Nathan and David: Summer in the Mountains -- Part 1

Warning: This story contains explicit description of sex between consenting adult males. If that isn't your thing, feel free to close this window and run screaming from the room now. If you're reading this because you want to read it, then one further warning... there's lots of pure raunch out there. This story, while very erotic, is not down and dirty. If you want a story packed with nasty talk -- this isn't it.

Claimer: This story is mine. The characters, the setting, and the plans to take over the world... they're all mine. You may look, you may even touch... but post this somewhere and pass it off as your own and someone is going to call you on it for being a total loser.

Acknowledgments: I came up with the idea for this story late one night on the phone with my then long distance boyfriend. He told me his idea of how things should go; some eight months later I'm getting around to writing the way I thought they should be. Enjoy.

Getting Ready

"God Damn, I've got me one sexy man" thought Nathan as he opened the screen door of a quiet mountain cabin and stepped onto a wrap around patio-deck, carrying a glass of lemonade. He looked around for a few seconds, taking in the scenery, but his eyes returned once again to his lover. They were in what was unquestionably one of the most beautiful places in the country, an area littered with peaks, valleys, rushing streams, and stunning vistas, but to Nathan, no scenery could ever compare to the sight of the gorgeous man he was being treated to.

A few yards away stood David, in a pair of light blue jean-shorts fit snugly around his narrow hips with a hint of his dark red boxers sticking out from underneath them, contrasting well against the lightly tanned skin of his well toned and shirtless torso. David was leaning over after a last swipe of an axe, splitting some wood for later in the night. Nathan greedily savored the image of him with his back turned, muscles tensed, and a light sheen of sweat reflecting the sunlight off his strong, smooth, back. A full smile came across Nathan's face as the object of his affection and subject of his desires stood up straight, holding the axe in one hand to his side, and turned on his hips to face Nathan while wiping the sweat from his brow. This new view was even more alluring as the reflective sweat highlighted well the outline of David's powerful pectorals beneath a thin patch of chest hair.

"So how do you like the view from this place?" David called out.

"I have to admit, you do know how to pick a good view," Nathan answered, winking and smirking at his double entendre as he walked down the steps to the mountain soil. He had to walk carefully as he made his way over to David so as not to lose his footing on the mountain grade. It wasn't especially steep, but for someone who had never been outside the region of the coastal plains, it would be a while before he got used to the different way he had to balance while walking on uneven ground. The occasional rock jutting up from the ground didn't help much, either, but Nathan was getting better. "I made some lunch," he told David, as he handed him the glass of lemonade. David took the glass and gave his love a quick kiss on the lips before draining half of it.

"Alright, then, lets eat. I've got enough wood chopped here to last us a while," said a smiling David as the two of them walked back up the deck and into the screened in portion of the deck. A couple sandwiches and some baked chips were set on a couple plates. They took off their sandals and ate their lunch, David practically wolfing it down he was so hungry. He settled down though, after he'd gotten a bit in his stomach, and soon began winking at Nathan and making faces at him. He did earn a few giggles for his trouble, but Nathan refused to cast aside all his dignity and laugh out loud with his mouth full. It was the kind of playful interaction they both enjoyed. It made both of them feel just a little bit happier and could easily cheer them up on a bad day. Today was not a bad day though. Today was a day of celebration, the first day of what they styled as their honeymoon.

