Orchids in the Sun

© by The Lavender Quill, 2003

Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don’t read any further.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 11.

I was practically in tears when we arrived at Masashi’s house. Nick was silent the whole drive home, obviously upset.

Had I blown it already? Would Nick call the whole thing off?

While I had agreed to our three-way relationship with some reluctance, when faced with the prospect of it ending I was mortified. I realized how much I loved them both, how much they meant to me. I couldn’t imagine dating anyone else again. I would forever compare any other guy to Kenji and Nick, and I doubted any other guy could stand up to the comparison.

Was I being ridiculous? Even I wasn’t sure how I felt. Maybe Nick was right. Maybe I was being a drama queen again. But I thought what I felt was real. It meant something to me. Was there some way I could make Nick understand? I didn’t even think I could articulate it for myself.

Kenji had dinner ready when we walked in. Unaware of what had transpired, he was smiling, pleased with himself, and glad to see us. He noticed Nick’s scowl and my puffy eyes, and his smile fell immediately.

We had no chance to explain, argue, discuss, or resolve anything, however. Masashi was there, waiting on us for dinner.

I took a deep breath and tried my best to act normal. We sat down to eat, but it was an unpleasant meal. Nick was civilized and I was polite, but there was no warmth in the conversation around the table that evening.

Nick excused himself to go do homework almost as soon as the last bite was eaten, and left the table without another word.

Kenji and I cleaned up, exchanging meaningful glances, but we said nothing. After a while, Masashi went off to bed. I thought he had to notice something was wrong, but of course he said nothing. He would never ask if something was wrong in front of others and cause me to loose face. It really wasn’t all that late, but it felt like hours had passed.

Kenji and I went into the living room. Kenji sat down next to Nick on the couch. I perched on the armrest next to Kenji. I noticed that Nick’s notebook and textbook lay unopened on the coffee table, and his laptop computer was nowhere in sight.

“Okay, guys,” said Kenji. “Spill it.”

Nick blew out a breath and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I was horny when we closed up the nursery,” said Nick. “I knew we wouldn’t be able to do anything once we got home, and I wanted to have sex with Trevor. I was kissing on him and getting him all worked up, but he stopped me. He didn’t want to do it without you with us.”

Nick looked over at me for the first time since I’d walked in to the living room. Then he looked down.

“Trevor was right,” said Nick. “I shouldn’t have molested him like that. Now I feel like a total asshole.”

I was shocked. I’d been blaming myself for the whole mess ever since we left the nursery. It never occurred to me that Nick would be blaming himself. I thought he was mad at me for stopping him, for holding out on him.

“Nick,” I said. “That not right at all. You didn’t molest me. I wanted to have sex with you too. It just didn’t feel right without Kenji.”

I got up off the arm of the couch. I moved and sat down on the coffee table between them.

“Nick, I didn’t mean to make you feel like an asshole. I love you.” I sniffed and blinked a tear away. “I don’t know if I right or wrong. I know how a two-person relationship supposed to work. I don’t know how this supposed to work. What are the rules for a triple?”

Nick looked at me, his expression softening.

“Fuck if I know,” said Nick.

Kenji shrugged.

“Well,” I said. “I guess I thought it means that sex should be with all three of us. Not just one pair or another. Otherwise, we not a triple, we a revolving couple.”

Kenji and Nick looked deep in thought. I reached out and took each of their hands. I felt like I needed the physical contact.

“But I don’t know,” I continued. “Maybe I just being melodramatic. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with two of us pairing off sometimes when the third one isn’t there.”

“We can’t be the only three people in all of human history to have a three-way relationship,” said Nick. “Sure, it’s uncommon, but there must be others out there. Maybe even on Maui. I wonder if we can find out how other people do it.”

Kenji shook his head.

“No,” said Kenji. “It don’t matter how other people do it.” He looked at me, then at Nick. “If this gonna work out fo’ all three of us be happy, then we gotta make our own rules that we all live with. If any one of us ain’t comfortable with pairing off, then we shouldn’t do it.”

They both looked at me expectantly.

