Orchids in the Sun

© by The Lavender Quill, 2003

Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don’t read any further.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 12.

We headed for Nick’s bedroom upstairs, and once inside, he slammed the door. When he turned to me, I could see he was still fuming, and tears streamed down his face. He pulled me in to a fierce hug.

“I’m sorry she said that, Trevor. Don’t listen to her. I love you.”

Sure, it was a nasty thing for her to say, but Nick was clearly more upset by it than I was. He was offended on my behalf, and wanting to protect me from his mother. My hero.

“S’okay, brah,” I said, trying to calm him. “I always knew she no like me much. What she say ain’t news.”

“It’s still a pretty fucked up thing to say. You know I don’t care about that shit, right? I don’t care if we have to live at Masashi’s forever. I just want us to be together.”

“I know.”

I wasn’t just placating him. I knew he wasn’t worried about money. He held me for another minute. Slowly, I felt his muscles relax. He released me and wiped his face with his hands. I could see he was still angry, but he had calmed down considerably.

“Come on,” he said.

He led me out and down to the end of the hallway. He opened a door, which I had always assumed was a closet. It was a closet, but much bigger than I had thought. It extended out into the attic space above the entire garage; it was bigger than the apartment I shared with my father. Nick pulled two large hard-shell suitcases off a shelf. Then he added a garment bag. He pulled handles out, and held one out to me. Then we wheeled them back to his bedroom.

He angrily yanked open drawers and started to throw clothes into the suitcases. He wasn’t especially methodical about it. After one suitcase was stuffed, he started to slow down. He grabbed a few books off a shelf, including our high school yearbook. When Nick closed the second suitcase, there was a knock on the open door. We turned to see his father standing in the open doorway.

“Nick,” said his father. “I don’t think we were through talking.”

Nick stood and looked pointedly past his father at the hallway.

“Oh, did mom come to apologize? I don’t see her.” He peered around exaggeratedly.

“Don’t get cute, Nick. That won’t help.”

“Insulting Trevor doesn’t help.”

“Look, you know your mother is a bit of a social climber. This is all just a little strange; you even said so yourself. It’s hard not to look at this as some sort of fling or something. We just don’t want to see you wasting your life away.”

“I get it, dad. You think that life for me is a big party, and as soon as you leave my life here will just fall apart. Maybe you think I’ll come crawling home begging for money. But you’re wrong. I’m not as irresponsible as you think. I’m using the stuff I’m learning in my business classes at the nursery. We’re building the business up with better marketing. It has a good reputation, good cash flow and asset value, and we have a good business plan. I’ve been very conservative with my projections, and there’s plenty of money to support all three of us plus a few employees.”

His father stared at him. I think he was looking at Nick in a different way. He certainly couldn’t accuse Nick of making a thoughtless, rash decision.

“You guys are always telling me that some day I have to grow up,” Nick continued. “Well, I have. I’ve made some serious choices about my life.” He turned to me and took my hand. “And I’ve made some serious choices about who I want to spend my life with.” He turned back to his father, but didn’t let go of my hand. “If you guys want to move back to the mainland, that’s fine. I can see that you’d be happier there. But I’m not a kid anymore, and you can’t make that decision for me. We can talk all you want, but I’ve made up my mind. And I’m not going to sit around and listen to you guys insult my friends.”

“I didn’t insult anyone.”

“You didn’t? ‘Puttering around a garden with my high school buddies’ isn’t insulting? Isn’t dismissive? We’ve been out of high school for over two years, and the nursery has been in business for forty years.”

His father sighed. “Okay, maybe that was a poor choice of words. We just want what’s best for you.”

His tone was very conciliatory. Nick calmed down a little.

“Look, dad, I know you mean well, but we don’t always agree on what’s best for me. I’m twenty-one now. It’s been three years since you got to unilaterally decide what’s best for me. You didn’t go ape when Lori moved out.”

