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In chapter 5 Brendan recovered from the bad night and faced up to Martin and his mates.

Open Question. Chapter 6.

"Wow this is it?"

"What d'you think?"

"It's perfect."

Except for school, the week had gone quickly.
On Wednesday evening Mike came with them to the big club with a reputation for the best meals in the area and Phillip paid for the special smorgasbord. Mike thought it was because they hadn't eaten out for a while but it was really to celebrate the end of the Martin troubles.
Yesterday they'd organised the hiking supplies then had a family meal at the farm. Phillip did the usual helping with Lucas's uni work then went straight home for a good sleep before the early start and long drive.
They left the car just after midday, hiked with their extra heavy packs for an hour along a defined walking track, bush-bashed up a steep slope, then descended to the bed of a small river and made their way downstream for nearly a kilometre. It was a real adventure because at times the only way through was to walk in waist deep water to get past the steep rocky sides.
The goal was this place, which Phillip remembered from ten years ago when he was on a bigger hike. They were sitting on some flat rocks not far from a mini-waterfall they'd had to manoeuvre past, their packs dumped beside them and looking at the deeper water glistening in a gentle arc from below the mini-fall.

"What'll we do? Swim or explore? There's about four hours of daylight left."

They were both hot from the heavy packs, bright sun and still air, so there was no question really. Brendan searched in the side pocket of his pack where he'd stored the sex god bathers then quickly slipped into them. He turned round just as Phillip was pulling up the old pair of shorts he liked to swim in.

"Ho-ly, Brendan. You wore those at the beach?"

"Only because Robin made me triple promise."

"What happened? Did people whistle at you?"

"No, but some stared. It was embarrassing till I got used to it."

"Hey, you'll need your runners on for protection from rocks on the bottom."

Mostly the water was about waist deep, but where the mini-fall came over it reached a couple of metres and was great for diving. Brendan headed straight for where the water was falling and gave a shout of delight.

"It's like a spa and it's warm."

The sun on the shallower water upstream caused the temperature difference. Swimming in the white bubbles with warm water tumbling on his head made Brendan think it was unreal. Further down from where they went in, the bottom turned sandy and a water fight developed because you no longer had to worry about turning your ankle or falling on the rocks. Phillip became the packhorse for a few minutes when Brendan jumped on his back. They explored where the arc ended and found another waterfall, and not much further along the water went into a kind of chute then dropped for nearly ten meters.

"This is the part I remember. We can tie the big rope up there on top of the rock-face and abseil down into the water."

The abseil rope was the reason for the heavy packs. Tomorrow was going to be exciting. Phillip wanted to try fishing because he reckoned there should be trout, especially in such an out of the way place, and when they got back to the packs he left Brendan to set up the tent and went off with two hand lines. The tent was tricky because of the rocky surface but luckily it had crossover poles which held it in shape. Next Brendan set out the foam pads and thermal mattresses, unpacked the sleeping bags so they'd loft, then went outside and started gathering wood in case they had a campfire. There was a yell and Brendan raced over to see what the excitement was about.

"Look at it. There's enough food on it for four people. What do I do with it now?"

"Clean it of course."

"I wouldn't have a clue. I only tried because I knew you like fish."

Brendan knew exactly what to do because he sometimes caught blackfish in the creek at the boundary of the farm. The trout was cooked on the little camp-stove and the campfire didn't get lit. Brendan was keen, but by the time the plates and pan were cleaned the dusk was deepening and the mosquitoes attacked, tiny ones with vicious little stings that sent them scurrying into the tent.

"Whoo, the joys of camping. How's it going Brendan? Setting up tents, cleaning out fish guts, washing dishes with sand and water, and now being eaten by mosquitoes. Enjoying yourself?"

"No way. I know you just dragged me along with you to do all the work."

"Ungrateful grub. A bit of slavery's good for you."

That was the perfect excuse for a tackle and for the next few minutes there was laughter intermingled with an occasional grunt of effort. It was a type of slow motion competition as each move needed consideration so as not to damage the tent. Phillip won, but not easily.

"Wood chopping is now definitely banned. It's making you too strong."

