Nathan and David: Summer in the Mountains -- Part 2


Warning: This story contains explicit description of sex between consenting adult males. If that isn't your thing, feel free to close this window and run screaming from the room now. If you're reading this because you want to read it, then one further warning... there's lots of pure raunch out there. This story, while very erotic, is not down and dirty. If you want a story packed with nasty talk -- this isn't it.


Claimer: This story is mine. The characters, the setting, and the plans to take over the world... they're all mine. You may look, you may even touch... but post this somewhere and pass it off as your own and someone is going to call you on it for being a total loser.


Acknowledgments: I came up with the idea for this story late one night on the phone with my then long distance boyfriend. He told me his idea of how things should go; some eight months later I'm getting around to writing the way I thought they should be. Enjoy.




"Come on, it's just a little further!" called out David to Nathan.


"You said that an hour ago!" Nathan protested, but only half-heartedly. He may have been a little tired from all the hiking they had been doing, but he loved every minute of it. The wild mountain air was such a refreshing contrast to the stuffy climate he was used to, and out in the mountains he felt so much freer. Here, the only thing he had to worry about was tripping over a rock, and he was already much better at avoiding that.


"Here, let me give you a hand," David said reassuringly while reaching out to pull Nathan up, onto a rocky terrace. Nathan took the out-stretched hand willingly, but just as he was stepping up, David lost his own footing and fell backward three steps before landing not so gently on his back. He started laughing at himself but was quickly cut off, his adrenaline-induced giggling replaced by an "Oopmh!" as Nathan fell atop of him.  The two just stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter.


Nathan sat up and straddled David, both of them with huge grins on their faces.

"Looks like you're mine," Nathan said with a wink.


"Oh, really?" David asked with feigned surprise in his voice. He sat up in a flash, grabbing Nathan at the ribs and rolling over on top of him. "It seems I could say the same of you."


Nathan merely smiled up sweetly at him, but a powerful blaze soon formed in his eyes, and it captured David just as surely as if he were still the one pinned. David was suddenly aware of the rock hardness beneath him and shifted a little, causing a shiver of pleasure to pass through both of them. This served only to cause the intensity of the demand in Nathan's eyes to rise, and the throbbing below David came more quickly. No longer able to resist, David leaned forward, supporting himself with his hands, until his lips were mere millimeters away from Nathan's. His own eagerness unwilling to abide further delay, Nathan reached a hand behind David's neck and soon closed the gap between them. A battle ensued but before long the warriors found they were content to lie against one another, tenderly caressing each other with no need to fight for dominance. Each had what they wanted. Tingling warmth filled Nathan and David, familiar now but as potent as it has been their first night together. They were each unsure of what it meant then, but now they knew it was only the physical response to their emotional closeness and sense of belonging. The two of them were meant to be together...

They had come such a long way since their first night together. Back then, even though David could speak the words, he was still filled with trepidation about their meaning. Two simple words "I'm gay" were hard enough to say. Just to speak them at first felt like the world was closing in on him, like stepping into a new universe where all he'd known about what should have been were suddenly different. His first big step was to go to a University PRIDE meeting. It was there, amongst other gay people that he came to accept this part of himself, at least philosophically. It was there he came to truly understand that gay people - that he - was just like everybody else. Gay people were simply people, living their lives, trying to make the best out of the world they lived in, that was the story of being gay. That was also the story of being human. He grew more comfortable with the concept of gay people and indeed the concept that he himself was gay. Though he remained single, he was happy and things were going well enough. Yet, during his senior year at the University, his world was turned upside down anew. A sophomore named Nathan joined showed up at the PRIDE meeting, and David could not keep his eyes off of him. His friends did not miss that fact, and insisted he go over and introduce himself. Nathan seemed a little shy, but there was no question in Nathan's head about his sexuality. The two of them talked and before long they were at ease with each other, as if they had been friends for years instead of days.


David was still a bit unsure of himself though, and Nathan soon caught on. It was Nathan who moved things beyond light flirtation when he asked David to go for a walk in the park with him one night. Nathan took David's hand in his own, and like that walking through the park where anyone could see the two of them, had anyone had been around, they made their way to a little pond and sat down on a bench nearby. They both knew it was coming, but neither could say a word. The two of them stared out into the pond, watching the occasional goose or duck swim across it. Nathan was leaning his head on David's shoulder when David finally broke the silence. "Nathan, I like you, a lot" he said, prompting Nathan to sit up and look directly into David's eyes, in turn causing David to blush and look away.

