A Story by Outlaw

Copyright © Author, Oct, 2007  


Hearing the soft click I turned around and saw Eric enter the kitchen... and as he came forward, almost instinctively, I knew what he was there for...

"Jerry, I want you real bad," he said in a low, husky voice, his eyes already hooded with naked passion, "and can't hold back any longer."

And with that he was on me, all over me, wrapping his strong, manly arms around me... the large palm gripping my rounded left butt-cheek, pushing me into his aroused crotch...

I felt the heat and the hardness and as I looked up at him, into his eyes, he lowered his face; gluing his open mouth over mine... kissing me with a force that was both thrilling and a bit unnerving...

Well, to be very honest, I can't say that I resisted... or that all my thoughts were on Josh, my husband... No, it wasn't... There was this incredible electric charge in that tiny kitchen of our cottage, high up in the Rockies, and I was totally caught up in that electrifying moment... carried away by the strength and the force of the passionate current...

No more word was uttered as he pulled me away from the counter, to the center of the room, his strong fingers already undoing the button and lowering the zipper. The shorts fell and I felt the cool air caress my bare butt, as he kneaded the twin globes, digging in his fingers... parting the cheeks... exposing the deep crevice... my pucker already twitching in anticipation and lust... A middle finger groped deep... sliding along the cleft, reaching for the tiny orifice... poking at the opening as his tongue slid into my sucking mouth once more. Both of us were grunting now, the breath harsh and ragged.

He pulled back for a moment and gripping the collar of my old tee, ripped it off me, baring me completely... and as I stood, shaking all over, he ran his eyes over my naked frame, his eyes smoldering, appreciative, and then he was dropping his shorts...

I gasped... feeling a shiver pass down my spine as I saw his raging cock for the first time. It was almost a carbon copy of Josh's... similar texture, same color and the same size, large and heavy! The testicles, huge and low hanging...

And then he was on me again... wrapping me in his loving embrace... pulling me down on the floor... climbing over me... I moaned as my fingers gripped his broad shoulders, my legs parting in invitation, my stomach already in turmoil... my ass pouting out, desperate to open up wide and accommodate Eric's healthy member.

"I love you Jerry..." he whispered as he gripped his cock and aligned it, holding steady for a moment, looking deep into my eyes.

And as I stared back, he shoved in...

My jaws snapped and I sucked in air at that first assault, my heart slamming wildly as I felt the broad head bore in... stretching my tender orifice before its unrelenting pressure... opening the tiny mouth wide to slide in... deep... deeper...

Digging my nails and biting down on my lower lip I grunted... ordering my ass to open up further, faster... working my well trained rectal muscles to relax and allow the invader in.

Not only his face... and his cock... but also the way he made love, the way he moaned and grunted, was uncannily similar to Josh... And he had the same staying power! He slammed away as he brutally fucked me on that cold kitchen floor... groaning and whispering sweet endearments as his cock opened up more and more of my insides, awakening that same passion in me that had made me wild with love for Josh... and had made me marry him... Eric was Josh in every sense of the word... practically a twin!

But my mind couldn't wander around for too long... compare my husband and his brother much longer... and with a blinding flash I ground my way to my first orgasm... a mind-numbing explosion that left me drained and weak... Through a haze I felt him speed up, if that was possible... laboring away between my spread thighs... awakening new sensations deep within me... And as I lay under him... flexing my strong rectal muscles in an attempt to give him even more please... I felt him grow and then twitch... unleash a torrent of boiling cum deep inside my belly... He held still for a moment and then as the maddening flexing stopped he pulled back and almost immediately shoved in. He was still hard... still as rigid as the first moment when he entered me!

And as he began to move... re-enact the dance of mating I was lost, moaning loudly as I clung to his broad shoulders, slamming back at him with a force that matched his!

It was another hour later that he threw his head back and cried out my name, filling me once more with his love... churning it into a thick, squishy spume by his non-stop ploughing, making the frothy liquid bubble out of the relaxed opening as the flesh column dived in repeatedly...