“Nick,” I said. “Remember yesterday when you say how you felt like we were in love long before we actually started having sex?” Nick nodded. “I didn’t know it, but I think I feel the same way. When we made out in the grotto, it was… fantastic. But I felt guilty about it afterward because you and I were together and Kenji wasn’t part of it.” I looked at Kenji. “Same with you. That night we had after we found Masashi, it was beautiful. But I didn’t feel right ’cause Nick wasn’t there.”

They both looked thoughtful.

“When all three of us having sex together—or even just messing around in bed, not really having sex… it just feel right,” I said. “Whole. Nothing missing, like.”

Kenji was holding my hand in both of his now, and he was looking a little teary too.

“I understand what you mean,” said Nick softly. “I’m just horny all the time with you guys now, and it seems like we don’t get enough time for sex. I just saw a chance and I didn’t think. I’m sorry.”

I slid off the coffee table and knelt in the floor in front of him between his legs. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him, my face pressed against his stomach.

“You no gotta be sorry, Nick,” I said. “This not about blame, or who right and who wrong. This just how I feel. Maybe I feel different later. I don’t know. I just know I love you and I don’t want you to be mad at me.”

“Oh, Trevor,” said Nick, stroking my hair. “I’m not mad at you. I love you too.”

He kissed the top of my head, and I squeezed him tighter. We held each other for a couple of minutes. Then I let him go and stood up.

“Thanks, Nick,” I said. “I go inna kitchen so you can finish you homework.”

Kenji stood too. Nick scratched his head, looking slightly guilty.

“Actually, I finished my homework this morning. I was just upset and wanted to get away from the table.”

“Good,” Kenji smiled and took both of our hands. He led us back to his—our—bedroom. I smelled the scent even before I saw what he’d done.

When we walked in we found the room lined with orchids. At least twenty plants were hanging from the ceiling around the perimeter of the room, over the dresser, next to the window, anywhere there was space.

“What you do, brah?” I asked smiling.

“When we talking about our dream house this morning, you say it be full of orchids,” said Kenji. “We can’t do the rest, but I can do dis part.”

“You’re full of surprises,” said Nick. “This is great, Kenji.”

Kenji flipped off the room light, leaving just a small bedside lamp lighting the room in a dim glow. He gracefully stripped off his clothes and climbed onto the bed. It took only seconds for me to get naked too. I turned to Nick, who was still uncharacteristically dressed. He was usually the first one out of his clothes.

“C’mon, Nick,” I said.

I crawled on the bed and wiggled my ass at Nick, giggling a little. Kenji pushed me over and playfully poked me in the ribs.

“Don’t tease poor horny boy,” said Kenji.

“You guys are gonna make me crazy,” said Nick, finally dropping his shorts.

The three of us played around for a little bit. We started of somewhat hesitantly. At least I did. I was still a little nervous from our dispute, even though we’d made up. And Kenji was right: I shouldn’t get Nick all worked up.

But between all that love, and the scent of the orchids, and the feel of cuddling in all the naked flesh, I got pretty horny despite myself. There was no hiding the fact that my lovers were feeling the same way.

Nick rolled on top of me and with great exaggeration dry humped me. Giggling, he rolled over on to his back.

“You guys are trying to kill me,” he said.

Kenji leaned over and flicked Nick’s gold nipple ring with his tongue.

“Problem ain’t that we no can have sex,” said Kenji softly. “Problem is you no can make noise.” He flicked Nick’s nipple ring again. “Think you can be quiet, horny boy?”

Nick clamped his hand over his mouth. Kenji smiled. He latched his mouth over Nick’s nipple and trailed one finger softly up the underside of his shaft. Nick squirmed, but kept his hand over his mouth. After a moment, Kenji removed his mouth, and I could see Nick’s nipple was flushed to a hard point.

“You make one sound louder than a whisper and we stop, okay?” Kenji said.

Nick nodded. Kenji went back to his nipple, and started to slowly work his way down Nick’s body with his tongue. Gentle and slow. I could tell Nick was practically begging by the time Kenji actually teased the end of his cock with his tongue.

