Orchids in the Sun

© by The Lavender Quill, 2002

Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don’t read any further.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 7.

I drove over to Masashi’s the next morning. It had been quite a while since I had gone that long without surfing. I was still willing to do it for Kenji’s sake, but he was right. I’d go nuts if I had to give it up for months or years. I could practically feel the waves calling me. It is hard to explain the feeling. The need.

I had cleaned and done laundry the day before, and I was running out of excuses to be hanging around. So I decided to take Masashi grocery shopping. Since he walked very slowly with his cane, that would take up a good bit of the morning. Besides, we needed poi. I started to get a chub just thinking about it. Good grief.

He seemed pretty alert when we were at the grocery store. He insisted we go to Ah Fook’s Supermarket, an old store run by a Chinese family, rather than one of the chain grocers. He had been shopping there since before they moved to their current location in the 1950s. He says their food is fresher and cheaper. I knew he liked the Bento boxes there too (a Bento box is sort of a Japanese style boxed lunch with rice and some kind of meat), but he would not spend the money to buy them. Like many older Japanese, he is almost painfully thrifty. Then again, he owns his house and all that land, which is probably more than I ever will. He insisted on paying for the groceries. I didn’t argue. It would be insulting if I paid for it. Ultimately both of our money was derived from the Hitohana Hinata Orchid Garden anyway, so it really made no difference.

After returning for lunch, which Masashi fixed for himself, I flipped off the breaker for the stove and was off to the nursery again.

When I found Kenji poking around in one of the tents I gave him a warm hug. The scent of the orchids surrounding us made me feel alive. I thought of how much I missed his arms around me when I slept. I thought of poi. I released him before we started something.

“Howzit?” I asked.

“Great. Been a quiet day.”

Thursday’s usually are. The calm before the weekend storm.

“Waikini is meeting me at home at 3:00,” said Kenji. “He the guy I told you about that I might hire for Masashi. Nick’s comin’ after class, around 4:00, he says. Unless things get out of hand here, I figure you can come over then too. Let Marlene close up the retail shop. I already got the list printed for Zan’s run tomorrow.”

“Sounds good,” I said. “Shouldn’t be a problem.”

“How was Masashi?”

“He seemed pretty good this morning, like. I took him to Ah Fook’s. He seems to like getting out, and he still hasn’t said anything about the car not being in the driveway.”

“We gonna have to do something about the car.”

“Relax, brah,” I said. “It ain’t going anywhere. It’s fine where it is for now. Lets get settled with the helper guy first. We can worry about the car later.”

“Okay, yeah, you’re right. One thing at a time. I should go. Did you leave me anything for lunch?”

“I bought poi,” I said, cocking an eyebrow.

Kenji blurted out a laugh. I tried to keep a straight face, but had to smile too.

“I’m never gonna be able to eat that again without getting a hard on,” said Kenji.

I wobbled my eyebrows suggestively in response.

Kenji looked at me. His eyes glinted. He hesitated and then leaned down for an affectionate kiss. It felt like the kind of kiss I imagined old lovers would share, and I thought that, in a way, we were old lovers. There was a lot of history between us. It was nice, but it reminded me again how much I cared for my friends, and how badly I wanted not to screw things up.

“I’ll see you around 4:00, then,” I said, breaking away.

* * * * *

I was the last to arrive at Masashi’s. When I walked in, Nick and Kenji were in the kitchen, and a huge Samoan looking guy was on the back patio, playing chess with Masashi. I thought it was kind of an absurd sight. He was considerably bigger than even William had been. I worried about the chair he sat on. Perched on might be more accurate. When he noticed me, he hauled himself to his feet, and waded into the house, a huge smile pasted on his face.

“Hi,” he said, his voice surprisingly soft for someone so huge. “I Waikini. You Trevor?”

His meaty hand engulfed mine, and we shook. He looked to be in his thirties, I guessed. He had a big round face, a wisp of a moustache, and gentle eyes. I liked him immediately. The fact that he had been playing chess with Masashi spoke volumes. Masashi refused to play with anyone if he thought they were throwing the game. I was incapable of thinking ahead far enough to play the chess at all well.

