This story is entirely fictional, based on the author's fantasies. The characters, however, have some base in real life and so the the names have been changed for their protection. This story contains explicit gay sex between consenting males of legal age in the country of origin. If you don't like the subject or are not legally permitted to read it, you have been warned. Don't read any further.

by N Fourbois
Part II


We had gone our separate ways, but kept in contact by letter and telephone. At last Matt had a long weekend in his busy schedule and we arranged to spend it together. Living with our memories of the summer had just been sufficient and yet insufficient and we both yearned to get in touch again. So late Friday afternoon I heard a taxi draw up outside. I opened the front door in time to see Matt getting out. I ran towards him and we shook hands and put our arms round each other. I helped him in with his bags and was delighted to see him dressed in his navy-blue blazer, grey trousers, white shirt and striped tie, just as I used to remember him. On the little finger of our left hands we were both wearing the rings we had exchanged. Once indoors we embraced again. I slipped my hand up between his legs and felt his bollocks exactly where I expected to find them on the left hand side. I felt his cock stiffen a couple of seconds after I had started to caress it, as mine had done in anticipation. I put my hand on his bottom and pulled him closer so that our packets touched and rubbed together whereon he forced my lips apart and the battle of the tongues started. We came up for air and I could feel a damp patch on my slip. I took Matt up to the spare room. It made more sense to use this with its ensuite bathroom and small double bed. I left him to freshen up and waited until he came downstairs in a white short-sleeved shirt and thin white translucent cotton trousers with an elastic waistband which delightfully left nothing to the imagination, to the point where I could tell that was all he had on, or to put it another way, I could not only tell his sex, but his religion as well. He had obviously come prepared to enjoy his weekend.

Over tea we started chatting about the summer, what we had done since we had parted at the end of June and what our mutual friends had been up to. I could not keep my eyes off his trousers and while we were talking Matt made sure he sat in the most provocative poses to maintain my attention. Finally I could control myself no longer and I slipped my hand inbetween his legs. He asked me what had taken me so long, especially as he had been gagging for it, but as a timer of pride waited for me to make the first move.

"I haven't had a wank for three days to build my strength up for this. I don't know how I lasted,| he said.

"I would have thought that was the last thing you had to worry about." I knew this would have to be a quickie, just to 'get the excess water off our bellies', as we would save our passion for tonight. We disappeared upstairs. I let Matt take off my shirt and trousers while I removed his shirt. He had finally lost control and his stiffened cock now peeped out over the waistband of his trousers along with his pubic hair. I could swear he had shaved it into a heart shape. We held each other in a tight embrace and Matt forced open my mouth with his tongue, not that it gave much resistance, while my expanded packet pressed against his body to feel the heat of his stand. We got to the point where we could get no further satisfaction from a French kiss so I had to slip my hands into his trousers in order to slide the elastic waistband over his buttocks. As the trousers fell to the floor he stepped out of them and slumped into an armchair. We knew each other well enough to know what he wanted and I knelt down before him, peeled his foreskin back gently and began to lick his glans with the tip of my tongue. I savoured the love juices that had formed and amply added the lubrication of my own saliva. I worked away with both tongue and hand. My own packet felt it would burst my slip, but with Lycra there was nothing to worry about. I enjoyed the pressure. The groans of pleasure from Matt encouraged me to beaver away until I could tell from his breathing that I was in for no surprise. Not quite true, for hold back as he might when he did come I thought there would be no end as I fought with his writhing body to remain connected while I sucked and sucked finding no let up to the flow of his spunk. I had to swallow and still had an ample mouthful to savour and enjoy. As his orgasm subsided he offered to service me, but I declined saying that I would save it for later.

We went and lay on the bed to recover. How I didn't come off there and then, I don't know, such an effect the closeness of Matt's body had on me, but I was determined to exercise some self-control at least. We lay there entwined. I caressed and sucked his nipple and as I did, I could feel his teeth gnawing away at my neck, but I was enjoying it. At last we relaxed and saw the time. I had intended to take him out to dinner at The Green Dragon, but at this time we would not have got a seat. We were about to get dressed when I said to him that I had these new thongs from Germany, the equivalent of a wonder bra, they lift and separate. Highly effective, but consisting of the minimum material I could not imagine how they would cope with Matt's physique. They barely covered him, but the effect was stunning. I could have taken him on the spot all over again. Matt put on a pair of 501s, washed so soft that they coped with his packet in a most tolerant manner. I had never thought that particular pair of jeans capable of enhancement, but again I was proved wrong in the most delightful way. He added a multi-coloured banded tee shirt and a plaited leather necklace. Over this he wore a black leather jacket. Out of prudence I wore a polo-necked jumper with a high collar, for because of time we would go and eat round the corner.

We both ordered a steak which arrived sizzling on an iron platter with all the trimmings required. We were planning the weekend which gave me a chance to tell him that I had arranged for Daniel to spend some time with us. This was no surprise for I had talked to him about Daniel's potential and how for some weeks he had looked down in the dumps and needed cheering up. Daniel would have twenty-four hours with us, coming out with us Saturday evening and leaving us early the following evening. Matt was in full agreement and looked forward to meeting him after all he had heard.

We returned home towards ten o'clock. We intended to chill out before retiring, so we changed into something more comfortable and accessible, or Spartacus shorts. Over mine I wore a long tee shirt while Matt had a tight red adidas sports singlet tucked into his. The room was warm enough for us to feel comfortable. We sat on the sofa watching a video. Beside us was a tot of malt whisky to help us relax. It was not long before we found each other more interesting than the video. Matt had slipped his hand up the inside of my tee shirt and was fondling my nipple. That had given us both stiffies which the design of our shorts had no power to support or disguise. As he lifted off my shirt and his lips and tongue sought out my nipple, my head had naturally inclined towards his neck which made it easy this time for me to play the rôle of Dracula. Whether it was his natural odour, after-shave or perspiration, or a combination of the three I do not know, but I could not sample the taste of his skin sufficiently as I kissed, sucked and finally gnawed his neck. It was even more tempting to play with the other's bollocks, but we had made up our minds to save that for the bedroom, if only out of consideration for the furniture. In the end we could resist it no longer, forsook the video and made our way upstairs. It gave our ardour a little time to cool and so we could start all over again.

Once in the bedroom we turned down the lights and undressed each other. In my own nakedness I lay on the bed and looked at Matt standing there. I asked him to remain still for I wanted to absorb his full beauty. How he could do that in so cool a manner and without embarrassment I do not know. After all we had nothing to hide from one another after our summer in Switzerland and yet he seemed to preen himself as I lay there slowly and lustfully eying him from head to toe. I was, as it were, giving him a running commentary as I admired his sleek, well coiffured hair, his sparkling eyes and ruddy cheeks, his full blooded lips with the tongue provocatively licking them, but it was when I came to his nipples, his well developed pectorals and the sixpack that my cock sprang into life and throbbed almost painfully in a bursting stiffness. That increased the smile on his face, especially as he was still in full control, but that was not to last long, for when he saw me noticeably drawing pleasure from his heart-shaped pubic hair, his six-inch cock with the foreskin showing just the tip of the glans as it rested on his loose, hairless, but bulging bollocks, this so affected him that I could watch how without any manipulation his foreskin gradually rolled itself back, his cock swelled with blood and shone as he gained an erection that was almost vertical. He had triple pleasure, the physical one of sexual arousal coupled with the satisfaction of someone accomplishing a party trick and knowing that he was also providing me with undeniable excitement and pleasure.

The next I knew Matt was lying on top of me burying his tongue amongst my tonsils. Like a red hot poker I could feel his cock lodged between my groin and my bollocks, not that it stayed there long for with a swift movement of his body it was now probing the length of my crevice. With the lack of lubrication this must have been causing him more pain than pleasure, so I called for time out. I fetched the KY gel and let him first slick up my crevice and than I took great pleasure in greasing up every nook and cranny of his throbbing, boiling cock. Like our last night together in Switzerland I lay on my back, my legs supported on his shoulders in anticipation of that first thrust and when it came there was no disappointment, just thorough enjoyment of feeling him surge into my body as I pressed mine towards his. Our passion built and none of our old ability to work together had gone for as his seed injected itself into my body mine sprayed over both our bodies. And at that everything went limp and we relaxed. We put out the light and embracing one another fell asleep.


When I awoke it was still dark, but what had aroused me was Matt's hand working away at my groin. I pretended to be asleep. In fact I was enjoying one of those boners which almost hurt because they are so rock hard. Gently, if not casually, his fist was grasping my cock and slowly but surely working my foreskin to and fro. I immediately thought of a similar scene in the German film Heimat where two sisters were servicing Hermännchen in his sleep. Because I was awake I tried to exercise as much control as possible to hold back my load, but in the end the heightened feeling could contain itself no more and I fantasised I was impersonating the fountain on Lake Geneva. What to do now? Fall back to sleep and let Matt think he had got one over on me? No. I just leant over to kiss him when I discovered my spunk had landed over his lips, so we made a combined effort to lick it up, savour the flavour and then waged a determined battle as to whose tongue was going into whose mouth. I won, but not easily, and then only because he lost self-control and started to giggle.

When we woke again I was enjoying the contact with his smooth skin and the heat of his body. I ran my fingers through his pubic hair and left it at that for it was my turn to choose and I had other plans. We lay there a few moments, both with pisshards. Then I got out of bed and went into the other bathroom for I had no intention of inflicting my non-designer stubble on his smooth chin. I returned to our room. Matt lay there in readiness. His cock had subsided and altered its angle of dangle, but in no way reduced in size. I lay down beside him and we petted, occasionally heavily. In tribute to non-verbal communication we knew when we were ready and holding my hand he drew me towards the shower. Adjusting the water is a shock and there is always the risk of dampening any ardour, but once that was over we got down to the serious business of applying the shower gel to each other. I made a final application to his crevice, working it in with my finger while I left the anointing of my already stiffened cock to him. I turned him round and bent him forward sufficiently to gain the right angle of entry and then the first thrust which made us both gasp. He held onto the pipework to steady himself and as I started to pump I brought my well gelled hands round to his front. His foreskin was already peeled back so I used my right to massage his glans while my left caressed his bollocks. And so the thrill built up in both of us and with perfect Matting we screamed out as the spunk flowed, mine into his inner sanctum, his into my hand and then into the flow of warm water. I withdrew and we got on with the task of washing away the excess gel. The water turned off we rubbed each other down with rough clean towels which just enhanced the enjoyment of those moments spent under the water.

Tim put on his Spartacus shorts and a dressing gown. It was not worth his dressing for the first task of the day was photography. I cooked a full breakfast for us both, an unusual luxury, and then on with the snapping. I first took Matt's head and shoulders, various poses, various expressions. I then asked him to change into sports kit, particularly wearing a jockstrap under the different changes, especially as I wanted to re-create my lasting vision of him in cricket flannels, front and back, with and without box, and in a flush of nostalgia he asked me to re-enact our encounter from years ago when I inserted his box for him, a welcome distraction from the task at hand, but one that embellished a couple of later frames. I wanted some pictures of him in the 501s and got him to wear one of the German thongs in order to lift and separate. I took some more formal photographs, then finished with one of him in his bathers and what the photos all had in common were the picture of contentment and the glow of happiness on Matt's face. It was then into the car and off to the swimming pool to spend an hour swimming.

We chased each other round the pool and down the chutes, followed each other off the diving boards with Matt posing and tarting in tribute to Hom Lycra and for my delight. After changing we drove off to a countryside pub for light snack and returned home to prepare for Daniel's arrival. Admittedly I was apprehensive. Would Daniel fit in? I wouldn't have invited him if I had not been confident of that. How would Matt react? For him, he said, it would be a chance to use the experience he had gained with me. Would it be a case of two's company, three's a crowd? Providing everyone was enthusiastic, three could only enhance the enjoyment. For that evening we had planned to take Daniel out to an early dinner and a late film and then back home for some entertainment

We relaxed and then got ready. Matt wore his white translucent trousers, but this time with a black thong to emphasise his packet, as if that were necessary, and a pale blue polo-shirt. Daniel too was one of these people who dressed well, but not well enough to show off his assets. The doorbell rang. I answered, took Daniel's top coat and brought him into the living room to meet Matt, and then it happened. As they shook hands, Daniel pressed Matt's palm with one of his fingers. I could see it, Matt saw that I could see it, and he returned the signal. "Where did you learn that?" Matt asked.

"From my friends," answered Daniel tongue in cheek, and at that Matt ran his hand up between Daniel's legs and gently rubbed his packet. Daniel's previous downcast face lit up.

"It's okay, you're among friends," I said.

Tim took Daniel and his luggage upstairs and showed him around. He pointed out the other spare room where he could stow his kit and explained the house rules, that it was open house and that he could if he wished spend the night with us in the ensuite room. I meanwhile made some tea, feeling both relieved and thrilled that my judgement had been correct and that we were in for a cosy twenty-four hours.