“Ahhh,” Nick sighed. Slightly above a whisper, but just barely—quiet by Nick standards.

Kenji decided that was quiet enough, and rewarded Nick by slowly taking his big cock into his mouth.

“Maybe I give him something to occupy his mouth,” I said. “Help keep him quiet.”

I straddled Nick’s head and pointed my dick at his mouth. He grasped my hips and pulled down, taking me eagerly. He squirmed under Kenji’s gentle ministrations while hungrily milking my cock. He made muffled noises, but kept it quiet enough to continue. Feeling Nick’s warm mouth on me while watching Kenji suck on Nick’s big tool was hot.

Nick lifted me off his face and moved me down. He spread my ass cheeks with his thumbs and lowered me to his waiting tongue. He must have been pretty worked up by Kenji, because he dove right in with a frenzy. He went wild on my ass with his tongue, flicking, circling, probing. I was dribbling pre-come onto his upper chest. I reached down and smeared it across his pecs and massaged it into his nipples. His tongue probed deeper.

“Kenji!” I said softly but urgently. “Kenji, let him fuck me. Please.”

Kenji stopped sucking on Nick and grinned up at me.

“Okay,” said Kenji. “As long as I get to put condom on ’im.”

I could only nod in response as Nick slowly slid a wet finger into me up to the hilt. I squirmed and Nick held his finger in place, rapidly wiggling his hand back and forth like a vibrator, sending little shock waves through my insides.

Kenji attempted to repeat what Nick had done to him before, rolling the condom on to Nick’s cock with his mouth. He wasn’t as deft as Nick was, but not for lack of trying. Once he had completed his task he grinned up at me again, proud of his accomplishment.

Nick withdrew his finger and I rolled off. I turned and Nick sat up. I knelt astride Nick’s hips, his big cock pointing straight up. He grabbed my cock in one hand and pulled me to him with the other. He latched his mouth onto one of my nipples and sucked on it hard. I hissed in a breath. Then I felt Kenji lubing my ass with his gentle fingers. I squirmed and Kenji finger-fucked me with two fingers. I oozed more onto Nick’s hand.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Nick.

I look down over my shoulder. Kenji was lubing up Nick’s cock with his other hand.

“Shhhh,” I said, running my hands through Nick’s hair. “You gotta be quiet, remember?”

Nick nodded and kissed my throat. Kenji withdrew his fingers. I put my hands on Nick’s shoulders and lowered myself. I felt the head of Nick’s big cock at my entrance, and he grasped my hips. I pressed down until I felt him breach my sphincter.

“Oh, god, yes,” Nick moaned softly.

I stopped, mostly to let myself adjust to his size. Kenji moved around beside us.

“Quiet Nick,” whispered Kenji. “Or we stop.”

“Don’t stop,” whispered Nick. “Please don’t stop.”

Poor Nick was in a state. He was used to being loud and wild, a sexual animal. Now he was forced to reign it all in, to submit to Kenji’s conditions. I felt oddly in control, even though I’m usually the passive one.

“Think you can keep it quiet, big boy?” I teased, still not moving.

Nick nodded vigorously and rested his forehead on my shoulder. His hands still grasped my hips, trying to pull me down.

“Please don’t stop,” he whispered again.

I smiled at Kenji. He was enjoying Nick’s torment too. He winked at me, and I started to lower myself again. I sank slowly down, relishing the feel of Nick’s cock as it filled me. He tried to pull me down faster, but I intentionally went slower than I needed to. I was going to do Nick agonizingly slow. I stopped again when I hit bottom. I rested for a moment, my cheek to Nick’s chest. Nick was squeezing my hips and started to squirm. I stayed still.

“Oh, Trevor,” he whispered. “That’s good dude. You’re so hot.”

I put a finger to his lips.


He clamped his lips shut and pleaded with me with his eyes. I ever-so-slowly slid up and then back down on him. He moaned softly and I stopped again.


He released my hips and grabbed my face. He pulled me to him in an intense kiss. Almost involuntarily I rose and sank on him again, and then again, gliding up and down his slick shaft. His tongue assaulted my mouth exquisitely, passionately. I sped up my movements to match the ferocity of his kiss, and was soon bouncing up and down on him, his big cock plunging deep up into me each time. Whatever control I briefly had was now lost.