“No, but Lori wasn’t so sudden about it. And she wasn’t announcing a three-way relationship at the same time. And as far as I know, she plans to move back with us to the mainland.”

“That’s fine,” said Nick. “That’s her choice.” He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me down next to him. “I don’t want us to be mad at each other, dad, but this is my choice. Maui is my home now. Trevor and Kenji are who I want to spend my life with. We might not make as much money as you think I should, but we won’t starve. I know what I’m doing.”

His father leaned against the wall and examined his fingernails.

“I’m not mad at you, Nick, though I’m not completely convinced you know what you’re doing. I can see I’m not going to get anywhere trying to change your mind.” He looked at Nick. “I hope things work out like you want them to. If they don’t, you know you’re always welcome to come home.”

This was as close to an agreement as they were going to get. At least for the moment. Nick’s father walked out of the room. We sat for a minute.

“Maybe I should’a not come with you,” I said. “You mudda mad at me, not you.” I felt pretty useless, having barely said a word since we arrived.

“Fuck that,” said Nick. “I’m glad you’re here. I don’t know if I’d have had the balls to stand up to them if you hadn’t come with me. I got to thinking while we were packing. You probably don’t like my parents much more than they like you, but you’ve never said anything mean about them like my mom did about you.”

I shrugged. “She don’t like me. She think me a lazy surfer who steal her son away. She think status important, and I got no status, like. I guess I’m like my dad. I no hate her. It just make me sad.”

Nick flopped back on the bed and pulled me on top of him.

“You’re so nonjudgmental, Trevor. That’s one of the many reasons I love you. I’ll do my best to make you happy.”

He pulled me into a kiss, and slid his hand up under my shirt. He seemed determined to make me happy right then. I gratefully let him kiss me for a minute, and then pushed myself away.

“You can make me happy later, brah,” I smiled at him. “You mudda come in right how, she freak da’kine out.”

We reluctantly disengaged and rolled up off the bed.

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Nick. “Lets finish up and get back to Kenji.”

We packed some of his nice clothes in the garment bag. Then we took all three cases downstairs. His mother was waiting for him in the family room as we headed for the garage. She still wore an angry expression.

“Nick, you can’t just move out like this.”

Nick opened the door to the garage and ushered me out in front of him. His face had gone all hard again.

“See these suitcases?” he said. “See me walking out the door? This is me moving out, mom.”

Nick popped the electronic locks open with his key fob.

“Lets put this in the back seat,” said Nick. “I want to put my dive gear in the trunk.”


I put the suitcase I was pulling in the back. When I turned around to grab another suitcase from Nick, I saw his mother standing in the doorway. I didn’t know where his father had disappeared to; I hadn’t seen him since he left the bedroom. I had the feeling he didn’t want to be in the middle of this any more than I did. Nick ignored her and we put the other cases in the back.

“Nick,” his mother said, tersely.

He continued to ignore her, and opened the trunk. We went over to where the dive gear was stored, and we each carried an air tank to the car and put them in the trunk.

“Nick,” said his mother again. “Don’t ignore me.”

“Can you get the rest of it,” he said to me.

I nodded and went back to the shelf for another load.

“Mom, I already went through this with dad. I don’t have anything more to say until you apologize to Trevor. I’m twenty-one now, and you can’t just tell me what to do like I’m a little kid.”

She started to interrupt, but I saw Nick hold up his hand to forestall her.

“I know you’re the adult and I’m supposedly the kid, but here’s a little suggestion: insulting Trevor or Kenji doesn’t win you any points with me.”

He came around to the back of the car and stretched a couple of bungee chords around the tanks to hold them in place. It isn’t a good idea to have pressurized dive tanks rolling around loose in the trunk. I hauled the weight belts and lifted those into the trunk last.

I waited for his mother to say something else, but she remained silent. She looked like she wanted to say something, but held her tongue. I guess she couldn’t think of something to say that wasn’t insulting to Kenji or me.

