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In the last chapter Brendan and Phillip enjoyed an eventful hiking trip.

Chapter 8.

"It's only six weeks till exams and I want to build up my maths."


"I'm going to do Specialist as well as Methods next year."

"Specialist? Am I hearing right? It's probably the hardest subject in Year 12."

"I know, but if I'm doing Methods at the same time they'll help each other, and you're the one who always says I could do it."

"Well, I think that's fantastic."

Phillip loved maths so Brendan knew he'd be pleased. The giant hug proved it.

"Does this mean you've worked out your other subjects?"

"Yes, the careers teacher helped me."


"English, two Maths, Infotech, Media, and Business Studies."

"Media? Where did that come from?"

"The careers guy sent me for a talk with the media teacher. He's crash hot and I'm going to specialise in photography."

"Oh My God.... Unreal."

He was joking with his choice of words but his smile was giant.

"And how does Business Studies fit in?"

It actually came from a comment Phillip had made about selling his photos, but Brendan wanted to know what he was doing a lot more before he broached that idea.

"It just seems like a good area to know."


"Hi Brendan. Meet me at the big tree. 4:30. No hassles. Please?"

Brendan nearly texted back to get lost, but he was totally intrigued. Please? That was a strange word to be coming from Martin, so to give himself options Brendan replied with a `maybe'. As the day wore on he talked himself into it.
The friendly tone was typical Martin conning, but the `please' made it sound important.

"Yo Brendan, what've you been doing?"

"Just school stuff. Nothing special."

"Hey look what I've got for us."

He pulled out a couple of joints from his tobacco pouch.

"It's really good hydro."

Hydro meant it was really strong.

"Martin, every time you give me this stuff you're trying to trick me into something."

"I know, but not today. You sure you won't? You can take it with you if you like."

Brendan was really tempted. He hadn't had any since the big blowup and he did like it. He shook his head.

"What do you want? You're making this sound like some big deal."

"It is. It's unreal."

Brendan gave him a look and waited.

"Promise you won't tell Phillip."

Brendan shook his head straight off.

"No way. I don't keep secrets from Phillip."

"? ...Have you told him about the joints?"

Brendan was really caught out there.

"Ah... Not yet."

"Don't worry. It doesn't matter. Look... This is yours."

He took his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans and counted out five $50 notes. Brendan didn't take it.

"What's this for?"

"Remember those photos I took of you at Anglesea? I met this guy who's into gay and he gave me three hundred bucks for them."

"$300? How come?"

"He's put them on his website. I kept fifty because I organised it."

"I'm on a website? You can't do that."

"Why not? They're my photos and you let me take them. It's just you in bathers on a public beach. I don't even have to give you the money really."

Brendan had to think about that. It all sounded right except for the money. That was very suspicious.

"Okay, so how come you want to?"

"This is why it's unreal. We can make stacks more. Look, don't get mad but I took photos at Brian's."

Brendan didn't remember that.

"It was at the end, when you'd lost it."

"And I'm not supposed to get mad?"

"I know, but I've got them here if you want them."

Brendan held out his hand and waited. Martin fished around in his old day pack, produced a CD and handed it over.

"See. That's to prove I'm fair dinkum, but if you give it back it is worth $1000 just as a start."

"Are you crazy?"

"I told you it's unreal. I showed them to the guy and that's what he'll give us if they go on his website."

"What's on them?"

"Shots of DD, full on because of the Viagra. There's some when you were jerking and some when Ben was playing with him ."

It was weird having his dick called DD again, and Brendan was astonished at the amount of money. And why hadn't Martin just gone ahead without even telling him?

"You're giving me $1000? What's the rest of the story?"

"If we go to his place and I give you a blow job we get $1000, and each time you pork me we get $3000."

"You give me blow jobs?"

"I know. It's like a payback isn't it. But I don't care when it's all that money. He says we could get $12,000 altogether if we do the pork enough times on video."

"No way."

"Why not? It's just a few blow jobs and you sticking DD into me. That's nothing for what we get out of it. I reckon we could split it eight K for you and four K for me."

All that money? It was beyond belief.

"It illegal anyway. I'm not 18."

"Who's to know? We just say you are. You easily look old enough, especially when DD's up."

"I'm not doing it Martin. Find someone else. Ben would probably go for it."

