Love on the Rocks

This is my first attempt at writing a story for Nifty Archives and you readers so please bear with the mediocrity that may be found here before I really get into the flow. I am planning for Love on the Rocks to be more than a simple stroke story, which means, you have to wait for the sex. This is a tale of a life saved and the friendship/relationships that come from that. I do not know any of the people that may appear over time, thus I cannot tell you anything about their personalities or sexual orientations/habits. Furthermore any and all trademarks and characters mentioned in this story are the property of those who own them and not of this authors nor any archive service or printing service which supplied this work to you. This is pure fiction. If you are under-aged or offended by faceted relationships between men, please go somewhere else! That said, I hope you enjoy this! Any comments are welcome at but please be nice to me! I'm new at this and am not sure what I am doing.




"Now then David, why don't you go back into the bathroom and put these cloths on so you won't be so cold ok" he said.


"Don't go but...butting me now. Ifn your gunna sing on my stage your gunna look your best young man" he said with a chuckle.

I was shocked again. I just knew that when that other shoe dropped it was gunna be a big one. But I did as I was told and went back and put on the clothing. I must say that, I loved them. Everything was brand new which was something that had never happened to me before. And I loved how I looked in the mirror. When I got out of the bathroom I was still in my bare feet because I could not find my old shoes either. I didn't want to rock this boat just yet so I didn't say anything. I walked back over to the table and was standing in front of Father Reardon when I heard him cough. Jon looked over to him and saw that he was pointing to the floor.

"Well lordy be...begging your pardon again there Steve...I done gone and plum forgot about those new shoes over there. There should be some socks there as well dontcha think Reverend" Jon said. My face must have lit up when I saw the brand new oxfords there waiting for me at the edge of the stage because Jon just laughed so hard that I swore that I saw his belly start to really roll about. Santa Clause indeed.

As I sat on the edge of the stage trying my new shoes on, Jon got up and got the bags from Macdonald's out and started passing out the food. "When your done with that and presentable why doncha just come on over here and put the feed bag Dave" Jon called over to me. I must admit. Jon sure had a way about him that made you relax and enjoy yourself. Made you want to do just what he asked of you. And I do mean ask. During the years that I knew him before his death he only once ordered me to anything. All he had said was "Son if your gunna mess around with anyone, girl or guy, you will wear a raincoat" I was shocked by the order but I knew it was said with nothing but love.



Chapter 2

A Chance at a New Beginning

Standing by the kitchen sink I drank from my glass of water listening to the song play. ..."And when they know they have you...Then they really have you...nothing you can do or say you've got to leave just get away...Beyond those song... you need what you need. You can say what you want..." God...we loved that song. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the keychain. The one that he gave me all those years ago. He had said that it would be a symbol of the bond of trust that we had. That everytime I doubted his trust and love all I had to do was to look at that keychain and remember that moment. That moment when he proved to me what it all meant to him. How he really felt about me. Once again emotion overcame me as I remembered that moment and I began to cry again. "Why God...why." I screamed to heaven sobbing deeply. My body wrecked with the pain and depth of my loss. "I loved him God! I loved and needed him." I cried out falling to my knees there in the kitchen. There had never been a moment of my adult life that he had not been there. My thoughts went back to that moment when we had first meant...

Sitting there on the edge of the stage admiring my new shoes I was lost in thought and still unsure as to what they all wanted from me but expecting that other giant sized shoe to drop right on my little head. There was a lot of laughter and joking as the other four men in the room spoke. I myself could not help but to feel at ease in that atmosphere. I thought for a moment and realized that for the last three hours that all of this had taken place were three of the happiest moments of the last year for me. But as I said before I was still suspicious. I searched each one carefully. Looking deeply into each man's eyes. Looking for some clue as to what was really going on. Father Reardon had a look of concern in his. Every so often he would look over at me. I would blush and look at the floor, my shoes, or a window. Anything not to look into those eyes and reveal anything to him. But then that in itself was giving something away wasn't it. Hell I didn't know at the time but I knew one thing for sure. I knew I was still scared as hell as to what would be expected of me and wanted to know what it was. Jon chose that moment to look over at me and I caught a wink he aimed at me. I blushed again.

"Come on son... join us here. I would think you're a bit hungry," Jon said as he started to empty the Macdonald's bag. I cautiously approached the table. Jon's left eyebrow as he watched me out of the corner of his eye. Then it happened... I saw it...I saw the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile of understanding. As he turned his face toward me full on I could not help but want to relax into it. I felt a warmth wash over me and I don't know how I knew at the moment it was intended that I be there. It seemed that all at once the universe conspired to make sure that I was here at that moment. This feeling surprised me and scared me all at the same time but I didn't know way. I sped my steps and approached him. Sitting next to him I placed my hands onto my lap and waited patiently.