We got in the car and Nick started it up. He pushed the button to lower the window. Mother and son looked at each other, the tension still thick in the air.

“Don’t go away mad if you can help it,” I said softly to Nick. It was advice my father occasionally gave me.

Nick looked at me and then turned back to his mother. “Lets not argue any more, mom. Just think about it, and we’ll talk in a couple days. I’ll only be a couple miles away. You can call me at Masashi’s if you need anything.”

She didn’t say anything, but her posture softened just a little. Nick put the car in reverse and backed out of the garage.

* * * * *

We unloaded the car back at Masashi’s. I put the dive gear in the garage with Kenji’s, while they brought the suitcases in the house. Masashi had gone to bed long ago.

When I went inside, we all headed for the bedroom. I was momentarily surprised when I walked in. A king-sized bed now dominated the small room. With everything else going on, I had completely forgotten that it was going to be delivered today. Nick must have stopped on his way home from class to buy some sheets. With the bigger bed and the extra stuff of Nick’s, there was hardly room to move around, but I didn’t care.

We quickly stripped and climbed onto the new bed. We snuggled loosely while Nick and I filled Kenji in on the confrontation with his parents.

“Wow, you told him you knew what you were doing?” asked Kenji when we were done. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Nick smiled. “Hell no. Well, I mean, I think I have a pretty good handle on the business side of things at the nursery. But I have no idea what we’re doing. I didn’t want him to think that we’re just dumb kids having a fling, though.” He leaned over and kissed Kenji. “I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to work things out, babe. I only know that somehow we will.”

“Sound like a pretty tough night,” said Kenji. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” said Nick. “I think I surprised the hell out of them, so I guess I should have expected them to be a little shocked. My dad seems like he’ll be okay with it. Mom? Who knows? I tried, but she seems so blind.”

“I don’t get that,” said Kenji. “Nebraska ain’t exactly the center for high society.”

“I know. That was partly why she married my dad: to escape. When they move back to the mainland, it won’t be to Nebraska. They’ll move to one of the major research centers. California, Washington D.C., or New England. Mom’s probably hoping for Washington. Whatever. She lives in her own world. I hope she doesn’t stay pissed forever, but I’m staying here with you guys.”

He kissed Kenji again. Kenji disengaged and looked at me.

“How ‘bout you, brah. You okay?”

I shrugged. “She no like me no surprise to me. She always think I nothing but lazy surfer.”

“Shit, I no see her spend half her day taking care of Masashi, like.”

“And she completely fails to notice what a great ass you have,” Nick laughed.

That got us completely off on another topic. A topic which required very few words, and lots of skin contact. We managed to keep Nick quiet as we thoroughly christened our new king-sized bed.

* * * * *

I woke in the morning with Kenji’s cock nudging into the crack of my ass, like it remembered being there the previous night, and wanted back in. I slowly opened my eyes to find Nick facing me with a happy smile. I stretched slightly, but kept myself wedged against Kenji; I liked his cock there. When he noticed I was awake, Kenji kissed the back of my neck.

“What?” I said to Nick. Nick is not normally a morning person, and rarely looks very chipper first thing.

“Only one more day until Waikini starts.”

“I can’t wait,” said Kenji softly behind me.

“Me too,” I said. I hadn’t really skipped surfing all that many times, but still, I was already feeling ocean deprived. “I need my daily dose of salt water.”

“Lets go diving tomorrow,” said Nick, practically bubbling with enthusiasm. “All three of us.”

“It’d be fun,” I said, wistfully. It had been a long time since all three of us had gone together. Still, it seemed more fantasy than a real idea. We all seemed so busy lately.

“How?” Kenji asked, apparently reading my mind.

“We can do it,” said Nick. “Marlene is back on tomorrow; she can take care of the retail shop. Zan does the deliveries. Waikini watches over Masashi. I only have one class in the morning. There’s no test tomorrow, so I can skip it and catch up on the homework later. If we go first thing in the morning, we can be back in time for my afternoon class. And you guys can still get in a few hours at the nursery.”