"The guy wants DD."

"Too bad."

"We could wait till you're eighteen."


"All right, I said no hassles, but I don't see why not. I know you like porn so it's two-faced if you say it's wrong."

"Um ...I suppose, but I'm just not interested."

"Well, how's he hanging?"

"You'll never know."

"Had any luck with Phillip?"

Brendan went quiet for a moment before answering.

"Martin, I'm sick of you saying that. I nearly punched your face on the bus. Phillip used to like you till you went stupid and he couldn't trust you any more. He always says he wishes things would get better for you, so you leave him alone. Mike'll murder you if you cause any trouble."

"Would you really punch me."

"I really would."

"What about Robin? Have you heard from her?"

Brendan had to grin because Martin wanted to get away from the punching topic.

"She's got another boyfriend but it's more serious than her usual quickies and her secretary work's going great. Martin, are there any other copies of this CD?"

"No, it's the only one."

"What about that guy? Has he got a copy?"

"It would be on the website if he did. You can have a look for yourself if you want to. The site's called Gay Check and the pass word is XanaduX."

Brendan learnt how to spell XanaduX and decided he believed Martin.

"It's a lot of money Martin. Wouldn't Ben do it with you? I remember some of the things he said that night."

"Yeah, he would, but we'd only get $5000 between us."

"What? How come?"

"Like I said, that guy has got the hots for DD."

"Why don't you get a proper job? You could make your share of that in four or five weeks."

"Not as easy."

"Where are you now? Still at Brian's?"

"No. His old man found some of my stash and kicked me out. I'm at this other guy's place but you wouldn't know him."

Brendan didn't. They talked for a while then Brendan went to leave.

"Hey, you might as well take the joints. I rolled them for you."

"Martin, you'd better be really careful."

"Careful? How come?"

"I don't know if I should tell you this, but the police were at the hospital after some big accident and Mike was there when they were talking to the doctors about all the pot going round. He said they mentioned your name as one of the suspected dealers."

"Me? Shit!"

"Yes, and he said dealers get big trouble when they're caught. It's different rules to users."

"I know. Hell, I'll have to move out of the town. ...Why did you tell me?"

"Because you kind of did the right thing about this CD, and because Phillip would be sad if you went to prison."

Brendan left then and he saw Martin staring after him.


"Why did you warn him? You always say you couldn't care less what happens to him."

Brendan had gone straight from the old tree to Phillip's house because it was a night for extra maths coaching, and after their meal he told the whole story.

"I don't know. I felt sorry for him I suppose. He's pretty clever. He said I was two-faced if I watched other people do porn but wouldn't do it myself."

"Hmm. ...Not really. It would be two-faced if you watch it and say it is wrong, but just because you think it's okay doesn't mean you have to do it. If you think bungee-jumping or reading poetry is okay you don't have to rush off and do them."

"He made me feel guilty too. When he didn't want me to tell you anything, I said we didn't keep secrets between us and he knew I did. Um.. I used to smoke marijuana with him, Robin too."

"The big bad secret hey, well I already knew. It was on your breath sometimes."

"You knew? Aren't you against it?"

"I don't like it and you know I wouldn't use it myself, but I think it's a personal choice thing, like alcohol."

"Martin used to give me both. He'd get me silly with alcohol and randy with joints, then take photos."

"Randy? You? I don't believe it."

That got him a playful whack on the arm.

"Martin really must be dealing if he's going to leave town."

"Yeah, he looked really worried."

"I think we'd better check that website."

The computer loaded and using the password it only took a moment to find the bathers photos.

"Holy Hell Phillip. Read this."

"DD -- the sexy superstar with a dick to die for. This nineteen year old find of the year hangs out at the Surf Coast and loves to party. Fit, friendly, active top. There's a lot more to this package than meets the eye. Personal photos pending."

"Wow Brendan, you have been keeping secrets. When's the next party?"

"Very funny... They'll be pending for a long, long time."


"Brendan, you are fantastic. What did your mum say?"

This was embarrassing but it felt so good too. Phillip had practically hugged him to death when he read the end of year report from his new school.

"Um.. She started crying. I didn't know what to do."

Brendan was surprised himself. He knew he was going well but getting a B+ in English and Maths and straight A's for everything else was much better than he'd expected.