This time we could make it to the The Green Man for dinner. We decided on a jacket and tie evening and I was proud to be accompanying Matt in his light grey slacks and tweed sports jacket and Daniel in his dark blue trousers and light blue jacket. Both wore well fitting shirts and neatly knotted ties. Over dinner conversation was lively. First Daniel told us that his parents had gone out that evening to celebrate the fact that his mother had passed her driving test that week, but, with a built-in majority of two to one, the talk was necessarily directed towards Daniel, his interests and past experiences. Whether he had read my mind or not, Matt was able to turn the conversation towards those points I was particularly curious about. I had known Daniel for some seven or eight years and had watched him grow up and pass through adolescence to become a handsome, well proportioned young man, except in one department, which puzzled me and which Matt was to deal with so skilfully later. Daniel (I had never heard him called Dan) was one of the leading lights among the lads of the neighbourhood, a natural sportsman. Even at an early age I was enthralled watching him out in the street in his shorts practising his incredible ball skills. When the round ball became oval my interest grew and inwardly I wished when he went on to secondary education he could play in my rugby team, possibly scrum half. Matt artfully enquired how I had come to spot his talent and I could tell them that quite precisely.

It was one evening as it was getting dark and there was a ring at the door. On opening it I found Daniel holding a frog he had found and looking for a good home. He was dressed in his rugby kit and the first part I noticed were his short black shorts and his long well shaped legs with the socks rolled down as was the fashion at that time. My reaction was as equally spontaneous as it was revealing. I took a sharp involuntary breath, for it was one of those occasions when you gain a momentary glimpse of something beautiful and attractive, a moment that can never be repeated, but which is indelibly imprinted on your mind's eye, Daniel in rugby shorts, Matt in cricket flannels. But now, as I explained to them, came the enigma. Daniel rarely, if ever, displayed his packet, and perhaps if anything that made my interest in him more determined, particularly on the back of two occasions which proved that he was a well endowed young man. The first occasion was pre-puberty. I had spotted the potential of his good looks and athletic body, but he was too young to arouse any sexual interest for the time being. As was not unusual he was in shorts, green shorts, in which was clearly delineated on the right a substantial cock for his age, clear to the extent of 'excess foreskin'. The other time was around the onset of adolescence. He was riding his bike, wearing well fitting navy blue shorts, the zip fly variety, and I had a sideways view as he stood on the pedals. My eyes naturally flashed to the crotch of the shorts - nothing. Then I looked farther up the rise of the garment to see on this rare occasion a substantial and well formed packet. He was obviously no eunuch and with all his other attributes he had gained my interest for years to come. Daniel was obviously flattered that he had attracted such notice and said he would for the moment make no comment, but was assured he would receive advice and practical help in timer of packet display and enhancement.

We had during this conversation eaten a substantial meal and the time had flashed past. The lads drank up their beer and we returned to the car for the ride into Cheltenham. We had decided on seeing the new James Bond film with Pierce Brosnan. We found three seats in the back row of the balcony. This had the advantage that with the entrances to the circle at the side, there were no usherettes continually walking up and down to the back, and although quite crowded in the stalls the audience upstairs was reasonably sparse. As our guest Daniel sat between us. Finally the lights went down for the main film. We watched the prelude and the credits, then settled down for an evening's entertainment. Independently we had already spread our coats over our knees. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Matt slip his hand under Daniel's coat. That was enough to give me a stiffy. Daniel slumped down and adjusted his position in his seat. He lifted his arm and stroked Matt's neck and ear. I am sure at one point I could hear the sound of a zip. Daniel was beginning to hold his breath and squirm as Matt began testiculating wildly. I looked around and everybody seemed to be absorbed in the film, so I too slipped my hand under his coat and put it on Matt's hand and squeezed it. I withdrew my hand then to leave Matt alone, but caught my fingers on Daniel's trousers. The flies were indeed undone and I could not resist a little exploration. Fortunately he was wearing a slip and his cock, red hot as it was, was still inside. I had a grope and felt the damp patch caused by his arousal and then left Matt to get on with the job. After my intervention it didn't take much longer before I noticed Daniel's body shudder slightly as he struggled manfully to keep his orgasm under control and not draw any attention to himself. When he had calmed down Daniel took out his handkerchief on a damage limitation exercise and zipped up his trousers. They smiled with satisfaction and then Matt took Daniel's hand and slid it under the coat into his own lap. Daniel got his own back, not quickly though, and we settled down to watch the rest of the film. This voyeurism was a rehearsal for things to come. At the end of the film I put on my coat. The lads didn't, but carried them carefully folded over their arms. We reached the car and we could see that Matt would not be wearing those trousers again this weekend.

We were soon home. I sent the two lads upstairs to get showered - separately - while I did one or two things in the kitchen and then followed them into the shower. It was corporate identity evening. We were all wearing our Spartacus shorts for unimpeded access and a variety of tee shirt. Mine read 'Sod the millennium'. I fixed some drinks while Matt sorted out a CD. Matt and I had our accustomed malt whisky while Daniel broke ranks with a vodka and orange. As part of his education we had decided that we had run out of lager. We sat together on the settee, at first relaxing, talking and half listening to the music, but it was not long before hands started to wander and the foreplay began. For me it would be the moment of discovery after years of patient curiosity and research. Remember that Matt had already made his tactile enquiries. Matt started by giving Daniel a long, fulfilling French kiss which was enough to give all three of us erections, for meanwhile I had my right arm round his shoulder and my left hand was slowly working its way up from Daniel's knee into his groin. Daniel's free hand was meantime inside Matt's shorts. At long last I was in contact with Daniel's balls and I was not disappointed and neither was he by the way he shifted his body position. I could now rip open the velcro and as his shorts fell away I gained the full picture.

Tim and Daniel came up for air signalling that it was time to go up to the bedroom. Matt took him up while I switched off the CD player and the downstairs lights. When I joined them the two were lying on their backs, naked, just relaxing. I sat on a chair and admired both of them, but I was particularly taken by Daniel. His chest was well developed and his nipples were flushed and standing erect. He had a flat stomach, but no sixpack, nor any body hair until my eyes reached his pubic hair and this was a neat tuft. His cock was as I had surmised, an estimated five inches in the relaxed position with the foreskin extending noticeably beyond the glans, and finally those elusive balls, hairless, not insignificant, but the type that tuck themselves neatly into the groin and I now knew the challenge in showing him how to present them and wrap them into a packet worthy of his physique. If not so already, I was now consumed with pure lust and I suggested we carried on from where we had left off on the sofa. I joined them on the bed. Matt probed Daniel's mouth with his lips and tongue. Daniel's hand was tucked up tight between Matt's legs which meant I could tickle Daniel's nipple with my tongue while playing with his bollocks. I watched his cock swell and the glans slowly peep out as his long foreskin peeled back. I began to jerk him off slowly when Matt suddenly and with a yell shot his load and interrupted the proceedings. Matt's loss was my gain for we could now have a true ménage à trois. In retrospect I can't remember how it was physically possible. I transferred my lips and my tongue from Daniel's nipple to his neck with the express intention of giving him a lovebite, again part of the corporate identity, and then to his glans, while Matt switched his attentions to my rigid cock which he likewise addressed with his mouth. I was in ecstasy having the best of both worlds. I was exploring and because of its shape Daniel's cock provided an experience entirely different from Matt's. Daniel, being the only one who could talk, said that this was an entirely new experience, for while he had already experienced being shagged and tossed off, he had never persuaded anyone to give him a blowjob before. I felt myself coming, but I wanted to hold back as long as possible to allow for the chance of a simultaneous orgasm. I did not have to wait long for as soon as Daniel's spunk hit the roof of my mouth I let mine go and felt Matt sucking his hardest to dry me out. We unscrambled and lay back to gain breath. We asked Daniel how he had enjoyed his evening. He exhaled the word "Fantastic" and fell into a deep sleep.


I awoke to a scene of déjà vu from twenty-four hours ago, or more precisely déjà senti, for there was a hand in my groin giving me unutterable pleasure. It belonged to Daniel, but as I explored further I could tell that he was similarly the object of Matt's desire, who had incidentally turned his spare hand on himself. Who was I to complain? I just let it happen, enjoyed it and fell back to sleep to be greeted most unexpectedly with breakfast in bed. The other two had been up and showered, and made themselves busy in the kitchen. They were dressed in their dressing gowns as we had a roll of film to finish off. But first over breakfast Matt and I gave Daniel some advice on how to make the most of his natural assets. As we suspected, he wore boxer shorts much of the time.

"Throw them out!" we shouted in unison. "Keep one pair just in case you need them." We went through some suggestions from our suppliers and recommended mail order. I extolled the virtues of the good old-fashioned jockstrap with Matt in support. I always had something in reserve stowed away in their sealed packets and I gave Daniel a starter collection which included a Lycra slip and one of the German lift and separate wonder thongs. When it came to taking pictures, some of Daniel and some of him together with Matt, the difference was to be seen immediately, especially when he was wearing his favourite ice-blue Levi's which up to now had been such a wasted opportunity. Daniel admired himself in the mirror and was pleased that this had now been added to his fashion consciousness for you would never see him in cheaply produced clothes.

We got ready for the day ahead. I wore my Austrian leather Kniehose. Matt put on a grey V-necked tee shirt, stone coloured cargos and a red anorak while Daniel sported his newly shaped ice-blue Levi's with a dark blue shirt over a white conventional tee shirt. We packed extra clothing and three nose-bags in a rucksack. Today we were going out walking on the Malverns, not a long day for we would have to off the hills by four and it had already gone ten. But at least we would be doing something physical (!) in the fresh air and it gave us the opportunity to talk to each other. And so we set off in the car. I felt ostracised with the two lads in the back, but at least I could concentrate on the driving.

We parked just off the A449 by the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border and made our way up the ridge towards the Worcestershire Beacon. We were lucky with the weather, a calm day, blue-sky with the sun low on the horizon even at midday. As we got chatting both Matt and I were keen to know how our Daniel had discovered the delights of the flesh, a story similar in its generalisations to Matt's, but none the less interesting in its differing details. As we knew from earlier Daniel was a keen and handy sportsman. From the age of eleven he had played club rugby and club cricket with the same team mates and they had grown up together. As happens with all boys around the beginning of the teens he and his mates sprouted pubic hair, their voices deepened or became coarser and their packets grew noticeably and as with all boys of that age they were interested in what was happening to them and curious about what was happening to their mates, if only because they were afraid lest they were different. He and his team mates had just come off the pitch on a warm, but wet day, and so they were all caked with mud. They were playing U14s at the time. Daniel was on a particular high because from the scrum half position and in the dying minutes he had scored the equalising try which enabled his best mate, Steve, to win the match with a successful conversion. The dirty kit went into the appropriate plastic bags and off they went into the showers. As they were standing there letting the water uncake the mud his mate Steve suddenly got a stiffy, and no insignificant one either. Amongst the general mirth not only that, but Daniel could not take his eyes off Steve and in turn his cock stiffened, his foreskin peeled back and his curiosity was enhanced by the feeling of the warm water playing onto his glans. Steve was not in the least embarrassed. On the contrary he had an audience and started to toss himself off accompanied by the rhythmic clapping and cheering of the rest of the team, and finally to loud cheers Steve not only shot his load, but it hit one of the others firmly between the eyes. In the meantime Daniel's stiffy had subsided and he joined in the cheering and the general mêlée, but with a determination to follow this up at home. The lads continued to celebrate their victory and for his try Daniel was lifted up in the general celebrations. He was enjoying it, he was enjoying being touched up and felt by the other lads and he stiffened up again. The hooker asked him if he had ever had a wank and on saying no, he manipulated Daniel's cock. He felt no violation, but enjoyed the new experience thoroughly until he had his first orgasm which felt like fireworks exploding inside his body. The water was growing cold and in the midst of the triumph our little scrum half was carried shoulder high into the changing area, no longer a boy, but a man. He tried again in bed that night, and, as he did, could not get out of his mind the vision of those celebrations in the rugby club and he fell asleep, a very content young man. That was the start of his sexual experiences. He found that his interest in his team mates was not confined to their sporting ability, but encompassed their physical appearance and their showertime rituals, and so he was no stranger when he accepted to spend part of the weekend with us.

We continued our walk, picnicking on the Beacon, descending towards the Colwall road and returning by the lower path. During that time it was our turn to be interrogated. Daniel had noticed our matching rings and wanted to know if they had any significance. Any significance? He had been open with us and so he gained a full insight of the events high up on the Rhine, of which our rings were the outward symbol.

The fresh air and exercise had done us good and cleared our brains and so back to the carpark, into the motor and back home. We were not going to send Daniel back without any tea. Before that we went into the shower together for a final fling. Matt and I soaped Daniel up. I gelled his crevice and Matt's cock after which Matt got behind him and gently eased himself in. Daniel's cock stood proud, but I had reserved the privilege of finishing him off. Matt did his stuff and then it was my turn. He slicked up Daniel’s crevice again and then my cock. I gently bent Daniel forward and he received full thrust from me while my hand worked away at his groin to finish him off completely. Out of the shower we dried each other off. Corporate identity again we donned our German wonder thongs. Daniel wore his white jogpants and a blue polo shirt. Another success for although I had seen him frequently in those jogpants this was the first time they displayed his packet. Matt put on his step-ins and we all went and had a cup of tea.

