Love on the Rocks

This is my first attempt at writing a story for Nifty Archives and you readers so please bear with the mediocrity that may be found here before I really get into the flow. I am planning for Love on the Rocks to be more than a simple stroke story, which means, you have to wait for the sex. This is a tale of a life saved and the friendship/relationships that come from that. I do not know any of the people that may appear over time, thus I cannot tell you anything about their personalities or sexual orientations/habits. Furthermore any and all trademarks and characters mentioned in this story are the property of those who own them and not of this authors nor any archive service or printing service which supplied this work to you. This is pure fiction. If you are under-aged or offended by faceted relationships between men, please go somewhere else! That said, I hope you enjoy this! Any comments are welcome at but please be nice to me! I'm new at this and am not sure what I am doing.

Chapter 1

From the Brink of Hell

I could not help but cry as the song played. Our song. It was the same song that was playing when I first saw him. It was the first song that we danced to. And it was the only song that we could sing together. And now.... It's also the first song to play on the radio after we broke up. I though we were meant to be together forever. I was wrong. And now as the song says "all I want is a smile". Hell, it was not what I wanted but needed. I have been sitting here ever since he left. Storming out of the door of the apartment. I didn't know what I had said that started it but I knew for sure that whatever it was it had hit closer to home then was intended. Running my hands over my face wiping tears from my eyes and then through my hair in a fit of exhaustion I arose from the couch to get a drink of water. I needed something to clear my mind of what had happened and it seemed the only thing I could think of. Walking into the kitchen I found an empty glass in the dish drainer and turned on the tap. "First they say they need you.... how they really need you. Suddenly you find your out there...walking in a storm." OOOhhh God how true. I guess I better start at the beginning shouldn't I

It began 3 years ago last spring. I was just a kid back then and boy was I naive. I had already what I then termed as 3 relationships but in all actually they weren't. More like tryst on their part I would think. I was 17 years old and thought I knew everything. Everyone says I am much too trusting and outgoing for my own good. But when you grow up on a farm in the middle of no where you kinda live in a vacuum. You know you can trust most of your neighbors so you just don't think about it. Oh I was warned when I left home for the big city that people were different but I chose not to listen. Hell, they had been wrong about everything else so I though that this was just one more of those things that I had been lied to about. Who knew? Who would have thought that they were right about this one thing? Well I am paying for it now. In spades!

A little about me first. My Name is Dave and I am the oldest of four brothers and grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. Ya that's right, I am nothing but a hick from the back woods of Sooner land. That's not quite true but that's what I have been called on many occasions. I am kinda plain in nature. Just 5 foot 10 and have black hair and brown eyes. Just your average Joe Blow. I have always had an extreme love for music. Any kind of music actually. So it was no surprise to anyone when I blurted out to everyone on you sixteenth birthday that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. Hell, every year since my sixth birthday I had won the blue ribbons at the county fair for singing. My mom filmed all of my performances back then. I think she still has them but refuses to play them anymore. You see that was also the birthday that I came out to them all. Oh my brothers knew and didn't care and mom was kinda cool about it but dad on the other hand wasn't. He blew his top and said that no son of his was going to be he put it.... a "Got damn Faggot!" And proceeded to beat the living tar out of me. Only mom and my brothers saved me from dying that day. Of course being from a small town there was no law to speak of so it never got reported. Needless to say.... I was homeless at sixteen and by the time of my seventeenth birthday I had hitched to Carson City, Nevada. Boy what a city that was. Steeped in the old west...or so I young eyes thought. Now really true but I do have my imagination. And that's where I was "discovered". I took the name David and began performing country music there in the nightclubs. Oh I know that I was too young to be in those clubs and I suspect that the club owners suspected it as well (I know that one knew for sure but said nothing about it) but I was built big and looked older back then. Besides, I had no other skills and I needed work. I could sing too. It all began quite by mistake though. I was crashed behind a bar one morning and there was a band rehearsing inside that bar. The back door was open and as the strains of music flowed out of that door I got caught up in it. I remember that it was one of my favorite songs and I use to sing it all the time back home. As I said, I got caught up in the music, and forgot all about where I was and my present situation. I began to sing along with the music. Now mind you there was no one else singing. Only the musicians practicing with their instruments. Well, would you know it.... someone heard me from inside that bar and came out that back door. Of course I didn't know all this until later when he told me all about it because like I said I was caught up in the music and singing. And when I get caught up in music the world just seems to drop away. It's just me and the song. Nothing else matters. Well, next thing I knew there was four guys standing there and now more music and they all had this look in their eyes like you wouldn't believe. Their jaws were agape and shock was all over their faces. One of them spoke and said, "my god, Hank is back". I had no idea what he meant by that but I was scared as all get out and wanted to run for them there hills and that's just what I tried to do.