“Yep,” I said.

He looked over his shoulder at Masashi, who was still outside.

“Kenji told me you kinda like live here part time,” said Waikini softly. “And he told me ’bout da student group where you guys met each other. You ain’t got no problem wit me, bradduh. Me no care who you go poke, poke.”

He smiled and patted me on the shoulder, and then went back out to Masashi. He said something to the old man, and Masashi got up. Soon everyone was seated around the table in the kitchen. Well, not everyone. There was only room for four, so I stood between and slightly behind Kenji and Nick.

It was an odd meeting for me. I tried to listen and contribute, but I couldn’t concentrate. They talked about what Waikini could and couldn’t do, his qualifications as a registered nurse, his past experience in home care, and so on.

All I could think of, however, was how weird I felt standing between Kenji and Nick. Like there was a strange vibe or tension in the air. They were perfectly comfortable talking about Waikini and Masashi’s condition and how to care for him. I was stressing out over my feelings of unresolved issues with both of them. I had felt like such a mess when I’d talked to my father, and I felt even worse being in the presence of Kenji and Nick, and not being able to talk about the things that were bothering me. Even physically, I was with them, I was close, yet standing apart, the small physical separation mimicking my mood.

They could sense my unease, too. Every now and then, one or the other would look at me and smile reassuringly. It wasn’t reassuring me, though. It was just frustrating me.

The meeting looked like it was winding down. Everyone had asked a question or two, except me, and Waikini had answered them with his warm smile. The questions dwindled down, and we seemed to be milling around, not knowing how to end it.

Partly as a legitimate suggestion, and partly out of selfish desperation, I cut in.

“I got an idea,” I said. “Waikini, you have any plans this evening?”

“Nah,” he said.

“Okay, good. Well then, how about if we do a little test run. You can stay here with Masashi. Have dinner. Handle it however you want. See how you guys get along.” I smiled nervously, hoping they would all go for it. “There’s something I really need to do with Nick and Kenji. It would be great if we could take care of it tonight, ’cause I don’t know when else we’ll get a chance for a while.” The plan was forming in my head as I talked. “We’d be back, uh, after dark.” I looked at Waikini. “Would that work for you? Is that okay, like?”

“S’okay for me,” said the big man. “Give us a chance to get to know each other some.”

“Good,” I said. I looked at Masashi. He was only luke-warm to the idea of home care in the first place, I suspected. What an awful situation for him to be in. Better than a nursing home, though.

Masashi nodded. “Yeah, yeah. Go.”

“Guys?” I said, looking back and forth between Kenji and Nick.

“Not a bad idea,” said Nick.

“Sure,” said Kenji.

Great! I plowed ahead. They stood and we walked out to the living room.

“Beach,” I said. “Kenji can you get some towels? I’ll grab some food.”

“Okay,” said Kenji. He was obviously unsure of what was going on with me, but was going along with my plan.

I found an empty grocery bag. I pulled some sodas out of the refrigerator. I looked around for what else to bring. Cheese looked good. Poi? Definitely not! I grabbed a couple other things. There was fruit in the Rav4 that I had brought down from the nursery.

Once the plan was made, it took almost no time for us to get ready. The three of us were already in shorts, which is pretty much what we wore morning, noon, and night all year round. We said goodbye to Masashi and Waikini, and we were out the door.

“My car,” I said. If we were going some place in town, we usually took Nick’s car. It was nicest, by far. I planned to go off on some rough roads, though, and wanted the all-wheel-drive of my Rav4. Kenji sat next to me up front, and Nick straddled the center of the back seat.

“What’s up, dude?” asked Nick once we were moving.

“I, uh, I don’t really want to talk about it in the car, like,” I said. “Can we just wait till we get to the beach?”

“No prob,” said Nick.

I could see him give me another grin in my rear view mirror. Kenji turned back to him, shrugged, and turned back forward again. I didn’t say anything else after that. I just drove.