Having proven his superiority Phillip moved to the side. Brendan promptly sat on his stomach.

"And what are you up to now?"

"This is how we talk. Remember?"

"No, I don't remember. You weren't naked last time."

"Not naked."

"You might as well be, with those bathers."

"You think they look good?"

"What? You want to know my private thoughts do you?"

"Sure do."

"Yes, they're okay."

Was that all? Brendan felt a twinge of disappointment. Oh, teasing.


Phillip laughed and wriggled a bit.

"All right. Beyond sexy."

Brendan felt a glow of pleasure all over and a deeper glow of response.

"When did you start.. Um.. Liking me."

"Liking you? Always. No, I know what you mean. Remember that roasting hot day we went rock hopping in the river and you bashed my nose with your forehead?"

"Yeah, it was funny."

"Thanks, it felt like you broke it and my eyes wouldn't stop watering. Well, you were wearing those green shorts of yours, and we were in one of the pools mucking round when you stood up right in front of my face. Suddenly you were a lusty young man instead of a good-looking kid."


"It means you have lots of energy and you're past your puberty."

"Do you really think I'm good-looking?"

"You're fishing for compliments. Of course you are. I get the shivers sometimes just from looking at you."

"The shivers?"

"Not real shivers. Shivers like when you listen to music that's so good you can't believe it."

Brendan had a mini dose of his own shivers from hearing that.

"You do that to me too. When am sitting at the computer and you grab my neck muscles."

"I haven't done that much. Only when you were saying something cheeky."

"Three times."

Brendan grabbed Phillip's hands and guided them to the muscles under discussion.

"Dig your fingers in. That's when it happens."

Phillip's thumbs pressed into the gap between Brendan's collarbone and the big muscles behind them. Brendan thought he was going to burst out of his bathers. There was another press.

"Did it give you the shivers?"

"Ah. ...It felt different this time."

Phillip's hands dropped away.

"Brendan, it's time to light the campfire or do something else."

"No one would ever know."

A finger rested on Brendan's lips as if he'd said something naughty. It made him smile.

"Can we have a hug then? I really need one."

Phillip was quiet for a moment.

"Is that your body or your mind talking?"

"Um... Both."

"Me too. All right."

It was a wonderful hug. Brendan really was needing to be especially close and for a while the together feeling was uppermost, but with Phillip only wearing shorts and Brendan his bathers, the new experience of so much touching was too strong. Brendan pressed against Phillip, somewhat tentatively, then with a great burst of need hugged tight and pressed hard. Phillip responded in kind.

"The campfire. The campfire."

Phillip pulled away then knelt up beside Brendan.

"That wasn't the shivers. It was a firestorm."

He laughed and Brendan jumped from a knuckle in his chest. Phillip laughed again.

"Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

"What? Oh."

Brendan's erection was straining his bathers to the limit and Phillip was making a joke about it.

"Ah... Both."

"It's a line from a movie or song. Let's see."

He took one of the headlamps from the corner of the tent, fitted it on his head with the elastic band, and shone it directly on Brendan's bathers. It was like a mini spotlight.

"Phillip, what do you think you're doing?"

"Having a look... Isn't that why you've been wearing your bathers all afternoon? So I'd look at you?"

"Um... Well. ...I guess, but it's different at the moment."

"It sure is. Hey, it's definitely a rocket. You can see the nose-cone."

Brendan whacked him on the arm.

"And look, there's more proof. It's got two big fuel tanks."

The second whack missed because Phillip was ready for it so Brendan grabbed the other headlamp and made his own spotlight.

"Cheat, you're hiding everything behind your shorts."

"Hey, careful."

Phillip's tone was suddenly serious and warning.


"Look where the rocket's pointed. If it goes off it'll drag us into the river."

The whack connected and Phillip groaned in agony as if his ribs were broken.

"What about the campfire Brendan? Will we set it going?"

"Let's stay in the tent."

"I'm having a drink. Do you want hot chocolate?"

They sat cross-legged on the sleeping bags, passing the billy, full of hot rich chocolate drink, back and forth till there was no more. Phillip shoved the empty billy outside then lay down and rested his head on Brendan's chest. Brendan was surprised but it felt very nice.