After tea we said our farewells to Daniel who could not stop telling us what a wonderful time he had had and how much happier he now felt. The cause of his being miserable we had not determined, but it was far more important to have cured it. He asked if he could join us again, to which we readily agreed, but on one condition - his entry pass was a prominent packet. After our instruction he had no excuse now. He had been stunning in every way. We finally pushed him out of the front door or he would never have reached home. We had decided to eat in that evening and as roast beef was on the menu we had to get on or we would not have time to digest the meal which could affect the rest of the evening. Roast beef necessarily has to be shared and so it was a luxury to have Matt there so that I could cook it. We took our time over the meal splitting a bottle of red wine before, during and after. We had that exhilarating, healthy glow gained from a day of physical exertion in the open air which is always accompanied by a feeling of self-righteousness. Dinner ended and cleared away we slumped on the sofa in front of the television. As I sat there Matt lay lengthwise, his back in my lap. We both had a feeling of great contentment. While watching the television I stroked his nipples which meant he must have felt in his back the point where my cock was trying to expand. We talked and viewed and dozed until we suddenly saw the time. It was eleven. Where had the evening gone? We called it a day and went upstairs. Matt took off his wonder thong and slipped back into the step-ins. I put on my Spartacus shorts. At first we just lay there, kissing, caressing and cuddling, but inevitably the light petting became heavy petting as we touch up each other's balls. And inevitably we started tossing each other off, but I stopped the process as I had an uncontrollable desire to indulge in soixante-neuf. We took up the position after stripping the other of the remaining garments and had to start again from square one, licking the foreskin, then the glans and finally the engulfing as much of the cock as possible until the flow of that smooth, white, milky liquid into our throats and the urge to devour every ounce of it. We lay together, our heads at the head of the bed, in each other’s arms, and fell asleep.


The alarm rang too soon, and there was no time for luxuries. Shower, dress and breakfast. Matt was back in his white shirt, navy-blue and yellow striped tie, grey flannels and navy blazer, packet visible neatly dressed on the left, the diminutive cheeks of his pert bottom clearly delineated and immaculate in the overall impression. I put him into the car, drove him off to his busy week, kissed him goodbye and returned to my not quite so busy week.


This was a particularly busy time for Matt's personal development and so our only contact had been by letter and telephone. It was therefore with great pleasure that I received the following epistle.

'…You will remember from last year when we were in Switzerland together that we met Harry and Barny on the Glacier Express.' As with so much during that holiday how could I forget? 'Well, incredible as it may seem I was travelling back home on the train last Saturday when who should get in but Harry! He was so pleased to see me and I was completely taken aback. However, we had a quarter of an hour to talk as the train climbed up the valley and I naturally enquired after Barny. Evidently his parents had been sent abroad, he had to go with them and now Harry and Barny were apart for an indefinite period. There was a chance of a visit in the summer, but that remained a vague possibility. Anyway, after what I had told Harry about our time together (Don't worry, I was discreet.) he asked if we could meet up and spend some time with us. I know you enjoyed meeting him, so I said leave it to me and I'll see what we can do.'

My heart leapt and my brain went into overdrive and then suddenly I got it. It was still low season in Tenerife. It would be easy to book up a family apartment and it would not cost that much. I immediately got onto the phone. Matt's mother answered and said he had not arrived home yet, but she would get him to ring back. Meanwhile I turned on the television and trawled the teletext for last minute holidays. Finally the phone rang. It was a wrong number. In my frustration I could not settle until there was another ring and Matt was at the other end.

"Sorry to take so long getting back, but your phone was engaged when I rang before." (The wrong number!) I explained the brainwave I had had on receipt of his letter and he immediately clicked in and gave me some dates when he had a week free. My time was flexible anyway, so it was only a case of fitting in with Harry and I left that side of things to Matt. In fact, other things then occupied my mind until another phone call from Matt on the following Sunday focussed my mind as he said it was all okay on his side with Harry, would I go ahead and book up?

I rang up first thing Monday morning and within an hour it was all arranged Sunday to Sunday in a fortnight's time. I told Matt early that evening and asked him to liaise with Harry and warn him what lay ahead.

"I think he knows that already," said Matt, "that’s one of the reasons he's so keen." I was on an immediate high, especially as within two hours Matt called with the okay from Harry and it was all systems go.


And so early one Sunday morning in February a car drew up outside. I was introduced to Harry's father who was driving and after my luggage had been loaded we left for Birmingham airport with Matt and Harry seated in the back, both muffled up in jeans and a thick anorak, and wondering whether Harry would be fully prepared I had packed one bag specially with goodies and various types of undergear still in its hygienic cellophane wrapping. With hardly any people around we boarded our flight and relaxed for a few hours before landing at Aeropuerto Transoceanico de Tenerife to a balmy temperature of 70°. This was Tenerife's more modern airport built in the dry south to avoid the sudden mists that could form in the wet north. We boarded our coach and with a background commentary from the travel agent's courier we drove off to our resort at Playa de las Americas. We could tell it was out of season as the coach was scarcely half full and when we reached our accommodation I hardly recognised the resort which was just being built during my last visit. We were shown to our apartment on the first floor and could hardly believe our luck. It must have been out of season for normally this one would house six to eight people. It had a large lounge with a kitchenette for self-caterers, a large master bedroom with en suite bathroom and toilet and three smaller bedrooms each with their own en suite facilities. We each took one of the smaller rooms to stow our kit and to be able get out of the way of the others if need be, though we knew that the master bedroom would have the most use for we had already decided on the communal sleeping arrangements, but it meant we could keep the room clear of our clutter. Fortunately the double bed was huge and although it would be intimate with three, it would not be cramped. We unpacked and then took a siesta in our separate rooms. It grew dark about seven, so we showered and changed and were ready the hit the town. We were starving. I had forgotten that the Spanish eat late, usually towards nine, and so we had to be patient until eight when we could get an 'early' meal.

The lounge was fortunately furnished with a television, radio, video and CD player so we had entertainment as we had brought some videos and CDs on spec. We were talking and it gave Matt a chance to explain the house rules to Harry, that we had come first and foremost to enjoy each other's company, that there was to be no solitary sex as we were here to give one another a helping hand and no public displays of affection, though we knew that this was the rule most liable to be broken, but discretion was important. The lads had made an effort for the first night. Matt was wearing his white Chinos, a pale blue shirt with matching tie and a navy blue blazer. Harry wore light grey slacks and although they were in no way tight they hugged his buttocks and his packet which was neatly placed in the centre. It had already attracted Matt's and my attention and we both complimented Harry on his taste and appearance. The trousers were set off with a pink shirt and a claret jacket. I was proud of them both. It had been strange for during the journey we had not spoken a great deal, but after a rest the warmth of the Canaries was beginning to unfreeze our souls and our tongues, not to mention our balls, and make us feel more relaxed. Matt and I made every effort to make Harry feel an equal part of the group, with success may I add. After all Matt and I had our routine established and Harry was aware he needed to fit in and had to know how. Still there was no lack of encouragement. The day of travelling is always a strain and a good night's sleep would bring a perfect tomorrow. Another thing, being Sunday we had no supplies in. Shops first thing Monday morning or no breakfast!

Ready we went out and strolled through the town until we found a restaurant we liked. We went in and imaginatively ordered steak. The Sangria we drank with it flowed through our bodies causing the conversation to flow as well. Inevitably Harry had noticed the matching rings we were wearing on our little fingers. We proudly told him the story and then it was his turn to open up. We wanted to know about him and Barny. Harry missed him sorely and hoped that it would not be too long before they were back together. They had met at grammar school and had grown up sharing the same interests, sport in general, but rugby in particular. They were both good-looking boys, well put together physical specimens, to whom the good Lord had given brains. Adolescence had come and by some miracle they had avoided the usual physical ravages. It only enhanced their handsome and beautiful appearances. Then one Saturday evening Barny held a party at his house for the lads. It had been quite a wild occasion from all accounts, slightly marred by one injuring his ankle while trying to jump a fence in the dark in the garden. However, driven on as lads can be, the highlight of the evening came when Harry was dared by his mates to give Barny a blowjob which they performed without hesitation in front of the assembled company. This was the first time any sexual activity had taken place between them, but encouraged by being the heroes of the evening it was certainly not the last. I would love to have been there. It deepened their relationship and they became very close to one another until they were forced apart by circumstances.

Tim and I knew that we had a lot of work to do that week. The meal over we continued chatting and enjoying the Sangria, but not to excess, for familiar with Shakespeare we knew that drink may be said to be an equivocator, it provokes and unprovokes, it provokes the desire, but takes away the performance. And so sometime after ten we cheerfully and slowly made our way back to the apartment.

The air was pleasant just like a comfortable summer's evening in England. We strolled and chatted and under the influence of the Sangria fooled around and giggled a lot, but the mood was right. I was dying to get back to the apartment for I had spent well over twelve hours with Matt and had hardly touched him.

Finally we arrived. The door closed behind us Harry lay back in an armchair pleased to be able to relax. I took Matt's jacket and tie off and he removed mine, which meant we could at last embrace. We assumed the position, our arms round each other's waist and our hands on the other's buttocks. Matt's, like mine, had no excess flesh. His, unlike mine, displayed their profile, but neither of them stuck out. It had been weeks since I had been able to feel, stroke and squeeze them and as we drew each other together tightly we could simultaneously feel the other's packet expanding and throbbing. Over Matt's shoulder I could see Harry sitting there enthralled and sporting an obvious stiffy. The routine continued. My lips met Matt's and they opened and our tongues just touched and probed before I sank mine deep into Matt's mouth. As if well choreographed, our left hands reached between our bodies and unzipped the other's fly bringing our bulging packets into even closer contact. As I slipped my hands down inside the back of Matt's trousers I could stroke his bare cheeks - he was wearing a thong. We reached that stage where we could take no more and came up for air. Harry did not know what to say, but his eyes had that peculiar sparkle and he had obviously enjoyed the cabaret. I disappeared for a couple of minutes and handed Harry one of my cellophane packets. "Corporate identity, Harry," I said as he unpacked a navy blue pair of Spartacus shorts. How patriotic. Mine were red, Matt's were white and now Harry had a blue pair. As bedtime was approaching we went off to our rooms to get changed, each returning in our Spartacus shorts and a tee shirt. Matt's slogan from old was 'Coming second means first loser'.

I was wearing my Apple 'Think different.' tee shirt and Harry's slogan was 'Sod the millennium'. We sat together on the settee, the CD playing in the background. Matt and I put Harry between us and as we chatted our hands began first to stroke, then explore him. His profile had always been promising, but as yet I had only viewed the commercial, which had impressed me, I hadn't seen or handled the merchandise. I was not disappointed.

Matt was busy tonguing him and had his hand inside his tee shirt playing with his nipple, which gave me the opportunity to slip my hand up the inside of his leg and into his shorts. His bollocks were round rather than oval and bulged away from his body. His cock was as straight as a ramrod, perhaps better likened to a red-hot poker from the heat that radiated from it. Out of sheer caprice I ripped open the velcro and caught my first sight of this marvellous creation. All activity stopped. Like Matt he was hairless, apart from a well-groomed tuft of pubic hair. Harry showed no embarrassment, in fact he was clearly proud of Mother Nature's provision, but determined not to be the odd man out he calmly reached over and tore open the velcro first on mine and then on Matt's shorts. All three of us were stiffened up, all three of us aroused and excited and ready for the next stage. During dinner, more correctly 'the evening meal' since we were on holiday, Harry had established his reputation and with a majority of two to one we insisted on his proving it. He was going to give each of us a BJ and in return we promised to service him any way he wished, though if he did a good job on us it might have to wait until tomorrow. Matt advised him to go and put on a slip to help his self-control. Meanwhile we stripped off each other's tee shirt and Harry came back in a shimmering turquoise, nearer blue and than green, thong which hugged his form and, obviously made from Lycra, fitted every nook and cranny leaving nothing to the imagination. It was my turn to go first.

Harry was the boss. In the short interval everything had gone limp again. He got me to put my shorts back on and lie on the bed whereon he lay on top of me, our packets meeting, and thrust his tongue between my teeth. Obviously I was working with no beginner here. Whether it was the grinding of his packet or the probing of his tongue, I know not, but it was instant erection, my foreskin already peeled back. However, he was not ready. He rolled to one side, attached his lips to my nipple and stroking the inside of my thigh worked his fingers into my groin and under my bollocks. Stripping off my shorts he wanted me to lean against the wall while he knelt in front of me. The love juices had left their mark on the turquoise, indicating his commitment. Matt sat in an armchair transfixed, his erection almost vertical. How he could watch and yet keep his hands off himself must have taken the utmost willpower. At first Harry held my buttocks and just placed his lips round my glans without using his tongue. It was a tease, but heightened my expectations. Then came the tip of the tongue without the lips. The pleasure was so exquisite that I had to put my hands on his shoulders for support. Finally the full monty as he grasped my bursting cock and inserted it fully into his mouth, working away until I could hold back no more. I climaxed in his mouth. The spunk seemed never ending and no matter how much I pumped into him he took it and in the end withdrew and he savoured the issue like a vintage wine, swallowing at last. I had wanted to concentrate my gaze on Matt during this, but the ecstasy meant my concentration was taken by Harry's expertise and I had thought of one thing only, the sheer physical pleasure provided by this newcomer to our group.

Now it was Matt's turn. No need to warm him up. He remained in the chair and I lay on the bed to watch. Harry went down on Matt applying the same technique, the only difference being that I knew Matt had come when he gave out a yell. What will the neighbours think? Cramp, I expect. It just remained for Harry to get his just deserts which Matt performed. He slipped off the thong and Harry's imprisoned member leapt into life. Then Matt fingered a few drops of baby oil into his glans and his own palm, got him to lie on his back on the bed, knelt over him and massaged him to orgasm without any reference to his foreskin. And when Harry came there seemed no end to the flood of semen. Naked as we were we climbed into bed, me on the left, Matt in the middle and Harry on the right, pulled the duvet over us and fell asleep.