We went out east along the north coast; out past the big beaches where I surf and where the windsurfers hang out. As we got closer to where the nursery was, the road veered in off the coast a little as the shoreline got rougher and steeper. I cut off onto a small road going down. It soon deteriorated into a rough dirt road.

On Maui, all of the beachfront is theoretically public. In reality, some of the coast is pretty hard to get to. My theory was, the harder it was to get to the beach, the more likely it was that we’d have it to ourselves once we got there. I ground down around a couple of hairpin turns and bounced through a few potholes. We got to the end of the road where there was a small turn around. I was pleased to see there were no other cars, which, given the road, was not too surprising. You’d sure never see tourists here.

We climbed out, gathered our things into our daypacks, and hiked the rest of the way through dense vegetation down to the beach, which took another fifteen minutes. I carried a machete in case the path was overgrown, but didn’t have to use it.

Finally, we came out onto a small stretch of beach. There was a shear cliff at the east end of the beach, and a rocky outcropping to the West. My efforts were worth it. We were alone.

For the first time all day, I began to relax. The ocean does that to me. The sound of the waves crashing ashore has a soothing affect on me, and I feel at home in the water.

All three of us shed our shirts and sandals immediately. Kenji pulled out not three towels, but one blanket for the three of us to sit on. I set my pack down and dug out the sodas. Nick dropped his shorts. He was wearing bright red Speedos underneath. I stared at him. Nick in Speedos was going to be a distracting sight.

“What?” he said. Kenji noticed too, and smiled. I didn’t say anything. “I changed in the bathroom while you guys were getting ready.”

Nick was the only one of the three of us who ever wore Speedos. Mind you, if I had a body like that, I probably would too.

“Lets go for a walk,” I said.

We were nearer the end of the beach with the rocky outcropping. I led them down to the water’s edge, and we turned and walked slowly toward the other end, the warm surf occasionally washing up over our feet. Now that we were here, I wasn’t sure what to say. For a while, we just walked slowly along the shore. When we neared the other end I wandered up the sand and sat down just beyond the reach of the waves. As they had when we were walking, my friends placed themselves on either side of me and sat down next to me.

“Guys,” I finally said. “I’m a little bit freaked by all of this… This, this sex.” I looked from one to the other. Neither said anything, waiting for me to continue. “I love you guys more than anything. Both of you. Until last week, I thought we had the coolest friendship. I was so happy. Well, except for that thing with Ed. You know what I mean. Now, all of a sudden, it’s, it’s ballooned into something else. Something, something, I don’t know what.”

I picked up a broken piece of shell and threw it into the surf.

“That’s my problem,” I continued. “I’m confused. I don’t understand what we’re doing. I’ve, well, you know, slept with both of you.” I fumbled for words, embarrassed. “But I don’t understand where we go from here. You know me. I want a relationship. I want my prince charming. I wanna live with one guy for the rest of my life.”

I knew they’d heard me say that a hundred times before.

“I’m afraid what we’ve been doing is gonna mess things up. I’m, I’m afraid one of us will be hurt. Or worse, all three of us.”

Nobody said anything for a minute. Kenji looked down.

“Why are you afraid someone will get hurt?” asked Nick.

“Well, ’cause it can’t keep going on like this. It has to end. Someone is going to be left out, or maybe all of us. I’m afraid you gonna make me choose, and I can’t do it. How can I? What’s gonna happen to us then?”

Kenji scratched his head. He looked like he was going to cry. Damn it! This was going all wrong. Oh, Kenji.

“Why do you have to choose?” asked Nick.

“What do you mean?” I asked. He’d lost me.

“Kenji,” said Nick. Kenji looked up, his face a mask of sadness. “Do you love Trevor?”

Kenji nodded yes and looked down.

“Not as just friends, I mean. Would you want to be lovers? Like, long term? Like, you know, you and William were?”

I was appalled. I couldn’t believe he’d asked that.