Even though it was usually Nathan who followed the news more closely, it was David who got word of it first. A district level state judge had ruled it contrary to the state constitution for the state to refuse to recognize gay marriages performed by a Unitarian Universalist church, citing that doing so was tantamount to religious discrimination, which was expressly forbidden by the state's constitution. It was a cunning move, evading a heavily conservative federal appeals court by only citing the state's constitution, but still giving precedence to use at the federal level in later cases. Citing religious discrimination made the ruling more difficult to overturn, since it did not rely on more controversial sexual-orientation anti-discrimination laws. The judge had ordered all future gay-marriages be recognized, creating two scrambles. The first was for an injunction by the appeals court to put the ruling on hold; the second was by gay couples to get their marriages recognized before the injunction could be issued. Nathan and David had been among three dozen couples hastily issued licenses by a closeted clerk who went against illegal orders from his superior to destroy the license applications. When the dust settled the legal status of the issued licenses was contested by various parties working for a well-organized coalition of Baptist churches, but it appeared that despite their efforts, at the very least, the licenses already issued would remain valid. An ACLU lawyer had met with David and Nathan and would be arguing their case as well as the other thirty six couples' cases before the appeals court. The Unitarian church would be covering the legal fees, with some assistance from the more organized Episcopal churches. They had been invited to join, but had declined; neither of them was particularly religious, but they were thankful for the churches' help.

It was a bit of a rush, being part of an apparent victory for the civil rights movement, but between the heavy and sometimes aggressive press coverage and the appearance of anti-gay protesters first at the courthouse, then at the homes of some of the gay couples who got their licenses, David and Nathan had decided to leave town for a while and give things some time to calm down. It took a little convincing, but David had gotten Nathan to agree to a two week mountain get-away at a cabin David's Uncle owned up in the Appalachians. It hadn't been used in a while, but it was David's favorite place to visit when he was growing up and he knew how to get everything in working order. He had spent the day before turning on the water pump, the gas, a generator, and making sure the chimney wouldn't burn down the cabin if they used it. For his part, Nathan had cleaned the dishes, the blankets, and most of the dust out of the cabin before cooking up a small dinner for the two of them. They had arrived in the afternoon, and were so exhausted after getting the cabin in good order again they just went to sleep after cleaning up the dishes. When Nathan woke up the next day, David was already chopping firewood so Nathan had finished tidying up the cabin and made him some lunch. Now it seemed there was not too much more to do, or so Nathan thought.

"Come on," David beckoned. "Lets get showered up and into some fresher clothes and then I'll show you around a bit."

"Sounds good to me," Nathan answered. They rinsed their plates and set them in the dishwasher. Nathan always insisted on getting dishes taken care of right after a meal. That took time for David to get used to when they first got together; he'd always just done dishes when he ran out of stuff to eat off of.

Nathan followed David back through the cabin into the bathroom. It was about average-sized with a porcelain sink and toilet. The tub was large enough for two to sit in comfortably or for one person to lay down flat with plenty of arm room. Nathan walked into the bathroom first, since David was holding the door open for him, and turned on the hot water while David closed the door behind them. When Nathan turned around again David was standing with his hands on his hips and an appreciative grin on his face.

"What?" Nathan asked playfully.

"Come here," was all David said in response, but with unbroken eye contact and a look of purely desirous determination on his face he closed the distance between him and his love.

Nathan was waiting for him with open arms and in a moment they were each holding each other with their lips mere millimeters apart. They stayed that way a moment with the electricity building between them... It was Nathan who closed that last bit of distance, pushing his lips against David's and parting them slightly, inviting David to do the same. He did, and their tongues met just briefly, as the two of them pulled apart with the unmistakable sound of a kiss echoing off the walls. They opened their eyes as David's fingers made their way to the top button of Nathan's shirt, skillfully releasing the hold each button had on his Love's concealing garment. With each button more of Nathan's skin was laid bare, hidden behind only a relatively thin coat of lightly colored body hair. As the last button was released, the V formed by the shirt, which had been pointing somewhere quite enticing, was lost, but a display just as alluring was shortly to follow. Nathan stood with his shoulders straight and his arms limp at his side, allowing David to open his shirt wide and push it over his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Nathan stood there just a moment, poised like a stunningly beautiful sculpture, before uncharacteristically kicking aside the fallen shirt. Normally he would have taken the time to put it in a hamper, but today his mind was focused on more important things. Nathan leaned in to kiss his lover once again, their bare torsos meeting one another before kneeling down to unbutton David's shorts pulling them down, letting David step out of them before running his hands through the leg holes of David's boxers and giving him a squeeze. David, always one to enjoy body contact, leaned down slightly into Nathan's hands and smiled as Nathan grabbed hold of his ass. He loved that. Nathan removed his hands and with one hand felt along one of David's calves. The other was pressed against the front of David's boxers, feeling the outline of David's cock, then with both hands he slid David's boxers down, revealing first a thick patch of pubic hair, and slowly letting free a soft, slowly inflating organ. With its entirety unconcealed, Nathan pulled the boxers the rest of the way down, waiting for David to step out of them before casting them aside. As he started to sit up, Nathan just could not resist, and lifted the soft cock with one finger to his lips, kissing the tip before taking it into his mouth and allowing his lips to slide over it, then his tongue to swirl around before letting it back out and standing up.