I was the first to wake. It got light about half past seven. I needed to go out and get some breakfast. Fortunately the supermarket was nearby and catered for English tourists. I could get cereals as well as bread, milk, butter, coffee and other things to keep us going. Mostly we would eat out. I got home in time to see Matt and Harry climb out of the shower together. From the smiles on their faces there was no need to ask what they had been up to. I helped to dry them off with a good rub down, then sat in the chair to watch them get dressed. Matt put on a German wonder slip and disappointingly his 501s with a grey tee shirt under a light grey pullover. At least his packet compensated which was more than you could say for Harry. A few lessons in sartorial elegance needed there, methinks.

"You'll find it a bit warm in them," I said to Matt. Harry donned his khaki cargo shorts and a light grey V-necked tee shirt. "Twenty-four hours gone and I still haven't had Harry," I thought. I was feeling randy and had a half hard-on, but we had to meet the the courier at nine. She mainly explained the tours available. I had given the lads the option of hiring a car or not, but we felt little need and considered we would learn more with the help of a guide. It would be more relaxing for me, as well.

Today was 'explore the area day'. We wandered round the town, found the few shops and the beach. For Matt and Harry it was their first sight of the black volcanic sand. Once on the beach we decided to set out southwards. The sun was warm and pleasant, just the right interlude for an English winter. We reached the next town, Los Cristianos, a fishing village and not developed. We found somewhere for a light lunch and sat admiring the view out to sea and we watched the few locals. We would ignore the Spanish siesta and have ours later. So walking back we reached Playa de las Americas mid-afternoon, fetched our bathing togs and searched out the rocks set in the black sand. The lads were resplendent, Matt sponsoring as always Hom Lycra while Harry supported the opposition in his Speedo Lycra.

Here we could swim and chase one another, tart and flirt in a warm sea, then stretch out on the beach to get that so important winter tan. Matt's natural skin colour gave him a head start over us two who were rather pallid to say the least. It was a luxury in February to lie there and absorb the ultra-violet, wearing our politically correct sun screen to protect the ozone layer. Then came the crunch. I was mentally prepared for it, but the other two weren't. We were covered in the black sand and rinsing it off in the sea just made room for a new supply. There was nothing for it, but to slip on our tee shirts and sandals and hoof it back to the apartment and the shower. There is nothing so tantalising as a tee shirt over swimming trunks when sometimes the packet is covered and at others it is visible. It was a complete turn-on for me which my own tee shirt was not long enough to disguise from the other two who ganged up on me in a most flirtatious, but no way malicious manner.

"Carry on," I said, "I’ll get my own back this evening, especially on you, Harry. I can't wait to sort you out," and Matt added

"He means it, it's worth waiting for and you'll enjoy it." Back at base we showered in our own rooms and stayed there for our siesta.

Late afternoon the shops open again. So we went for a walk round the town.

"We must buy a postcard for Daniel," I said to Matt, "or we'll be back before it arrives." While I was sorting one out, Matt and Harry drifted towards the clothes shops. We picked some more things up at the supermarket and returned to the apartment. We sat down to do the card.

Matt wrote while I dictated. 'Our dearest Daniel, enjoying a winter break in Tenerife. You really ought to be with us. We have a new companion, Harry. You would enjoy his company. We do. Blond, blue eyes and a packet worth seeing and feeling.'

Harry suddenly took notice at this, came across and said "Put your hand there." He was wearing adidas running shorts, so it was easy to put my hand under his balls and caress them. My hand slid inside the leg in time to feel his cock stiffen up in the built-in slip. We left it at that. 'A week of satisfaction ahead in the warm sun. Looking forward to entertaining you again. Think about making up a foursome for the summer. We'll keep an orgasm for you. Fondest love, M & N X X' On the front was a group of young lads sunbathing on the black sand.

"We'll put that in an envelope," said Matt. Signed, sealed and stamped, it just needed posting.

This evening we were far more casual for dinner. Harry wore a pair of navy blue shorts with pockets and a zip-up fly topped by a cobalt blue polo shirt, dark blue socks and trainers. Matt wore stone coloured shorts and a light green cotton short sleeved shirt with sandals. It was almost as if they were in competition, but tonight Matt won the packet competition by dint of wearing the lighter colour while Harry won the bottom competition on the cut of his shorts. I complimented them both. Over the evening meal the conversation inevitably got round to what we would do that evening and we told Harry we were both looking forward to shagging him. His eyes twinkled with interest. Had he been rogered before? No, but he had sorted out Barny one time in the shower, almost by accident (We know that one.) and they had never got round to the return fixture. We did not spend too much time in the restaurant. This was not going to be a rushed job. Harry had to be impressed.

Back at the apartment we changed and sat down on the sofa. Matt was in his step-ins and obviously that was all from the way he walked. Harry had on a long tee shirt and that was all I could see. We introduced Harry to the malt whisky routine which I organised and we settled down to watch a video of four young chums' adventures Inter-railing. Tame compared with us, it did not even give us any ideas. Naturally as the whisky coursed through our veins it made us horny and with eyes on the television and hands on each other we started our foreplay with an exploratory grope. Harry was in the middle. Matt and I had no need to preplan. We worked so well together, almost as if by telepathy. Matt was already giving Harry a tonsil massage which left me the opportunity of stroking him. I squeezed my right arm round his waist while my left hand went down to his knee and started there. It seemed to take ages for it to work its way up under the tee shirt and finally reach his groin, but I was rewarded to discover that he was wearing a jockstrap - another aficionado, he must have read the house rules before coming, or Matt's briefing had been particularly thorough. Imagine my surprise when I further found out that it was of the cricketing variety and you should have seen the squirming and the body repositioning when I finally got my hand inside the pouch. But then we had to bring our activity to a temporary halt for fear of premature ejaculation, both his and mine! We watched to the end of the video, then into the bedroom for the real thing.

I pulled off my tee shirt, just leaving my German wonder thong on. Similarly I lifted off Harry's tee shirt and left him in his Litesome. Both items of undergear showed the damp patch from the former excitement. I drew him close to me to start working him up again with my tongue doing battle with his and my hands rubbing his buttocks, our stiffened packets grinding together. Meantime Matt had found the KY gel and as I put my hand on Harry's shoulder blades Matt started to slick up his crevice until we arrived at the stage where we had to stop so that Matt could insert his finger for the final lube. Together we led Harry back to bed. I slipped off my thong and Matt started to apply the KY to my cock. This act alone was enough to maintain Harry's arousal until I was ready to lift his legs onto my shoulders and attempt to penetrate his cheeks. As it was his first time I went gently at first, but soon found that the first thrust slipped in easily to a gratifying gasp from Harry. I pumped away, slowly and gently at first, but as his breathing grew faster so did my thrusting, then my own breathing, encouraged by Harry shouting for more. I held back as long as I could and then the floodgates opened as my seed coursed into his body. We lay there a few moments until my cock slackened off and flopped out.

"Did you enjoy that?" asked Matt.

"Beyond imagination," came Harry's reply, "I thought it was going to hurt."

"Not if the technique's right," I answered. "You might be a bit sore in the morning, but it's only half time."

I pulled on my Spartacus shorts. Now it was my turn to do the work. I got Harry to bend over resting his hands on the bed and lubricated his crevice anew with the KY gel, making sure that I worked it well in with my courting finger. Harry lay back on the the bed while I turned my attention to Matt. I had my back to Harry while I pulled down Matt's slip. His cock, more than ready for action, stiffened and expanded to full size and appeared to be throbbing. I slicked it up generously and as I moved away Harry could see the result and his eyes popped out on stalks.

"That's even bigger than mine," he exclaimed genuinely surprised. I took Harry's jockstrap off and with its new found freedom his cock swelled and expanded to full size. "Slightly different this time," I said and as Matt went down on him I raised Harry's legs over Matt's shoulder and with my hand guided Matt's cock towards its goal and it slid in with a simultaneous gasp from both of them.

"I'm trying to locate your prostate gland. You'll know when I do because you'll get a feeling of the utmost pleasure."

There were a few moments of probing and then Harry breathed "You’re there," and he started to groan with ecstasy. Matt worked away steadily. He was so in control that he neither sped up nor did he have to concern himself about coming off too soon. And then it happened, sploop, and Harry had come off too, the spunk shooting between his and Matt's abdomen and chest. Matt knew now he could finish off which he did with a yell as his spunk coursed into Harry to join mine. They lay entwined, completely exhausted, until their passion had fully subsided. Their body heat had dried Harry's load and the advantage of neither having any body hair was that they could part reasonably easily.

"Off into the shower, you two, and then bed." When they came out I gave them the usual good rub down with a rough towel. We all said good night and climbed under the duvet together, put our arms round one another and that was the end of another day.


We had very little time in the morning. We showered in our own rooms to save time, almost 'snatched' breakfast and cleared away to catch our coach at nine. The day was warming up. Matt had gone for white - polo shirt, rugby shorts, socks and trainers. The shirt and shorts were such a good fit as to display nipples, packet and jockstrap to their best advantage. Harry was in cut-off 501s, a pale blue V-necked tee shirt and sandals. No visible nipples, but a significant packet and distinct buttocks as the Levi's hugged every nook and cranny of his lower body. His hairless legs were beginning to tan. I should hate to have to judge between them. I preferred Harry's centrally placed packet while Matt clearly dressed on the left, but Matt's packet was easily two sizes bigger, which is not saying that Harry could not be proud of his assets. The bus was already at the pick-up point and we climbed aboard, greeted by our travel courier.


It was late afternoon when the bus swept into Playa de las Americas and dropped us off. The tour had certainly made us realise that there was more to Tenerife than sun, beaches and discos and what we had seen had kept us entertained all day. I was pleased with the photographs I had managed to take, too.

We went straight back to the apartment. It was siesta time, so we dumped our things and went to our rooms. I had just dozed off when I was woken by a soft knock on the door. It opened tentatively and as I opened my eyes I saw Matt standing there dressed simply in a pair of boxer shorts. A broad grin spread over my face and I said "Come on in." He came in and sat on my bed.

"We haven't had much time together, have we?" he said.

"I know, but it's been in a good cause."

"Do you think Daniel would fit in with Harry?"

"I've no doubt."

"Think about it." I took hold of his hand and pulled him towards me. I felt the immediate reaction in my loins, but they were still girded by my thong. We lay there in an embrace, just chatting. Matt had not had time to shower, but that was a bonus. After a warm day his body smelt so attractive. He had a natural body odour which in no way repelled me, but had quite the opposite effect. It turned me on. The embrace inevitably progressed to French kissing, which inevitably progressed to heavy petting, which inevitably progressed to the desire for further activity, but then the ironic happened. Matt's boxer shorts, incapable of any support, had allowed his erection to grow through the fly and it was no mean one either, as I had come to expect. It was throbbing so much that Matt begged me to finish him off, but I found I could not slip off his shorts. His stiffy was so large that it was longer than the fly. I could not pull them down and if I tried to pull them up I was in danger of giving him a painful wedgie, and there was no way his cock would give in this side of an orgasm. We giggled, but once over the giggles I lowered my head, put my left hand under his bollocks and addressed the problem with my lips and tongue. It seemed an eternity before he came and when it happened he came in floods. I savoured the taste of his spunk while breathing in his body odour and then fell into a deep sleep. We woke up an hour later, showered together giving me an orgasm from a hand job, dried each other and went and called Harry.

Although it was dark, the heat from the day remained, so we dressed in shorts and short-sleeved cotton shirts for dinner, not beach-type shorts, but respectable ones with pockets and a zip fly. It was odd for although we spoke and frequently joked about corporate identity we often did have the same ideas about appearance on a particular occasion and it usually happened without any previous discussion. We were spoilt for choice as far as restaurants were concerned and we tried to find one we thought the locals might use to get away from the tourists. Such a one we found tucked away. The inhabitants were by and large drinking, but it had a couple of spare tables, so we went in. We had to guess at the menu which was written in Spanish only, but in the end plumped for the rancho canario which when it arrived, turned out to be a meat stew with vegetables. We thought better than to drink Sangria here and chose one of the wines produced on the Canaries, with a little more alcohol content, I would guess. Still it put us all in the right mood and the conversation became animated.

"You two were having a good laugh earlier," said Harry.

"Do you want to know what was so funny?" asked Matt and together we described another, but as yet unheard of, danger of boxer shorts. Harry too dissolved into giggles.

In high spirits we left and wandered down towards the sea, taking the scenic route. We sat on the promenade just as the moon was rising and as there seemed to be no one around I put my arms round the boys' shoulders. It was a little cooler now and they snuggled closer. Meanwhile I was nursing a stiffy in my briefs. It was a sheer delight to be surrounded by, to be touching such vibrant and receptive hunks of youthful masculinity and a feeling of wellbeing and contentedness coursed through my body. An even cooler breeze coming up off the sea told us it was time to make a move.

Back at base the boys changed into their Spartacus shorts and left it at that. I fetched the malt whisky and poured the tots, then went and changed. We had established this routine in the evening, which suited us, particularly as we knew it was going to lead to some sexual activity or the other. Watching a video seated on the sofa was rarely riveting enough to stop the gradual indulgence in feelies and because our libidos were so hyped up and because we found each other so attractive and consequently seductive and because finally this was the main reason for taking off to Tenerife it was inevitable that some seed would be spilt and probable that it would be in multiples of three.

"You know, Harry," said Matt, "out of all the things we've done so far this week I haven't given you a blowjob."