“Let me finish, Trevor,” he said. “Kenji?”

Kenji sniffed. He looked at me and then Nick. He nodded. Oh, jeez.

“Me, too,” said Nick. He looked me in the eye. “I love you too, Trevor. I know you think I’m not interested in a long-term relationship, but I am. Sure I like sex, but no one I’ve ever slept with has made me as happy as you and Kenji. When you and I were together in the grotto… that was really special. I don’t ever want to lose that.”

Now I was close to tears. How could this be happening?

“Oh, God, you guys,” I wailed. “How can I deal with that? How do I say no to one and yes to the other?”

“You don’t,” said Nick.

I looked at him, blinking, not comprehending.

“You say yes to us both,” said Nick.

“I what?”

“We’ve been best friends. Tighter than I ever thought was possible. I was so lonely when I first moved here. Now Nebraska is like a distant memory. We’re more than just close friends. I love you Trevor, and I want to be with you. But I love Kenji too. I don’t want be with you and lose him. We can be lovers; all three of us. All we have to do is say yes. Just go for it.”

I was stunned by what he was suggesting. I confess that the thought of the three of us together turned me on more than a little, but really, it could never work.

“Nick,” I said. “Three-ways are for porno movies, not long term relationships.”

“Oh, that’s a cheap cop-out, Trevor.”

I turned to Kenji. He was staring at Nick with a quizzical look. “Have you ever heard of anything like that before?” I asked Kenji. He shrugged.

“So what?” said Nick. He was on a roll now, and he wasn’t giving up. “Lotsa people never heard of two guys in a long term relationship either. We know that can happen, though. It’s what you say you always dream of. Well this is my dream.”

I looked at him again. He was totally serious.

Could he be right?

“In a lot of my business classes, they tell us to ‘think outside the box’. That’s what I’m asking you. Both of you.”

I opened my mouth, but couldn’t think of a response. I shut it again.

“Go on,” said Kenji.

“For a decade, since before I even moved here, gay people tried to get the right to marry. It almost happened. But no. They won’t let us.”

This was not news. He was referring to the same-sex marriage fiasco that went on for most of the 1990s in Hawaii. Three gay couples tried to get married and were denied. They sued the state, claiming that their rights under the Hawaii state constitution were violated (not the US constitution). As the case went up and down the court system, it looked for a few years like they might win. Just when everything looked like it was going to go their way, the state legislature voted to amend the state constitution. After nearly a decade of legal battles, gay people ended up worse off than before. However, it was talked about a lot in school, and most kids seemed to side with us, which is one reason why it was so easy for us to be out at school.

“Think outside the box,” Nick repeated. “We’re not straight. Why try so hard to model ourselves after a traditional straight relationship? That’s based on a male-female bond. But we’re all guys.”

“So we make up our own rules on how we want to have a relationship,” said Kenji, deep in thought.

I turned to him. I was surprised. I could see Nick coming up with a plan like this. He’s so sexual. But here was Kenji—quiet, demure Kenji—going along with him.

“You and William were a couple, Kenji,” I said. “You used to call him your ‘other half’. You know? Husband and wife? Mom and dad? Noah’s ark? All the animals two by two?”

“That’s bullshit,” said Nick. “It’s a straight fantasy. Your own parents weren’t together for more than a couple years, and they never got married. And you’ve never set foot in a church in your life.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t understand, Trevor. I thought you would go for this more than Kenji. I thought he’d be the one to resist. That’s the only reason I held off as long as I did.”

He stood and walked down to stand near the surf, clearly upset. He’d obviously been thinking about this for a long time.

I thought about what he’d said. I loved my father, but missed not ever knowing my mother. Kenji and Nick both had both parents, though Kenji’s parents had moved to Honolulu when he moved in with Masashi. I was envious of their upbringing. It seemed more normal to me. Was I projecting what seemed normal for straight relationships onto what should be normal for us?

What I missed about not having my mother around was love. I never had her love. But Kenji didn’t really have the love of his parents either, despite them still being married. So maybe it wasn’t the marriage itself that was important, it was the love.

