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Heart's Desire
by Winter

When I awake the next time morning has arrived. It's quite early, but I feel too full of life to go back to sleep. We're lucky Danny's dressing room is a warm one, since we've slept naked all night without even a blanket to warm us. His buttocks are a bit cold, so I run my hands all over them, warming them up. Danny purrs in his sleep while his left hand starts playing lazily with my chest hair. For a while there's nothing else in the world but me and my boyfriend. I think back to last night's love-making, to the passion we shared right here in Danny's comfy chair, and as I lean down to kiss his sleeping lips I realise that I'm all hard. It rubs against Danny's thigh, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I kiss him, pushing my tongue against his lips. They part slightly to let me inside, and I take the kiss deeper. Slowly he gets more active, but he's still a while away from being fully awake. I reach in between us and grab his rigid morning wood, pulling back the foreskin to reveal a moist head. He moans into the kiss as I rub him gently, while I hump against his thigh. I'm getting close to my climax when he starts kissing back, and I realise he's awake now. He opens his eyes and our gazes meet. I can see the love shining from them, but then the contact is broken as he gasps and his head falls back. My hand is filled with his seed, and what I can't catch runs down his balls to rest on mine. Greedily I lick my hand clean while he reaches down to find my straining penis. He grasps it, then squirms out of my lap and onto the floor until he is standing on his knees, a look of mischief lighting up those tantalising green eyes. His tongue teases the tip while his hands fondle my sac, so roughly it almost hurts. Almost. The pleasure is so great, though, that I have to fight back my own orgasm. Sensing this, Danny moves in for the kill, swallowing my cock at the same time as he rams a finger up inside me, assaulting my prostate. The feelings he gives me, combined with the sight of his mouth nestled in my pubic hair and the sexy taste in my own mouth, set me off. I feel his throat and his tongue at work on my length as he takes it all, and a cry of joy escapes my lips. Slowly, the bliss abates, and I open my eyes without really remembering having closed them. Danny is there, a trickle of cum running down his chin as he meets me in another deep kiss. His tongue brings the taste of my own semen, not very different from his but nowhere near as sweet. He climbs back into my lap, and we cuddle for most of the following hour.


"Let me up, honey, I need to pee."

I release my firm grip around Danny's waist, kissing his cheek as he gets up. My eyes are glued to his firm buttocks as he half runs towards the bathroom, all but bursting through the door. He leaves it open, and I can't resist the urge to join him. We stand right next to each other, hip to hip, giggling like schoolboys as we do our best to aim. The goal is to last longer than the other, and I win by a couple of seconds, beaming proudly while Danny pouts. I make him squeal by swatting his butt before I lead him over to the shower, turning it on. While we wait for the water to get warmer he pulls me close for another breathtaking kiss, which lingers as we get in beneath the hot jets of water. It stops there; we wash off the sweat and smells of last night and this morning, then go back into the dressing room to get dressed. I make a face as I pick up my boxers, tapping my fingernails against the thick, dry crust in the front. Danny giggles, but when I reach for his drawer to borrow a pair he slaps my hand.

"You know I prefer you au naturel, Cay." He cups my balls as he hands me my jeans. "You are just too sexy."

I just grin and shake my head. There's just no way I can refuse this boy. Five minutes later we are out of there, walking hand in hand towards the nearest mall. Every now and then, Danny leans against me, resting his head on my arm. There was a time when this would have bothered me, but these days I just find it charming. The fact that everybody knows we're a couple helps. In the corners of my eyes, I can see heads turning as we pass by. Their eyes gleam of lust and jealousy, and some part of my mind gets a sort of perverse pleasure out of it. Danny hardly ever notices any of the stares he gets, and if I mention it he just blushes. I put my arm around him, letting my hand rest on his hip. He melts into the touch, giggling as I squeeze tighter. It's not that I really need to feel protective; I trust Danny completely, and I know he can take care of himself, it's more of showing off. I want the world to know that I have the cutest, most desirable boyfriend in the world. No one else can have him. He's just mine. I realise I must be wearing a grin that's half a mile across. The thought makes me giggle along with Danny, and in response he slips his arm around my waist. Damn, but do we look gay, walking down the street arm in arm! Well, I don't care anymore, and I know Danny never did.


As we reach the mall, I make a start for one of the more chic cafés, but already from the way Danny pulls on my arm I can tell where we're really going. His impish grin merely confirms it. Five minutes later, I tuck in on my pancakes and Egg McMuffin, while he proudly shows me the little toy car he got with his Happy Meal. He is grinning like a little boy on christmas morning, and I can't help but grin back. Danny is so innocently charming in his happy-go-lucky playfulness that I simply fall for him once more. Like I always do, several times a day at the very least. I resist the urge to lean over and kiss him until we've finished our breakfast. Then his lips are mine, and I care nothing for the discreet cough coming from the next table. If people can't accept the sight of Love, that's their problem. After we've discarded our junk, an idea plops into my head, and it's my turn to drag off with Danny. He just rolls his eyes, sighing as he trots along. He knows I won't tell him where we're going, so all he can do is go with the flow. Soon enough, though, he realises that we're heading for my apartment, and he squeezes my arm expectantly, kissing the nape of my neck.

"Not what you're thinking, love," I tell him, smiling at his suddenly very curious look. "Get your mind out of the gutter, you sex-fiend."

"You love the fiendishness in me, admit it," he taunts, and I have to nod. "So we're not making love?"