"Just a sec there lil fella" came the response to my action. "Jon meant nothing by that!"

"Hell ya kid. I was just shocked by how much you sounded like Hank" Jon said.

I froze in my tracks and contemplated what they just said. I didn't know who this Hank was and sure as heck didn't know whom any of them were. I turned around and got a good look at them and noticed that they were all about 30 years old except the one who was called Jon. He looked about 65 or so and had a full head of gray hair and a thick gray beard on him.

As I was contemplating all of this Jon's eyes narrowed and got a real intense look to them. "You hungry lil fella?" he asked

I couldn't say anything to him at the time (heck I was still kinda shy back then) but nodded my head

"Well come on then. I'll fix you up," he said. I just slumped there in my stance and looked to the ground for a bit. Taking a few hesitant steps toward him I saw the looks that the other three gave him out of the corner of my eye.

"Hell Tom, Brad. Look at him... Those clothes look like they're about to fall off him and he's all skin and bone!" Jon yelled. "But God Bless him if he can sing!"

"I know that Jon," replied the younger looking one. "But don't you think we should just show him to the local shelter or at least call CPS."

Jon looked over at me and said "how old are you kid?"

My voice stammered but I was able to tell him. "17 Sir. But I'm fixing to be 18 Sir."

"When's that gunna be son?" Jon asked.

"Tomorrow, I think Sir" I replied. "I was born on September 1, of 19 and 81 Sir."

"Well hell son that's today" Jon shot back at me. "See Brad, he's and adult in the eyes of the law so we don't need no CPS. Besides, It's the kid's birthday. We gotta help the little tyke out. Tom," Jon said reaching into his back pocket and taking out his wallet, "take this here bill and go over to Macdonald's and get us some grub. Hell, I don't care what you get as long as everyone can have something to eat. And while you're at it why don't you go ahead and get this here kid something to celebrate his birthday with! You know something along the line of a cake or something. Hells for that matter why not just get him something from Macdonald's for dessert. And you Brad go around front and get my keys out of my car and we'll unlock the back storeroom. Looks like this here young'un could use a bit of a wash up don't you think."

"He sure does at that" replied from Brad as he turned to go through the club. As he did I also saw Tom leaving as well to do as Jon requested as well. That was when the fourth guy spoke for the first time. His voice was like that of an angel's when he turned and spoke to me. As he spoke though he did the one thing that none of the others seemed to dare to do. He approached me and gently placed his hand on my left shoulder. I felt the warmth of his hand as well as the warmth of his voice as he spoke and I seemed to me that heaven itself had opened up and poured out its love on me.

In a rich deep voice he asked, "what's your name son?"

I felt like melting into him but was able to control myself enough to reply to him. "Michael Richard David Erikson Sir" I replied with a blush.

"Well Mr. Erikson I am Father Steven Reardon. You my call me Father Steve or just Steve if you like." he asked?

"I couldn't do that Father. I'm sorry but I could never be that rude" I said feeling rather shocked at his request. If I had ever done such a thing in front of my mother that was a guaranteed way of getting whipped. One thing I was always taught was that you respected your elders and the church.