Here I had two guys who loved me. Maybe Nick was right. Why should I throw that away?

I stood and walked down to Nick. Kenji followed me.

“So what would we be?” I said. “Not a couple. A… a triple?” Nick looked at me and I could see him trying to hold back a smile. “I’ve never heard of a triple.”

“Well why not?” said Nick, throwing his arms out with a shrug. “Those fuckers won’t let us get married anyway. Why the hell should we pretend to play by their rules? They won’t let us anyway.”

I looked out at the ocean. The waves crashed ashore, lapping at our feet. My resistance to the idea was slipping like the wet sand between my toes.

“It sounds like a pretty complex relationship,” I said. “How can we keep from being jealous of each other? Do you really think with three of us that we can handle that kind of intimacy?”

“I don’t know,” said Nick. “We’ve handled everything else we’ve had thrown at us.”

“We never know if we don’t try,” said Kenji. He put his hand on my shoulder. “It’s Nick’s idea, but I agree with him.” He looked me deep in the eyes. “You don’t have to say no to either of us.”

“I’m not sayin’ no,” I said. Nick smiled a huge grin. “I’m not necessarily sayin’ yes, but I’m not sayin’ no. I, I gotta think.”

I wandered up the beach toward our blanket. Our blanket. Nick and Kenji followed a few steps behind.

Nick’s idea seemed so simple, yet so completely foreign. I simply couldn’t get my head around it. It would be wonderful if it worked. It could be a disaster if it didn’t. It occurred to me that before Nick suggested the idea, my own conversation was heading for disaster anyway.

I thought of Nick. Gorgeous, strong, playful, brash Nick. His kisses made me weak; I was putty in his hands. I thought of Kenji. Loving, gentle, beautiful, sensitive Kenji. Sex so tender, it almost made me weep in ecstasy. My mind reeled.

We could not go back. We could only go forward to avoid catastrophe. I knew that it was impossible to say no.

Therefore the answer had to be yes.

Having come to that conclusion, I was both calmed and exhilarated. Much of my anxiety from the last couple of days melted away. I could not stop myself from imagining what love between the three of us might be like. I was starting to get a chub.

When I got back to our blanket, I pulled a coconut out of my pack and tossed it to Kenji. I had husked it at the nursery before I put in the Rav4. Most mainlanders think there is just one kind of coconut; the kind that comes in white flakes in a plastic bag at the grocery store. There are actually a number of different types of coconuts. This one was large and round and filled with juice.

Kenji took the machete in his right hand and held the coconut out in his left hand. He swiftly chopped four times, sideways but down at an angle at the top, spinning the coconut in his hand between each chop. The top fell away, leaving an almost perfect cup of a shell. He didn’t spill a drop. He made it look easy.

“Some day you gotta teach me how to do that,” said Nick.

Kenji smiled. I could do it too, though not as deftly as Kenji. There is sort of an art to it. If you did it wrong, you could crack the shell lengthwise, and all the juice would run out onto your hand. Or you could break it wrong and dump chips from the shell into the juice. Kenji had probably been doing this since he was old enough to hold a machete. He was a master.

“You have to learn proper respect for poi before he can teach you that,” I said.

Kenji totally cracked up. He handed the coconut to Nick so he wouldn’t drop it. Nick looked at both of us, perplexed.

“Kenji and I discovered a whole new way to eat poi,” I said. “I tink you gonna like it, brah.”

I sat down on the blanket, smiling. Kenji sat down next to me, his giggles subsiding.

“Does that mean you sayin’ yes?” asked Kenji.

I felt his warmth next to me. I looked at Nick, standing there in his red Speedos, holding the coconut.

“Yes,” I said.

Nick beamed at me. He held the coconut to his lips and drank. I wanted to rip his Speedos off. He sat down next to Kenji. He brought the coconut to Kenji’s lips and fed him some of the juice. Then he handed the coconut to Kenji, who turned to me. Kenji held the coconut to my lips and tilted it up for me to drink. I put my hand on his chest as he did. I liked the connection.

