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From Chapter 1

"Willie's Mum's been taken into hospital and they need to go up there for a few weeks. Jane needs us to take the twins."

Dad nodded before speaking, "Did she say how Willie's coping?" he asked.

My Dad and Uncle Willie had been pretty good friends in university; in fact it was through Willie dating Jane that he'd met Mum.

"Yes, she said he's okay but eager to get up there. I said she could just drop them off today." She replied.

Fuck; that's all I need! I know the twins know I'm gay; they're going to try and make my life as shitty as they can the whole time they're here. Umm did I say Fuck?!?

Love Never Dies -- Chapter 2

I sat staring across the table towards where my Mum was standing. Was I in shock? I'd guess so! Perhaps I was having my own little pity party here, but surely Mum could see that the last thing I needed was my twin cousins here.  I sat pretty silent the whole time we ate breakfast. Both my parents knew I was brooding over something. No doubt they thought the only thing on my mind was Simon.

I sat thinking about my cousins, Will and Justin. Justin was a total prick. I swear the word was made for him; he treats everyone around him like shit and he knows all he has to do is flash a cute grin to his Mum and all will be forgiven. When we were kids, he made it his sole purpose to upset me. He's kept that going all the way through our high school years. He knows the one main way to get to me; the fact that he's a twin.

Twins run in our family, my Aunts, Jane and Lucy were twins, and then of course Jane had her twin boys. What isn't talked about, is the fact my Mum had twins as well. I've been told that when I was born there was a complication. I came out first, but my twin sister was caught in her umbilical cord. Dad's told me the doctors fought to restore life into her, but they were simply too late. Claire, as my parents had called her, was pronounced dead twenty minutes after birth and I'd grown up knowing a part of me was missing, Justin knew how to play on that perfectly.

Will is the white to Justin's black. They are complete opposites, whilst Justin is loud and obnoxious, Will is quiet and reserved. He's never done me harm, in fact he hardly talks to me. I've wondered if having such a domineering brother has beaten him into his shell over the years.

I was sitting, thinking about the two of them, when I realized I'd received an email from Will the night before. In my haste to get to Simon's message, I'd passed right over Will's, not even giving it a second thought. I decided to see what my quiet cousin had to say. I ate as quickly as I could then excused myself from the table and headed up to the loft. I sat at the desk and booted the laptop.

It quickly came to life and I opened the mail client as I waited for the internet to connect. Quickly the DSL signal showed in the taskbar and I clicked onto Will's message as new ones came in.


Hey! Mum just told me she's going to ask your Mum if she can take us in for the next couple weeks. Firstly, I want to apologies for anything my ass of a brother does to you, but I really need to talk to you, I'm so glad this has worked out, I knew I needed to figure out a way to see you this summer. I can't talk to Justin. He's been the biggest prick to me the last few weeks. He knows I've got shit going on but doesn't care. You're the only person I can think of that can help me.

Can't wait to see you,


Okay, so that was cryptic. I sat thinking of what he'd said; if Will has shit going on there's no way he'd be able to talk to Justin about it. I know from personal experience anything you tell Justin turns into a huge joke for him. He'll use the smallest thing as a personal attack. I was a little happy Will wanted my help, purely for selfish reasons; I could use the distraction.

I closed his email and looked in my inbox to see what else was there. I had the usual spam messages which I deleted without reading and one from none other than Justin himself. Sighing to myself I clicked the message open.


I hear we're coming to visit you cuz. Sorry to hear your little boyfriend had to go. I'm sure having me about will cheer you up. Is what Dad said true? Did you get that truck from your rents? Hell I hope so, can't wait to take that baby out on a test run.

See ya soon!

Yeah, that was definitely my caring cousin, I had to let out a laugh when I read the comment about my truck; I rather give the thing away than let his grubby fingers near it.

I logged off the computer and headed downstairs to see how much quiet time I had left before Justin arrived. I walked into the kitchen to find neither of my parents in there, so I headed for the living room knowing my Mum would be watching her daytime chat shows. I'd of course guessed right, as I spotted her sitting with a coffee; eyes glued to the TV.

"Mum, when do Will and Justin arrive?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh! Hi sweetie." I felt like laughing at her for being so engrossed in her show that she'd not even noticed me standing along side her.

I sat next to her and leaned in, "When do the twins arrive?" I asked again.

"Oh, I think Jane said they were going to leave right after the boys packed some stuff, so pretty soon I'd guess."

"Ok, where's Dad?" I asked, leaning closer into her arm, enjoying the protection my mother had always given me.

"He's in the gym sweetie, he wanted to tidy up a bit before the boys arrived." I rolled my eyes at that, knowing Justin would only make a mess within hours.

"Ok, I'm going to find him," I said standing and kissing her shoulder as I did.

