wouldn't fit through the gap, but luckily with no casters on, it squeezed through using every available inch of space around it.


Simon and I got straight to work building the furniture. We had great fun trying our hardest to understand the crazy instructions that came with every thing. More than once we had to call Dad up to help us interpret the foreign drawings. Finally we finished building everything and started the unpacking boxes that Dad was kindly moving up from my temporary room below. After fourteen hours of hard work, having stopped only to eat we had the space in a liveable fashion; our work far from over, but rest was calling us strong and fast. Simon stayed over that first night, it was also the first time I'd slept next to him.


It was an amazing experience to sleep next to him that first night. We were already boyfriends, but of course we hadn't told our families yet. Simon wrapped his arms around me, as I rested my head on his shoulder; enjoying the closeness and comfort of his touch. Sleep came fast that first night; the safety and comfort of having my love with me relaxing me into the dreamland instantly.


The next morning we got up early, eager to finish the job at hand. The day flowed amazingly well and by lunch we had almost all the boxes empty and the contents all had new homes. I'd love to tell you I was the one that found homes for everything, but sadly I can't. Simon organised most of the room telling me where to put things and explaining his reasons for suggesting each spot. His eye for design played a big part that day and by afternoon the whole place was unpacked and pretty much finished. The last item to be placed was my fourteen inch TV which looked totally out of place on the large entertainment unit. We stood back to silently admire our work before calling my parents up to view the rooms.


That was one of the best days I've ever had. My parents were full of praise for both Simon and I, neither willing to accept their part. Each insisted they'd only given minor advice when we were struggling. Of course, that wasn't true, they'd both helped immensely from the start, but the gesture was a nice one. Simon and I were playing play station that afternoon, kicked back on the sofa leaning into each other to get the craved contact, when my Dad called from downstairs for us to give him a hand.


We climbed down the ladder and saw Dad standing with a huge LCD TV and a massive, shit eating grin on his face. I looked over in shock to Simon and saw a matched grin on his face. The bugger had known about this, no doubt my Mum had too since she'd pointed me to the entertainment unit. I was surprised into total silence and my mouth was hanging open. I don't doubt for a second I was drooling!


We made short work of moving the TV up into the loft and setting it up and moving the portable one into my bedroom. The play station was sure different now on this size of screen.


Simon stayed again that night and we again shared my bed wrapped in the safety of each others arms. He left to go back to his own house in the morning, whilst I spent the rest of the day admiring his influence on my new living space.


It was with these thoughts that I climbed the ladder up to the loft. I stood in the centre of the room and looked around. Simon was everywhere. It was both comforting to know I had this small part of him still with me, but also a little distressing. I knew I wouldn't change the loft very much from now on. It may seem silly or even a little strange to you, but I wanted, and needed, to hold onto this little part of our time together.


I looked at my watch; Simon would still be in the air right now. I decided to try and have a nap and log onto messenger later to see if he came online. I walked into my bedroom and flopped onto the bed fully clothed. I noticed a t shirt on the floor. It was Simons' and I grabbed it up and held it close to my face. I could still smell his scent on it. I got amazing comfort from it and slowly dropped off to sleep.


The dreams I remember having were all about Simon. I guess it's to be expected since I was feeling his departure so strongly. I dreamt he'd come back; his parents unable to cope with his poor mood had sent him home to live with us. It was a beautiful dream that sadly had to end and place me back in the reality that he really was gone.


I woke up feeling really groggy. I went downstairs into the dark kitchen. I guessed it must have been pretty late since my parents were in bed. I grabbed a glass and got the juice from the fridge. I poured it using only the light from the fridge and put the carton back before I walked into the living room.


I flipped the light on and looked around, having your Mum as an interior decorator really paid off. The room was large like most of the others in our house. It was built off the side of the house one story high and it had an open ceiling space that pitched in the centre. Two large fans allowed the air to circulate and they were attached to a huge wooden beam that crossed the whole length of the room. There were large glass windows at the end of the room, the centre of which, were two sliding glass doors and the whole lot covered with large blinds. Mum had bought a massive leather couch set. They were individual blocks you could move around to set up the seating in different patterns. In the centre of the cubed couch set was a wide low pine table Mum had got from a salvage yard and paid to have restored. In the corner of the room was Dads toy, a massive plasma TV that was attached to the wall. The sound system was built into the walls, he'd put a good bit of planning into how he wanted the setup to work and it paid in the end result.


