This story is entirely fictional, based on the author's fantasies. The characters, however, have some base in real life and so the the names have been changed for their protection. This story contains explicit gay sex between consenting males of legal age in the country of origin. If you don't like the subject or are not legally permitted to read it, you have been warned. Don't read any further.

by N Fourbois

Part III


I always felt on a bit of a downer after parting from Matt. I rarely saw Daniel passing by the house. However, my evening suddenly brightened up when the phone rang and I saw that magic number on the screen. It was of course Matt. He had been in touch with Harry and they wanted the three of us to spend the long Easter weekend together, plus Daniel. As Easter was late, the weather might be warmer and anyway the days would be longer. They had some idea of going up to the Peak District. I was more than willing to join them, but advised caution in case Daniel and Harry didn’t get on together.

"Can I ring you back?" said Matt. How could I say no? The phone rang again. Matt. "I've just talked to Mother. In a fortnight's time Dad's got a weekend business conference with a dinner and dance, so they'll be away. She suggested the four of us should come and house-sit while they’re not there. She said she hoped we wouldn't mind sharing rooms."

"Right! You organise Harry, I'll organise Daniel and we'll see whether we can spend the Saturday and Sunday together. No sooner said than done. I caught Daniel on his posey phone. He was okay (and delighted). I reported back to Matt who had got the thumbs-up from Harry. Because there was an international that week it appeared that there was very little in the way of local rugby fixtures and so the sporting lads were free. I would take Daniel up and Harry would make his own way.


To make the most of the day it was not yet eight when Daniel and I had loaded the car and left for Matt's. Naturally I had prepared a bag of goodies just in case. Matt had obviously heard the car for he opened the door as soon as we drew up. Once inside I gave him a tight hug and with my hands on his bottom pulled him tight against my groin. Then Daniel hugged Matt in the same manner gaining advantage of the lump in his trousers that I had already caused. We had not been there five minutes when Harry arrived transported by his parents. We left Daniel in the living-room while we went out to greet them. It was great to see Harry's grin and twinkling eyes again. His mother and father would not come in as they had things to do and wanted to take some advantage of a weekend to themselves. We helped with the bags and I promised to deliver Harry on Sunday evening. Now came the moment of greatest anticipation. After Matt and I had hugged Harry in the hallway we took him in to meet Daniel. Looking back I think it must have been love at first sight. Almost unconsciously they looked each other up and down, or rather up as they started with each other's trousers and when their eyes met their faces expressed everything. As we introduced them they shook hands, both using the tell-tale handshake, after which they went into a clench as if they had known one another for years at the end of which Harry put his hand up between Daniel's legs causing an involuntary inhalation of air from the latter and a satisfied look from the former. They sat on the sofa together while Matt and I had to make do with separate chairs, but we could wait. We were just relieved to see that the first impression augured well for a successful weekend.

"Before we go any further," said Matt, "Mum and Dad have left us four tickets for the England-France match at Twickenham. Not only that they've got us rail tickets so that you don't have to drive us." That was wonderful. We were certainly being looked after this weekend.

"When are they back?" asked Harry.

"Sometime on Monday. I'm not sure when." The only thing was that the train went in just over an hour's time, so we took a quick coffee, unpacked our stuff in our rooms and changed fit for the terraces. Nominally I was with Matt in his room while Harry and Daniel had the spare room, but knowing how well we got on I was sure we would not cope within those confines. The only thing was that time together was short and Daniel and Harry would want to be alone for some of that time to get to know one another while there was no doubt that Matt and I wanted certainly wanted to get to know each other better in order to make up for the past few weeks. We hadn't to forget that the whole point of the weekend was for Harry and Daniel.