"Dig in son... if you don't those two over there will eat it all before you take your next breath I would think. And believe me I know," he said with a chuckle. I really had no choice in the matter it seemed. I was very hungry and did not know where my next meal would come from so I reached over and started eating a hamburger.

"My God kid. You must be hungry. Slow down son or you will choke." Father Reardon advised as he placed his hand gently on my back. I was caught off guard by that gesture. I jumped in my seat when he did that which caused me to choke on the bit of food I had in my mouth at that moment.

It happened like lightning striking. So fast was his movement that before I could try to take another breath Jon was behind me. Pulling me out of that chair hugging me tightly to his chest. For some reason that movement cause me to cough the food out of my throat. I was so scared that I started to cry. Jon just turned me in his arms and held me close to him. Soothing me by gently stroking my hair.

"Easy son. It's over now. Shhhh. Calm down now son... I'm here and I won't let anything happen to you." His touch was so gently it belayed his size. He was such a large man I could not believe that it was he that held me. But it was and I curled up in his lap and held on to him as if my very life depended upon it. At that moment I noticed the other three men in the room again. They had all gathered around me with looks of concern on their faces. Brad seemed to have a single tear falling from his right eye. The look on his face was that of a concerned fearful brother. I didn't know it at that time but that is exactly what he would become to me. A concerned brother.

Jon's embrace was all encompassing. The warmth found there could calm the wildest sea; therefore it was just right for the turmoil that had found its way into my heart. Holding on to him around his neck and sitting upon his lap I felt his arms about me and an occasional kiss laid upon my head. Slowly I got myself together and realized where I was and what exactly was going on and began to pull away. I felt embarrassed that this had happened and that I had responded that was. I could sense that he did not want to let me go but he did.

"You ok not spud?" Jon asked me. I smiled when he called me that and just whipped my nose on my sleeve. Jon smiled back at me and winked at me. He turned to Tom and asked if he would get him a wet towel. Tom turned to do as he requested. I sat back down in the chair that I had been in before and really didn't feel like eating more but I did anyway. Tom returned shortly with the towel and handed it to me. I used it to clean up my face and laid it gently folded upon the table next to me.

"didcha get enough to eat Spud?" Jon asked me. I just shook my head and blushed at that name. I liked it but I felt like such a kid when he called me that. "That's good son. Now what ya say about taking all of this and you and Tom go into the kitchen and clean it all up. I just shook my head again and got up to follow Tom to the kitchen.

Tom led the way into the kitchen and showed me where to put the dishes and where I could wash up. I threw away all the paper and leftover food, which wasn't much and washed my hands and face. Tom handed me a towel with a smile and I tried my hands a face off.

"You know you should try to relax a bit David," Tom said. "We don't want a thing from you. We only want to try to help you if we can. If you want you can tell me what's on your mind." I didn't know how to reply to that. I was still too unaware of my surroundings to respond to him. My eyes darting from him to the floor and his just looking at me like two deep wells.

"Look David...if it helps, Jon took Brad and I in as well. That was some time ago though. We were living on the streets back then too together. David he is a good man and only wants to help you if you would only let him. But if you hurt him in any way you will have the two of us on you like stink on shit though." He said with a pensive smile on his face. He winked at me as well and that seemed to break the tension in the room and I could not help but to laugh with him just a bit. It felt good to laugh with him. And it felt even better when he leaned down a bit and hugged me to his chest with one arm.

"Look...all I am saying is give him a chance ok Dave." Tom said as he held me close to him. "OK" was all I managed to say as I shook my head against his chest.

We walked back into the main bar area and found everyone just as we had left them and Jon looked up at me and then back at Father Reardon.

"Hay David...why don't ya do me a favor here and help me out a bit." He said. I ran over to him and looked him in the eye. Jon reached onto the table and picked up a keyring on the table. It had a large cross on it and looked rather old. "You see this here keyring. I want you to hold on to it for me." "Yes sir" "This keyring will be a symbol of the trust, love and respect we should have for eachother. It has the keys to my car, my truck, my house, and my bar on it. If you ever doubt any of those things in me all you have to do is look at this and know how I really feel about you ok" Jon said to me looking me right in the eye. I was shocked. Shocked that this man that I had just met would trust me with such a valuable item. I could use this keyring to rob him blind but he trusted me. I was in awe of this man. And you know what. I never did check and see if those keys actually did work in all his stuff. I never felt the urge to. I just trusted him.