"What do you reckon Brendan? It's a great place isn't it?"


"It's going to be hard work isn't it?"

"What is?"

"Waiting till you're eighteen. We nearly lost it on the first day."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to start it. It just happened."

"It was fantastic Brendan, so don't even think of being sorry. How was that fish? I can't believe I caught it. I usually sit there for ages and nothing happens. ...How about this for an idea? We'll get Mike to ask us whether we've done anything whenever he likes."

"Mike? You'll tell him about us?"

"For sure. I would have told him last week but he was on night shift. He knows I'm gay Brendan. I told him years and years ago, so you don't have to worry about a bad reaction. He'll get a shock though. He always says you're going to be a ladies man."

"Me? How come?"

"Well, you're so good-looking, and from the way you reacted to Robin. Every time she hugged you, you lit up with a big smile. He reckoned she'd jump your bones if you were eighteen."

"Why would we get him to ask us?"

"Would you want to tell him we'd broken the law?"

This was a new way of looking at things and Brendan realised how guilty he'd feel.

"When will we tell him?"

"How about Wednesday night? We could have a meal together."

Phillip sat up.

"Let's have a hug."

Brendan hadn't expected that.

"I thought we'd have to stop hugging?"

"No way. It's for friends. It's when it changes we have to stop."

It was wonderful again, but with all the skin on skin Brendan pulled apart very quickly.

"Is the rocket back again?"

Brendan laughed.

"Are you going to keep calling it the rocket?"

"Is that all right? It's more friendly than calling it an erection."

Brendan liked it a great deal. It made him feel smiley.

"It's good. Martin always said Donkey Dong like I was freaky or something."

"Doubts. More like he was jealous. Forget Martin."

Brendan giggled a bit.

"I liked it when you said fuel tanks too. Will we tell Mike about Martin?"

"That's up to you but I think it's the best idea. Martin might get drunk or aggro sometime and say things about us, so if Mike already knows it won't seem like we tried to hide anything."

"What about your school? Do you think anything could happen? Martin kept saying you'd lose your job."

"It could happen. It's only a small town and there's a lot of prejudice."

That was right. Brendan knew he'd have a terrible time at his own school if people found out he was gay.

"What would you do?"

"There's always something. I could make money from my photos if I needed to. That's the first thing I'd try."

Well, he had thousands of them and the camera worked where ever he went.

"Let's stay here tomorrow."

"And miss out on Lake Tali Karng?"

"We can go there another time."

"Sounds great to me. Gives us more time to explore and abseil and you can do the fishing instead of me."

Phillip knelt up and crawled to the tent opening.

"Where are you going?"

"Nature calls, and so does sleep."

It was still warm so they draped their sleeping bags without climbing in. Later in the night Brendan felt cold so he moved against Phillip and pulled the sleeping bags more snugly over. In the morning he was woken by a knuckle in the chest and breakfast of half a dozen eggs, stacks of bacon and half a billy of coffee.

"Slug-a-bed, it's already six o'clock."

It was 8:30 really.
By 9:30 they were ready and till mid afternoon they explored the canyons and falls along a three km stretch of the river. They'd been in an out of the water all day but a swim in the spa and a lazy relax was the plan for the next few hours. Brendan wore his bathers but as soon as he reached the mini-pool he slipped out of them and dived in. When he surfaced Phillip was shaking his head.

"You're crazy Brendan."

"Come on. There's nothing wrong with skinny-dipping. Soldier boy said we were wimps when we didn't do it at the Grampians."

"I'm shy."

Carrying on again.

"I won't look then."

"Face the other way."

Brendan faced the other way.

"I'm ready. Hey, you said you wouldn't look."

"I'm not looking. There's nothing to see."

There wasn't either. Phillip was still wearing his old favorite shorts.

"Just testing. Turn around again."

There was a splash and Phillip, still wearing his shorts, went gliding past to the spa.


Brendan had to shout over the bubble and splash.

"Trout bait."

