This story is a request from Marek. Hope you liked it.

by Winter

I must be the luckiest man alive. The thought enters my mind as I walk past the half-mile long queue to the Isle de Paradise, taking my time to exchange grins with Terry, the bouncer. I know he'll have his ears full for letting me in while telling everybody else that it's full for the night. Bob mans the ticket booth, and he just winks at me, shaking his head as he sees the rose bouquet I hold in my hand. I know what he's thinking. That I'm the luckiest man alive.

The show has already started when I get into the inner recesses of the club. It's really crowded tonight, and the dance floor is filled with men and women, all dancing to some horrid techno beat. The first stage show is a couple of girls, who are deep into an erotic dance. I take a few minutes to watch them, thinking to myself that they aren't bad, just out-classed. While I wait for Danny's show, I sit down at the bar, having a beer. The knowing smile I receive from the bartender tells me he knows who I am.

"On the house, Cay," he tells me. "Lucky guy..."

"Tell me about it. Thanks, man."

"James." We shake hands. "Daniel's told me about you, nice to meet you."

"You too, James. How is he?"

"Oh, same as always. Nervous as hell. I don't know why he does this."

"Have you seen him dance?"

"Not yet," he replies, while servicing some other customers. "I hear he's something extra."

"That's not half of it," I tell him with a wink. "When he gets out on that stage, you'll see why he does it. He really loves it, he just acts the nervous bit."

I keep chatting to James during the next two shows; a guy who does an okay strip-dance number, and a girl who is really, really good. The tension inside the room is beginning to rise as the second-to-last show is up. Two guys and a girl do an advanced show, ending with an impromptu threesome on stage. Still, it's not enough to even get a rise out of me. I've grown picky, I scold myself. Just waiting for the best. There's a brief interlude while a janitor cleans the stage, and people start crowding the bar and the dance floor. I spot a free seat just by the stage, and hurry over before anyone else has a chance to claim it. Minutes tick by, and the slow hand crawls past midnight before the lights in the room start to dim, and a speaker voice announces what will no doubt be the time of their lives to many in here.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The fake French accent almost make me laugh. "The Isle de Paradise is proud to be presenting you with our local hero. At twenty, he's the rising star of exotic dancers: Daniel Beaumont!!"

Cheers and applauds rise to an almost deafening level, and I'm one of those who cheer the loudest, but the noise dies out as the stage remains empty. I know what's his game, of course, but the people around me start to squirm in their seats. The room is dark, except for a single spotlight, centring on the stage. Then, suddenly, he's there, as if appearing out of nowhere. I feel my heart melt as I take in his beauty. His dark brown hair is just slightly tousled, and his cat-green eyes glimmer in the spotlight, half-hidden beneath a pair of large, round glasses. I know he doesn't need them, but he claims that they add to his sexiness. Not that he needs that, either. He looks so small, so thin, so incredibly sexy. Tonight, he's wearing a white buttoned shirt and a red and blue striped tie, with white cotton trousers and a blue denim jacket. So hot. He walks fully into the spotlight, looking so insecure and vulnerable that I have half a mind to run up there and wrap my arms around him; to shelter him from everything bad in the world. I'm sure lots of others in the room are thinking something akin to that. He hugs his arms to his chest as he looks at the crowd. Then he catches my eyes, and a hint of a smile plays across his lips. He nods, once, and the music starts. Not the techno crap that's been poisoning the air, but solid, hard rock music. I recognise the tune as one of his favourites, Second Star to the Right, by Johnny Lowell Band. Drums, bass and rhythm guitar form a mat for the piano and Johnny's divine solo guitar, and as the song takes flight, Danny begins to move.