A door on the back wall linked the room to the gym Dad had converted from an old barn that was connected to the main house by a small covered corridor.

I walked through the door having decided to relieve some of my tension by working out on the machines he had in there.


I walked into the gym and grabbed a pair of shorts from the dresser he'd put in. We each had a drawer for our work out clothes. Even Simon had been given one since we mostly worked out together, but it was empty now of course.


I stripped right down and pulled the shorts on. I did some stretching to get my muscles ready, then went over to the treadmill I set it at an easy pace to start with and then started jogging along with it. I grabbed my iPod from where I'd hooked it on the front rest bars and put it on, hooking the cord around my neck so it wouldn't drop. I had it pre set to shuffle and the first song that played was Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I phased everything else out of my mind and simply listened to the music as I jogged. I began to pick up the pace, wanting to really work myself into a well deserved sweat and it took about ten minutes before I was up to a full running pace. I kept this up for a few minutes before deciding to shift to the multi weight centre. Since I was on my own I thought it best not to bench press anything so I sat to work on my pec muscles. I set the machine to an easy start weight and did four reps of fifty before gradually increasing the weight and working up to a final five reps of fifteen on the heaviest weight I was willing to try.


I stood up, feeling my chest muscles throb after their hard work out. I decided to do crunches to work on my abs. I walked over to the mats and started. I usually try and do ten sets of fifty to keep myself in shape so I set that as my target. When I was finished I was definitely feeling the effects of the workout. I did a few more stretches to ease my muscles back down after their work out then grabbed my glass drinking the last of the juice and headed back into the house.


I went straight to my loft and into the shower to rid myself of the sweat that coated my body. I showered quickly not really enjoying the heat of the water. I dried off and walked back into my bedroom naked. I grabbed a pair of boxers from my dresser, pulled them on then walked back into the other room to my desk.


I switched on my laptop and waited for it to boot up. As soon as it was loaded, my wireless connection came into life connecting me to the internet. I logged onto MSN to see who was there. I looked down the contacts list and saw a few people from school. I didn't really want to talk to any of them right now. In fact the only person I wanted to talk to was off line. I set my status to busy then opened my mail programme.


I waited for it to connect to the server and then watched the progress bar as it downloaded the five messages I had. I heard the ping noise that told me it was finished, so I scrolled down the list to view the new mail. I had three spam messages, one from my cousin Tim, and the last one was from Simon. I made fast work of clicking Simons' message and watched as the screen opened the message box.



Hey Babe,


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we got here safe. The apartment is nice and Mum says it's a block away from Central Park. I've taken a few pictures with the digital camera to show you. I know I said I'd try and be on MSN tonight but were on dial up and Dad wants the phone free so I'm sorry but I can't get on.

I really miss you man, I was a wreck on the plane. I think I drove Dad mad most of the way over. I've still got the same mobile number for the minute. I'm going to use all my credit up then get a new US number. Please keep in touch. I love you. Okay, so I'm gonna go now cause I'm crying again. I'll talk to you as soon as I can.


Love you always,





My tears were back by the time I'd finished reading his short note. I opened the attachments and saw three photo files the first was of the outside of his building. It looked like it was an old, fancy looking place. I could see a door man standing next to the main door.


The second was of their living room. I could see some of the boxes we'd packed weeks ago for shipping there. Simons' mum was in a corner putting stuff away and his dad was setting up a TV system his mum must have picked up and his little brother was sleeping on the couch. The place already looked homely and I was glad for it. As much as Simon leaving pained me, I really hoped he'd be happy there.


The third picture was the money shot. Trust Simon to know how to make me smile. He was on his new bed, hard and wearing only a smile. I studied it closely enjoying the view he'd given me. My hand reached into my boxers and I did what all teenage boys do, I jacked off!


It didn't take long; the image of Simon naked in front of me, his rock hard cock sticking up just for me to send me fast over the edge. I came long and hard, cum shooting out like a cannon. I had to return the favour so I grabbed my digital camera and snapped a shot of myself laying spent on my bed covered in my own cum.