Matt's room was interesting. I had never seen it before. It was large bedroom study and a door led out to its own bathroom and toilet. He had a huge desk with computer (AppleMac of course). His selection of books and CDs was neatly stored on shelves and in a prominent position easily seen from both desk and bed was his collection of framed photographs, with the collage of us in the Swiss Alps in a prominent position. His bed was a spacious divan. I could not decide whether it was a large single or a small double bed covered with a continental quilt. Whichever that was ideal. Among the wall decorations was a poster, obviously one he had had made, of himself in a light blue bodysock training on a bull-worker and judging from what bulged through the bodysock it was reasonably new. There was certainly a Narcissistic streak there, but used to good effect for Matt was never backward in giving pleasure to others. He was as we know proud of his physique and as he said, it was a God given gift that he had no intention of letting go. He was fully conscious of the effect he had on others of both sex, but on the other hand was very selective in how he exploited it, but exploit it he did on the right occasion. We were supposed to be getting changed for the match, but when I saw him standing there in a pure white cotton slip I lost control, as he had anticipated, and I knelt in front of him, pulled down the slip and sucked and sucked until the eventual rush of juices which I devoured and hungrily sucked for more. Only then could we get on with the job in hand. We both put on step-ins to save us from the cold

When we got downstairs the other two had been ready for some while, but were happily chatting together. I was pleased that Daniel had learnt something, showing as he was a prominent packet in his ice-blue Levi's. Harry's eyes did not move from it until finally he said he wanted to explore it, but there wasn't time. Matt and I added salt to the wound when we told them about our quicky. We piled into the car and drove off to the railway station. The tickets included a reservation so we were able to sit together in a foursome. At the next station more passengers climbed aboard and we were delighted with a distraction that would occupy our minds until Paddington. Among the throng were a pair of identical twins. It was their blond hair and blue eyes that first caught my attention. It was their trousers that first caught Daniel's and Harry's attention - white cotton which clung to their buttocks and their packets placed neatly in the centre. The glimpses I gained of their bottoms were intriguing for there was no outline of an undergarment, yet their packets were so well organised that they must have been wearing thongs. They sat opposite each other in the seats on the other side of the aisle from us, so Tim and I had a good view of one and Harry and Daniel of the other. As one got up to take his jacket off Daniel casually stretched out his hand and stroked him on the bottom, but instead of moving out of the way quickly the twin just made himself more available and finished aided by the motion of the train by falling over onto Daniel and as he was helped up he put his hand between Daniel's legs and lingered. That broke the ice (the fall, I mean) and we got talking. Their names were Ben and Oli (sic). Eventually Daniel and Harry suggested they went off to the buffet car for a coffee. During all this my trousers had tightened against my packet and I felt a twinge of envy. On the other hand I was alone with Matt for a while. Just after Reading Harry returned with one of the twins with a sparkle in their eyes.

"Where are the other two?"

"Daniel and Oli will be back in a minute," and I mouthed to Harry:

"You haven't?" He nodded with that cheeky grin of his. Then the other two arrived equally looking like the cats that had got the cream by the way they were licking their lips. Matt and I changed our seats to let the others sit as a foursome and the way they laughed and giggled together you would think they were old friends.

We arrived at Paddington three minutes early and got out together. It was not until we reached the concourse before the six split into four and two and as the two walked away we lingered to watch their pert, little and identical bottoms disappear into the crowd. Matt and I were green with jealousy, but had the grace to congratulate Daniel and Harry on their quick work, and their taste.

"By the way, what were they wearing under their trousers?" I was interested to see whether my guess was right. I was interested full stop.

"Ben had a Hom Lycra thong in turquoise," said Harry.

"And Oli a jet black Lycra thong," said Daniel, "you could see it expand through the white of his trousers." What's more this interlude had bonded their friendship and we could look forward to a harmonious weekend.

The match was as exciting as we had anticipated, fast and flowing throughout as you would expect with the French. England, one point behind in injury time, made that supreme effort and with a crosskick from the fly half to the left-wing created space for a try to be run in and converted before the final whistle. The return journey was comparatively uneventful. Waiting for the train back we sat on the station talent-spotting, but apart from ourselves everything was disappointing compared with what we had seen in the morning. I had spent a lot of the match trying to guess what the players had on under their shorts. It was part of my lament at the passing of my beloved jockstrap. But at that distance it was not easy and even more difficult with the blue of the French shorts. But how do the French manage to cut their shorts in such an attractive way?

We alighted at the local station round about seven o'clock. The decision was whether to go and eat straight away or return to Matt's first. The former won the day otherwise by the time we had showered and changed it would be late and we wanted to enjoy our evening together. We found a pub with a restaurant and coming in out of the cold we felt that healthy glow in our cheeks after spending a day in the open.