By the time Nathan was standing again, David was already kneeling in front of him, stripping him in similar style. Taking care to tease Nathan just as much as he had been teased and kissing up along Nathan's now bare leg to his inner thigh, only just brushing his lips against Nathan's balls before standing again. Satisfied with each other's nudity they kissed once more, pushing their hips together before breaking, and stepping into the shower, which had warmed considerably while they were undressing and was beginning to produce steam.

David stepped under the shower head first, while Nathan pulled shut the sliding shower door, then opened a vent so the steam would be able to build, but not choke them. Content that he was wet enough, David stepped out from under the shower head and made way for Nathan, who turned and ran a hand along David's water-slicked rear while they were exchanging places, earning a smile and a firm squeeze of his own cheeks while the water began pouring down his own body. For his part, David sat down in the tub to enjoy what he always considered to be a view nothing short of monumental. Indeed, from this perspective looking up at his partner it was like looking at a giant Greek sculpture, except instead of being frozen in stone, there was his Nathan... a living work of art. That work of art stood with an elegant poise under the shower head, facing David with water mostly running down his back but a little falling over his bangs. Most of it ran around Nathan's deep blue eyes, which were hidden briefly as he blinked. Nathan knew David was drinking in the sight of him so he decided to show off a little, running both hands through his light brown, medium length, and now slick hair, showing off his well-toned chest in the process. It was a very effective way to stir an animalistic passion in David, and Nathan knew it. The water was cascading over his shoulders, down the short chest hairs and along his undefined but slim stomach and then through a medium length patch of well groomed pubic hair, down along his soft but attention demanding shaft and dripping from the tip. The water could also be seen running along his low hanging, unmistakable, and, as of recently, un-drained egg-shaped symbols of manhood... Under most circumstances, David would not be able to restrain himself.

Yet, as Nathan turned around, fully intent on continuing his little show, David stood up and wrapped his arms around him from behind, one hand reaching up across his chest and the other just below his stomach, pulling Nathan tight against him and nestling his cock between Nathan's cheeks. David leaned his head over Nathan's shoulder and whispered into his ear "I know what you're trying to do, Love, but it's not going to work." He slid his hands along Nathan's body until they'd exchanged positions, and moved so he could whisper into Nathan's other ear. Continuing in an all-too seductive voice, he spoke softly "I have other plans for this evening that I want you fully functional and all but begging for when we're ready for it."

Turning around, Nathan asked with the slightest touch of offense "And what if I'm already ready for it right now?"

A second later a firm but gentle hold found its way between David's legs, causing many of his gorgeous muscles to tense, but temporarily relieving him of his powers of speech. Nathan took advantage of David's vulnerable situation and leaned in to steal another kiss, sucking lightly on his lover's bottom lip before pulling back, bending his knees just enough to put his target in range, and leaning in again. Out flicked his tongue, just lightly caressing the hardening bud before him. Then he wrapped his lips around it, sliding them back and forth. Nathan's tongue rejoined the action, sliding over and teasing the tip of David's nipple while his lips continued sliding along its sides. Without warning, Nathan took it one step further, taking David's nipple between his teeth, vibrating his jaw and moving tantalizingly slow up and down what was quickly becoming a source of overwhelming pleasure. Nathan released David's balls and instead grabbed a hold of David's now fully erect and throbbing cock, and finished his attentions to David's nipple with a simple kiss, sucking just lightly on it before standing up straight. Giving David's cock a few tight squeezes and lightly stroking it, Nathan asked "It seems you are ready too, aren't you?" with seduction pouring from his voice.