I wiped myself off with the towel I'd used after my shower then went back to the laptop. I quickly transferred the image onto the computer and renamed it `you did this to me' then clicked reply to his email and attached the image.




Holy shit man, that was the best surprise you've given me in a while hehe. I've given you a sweet little return favour, for your eyes only ;). I already miss you like crazy and I know it's only going to get worse. I'm seriously glad your new place looks nice and I honestly hope you can be happy there. It sucks that we can't be together, but we'll make the best of it. I think Mum and Dad are a little worried about me just now. I didn't speak at all at dinner tonight; I just didn't have any words to say, ya know? Thanks for the pictures of the place, I'll show them to Mum and Dad in the morning. Let me know when you get your internet sorte.; I can't wait to see you on your cam :). Send my love to the family and tell the brat I miss him too.


I love you Si, now and forever.






I clicked send and watched the message go. I really meant what I'd typed; I truly wished he'd find happiness there. I closed down my mail client then hit shut down and closed the laptop lid. I was still feeling awake after my workout and shower so I clicked on the TV and watched the late night reruns. I sat looking blankly at the TV, not really taking in the images in front of me. My mind was focused on what I was going to do over the summer. Originally, at the end of last summer Simon and I had planned to go camping. We were going to pack a tent and all the other supplies into the back of my new truck, since I'd have it, and just head off for a couple of weeks. Since that couldn't happen now, I'd need to find something else to do. Maybe I could go work with Dad for a while. I really didn't want to spend the time idle since my mind would just wander if I did.


I sat and watched mindless TV for an hour or so before I started to get tired again. I looked at my watch and realised it was after three a.m. Thank goodness Mum and Dad had excused me from school because I really wouldn't be much use there in my current state of mind. I switched the TV off and wandered into my bed room. I left my boxers on and climbed into bed, the day had been so stressful that sleep soon took over.


I was standing in a park. I could see Simon in the distance. I looked around a little trying to work out where I was. The area was totally foreign to me. I also didn't recognise any of the people, other than Simon. They were playing football on the grass and I decided to go over and see him. I walked across the park and stopped at the side of their make shift goals. I waited until Simon was close enough for me to grab his attention.


"Si!" I shouted with a big grin.


"Huh? Umm hi?" he replied seeming some what unsure.


"Hey Babe, who are these guys?" I asked, wondering how I didn't know them.


"What? Do I know you?" he asked.


"Si?" I questioned, "It's me, Drew, your boyfriend!"


"Boyfriend!?!" he asked before laughing aloud. "Hey guys, this dude thinks he's my boyfriend!" he yelled to the others.


"Simon, what's wrong? It's me... I love you."


"Oh fuck, this is classic! He says he loves me!" he yelled to the other guys who were all laughing hysterically.


I didn't know what to think. I started to panic. What was wrong with Simon? I could feel my heart beating fast. I looked into Simons' eyes and didn't see any recognition there. He just looked at me like I was a stranger.


I woke up, my heart beating so fast I thought it was going to burst from my chest and I was covered in sweat. I felt disorientated. Why didn't Simon know me?


I got up from my bed, I needed to go check the pictures I had of Simon and I together. I walked quickly into my living area, moving straight to the desk and looking for the picture of us together I knew I had there. I couldn't find it. I started to move things about knowing it was there last night; still there was no sign. Panic began to set in and I quickly threw open the lid of the laptop and hit the power button. I impatiently waited for the system to load. As soon as it was far enough along I opened my mailbox. Nothing, no emails at all were in there. The folder I'd created for Simon was gone too. I opened MSN and he wasn't on my contact list. It's like the last few years hadn't even happened. I stood up suddenly feeling dizzy, the emotion overwhelming me. I felt my balance going and grabbed the desk as I fell...  


I woke up again in bed. What the hell? I wasted no time this time as I raced through to the other room. I went straight to the desk. The pictures were there and relief swept over me as I realised I'd been having a nightmare. A totally fucked up nightmare, but a nightmare all the same.