Phillip let himself sink under the pressure of the falling water then frog-kicked underwater to the edge. Brendan followed then called him weak again.

"Just think of that giant trout Brendan, a big juicy mouthful dangling in the water. Crunch. Watch out, there's one now."

Brendan leapt, but Phillip dived away to the falls again. A battle ensued, pushing each other under and trying to stay in the spa. Phillip backed away and started laughing.

"How's it feel in the bubbles?"

Brendan moved to where the bubbles were strongest, stayed a while then swam to the edge.

"Go on, try it. It tickles."

It really did tickle, so much that it felt quite rude without bathers. Phillip's shorts lobbed onto a rock and he tried the experience then swam back to the edge.

"Trust you to like that Brendan."

In the shallower water there was a moment of appraisal, then they hacked round in the spa and pool.

"Are you going to catch that fish?"

"A couple of hours yet. It's best to wait till evening."

"I'm going to have a laze."

Brendan thought that was a great idea but decided the bare rock wasn't comfortable enough and grabbed the foam pads. The afternoon sun, warm on their skin, built an enjoyable sleepy feeling and Phillip's eyes closed. Brendan looked at him. He looked fit, but not as strong as he really was. Brendan flexed his arm muscle. With all the wood chopping lately it had built up bigger than Phillip's but still not enough to beat him.
He looked at himself. People said he was good-looking. It had been interesting when Robin said he was a sex god and Mike said he was good-looking too. His dick was big and he'd always liked that till Martin got so crude about it.
Fuel tanks. Crazy.
Thinking about his balls sent an impulse to touch them and the touch was pleasant. It was a habit of Brendan's when he was in bed to lie with one hand covering his balls and he did it now. The pleasure spread and that made him think of the rocket. Then he watched himself grow.

"Where did that come from?"

Phillip was watching too.

"I was thinking about you calling it the rocket."

"Looks like it's ready to go on a moon mission."

It was strange having Phillip look at him, but Brendan decided it was like sharing a secret. He lifted his hand and rolled to face Phillip.

"It would like to."

Phillip nodded.

"It's built in. Hey, you look so good I want to hug you."

That was unexpected, and Brendan nodded.

"We won't though. You look too good."

They did. Brendan dived across and wrapped his arms round Phillip and pressed close in a powerful hug. Phillip succumbed under the sudden shock then hugged back. Brendan pushed his rampant rocket against a half risen erection and then again when Phillip started struggling beneath him. One more push and he stretched on his foam pad.

"Hey Phillip, is that a rocket, or do you just like me?"

Brendan had been dying to say that and Phillip laughed.

"Cheeky. And the answer is both."

"You said we had to practice hugging."

"That wasn't hugging. It was.. Um.. Taking advantage. First you get me naked, then you get me excited. What's next in the plan?"

"We could see who's strongest. I was looking at your muscles before."

"Wrestle? When we're both like this?"

Brendan was having a good look, well, both of them were.

"What about sun-cream? Putting that on each other's not having sex."

"Hands rubbing on naked aroused bodies isn't sex? Better go to plan C."

"We have to have one of our talks."

Brendan said it as seriously as he could manage.

"Ah.. Sure. What about?"

"Lie down on your back first so we can do it the proper way."

".. And you sit on my stomach? Brendan, just thinking about it's nearly too much. We need to cool off. Come on."

Swimming was a cool off, but it didn't last very long because when they settled on the foam pads again Brendan's rocket came to life and that set off Phillip's.

"What's the fascination with Anime movies?"

Brendan answered and realised that Phillip was changing the focus of conversation.
Later, Brendan caught the trout, two of them this time, since the first one was quite small, and they enjoyed their second delicious and filling meal. They had a little campfire glowing with coals but once again retreated to the tent when the mosquitoes arrived in force.

"So what's the plan for this evening Brendan?"

"How did you know I had one?"

"You were distinctly eager to get into the tent."

"I've got a headache."

"That's the plan? You don't look like you've got a headache to me."

"It's one of those tension ones like Mike gets, and you give his head and neck a massage."

"All right, but how're we meant to set it up? We haven't got the sofa."