"Yes," David whimpered, while thrusting into Nathan's hand and leaning forward, seeking to take Nathan's lips in his own, badly needing the feel of Nathan's tongue against his again.

Nathan had other ideas though.

"Ah-ah-ah," Nathan admonished, releasing David's cock and placing the hand on David's shoulder instead, raising the other hand between them to block the kiss with a finger against David's lips. "You have plans tonight, remember? I wouldn't want you casting them aside now, especially since now you've piqued my interest."

A deep, audible groan escaped from David's throat. He knew Nathan was right though, so he just sighed and relaxed, trying to ignore his powerful arousal. That wasn't easy though. Nathan was a very arousing man to be around, especially in the shower. It also didn't help that Nathan had started in on washing David. This was a mutual passion, a form of intimacy they both enjoyed and engaged in instinctively, almost as a ritual. From their first shower together they had always taken time to wash each other's bodies. It was just one of many ways they showed each other, on a daily basis, just how much they cared about one another. The experience was still arousing to David and Nathan both; no matter how many times they had done this before, it was a passion they never lost.

Nathan began by running a sudsy cloth along the back of David's neck, then moved to his shoulders and scrubbed with added pressure, knowing that the massage would be well-received. Nathan was right, and David's muscles began to rest as he relaxed into his lover's ministrations. He was lost in a state of bliss, releasing and occasional light moan, barely audible over the sound of the water. Nathan applied a bit rougher technique to David's back, again eliciting a few moans, before returning to softer strokes along two muscled globes and firmer strokes again along the area between them. He was slightly tempted to spend more time there, teasing David's entrance and inserting a finger, but he knew this type of soap would burn the sensitive inner membrane. Instead, Nathan ran the cloth slowly down the back of each of David's legs, scrubbing as he went.

After this, he had David turn around and he stood up straight, beginning again at David's neck and shoulders, this time working his way down David's front side. It amused Nathan to tease David's nipples as he moved along his chest, eliciting another moan before sliding the cloth down along David's tight abs. At this point it was necessary to kneel again, and Nathan used that opportunity to run one hand along David's back side, squeezing it briefly before returning to the task at hand. From down on his knees, Nathan began scrubbing David's outer thighs in soft circles, moving down along the front and side of first one leg, then starting at the top of the other and working his way down once more. Reaching David's ankle, Nathan shifted technique as he moved the cloth to the inside of David's leg. His free hand found its way behind the leg and was squeezing David's rock hard calf muscle while the other moved the cloth from David's inner ankle up about half way along the inside of the calf, then back down partway, up again a few inches short of the inside of David's knee, back down again, then sliding upward once more. An evil grin on his face, Nathan continued, lightly scrubbing David's inner thigh, ever so slightly brushing the cloth lightly along the underside of David's sensitive balls. It had the desired effect and a shiver was sent through him. Applying the same treatment to the other leg, Nathan elicited another moan, causing David to squirm a little as the teasing was renewed. The whole process was incredibly sensual, but not yet finished.

Standing up, Nathan told David to rinse and have a seat on the back of the tub. He complied without question, enjoying every second of the experience. Nathan got down on one knee in front of David so that his back was blocking the shower. He first lifted one foot, scrubbing the sole of it and then the top, taking care to massage it in the process. To say it felt good was a massive understatement after the drive and the work from the day before. Nathan repeated the process with the other foot before releasing it and leaning to one side so it could be rinsed.