I walked through the door that connected to the gym and then along the short corridor. I opened the door to the gym and walked in. My eyes were immediately pulled to my Dad sitting on a couch on the far side of the room with Sky sports on the TV in front of him. Cleaning, yeah, didn't think so!

I walked over to the couch as my Dad leaned back to smile at me, he motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch with his hand. Just before I jumped over the back and landed next to him.

"How ya doing kid?" Dad asked.

I smiled at him before replying, "Better Dad. I could do with Justin to deal with though."

His expression changed a little darker, "Drew, if he gives you any trouble, let me know. He might have the wool pulled over his Mum and Dads eyes, but I know what the little shit is like."

I was honestly shocked, firstly that my Dad had swore in front of me which was a big no-no, and the fact he knew what Justin was actually like. I had assumed all the adults in the family saw him as the sweet little guy he tried so hard to portray.

Dad laughed a little at the surprised expression on my face, "Yeah he really does think he's the big guy. Look Drew, we both know he's going to start on you because you came out. I want you to remember no matter what he says I'm here okay?"

I started to get a little teary eyed as Dad spoke. I loved the fact he knew exactly how to make me feel better.

"Thanks Dad," I said before leaning over to hug him.

"I actually got a weird email from Will today. He said he really needed to talk to me. I'm kinda curious what's going on," I told him.

"I'm sure you'll help him with whatever he needs," Dad replied smiling at me.

We both settled back to watch the TV, after a short time I leaned over and slid back, leaving my head resting against my Dad's leg. He started to gently run his fingers through my hair to relax me. Before long I was sound asleep.

I awoke feeling movement around me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my Dad carefully standing trying his best not to wake me. I sat up to let him know I was awake.

"Mum just called through. Uncle Willie called to say their just coming up the drive." 

I silently cringed at the thought before pulling myself up to stand. Dad put his handout to pull me up so I grabbed on and used his support to right myself. We walked through to the kitchen where Mum was busy putting the kettle on for tea.

I took a seat at the table as Mum started placing cups out and got her teapot ready. I watched Mum as she busied herself playing hostess before watching Dad stand to go to the door, ready to greet their guests. Just as the kettle clicked off the doorbell rang, sending Dad off to meet them. I sat and silently prepared my self for Justin's arrival, Will I was fine with, he obviously wanted to see me for some reason, but Justin; he just wanted me to provide him with some easy entertainment.

I heard their voices coming through the house so I stood to meet them. Aunt Jane came into the kitchen and immediately hugged me.

"Drew darling, how are you?" she asked with concern in her eyes. I instantly knew my Mum had talked to her about Simon.

"I'm okay, thanks," I replied, keeping it short and to the point

Next my Uncle Willie came in, closely followed by my Dad and the twins. Willie walked over and shook my hand before heading off to greet my Mum with a hug and kiss. Justin walked straight passed me only nodding his head in recognition. Will walked in looking very unsure of himself and I noticed he avoided eye contact with both my parents; instead he made directly for me. He cautiously approached, gently touching my arm as he softly said "Hey." I responded with my best attempt at a concerned smile.

We all sat down at the table as the adults all engaged in conversation, whilst the three of us sat silent, almost ignoring each other. Justin had his mobile out and was messing about with it, while Will and I both sat looking down into our cups. Jane gave her boys the standard `do as you're told' warnings before she and Willie took off for his mothers'.

Seconds after his parents had left Justin asked my Mum which room he was staying in? She told him the brothers could just take either of the guest rooms they wanted. He stood up and walked over to hug her.

"Thanks Auntie Margaret," he said, causing both myself and my Dad to roll our eyes at the fake facade he was showing.

"You're welcome dear, why don't you and Will go get settled in?" she replied.

The two stood up and made their way out towards the stairs. I decided to throw a line to Will, in the hope he'd open up to me like he obviously wanted to. I tugged on his arm to hold him back a little as Justin made his way up the stairs.

"Hey, you can have the sofa bed in the loft if you want. There's much more to do up there than the guest rooms," I offered him.

He looked genuinely surprised at my offer, but accepted anyway. "Really? That'd be great," he said, eliciting the first real smile I'd seen on his face all day.

We made our way up the stairs trailing a good distance behind Justin, before reaching the top and the loft ladder. I grabbed his bag from him and hoisted it up before me as I climbed. Will was right behind me as I made my way into the loft as I placed his bag next to the sofa bed before dropping myself down on it in an exhausted manner. I clicked on the TV just as Will took the seat next to me.

"Hey, I'm sorry my folks shit on you guys like this. I'm pretty sure you had better stuff planned than keeping us company."

"Nah, it's cool. My summer plans are long since ruined anyway, and hey it's great to see `you'," I said with no mistaking the emphasis I'd placed on the word you.