"David, I like you a lot, too," Nathan said softly, reaching a hand out and setting it on the side of David's cheek, urging David to look at him. David complied, and the fire he could see in Nathan's eyes was both scaring him and alluring to him. David thought he had grown comfortable with being gay, but he was learning that made him no less nervous about this aspect of it. To actually kiss another guy still frightened him, a little, which made him feel a bit ashamed, as though it was a betrayal of his gay friends that this was a problem for him. Nathan had no way of knowing for certain what had been going through David's mind, but he could sense there was something troubling David about their situation. "Am I your first boyfriend?" Nathan asked. David's blush spoke for itself. Nathan rested one hand on David's thigh and with the other pressed against David's cheek, turned David's face toward his own once more. This time, the fire in Nathan's eyes held David captive, and in a moment that stretched into eternity, Nathan's lips met David's. Nathan had no way of knowing the beast he was setting free. With that meeting of lips, followed by tongues, a long suppressed need for intimacy was awakened inside of David - a need which fast over-took the both of them in the coming weeks.

An innocent kiss in the park alongside a quiet pond opened up a new world for David. He had kissed a girl before, but nothing more than a peck on the lips and never to any satisfaction. When Nathan made that first move, David's heartbeat rose, and a subtle heat flowed across his body, warm and gentle. When Nathan's lips parted, David did not hesitate, despite never having kissed that way, and though sitting on a bench, the two of them danced together. It came to them so naturally, and in the weeks that followed the two of them grew as close together as two people could.

One Friday night became one that neither of them would ever forget. David had asked Nathan to go with him to the beach, something they had not previously done together. They swam together under the evening sun, and walked along the shore as lazy waves poured onto the white sand below them. They sat and kissed, watching the sunset and soon found themselves lying down in the sand, casually staring into the darkening sky and emerging stars. They relaxed like that, holding each other's hands and taking in the beauty of the early night sky until a beach police officer came by and told them the beach had closed. They got up, leaving the beach behind and made their way to a motel. It was too late to drive all the way back across the county. The desk clerk told them the only rooms they had left were single, king-sized-bed rooms. A smile coming across his face, David told the clerk it would be fine and they went up to their room together. Nathan took the liberty of showering first while David settled into the room, turning on the television and sitting in a chair to watch it. When Nathan finished, David took his place in the shower. Though neither of them had spoken it, they had both already decided -- tonight would be the night.

While David showered, Nathan turned off the television and pulled some candles out of a bag he had packed. He lit them and set them up around the room, filling the air with a sweet vanilla scent. Knowing David would be ready shortly, Nathan turned on a portable music player, filling the room with the soothing sounds of the ocean, complimented by soft piano music. He was dressed only in a pair of mesh shorts, made from very thin material, and a matching shirt. When the bathroom door opened and David stepped out, clothed in boxers and a t-shirt, the light shining behind him gave him a look nothing short of angelic. It would have been impossible for Nathan not to simply throw himself at this man, were it not for the fact that he was frozen in place, able to breathe only shallow breaths, and his heartbeat pulsing almost erratically. David took a few steps closer to the bed, where Nathan was sitting and joined him there. He put one arm around Nathan and hugged him, then kissed his cheek. Nathan smiled and turned to kiss David in return, but David was a step ahead of him, and was moving to sit atop of him. Nathan fell back, as David straddled him and pinned his hands to the bed. David leaned down as though to kiss him, but paused just a moment. Nathan lifted his head to close the distance between them but David pulled back. This repeated twice more before Nathan summoned all his strength and flipped over on top of David, pinning him instead. "It seems you're mine, now" he had said playfully that night before leaning in and kissing David. That kiss started as but lips pressed together, yet as the lips parted ways and deeper explorations followed, all doubt passed from their minds. This would be the night.

Their kiss continued even as David's legs rose up from off the bed. It continued as his legs wrapped around Nathan and pulled the younger man down into him. It continued as David's hands moved up and down along Nathan's back, rubbing and at times even scratching him through his shirt. Nathan's own hands did not remain idle, with one slipped up under David's shirt to caress his side and the other gently massaging David's shoulder. When at last their lips parted it was to the sound of a moan, but from whose voice it came neither of them could tell.

Yet, even during this intimate moment, a tingling little voice of insecurity warned David not to allow him self to be dominated. This was of course nowhere within Nathan's heart, and though the thought crossed David's mind he never spoke it. Rather, he simply turned the tables on his lover, Nathan, by sitting up and rolling over so that he was the one on top, a sound similar to a growl escaping his lips in the process. Nathan had no idea the insecurity that motivated this move though. To him, his lover's sudden aggression was simply more of a turn-on, and he smiled at his lover's demanding side even as it pinned his hands above his head. Nathan grinned and a small growl of his own was loosed in return, which momentarily confused David, who had not realized the feral moan when it escaped his own throat -- so entranced he was. His confusion did not last though; the sight of this delectable man below him shook the concern from his consciousness, and he grinded his hips into Nathan's causing their mutual arousal to send warm shivers throughout their bodies.