I broke our kiss, unable to get enough air. I sighed, trying to keep quiet. Nick grasped my hips again, and started to bounce me even faster, thrusting up into me, impaling me over and over. I kept my hands on his shoulders and rode him like an animal. Pre-come was flowing freely from my cock.

“Oh, yesss,” Nick growled softly, smearing it all over my hips as he fucked me.

Kenji moved around behind Nick and knelt. He pulled Nick’s head back.

“Shhh,” whispered Kenji.

Kenji kissed the side of Nick’s neck and slowly worked his way up and along his jaw. This seemed to have a slight calming effect on Nick, and he slowed down just a little. It didn’t last long. Nick is like an excited Labrador puppy. His sexual enthusiasm is nearly uncontainable. Soon he has sped up again, and he is making little irrepressible noises

“Quiet,” teased Kenji.

He kissed Nick then. It started off as a gentle Kenji kiss. Then Nick reached up with one hand and cradled Kenji’s head. I watched their kiss intensify as I rode Nick’s big cock. Nick’s grip on my hip with his remaining hand grew tighter, and his thrusts grew faster again. I could see him smiling into his kiss with Kenji. Kenji was being pulled into Nick’s passion and he reached around and started fingering Nick’s nipples, flicking the gold ring with his thumb.

Watching them while bouncing up and down on Nick was a rush, and I matched Nick’s rhythm on my own. I flashed up and down on his cock, plunging again and again. It was fantastic. I had to bite my lip to keep quiet myself. Unable to stop myself, I started to stroke my cock. I wanted to come so bad and I was nearly there.

Nick let go of Kenji’s face and grasped my hips with both hands again. Kenji held their kiss and Nick started bouncing me even faster. If he weren’t so big, I probably would have come right off him.

“Mmmmph,” he grunted into Kenji’s mouth.

Kenji kept his mouth clamped on Nick’s, keeping him quiet. He pinched Nick’s nipples. Nick’s grip on my hips tightened, and I felt him surge inside me.

“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph!” Nick moaned into Kenji’s mouth as he came inside me.

I came too, then. My come shot out, spraying both of our torsos. I let go of my cock and let myself come with just the feel of Nick’s cock inside me. My come arced out again and again as Nick continued to impale me. Finally Nick held me still, my ass tight against him, his cock filling me. The last of my orgasm dribbled down the sides of my cock.

Nick and Kenji broke their kiss. Nick lolled his head to the side, panting for air. Kenji smiled at Nick.

“See,” said Kenji. “You can be quiet.”

“I wanted to scream,” whispered Nick.

Kenji laughed quietly. He backed up and let Nick fall back. Nick rested his head in Kenji’s lap. Nick continued to pant for a minute, nuzzling up against Kenji’s cock. My chest heaved, my lungs still craving air.

“What about you?” said Nick softly, rubbing his cheek against Kenji’s erection.

“I almost come watching you and Trevor.”

“Here,” said Nick. “Let me help you with that.”

He lifted me off his cock. Exhausted, I flopped onto my side on the bed. Nick pulled his condom off, rolled over, and started to give Kenji an enthusiastic blowjob.

I watched in awe. Usually after sex, I feel completely spent; incapable of doing much more than laying where I was while I regained my equilibrium. Nick, on the other hand, seemed to need almost zero recovery time. An orgasm appeared to just leave him energized and ready for more.

I trailed my fingers lazily along Kenji’s leg as Nick eagerly milked his cock. I just wanted to maintain contact. It didn’t take long before I saw Kenji’s balls tighten against his groin. Nick locked his lips around Kenji’s cock and sucked hard as Kenji blew his load.

When Kenji sagged back on the bed, Nick released his cock. Nick shifted over to me.

“Know what my mother always taught me?” he asked quietly. I shook my head. “Sharing.”

He settled his weight on to me and kissed me. His tongue pushed past my lips and I could taste Kenji’s come.

