My Life with Danny

By: Jake Henrie

DISCLAIMER: This story is completely and totally 100% fiction! This story features Male/Male sex. The author is older than 18 years old. If you aren't 18 or it is not legal for you to be reading this type of material please stop reading now! Please DON'T Copy without Owner's Consent, all copyright laws apply.

This is my first enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! Thank you...

This is the story about my best friend and I growing up. Here is some background about Dan Anderson (Danny) and myself (Jason Hellebore).

Both Characters Born in 1989 less than a month apart (Danny:5/31) (Jason 6/16).

Dan is 19 y/o, 5'11" , 150 lbs. of pure muscle (ripped body), he has light brown hair, blue-green eyes, straight (now after 6 years of braces) white teeth, great bone structure, we both get mistaken for Zac Efron, he is DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous)! Now me I'm pretty much the same as Dan, I am also 19 y/o, but I'm 6'1", 156 lbs. also of pure muscle (ripped body, the whole package sort of thing), dark reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, naturally straight white teeth, and as I said before get mistaken for Zac Efron a lot (Oh yeah did I mention that both Dan and I are GAY?!).

Alright enough about what we look like and background now onto the story!

The year was 1992, that the Anderson (Dan's) family moved in next door to my mom and I, unfortunately my father passed away before I was born, my mom and I really don't like to talk about it, he was a bit of a drunk and had some issues with alcohol from his teen years. I was about three years old by now when they had moved in not really doing much other than being a toddler, so I didn't really know what was going on. My mother scooped me up as she had often done and walked over to the picture window in our suburban home, which look out into our front yard and to the neighbors yard and house. My mother tried to explain to me that we had new neighbors moving in next door to us, I of course only heard the "blah blah blah," coming from her mouth as I didn't really comprehend what she was saying and/or what was going on.

A week had past and my mother picked me up and wandered over to the neighbors house (Dan's house), a woman Dan's mother or Marie Anderson answered the door with a bright smile and invited us in, a man Mr. Anderson or Thomas also greeted us. Meanwhile my mother had been carrying not only me but also this salad that she brought to the new neighbors, which Thomas took into the kitchen. Marie and my mom seemed to have talked for hours, but then again as a baby minutes seemed like hours. My mother had sat me down next to another baby (Dan) we sat there just looking at one another. It was getting late (five p.m.) when my mom picked up me and Marie picked up Dan we had both fallen asleep only within feet of our mothers' gaze and were shuffled off to bed in our own houses.

- Seven Years Pass (1999) -

As Dan and I got older we became best of friends just like Marie Anderson and my mother (Sandy Hellebore). They were inseparable as were Dan and I. We had grown up thinking we had been raised as brothers (well as close as two non-related brothers could be). We grew up in a gated community just out of Minneapolis called Pine Meadows. It was a nice neighborhood, very safe. But everyone knew everyone and everything about one another. Just up the street from our houses was the country club that everyone in the neighborhood belonged to.

It was the summer when we were ten that Dan and I discovered that were going through some changes with our bodies, since my dad was dead Thomas took Dan and I aside one afternoon and told us about "puberty" and "the birds and the bees." Dan and I of course being ten had no idea what he was talking about as for "the birds and the bees," but the puberty we could understand. Being best of friends we slept over at one an others house quite often, just being right next door to each other made it easy. We had become quite interested in one an others bodies feeling and looking, we would try to see what would happen to the other. This closeness we shared was that of only best friends, the one that you can call your "brother from another mother," which we often did. The sleep overs kept up over the years except during the summer months when Dan would leave and go to summer camp which was hard on both of us. More often it was me being upset while he was gone but we would write letters to each other and he would come home every few weeks just to come visit in between sessions.

- Three Years Pass (2002) -

The sleep overs kept up over the years. It had been that summer when we were about thirteen, when Dan stopped going to summer camp he was to old to be a camper but to young to be a counselor, that was the best summer of my life, we had sleep overs pretty much every night we had become family. So it wasn't odd for me to call his mother and father not only by their first names but also Mom and Dad, as well as him calling my mother, mom too.