"We're celebrating this."

Phillip and Mike met him the next night with his mum at the posh club with the good food and after the meal the three of them sat looking at him with great smiles.


His mum paid for a complete set of professional driving lessons so he'd be ready to get his licence as soon as he turned eighteen, and Phillip and Mike said they were going to put in a dollar for every two of his own whenever he decided to buy a car. It was all pretty unbelievable.


Because Brendan was in Year Eleven, school finished straight after his exams, leaving him with three free weeks before Christmas.
Mike said it was a godsend because he was taking four weeks of long service leave to try and get his city house all finished, and with Brendan available they'd get tons done. Brendan thought it was unreal because the money poured in. He earned it too, because they worked ten hours or more on most days and the weather was quite hot.
He took the first weekend off to go on a two-day kayaking trip with Phillip to one of the big country reservoirs, and on the second Friday he used an afternoon to go to the city for a project he was looking into.

"Yo Brendan?"

Brendan whirled around in surprise and looked back along the city street.
Martin? What a fluke. No one had heard anything since he disappeared months ago.

"Hey, what are you doing in the city?"

"Just looking around. I'm working at Mike's place till Christmas. What about you?"

"Hacking round. You know.
Man, you sure saved my life that day. A couple of other guys got busted real bad.
Where are you going now?"

"Looking for a tram to Brunswick."

"A tram? I'll give you a lift."

"You've got a car?"

"I sure have. Come on."

Brendan thought about going his own way but Martin was surprisingly friendly and it felt different to the old conning type of friendliness, so he went along out of curiosity.

"This is your car?"

"Sure is. Pretty good hey?"

Brendan was amazed at how good it was.

"What are you doing tonight Brendan?"

"Nothing. I'll just watch a bit of telly probably."

"Come over to my place. I'll take you to a couple of clubs and show you round."

"You've got a place?"

"It's not mine. I share it with two other guys. Ben's one of them."

Brendan was intrigued, with the clubs part anyway. Kids at school sometimes boasted they'd been to clubs.
Martin's place was a second-floor apartment in a big block of flats with three bedrooms and a couple of other rooms. His room was as grotty as ever with clothes lying all over the place and the kitchen had piles of unwashed dishes in the sink.
They didn't stay long as Martin seemed keen to get out. First stop was at a hotel for a counter lunch, which didn't cost much and was surprisingly good. Next was a ten minute drive.

"We'll go to Chapel Street. That'll be interesting for you."

Brendan wondered what was interesting when they sat down at a bar in a poshy looking place with low lighting.

"Don't get alcohol, it'll cost a fortune."

A glass of lemon squash cost too much.
A guy a bit older looking than Martin sat next to Brendan and ordered some kind of drink. Brendan was wondering what it might be when a hand rested on his knee then slid up to his groin.
Holy hell.
Martin rested his hand on Brendan's shoulder and shook his head at the guy who just picked his drink up and moved away. They spent another ten minutes finishing their drinks then left. Martin started laughing.

"You nearly died. What did you think of your first gay bar?"

"God, do they just grope you like that in public?"

"No, that was unusual. Want to try another bar?"

"Just to have a look."

In the second one an older guy asked Brendan if he wanted a drink, then nodded when Martin said no thanks and talked in a friendly way till they finished their squashes and left.

"He seemed like a real nice guy."

"Why not?"

They went to one more bar and another younger guy rested his knee against Brendan's. When Brendan moved his knee away the guy left without saying a word.

"That's three times you could have scored if you wanted to Brendan."

"Scored? Like sex?"

"Yeah, which one would you have gone with?"

"The first one was best looking but the second one was friendlier."

"Yeah, I would pick the second one too."

They went to a couple of clubs but they were too noisy and crowded for Brendan. Martin obviously liked them.
At about two o'clock they reached Martin's apartment. The lights were on and two guys were drinking with fairly soft music in the background. One of them was Ben. Brendan had a can of beer and even puffed at a joint which went round while he wished he could go to bed.
The big guy called Frankie took out a $50 note and sent Martin off to find some more drinks. It made sense because Martin had the car, but it was a bit strange the way he did it like he was expected to.
The big guy went to the sound system then wandered behind Brendan's chair. Brendan almost looked round when suddenly his ears were held tight by the lobes, both of them, and so tight that if he moved a fraction of an inch it felt like something might tear. After the first shock he wondered for an instant if it was some weird trick. It was an upright, high backed wooden chair and Brendan's head was held back tightly in place.