* * * * *

I skipped surfing again on Monday morning to watch over Masashi. Nick had classes, and Kenji needed to get to the nursery. Marlene was off for the next two days.

Masashi spend most of the morning engrossed in his newspaper. I doodled some more in my notebook. I couldn’t get the fantasy of building our own custom house up behind the nursery out of my mind, and I sketched different ideas of styles and floor plans.

After I finished lunch, I drove out to the nursery, and Kenji went home to watch Masashi until Nick got home from college. I spent the afternoon in the retail shop. It was a slow day, which was good since I was alone. I entertained myself by continuing my speech lessons with Koko, the cockatoo.

Kenji came back later in the day and did some planting in the back somewhere until it was time to close. After I had shut everything down, put Koko away, and closed the gate, I went off to find Kenji.

He was quietly transplanting a tray of orchids into larger pots. He always seemed to enjoy working with the plants, and often lost track of time. He smiled at me when I found him.

“Hey, brah,” I said. “You ready go home?”

“Let me finish dis tray, okay?”

I stood next to him and helped. This was nothing new to him. We had stood side by side planting hundreds of times over the last few years. I stood closer now, though. Our arms occasionally brushed against each other as we worked. It felt very routine, and yet there was an emotional closeness that was stronger now than we had shared before. After a couple minutes, I found we were moving almost in unison, and we quickly finished.

“Thanks, brah,” said Kenji.

We hugged, and he kissed me softly. I felt like purring like a cat.

“Lets go,” he said.

We drove back to Masashi’s house. When we arrived, Masashi was watching ‘60 Minutes’ on the television. Nick was in the kitchen. He had ordered a pizza, and we sat down to eat.

“Remember I said I had an idea what to do about Masashi?” asked Nick. “I remembered someone in high school had a dog, and they had this electronic collar for it. They had a wire buried in the ground along the property line. If the dog went to cross the line where the wire was buried, the collar gives it a little zap. Pretty soon the dog knows not to go too close to the edge of the yard.”

“You no wanna get a zap collar for Masashi, do you?” I asked sarcastically. I mimicked trying to pull a collar off my neck “Zzzt, zzt, zzt.” My tongue lolled out, my eyes crossed.

Nick playfully swatted my arm. “No, dufus. But it got me thinking. Maybe there is some way we could rig something so that we knew if Masashi took off again.” I looked at him more seriously. Maybe he was on to something. “So I talked to this girl in one of my classes. She’s a total techno geek, but I like her. I asked if there was some way to do that wire thing, and instead of zapping Masashi, have some way of sending a signal or something.”

“Like an alarm system?” said Kenji.

“Exactly,” said Nick. “You know how some clothing stores have those detector things at the exit doors, and all the clothes have a thing on them that the cashier has to take off, otherwise it sets off an alarm when you walk out?”

I nodded, catching on as I munched my pizza.

“We searched on line. It turns out, there’s something even better. We can get him a GPS watch.”

“GPS?” I asked.

“Global Positioning Satellite,” Nick explained. “It bounces a signal off of satellites, and tells you where you are. It used to be a military thing. But now you can get them for cars. I could have got one in my Lexus with a mapping system so I don’t get lost. Same for boats. They have them for hikers and backpackers too.”

I couldn’t imagine getting lost on Maui, but I realized that Nick didn’t know his way around as well as I do. I could see they would be great for boats out on the ocean.

“Sounds expensive, brah,” said Kenji.

“Not too much,” said Nick. “About four hundred dollars, plus the monitoring cost. If he ever wanders off again, we can locate him within a few feet of his location anywhere on the island. Anywhere in the world actually.”

“What if he forget to wear the watch?” I asked. I could picture him wandering off, and leaving this fancy GPS watch on his dresser or the kitchen counter.

“It locks electronically. He wouldn’t be able to take it off unless one of us unlocks it. It’s a big, clunky looking thing, but it’s the perfect solution.”

Kenji sighed. “Yah, but he ain’t gonna like it.”

“Maybe we can get his doc to tell him he has to,” I said. “That way we no gotta be the bad guy.”