Kenji handed the coconut to me and I looked at Nick. This was turning in to a little celebration, profound enough to silence Nick. I leaned over Kenji and slowly fed a little of the juice to Nick. Nick’s eyes blazed. He took the coconut and dribbled a little more into Kenji’s mouth.

This time he handed the coconut back to me. Once he did, he leaned in and kissed Kenji. Watching them kiss was fascinating. Beautiful and erotic. Kenji’s gentleness was overpowered by Nick’s passion. Nick held the back of Kenji’s head as he probed with his tongue. Kenji moaned and grabbed my arm. I knew how he felt. I took Kenji’s hand and kissed his wrist softly, as he had done to me before. He moaned again; I don’t know if it was Nick’s or my kiss, or both. It didn’t matter. It was great seeing Kenji receiving so much pleasure.

Nick came up for air. “You guys don’t know how happy this makes me. How long I’ve wanted to do this.”

“Can see you happy, like,” I said, pointing to his Speedos. Kenji and I both had tented shorts, but Nick was practically bursting from his skimpy spandex cover. It barely served to cover him when he was limp, and left nothing at all to the imagination now that he was aroused.

They went back to kissing, Kenji trying to match Nick’s passion. I held Kenji’s hand and watched them. It was pretty hot. I had slept with both of them, but neither of them had been with each other, so I was content to let them explore for a few minutes. I had never thought of myself as a voyeur, but I thought it would be really erotic just to watch the two of them make love. They did not want to exclude me, it seemed. They broke apart and both looked at me with desire.

Kenji took the coconut and fed me some of the juice. There wasn’t much left. I could see Nick slipping his suit off. He had always been the first to get naked. Kenji handed him the coconut and we kissed. Maybe he was inspired by Nick’s kiss, because this had more passion than our previous kisses. I could hear Nick unsnap Kenji’s shorts, and felt Kenji shift as his shorts were being pulled off.

“Know what you can do with three guys that you can’t do with two?” Asked Nick. Kenji and I were too preoccupied to answer. “You can kiss and get a blowjob at the same time.”

Kenji laid back down on the blanket, pulling me with him. I glanced down and saw Nick taking Kenji’s cock into his mouth. Kenji moaned and I went back to kissing him. He was losing control. I could hear Nick slurping noisily and it was clear Kenji was getting over stimulated. His kiss was totally erratic. I took control of the kiss. I rubbed his nipple and swirled my tongue slowly around his mouth. He sighed again and his body arched and twisted. He clutched at my shoulder. His other hand tugged at my shorts.

I was the only one not yet naked. I didn’t care, though. I was totally into pleasing Kenji. The sun was starting to go down, and the sky was turning orange. I broke away briefly just to look at my two friends, my lovers. They were beautiful in this light. Kenji’s eyes were wide and bright as he looked at me. I kissed him again intensely. He wasn’t going to last long under this kind of attention. I held his face in my hands and covered him in wet sloppy kisses. I could hear Nick, and joined in his rhythm, tonguing Kenji’s mouth to the same beat as Nick’s bobbing head. Kenji began to thrash and buck, moaning again and again into my mouth as he orgasmed into Nick’s.

I released Kenji’s mouth and kissed him softly on the neck as his body went limp. I held him as he fought for breath.

“I love you, Kenji,” I whispered in his ear.

“Me too,” said Nick, bringing himself up and laying on the other side of Kenji.

“You okay, brah?” I asked Kenji.

“Wow,” Kenji sighed. “Nick…” Nick wobbled his eyebrows and licked his lips, proud of himself. Kenji looked at me, and I smiled at him. “You still got you shorts on,” he said to me.

“I was busy,” I said. I ran a finger slowly along his jaw.

“I think it’s time to fix that,” said Nick.

He crawled across Kenji and pinned me on my back. He kissed me hungrily as he worked to unfasten my shorts. He knelt, and nearly lifted me off the ground as he pulled my shorts down. He tossed them aside.