"Don't move and it won't hurt."

A minute later, despite what resistance he could manage, his hands were tied behind the back of the chair, his feet secured with more rope to the front legs, and still he couldn't move his head. Ben stood in front.

"Open up and no more sound."

He was pointing to Brendan's mouth. Brendan clamped his jaws, but released them instantly when the pressure on his ears increased. A pill was pushed into his mouth and after they were certain he'd swallowed, his ears were released.
A drug.
Brendan's fear level skyrocketed. What were they doing?

"It's harmless. Just a vigger shot. We're getting some DD photos that's all. Just go along with it and Ben'll make you feel good."

Brendan started to yell but the big guy grabbed his ears again and warned against it. A sharp pair of scissors cut through his cargoes. His good shirt was snipped from bottom to top and a couple more cuts left his jocks in pieces. With a couple of yanks all the ruined clothing was tossed to the side, leaving Brendan bare,shocked and panicked.
Flash, an electronic light went off.
Flash, it went again.
The big guy took photos from the side, then the other side and then from the front again.
Ben approached and grabbed Brendan's dick.
He started working it -- Flash.
One hand circled Brendan's balls, steadily squeezing and stretching -- Flash.
Ben pushed Brendan's balls up from below and the camera moved in close-- Flash.
The door opened and Martin appeared.

"Look out, there's a police car outside."

Everything froze at Martin's call, and then there was movement. A great rush as Ben and Frankie headed off. Martin darted to Brendan's side and grabbed the scissors.
Snip, Brendan's hands were free.
Snip, his left foot, and snip his right foot.

"Quick, run before they come back."

Outside the door he called again.

"Follow me."

Brendan raced for his life along the short hallway, down the steps to the ground level entry, naked except for his runners and socks.

"Into the car."

The engine fired and ten seconds later the car turned the corner and sped off along the deserted main road.

"Are you okay?"

"I don't know. They gave me some kind of pill."

"Are you sleepy or dizzy?"


Brendan's heart was pounding from the rush to escape and the passing worry of pursuit. Martin slowed and parked next to the pavement.

"I can't believe they did that. What was Ben doing when I opened the door?"

"Pushing my balls up so that other guy could take photos."


Martin twisted round and looked in the back.

"I'll check in the boot."

"What are you looking for?"

"Clothes, but I don't think there's any."

There weren't.

"Was it Ben who gave you the pill?"

"Yes, and that other guy called it a vigger shot."

"That means Viagra. They wanted to get you going for the camera."

Sure enough, DD lifted his head a couple of minutes later.

"I'll drive you to Mike's. Brunswick's only minutes away."

"I'll have to break in. He said he was going to his brother's place when I rang this afternoon."

"We could ring him."

"No, let's just go straight there."

Five minutes later Brendan had to laugh.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Martin, don't break any rules. What would we say if a police car pulled us over?
Officer, we're looking for my clothes.
Officer, don't take any notice of my erection. It will be gone in another hour.
Officer, will you help me do a break and entry so I can get something to wear?"

Martin grinned.

"Officer, I can explain why my passenger's bone is peeking over the top of the dashboard."

"It's not that big."

"If anyone looks in they'll think it is."

"How come nearly every time I see you I end up with an erection?"

"It wasn't my fault this time."

"I know, thanks for getting me out. That was really quick thinking. Who's that big guy?"

"Frankie. He's the other one in the flat."

"He's bad. It felt like my ears were getting ripped out.

"Are they ok?"

Brendan felt both his ears, moving them carefully with his fingers.

"Yes. I think so. He didn't pull on them really, just held them so tight I wasn't game to move even a little bit. I forgot about them when Ben started yanking my dick."

"He would have liked that. How long was he doing it before I got there?"

"Not long. A couple of minutes I guess."

"God Brendan, DD looks like he's going to burst."

"Feels like it too."

"You're different. You don't even care if I look at him do you?"

"You can look, but you can't touch."

"Not even to check how hard?"

"One quick squeeze."

"Are you serious?"

"Are you gay?"


"Then it's curiosity. Once is okay."

"Hell, solid steel."