Kenji brightened at that thought. We played a delicate balancing act with Masashi and his Japanese sense of dignity; trying to help him while pretending nothing is wrong with him. His doctor didn’t care about that, though, and didn’t seem to mind being the heavy. I guess he was used to that.

“Okay, lets do it,” said Kenji. “I’ll call his doc tomorrow. Thanks Nick.”

“No problem.” Nick finished his pizza, and I noticed that he was fidgeting.

“What’sa matter, Nick?” I asked.

“Well, I told my parents I was going to stay here for the weekend. Now the weekend’s over. I need to go tell them what’s going on.”

“You decide how you gonna tell them?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but don’t really know exactly what to say.”

“Want me to come with you again?”

Nick looked relieved. “Would you?” Then his look clouded over. “Maybe it would be better if I just go by myself.”

He was thinking the same thing I was. I was not exactly his parent’s very favorite person. They are two of the few people that sometimes make me feel guilty for being a surfer. Nick and I both knew that if things got tense at his house, I might take a little collateral damage. I thought about it and decided that Nick needed the support more than I needed to not be there, so I would go anyway.

“No way, brah.” I smiled and gave him a greasy pizza kiss. “I’m goin.”

“You’re sure?”

I could see he was still reluctant to drag me along.

“Sure,” I confirmed. I could see the relief in his eyes, and knew I’d made the right choice. “They don’t like me much. Dis ain’t news. I’ll be fine.”

* * * * *

Nick was uncharacteristically silent the entire drive to his house. He was obviously nervous. I tried to think of what my dad might say. He’s always been good with this kind of thing.

When we got out of the Lexus in the garage, I pulled him into what I hoped was a reassuring hug before we went inside the house.

“Try to relax, brah,” I said, trying to project calm, even though I was nervous too.

“Yeah. Thanks Trevor.”

We went into the house.

“Nick,” said his mother cheerfully, walking into the family room where we’d come in from the garage. “Oh… Hello Trevor,” she said to me, not quite so cheerfully, when she noticed I was with him.

“Hi mom,” said Nick. Is dad home?”

“Yes. He’s in the study on his computer.”

“Can we talk? All of us?”

She caught his tone, and obviously figured out that he wanted to talk about something serious.

“Oh, sure. Why don’t you get yourselves a Coke or something, and I’ll get your father. We’ll meet you in the living room.”


We walked into the kitchen and Nick opened the refrigerator.

“So, you want a Coke?”

I decided that I probably didn’t want all that sugar and caffeine if I was nervous. That would just make it worse.

“Just water’s okay.”

He closed the refrigerator and got us both a glass of water.

“It’ll be okay, brah,” I said, not very convincingly. Some moral support I was.

We walked in to the living room. It looked like something out of a magazine. The traditional American style furniture all looked new, though I knew it wasn’t. It was just so immaculate. There were lovely, but uninspiring middle-America paintings on the walls. A little bit of Nebraska imported to Hawaii so they wouldn’t get too homesick. This room was for entertaining, and rarely saw use day to day. In all the time I’d known Nick, I’d never actually sat in this room. Whenever Kenji or I was here, we were always in the cavernous family room or Nick’s bedroom.

His parents walked in and we all sat down. We had arrived first, and Nick claimed a spot for us on the couch, leaving his parents in separate chairs. Following Nick’s example, I set my glass of water neatly on a coaster on the coffee table.

“Mom, dad, you know Trevor and Kenji are my best friends, right?”

His father nodded in acknowledgement.

“Yes,” said his mother. She turned to me. “That was kind of you to have a nice party for Nick for his birthday.”

“Uhh… no problem, Mrs. Morgan,” I said.

Nick cleared his throat. “We’re going to move in together. All three of us. That’s why I spent the weekend over there. We’re going to be living there together, at least for now.”

“I thought you said that house wasn’t very big,” said his father.

“It isn’t,” said Nick. “We’ll probably get a bigger place sometime, but for now, we need to be there.”

His mother gave me an accusatory look. “Did these island boys talk you into this?”

“No. Actually, it was my idea.”

“I don’t understand. You could just stay here. You know in another year or two, we’ll probably be moving back to the mainland.”