He stretches his neck, licking his lips in a seductive way, while his hips begin to sway in time with the music. The feigned insecurity is gone; now he's 100% professional. He crouches low, his knees almost touching the stage floor as he slowly opens the button and fly on his trousers. Around me, I can hear cheers and whistles, from men and women alike. Danny breaks boundaries; it doesn't matter where your sexual interests lie, as soon as you see him, you want him. It's the same with me, with one exception. I'm the one who can have him. Dancing nimbly across the stage, he's now unbuttoning his shirt, from bottom to top, enticingly slowly exposing his flat, slim stomach and chest. Both totally devoid of hair. Somehow - like a magician, he never reveals his tricks - he slips out of the shirt while keeping both tie and jacket on. As he keeps moving, I catch an occasional glimpse of his nipples, both rock hard already. The little guy really loves this! Then he slows down, as if uncertain of what to do next. He closes his eyes, then sucks two fingers into his mouth, while his other hand runs along his inner thigh to his crotch. He fondles himself, sighing and moaning as he lets his hand slip inside his trousers. Moving ever so slowly, he eases them off, then he sits down. Suddenly, he looks much like a schoolboy, straining to untie his shoes, then remove his socks. As he leaps to his feet, he discards the jacket, too, standing there wearing just a pair of tight, white briefs and his silk tie. He turns around, rubbing his buttocks while wiggling his cute butt at the crowd. His thumbs slip in beneath the waistband, and he pulls the briefs down a bit, just enough to give a hint of the naked skin underneath. The tension inside the club is so thick it's almost like a fog. All eyes are fixed on the stage, on Danny, as he turns around to face the crowd again, his briefs hanging low enough to show a patch of brown pubic hair. To the right of me sit a guy and a girl, both caressing each other as they watch, and to my left is an older guy who looks like he might come at any moment. Danny meets my gaze again, and he flicks his tongue across his lips before he slips out of his briefs. He is semi-hard, rising quickly as he rubs his chest and the insides of his thighs. There's a bit of commotion as he tosses his underwear out into the audience, but he doesn't seem to notice. Instead, he takes off his glasses and drops them on the jacket, and with a flick of the wrist, he pulls off the tie. Completely naked now, he makes a pirouette, then wags his butt at the crowd. Since I'm so close to him, I see a quick hint of pink as he spreads his buttocks, and I feel my pulse race. A groan next to me tells me the guy on my left has creamed his pants, without even touching himself. Danny rubs his balls now, while he runs the silk tie up and down his stiff erection. Then he tosses it aside, and I know the conclusion is near, since the song goes towards its end. He goes down on his knees, pulling his foreskin back and forth while he pinches his nipples. There's an adorable blush to his face, and I know he isn't far away. Then he lets out a low, sexy moan, and a jet of semen shoots out, landing with an audible splash on the stage floor. He catches some of what follows in his hand, then lets go of his cock, letting it spurt on its own while he licks his fingers clean, sucking them seductively, one by one. From all over the club come the sounds and smells of sex, as both men and women come to the sight of my Danny. On the stage, he has closed his eyes, while his penis is slowly deflating. His slim chest is heaving with each breath, and every now and then he shudders with the remains of his orgasm. Eventually, the moaning all around me abates, and Danny gets to his feet, gathering up his discarded clothes. He bows to the crowd, receiving shouts and cheers and standing ovations. I stand up and yell at him, like everyone else, and it's not until then that I realise I've come in my boxers. No matter! I'm far from the only one. He turns and walks off the stage, his cute butt wiggling as he walks, and I get up to leave, as well. As I pass the bar, I pick up a couple of beer bottles, thoroughly enjoying James's flushed face as he says the words that are already spinning inside my mind.

"You're the luckiest man alive."

I can feel eyes on me as I walk backstage. This area is strictly off-limits, but since I'm Danny's boyfriend, I can come and go as I like. I hold up the roses in front of my face and knock on the door to his dressing room.

"Who's there?"

"Flowers for you, Mr Beaumont," I say, trying to disguise my voice. "No card."

A couple of seconds pass, then the door opens, and I hear a gasp as he sets eyes on the huge bouquet. He takes then and sniffs them, dreamy-eyed, and I can see that he's still naked, his hair wet from a quick shower. I push him inside and lock the door behind me, then put down the bottles while he puts the flowers in a vase. Now that our hands are empty, we fill them with each other, sharing a passionate kiss as we embrace tightly. Minutes pass, and neither of us is willing to let the other go, until at last, Danny withdraws, a smile on his face.

"Did you bring me a beer?"

"Yup. Danny, you were great tonight." I stroke his butt as he grabs a bottle. "You're always great, but tonight, you were magical."

"Thanks, love. You know it inspires me when you're watching." He takes a swig of beer, then swats playfully at my hand. "I used to be afraid it would turn you off, to see a crowd of people drooling over me."

"No, you're all wrong."

"Really? You mean you like it?"

"I love it. They were drooling, you know. And coming, and some were even fucking while they watched you. You turn them on completely." I take a seat in Danny's comfy chair, and he sits down on my lap, stroking my hair. "And me. It's such a great feeling, knowing that they all love you, that they all want you. Men and women, they'd all give their right hand to get to fuck you."

"Don't exaggerate..." He blushes. Always so sweet and innocent.

"I'm not. It's true. But what turns me on the most is that they can't have you, and I can. I'm the luckiest man alive."