We installed ourselves at a table for four near to the log fire. There were surprisingly few people there. Most had remained in the bar. We ordered our meals which were brought quite promptly. Harry and Daniel were quite keen to tell us about their adventures with Ben and Oli. Evidently they were very identical twins and in no way backwards. They were quite aware of their own good looks. I suppose you would be if you lived with an image of yourself most of the time. They were quite aware of there sexual preferences and dressed to attract the right sort. They were not interested in men, only boys of their own age, and while they had developed their techniques with one another they were always on the look-out for ways of widening their experience and when they had seen our group it had been a race to see who appreciated whom first. They had admittedly been taken aback by Daniel's pass, but were not going to miss taking advantage of it. In fact they had gone to London to stay with good mates for the weekend and meeting Harry and Daniel was a bonus. Harry talked about his party piece and this made Daniel feel all the more randy. All this came out in conversation in the buffet car. Daniel's loins were straining at the leash and Harry's were not far behind, so they split and went to each end of the carriage. Harry gave Ben one of his special blowjobs and received a hand job in return, while Daniel and Oli after some passionate Frenchies finished each other off by hand. While we were drinking up our beer (Daniel his lager) Harry made sure we could see he was wearing his signet ring. It went without saying that Matt and I were wearing our gold bands. Only Daniel was the odd man out. Perhaps his day would come. We paid and left. A quick trip in the car and we arrived back at Matt's house just after nine. It was lovely and warm indoors. As soon as we got in I went upstairs while the others were getting their coats off, went to my goodies bag and took out two pairs of turquoise step-ins which I placed on the pillows in Daniel's and Harry's room.

It had been a long day and we were glad to get home. We all took a separate shower. When Harry and Daniel came down I was delighted to see that they had taken the hint and along with Matt we were even more enraptured to discover something I had not noticed before. Not only were the step-ins of finest turquoise, but they were also translucent giving a perfect display not just of their cock and bollocks, but their pubic hair, too. We got them to give us a twirl and greatly appreciated the homage they paid to their cheeks. Matt and I, dressed in our white step-ins, immediately got stiffies which our garments had no power to support or disguise. Matt provided three glasses of malt whisky. We still had to work on Daniel who preferred his vodka and orange. Meanwhile I put on a CD. Daniel and Harry had the sofa, Matt and I were in armchairs and as the music played we all slowly began to chill out after a strenuous, but enjoyable day. Harry and Daniel embraced, then kissed and as the music played they stood up and held each other in the classic embrace and started to dance together. Matt and I acceded to the sofa and entwined ourselves. They had developed a boner and we developed a boner, content as we so often were to play the voyeur. The passion increased until they decided to disappear upstairs and beckoned us to follow. They asked if Matt had any KY gel. I said there was some in the goodies bag and he fetched it. They stepped out of their step-ins. Harry asked Matt to slick up his crevice while I was invited by Daniel to grease his cock. It was so hot that I thought the gel would start frying. I made a thorough job combined with thorough enjoyment as I anointed his bollocks as a bonus and to stop the sap from rising until Harry was ready. Matt and I sat down ready for the spectacle. Harry lay on the bed. Daniel raised his legs and rested them on his shoulders and took up the position.


"Ready" and with a deft thrust Daniel pushed his way in exacting a gasp from both of them. But then came the extra as Daniel asked Matt to stand behind him with stiffened cock lined up along his crevice.

"Rub, but don't penetrate." I quickly lubricated Matt's eager cock, then lay back in my chair to enjoy the cabaret. However, there was more to come. When Daniel had climaxed, he withdrew and there was a reversal of rôles. Matt and I slicked them up again. Daniel took up his position on the bed, Harry put him in position and they started off again, except that this time I was invited to give Harry that little extra. As I clasped his shoulders I caught the perfume of his body odour and what had been a stiffy now ached and throbbed in ecstasy and it was all I could do, largely out of consideration for Matt later, to stop myself sliding up into his inner sanctum there and then. In the end I had to let go to stop myself from coming off and in great teamwork Matt plugged the gap until that shudder went through Harry's body and it was all over. Harry slumped onto the bed apparently drained and he finished off by passionately attending to Daniel's tonsils with his tongue. If I am any judge of the matter I would say the prostates had remained unmoved, but that was something they could work on. Not bad for the first evening together. Matt and I decided that we suddenly felt extremely tired after the exertions of the day and withdrew to Matt's room.