"Well. you've got time enough tonight," said Harry. They drank their whisky. I poured myself another one and sat back in an armchair waiting for the cabaret.

Matt gave Harry a Frenchie which got them both in the mood. They ripped open the velcro on their shorts, Matt tested Harry's cock with his lips and tongue and then Harry sprawled out in an armchair ready for Matt to go down on him, but with this difference. Once Matt had got going, Harry groped around and found he was in a position to jerk Matt off. It obviously surprised Matt because he almost lost his rhythm, but realising what was happening made himself more accommodating and enjoyed the extra attention he was receiving. Eventually Harry came, then Matt came, but unfortunately with such uncontrolled force that his spunk went all over the armchair. I dashed up, fetched tissues and a damp cloth. All's well that ends well and no lasting damage was done. Then it was time for bed.

Matt fell asleep immediately, but Harry was still on a high. I stroked his hair, I stroked his nipple. He turned over and gave me a deep kiss.

"What's the trouble?" I asked.

"I'm bursting. Even though I've just come off, I need another one."

"Come on," I replied, "we'll let Matt sleep and go off to my room." We tucked Matt up, kissed him good night and tiptoed off to my bed. First of all we got under the duvet for a snog and when we were both rock hard I took the cover off turned with my head toward the foot of the bed and introduced Harry to the pleasures of soixante-neuf. This was the first time I had savoured Harry's cock. With my tongue I explored every nook and cranny of his glans and foreskin, while he was on familiar territory with me. It was a slow job to work him up after what had happened half an hour ago and consequently I shot my load first, but I love a challenge and got him there finally, enjoying every ounce of his love juices. Recovered we stole back to the big bed. Matt was still fast asleep. We climbed in and in no time were ourselves in the land of nod.


We woke up intertwined in strange positions. How we had slept like that I do not know. Anyway, we got up, showered and dressed. I had arranged packed lunches from the restaurant that looked after the non-self-catering inhabitants of the apartments for this was the day of our donkey trek. A minibus took us into the mountains, through villages untouched by tourism to a small farm. We were divided into those who had ridden before and those who hadn't and we beginners were taught the rudiments of riding before being introduced to our donkey for the day.

The beasts were all placid and obviously well looked after. Mine was called Pedro (what else?) and I took the earliest opportunity to introduce myself and blow up its nostrils, Barbara Woodhouse style. It worked as Pedro snuffled and nuzzled me and Matt and Harry did likewise with their mounts. The eight of us then followed our leader as we set off, although I suspect that Pedro was really in charge and knew exactly where we were going.


We arrived back at the apartment hot and sweaty, but exhilarated from having done something different. Matt was a little quiet and on enquiring he had a headache coming on. We had to get that cured for later. Anyway, I suspected he might be dehydrated, so I got him a large glass of mineral water from the fridge, gave him a couple of anadin maximum strength and sent him off for his siesta. Five minutes later I looked in his room and he was fast asleep. I went off to my room, rinsed my face and hands, stripped off to my Lycra slip and lay on my bed. I was just dozing off when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." The door slowly opened and there was Harry. His feet were bare as was his top. He was just wearing his 501s. The top buttons of the flies were undone to reveal his pubic hair. Obviously that was all he had on. He leant momentarily against the door frame his eyes sparkling and his tongue seductively licking his lips. "Come in," I said again. I could not keep my eyes off the V formed by his jeans and he could not keep his eyes off the rapidly expanding bulge in my slip.

"I just wanted to chat," he said.

"Is that all?" I said. "Shame."

"Well, that's not all, but it’s enough to begin with."

"Come and sit on the bed." He came across. How his trousers did not slip down there and then I do not know. He sat on the bed and then lifted up his legs so that we were lying side by side. I put my arm round his shoulder and we looked into one another's eyes. My packet was almost hurting, his was beginning to move. Harry started to talk.

"You can't imagine how much I have enjoyed these past few days. You and Matt have made me feel so welcome. You know I miss Barny and when he went away I thought I was alone in the world. It didn't occur to me when we met last summer how close you two were. I thought Barny and I were the odd ones out."

"Let me assure you you're not. It's just meeting the right people and of course everyone has to be discreet." I showed him the handshake with the finger stroking the palm. By now my stiffy had subsided.

"How did you and Matt get together?" I told him that it was love at first sight and after that it was a slow process of getting to know one another and having confidence in each other. I told him about the cricket match and how after that we just grew closer, physically, spiritually, until that marvellous night on the banks of the young Rhine when we mingled our blood and joined our souls. "And yet there was no jealousy when I came along."

"Why should there be? We have complete trust in each other and physically we have no problem with helping people like you and Daniel."


"Do you remember the postcard we were writing? That was to Daniel. In fact, I think you'd like him. That's why Matt and I have thought of a foursome in the summer. Think about it. We’ll have a get-together first so that you can meet him."

Harry lay back in silence. He took my hand and looked at my ring.

"You like that, don't you?" He nodded. "I'm very proud of it. It means a lot to me." I took it off. "Try it on." It was a perfect fit. "Look at the inside." He read the engraving and then I put it back on. We lay there and dozed off. When we awoke it was dark. Harry was still asleep. I stole off to see how Matt was. He was awake feeling much better. The headache was gone.

"All right for dinner?"

"I'm starving."

"Have a little rest and dinner in an hour. Okay? I've got Harry in my room at the moment."

I returned to my room. Harry was still asleep, so in my rôle as Prince Charming I gave him a kiss and he opened his eyes. I lay back on the bed again, put my arms round him and buried my tongue in his mouth. I slid my hand into his Levi’s and ran my fingers through his pubic hair, then over his cock as it stiffened and finally under his balls.

"Time for a shower and to get ready to go out," I said. I pulled off his 501s and he dropped my slip. I adjusted the water and he came and joined me in the shower. At first we simply washed each other's hair, then using the gel slowly soaped each other up. The passion rose slowly and finally he gelled my crevice and I his cock. I turned round and waited to find out what he had learnt. To begin with I just felt his cock between my cheeks, then I bent forward altering its position and giving him the correct angle to penetrate. Hesitatingly he lined it up and slowly pushed it in - it was our first time this way round - then I told him to push and it slid up like a dream causing us both to gasp. I now told him to gel up his hands and massage my groin, then my bollocks and finally my cock. At first he found it difficult to coordinate the two actions, but being a quick learner he soon developed the right knack. The thrill was not just physical, but one of satisfaction at helping Harry to develop his new found skills. The tension built up and then exploded as I could hold back no more and the way my body shook immediately made Harry come giving us a simultaneous orgasm. We needed to draw breath and recover before cleaning ourselves up. We got out of the shower and dried each other down. With his 501s slung over his shoulder Harry gave me a quick kiss and wandered off to his own room to dress for dinner. I made sure Matt was up and about and when we were ready we searched out a fish restaurant.

I am not sure of some of the things we ate among the squid, prawns, cockles. The main course was a plate of five fillets of various sea fish each with its own sauce. The vegetables were served on a side plate. I was pleased that Matt had returned to his normal vivacious self and that he wasn't sickening for anything. As he said, it was just that the heat of the day had got on top of him and being out and about he had not drunk enough fluid. As the conversation progressed I could tell that the lads were holding back on something and then Matt plucked up the courage to ask.

"Would you mind if on Friday evening just the two of us went out together?"

"Not in the least." They were man enough and sensible and the town was certainly quiet in February. They knew that Saturday, the last night, we had planned to have a celebratory dinner, so they had used their heads and anyway I could relax a little on my own and carry out my own plans. The following day was to be an activity day. They felt that they had had it too easy. Admittedly we had not gone swimming as much as I would have liked, but a day's donkey trek was not exactly taking it easy. Finishing off with fresh fruit and having drunk our share of Sangria it was time to wend our way homewards. It was about midnight.

We were tired and so we undressed and went straight to bed. Matt and I put Harry in between us. I thought that I had had my due, but Matt felt he had some catching up to do. However, I did consider that it might be time to introduce Harry to the joys of the nipple. Matt gave Harry a long throaty French kiss which caused three instant erections. I went and fetched the baby oil and when I came back replaced Matt. He was now more interested in Harry's groin. Matt took some of the oil in his hand and massaged it into Harry's pubes, his groin, his bollocks and finally his cock.. I supervised with the greatest of delight, then I took a little oil and rubbed it gently into his left nipple. He was surprised how sensitive it was and squirmed with pleasure. Both nipples had grown significantly. Matt continued to massage the oil into the inside of his leg. I then reached across to lick, kiss and finally suck his right nipple which brought forth a groan and of course the inevitable happened. Harry plugged into my neck and I gained the first trophy of the season. While he had been sucking and gnawing at my neck Matt had started rubbing the oil into his glans with the palm of his hand. With all that stimulation it could not last long before Harry shot his load and imagine our surprise when his spunk hit the ceiling and richocheted onto Matt's face. In its flight it had gone cold, but that did not stop Matt from licking it off and as the orgasm died down there was sufficient left for Harry and me to savour the warm version. Exhausted we fell back in the bed and fell asleep.

I was determined to get my own back on Harry and waking in the middle of the night I had the perfect opportunity. Still asleep his body was in the perfect position for me to lean across and kiss his neck, applying the pressure and gnawing away sufficiently to get a result without waking him. I lay back satisfied with my handiwork and dozed off.


When I awoke it was fully light. The previous day had been strenuous and had caught up with me. I was in the big bed alone. I had showered and shaved and was about to put some clothes on when the apartment door opened and in came two bright eyed and bushy tailed, though sweating and panting, young athletes. I was delighted to see Matt once more in his sunshine yellow Lycra running suit. The only reason for wearing it (apart from the fact that he looked so attractive) was the support it gave for it certainly left very little to the imagination. But familiarity breeds contempt for this time I could take my eyes off him to admire Harry in his running kit. Another triumph for adidas/Lycra for his running suit was turquoise blue (he must be keen on that colour) with shorter legs than Matt's, but also with all the body-hugging qualities that enhanced not only his rounded central packet, but also his erect nipples. It struck me that here was one area of Harry I was delighted I had begun to explore. I was only pleased that I did not have to judge a beauty competition between them. They saw the effect they had and as a tease posed in front of me, then went off to shower. The scent of their perspiring bodies just added to my excitement. This was Harry's first chance to see himself in the mirror and spot the trophy. He came straight back, looked at mine, burst out laughing and took me in a tight embrace. It was exciting to feel my unbounded loins press against his tight packet. My hands on his bottom I pressed his lower body tight against me while he had a vicelike grip on my upper body. But that was all. Meanwhile Matt acted hurt as he was unblemished and felt he deserved the scars of war. We promised we would put that to rights that evening. We had a busy day in front of us.

While the two lads were showering I got dressed, popped out to the baker's and came back to get breakfast ready. They had just dried themselves and they wandered through with their towels slung over their shoulders.

"You haven't seen our gym kit, have you?" said Harry. "It's something we've bought here."

"We liked it so much that we bought the same - corporate identity, you see," added Matt. They went off to their respective rooms and came back to the master bedroom each with a plastic carrier bag and called me to come and look. First of all they produced two black leotards of meshlike material with a thong patterned back. They slipped them on making a great show of fitting them round their loins. They were in Lycra stretch cotton which made them a perfect fit. I gasped at the way these semi-transparent garments enhanced their bodies, lifting and projecting their packets and with their nipples standing proud under the garments, while the cheeks of their bottoms remained bare. I felt my own cock starting to stiffen up. They used this as a grand opportunity to tart and flirt together. It was in fact the opposite of a striptease, but far more stimulating. They each then produced from their carriers a pair of brilliant white adidas shorts in nylon which they slipped on. The shorts were extremely short, cut in a manner more continental than English, fitting neatly round their waists and scarcely touching elsewhere despite the provocations. The black of the leotards showed through the fine white material with an elusiveness destined to tantalise and excite. They set all this off with white sweatshirts and white socks and trainers. They had certainly scored a hit with this ensemble and I could only admire their wicked taste. They acknowledged my approval from the expansion in my trousers, then put a few things in a rucksack while I returned to my place in the kitchenette. After breakfast we set off for the leisure centre.

We bought a day ticket which gave us all the facilities we wanted. The lads thought they would head for the gym first to cultivate the body beautiful. I would call it maintenance rather than development. While I kept within my abilities and pedalled away on a bicycle or walked and jogged on the treadmill it meant that I could watch the competition between them on the rowing machines and then on the weights to work on their sixpacks. I was fascinated by the way their bodies rippled and their packets moved dressed as they were in just the semi-transparent leotards. After this they slipped on their shorts and threw over a white top and went off to the squash courts. We took turns in playing, but in the end I recognised my true ability and took my pleasure watching them fight it out with a narrow victory for Matt. The next part was much more to my liking, although a new experience. It was the sauna. We collected our towels and went off into the changing room to strip. Nothing new for the three of us here, just that Harry for reasons better known to himself rolled his foreskin back. I was just piqued that I hadn't done it for him, but it wouldn't have ended there. So we went into the steam room and sweated. The drawback (!) was that I could not see across the room for steam, so unfortunately it was pure relaxation. After that into the cold pool. Now I understood why Harry had prepared himself. Then off into the changing room to dry off and get dressed. We took a light lunch in the cafeteria and took ourselves off for mini-golf. It was not their afternoon. I think they were feeling the effects of the gym and had lost ball control, so with a little concentration I managed to get an edge. As it was getting on in the afternoon we decided to go down to the beach for a little sun-bathing after which we finished off our activities day with a swim in the warm Atlantic Ocean.