I brightened, and I could feel Kenji shift behind me. It might actually work.

“Where you wanna go?” Kenji asked, warming to the idea.

“Molokini,” Nick answered immediately. I knew he was going to say that; it is his favorite dive spot.

“You such a tourist, Nick,” I teased.

“If we get out early enough, we’ll beat the tourists.”

Molokini is a small, crescent shaped island a few miles off the southwest coast of Maui. The shape is the result of a partly collapsed volcano; just part of the lip of the old cone sticks up above sea level. The island is a bird sanctuary, and underwater is a marine sanctuary. The center of the crescent is relatively shallow and protected from the currents. It is teaming with corral and marine life. And usually swarming with tourists. Nick is correct, however. Tourists visit Hawaii to relax, and rarely get a very early start. If we get out there at dawn, we’d practically have the place to ourselves.

“Boat?” I asked.

I mostly do shore dives, largely for monetary reasons. There are plenty of good places to dive around Maui without requiring a boat, which of course none of us has. We would have to rent or borrow a boat to get to Molokini.

“One of the guys that my dad works with has a forty-four foot catamaran,” said Nick. “We’ve been sailing a few times with him, and he said I could sail well enough for him to be willing to let me use it sometime. I can check with him. He probably isn’t using it in the middle of the week. Otherwise, I can just rent a powerboat.”

I squirmed around with my naked lovers for a few minutes as we talked about the dive. It seemed like I was horny all the time around them now, but I knew we couldn’t start anything. Masashi was an early riser.

We eventually dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast.

“You gonna have to set it all up, Nick,” I said. “Until Waikini start, one of us gotta stay here, one of us at the nursery.” I pulled my keys out and took the key to my father’s apartment off the ring. I handed Nick the key. “Pick up my gear at my apartment? I call my dad to let him know you coming.”

“Sure. I’ll get it on the way to class. I’ll get all the tanks filled this afternoon.”

I had to skip surfing again, but the rest of the day went by in a blur in anticipation of Wednesday.

* * * * *

It was Nick’s idea. Still, it was hard to drag him out of bed at three o’clock in the morning. Even his excitement for the day couldn’t perk him up that early.

Nick and I packed all our dive gear in my Rav4. It is neither the nicest nor the largest vehicle, but it has racks built in it for dive tanks. Kenji packed food. We were taking some small risk with Masashi, but he seemed pretty clear headed the night before, and Waikini would arrive at seven. He would call Kenji’s cellular phone to check in so we didn’t worry.

Nick fell back asleep while I drove to the marina near Wailea, along the southwest coast of Maui. It was still dark when we arrived. We woke Nick and hauled all our stuff to the boat he had arranged for. Less than a half hour later, Nick was nosing the big catamaran out of the marina. I was impressed.

I have been swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and diving almost since I could walk, but I had spent very little time on sailboats. Sailboats cost money. This boat, a Catana 44, cost lots and lots of money. Therefore, it had not been part of my growing up experience. It had a large cockpit with steering wheels on both sides. Inside was a good-sized galley and dining table. Three cabins and two heads were in each of the two hulls.

“Nicely done, Captain Nick,” I said as we cleared the sea wall. “You know how find Molokini in the dark?” In daylight, we would be able to see it easily from there, but I couldn’t see it at all.

Nick tapped one of the small screens in front of him.

“GPS,” he said. “Satellite navigation, just like for the watch we’re getting Masashi.”

“Cool,” I said.

“We’ll be there in about twenty minutes,” he said.

I went forward and found Kenji. The cabin and cockpit were aft of the mast. Most of the area from the mast to the bow was a big net stretched between the hulls. Kenji was hauling an anchor out of a forward locker.

“Need any help, brah?” I asked.