We went to bed and pulled the duvet over us. Arms round each other we lay there talking just enjoying the contact of our bodies without any further stimulation. We felt proud of the way we had brought Daniel and Harry together, as they had obviously hit it off together from the start. Of course they had their sport, particularly rugby, in common for the times when the blood was not racing, and we simply loved seeing them together and being together with them. We were tired, but we were also so grateful to be able to sleep together again, so with a kiss our hands wandered, mine through Matt's pubes, under his bollocks until it started manipulating his foreskin when he gave up his meanderings in order to enjoy the skill of my fingers, palm and wrist. As I worked away, my lips had already found his nipple and so it continued until that gasp combined with the shaking of his frame meant that we both had wet sticky bodies. I licked my hand clean, then relaxed waiting for him to recover and start the second half. I turned my back towards him, not in any form of refusal, but so that while reaching over to perform on my cock I could feel his along my rim. It seemed an eternity before he worked up my spunk, but I was content to lie there enjoying every moment. I came and that was it. I showed my gratitude by falling into a deep sleep.


I awoke to find Matt in that halfway state between waking and sleeping, kissing my neck. As outward signs of our affection it had become our custom to give each other lovebites. Not only did I willingly accept mine, but I made sure that we would sport a matching pair at breakfast. We both slowly came to, lay there caressing and stroking one another until the nob throb forced us to finish off which we decided to do in the shower. We soaped each other up and it was Matt who made the first move as he stood behind me, soaped up my crevice and perceptibly slid in. The lubrication and the pouring of the warm water simply enhanced the atmosphere and once he had got properly going he could then rub my glans with gel until we both poured forth an effusion of our seed. After rinsing off we dried each other with very rough towels. I could easily have come off again, but controlled both myself and Matt. Matt attended to his hair and before we got dressed we decided on visiting the other two.

We knocked gently and walked in. Harry and Daniel had got out of bed and were just leaving the the shower together which gave us the opportunity of applying the rough towels to them as well. Matt took Daniel, while I dried Harry. I started with his hair and worked my way down and as I got to his shoulders I noticed the telltale bruise on his neck.

"Snap," I said pointing to mine and I looked across at the other two and noticed with equal satisfaction the blue mark on Daniel's neck. Matt's I took for granted. This sense of coordination and bonding gave me a great sense of personal satisfaction. I continued the journey downwards with the towel. I knelt to dry his cheeks and as I did my mouth levelled with his still slack cock. There was no question of temptation. I just started as part of the service.

"You won't get any joy there," piped up Harry. "I produced enough in the shower to whitewash the ceiling." It had become a challenge and the other two were quite content to lie on the bed and cheer us on. I knew Harry only too well. He would get an immediate erection, which he did, and then it was down to the skill of my tongue and fingers to do the rest. No contest, only it took a little longer which increased the pleasure for both of us. And eventually he came. And he didn't just come. The orgasm completely shook his body and there was more than one mouthful of spunk. Two down, one to go. I just needed to imbibe Daniel's to gain a complete set. I suppose at one stage I could include my own.

Matt, as host, offered to do the cooking. Full English breakfast, we would go out for the day and he would cook a roast before we went home. It was a fine, bright day which put us in a positive mood. We went back to Matt's room to get dressed. Just to please me he put on the bodysock in the picture. I could have taken him all over again the way that bodysock covered everything and yet showed all the contours and was far hotter than his naked body, and he left it at that for walking round the house. We took our time over breakfast. It was after all Sunday. Then we got ready to go out. We were going to the local town, ice-skating followed by swimming and depending on the time ten-pin bowling. Sartorially Matt put us all in the shade by dressing in a body-hugging ski-suit. We made do with ordinary clothes wearing something warm, but which allowed movement and which would protect against a tumble on the ice. As we cautiously slipped out onto the rink, Matt dashed past us causing a number of heads to turn. He was fully aware of his audience and exploited it. We just let him get on with it until we noticed that he was obviously being stalked by one youth who did not appear at all savoury and whom Matt was obviously trying to avoid. One for all and all for one, we caught up with him and crowded the youth out. Fortunately he took the hint. Unfortunately it curbed Matt's flamboyance, at least for the morning and we all suffered from that. A snack and a drink for lunch and off to the Oasis for a swim. Here we were all reduce to equals, although again Matt was on his own in his yellow and royal blue Hom Lycras, while we three sported various shades of Speedo Lycra, Harry in his beloved turquoise, Daniel in a bright red and me in my reserved navy blue.