Will let out a quiet laugh, "Yeah, I know what you mean, try living with him twenty four seven," he said.

"Nah its cool, I'll let you keep that honor," I said continuing my slight teasing.

He let out a gentle sigh before speaking, "I dunno, sometimes he just gets to me. I mean, he's the only twin brother I'll ever have, but sometimes I just wish... I guess I wish he wasn't. He can make me feel so small, and I know he enjoys doing it"

I moved over on the sofa a little and placed my hand onto his forearm and as I dropped my head down I said, "Well I guess it sounds stupid to say it, but I've always been kinda jealous of you guys. You got to grow up with your twin and well, I didn't. Who knows what Claire would have been like, but I'd rather be alone than have her be like Just. If what you're saying is you're alone even with him right there. then I know how you feel, even with everything Mum and Dad do for me, I still feel empty, like I'm missing something."

I leaned over a little and gently wrapped my arms around him. I could hear him softly sniffle as he tried his hardest to keep his tears back, just like my own were threatening to break free again. I felt Will lift his own arms and tighten his grasp on me as I rubbed circles on his back.

"You know, Claire would have been lucky to have you. What I don't get is why you're saying you feel so empty. I mean you've got Simon don't you?" he asked.

I felt the warm tracks from my tears running down my face as I tried to form the words to answer. "Simon's gone Will, he's in America and I'm stuck here."

Will pulled back a little to look at my tear stained face, his own eyes glossy with his tears, "So? I only met him a couple times, but I could see the way he looked at you, even back then before I knew about you too. The way I see it, you have two choices, you can let the fact he's moved finish things, or you can fight for what you guys have!"

I was surprised by both the fact he'd noticed the quick little looks Simon and I had shared, and the strong tone he'd finished with.

"You knew before we came out?" I asked.

He dropped his head again, his hands clasped together as he twisted his fingers within themselves. He spoke softly as he said, "Yeah, umm we call it gaydar don't we?"

I think my mouth dropped open as all the pieces dropped into place. Suddenly it occurred to me why Will always seemed so withdrawn, it wasn't the fact Justin was so overpowering, it was because he was holding in this huge secret that had been eating him alive from within.

"You're gay too?"

"Well yeah, it's not like I wanted to ask you about the priest hood!" he said trying to mask his nerves with humor.

I sat back and looked at him. It must have been unnerving for him as he started to look very uncomfortable, realizing now probably wasn't the best time to allow him to be uncomfortable, I scooted closer again and took his hand into my own.

"How long have you known?" I asked, my fingers gently rubbing the back of his hand.

"Probably as long as you have, I've just not had the balls to tell anyone before now. I remember questioning myself when we started high school," he said, his eyes red and shining from his tears.

"I remember how that felt; I'm just glad felt okay to tell me," I told him with a small smile crossing my lips.

"I don't think there's anyone else I would want to tell right now Drew. You're the only person I think I can trust."

"Don't worry man. It stays between us until you're ready okay?" I asked, needing to give him the assurance.

"Yeah, I know. So what're you gonna do about Si?" he asked, expertly directing the attention away from himself.

I sat back for a second; I needed to think of how to reply to that. Being honest, what could I do? I really wanted to follow Will's advice and try the long distance thing. I was pretty sure Simon wanted it too, but I had this nagging thought in the back of my head that kept saying `long distance never works'. Of course, I also had the part that was saying `you'll never know if you don't try'. To say the least, it was very troubling!

"I really don't know yet. I want to do it; go the whole distance, but I'm scared it won't work. I really don't think I could deal with that. I think I love him too much to cope if that happened," I said letting a long, weak sigh out.

Will sat shaking his head, "Do me a favor okay? Just talk to him. I know you're scared of it being over, but lets face it, it'll be over anyway if you don't do anything. You guys deserve the chance to make this work."

I smiled warmly at my cousin, he may not have realized it, but even with his own troubles, he'd made me feel better about things. I resolved to talk to Simon later in the day, but first, I wanted to get Will comfortable in his home for the next while.

I decided to get his bed sorted first, so I grabbed onto his hand to pull him up off the sofa bed. With both of us standing we pulled the base out of the sofa, allowing the mechanism to open fully. I went through to my bed room to get the spare bedding I had stored in a drawer, grabbed it then went back through to Will. When I got through, I heard sniffling. I knew it was cold in here, but when I turned from the doorway and saw the tears streaming down his face, all I could think of was making them stop. I rushed over to him and scooped him into a tight hug, promising him quietly I would be there for him no matter what happened, like he was for me now, supporting me and then... I saw it, the reason he was crying... Justin standing next to the hatch smirking at me, and I had to make a quick decision as to what was more important to me at that moment; kicking his ass or consoling Will, who'd just realized his biggest secret had gotten  into the worst hands possible.