“That’s great, mom. I know you want to move back. But I don’t. My place is here now.”

“Hawaii is nice enough, Nick,” said his father. “But sooner or later you’re going to have to grow up and get serious. When you finish college, you’re going to want to get a real job. You aren’t going to want to putter around a garden with your high school buddies forever, you know.”

“That is exactly what we plan to do,” Nick countered, a slight edge coming in to his voice. “And they’re not just my high school buddies. We’re more than just buddies, more than friends.” He scooted just slightly closer to me so that our legs were just touching on the couch. “We’ve developed a… a special relationship.”

“What do you mean, special relationship?” his mother asked.

His father sighed and rested his forehead in his hands. His mother’s eyes widened in realization.

“You mean, the three of you…?”

“Yes,” said Nick, not wanting to spell it out, but leaving no doubt as to what he meant.

I blushed. His mother scowled.

“I’m not entirely sure I want to hear this,” said his father.

“You’d rather I didn’t tell you?”

His father sighed again. “We know you’re gay, and I understand that being gay isn’t a choice. We’ve tried to be supportive. But I’m really not comfortable hearing about details of your sex life.”

“I’m not telling you details of my sex life. That isn’t what this is about. This is about a relationship and a commitment to each other and us living together.”

“You spend a couple of nights together, and now all of a sudden you’re moving in together?” asked his mother in a tone of voice that left it clear she thought we were just shacking up.

“It isn’t all of a sudden, mom. I’ve known them a quarter of my life. We’ve been best friends a lot longer than you and dad knew each other before you got married.”

“That’s not the same thing.”

“You’re right. It isn’t. I know a relationship with three people is strange. It’s strange even to us. But it is a relationship that is just as meaningful to us as your marriage is to you.”

“I don’t think you know what you’re saying. Three boys can’t love each other like a husband and wife.”

“Why not?” Nick bristled. “Sure, it breaks with convention. But why can’t I love Trevor and Kenji both? And why can’t they love me?”

“It’s… it’s not even,” his father interjected. The scientist trying to grasp the equation, having difficulty making it add up. “You must feel more strongly about one than the other. It isn’t the same as with two people, straight or gay.”

“Oh, so all marriages are perfectly even?” countered Nick. “You and mom love each other the exact same amount? Constantly, all the time, every day? And this is true for all relationships, straight and gay?”

We all stared at each other. Of course Nick’s question was preposterous, but his parents were now recognizing that they weren’t going to win this argument on logic. Yet they clearly weren’t ready to give in either.

“Nick… Nick, don’t you think it would be better to discuss this with just the family?” asked his mother, clearly meaning that I should leave.

I started to stand up, feeling suddenly extremely unwelcome, but Nick grabbed my shoulder and held me in place.

“Trevor is part of my family now. He isn’t going anywhere. Kenji would have come too, but we can’t leave Masashi alone right now. His Alzheimer’s is getting worse.”

“Fine. Have it your way.” She steeled herself. “Trevor seems like a nice enough boy. But you’ve dated lots of boys over the last few years. None of those relationships lasted very long, I might point out.” She glanced at me and then back at Nick. “You should think of your future, Nick. Life isn’t a… a three way island sex fantasy. Once we move back, how are you going to support yourself? You’ll never be able to buy a Lexus and own a home working at a greenhouse.”

“So life is about owning a Lexus?”

“Nick!” She pursed her lips. “Nick, you could do better. You’ve dated other guys from better families.”

I cringed. I knew she didn’t think much of me, but she’d never thrown my social status in my face like that before. Nick leapt to his feet and pulled me up with him.

“I can’t believe you said that. You apologize to Trevor!” he demanded.

“I will not! You’re the one who insisted he stay. If anyone should apologize, it’s you.”

They glared furiously at each other, neither willing to back down. I wanted to crawl into a hole. Nick’s father looked like he wanted to say something, but seemed at a loss as to what. When it became clear they were at an impasse, Nick grabbed my hand and stormed out of the room, dragging me with him. I was too stunned to do anything but stumble along behind him.

(To be continued.)

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