In the changing room all three lads carefully arranged their assets to the best advantage with the crotch-twitching finish of the pubic hair peeping out above the drawstring. When Daniel snapped the elastic across his buttock, I went out to the pool to prevent any misbehaviour on my part and cooled my ardour in the water.

We enjoyed ourselves on the chutes and with the wave machine, provocatively displaying ourselves, but always on the look-out to avoid a repeat of this morning's occurrence, although there were many envious eyes looking in our direction. In the water Daniel's red trunks took on a translucent effect except round the front panel, as when they got wet they seemed to shrink slightly to take up the shape of his body better. Where the time went I do not know, but we decided to leave the bowling for another day. Back in the changing room we showered and the lads vied with each other to see who could dry off most provocatively. Their slips came off straight away and they dried themselves off in the reverse of a striptease. Daniel and Harry put their shirts on first and then took a long time drying their hair which coincidentally made the bottom of their shirts bob up and down teasingly covering and uncovering their cocks and bollocks. They obviously knew what they were doing, too. Something they had learnt at their rugby clubs. Matt on the other hand put on his socks first while standing up, but then had to put on his slip, white Hom No1s, so comfortable with the horizontal fly that encouraged a grope, next in order to accommodate the ski-suit, but made a great to do over drawing it over the slip and arranging himself. I did not know where to put my eyes, not out of modesty, but because so much was going on and I did not want to miss anything. I quickly put on my slip as I knew what would inevitably happen if I hadn't and I got it on just in time at that. The blood raced through body and although it soon subsided physically, emotionally and mentally I was in a state of great excitement which, marked by a feeling in the pit of my stomach, was maintained all the way back in the car to Matt's village.

We got out of the car and Matt unlocked the house. Matt and Harry immediately took their things upstairs and went to get changed, but I noticed that Daniel was not in such a hurry. Concentrating on the driving had kept me in check, but now the blood was racing again. I could resist no longer and from my trousers he knew it. He shook his head towards the kitchen and once there I lost all control. I went up behind him, plunged my hands into his trouser pockets to discover he already had a half hard-on. He backed and forced me against the sink so that he could feel the expansion of my packet. I kissed his neck and worked away with my hands, left one stroking his balls, right one manipulating his cock through the material of his slip. It happened amazingly. The strain of his restricted cock to disgorge its load heightened his enjoyment and his whole body shook in my embrace. I could feel his pants were wet, his pocket was wet, my hand was wet. I disengaged myself, but my stiffy would not subside. We heard the others coming downstairs, so we walked nonchalantly out of the kitchen picked up our kit and took it upstairs. Once there Daniel changed quickly on a damage limitation exercise. The smell of my right hand was enough to keep me on a high until dressed in a clean slip he unzipped my trousers, liberated my burning cock and started slowly at first, but then more intensely to suck it. I was too worked up for it to last long, but it was a most wonderful feeling as relief came at last and I sank down onto the bed and Daniel came and joined me. With my courting finger I wiped a spot of spunk off my cock and licked it. The taste stiffened me up again briefly, but I just wet my finger and made sure I was clean before pulling my slip up and zipping up my trousers. I think we must have fallen asleep together for the next thing we knew was Matt and Harry waking us up and saying they were close to serving.

"You two must have been tired," said Matt. "While you've been asleep we've prepared the roast."

"And had time for a snog and a toss," interjected Harry. Meanwhile night had fallen.

It was cosy with the four of us sitting round the dining room table just chatting. The boys cracked a bottle of wine, but I kept off it in order to drive. How had Daniel enjoyed his weekend?

"Great. I just can't get over how the four of us get on so well. I suppose what I really mean is how we all have sex with one another without any rows about who's going with who."

"House rule number one," interrupted Matt. "Plus the fact that we only invite people we know we're going to get on with and who are tolerant."