"Well suit yourself then Mr. Erikson." Father Steve said with a chuckle. "Why don't you just come on in and get yourself cleaned up a bit and maybe we can talk a bit? What ya say"

I was taken aback by what was happening. In the two or so years that I have been homeless no one had been this nice to me. I had been force to do what I had to do to survive in this world. And that meant that I had to do whatever was wanted of me in order to get what I needed to carry on. I must admit that I have done some things that others would think bad of me for but when survival is on the line even you might do some of them I think. When your hungry there is no ditch that can't be dug or no dick that couldn't be sucked. At least that is what I had come to believe. And now here were these four men who wanted to do something for me. I got suspicious of them and wondered what they would want me to do in return for their help. Just what was this going to cost me? I decided to wait and see. Once the other shoe dropped I would know the lay of the land. That much was true. I just nodded my head and studied the two men's faces to see if I could read their intentions. I was always good at reading people and I have learned that if you look closely to another person eyes you could read books worth of information. But not so with these two. At least there was no sign of what I expected to see. Father Reardon looked so kind and gentle just as his voice suggested. Where as Jon just looked like a younger version of an off season Santa Clause. Both of them seemed to be on the level. I was still taken somewhat aback by Jon's earlier comment about someone called Hank though and that confused me.

As I followed them into the rear of the club I saw that there was a rather large stage setup with all kinds of instruments and it looked like someone had been recently been playing them. I assumed that it had been the four men who I had just met. I asked Jon what he had meant by his first comment.

"What ya mean son." He replied.

"You had said something about Hank being back Sir. I don't know no one named Hank and I am not called Hank" I said

"Oooohh that... that was nothing son. I was referring to Hank Williams the country music singer." He said.

I blushed when I heard that. And Jon just laughed a little. I guess my original assessment was correct. His belly kinda rolled as he laughed. I could not help feeling more at ease with him after he had done that. I didn't think I was really that good and definitely not as good as Hank Williams had been. Jon just reached over and ruffled my hair with his bear paw of a hand and laughed a little. By this time Brad was coming in the front of the bar jingling a set of keys as he walked toward us near the stage. He handed them to Jon who proceeded to go to a door that was set in the wall of to our right. Once he had gotten it open he called me over and asked me to follow him into the back and asked Father Reardon to join us as well. As I was walking between these two giants of men I tensed back up and started to worry about what they were going to do to me next. I thought to myself..."well here it comes... here is where I have to pay the price for what they are doing to help me". We got to another door that was on your left and Jon opened it up and moved his hand as though he wanted me to enter the room first. When I got inside I saw that is was an anteroom to a large bathroom like setup. There was a toilet in one corner and a very large shower in the other side. Between the door and the shower on the right hand wall was a sink and a mirror on the wall. That room was just off the room we were in which had a table and several chairs in it as well as a series of hooks on the wall which looked they were for hanging clothes or towels on. Jon looked me in the eyes and I guess saw that I was scared because he placed his hand on my right shoulder with a kind of gentleness that belayed his size. Looking me right in the eyes he said that I had nothing to fear from him. That was why he had asked Father Reardon to come along so that I would feel more comfortable with a priest along.

"Now whatcha wannus to call ya son. Mike, Michael, or what" Jon asked me.

"Most people just call me David Sir" I stammered out.

"Ok David it is. Now why don'tchya just take off your clothing here and leave it on the table and then go take a shower and clean up. Go ahead and close the door while you're in there ok. Don't worry about cleaning up after yourself though. That's what I pay the staff for ok. There's plenty of soap and other stuff in there so go ahead and use all you like ok" Jon said. "Ifen you need anything just holler and one of us will be back here as quick as ya wink ok" He finished.

"Yes sir" I replied as he closed the door leaving me alone in the anteroom. I was shocked needless to say. But still waiting for that other shoe to drop. I looked about and found a large cupboard, hidden behind the door to the main bathing area, that was filled with a large number of towels and washcloths and there was soap and shampoo in the shower stall. Opening the medicine cabinet I found that there was several disposable razors and shaving cream in there as well as several bottles of Old Spice cologne. I went back into the anteroom and took off my clothing and folded it up nice and neatly on the table and went into the main bathing area. Closing the door I grabbed a towel and wash cloth and placed then on the toilet seat. I adjusted the water temperature until it was ok to shower in and grabbed the wash cloth and went into the shower to bath. The water felt wonderful. I had not been able to bath since that late old man let me stay with him in that motel about a week ago. Of course he wanted sex but that was a small price to pay for getting to eat a rather large meal and a rather long shower. Not to mention 50 bucks to boot. I thought back to that night as the water played over my bare back and felt bad that I took the 50 bucks but it was a matter of survival. And all I did was beat him off and let him suck me. Well that was in the past. Right now all I wanted to do was to enjoy this shower and get the payment over. I remembered back about a month ago when that old man picked me up out off the highway and how badly he had beaten me after I sucked him off. I shivered at the though of that. "God I sure hope that they don't do that to me" I thought to myself. I finished up in the shower and got out to dry off. Looking in the mirror, I saw that I did indeed look better. I found a comb in the medicine cabinet and ran it through my hair and then decided to go ahead and shave since he told me to use whatever I wanted. I shaved what little hair I had on my face off and looked once again like a 5-year-old. "God I hate looking so young." I said to myself. I looked at the Old Spice and decided that that was a little too much for me and left it alone but used the can of deodorant that I found in there. With just a towel wrapped around my waist I opened to door and found my clothing was not where I put it and the door ajar. "Shit" I yelled. And ran out of the door down the hall and into the bar area. I found Jon and Father Reardon sitting at a table talking and drinking coffee. Father Reardon had his back to me but Jon noticed me right away.