I pulled Will in as close as I possibly could and whispered into his ear that I would look out for him and that Justin would keep his mouth shut. I noticed Justin making his way down the ladder so I decided to take my chance. I told Will I was going to run and grab some pillows, an excuse I know he didn't believe, but, he nodded his head anyway, knowing I would be dealing with this in my own way no matter what. I told him not to worry and that I loved him no matter what came about.

I stood leaving Will still crouched on the floor, and raced for the ladder. I climbed down as fast as I could making my way directly to the room I'd stayed in when we first moved here. I took a deep breath as I approached the door, readying myself for the confrontation that I knew was on the other side.

I placed my hand on the door handle resting it there for a second before I forced it down and pushed the door with a force strong enough to make it fly open and jump back half way. I thundered my way into the room, ready to beat the crap out of him only to be faced with... nothing.

I looked around the empty room examining the space to ensure he wasn't hiding from me. I turned for the door; my heart was racing from the adrenaline that was racing through my veins. I had to find him and make it perfectly clear that if he so much as thought about repeating what he'd just overheard, I wouldn't hesitate to... to... I still didn't know what I'd do!

I realized Justin was smarter than I had given him credit for. He wasn't going to just sit and wait for me to get to him. I knew he'd have made his way to safer ground, the safest ground in this house being next to one of my parents. I decided to go looking.

I went straight for the kitchen knowing my Mum would be there. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, quickly sticking my head into the living room to check on my way past and as I quickly glanced around, I saw Dad sitting on the couch by himself. I was just about to carry on when I had an idea...

My mind darted back to earlier in the day when Dad had told me to go to him with any problems I had with Justin. I was going to do just that, but with my own little play on the situation. As I entered the room, I was already figuring how to present this to Dad. The easiest way would be to tell him I need to nip some stuff in the bud as quickly as possible.

"Dad I need a hand," I said as I approached.

"Sure Drew, what's up?" he asked, already standing, having seen the intense look I had on my face and deciding that he was in no position to argue with my request.

"Justin." I said simply. "I need to talk to him... alone."

"Umm okay? Do I want to ask?"

"Probably not. I need you to get Mum to leave us alone. Neither of you need to hear what I have to say to him."

Dad simply nodded his head, trusting I knew what I was doing. He led the way into the kitchen where I immediately felt my blood boil further at the sight of Justin, his sleazy grin looking right at me. Ordinarily I would have been disgusted at what I next viewed, but on this occasion I was impressed at Dad's quick thinking as he approached Mum. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered to her before kissing the side of her neck. She actually giggled, something I didn't remember ever seeing her do before. He grabbed her hand and pulled her from the room. I chose to ignore the thought of what they were off to do as I set my eyes on my current target.

Justin was still smirking at me, seemingly unbothered by the fact we were alone. I walked around the table headed in his direction, watching as he leaned against the refrigerator. Without giving him time to think about defending himself, I rushed forward grabbing his shirt with my hand and lifting him up against the fridge. He tried squirming his way free, but the tight grip I had held him in place.

I spoke slowly and strongly to him, "If you ever tell anyone what you heard, I promise I WILL beat the shit out of you."

He laughed.

He was taunting me, we both knew it but as I punched the refrigerator door, right next to where his head was pinned against it, I made my point perfectly clear. I had control of this situation now, and I wasn't afraid to make good on my promise.

"Are we clear?" I asked insisting on nothing less that complete cooperation from him before I would let him loose.

He looked defiantly at me, still unwilling to give. I pulled back with force before slamming him back into the refrigerator leaving little doubt in his mind I meant my words.

His expression changed from one of confidence to one of fear in a second. He knew I had beaten him, and I doubted Will would have trouble on this issue for now. I let go allowing him to slide partially down the door before tapping his face and reminding him not to fuck with me.

I ran back up the stairs, deciding against thanking my Dad at the moment, and continued up the ladder.

As I reached the top, I didn't expect to see what I was faced with. Will was laughing; he was on the phone and laughing. My heart warmed instantly, I reached the top and walked over next to where he was laying on his bed, which I noticed he'd now made. I slumped down next to him, as he continued to talk on the phone. I tried not to listen in on his conversation, but when you hear your own name, curiosity naturally causes your ears to perk up.

I looked over to him with raised eye brows; he just smiled at me and laughed a little more at something the other person had said. I was really curious by this point as to who the caller was, and whoever it was I really wanted to thank them for the amazing difference they'd made to Will in such a short time.

Just as I was about to give and ask, Will motioned the phone in my direction, mouthing `Simon' and my heart swelled as I grabbed the phone ready to talk to my love.

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