"How about you, Harry?" I was keen to know.

"For a start I've found life much easier since getting to know you all. Little did I suspect last year in Switzerland what would happen in just a few months. You caught me on the rebound, but the great thing is you caught me. I don't want to admit it, especially to myself, but I’m going to have to - I've got over Barny going abroad and I've got you three instead." The important word there was three.

"So what are we going to do over Easter?" I enquired.

"I'm up for it," said Harry.

"Me too," said Daniel.

"And I'm game too," said Matt, "but let's think again about where."

"Fine," I said. "As long as it's practical I'll go along with what you three decide, but I don’t want to spend the whole weekend driving or I'll be good for nothing else."

"And it's the something else we're going for, after all," said Matt.

We had had a great weekend break, but it was time to part. We all helped with the washing up, collected our things together, left a large box of chocolates for Matt's mother for being so trusting in allowing us the run of the house, especially her kitchen, and Daniel and I loaded the car while Harry was phoning home. We all hugged Matt and I added a long throaty kiss and we left the house. Harry and Daniel climbed into the back and we made our way towards northwards. The two boys were sitting in the back with their arms round each and gently stroking whatever was within easy reach. They were happy just to be together. Within half an hour we were at Harry's house and the boys delayed getting out just to let their trousers re-adjust themselves. Harry's parents had heard us and came out to greet us.

We went in, introduced Daniel and were invited to have a cup of tea. We talked about the weekend. With Daniel and Harry the rugby loomed large in their conversation, particularly when it led on to their own club games. Eventually we left for the final stage back to the city. Harry and Daniel shook hands and gave each other a quick hug. Daniel came and sat in the front with me and we motored off. Still unable to keep his hands to himself he stroked the inside of my leg, but as much as I was enjoying it I had to stop him as it was distracting me from the road.

"Can I stay the night with you?"

"But you're expected home, aren't you?"

"All I've got to do is phone."

"It's all right by me. Have you got your posey phone with you?"

"Never without." I pulled into a lay-by while he dialled. "Hello, Mum. … Yes, I'm fine. … yeh, great weekend. … Mum, can I stop over for another night? … Tomorrow morning? Well, I can be home by eight. … Cool. Thanks, Mum. See you tomorrow."

"You’ve got a very understanding Mum."

"She's great." I started the engine and it was straight home.

We took all the bags out before I put the car into the garage and took them indoors. The house was nice and warm as the central heating had just given the temperature its evening boost. Daniel took his overnight bag upstairs and I showed him into my room. He showered and changed into his turquoise step-ins and I put on my Spartacus shorts and a tee shirt. We went downstairs for a drink.

"I've run out of vodka," I lied for I wanted to educate our Daniel and I poured two tots of malt whisky. I put on the television for the news, sat down on the settee and let Daniel stretch out and lie across me and inbetween sips of malt we indulged in some not very serious feelies. The news over I switched off the TV and we disappeared upstairs to bed.

When we came into my bedroom, the light caught his translucent step-ins in a certain way and I caught my breath.

"Stand still a moment." He froze. "Has anyone ever told you what a wonderful body you have?"

"My mother, frequently."

"She doesn't count. Stay there a minute. I want to take this in." A running commentary went through my mind which I then spoke for Daniel's benefit. He was smiling knowing what pleasure he was giving. My eyes left his face and looked at his nipples rampant through the step-ins. Looking even lower I admired his pubic hair, then his cock hanging down five inches with its long overlapping foreskin over his well-formed and commensurate bollocks. I could feel myself stiffening up.

"I want you to think of Harry," I said. "Think of him lying in bed with you last night." He thought and achieved what I wanted him to achieve. Through the material of his step-ins I could see his long foreskin slowly peel back to reveal his glans, but not without leaving a tiny damp patch. As his cock slowly swelled it tried to stiffen, but was impeded by the step-ins from reaching its full upright position. I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach and could control myself no more. I pulled him down on top of me on the duvet and stuck my tongue straight between his lips and teeth to be met only by the resistance of his. I stroked his bum enjoying the feel of his stiffy against mine.

"Give me a blowjob," he said.