"Well don't confuse it with the gear lever."

"Why not? It's got a knob on top.
I'm sorry officer. I thought I was changing gears. That's why there's white stuff all over my windscreen."

Brendan shook his head but couldn't help laughing.

"Martin, you're rude and you're still an idiot... I think you have to turn left just up here."

A couple of streets later they were at the house. Brendan had to make a dash from the street because the driveway was blocked with a trailer. Ten minutes later he felt like a different person, dressed in clean work-jeans and a fresh T-shirt.
He secured the broken window with cardboard and duct tape then, full of resolve, headed for Martin's car.

"They've got my wallet, and my mobile phone's in your room. Of course we're going back."

"It would be safer this afternoon. They might have calmed down and I can get your stuff without you having to go in."

"No, I'm getting it now. They'll probably be asleep and even if they aren't they won't expect it."

Twenty minutes later Brendan was walking quietly up the apartment stairs. His stomach churned but then he let a slow burn build, build till his nerves were overthrown by determination. No one was in the lounge but from his wrecked clothes he retrieved his wallet. Martin had explained which room was Frankie's and Brendan went there next. He quietly opened the door. Enough light shone through to reveal a form on the bed. He backtracked and met Martin.

"A bucket. Is there a bucket somewhere?"

There was one in the little laundry but it was too close to the bedroom so Brendan filled it with cold water in the kitchen. He flicked the bedroom light then tipped half the water on Frankie's face and the rest down the front of his body.
It was a very satisfying feeling.
Frankie tried to figure out what was going on as he sat up then swivelled his feet to the bedside.

"What the shit!"

"Stay there."

"You stupid punk!"

"Stay there."

Frankie took absolutely no notice and stood up so Brendan belted him hard, very hard, with a powerful blow to the top of his stomach. He'd thought of punching his nose but Mike had told him that kind of punch could be very dangerous. Frankie collapsed then went grey as he struggled to breathe. It was perfect placement, just the way Mike had shown him.

"Where's the camera?"

There was no answer. Frankie couldn't speak. Brendan waited till he saw a first full, deep breath.

"Where's the camera? ...And stay there or I'll bust your nose next."

There was still no answer but there were more signs of recovery.
Frankie came to his feet, covering his face, so Brendan belted him exactly as before, with exactly the same result.
Five minutes later the camera memory card had been erased and the guy was looking daggers at Brandon. He wasn't moving though.

"I know who you are and I can go to the police if I like so don't come near me again."

Brendan picked up his mobile phone, turned the light off and closed the door after him. Martin followed as he walked down the stairs.

"God Brendan, I'm glad you didn't punch my face that time."

"Let's get out of here."

The car went gliding off towards Brunswick again.

"What are you going to do Martin?"


"You should get out of there?"

"I will, but not just yet."

"What? Have Frankie and Ben got something on you?"

"Sort of. We're in a deal together."

"What sort of deal?"

"We do things for the website guy. Have you seen the website?"

"Not since I saw you. What sort of things?"

"Ben porks me."


"Yeah, and Frankie and other guys."


"It's not too bad."

"Geez Martin. You really want to stay with these guys?"

"I have to. It's part of the deal."

"Give me a ring tonight then, somewhere around nine o'clock and tell me what's happened."

"What about Phillip?"

"He's in Adelaide at his sister's place for Christmas. I won't see him for another three weeks but I'll tell him then for sure. What'll you do today?"

"Sleep in a park, then go to the flat in the afternoon."

As they were approaching Mike's house Brendan had a thought.

"Hey, would it help if you had more photos of me?"

"Are you joking?"

"Just bathers. I don't mind that, but no nude stuff."

"God yeah, Kristian would drool for them. You wouldn't believe how many comments keep coming to the site about DD."


"He's the website guy we do the stuff for."

When Martin left, Brendan wrote a note for Mike to wake him at nine o'clock. It was a bit cheeky because they usually started at eight but he'd get nearly five hours of sleep this way.
Martin rang right on nine PM and they had a good talk. Evidently Frankie was practically panicking that Brendan would go to the police, and putting the blame on Ben for what had happened.
Ben was freaking that his nose was going to be punched in and saying he only did what Frankie wanted.
Kristian would be really keen about getting more photos so they arranged to meet two days later.

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