Finally pulling out he rolled off me and gathered me in his arms, pulling me closer as he kissed me all over my face. Wrapping my arms and weary legs around his muscular frame I snuggled closer, relishing his loving attention... wallowing in that amazing afterglow that engulfs you at the conclusion of a most satisfying sexual encounter.


Another hour had passed, and Eric had left, before I finally stood up and felt the cooling cum roll down my inner thigh... Going to the bathroom I washed up and pulled on a pair of shorts and was back in the kitchen to continue the cooking that had been interrupted by Eric, and our love making, earlier.

And as I chopped the onions, my mind wandered back to our encounter... and for the first time I started feeling guilty about letting it happen. I hadn't resisted... hadn't protested, but just allowed him to carry me over, into the vortex of lustful passion. How would I face my husband? If he ever found out, how would he feel? I had just rolled on the floor of our little home, with his younger brother... And I had enjoyed it... I had not only allowed him into my belly, but had hosed the kitchen floor with two heavy loads of my boiling cum!

And as I fretted and worried, I heard their voices... The kitchen door opened and they entered... Josh came over and passing his arm around my waist pulled me into him, kissing me on my mouth in greeting. I kissed him back, but my eyes were furtive, guilt-ridden... my kiss not as spontaneous as it usually is.

"Well, how was the day, hon," he asked, placing about a dozen large rainbow trouts in the sink. "We had a good time." he added before heading out of the kitchen and into the hall.

I mumbled something that even I didn't understand... and as I looked up at Eric, I saw him turn away, following his brother into the hall.


They had showered and changed and soon Josh was by my side, helping me clean the fish... and then we were preparing it. He talked non-stop, but I was mostly silent... and Eric too hardly spoke.

This was getting too much for me... I was dying, yet was unable to decide as to what I should do. This was the first time in seven year, seven years of togetherness, that I had allowed another man to touch me, have me... and it was killing me!

"So," Josh suddenly said, as we sat on the deck, sipping our wine, "is Eric as good as I am?"

The question took some time to sink in and then with slamming heart, as I realized what had been said, I looked up at him... and then Eric... and back to Josh.

He was laughing... that hearty, happy laugh of his, "God, if you could see your face now, Jerry," he said between loud guffaws, "it's priceless!"

In a flash I understood... the whole thing came to me... and even before I could control, the tears welled up in my eyes... as I stared back at him, accusing.

"Oh, hon, you are impossible..." he laughed, getting up and coming to me, taking me in his reassuring arms, hugging me close as he kissed me all over my face.

And then it all came out... Sitting on the floor, between my legs, he told me of the plan the two brothers had worked out...

Only a year separated Josh and Eric... and they were more like close friends than mere brothers. And since childhood, they had shared everything - material or otherwise... thoughts, feelings, emotions... joys and sorrow. And as they grew older, the bonds grew stronger. Nothing could keep them apart... or stop from bringing the other happiness...

We had met in college and within a month had been sleeping together. Our love grew and after graduation we decided to remain together. We made things pretty clear to our folks and though legally we couldn't 'marry', we considered ourselves 'married'.

I met Eric for the first time on our 'wedding day' and since then he has been visiting us regularly, even joining us each summer, at our cottage in the mountain. And this summer was no different.

"Well," Josh was saying, "Eric always liked you and felt that if I hadn't met you first, he would be the one to have married you."

I listened, stunned into silence, looking into the face of the two brothers... feeling relieved, feeling happy... but above all feeling an amazing emotion of being loved and wanted, not by just one handsome hunk, but two... and also the love between them, since that cleared away all sorts of complications that a three-way love triangle can create!

"Let's go in..." Josh finally said, taking my hands.

And as I stood up I felt Eric walk in behind me, his hands on my shoulders... and a shiver ran down my spine as I understood the meaning of it....


They slowly stripped me bare and then together went down on me... licking and kissing and nibbling every square inch of my tingling body... every nook and every corner... every fold and every crevice. Together they loved me... leaving me gasping for more... a quivering mass of jelly-o!