Mike regularly had tension headaches and Phillip would sit him in a chair, or best of all on the sofa, with his head relaxed back then massage his neck and temples.

"You sit cross-legged and I rest my head in your lap."

Phillip crossed his legs and said that wasn't comfortable enough and swapped to sitting on his haunches.

"Put your head on my knees... What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable."

"You have to take your bathers off to get comfortable? You should live in a nudist colony."

Brendan lowered his head and a thrill of pleasure ran through his body when Phillip started massaging his temples. It really was relaxing. No wonder Mike's eyes closed. The massage moved and as soon as fingers dug gently into his neck muscles the pleasure changed and escalated. The shivers kicked in, and as if there was a direct line between the touches on his neck and his groin, Brendan's erection started to respond.

"Brendan, here comes the rocket."

"Don't take any notice of it."

"Get serious."

"Just a few more minutes... It's like practising hugs."

"One more minute. It's turning us on again."

Brendan closed his eyes and let the feelings run till the fingers stopped. The rocket was demanding for something else to happen. Phillip was right.

"Can I give you a turn?"

"Not at the moment."

Brendan knelt up, waited till Phillip relaxed on his sleeping bag then rested his head on his chest.

"It's a stupid rule."

Phillips hand moved to Brendan's head and stroked his hair.

"Well it's a rule and we don't want to feel guilty do we?"

They'd been over this a number of times. First at the tree, then in a big talk at Phillip's house two nights later, and again on the drive to get here.

"It's a long time till my next birthday."

"Yes, but it'll go faster than you think. Hey, look at the rocket. He wants to take off."


"Why don't you nick outside and let him?"

"Not while we're here."

"No? ...He sure looks ready."

"I like him popping up for you."

Phillips hand moved and his fingers massaged Brendan's neck muscles again.

"Does that give him the shivers?"

In fact it sent the rocket extra hard, but Brendan didn't say that in case Phillip stopped, just made a general murmur.


The massage continued, sending waves of pleasure till Brendan wanted more.

"Hug time?"

Phillip hesitated.

... Is he under control?"


"All right. Just a short one."

Quick as a flash Brendan flipped over and wriggled on top, his arms pushing under and around Phillip's back. Their chests pressed close and Brendan's erection took over, pushing instinctively and urgently. For one quick moment the pressure was returned but then Phillip rolled sideways and pulled away.

"Whoo! On the brink again Brendan. On the brink. Time to behave."

Brendan was hardly feeling like that, but it did make him laugh and the moment eased.

"He doesn't want to take any notice of rules... Where are you going now?"

"It's definitely time for hot chocolate."

Phillip fitted one of the headlamps and unzipped the tent entrance. Brendan went to follow but was stopped by a hand pressing on his forehead.

"Better wait inside. We don't want him to swell up any more."


"Mosquito bites. ...Their infrared sensors will zoom in on all that hot blood pumping round."

He was really saying it was cool off time, as he was only wearing his old shorts and obviously wasn't worried about mosquitoes. Brendan poked his head out and watched the procedure of heating the billy of water and stirring in stacks of chocolate and powdered milk. They shared the drink once again, sitting cross-legged and passing the billy back and forth after each few mouthfuls in what had become a little ritual after only two days. The rocket was back under control, though still standing up, and a few minutes later became a nuisance when Brendan went out for a leak. When he came back they had a nice hug without losing any control and crawled under the covers. Later in the night Brendan snuggled close. His hand rested on Phillip's rhythmically moving chest, then thinking very naughty thoughts he let it wander slowly and softly down to trace the firm shape in Phillip's jocks. He tried again in the morning but got sprung.

"Behave yourself."

There was laughter in the soft voice as Brendan's hand was grabbed and moved upwards to Phillip's chest. After a while a game developed were Brendan sneaked his hand slowly downwards only to have it grabbed when it reached just below Phillip's bellybutton and lifted firmly back to his chest. The rocket was working. It always was when Brendan first woke up, but it was well under control, resting lightly against Phillip's back.

"Are we getting up?"

"Mm... Not yet."

Phillip laughed.

"Come on rocket man. It's time for breakfast.

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