“Nah. I got it.”

Once he had the anchor, chain and line on deck, he closed the locker. He tied the line to a cleat and hung the anchor on a bracket at the bow. We both went back and stood with Nick until we could see Molokini appear in front of us in the growing dim light of the upcoming dawn. Nick found a spot he liked. We didn’t need the anchor. There were permanent buoys to tie boats to so that the constant barrage of anchors wouldn’t damage the coral below.

We took our time getting ready as the sun began to rise. We all checked each other’s tanks and regulators. I wore my shorty wetsuit. Kenji had a sleeveless shorty. Nick, being Nick, wore only a Speedo. I could probably do that near the surface where the water is warmest, but I would get too cold as we went deeper. When the sun was high enough for adequate visibility, we dove. Nick had been right. There was only one other boat out this early.

I gladly let the ocean engulf us. I was the first to finish making minor adjustments to my belt and regulator, and slowly started down. Sometimes I truly feel like I am as at home underwater as I am on land. I turned and looked back, making sure I didn’t get too far ahead of them.

Seeing they were close behind, I turned and swam slowly toward a school of yellow butterfly fish. As we got closer I matched speed so we could sort of float along with them for a few minutes. I knew Nick liked this. He tapped my arm when he caught up to me. I turned and saw that he was holding Kenji’s hand, and held his other hand out to me. I took his hand and the three of us drifted with the school of fish, holding hands. Even with the mask, tank, and weight belt, Nick was sexy as hell in his Speedo.

The school of butterfly fish broke up suddenly, little yellow fins darting in all directions. I looked for what had disturbed them. I waved at Nick and pointed down. I could see a moray eel slithering along just above the coral. Eels are fascinating to watch, but they can be nasty little creatures. We hovered above, but kept our distance, until it slithered into a hole.

We moved on, now diving deeper, closer to the coral. We continued to hold hands as we swam among the myriad of colorful fish. Nick would let go every now and then to point out something that caught his eye, but he would always grab my hand again.

In the silent aqua depths, holding hands among the fish, I felt more at peace in my soul and more in love with Kenji and Nick than I ever had before.

A large Green Sea Turtle hovered in to view near the edge before the drop off. I released Nick and swam after it. I love to play with Green Sea Turtles, and there’re lots of them, unlike the one endangered Hawksbill that hangs around Molokini. I maneuvered around behind it and then pumped my legs to catch up. I grabbed the edges of its shell. It darted off, pulling me behind it. Tortoises are slow and ungainly creatures on dry land, but surprisingly fast and agile underwater. I kept pumping my legs, not wanting to strain it. It went over the edge and dove down. Smart turtle. I held on for a few more seconds and then let go, not wanting to go too deep or get too far away from Kenji and Nick. I watched it swim away.

I laughed out a cloud of bubbles and turned around. I waved up at my guys, who were trying to catch up. On land, they are both bigger and faster than me. In the sea, however, I am the faster one. I create less drag, my legs are short, but powerful, and I have better swimming technique.

When they caught up, we watched some brightly colored shrimp crawling around on the rocks for a few minutes, again linking hands. We swam along the face of the cliff.

All too soon, our time was up. I pointed at my dive watch and then to the surface, signaling that we had to go up. They both nodded, and we began to slowly swim upwards. We had gone deep enough that we could get the bends if we surfaced too fast. I swam around and linked hands with Kenji, so we were all together in a circle as we slowly ascended to the surface.

By the time we broke the surface, there were a bunch of boats around, and more on the way. Nick pulled his mouthpiece away.

“That was awesome!”

“Yeah,” said Kenji with a broad smile. “This a good idea.”

I laughed and switched from my tank to the snorkel. I located our boat and we swam to it. Nick hoisted himself up onto the small platform at the back of one of the pontoons, while Kenji headed for the other. After Nick had taken off his tank and weight belt, he reached out to me. I let him take my tank, and then hauled myself onto the platform when he stepped up into the cockpit.