By now we were exhausted. The apartment door closed behind us. Harry made a dash for the shower. All the way home he was complaining of having got sand under his foreskin and the black volcanic sand of Tenerife is particularly abrasive. We could sympathise for neither of us wanted broken skin to lead to inflammation. I shouted after him to put some TCP on it when he had showered.

Tim went to his room. I followed on. "I won't stay more than a minute." "I want to give Harry something special as a momento from both of us and I want your blessing."

"What is it?"

I told Tim about the conversation which had given me the idea and his eyes lit up and he nodded in agreement. "I can sort that while you two are out tomorrow evening. I'll love you and leave you now. Not only is it siesta time, but I have thoroughly earnt my siesta today. See you in a couple of hours." I patted his bottom as I left and he flashed his eyes in the tartiest manner imaginable. Back in my room I showered the sand away and naked I slept a deep and dreamless sleep on top of the duvet. I was woken by two starving lads dressed in polo shirts and shorts who were more than ready to go and eat. "Give me five and I'll be with you." I hauled on a thong, some shorts, a short sleeved cotton shirt and my sandals.

We went off to the steak house just down the road. We were aching, or at least I was, and just wanted to relax. We decided against the Sangria that evening and settled for a local wine. This was a little stronger than what we had been drinking and the lads' tongues loosened that much sooner. The conversation soon turned to sex. Firstly it was gratifying to hear that they were enjoying themselves, both during the day and at night. Harry acknowledged that Matt and I had a lot going for us in our relationship, but on the other hand he knew that we did not see each other that often.

"How do you manage without each other?"

"Madam Palm," answered Matt.

"But with your relationship that must seem rather boring."

"It's not just the action, but the fantasies you have with it which make it more exciting. On the other hand you could use a wanking machine."

"What, you mean inflatable dolls?"

"Well, yes, but you can make your own."


"Wait till we get back and we'll show you." We left that topic and talked about the day we had had, especially the failure of the mini-golf when the two experts had let me win!

We got back at ten, which was earlier than usual. We changed for bed and then sat on the sofa watching a video and as we did we kissed, cuddled and touched each other up, taking care all the while not to go too far and spoil what was to come. Finally the video finished. We went into the big bedroom and pulled back the duvet. Harry was told to go and fetch the shorts he was wearing earlier. They were ideal.

"So you want become mechanised? Well, this is what you do." I took one pillow and put it on one side of the bed, about half way down. I place the shorts carefully on it so that one leg was at the bottom edge and then placed a second pillow on top. "We're ready." Matt removed Harry's tee shirt and shorts.

"Lie down on the other side of the bed on your back." He then knelt over him and using the skill of his hands only started to massage and manipulate Harry's groin until he had a magnificent stand. While he was doing that I fetched a couple of things from the auxiliary case. The first was an extra strength condom. It gave me the greatest pleasure on seeing Harry worked up to squeeze it out of its wrapper and slowly peel it back over his cock.

We then got him to lie face down over the two pillows and between us positioned him so that with a little help he could slide his cock inbetween the slippery legs of the nylon shorts up between the pillows. Luckily it was a good fit and his cock slid in perfectly.

"Right. Over to you. Just pump away at your own speed." He needed no further advice, but worked himself up, slowly at first, but as his breathing increased so did his thrusts, or was it the other way round? Before he had gone too far, but was 'hooked on', I had slicked up a butt plug and as his bottom rose, I slipped it in. Harry took a sharp intake of breath in appreciation and with this encouragement sped up and finished himself off.

He lay there recovering and finally peered up with a look of sheer delight on his face. "Roll over on your back," and as he did it pushed the butt plug in up to its hilt prolonging the pleasure. His cock had subsided. The reservoir of the johnny was more than full. We handed him some tissues so that he could remove it and clean himself up without getting up. When his pleasure had completely subsided Harry removed the dildo. He had decided that he had had enough for tonight and removed himself, not without expressing his gratitude, to his own room. Matt and I restored the bed, stripped, climbed in, put the light out and snogged until both of us had climaxed, but not without my fulfilling a promise. Matt now had his corporate trophy.


It was strange to wake up with just Matt and I was going to take full advantage. It was just getting light and we smiled at one another and said "Good morning." Matt rolled over on top of me and buried his tongue down my larynx, or so it felt. Touching each other our cocks swelled and Matt had to lift himself up to let them stiffen properly. It was heaven, his cock against mine, his bollocks against mine, his chest against mine, his lips against mine, my hands caressing his butt. I just had to stretch my hand out to pick up the dildo by the side of the bed. I used it to caress his crevice which made him more passionate and as he shifted his body into the right position I quickly but gently inserted it and pushed it up. The ecstasy was immediate and he rolled over dragging me on top of him. We worked away at each other keeping out hands clear of our cocks until we were bursting for more.. I got up and lay with my head towards the foot of the bed and then as I took Matt's cock into my mouth he took mine and we gently licked each other's glans. The apartment door opened and in came Harry with the rolls for breakfast. He left them in the kitchen and came and sat down in the bedroom so that he could watch us. I was too busy to keep and eye on him. I had Matt and all I wanted at that moment was to give him the greatest pleasure possible, for that was what he was doing for me. I think we were flattered that Harry was so interested and we certainly had no objections to his being there. The three musketeers - all for one and one for all (with Daniel already cast as d’Artagnan). Harry was impressed not only by the way we climaxed together, but also by the way we savoured the other's seed. Matt and I parted and lay there in each other's arms relaxing. Meanwhile Harry went off to get the breakfast. Five minutes and we showered and dressed. Today we were going on a trip to Mount Teide, the volcano.

The minibus took us to the bottom of a cable car which we then rode over the volcanic ash up to the crater. The surprise was the altitude, 3718m or 12198ft, on such a small island. Once upon a time it had been higher, but had collapsed on itself. We had been prepared for snow and were glad of the warm clothes we had brought with us. Mount Teide has not erupted since 1909, but there are still traces of sulphurous smoke coming out of its minor craters. On the return journey we saw the lunar landscape used by the American astronauts to practise their moon-landing and the area that had been used to film The Planet of the Apes.

Arriving back in the late afternoon we still had the smell of sulphur in our nostrils. Dressed for altitude we now felt hot and sticky back at sea level, so we decided we would go down to the beach for a swim. We were in our own time and the lads would not go out too early as things would not have got going. We changed into our bathers and put a tee shirt and shorts over the top before grabbing towels and running down to the beach. A quick strip and we were in the water. We had great fun frolicking in the sea. I sat on a rock absorbing the sun while Matt and Harry chased around trying to undo the drawstring on each other's costumes. Matt dived under the water, then suddenly came up between Harry's legs, grabbed the bow and pulled it undone. Harry immediately plunged after him and as he hit the water his turquoise Speedo Lycras slipped down his legs and floated on the top. I now know why they are called bathing slips. I was in the water like a flash. I seized the slip and swam after Harry whose face was filled with amazement. I wouldn't give him the slip, but got him to swim in such a position that I could pull it over his feet and up his legs and then what was in it for me? I pulled it over his buttocks and made sure that his bits fitted in comfortably before tying up the drawstring and giving one final feel under his balls I swam back to my rock.

Tim was killing himself with laughter, but revenge was in the air. Harry dived after him, took him in an underwater rugby tackle and had his yellow and blue Hom Lycras off in a trice. Not content with getting equal he swam off at a pace towards the beach and dropped the slip on Matt's towel, returned to the water and swam over to join me on the rock to enjoy the cabaret. But you have to give it to him, Matt was cool. No blushing, no panic, he coolly swam to shore, walked with a deliberate slow pace towards his towel, picked up his slip and just took his time putting it back on, playing to his audience all the time, an audience which consisted not only of Harry and me, but of several girls and boys, not to mention men and women on the beach. For Matt they did not exist. We did and he took his time tying up the bow so as to attract the maximum attention possible. I had a stiffy, Harry's eyes were sparkling and he had a smile on his face as he re-arranged the contents of his swimming costume, and still taking his time Matt re-entered the water, swam across to us on the rock, climbed onto it and took a bow towards those on the beach.

"Pax?" said Matt.

"Pax," said Harry and in a stage-managed way they shook hands in front of the assembled crowd and sat down on the rock. What I hadn't realised until I saw Matt on the beach was how much he had caught the sun over the past few days. We swam around for a few more minutes before leaving the water, drying ourselves off and sunbathing for a quarter of an hour. We then slipped on our clothes and sandals and complete with black sand wandered off back to the apartment in a high state of hilarity.

We showered separately in our rooms and took our siestas. When the light had faded the lads stirred and started getting ready to go out. Matt wore dark blue pair of trousers in heavy cotton and a Viyella shirt with a tartan pattern, while Harry had gone for the light blue cotton shirt with the white Chinos. Obviously in high spirits they tarted in their smart clothes and after receiving the smile of approval gave a wave and a gay cheerio and went off. I relaxed back in the armchair admittedly jealous of their youth and beauty, but proud of the way they took pride in themselves and were such good company. Decision time - go to the supermarket or dine out alone? Laziness won, but first of all I had some shopping to do. I dressed, made sure that I had the plastic with me, locked up the apartment and went off. The shops had opened up after siesta and would remain open until late. I found the one I was particularly looking for, the jeweller's. I wanted a gold signet ring and I offered my hand so that the jeweller could judge the size. I found one I liked.

"Can you engrave it by tomorrow?"

"If you come back in an hour, you can take it tonight." I could not argue with that, so I gave the details, paid and went off to do some more shopping. I did not risk eating yet in case the jeweller was closed by the time I had finished. I looked round the shops and admired the tasteful clothes. I bought one or two things I needed to take back to England. The hour up I collected the ring. The workmanship of the engraving was superb. I took my packets back the apartment and then went off to dine. I took a book with me to keep me entertained. I span the meal out as long as possible and returned to base, put on a video and promptly fell asleep. After I woke I was going to get a drink and go to bed when a key turned in the lock and the boys came in.

"I didn't expect to see you two until the morning. Did you have a good time?"

"A good time would be an understatement."

"Go on, tell me all about it." It was Matt that took up the story.

"Well, to kill a bit of time we went down to the beach and sat, just enjoying the ambiance. After that we walked back into town to look for somewhere to eat."

Harry continued. "We were outside what we thought was a restaurant looking for the menu, but when we worked out the Spanish and saw some of the pictures we realised it was an all-male night club. Anyway, we were talking about this when a voice behind us asked if he could help. We turned round and found it came from this guy about our age. He was dressed in brilliant white 501s and a white shirt and you should have seen his packet. We guessed why he was there, but didn't quite get it right. He said that he had heard us speaking English and that he was keen on improving his as he eventually wanted to study it at university."

"Well. we got into conversation and he asked what we were doing. We said that we were on holiday and just wanted to see the town at night and that we were looking for somewhere to eat. 'Why don't you come to my parents' restaurant? It's the best in town and I’m sure you will enjoy it.' His English was good, he was by himself and we were both smitten with his appearance. We looked at one another and nodded."

Harry carried on the narrative. "We introduced ourselves. His name was Juan and when we shook hands I just automatically stroked his palm with my finger. His eyes lit up and he did the same when he shook Matt's hand. We now knew why he was there. When we got to his parents' restaurant he introduced us, speaking English all the time, as did his father and mother, and said we wanted to eat. 'Can I join you and speak English to you?' he asked. 'You'll get a special price.' An offer we could not refuse. He took us across to his family's area of the restaurant, laid three places and explained the menu. Now that we were indoors in the light we could see how extremely handsome he was. There was not an ounce of spare flesh on him. It was all muscle and sinew. He fitted his Levi's just right, loose at the waist and tight a the crotch and as he walked to and fro we could not take our eyes off him, and he knew it."

"He was incredibly good-looking, noble, with jet black hair, not cropped, nor long, either, the sort you could run your fingers through without ever ruffling it. But set in his open, happy face were these unusual eyes. They were not brown like most of the locals', but an amazing shade of Mediterranean blue. He did all the waiting, obviously fully trained, and obviously well known and very popular with the regular customers. As we sat there, our nobs were twitching, I can tell you. 'I'm sorry. I am bringing the food now. I must put on an apron or my mother will be angry if I spill anything onto my clothes,' Juan said. His English was incredibly good."

"When all the food was on the table, he took off his apron and sat down with us. I drew the short straw for Juan had laid his own place next to Matt and sat down with him. He hardly stopped talking, but was also extremely entertaining and funny, and more so as the bottle of wine was consumed. He told us of the antics of the various tourists, the English first, then onto the Germans, the French, the Scandinavians and finally the people coming from Eastern Europe in recent years. Juan could also speak French and German, and had begun to attempt Russian. Like a magnet his eyes were drawn towards the ring on Matt's finger. Smooth operator as he was, Juan used this as an excuse to hold Matt's hand during the explanation, and very tenderly too."

Matt continued. "Then Juan said 'You know, I have seen you, Matt and Harry, somewhere before, I'm sure. But I don't know where. In my dreams.' He smiled and his eyes smiled with him. We couldn't remember him and no doubt if we had seen him before we would never have forgotten. The meal went on and we lost track of time, but when we eventually finished we noticed that the restaurant was beginning to fill as the local residents came in to eat. 'Look, Mama and Papa will be very busy now,' said Juan. 'You can come to my room and I'll show you my new computer game.' I looked at Harry. Was this the modern version of etchings? We had little doubt about that. Juan cleared our table and then took us into the kitchen to see his parents. We thanked them for what had been the best meal we had had in Tenerife. They wouldn't hear of taking any payment. 'You are guests of the family and anyway you have worked for your meal if you teach our Juan English.' We shook hands and disappeared with Juan upstairs to the private area of the restaurant and into his bedroom."