"Scoot forward a little and spread your legs," Nathan told David, who eagerly complied, knowing what was to come. Nathan could easily reach between David's legs, a position which he soon took advantage of by gently running the cloth along David's sensitive skin, massaging the sources of his favorite drink and squeezing them just enough to make David squirm a little but careful enough never to hurt him. At the same time, he stroked David's prominent arousal, and the combined effect yielded a few sticky drops of the juice Nathan loved. He was unable to resist the temptation to have a small snack right then and there, so he kissed the tip, tasting David before continuing, swirling his tongue around the throbbing organ as his lips slid down the long, hard shaft. Nathan pulled back up, swirled his tongue around the head of David's dick again, and took him deeply into his mouth, bobbing his head a few times. Getting a little ambitious, Nathan decided to engulf the whole of David's manhood, taking what he could into his throat until his nose met David's pubic hairs. He slid David's cock in and out like that a few times, taking great pleasure in the organ as it throbbed, but sensing David was soon to expend himself, Nathan released him from his mouth. He stood about half way up and leaned forward, bracing himself against the wall behind. He kissed the very confused looking young man and whispered into his ear, "Next time you go and come up with plans to drop hints about and torture my imagination about what's to come, remember the sort of torture I'll put you through in return," he told David, before pulling back into a squatting position, laying his hands on David's thighs and winking at him. He leaned in and kissed the lips of a still befuddled looking David before standing up and grabbing a bottle of shampoo.

David stood up and Nathan began kneading his hair and massaging the scalp but was only doing so for a few seconds before David's hands came up and grabbed Nathan's arms, pulling them down between the two of them. Holding Nathan's hands in a firm grip David looked at him with a fierce passion in his eyes and said in a low, seductive voice, "If you think you're going to get away with that you're badly mistaken." He wrapped his arms around Nathan's back and pulled him tight against his body. A deep, desirous kiss followed as their tongues met and danced together. Nathan readily obliged his lover, taking at first a submissive role in the kiss, but becoming a little more aggressive as the kiss continued. Soon he was sucking delicately on David's tongue - a technique he knew could drive David wild. Nathan answered David's stormy passion with a burning desire of equal depth, a fiery need from within driving his passion for David's touch. It was not merely a physical desire for Nathan... David was his rock of support. When Nathan's parents disowned him, David was there for him, and took him into his home as he took him into his arms. It was David who helped support Nathan through college when his parents refused him any assistance. It was David who kept him warm on cold nights. Now, it was David who Nathan was married to, and as they stood there holding each other in the shower, Nathan wanted nothing more than to wrap himself up in the man he so deeply loved. Although that was not physically possible, Nathan opted for the next best thing, and in the midst of that passionate kiss, holding tight to his Love, Nathan lifted one leg and wrapped it around David, grinding their hips together. They stayed that way for a few moments before breaking their kiss and sliding out from the embrace. The two lovers took in the sight of each other with a smile.

"Come on," David said, while brushing a lock of hair from Nathan's eyes, "Let's get you cleaned up and we'll go for that walk." Nathan smiled and turned around, allowing the water to cascade down his front side while David poured some body wash into his hands. He preferred not to use a cloth, relying instead only on his hands to work the soap across his lover's skin. He knew Nathan was not especially dirty anyway, and he loved the feel of exploring Nathan's body without so much as a cloth between them. He washed Nathan no less thoroughly than Nathan had cleaned him, with his dedication pouring into his Love with every stroke. When they were both fully clean, David stepped out of the shower first and onto a rug. He dried himself off while the last suds rinsed from Nathan's body, and when Nathan stepped out of the shower, David was waiting for him with a fresh towel. Nathan stepped into it as David gently dried him and asked him to turn around so he could dry his other side. Nathan all but fell into David's arms, loving the tight embrace he found there. David took a few moments to just hold him before kneeling to dry Nathan's legs and feet. Discarding the towel he stood once again, fitting himself in snugly behind Nathan. As Nathan once more leaned into his lover's embrace, the gorgeous man's arousal evident behind him, he breathed in deeply as a hand reached between his legs and grasped him tightly. Leaning his head on Nathan's shoulder, David whispered "I promise you, tonight will be worth the torture of today," and kissed him on the cheek.

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