Within a couple of minutes all three of us were in the cockpit with all our gear. There were two fresh water showers. Kenji and I started rinsing off all the stuff under one shower, and Nick, never modest, stripped off his Speedo and rinsed himself off under the other. I looked around. A couple of other boaters noticed—how could they not—but nobody seemed bothered by his nudity, Nick least of all.

I unzipped my shorty and stripped it down to my waist. That was as far as I was willing to go for Nick’s audience. I started stowing tanks, while Kenji went forward to untie the buoy. Nick started the engines, still naked.

Nick piloted us around the side of the island and headed south. Once well clear of the island, he unfurled the jib sail and turned off the engines. It was still early enough that we had plenty of time to sail around for a while before we had to return.

Kenji pulled out his cellular phone, and checked for messages. He smiled. He pushed a button to repeat a message and held it to me to listen.

“Dis Waikini,” said the voice of the huge nurse. “No problem here. Weather good. Gonna take Masashi up to Iao. You boys have good day, like. Heh, heh,” he laughed suggestively as he hung up.

I smiled. I thought Waikini was going to work out great.

I followed Kenji below to one of the heads. I wasn’t willing to shower on deck with a large audience, but didn’t mind if Kenji joined me. We helped each other out of our wetsuits and squeezed into the cramped shower compartment. That just made rinsing off more fun. We both grew hard pretty quickly. There was limited fresh water, and Nick was up on deck, so I resisted the urge to go down on Kenji right there.

We dried off, and I put on a pair of shorts before going above. Kenji wrapped himself in a sarong. When we went back up, Nick was still naked. He had half a hardon and he smiled.

“Have fun rinsing off?” asked Nick.

“Would’a been more fun with you there too,” I said.

“You think three of us could fit in one of those showers?”

I shrugged. “Maybe no. Still would’a been fun.”

I ran a finger up his rib cage. He pulled me to him and kissed me hungrily for a few seconds.

“I think we’re going to have some fun soon, surfer dude.”

I smiled at the prospect.

“Wanna raise the main?” Kenji asked.

We were sailing under the jib only. This was largely laziness. The jib could be unfurled from the cockpit. The main sail required someone to actually climb up on deck to raise it. An easy task, but not as easy as the jib.

“Nah,” said Nick. “We aren’t going that far, and we’re doing pretty good with just the jib.”

I love sailing, on the rare occasion that I get a chance to go. It seems so natural and beautiful to me. Sort of the way surfing does. To be a good surfer, you need to understand the natural flow and movement of the waves, and be able to work in tune with the waves or be crushed under them. Similarly, sailors must understand the wind, and learn how to harness that natural power to propel the boat. It exhilarates me to be skimming across the water under the power of the wind, without the noise and pollution of an engine. Sailing is almost like an art.

Kenji went up on the deck and laid down next to the mast to soak up some rays. I think he deliberately lay with his feet facing us, so we would catch a teasing glimpse up his crotch when his sarong blew around in the wind. I hugged myself next to Nick, trying not to stare at his cock, which was stupid, given that he was making no effort whatsoever to hide it from anyone.

“Is it my imagination, or has Kenji been wearing a sarong more often lately?” Nick asked.

“He da’kine hot in that, ain’t he?” I said.

“Oh, yeah.”

I didn’t think I was going to be able to just stand there watching for much longer.

“I gonna have’ta go up there an’ tear that off’a him, or go inside and make lunch,” I said.

It was way early for lunch, but we’d had breakfast at 3:00am, and had been diving.

“Lunch first,” said Nick. “Then we both get to tear that sarong off him.”

“’kay,” I said.

I took one last peak up Kenji’s sarong, and stepped into the galley. I made some chicken breast sandwiches and cut up some fruit. I heard the jib being furled as I dug out some sodas.

“Look alive up there, first mate,” hollered Nick in his best pirate voice. I heard Kenji move above me. “Time to drop anchor!”