"It was fantastic," said Harry, "a bedroom and sitting-room and study combined into one. He had a television and a stereo and the latest iMac computer. 'Sit down and relax, Harry and Matt.' The chairs were full of books and clothes, so we sat on the bed. Juan put on a CD. He slipped his shoes off, took off his shirt to reveal well developed pectorals and well defined nipples. He undid the top two buttons of his 501s to reveal his pubic hair peeping out of a black undergarment, which I'd guessed was a thong as no pattern could be seen through the backside of his Levi's. (I was right by the way.) He sat between us on the bed and put his arms around us. I'd already got a half hard-on from when he undid his flies."

"I could resist it no longer," said Matt, "and immediately aimed my tongue at his tonsils."

"And when he did, Juan put his hand inbetween my legs and started stroking," said Harry. "I just unzipped my trousers, took his hand, squeezed it and guided it onto my cock. Finally I could take no more and I stripped my clothes off."

"And not to be outdone I did the same and Juan followed suit. Imagine our surprise when Juan looked at me and said 'Now I know where I've seen you before. Were you on the beach this afternoon by the rocks?' I said yes. 'You were so cool. I couldn't stop looking at you.' I'd certainly made a hit there. 'Harry,' I said, 'give him one of your specials.' At that I sat back on the bed while Harry put his slip back on, knelt down in front of Juan and started working away with his tongue and lips and his cock. What I did notice was that there was no difference in the shade of Juan's skin round his lower abdomen from the rest of his body. He worked away for what seemed like an eternity. I had to sit on my hands as I watched them to stop myself from tossing off and when Juan did finally come it was with a sharp intake of breath and his body shook as his orgasm took full effect."

"'Your turn now, Juan,' I said," as Harry took up the story. "He took my hand and guided me onto the bed. He was still breathing heavily and wanted a little time to recover. I amused myself watching Matt's stiffy subside. Juan put his black thong back on and came and lay beside me. I tickled his nipple and kissed it. He did the same to me which gave me just the opportunity I wanted to give him a lovebite. The snogging became heavier until finally Juan had pulled down my slip and was kneeling over me tossing me off. I don't know what his technique was, but I’ve never had a hand job like it and when I came it was in gallons. I put some spunk on my finger and offered it to Juan who licked it off and then scooped up some more. Now it was Matt's turn. Exactly the same technique, except that Matt snogged him from the other side in order to give him the obligatory lovebite, but on the other side of his neck. Again when Matt came, all three of us savoured the jizm and we lay back on the bed the three of us in an embrace."

"We looked at our watches," continued Matt, "just before twelve. It was time to go before this fairy tale turned us back into pumpkins. We dressed and took our fond farewells. We exchanged addresses, but before we went we thought you might like to meet Juan, so we've arranged to meet in that café by the beach tomorrow morning. It can't be long because Juan has got to help out in the restaurant. We left and here we are. I hope you didn't mind us going off alone tonight."

"I don't," I said, "but I’m very jealous." At that we undressed for bed, then Matt burst out in a fit of giggles.

"You know what I did in a hurry to get dressed, Harry? I put your slip on by mistake. So what are you wearing?" Harry was just slipping off his trousers when he noticed he wasn't wearing his own undergarment, but Matt's.

"You know, it didn't feel right," but the thought of what he had done got to him and we both watched Harry as his cock swelled and stiffened inside Matt's slip. As a special treat they put me in the middle when we climbed into bed.


It had been a very late night and when I awoke the sun was shining bright through the curtains. I was not going to shake the other two, but I simply put my hand between their legs and rubbed which woke them very gently and with a look of pleasure on their faces. Very passive they let me finish them off when they lay back and dozed for five minutes. However, we had things to do, places to go and people to see on this our last full day before returning home to a cold, damp English February. We got up and showered separately. Matt was first ready, so he took charge of buying rolls and preparing breakfast. After clearing away we hit the town. The lads were smartly dressed in slacks and polo shirt. Harry had volunteered to carry the rucksack for our shopping, then he wanted to go off on his own for half an hour and handed the rucksack to me. We agreed to meet at the beachside café. Meanwhile Matt and I went off to buy presents for the family. It also gave me a chance to talk to him about the evening. We carried on round the shops and I dared him to take back a cuddly donkey and a sombrero, but I knew Matt's taste would make him turn that idea down flat.

We arrived at the café and sat down at a table outside to wait for Harry. We ordered and then looking up I said "I think this is our guest, and if I'm right your description was extremely accurate." The apparition walking along the promenade was wearing brilliant white trousers which displayed a packet easily visible from a distance. On top he had a dark blue V-necked T-shirt tucked in and above that a noble face topped off with black hair, and my guess was substantiated when he was close enough for me discern those exquisite and enravishing blue eyes. As he reached us Harry arrived from the opposite direction, loaded down with plastic carriers.

The lads welcomed our new arrival with open arms and were eager to introduce him to me. "This is Juan." As we shook hands he stroked my palm and I responded.

"I heard so much about you, both last night and this morning. How delighted I am to meet you at last." It took all my will power to leave it at that, but house rules were unfortunately obeyed. We all sat down and four coffees were brought. The conversation was lively ranging from reminiscences from the previous evening to what we were doing this evening. Juan's English was amazing. He joined in with no difficulty and it sounded so natural. Where had he learnt it?

"My grandfather was English and I still stay with an aunt and an uncle there." The secret was out, the secret of his good English and the secret of his blue eyes. "I must go now. I still have some studying to do and there's work to do in the restaurant.” As he got up, Matt held him back by the arm and Harry picked up one of his carriers.

"We've got a souvenir for you," and he unwrapped a grey sports sweater and held it against Juan to try the fit. Perfect. "It's a souvenir of last night. You entertained us so well."

"We must have a photo of this," which meant I could take a number of photos. I particularly wanted two, a close-up of Juan's face with those blue eyes and a full length one of his appearance as I first met him, as well as of the group. Juan looked at his watch and said he really had to go. As we each shook his hand we embraced in a very continental fashion, which gave me the opportunity of pressing my half hard packet against him and over which he lingered.

We wandered off into town again to suss out where we were going that evening. "Juan told us which was the second best restaurant in town," said Matt.

"But we want the best in town," said I.

"We were there last night!" chimed in Harry. The penny dropped. Something had got into Harry. He was light in mood, gay in the proper sense of the word, and skittish. Was it going home tomorrow that made him like this?

"No," said Matt, "quite the opposite. He’s had such a good week and he's begun to settle in." Harry agreed. All the way, to tonight's venue and back to the apartment, we saw a new side of Harry. His behaviour was provocative, tantalising and so tarty that lust readily rose first in my loins and then farther up the body into the pit of my stomach, and he knew it.

We arrived back at the apartment and divested ourselves of the rucksack and carriers. I could take no more. I simply walked up behind Harry and plunged my hands into his trouser pockets. This is a pretty disabling movement anyway, but as my left hand slipped under his bollocks and my right stroked his cock there was full acquiescence. He backed towards me so that he could feel my expanding packet against his butt, pushing me against the wall. Tim just sat in the chair rearranging his trousers and enjoying the spectacle. As I continued our game of pocket billiards I kissed Harry's neck, but wickedness had got hold of me for my intention was to give him another lovebite and so my manipulations slowed down sufficiently to keep his interest. Sure of my first goal I concentrated on what was going on in his pockets and I sped up to attain my second one.

"Slow down," piped up Harry, "I’m going to come in my pants."

"That's the idea," joined in Matt, but it was too late anyway for his body juddered and pressed against mine and I knew we were there. I released Harry and he dropped his trousers before the spunk could stain them. But I wasn't finished, he had wound me up so much, and I turned round, knelt in front of him, drew his slip over his cock and started licking it clean until it subsided.

"Mine's not going down," I said and at that we changed positions, Harry pulled down my zip and addressed my swollen cock with his tongue, his lips and finally his whole mouth, and it was only when I had unloaded in his mouth that my body finally started to relax. It only remains to account for Matt who was sitting there bursting and at the same time trying not to break one of the house rules. Harry, being the decent guy he was, immediately appreciated the situation, unzipped Matt's slacks and serviced him in the expert way that was truly his.

We relaxed over a very light lunch before starting on our packing for the next day. That done we got changed for our final afternoon on the beach. The lads dressed very casually, Matt in a pair of grey jogpants and dark blue pullover, Harry in a white T-shirt with a maroon tracksuit over it.

We took the scenic route to the beach and finally ended up at the same place as yesterday. We were in no hurry, so we spread out our towels, stripped down to our swimming trunks and just lay in the sun idling, chatting and taking this last opportunity to get the sun on our bodies. I was in that half way state between sleep and being awake when I suddenly felt cold water being poured over the front of my bathers. I opened my eyes to see Harry standing over me grinning and in seconds I was up, but he was gone and in the sea with Matt where I chased him to and caught them up. I ducked Harry for the sake of personal honour after which we spent our time chasing and grabbing one another until I thought it was time to act the little mermaid of Copenhagen and sit on the rock watching for any more talent. We judged by the sun that time was getting on and that we should make our way back to the apartment. I dived into the water and swam to the shore, joining the other two. We dried ourselves off, avoided putting on more clothes than we had to and wandered back. Shower and siesta.

The evening came on suddenly at sunset, as it does at these latitudes, no twilight. We sat around in the lounge, deciding on times. There was no point leaving before half past eight. Harry was in a pensive mood, and open, as we all were with each other, he talked about what was on his mind. Again it was the idea of going back to England and being on his own, as it were, with Barny abroad. Matt and I were okay as we had one another, though I explained to him that although it was true, we each had separate lives to lead and it was necessarily a special time which got us together. We asked him how he had enjoyed the week with us. Fabulous he thought. We told him how much we had enjoyed his company and what fun it had been.

This helped, but the real boost came when Matt, with my tacit agreement, said that we were always there for him, that we would meet at weekends when he could come and stay at my place. While Matt was saying this, I poured three glasses of sherry as an aperitif and now the mood changed distinctly. It was our last night together, we were going to enjoy it and England, rather than being the end of the world, was a chance to enrich our friendship. The sherry worked perfectly. Cheered up enormously Harry told us how grateful he was for being allowed to come with us.

"It's not a question of allowing you. It was an opportunity and you were wise enough to take it up. You're one of us now and we hope that's the way you feel."

"I'’ve got a present for you both, just to say thank you." Harry went to his room and brought back three carrier bags. He gave one each to Matt and me and kept one himself. We took out the contents and unwrapped the packets.

"A sports sweater," said Matt.

"Just like the one we gave to Juan, but you didn't know about these, Matt." Harry took his out. "“Also," he said, "you’ll notice that the colours match our Spartacus shorts." And they did, but imagine our surprise when we unfolded them and saw the logo - le coq sportif - sheer brilliance.

Matt and I hugged Harry thanking him and congratulating him on his wicked sense of humour. We went and changed into our suits and at a quarter to nine we were climbing up the steps into the hotel where the second best restaurant in town was situated. We were spoilt for choice with the menu. Seafood for the first course, we had different meat courses and fruit in some form or the other for the last. We did not normally extend to three courses, but the last night, the way we were dressed in dark suits and the way we felt generally made it special.

Seated at our round table we were waiting for the coffee when I instinctively felt it was the right moment. Full non-verbal communication with Matt confirmed this.

"Harry," I said, "you've spent a week admiring our rings." His face lit up and he almost exploded. Not put off in the slightest, but pleased with the effect the remark had had, I continued taking a small packet out of my pocket. "What do you think of this?" He took the little box, opened it and gasped when he saw the signet ring inside.

"Look at it closer," added Matt. Harry took it out and saw his initials engraved on the outside. He was visibly impressed.

"Now look at it even closer." He looked at it even closer and a puzzled look came across his face.

"Look at the inside," I said. He peered and saw and read out loud. 'To H x x M&N' He didn't know what to say. Matt took it out of his hands and put it on the little finger of his left hand. A perfect fit.

As he did that, Matt said "A small token of appreciation and love from both of us for all you have meant to us this week." I squeezed his other hand in agreement. Harry's jaw was still jammed open in amazement. When he did manage to say something it was:

"But how did you know the size?" Matt and I just nodded knowingly. "Why, thank you both," and he squeezed our hands in gratitude and then held his ring up against ours with a feeling of pride.

The coffee arrived, but that wasn't our waiter! Carried high on a tray it hid the bearer's face, but even so we could see it was Juan. We greeted him enthusiastically as he set out four cups, fetched a chair and asked if he could join us.

"We’re a close community here in the catering industry. It was easy to persuade your waiter to let me bring the coffee. We were so pleased to see him and he had timed it just right to allow the intense emotion of the presentation of the ring to run its course and then break that tension and bring everything back to normality. "I’m free for a couple of hours. I’ve done my work and as long as I am back before closing time Mama and Papa don't mind if I come to say goodbye. Juan too was dressed for the occasion. The lads must have colluded very well for all this to happen so coincidentally. We decided to drink our coffee, pay the bill and return to the apartment, for I suspected what was afoot, and it wasn’t twelve inches.