I could see daylight in the corners of my blinds and looking at the desk clock I saw it was seven a.m. Mum and Dad would be up soon if not already so I decided to go down to the kitchen and get some breakfast since I had no intention of risking sleep again. I walked down the stairs smelling food coming from the kitchen. That meant Mum was up and I walked into the kitchen, catching Mum's attention as I entered the door.


"Good morning Sweetie. How are you feeling?" she asked; showing concern in her voice.


"I'm okay, better than yesterday anyway. I didn't sleep too well though." I said letting out a long sigh.


She turned around from the stove she was standing at giving me a long appraising look. She walked over to one of the chairs, silently motioning for me to follow. Mum sat down pulling me onto her lap. I'm sure it must have been a sight; my six foot frame sitting on her la,; the top of her head reaching my shoulder. She gently stroked my back, rubbing soothing circles with her hand.


"Shhh... Mum's here baby, let it out," she cooed.


It was as if she'd opened a flood gate. All the stress I'd been feeling the last few days leading up to his departure and the pain I now felt that he'd gone came rushing out as I sobbed into her shoulder. She wrapped her arms tightly around my torso rocking me back and forth. My tears began to subside and I tried to regain my composure. She must have noticed the change as she raised my head up to look at her and then she wiped the tears from under my eyes.  


She held my face in her hands and looked into my eyes, straight into my soul. "I love you Sweetie. I'm here whenever you need me."


Talking whilst sniffling my tears away I said, "Thanks Mum."


She helped me off her before going back to the stove to tend to the food she was cooking. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, leaning down to kiss her head I said, "I love you Mum."


She half turned from what she was doing to give me a small soft smile and I walked back to the table and took a seat just as the phone rang.


"Drew could you get that for me?" she asked.

I groaned as I stood, having only just gotten comfortable, and walked over to the counter where the portable phone sat in its' cradle. Picking it up, I pushed the answer button and raised it to my ear.


"Hello?" I answered.


"Drew, is that you? It's Auntie Jane."


I inwardly groaned at the prospect of talking to her, one of two aunts from hell, and the world's two worst gossips.


"Hi, how are you?" I asked trying my best to sound cheerful.


"I'm good thank you. Is Mum about?"


I looked over at Mum who was looking at me with curiosity spread over her face, not knowing who I was talking to.


"Sure, I'll just pass you over to her," I said; passing the handset to Mum with a small knowing smirk on my face.


"Hello?" Mum said as she spoke into the phone. I could see the reaction in her face as she realised who was on the line. I had a silent laugh inside at her expression before tuning her conversation out and concentrating on yesterday's news paper that still sat where Dad had left it.


Dad came down shortly after, giving me a pat on the back before he walked back and kissed Mums' forehead as she continued to talk into the phone. He looked over to me and raised his eyebrows in question. I mouthed Jane to him and saw him roll his eyes causing me to actually laugh for the first time in days.


My Mum has two sisters, Jane and Lucy. Jane has four sons, the twins Will and Justin, who are seventeen, as well and two younger boys, Pete, who's fourteen, and Tom, at ten. I've never really got on with Will and Justin. They're very competitive with me and seem to resent everything I have. The younger two are fine and don't listen to their brothers.


Lucy, or Lucifer as I prefer to call her, is insanely jealous of my Mum and Dad's successes. She resents the fact that both Mum and Dad run their own businesses and try's to stir trouble against us within the family at every given opportunity. Her latest attack was at me. She heard from friends of my parents that I'd come out to them and decided to call every member of our family and inform them of the good news.


Mum was totally livid at her. She called her right up after Jane had called Mum to tell her. I was up in the loft and could hear her screaming into the phone all the way from the living room. That was the last time Mum had spoken to her.


I heard Mum hang the phone up and let out a long sigh. She turned to Dad before speaking.


"Willie's mum has been taken into hospital and they need to go up there for a few weeks. Jane needs us to take the twins."


Dad nodded before speaking, "Did she say how Willie's coping?" he asked.


My Dad and Uncle Willie had been pretty good friends in university, in fact, it was through Willie dating Jane that he'd met Mum.


"Yes, she said he's okay but eager to get up there. I said she could just drop them off today," she replied.


Fuck, that's all I need! I know the twins know I'm gay. They're going to try and make my life as shitty as they can the whole time they're here. Umm, did I say Fuck?!?