"Maybe. I want to paint you first."

"Ooh, kinky!" he purrs. "Use something that washes off, `cause I'm dancing again tonight."

"Dumb." I tap my knuckles against the top of his head. "Paint as in `portrait'."

"I can see it before me; `Daniel Beaumont's Portrait' by Cayden Thomas. Honey, you'll make me immortal!"

"Now that's true." At the doorstep to my apartment building, we kiss again, a deep and passionate kiss. "If love was a brush, the painting would be perfect."

"Ah! I love it when you're mushy." He pulls me close and whispers in my ear, making his voice as seductive as possible and damn near killing me on the spot. "Can we fuck before you paint me? Maybe you could paint me with your cum running down my thighs, that would be really sexy."

"I was more thinking something that could go on an exhibition without seeming too... exhibitionistic." He giggles. "Something that won't get me arrested."

We take the elevator up to my floor, and Danny uses his key to let us in. He is pouting a little, so I pull him to me, fondling his sweet butt while I nibble on his earlobe.

"Maybe I'll fire up the ol' camera later, and you can do a couple of kinky poses for our private photo album? How's that sound to you?"

"Like music, baby." He kisses me, then I lead him into my studio. "So, how do you want me to pose? Except for un-fucked?"

"Nekkid, of course." We both laugh, while I pull up a chair for him. "How about sitting down? If you'd lean against the backrest and prop your legs up a bit."

"Like this?" He's already naked and semi-hard, and I can feel my own arousal begin. "Or higher?"

"A little higher, I think. Damn, Danny, I can't make up my mind if I want to see your balls hang down by your butt, or your beautiful cock resting against your thigh."

"Choices, choices." He giggles. "How `bout a full frontal through the backrest?"

"That might work." He shifts, and my eyes almost plop out. "Yeah! That's just it! No, pull back a little, don't show so much cock."

"Why not? You might sell it to some club guest."

"This one'll go among the no-sells, baby. Beauty, admired from afar." He sits with one leg on each side of the backrest, leaning against it with his arms. His hairless chest is easily visible through the bars, while his cock and balls are almost in shadow. I can see the painting before my eyes, and I know it'll be something extra. "That's great!"


"Yeah, perfect. Give me your best seductive look." He does, and I go instantly hard, so fast it almost hurts. "Perfect! Just one little thing, or rather not so little."

"What's that?" He keeps his pose while he talks, used to model for me. "Or should I be able to guess?"

"I want you soft, baby, can you do that?"

"Not without help, and let me tell you, that bulge down your pants does not help."

Chuckling to myself, I rub said bulge, enjoying the way it makes him lick his lips. I have only one choice now, but it's not a hard one. I finish putting up easel and canvas, then walk over to him and fall to my knees. He shivers as I ease his rigid erection out through the bars of the backrest, then take him into my mouth. There's no need to make this a long session, so I apply every trick I know. I lick his balls, the up his shaft until I can stick my tongue in beneath his foreskin. He moans, then gasps as I swallow him whole, pulling the skin back at the same time. I suck as hard as I can while I let my tongue run all over him, caressing his balls with my hands. In no time at all, he shoots into my mouth, and I eagerly swallow every drop. Then I hold his cock between my lips as it deflates, only letting him go once he's fully flaccid. I pull the foreskin back over his glans, then pat it amicably before I slip it back through the bars. Perfect. It takes him a minute or two to find that seductive look again, but when he does it's double reward. He has a kind of combination between that `fuck-me' look of his and a `just-got-fucked' look. The result is a creature so desirable it's hardly even human anymore. My cock is hard like a rock, just from seeing that look on his face, and for a split second I feel a little faint. I take a couple of pictures of him, the I start to paint. I've chosen water-colours, and the finest brushes I have. It doesn't take long to draw his outlines, then I start filling in. The brushes fly across the canvas, working like some kind of magic camera to create a picture more vivid, more detailed than I ever knew I was capable of. This is my art; Danny's a dancer while I'm a painter, and just like he performed at the peak of his capability last night, I do now. I manage to capture Danny's stunning `fuck-me' - `just-got-fucked' look perfectly, and as I finally lay the brush down, I notice that hours have fled. I call Danny over, and he takes one look, then kisses me. He's getting hard again, and I'm aching to release my own hardness. It stayed erect throughout this whole time.

"Damn, Cay, if that wasn't me, I'd fall in love with him. If that's the look I gave you, then I can see why you were hard for almost four hours."

"New personal record." We both giggle, then kiss again. "Maybe I'll need to hang this one close to the men's room, or there'll be cum-stains all over the gallery."

"I wish you'd shown my dick more, though. This way, you'd have to lean closer to see it properly."

"Exhibitionist!" I swat his naked arse, making him squeal. "Don't you think enough people see your dick when you dance?"

"Nope. Wanna join me in the porn business?"

"No thanks." I frown, and he kisses my cheek to make me know he was only joking. I kiss him back, then slip out of my jeans. My cock leaves a wet spot on his belly, and he smears it out. "So, how `bout those kinky photos now?"

Danny grins, then sinks to his knees. Before I know it, my length is surrounded by moist heat, suckled like a baby bottle. Like I did before, he brings me off in no time at all. In fact, I'm surprised I hold out as long as I do, given the show I had for four hours. When he kisses me again, it's a lustful one, as he grabs my camera and ushers me towards the bedroom. I stop by the canvas to sign the painting, adding the title to the top of it: My Heart's Desire.