And then they offered... offered me their mouth and their cock... and I was more than happy to oblige... holding the two rigid columns as I alternated between the two, almost identical, cocks... Sucking one as I frigged the other... Licking their rolling balls... wiggling my tongue along their perineum... and then back at their cock.

They groaned and they grunted... and as their hands caressed and loved me, they called out my name, their voice heavy with lust, husky with passion.

And they were moving again... changing position, pulling me along... and as Eric entered me, Josh fed my his cock... the two brothers fucking me in tandem, pulling out and slamming in, in perfect timing... and then they were moving once more, changing places... and as Josh entered me, Eric offered his cock to my open mouth...

I was lost, totally washed away by the frenzied passion that had engulfed me and as I felt Josh lunge in deeper, I boiled over, splashing the bed with my pent up passion... growling as I came, tears streaking down my face, tears of joy and happiness.

They moved again... both lying on either side of me, both facing me... and slowly they moved in closer, sandwiching me between their heated bodies... I could feel Eric's raging column against my belly, my own spent penis lodged under his balls... and behind me Josh slide his hardness along the deep cleft of my ass...

Their hands still roamed my torso, as their mouth searched out more of my flesh... kissing and nibbling... And as I closed my eyes and let myself float on the wings of gratifying pleasure... I felt a strong hand reach lower... sliding over my hip... along my thigh... snaking around and then slowly lifting it high...

I don't know who, and neither did I care... but the hand raised my thigh high... higher... and then pressing it down... against my shoulder, held it there. And as my ass got exposed, another hand slid in... between the parted thigh... into the open crevice... a finger gliding along the moist groove...

I moaned my passion, and felt them move in closer... as if wanting to fuse the three bodies... and then I felt them both grab their cock and soon they were placing it between my open legs... jostling to get into me...

In spite of my raging lust I almost giggled out loud... giggled at their desperate attempt to enter me... and though my mind had a lot of stimulation to record and enjoy... a tiny bit was now centered at the hole between my legs... I wanted to see which brother would be in first, beat the other at entering me...

And as I rotated my hip, grinding into them, enjoying the warm embrace that surrounded me, I felt the two heads lodge at my opening, and then that determined pressure... and as I debated on whether I should ask one to wait for his turn while the other fucked me, I felt them push in at the same instant...

In that tiny confused moment it totally escaped me that this too was a well thought out arrangement of the two brothers... They wanted to have me together... not just together in bed, at the same time... but together, as in really taking me at the same time! I was horrified... and totally scared... This wasn't something I had done before... or even thought of... I was sure they would rip me apart... tear my ass hole to shreds... But even before I could protest, or ask them to stop, I felt the double column enter me... stretching me wide... wider than I had thought possible... And as they dove in deeper I gasped for air... experiencing something that I was never aware existed!

Slowly, as if in a dream, they worked more and more of the double dick into me... gradually feeding me more of their cock...filling me... till finally, with eyes wide open and mouth sucking in air... I felt their pubes tickle my smooth bottom... They were in! I had both their huge cocks in my belly... all at the same time!

The thought itself was numbing... and I felt my ass clamp down on them... making both grunt with lust, their cock flexing in response.

They held for a moment... still... and then they moved... both together... like a well oiled, well trained, twosome, ass fucking team!

I could just wail and cry out... my hands gripping the shoulder in front of me... desperately rocking my hips as one pulled out and the other slammed in... in perfect timing, a perfect rhythm.

Guess, it was the forth... or maybe the tenth stroke... and I was screaming as I ground my way into my second orgasm... more powerful, more draining... and after that I don't really remember anything... It was like a distant act that I could only listen to... but yes, also feel... like some detached participant; there, yet not there... and yes, I came one more time... nearly blacking out as the last pulse released the final spurt... And then they went wild... tearing into me... as they pawed and sucked, biting viciously as the double explosion filled me to the brim!


Well, that was then... and now, after another five years we are still together... Josh and I, still married, and Eric joining us each summer (and whenever else he can make it), and spending each waking hour in each other's arms, making love... renewing our loving bonds.

I now had the devoted love of two amazing men, what more can one ask for? My life is complete...

The End

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