“Any of that coconut left?” he asked Kenji.

Kenji had recovered enough to look. He handed it to Nick. Nick grinned. He rolled to my side opposite Kenji and gave me a mischievous look. I could feel his big dick pressing against the side of my leg. With one hand he pinned my hands to the blanket above my head, and with the other he dribbled the last of the coconut juice onto my chest, making sure to coat my nipples. It tickled a little as I felt some of it running down my stomach toward my crotch.

“Oh, look,” said Nick, all mock disappointment. “I spilled it. C’mon, Kenji. Help me clean it up.”

He tossed the coconut shell aside, and attached himself to one nipple, still holding my hands above my head. I didn’t resist. Kenji rolled and joined in from the other side.

“Oh, God,” I sighed.

Nick’s lips locked, sucking, over my nipple while his tongue raked back and forth across the sensitive skin. Kenji’s swirled, agonizingly slowly, around the other. My cock was rock hard in the open air and my hips thrust and twisted, seeking stimuli for my leaking rod. Nick grasped my leg and stroked his fingers up my inner thigh. I hissed a breath in past my teeth. Kenji must have caught what was going on, because I felt his hand move down and gently caress my other thigh, nudging up against my balls.

“Ahhh,” I sighed.

They stopped briefly and the three of us looked at each other as the sky glowed more orange. My cock surged and oozed a healthy flow of pre-come. Neither of them had even touched my cock yet.

“I think he likes this,” said Nick. “He’s making a mess.”

Kenji said nothing, but he smiled and dropped his head. I could feel his tongue following the trail of coconut juice the dribbled down my stomach.

Still holding my arms over my head, Nick roughly grazed his lips and teeth up and down my armpit, while his fingers nudged around my ass hole.

Kenji took his time, licking every drop of coconut, coconut mixed with my pre-come, and, as he got lower, just pre-come that covered my stomach. His chin or cheek occasionally rubbed up against my cock, causing me to surge against him. Like a feather, his fingers brushed my balls.

“Ahhhng,” I moaned. I was nearly incapable of speech. Nick smiled at me. Those lips… “Kiss me,” I begged, barely above a whisper.

“I’m getting there, dude,” he said with a glint in his eye.

Nick kissed my neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark, moving on to my jaw. They did something with their hands, traded, Nick’s holding me tightly around my balls and the base of my shaft, pointing my dick straight at the sky. Kenji wet a finger, with saliva or pre-come or both—I don’t know; there was no shortage of fluids down there—and was gently teasing at my ass hole. Nick licked at my earlobe, kissed my cheek, moving closer to my lips. Kenji ran his tongue slowly up the underside of my shaft, collecting the pre-come that was now flowing almost continuously.

Like a well-choreographed dance, they managed perfect timing. I suppose Nick could feel what Kenji was doing, but it felt like magic to me. At the same moment, Nick’s lips met mine in a passionate kiss while Kenji’s engulfed my cockhead and slid inch by inch down the shaft, and his finger finally slid past my sphincter and up inside me.

Once Kenji had control of my cock with his mouth, Nick released it and moved his hand to my nipples, still roused from both of them sucking on them a few minutes ago. It was all too much. My senses overloaded. Nick’s kiss alone made me quiver, but add all the other sensations: Nick holding me in place with one hand, leaving me totally, willingly, at their mercy, his other hand teasing my sensitized nipples, Kenji’s finger doing wonders up my ass, and his incredible warm moist mouth sliding up and down my shaft.

In almost no time I completely lost it. I erupted explosively into Kenji’s mouth. My whole body convulsed. I pushed up into Nick’s kiss and his tongue twisted with fiery passion in my mouth. Nick rubbed the heal of his thumb roughly across my nipple and I pumped again and again into Kenji’s hungry mouth, my ass spasming around Kenji’s finger each time.

I was spent, utterly, when they released me. I lay there, panting. Nick sat up and Kenji moved up beside me. He kissed me softly on the cheek.