"Well I'll be damned. Begging your pardon and all Steve. But boy you sure do clean up good now doncha" Jon said with a rather loud slap of his bear like hand no his right thigh. I must have jumped rather high off of the floor at the sound of that slap because he jumped off of his chair and rushed up to me and caught me in his rather large arms and set me gently down to my feet again.

"Ya need to be more careful son. Don't wanna get hurt now. I don't think myh insurance can handle another claim just yet" he chuckled.

I was surprised at how safe it felt to be in his arms. So warm and secure. But then I remembered that I was only wearing a towel and was rather embarrassed that it had come loose and the only thing holding it up was his bear like hands. I guess he saw that I was embarrassed and kept his hands tight against my belly to hold up the towel and slid one of them down to catch the hem of the towel and tucked it back into its place so the towel would stay on. I was so relieved that he had done that that I barely caught the gentle wink and knowing smile he gave me. I was even more relieved that he didn't even say a thing to Father Reardon about what had happened.

"I betcha wondering where your cloths are right" Jon said with a wink and a mischievous smile?

I just nodded. "Well let's just say that those things are being taken care of as we speak" he said with another wink. "Why don't ya just sit down here with the good Father and myself and we can have a good little chat" Jon said while patting the seat of a chair between himself and Father Reardon.

As I walked over to where he had indicated I could not help but notice the cold concrete floor as my bare feet came in contact with it. As I sat down Father Reardon must have noticed me shiver. "Here son use my coat to stave off the cold a bit," he said handing me his jacket. Just then the guys I knew as Brad and Tom came in laden with bags of stuff. They set it all on the table next to us and sat down to join us. Jon got up and started to go through the bags and chose two of the bags walked over to me.

"Now then David, why don't you go back into the bathroom and put these cloths on so you won't be so cold ok" he said.


"Don't go but...butting me now. Ifn your gunna sing on my stage your gunna look your best young man" he said with a chuckle.

I was shocked again. I just knew that when that other shoe dropped it was gunna be a big one. But I did as I was told and went back and put on the clothing. I must say that, I loved them. Everything was brand new which was something that had never happened to me before. And I loved how I looked in the mirror. When I got out of the bathroom I was still in my bare feet because I could not find my old shoes either. I didn't want to rock this boat just yet so I didn't say anything. I walked back over to the table and was standing in front of Father Reardon when I heard him cough. Jon looked over to him and saw that he was pointing to the floor.

"Well lordy be...begging your pardon again there Steve...I done gone and plum forgot about those new shoes over there. There should be some socks there as well dontcha think Reverend" Jon said. My face must have lit up when I saw the brand new oxfords there waiting for me at the edge of the stage because Jon just laughed so hard that I swore that I saw his belly start to really roll about. Santa Clause indeed.

As I sat on the edge of the stage trying my new shoes on, Jon got up and got the bags from Macdonald's out and started passing out the food. "When your done with that and presentable why doncha just come on over here and put the feed bag Dave" Jon called over to me. I must admit. Jon sure had a way about him that made you relax and enjoy yourself. Made you want to do just what he asked of you. And I do mean ask. During the years that I knew him before his death he only once ordered me to anything. All he had said was "Son if your gunna mess around with anyone, girl or guy, you will wear a raincoat" I was shocked by the order but I knew it was said with nothing but love.