I had figured out during that summers when we were thirteen, that my friend was more than just a friend or "a brother from another mother," that he was my soul-mate at the time I did not really understand what was going through my mind but, my heart. That summer I realized, I did not like girls the way the other boys my age did. I saw girls as friends nothing other than that. I did some research on the Internet and found out that I was Gay (or Homosexual was another way of saying it). I liked/loved males, not females. My mother had walked in on me as I was looking at the computer I was in a different state of mind, I did not see anyone enter the room and some how my mother did and was reading over my shoulder. I heard a whimper come from behind me I turned around and saw my mothers she was crying, and all she said was, "sweet-pea I love you more than anything, your my baby, if you are gay I will love you the same as I have always, nothing can ever change that." I looked up into my mothers eyes and soon I was crying. We embraced in a hug for what seemed like hours. My mom and I have only had each other for as long as I could remember,(other than the Anderson family, that really is not related to my mom and I). We have only had each other.

My mom and I kept this as our little secret other than Nicole my best female friend, who would always joke about Danny and I. I of course told her that I was in love with Danny and would do anything to keep him in my life. Danny was always there for me when I needed him, he would drop anything to come to my rescue, same as Nicole but with Danny being right next door he was usually there first. The day after I had come-out to my mom and Nicole, I had invited Danny over for lunch, my mom was at work, which left me and my friend all by ourselves in my house. Both of our parents were fine with it if something happened we could always go over to the others house if something went wrong. Marie was a stay at home mom taking care of Danny's younger twin sisters Katie and Kara who just turned four last month. Anyways we were sitting at the table in the kitchen I reached over and grabbed Danny's hands which he and I often did and I told him I needed to talk to him about something. He shook his head in agreement and told be to go on.

"Danny we have been each others best friend for sometime now and I think you should know something..."

Danny cut Jason off before he could say anything, "I know your gay Jace, I have to tell you something too, I am also gay."

Jason just sat there in shock how could his best friend have known something he didn't even know about himself until the day before.

Jason said,"How did you know Danny?"

"It's not like I really knew, I just assume since I was, that you would be too. Plus the only time people ever say "we need to talk" is when its about something pretty important and hello I'm your best friend give me a little credit, I can pick up on something when it is on your mind bro."

"Okay, but Danny how long have you known you were you know, GAY?"

"For awhile my mom said she knew way before I came out to her."

"Whoa, hold on Danny you told you mom before you told me?"

"Well Jace, she kinda caught me looking at Gay Porn, and for me I found a way that was easier and that is when I came out it was simple and I felt like something had been lifted up off my chest."

"I know, my mom didn't catch me looking at porn but I was doing some research. I thought it would just be easy to type in guys loving guys and that is when it came up with gay and homosexual. It came up with a lot more but I clicked the link and it popped up with definitions and other links so I kept clicking and that is when she most have come in."

"We keeping getting to be more and more like the same person don't we?"

"Ha ha, that is so true bro."

"Can I ask you another question, Jace?"

"Oh course you can Danny!"

"Will you be my boy friend Jace?"

"Like you even had to ask me that babe!"

"Okay, good I was gonna say you better say YES, otherwise I will be the saddest I have ever been!"

"OhMyGod! I'm so excited Danny, I need to tell Nicole that your my BF now!"

"Wait, you told her you were gay already?"

"Of course babe she was the first person I called after, my mom and I had a huge heart to heart with each other."

"Be right back Danny. Did I ever tell you that I'm so glad that your my best friend and now I can add boy friend to that!"

"Jace, I think I have heard that almost everyday since you started talking that you were glad I was your friend!"

"Shut up! I'm gonna call Nicki!"

Jason stepped out of the room, as soon as he was out of ear shot from Danny, he call his mother and told her the good news and everything that had happened with Danny! She was so happy for Jason. Next he is calling Nicki. The phone keeps ringing and ringing he calls multiple time he leaves a message after six calls. The message says to call him when she gets the message, that he has good news and wants to do it in person so she needs to call him and meet up with him later that day."

Jason enters back into the kitchen where his boy friend is sitting still eating. Jason places is head a top of Danny's, wrapping his arms around the boys chest and looks down to see if Danny is done eating his sandwich. Danny is about to eat Jason's sandwich but before he can Jason slaps Danny's hand away from the food and comes around to look at his lover, just to be met by Danny matching him eye to eye just as intensely. Jason takes a deep breath to relax and gives Danny a peck on the lips pulling away and gives him a wink. Danny looking shocked grabs Jace to give him a more passionate kiss both not knowing what to expect being their first actual kiss...

Okay, Sorry If that was a little long and a bit of a cliffhanger, but I wanted to get the background stuff and the Intro to my story out of the way before going into more details. If you liked my story send me an email @: , I would love to get some feed back and look forward to continuing to write my story.


- Jake Henrie