"Yeesss!" I thought. "Love to," I said. We went on snogging to reach that point of being able to hold back no more. I got him to stand up while I slipped his step-ins over his shoulders. They fell to the floor leaving me a completely free rein. He replied by lifting my tee shirt over my head and was about undo the velcro of my shorts when I said "Wait until I’ve finished you off, then you can do what you like." I moved him back into a chair and sat him down. He was ready for me to go down on him. I dampened his glans with my tongue and excavated his love juices, spreading them over my tongue to get the full flavour. I then used my tongue to explore that outsize foreskin of his. I had seen similar ones, but this was my first opportunity to go into details. Finally I took the whole head in and rubbed his cock with my hand. I could hear he was in ecstasy. And so I worked away conscientiously, only aware of his increasing pleasure from his breathing and groans until I felt his whole body tense up ready to shoot his load into the back of my throat. The first blast of hot spunk hit the roof of my mouth and forced me to swallow. The rest I could easily accommodate which allowed me to savour and appreciated the taste. Then I felt his cock relax and I let go and I could now see the full effect of my work as he lay back exhausted, but with his face shining from utter delight. I took his hand and pulled him upright. He held me in a clench, gave me a French kiss. I could feel his cock stiffen again. He pulled down my shorts, took me across to the bed and we disappeared under the duvet.

Neither of us wanted to go to sleep. I was basking in the satisfaction of completing the whole round of semen-tasting over the weekend. I was also enjoying the warmth of his naked body against mine.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you tonight."

"Why didn't you want to go home?"

"Two things. I need someone to talk to."

"Go on."

"You see, I think I feel the same way about Harry as you and Matt feel about each other."

"I can't blame you for that. If I didn't have Matt, you might have a rival. The other thing?"

"I couldn't go home with Harry tonight and if I went straight back to my place I'd have no one to talk to and I'd only be wanking myself silly rather than being with someone else." I was not in the least slighted, only flattered and delighted to help. I kissed him, slid my hand down his trunk and inbetween his legs. He stiffened straightaway. I took his hand and laid it on my bollocks. I didn't have to say anything. I felt his lips on my nipple as his hand pumped away at my cock. I made him work for his night's stay by straining to hold back, but when I did come it seemed there would be no end to the orgasm. It eventually subsided and we both fell asleep.


After the excitement of the weekend I felt rather deflated both yesterday and today. However, in the evening I had the uncontrollable urge to write to Matt, out of gratitude of course, but also missing him I needed some form of communication.

"My dearest Matt, I am writing to thank you for the splendid weekend we have just spent at your house. First of all may I congratulate you on the way you played host. You were perfect in the way you held back and I hope that you didn't feel out of it. The main thing was that Daniel and Harry had a smashing time. After we left you we deposited Harry, then Daniel asked if he could spend the night with me, but more of that in a moment.

"Staying with you was in many ways a dream come true, a day dream perhaps differing only in details. I had often lain on my bed trying to imagine you at home in your bedroom. To begin with your bedroom was much larger than I thought. Also for some reason I used to think of you sleeping under a duvet on one of those pinewood beds that also form a chest of drawers. Still, I got the duvet bit right. What I have yet to discover is what you wear in bed when you're alone as you have never worn anything when we've been together. I used to imagine it was the dreaded boxers until that afternoon in Tenerife. I get far more inspiration and excitement imagining you dressed, tastefully as ever, than ever I do from thinking of you naked. I do miss you and whisky is a poor substitute, or should that read Madam Palm?

"I hope you didn't feel deprived not being able to give Daniel a good seeing to. He was in really good form. As I said, he asked to spend the night at my place. Of course, I readily agreed, but made him phone home first. Yes, we did have a good time in bed, and yes, we did have a good time in the shower, but I think he really wanted a chat. You see, he's smitten with Harry and who can blame him? We just need to know how Harry feels about him, then perhaps we can play Cupid, although I doubt whether there'll be much more to do there.

"Once again many thanks for a wonderful weekend. Please thank your parents too for allowing us to come and for arranging the international. I shall be thinking of you, as always, and looking forward to our next meeting, whenever you're free. With my fondest love and affection. N"


I had not seen much of Daniel. My enquiries led me nowhere, but it was clear that he had moved out of his parents' house. Then late spring I saw him cycle to their house, obviously on a visit. I also thought I saw him at a bus stop at half past seven one morning. However, during the half term week he spent a lot more time at his parents' house. Was he moving back? Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity of talking to him, but as compensation one morning I saw him walking along the street dressed in a short-sleeved dark grey shirt with matching light grey trousers, displaying a most noticeable and very satisfying packet on the left hand side. I must have a photograph of him.