He lowered his lips once more to meet Nathan, but this time did not seize Nathan's own soft, inviting lips. Another target had come to mind, and soon Nathan felt a soft caress at the corner of his neck. With a mix of tenderness and desire, David sucked lightly on the sensitive skin, tasting it in the process before releasing it from the moist grip. More of such attentions followed, and as he grew bolder, David even took the skin lightly between his teeth, nibbling it just enough to send sensations spiraling throughout Nathan's body, arousing within him feelings he had never experienced before. What passed between these two this night was much more than having sex, it was much more than the fulfillment of a physical desire; the tenderness and delicacy that flowed between them were symptomatic of a deeper connection, one they could each feel taking hold over the past weeks, but whose potency neither had realized. Each of them felt some mild trepidation but, in this time of intimacy, they were letting go of those worries and as they embraced each other, they could sense internally that they would never be letting go.

As David sat back up, Nathan took it upon himself to reach his hands under David's shirt, lifting it above his lover's head and casting it aside. David grabbed Nathan's hands and pushed him back down on the bed once more, swiftly pressing their lips together once again. A deep passion was building within Nathan and once again he summoned up his strength, rolling David over onto his back and running his fingers along David's bare torso, beginning just above his pectorals, sliding downwards, and out to David's sides, then back inward again over David's abs, and upward once more until they rested on his shoulders. David and Nathan's eyes had locked onto each other at that point, and for a few moments, the two simply stared into the dazzling patterns in each other's eyes -- lit by candlelight desire. David began to sit up a little, signaling Nathan to return to a straddling position, but instead of sitting up to meet him for another kiss, David reached his hands up Nathan's shirt, feeling along Nathan's sides, up over his shoulders and then down across Nathan's chest before taking hold of the shirt and lifting it over Nathan's head, discarding it in like manner as Nathan had discarded David's.

Nathan fell atop of David and for the first time the two of them felt the skin of their bare chests against each other. For David it was a thrill unlike any other he had ever felt before, having never been so intimate with anyone. To Nathan, it was not entirely new, but the emotions accompanying the physical sensation allowed for such a potency of feeling, a well of happiness to arise within him, that it was as though he were doing this for the first time. In a sense, he was, he realized later. He had had sex before, but now he understood this to be the difference between having sex and making love. There was so much more than a simple physical attraction here; he wanted to be one with David. It would not be long before he had as close to his wish as possible granted to him.

Nathan wrapped his arms around David and drew him in to a deep kiss, alternately exploring David's mouth, massaging his tongue with his own, and sucking lightly on it. David's hands roamed over Nathan's shoulders and along his back. He brushed a finger very lightly along Nathan's neck, causing shivers to cascade throughout his body. In this moment of weakness, David turned the tables on him and once again David was on top, but Nathan was never and could never be truly submissive. Nathan's legs came up and wrapped around David, pulling their midsections together as his arms pulled David close enough for a kiss. This time Nathan chose a different tact, and to David's pleasant surprise Nathan took to sucking on his bottom lip. Not only this, but he slid his lips from side to side, introducing David to still more sensations he had never conceived of before. Yet, although Nathan released the lip and leaned back onto the bed, resting his head on a pillow, he was not finished with David by a long shot.

Nor was David finished with him. He straddled Nathan, pinning his legs beneath him, then ran his hands up along each of Nathan's arms until he reached his shoulders, then raised his palms so only his fingertips were in contact with Nathan's flesh, and slowly slid them down his chest and his stomach, out to Nathan's sides and back up again. The effect was electric. Nathan attempted to sit up and pull David down atop of him once again but was stopped as David grabbed his arms. He still got what he wanted though, as David firmly but gently pinned his hands to the bed and kissed him once again.

They continued their back and forth interactions like that for hours. Eventually, they could no longer ignore that the only clothing they had left was their boxers and, with their heart beats increasing, David slipped his fingers into Nathan's last remaining article of clothing and slid the underwear down - revealing a very wet and throbbing erection. With a small measure of trepidation, David leaned in, preparing to take Nathan into his mouth. In a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity he kissed the tip, and slid it slowly inside of his mouth. Then, in an instant he took as much of Nathan as he could and slid his tongue around it, eliciting a gasp from his lover. David was not especially skilled; having never done this before, but Nathan did enjoy it a great deal nonetheless. Before long, Nathan was throbbing strongly in David's mouth. Having sampled enough the taste of his lover, David slowed and allowed Nathan to slip from his mouth. Nathan sighed in meager protest, though in truth he did not yet want to reach climax either.