"Heh. You're that sure you can have me? What if I turn you down, Cay?"

"Will you?" I give him my sad puppy-dog eyes, and he laughs, a sound like a perfect crystal bell. "Are you making me beg, Danny?"

"No, of course not." He takes another swig, and with a kiss, he shares it with me. "I'm just teasing you, love. I'm so glad you like to see me dance."

"I do. I love it." I run my hands down his back, cupping his buttocks while I let a finger find his anus, playing with it. He moans. "God, Danny, I love you so much!"

"Will you make love to me, Cay? Please?"

"Of course. You don't have to ask."

"Thanks for the flowers, you romantic oaf. You always knew how to make my heart beat faster."

"Heh. Yeah, I know you, inside-out." I pinch his nipple, making him squeal with delight. "Some healthy exercise will make it beat like hell."

"Mmm, I like the sound of that."

He kisses me again, one hand wrapped in my hair while the other slips inside my shirt, rubbing my stomach. I take a firm hold of his hard-on, massaging it while my other hand keeps playing with his hole. Then he gets up, pulls off my shirt and starts to unbutton my jeans. When he sees the mess inside my boxers, he shakes his head sadly.

"Couldn't wait, honey?"

"Just felt like joining the club." I tell him about all the people around me, coming like crazy while watching him. "There was no way in hell I could keep it back."


He pulls the boxers down, using them to wipe off my once more rock hard penis. I can't help but moan at the rough treatment, and he grins like a cat that's caught a mouse. Knowing what I like, he grabs my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees, and I willingly comply. His cock is so beautiful up close, throbbing with every beat of his heart, and I give it a tentative lick. He sighs, whispering his urgings, and I take the hint, swallowing him to the root. I keep on sucking for a good while, marvelling at the delicious flavour, at the rich amount of pre-cum, at the heat his member gives off. Then I feel his balls begin to rise, and he calls out my name, and I back off. He slaps me on the head, cursing as I deny him his orgasm, but I just laugh. I know he really likes being teased. Straightening my back, I turn him around so he faces the comfy chair, and he leans over it, spreading his legs. I reach in between them to kiss the underside of his scrotum, then move my way slowly to his anus, giving it a lick. He tastes vaguely of soap, and I keep on rimming him, listening to his moans as he writhes on the chair. Then, suddenly, he jerks away from me, and I look up to catch his gaze. His eyes are glazed over, and he is panting heavily as he whispers to me.

"Cay, do it. Please!"

I nod, and he grins like a kid on his birthday as he stands on his knees in the comfy chair, while I reach into a drawer for a tube of lubricant I just happen to know he keeps there, just for these occasions. His hole is slick enough already, so I rub some of the cold, viscous liquid onto my cock, then rub it against his opening. He pushes back, and I slide in. The heat and pressure make me groan, and he gasps as I rub against his prostate. We set up a pace of thrusts and counter-thrusts, while I lean down over his back, kissing the nape of his neck. I let my hands run all over his chest and stomach, before reaching his crotch. As I pump into him, I cup his balls, kneading them gently, and I rub his erection, giving special attention to the sensitive area where the tip of the glans meets the foreskin. He is growling, now, instincts taking over where common sense is no longer enough. This isn't making love anymore. We're fucking. Sex instead of emotions. I feel myself climbing towards my peak, but I fight it, refuse to accept that it'll be over in just a couple of minutes. He tightens around me, and I feel my hand filling up with something hot and wet and sticky. Somewhere in the distance I hear my name being called, but the sound is drowned out by the roar inside my head. Danny's orgasm forces my own upon me, and I can't hold back, but shoot my sperm deep inside him. The incredible high has me seeing stars, and I'm only half aware that I hug him tightly, whispering little nothings into his ear. We roll over, half lying, half sitting in the comfy chair, still coupled to each other, straining to catch our breaths as we slowly come down from the clouds.

We must have fallen asleep, because I suddenly wake up, yawning while I try to remember where I am. Then I spot the patch of dark brown hair in front of my face, and I brush some of it out of Danny's peaceful, sleeping face. He smiles at the touch. While I slept, I have withdrawn, but I feel my cock stir as I think of the wild sex we've just had. I put my hand on his butt, and he stirs slightly, snuggling up closer to me. Typically; even when he's asleep, Danny is cuddly. Overflown with love, I feel tears running down my cheeks. This wonderful guy, this angel in human disguise. This sexy man, who could have anybody he'd ever want, and he's chosen me! As I drift back into a slumber, one thought stays with me. I am the luckiest man alive.