Unfortunately that was the last I ever saw of him. I often sit and wonder what became of him, whether there was a family rift for I have heard from neighbours about a dark past without ever hearing what that dark past was. Similarly I dearly hope that his bid for independence has not led him into any trouble.

I wrote all this to Matt continuing: "The Good Lord does not open one door without closing another for I have been in conversation with another neighbouring family. They're French. The father is a dentist practising here and they have two sons, Patrick and Thomas. Patrick remained in France while Thomas moved to England with parents. They've been here for about eighteen months. Thomas attends one of the city grammar schools and on more than one occasion has turned my head.

"When he first arrived he had longish hair which did not suit him, but to fit in with English fashion he had it cut short and it improved his appearance no end. In fact I had a summer haircut at about the same time and it enabled me to get into conversation with him. He is ultra slim and dresses with that French elegance that English boys could learn a lot from. Like you he is one of those fortunates in the world who could not be scruffy if they tried and because of his slimness he knows how to display his packet. Once he spotted the direction of my gaze he began to tart and did not object when I accidentally on purpose ran my hand over his buttocks. I'd love you to meet him and would value your opinion. It has taken him a little time to find friends as he's foreign and if you're agreeable he might like to join us for a weekend foursome some time. I wonder how he'd get on with Harry? I'll keep you up to date.

"We really must get together soon. I'm missing you sorely. As you know I am flexible and I'll leave you to make the arrangements. Longing to enjoy your company soon, Your affectionate N"


I had hoped that the first Epilogue would be sufficient, but lying awake one night several things concerning this work went through my mind and so it seemed incomplete without the following (self)-justification. My first concern was whether I had despoiled youth. This is a work of imagination, but if anything had been true the actions would not come up against the law after the change, leaving just one fictional reminiscence of dubious legality. My second concern was that I might have impugned the sexuality of the characters. Certainly Matt had had a girlfriend, but he had also spent a lot of time tarting, showing off his attributes and making himself attractive to his own sex. Harry and Barny, it was common knowledge, had performed together while Ben had been known to inhabit Oli's bed. Daniel by default had never shown any interest in the opposite sex, while Juan is completely invented and has no basis in real life. Furthermore it is important to note that the junior makes all the initial and many of the later advances to the senior. Before the relationships are established there is no instance of the older character imposing himself on the younger, and once they are fully established they are on a completely mutual basis. The 'plot' develops in a romantic style without any evil colouring the background, naïve as this may be. Indeed it is made clear that th

e parents are aware of their sons' sexuality and accept it as shown by their cooperation and approval for the company they keep, the activities they follow and even, basically, the garments they own and wear. And yes, the author is self-indulgent.

The House Rules

1 We are here to enjoy ourselves and each other, therefore we are open and respectful towards one another in every way. {All for one, one for all.}

2 Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

3 We show no sign of our sexual orientation or attraction for each other in public.

4 No solitary sex when we are together.

5 Except for formal wear we dress smartly to make the most of our physical assets.

6 As occasions allow or require we share corporate identity.

7 The jockstrap is the favoured, but not exclusive, form of underwear. Boxer and Bermuda shorts are strongly discouraged.

8 The only permissible jeans are Levi’s, preferably 501s.

9 No smokers, no vegetarians, no drugs.

The activities too gradually become selective. All the main ones are tried progressively in a spirit of "What suits us best?", but as the tale unfolds it becomes clear that one in particular, sometimes regarded as the ultimate, declines and by the end is largely out of favour, at least in the bedroom if not in the shower. In fact, while not denying its importance, sex becomes secondary to the appreciation of beauty and the value of each other's company and then becomes the natural consequence of these. Acknowledgement must be given to the very masculine atmosphere - nothing effeminate is portrayed - , the care and concern of one for another, the positive attitude of the characters throughout, the lack of argument and bickering and the civilised way they act and interact. In true fantasy style money never seems to have a part to play, is readily available and never laid to anyone's account.