Kenji laughed. “Ay, Captain Nick.”

Through the windows I saw Kenji scramble forward and toss the anchor overboard.

“Let out about sixty feet or so of line,” called Nick.

I carried lunch out on a plastic tray. There was a small fold-out table to one side of the cockpit. I opened it and set out the food. I looked around. The southern tip of Maui was a couple miles north of us, and the big island was off in the distance to the southeast. There wasn’t another boat in sight.

“How we drop anchor dis far off shore?” I asked.

“There’s underwater volcanoes that never reached the surface, and all kinds of shit down there,” said Nick. “That’s why there’s a depth gage. We’re only in about thirty feet of water right here.”

I smiled. It felt like we had the whole ocean to ourselves. After the dive and the sail, we were all hungry, and made quick work of the food. It seemed to take only a minute or two for us to gobble it all up. Kenji sat back.

“If you da captain, and me da first mate,” said Kenji, “what Trevor?”

Nick grinned evilly. “The galley slave.”

“What!?” I shouted indignantly.

Nick burst out laughing and dashed away from me as I tried to smack him.

“Watch it, galley slave. It’s insubordination to hit the captain.”

He giggled and ran forward. I dashed after him. He could outrun me briefly, but he couldn’t get far on a forty-four foot boat. I cornered him by the bow.

“Galley slave?” I asked again.

“Better than cleaning the scuppers,” he said.

I don’t even know what scuppers are. I scowled at him in mock anger.

“I show you scuppers,” I said.

I reached down and grasped him around the legs. One advantage of being short is that I have a lower center of gravity. I grabbed tight and heaved upward, propelling Nick up over the rail and into the water. He surfaced sputtering and laughing.

“Oh, you are so dead!” he shouted. “Hey, first mate, you’re supposed to be protecting me.”

I turned and saw Kenji coming up from the cockpit. I ran to the mast and stripped off my shorts. Since there were no other boats around, I was no longer worried about my modesty. Just as Kenji was almost on top of me, I darted forward again, and leaped over the rail. I canonballed into the water right next to Nick, sending up a respectable geyser of seawater.

When I surfaced Kenji was standing next to the rail, smiling.

“You are in so much trouble, galley slave,” laughed Nick. “It is gross insubordination to throw the captain overboard.”

“Gotta catch me first,” I laughed.

I splashed water at him and dove under the surface. I was totally in my element, and there was no way he was going to catch me. I pulled myself down about ten feet. I opened my eyes and looked up. I could see Nick treading water, obviously looking around for me, trying to figure out where I would come up. He was quite a sight, with his big cock bobbing in the water in front of him.

I angled up and blew out a breath. The air bubbles surfaced right in front of him, but I angled out and came up behind him. I poked him in the ribs before he could turn around. He burst out laughing and almost choked on seawater as I rapidly kicked away from him. He lunged at me, but I dove out of the way again. It didn’t take long for Nick to figure out he had no chance.

“Hey, first mate, help me catch him.”

Kenji needed no more invitation than that. He stripped off his sarong and wrapped it around a rail line with a laugh. Once naked, he jumped in with us. The three of us laughed and splashed around like kids. With two of them after me, it presented more of a challenge. Kenji managed to catch me at one point, but I simply went limp in his arms, causing us both to sink. Once underwater, he released me and I darted off again.

We didn’t stay in the water too long. We’d already been diving, and we just ate, so I didn’t want to overdo it. We swam around to the back of the boat and scrambled aboard. We rinsed off briefly using the deck showers.

Now that we were all naked, wet and clean, and seemingly had a good chunk of the Pacific to ourselves, the morning was looking very promising. Nick and Kenji approached me with evil grins.

“You get his feet,” said Nick, his eyes sparkling brightly.

I laughed, but put up a minimal struggle as they picked me up and carried me up on the deck.

(To be continued.)

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