“Thanks for saying yes,” he whispered.

Nick rubbed my stomach. It was clean. “God, Kenji, did you swallow that whole load? I’ve seen him come before, and nobody comes like Trevor. I thought there’d be leftovers.”

Kenji just smiled a contented smile.

“You’re gonna have to let me try that next time,” said Nick.

He stood up. Maybe since it was his idea, since he wanted us to be convinced, he’d waited till last. Or maybe that’s just how things worked out. I don’t know. But he stood there, like a magnificent vision, his big cock jutting out proudly, his beautiful body bathed in golden light as the sun sank toward the horizon.

Kenji smacked his lips. “Maybe there’s a little left I can share?”

He reached up a hand, and Nick pulled him to his feet. I watched, laying lazily, as they kissed. I was still regaining my breath. It was quite a sight; Kenji’s darker skin pressed against Nick’s light tan. I know everyone has different tastes, and my friends wouldn’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but to me, these guys were close to perfect. Kenji lightly caressed Nick’s cock as they deeply explored each other’s mouths. I knew well what that feather touch could do. I could see that Kenji was getting aroused again too.

I watched them kiss until I felt recovered enough to join in again. Watching those two, it didn’t take long. I crawled to my knees. Ah. The perfect height. Two bobbing cocks, right at mouth level. Could there be anything more inviting?

Kenji offered me Nick’s cock with his hand, and with a hungry moan I took it into my mouth. I worked on the end, sucking and licking, tasting the pre-come, getting it all slick. It was quite a mouthful, but a delightful mouthful. I could hear their kiss intensifying above me as I eagerly took more of Nick into my mouth. I went down on it till it wedged in my throat. I stayed there, lashing the underside of his shaft with my tongue.

I couldn’t deep throat it, but I am not unskilled. I soon had Nick thrusting his hips at me, moaning above me. I was totally getting in to it. I really love to suck cock. And the fact that this wasn’t just any cock, but Nick’s cock, made it special. I did not simply suck Nick’s cock, I worshiped it, I adored it, I made love to it with my mouth and tongue, an extension of my love for him.

“Oh God,” moaned Nick, breaking their kiss. His fingers laced into my hair, his hand not forcing, not directing, simply making contact.

Kenji moved around behind him, and he circled his arms around Nick from behind, pressing his body into Nick’s back. He caressed Nick’s free nipple and lightly flicked at the small gold hoop in the other. Nick lolled his head back on Kenji’s shoulder, and Kenji went to work on his neck, licking, kissing, sucking.

Nick trembled slightly and shifted his weight, spreading his feet, making room as Kenji prodded from behind, raking his cock along the crack of Nick’s ass.

Nick, never quiet, was one continuous moan now, stopping only long enough to breath. “Ahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh…” His hand remained in my hair, caressing my head as I made oral love to his cock; his other hand reaching up to Kenji’s head, Kenji’s lips firmly fastened to his neck.

Kenji wedged his cock against Nick’s pucker and thrust; not really demanding entry, but stimulating the sensitive rosebud and propelling him into me. Nick’s legs began to tremble and Kenji held him tightly. I knew the signs, and redoubled my efforts.

“Trevor… Kenji… Ahhhhhhhh.”

Nick’s hips started to jerk, and I was rewarded with a mouthful of his come. I jacked the base of his cock with my fist to give my mouth enough room to take the load. I swallowed as fast as he pumped, relishing every drop as he spurted again and again into my mouth.

I hope no one was around. They could probably hear Nick from where we parked my car.

Kenji settled Nick to the ground and they sprawled on the blanket. I crawled on top of them. The three of us nuzzled and kissed and groped languidly as we watched the last brilliant crescent of the sun settle over the horizon.

I was in heaven, snuggled between them. My heart soared. Nick was right. This was incredible. As the sun, now gone below the horizon, lit the few clouds pink from below, I prayed to whatever gods might exist out there that this feeling could last. And I feared, just a little, that it would not.

(To be continued.)

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