Nevertheless, Nathan was extremely excited and when David pulled off he reached down and pulled David up for a kiss, demanding the opportunity to taste what he could of his own pre-cum. The forceful kiss was welcomed by David, who soon found himself straddled by his eager lover. Nathan moved his kiss and soon targeted David's neck, pressing his lips tenderly along his lover's throat. Resting his hands on David's shoulders, Nathan began kissing down his chest, then lightly teased David's right nipple with his tongue. He kissed it, slowly sliding his lips along it and lightly sucking on it before moving on to the other one and giving it similar treatment. An audible moan escaped David's lips, which were once again covered with Nathan's. When they parted again, Nathan stared deeply into David's eyes for a moment, then moved low along his body and slowly removed David's last concealing garment and discarded it carelessly. After this, Nathan laid alongside David once more, putting one arm around and kissing him while grasping him with the other and softly stroking him. A steady stream of pre-cum resulted - coating David with so much it could nearly serve as lubricant.

Nathan was not that ambitious though, and knew well enough not to attempt such a thing. Instead he reached for a strategically placed bottle of lubricant and added a coat of this to the already wet organ, then applied some to his own entrance before leaning over David and kissing him again, this time very lightly and once again they shared an intense moment, staring into each other's eyes. Nathan grabbed a pillow and laid down on it so as to allow easier access for David. For his part, David was again being filled with a sense of nervousness, but Nathan seemed sure of him-self and beckoned David to proceed.

"This is really happening," David whispered as he positioned himself.

"Yes," came Nathan's response. "Please," he continued, looking directly into David's eyes, "inside me."

This David answered by pressing against Nathan's entrance, causing Nathan to tense up initially in anticipation, but he relaxed as best as he was able. "Very slowly at first," Nathan told him. David nodded and pressed inward as requested, very slowly, until at last he was buried to the hilt. "Stay there, give me a moment," Nathan whispered. At this point David was feeling nearly overwhelmed and was happy to take a moment to try to calm himself as well.

Nathan reached up and pulled David, still buried inside him, down for a kiss that lasted only a second before David simply lay down atop him. Nathan wrapped his arms around David and held him there a moment, then wrapped his legs around him as well and motioned for him to begin thrusting. David pushed himself up with his hands and very slowly began to withdraw from his lover. When only the most sensitive part of him remained within he reversed direction and pressed within again, still at a rate that was tantalizingly slow for them both. After a few more thrusts at a similar pace he began to slowly increase his speed to Nathan's delight. After a few minutes of this the two of them came to a steady rhythm, with David thrusting and Nathan all but pulling David into himself with his legs wrapped around him. Not wanting things to end too soon though, David slowed his pace and with another thrust lowered himself to kiss Nathan, who in turn eagerly lifted his head to join David in the kiss. As he rested his head once again and David prepared to resume his thrusts, Nathan reached up and set his hands on David's shoulders, then slid them down his pectorals and lightly massaged David's nipples. David moaned very deeply in gratitude and increased his pace. Sensing David's climax was nearing, Nathan released his sensitive nipples and took his own erection in hand, pumping in time with David's thrusts, which continued to increase in pace.

It was Nathan who climaxed first, with a gasp, followed by a deep moan as his body shook with intensity. The sight of creamy white liquid coming from his lover combined with the sudden tightness as Nathan clamped down around him caused David to go over the edge as well, thrusting harder and faster while Nathan emptied his seed onto his own stomach. With a final thrust to the hilt, a gasp, and a deep moan, David fell atop Nathan once more. The two kissed very gently before David rolled off to the side, allowing the intense heat that had built between them to escape. Nathan lowered and stretched his legs as David rolled once again, this time resting his head on Nathan's chest. Nathan wrapped an arm around him.

"You're shaking!" Nathan observed in a surprised whisper. It was true; David's whole body was trembling. David had heard of this happening to others when they lost their virginity, and though in the back corner of his mind he was surprised by it still, the entire experience was overwhelming him and this aspect barely registered at all. He simply clinged to Nathan, holding him tightly as they shifted into a spooning position.

"I love you," David whispered as he drifted into the most gratifying sleep he would ever know.

"And I you," Nathan had whispered back, grasping David's arm and clutching it to him like it was a blanket unto  itself.

They both remembered that time with fondness. There were many firsts that night, for both of them. Neither of them could foresee then that they would in time be married. Neither of them had any way of knowing that in a few years they would be sitting atop a mountain, enjoying a sunset together. Legs dangling over the side of a rock outcropping, with arms wrapped around each other and Nathan's head resting on David's shoulder, they gazed at the wide valley below as the sun receded behind mountains in the distance.

An excellent start to their honeymoon.

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