Back at base Matt and Harry changed into shorts and tee shirt while I fixed four malt whiskies. I did the same and came back to find them easing Juan out of his jacket and tie which they hung up tidily out of consideration for his clothing. Without any subtlety Harry unzipped Juan's flies and took him into a tight embrace burying his tongue deep into his mouth. At a given moment Matt unbuckled his belt and the trousers slipped to the floor. Juan stepped out of them, removed his shirt and stood there in a bright red thong, obviously fashioned with Lycra, which made the most of his assets.

I sat in the chair opened mouthed. How could I be in the same room with three such hot examples of youthful masculinity, all different, but of equal beauty, and without discussion Harry had taken off his tee shirt, dropped his Spartacus shorts and Juan started to attend to his immediately stiff cock. My cock had stiffened up too and in what seemed a well rehearsed routine Matt ripped open the velcro on my shorts and went down on my throbbing stand, making sure I had a full view of what the other two were doing. The double stimulation of voyeurism and Juan receiving a good seeing-to at the same time. Finally the inevitable happened. Harry and Juan had started first, so Harry came first which just made me follow suit. But all this had left Juan and Matt unmoved and so I received an invitation to give Juan the best blowjob of his life. I rose to the challenge, as did Juan, encouraged by the other two. I used my spare hand to caress his balls as much for my own pleasure as his and when he finally did come it appeared as if the orgasm which threw his body into paroxysms would never cease. It did and we fell back onto the settee. It was time for the final act of the entertainment when Harry, the champion, stripped Matt entirely, knelt down in front of him and tried to repay all his gratitude for a week of thorough enjoyment in this final tour de force. It seemed an eternity until the spirit moved Matt, but when it did he came with that characteristic yell destined to awaken the neighbourhood. By now we were all exhausted and we sat back, all four bollock-naked, talking and finishing our whisky, each one of us fully satisfied for the time being.

Juan looked at his watch. It was time to go if he wanted to keep on the right side of his parents. We all got dressed again, only now Juan was the only one in a suit. We were not going to let him walk back alone. The streets were safe enough, but we simply did not know whether we would ever see him again, though he said he would get in touch before the next visit to his aunt and uncle, and so we wanted to enjoy his company for as long as possible. The streets were almost deserted, so as a foursome we walked along the street arms round each other's waists. I was lucky enough to be on the inside so I inserted my right hand into Juan's right pocket and my left into Matt's left pocket, while I am sure Juan's right hand at that slipped into Harry's right pocket. Matt's hand was already in my pocket - where do you think I got the idea from? Whoops - another house rule broken. And so we ambled through the streets to the best restaurant in town and as we turned the corner to his home I felt Juan come off in his thong, accompanied by a burst of laughter, and I had a wet hand to prove it. I smelt my hand, savoured the perfume and dried it before shaking Juan's hand and kissing him good night. The others said their farewells in the same way and we jauntily re-trod the route back to our apartment. It was late and we had a long journey in front of us on the morrow, so we undressed and climbed into bed with Harry safely between us.


It was light when I awoke. As the pick-up was not until eleven and outside the apartment, there was nothing to hurry for. We only had to have breakfast, finish packing and clear up the apartment which had remained amazingly tidy throughout the week. I stretched my arm over towards Harry, picked up his hand and placed it on my cock, which although not hard was meaty and hot and in need of little stimulation. He came to, opened his eyes and realising the situation he was in started working away at it, gently and slowly. I just lay back and thought of England. Well, not quite. I closed my eyes and relaxed with my hands behind my head, enjoying the feeling and doing my best to make Harry work before the tension built up and he had a wet hand. I then pulled him over on top of me, gave him a Frenchie and massaged his buttocks while enjoying the feeling of his red-hot cock stiff against my body. When I felt the moment was right I reached over to the bedside table, got hold of the butt plug, always there greased up and ready for action, and carefully inserted it. I then rolled Harry over, waking up Matt, felt the sticking plaster tear at my abdomen and chest as I pulled myself away from Harry and gave him what he had just given me, only while I was at it, Matt joined in by kneeling over Harry and letting him tease his cock with his tongue. Once I had released Harry's tension, Matt took up a more convenient position, but not before I had fetched his dildo and with the aid of a little baby oil inserted it right between his cheeks. It almost spoilt the party, Matt told me afterwards, for he had nearly lost control and shot off prematurely, but like a true trooper saved the situation and enjoyed the extra thrill of the butt plug.

While the two lads were recovering, I showered, put on a Litesome and served breakfast for them. When we had finished, the boys in skittish mood delighted in picking up small objects and seeing how many they could stuff down the pouch of my jockstrap. I could scarcely fight them off and you would be amazed what you can stuff down the pouch of jockstrap without endangering life and limb. Time was marching on and we had to get serious if we were to catch our bus and flight. In half an hour we were done and with ten minutes to spare we booked out and waited for the pick-up.

The rest of the day was humdrum. We left the typical 70° of Tenerife on time, reached Birmingham Airport on a sunny, but cold day. Fortunately we had our winter clothes handy as we would feel the cold more keenly than if we had stayed in England. I took one more snap of the boys and came to the end of a film as Harry's father appeared on the scene to drive us home. Matt's parents would not be arriving back from a weekend break in Cornwall and so he had arranged to spend the night with me and they would pick him up on Monday on the journey through. So we left Harry to his father's care and after saying our thank-yous and goodbyes waved as they disappeared down the road. Over the revving of the engine we could hear and see Harry tapping on the car window with his newly acquired ring.

We were back in the English winter with a bang. We needed heating and hot water and meal. We did the minimum necessary to make the house habitable, had a quick wash in cold water before going round the corner for a meal while it was warming up. We were just about to leave the house when I said to Tim "Just a minute. I've got an idea. I wonder if Daniel would like to come for a drink."

"We can tell him all about Tenerife."

"And Juan and see whether he likes our idea about the summer."

"We ought to have Harry here."

"There's time enough for them to meet and after a long flight is not the best time," I replied. "I’ll try and get him on his mobile."

As luck would have it he was home watching television in his room. When he heard that Matt was here and we were going round to the King Eddie he was only too pleased to join us.

"We'll stand you a meal if you haven't already eaten."

"That's all right. A packet of crisps will do."

"We'll meet you there."

"No, I'll call at the house. We have to behave in public. Remember?" A few minutes later there was a ring at the door. I let Matt answer it. I could hear from the noise they made how pleased they were to see one another as they shook hands and embraced. Matt brought Daniel into the sitting-room and I embraced him as well. Matt took his jacket so that he would feel the benefit of it when he went out into the cold again, for I still needed a couple of moments to get ready, and we were both delighted to see a lesson learnt as despite the cold outside (it was not yet much warmer inside) there in the middle of Daniel's ice blue Levi's was a packet worthy of the name and worthy of him.

We wrapped up again and wandered round the corner. Matt and I took a mixed grill with good old English chips while Daniel contented himself with a bowl of thick soup as he had already eaten. We laughed to see him with his pint of lager, as well. Anyway, the conversation was animated as we talked about our week in Tenerife. Matt told him all about our encounters with Juan and the possibility of meeting him on one of his visits to England, but finally we could get down to the nitty gritties of what we wanted to discuss with Daniel and that was first of all Harry whom we talked about in great detail, both what he was like and what fun he had been, and secondly floating the idea of Daniel making up a foursome as we took off somewhere in the summer for a fortnight.

"He sounds my kind of guy," said Daniel and the idea received instant approval in theory even if we had to wait to work out the practicalities, but I hadn't expected to get any further that evening. Refreshed and restored we accompanied Daniel back to his abode. On the way he commented on our new sports sweaters. He hadn't missed much. In the dark he gave Matt a particularly passionate hug before we left him there while we returned to what was now a bearably warm home.

"Despite the cold I could have given him one there and then," said Matt.

"I'm sure you could," retorted I, anxious that this should be an evening of Matt and me alone.

I made sure the communal bedroom was as comfortable as could be with such little preparation. I had unpacked a little in my own room. We then got ready for bed and returned downstairs for what had become our customary tot. That would stop tomorrow. It was only for special occasions. It was just that the past week had been full of special occasions. I sat on the sofa with Matt sprawled lengthways along it and over me. The feel of his body in my lap was enough to start me off and it was a variation of The Princess and the Pea, namely The King and the Carrot. I caressed his nipple through his tee shirt and, as we calmed down, felt more relaxed and our moods mellowed, he said how marvellous it was for just the two of us to be alone together again and although he had grown very fond of both Harry and Daniel, and had enjoyed Juan as well, that was a different feeling from what we had going between us. I could only agree and felt gratified that it had come from Matt rather than me.

"You know, we didn't have pudding," I said "and do you know what I feel like to finish off?"


"I couldn't have put it better myself," and we put the downstairs lights out and disappeared upstairs for for a session of soixante-neuf. We stripped and lay on the bed and snogged just to work ourselves up again. It was a slow snog. We did not need to hurry in the morning as Matt's parents would not be picking him up till midday. We loosened our tongues on each other, but the resulting stiffies were too much of a temptation and we were scared of automatically jerking each other off, so Matt grabbed a jockstrap and I a German wonder thong just to keep ourselves under control until we were ready. It was a slow snog, lips, tongues, nipples until I finally worked my way down to kiss Matt's packet. That was the last straw for him. He pulled off his jockstrap giving his bulging cock free rein, stripped off my wonder thong and got back on the bed in the BR position. We plugged into one another. We had to anticipate the other's pleasure while working away at our own - for me the salty taste of the glans, the licking out of his love juices, the tactile exploration of his glans and foreskin with my tongue and the final explosion as he came and I could savour the full flood of his spunk before swallowing.

As we relaxed we were still not ready to go to sleep and in each other's arms we just chatted.

"Matt, I cannot tell you how much I adore you." I really felt it would be a wrench for my heart the next day. "I love the sex with the others, but there's something different when it comes to you."

"I know," he replied, "I find that too. It’s nice to go travelling, but oh so much nicer to come home." He underlined his statement with a long, deep Frenchie. "You know," he said, "we haven't had a shag all week long."

"You're right. I hadn't thought of it. Did you miss it?"

"No, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the BJs."

"It just shows what we really like."

"In fact over the week we've done very little together."

"You've been counting?"

"'Fraid so. But don't think I'm jealous. It was great fun. I think it's done a lot of good and what's more we're alone together now and that more than makes up for it."

"And we'll make up for even more tomorrow. See you in the shower." At that we rolled over, put the lights out and went to sleep.


We woke as it was getting light, both as hard as rocks. We were content though just to lie there in each other's arms, chatting, occasionally kissing and stroking, but resisting the temptation to stroke inbetween each other's legs, for that would have forestalled the delights to come. After an hour I disappeared and went and made some coffee. The house was now up to its accustomed temperature, so it was no displeasure to walk around naked. We drank our coffee in bed and then felt it was time for the shower. Once the water was adjusted we climbed in and enjoyed simply holding one another under the cascading water, but I could never hold Matt, even by the hand, without stiffening up and it was not long before we were aroused and consequently soaping ourselves up with the shower gel. From our conversation of the previous evening we had decided to go all the way. I gelled up Matt's crevice, he my cock before my embarking on penetrating his sanctum sanctorum. I made sure to caress his nipples while doing it for we intended to reverse rôles once I had implanted my seed. And so the pleasure rose within both of us until it seemed that my cock and my bollocks were exploding as I pumped my juices into Matt's body. The water soon washed us down and almost immediately I went to work with the gel on Matt's cock in return for his work on my point of entry. I held on to the pipework and braced myself as I felt his cock slide slowly up. Taking the tip from me he rubbed gel into my nipples, but as he got more excited he abandoned them to work up a lather on my cock and despite my coming only a few minutes earlier as the orgasm rippled through his body I came again, not only with a more powerful orgasm, but also with such pressure in my glans that you can never tell whether it is pain or pleasure and leaves you with that feeling of dull pain for the next few hours.

Completely satisfied we washed ourselves under the fall of water, turned off the taps and dried each other with a fresh crisp bath towel. We recovered by lying on the bed for some minutes after which we got up and dressed. Matt put on a German wonder-thong which I took the utmost pleasure in adjusting for him. Over his top he put on a tight, nipple-showing tee shirt and pulled on his 501s which he allowed me to button up. He put his coq sportif sweater ready for later, but in the house it was warm enough for what he had on and this would be my last chance to lust over his physique for some time.

We had to do some shopping first, but then as a treat I cooked a full English breakfast with all the naughties such as dripping instead of oil and the tastiest smoked bacon we could find. Our conversation was largely about the past week and when it turned to Juan Matt reminded me.

"Don’t forget that we promised to send him a cricketer's jockstrap."

"Don’t worry. I’ll try and do that when I go into town this afternoon. With indoor cricket schools these days there must be somewhere that sells cricket gear in February."

"If you can't get one, let me know. I've got a spare brand new one at home still sealed in its carton and I would say we’re the same size."

"Well, you might be round the waist, but that's as far as it goes." We laughed giving each other knowing looks. Our laughter was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Matt's mother. They would be here in ten minutes or so. Matt got all his luggage together, put on his sweater and I put on the kettle to make a cup of tea for everybody.

Matt’s parents were as good as their word and arrived in no time at all. They were pleased to see their son and remarked how well he looked after a week in the sun. They had spent a restful weekend being pampered at a hotel in Cornwall. Over tea we caught up with each other's news until they felt it was the right time to go. I helped to load Matt's luggage into the car. I hugged him and said "See you soon. Keep in touch."

(to be continued)