"Plaquemines Parish" Part 13

By: Pee Jay



Mike called Mark's mother that evening and arranged to take her to lunch the next day, Friday. He wore a suit to make the best impression possible. Apparently that, along with his charm and presence, was enough to convince her because she consented. Then there were a bunch of calls on cell phones to work things out.

I told Mark to be at our house between seven and seven-thirty in the morning. We were both excited and admitted to having trouble concentrating at work that evening when we talked.

On the way home, Rob was sitting next to me on the streetcar so when I hung up he asked, "Are you going to have sex with him?"

"I doubt it. We'll be sleeping at Mom's, in our shack. One of us will probably end up on the couch. Besides, it'd be too weird having sex in the house with Mom there. What about you? Are you still planning to hit the sack with Colin?"

"You bet. We're going out Sunday night; then he's spending the night." Rob was grinning ear to ear, making me smile. "When are you gonna get laid, anyway? Are you saving yourself or something?"

"Yeah, I'm saving myself for you," then I elbowed him.

"In that case, come home with me now. I'd be happy to help you with your problem. I'll pop that little cherry of yours in a heartbeat."

"In your dreams, pal," I said. "It's gonna take a real man to do the job." Then we both laughed.

We wished each other a nice weekend; then I alit at my usual stop but not before telling Rob, I wanted all the details Monday. He agreed as long as I came clean too so we had a deal.

I decided to check email before going to bed. There was a message from Dave asking me to log on to World of Warcraft before I turned in, so I did. He was in a low-level dungeon so I told him I would catch up with him Monday and humble his hunter in a duel then went to bed. I was disappointed because I wanted to kick his ass with my mage. The thought made me smile.

The next morning, I was the first one up as always, so I went downstairs to get the coffee started. I hit the shower, then packed some toiletries. I retrieved my backpack from the closet and finished packing the few things I needed for the weekend.

As I was going downstairs, my phone rang. I was close to the boys' room so I hustled into the kitchen so as not to wake them. It was Mark so I asked, "How long before you get here?"

"I'm in the driveway. I called to see if anyone was up yet."

I looked at the clock on the oven. It was quarter to seven. Geez, good thing I didn't waste any time. "Come around to the back door; I'm in the kitchen. Come in without knocking, Mike and Steve are still sleeping."

"Okay," he said softly as if they might hear. It was too funny.

He left his bag on the deck and quietly let himself in. I set my pack on the table as I made my way to the back door. He stepped into the kitchen and smiled. I leaned toward him and gave him a kiss. Then I said, "Good morning, handsome."

He pulled me close and we hugged. "Good morning good looking," he said; then we kissed again. This time it was longer and deeper as we embraced.

"HEY," a voice boomed behind us.

We rattled against each other like a couple of bowling pins, bumping our teeth in the process. I was half bent over with fright while Mark was plastered against the wall with one hand over his heart, Mike was laughing his ass off. Steve was behind him leaning against the doorjamb for support and laughing equally as hard holding one hand to his stomach.

The sight of them was pathetic. "What the hell's wrong with you?" I said to Mike. I was obviously irritated, trying hard to appear pissed off.

He couldn't respond because he was laughing so hard and my question seemed to take them to the next level. All he could do was lean on Steve laughing like the village idiot, or rather, village dickhead, while they egged each other on. It was disgusting. So I said, "C'mon Mark, let's wait outside for the kids." Then I put my arm around him and made for the back door. Before we left the kitchen I looked at Mike and said, "There's gonna be a few changes around here," then I gave him the raised eyebrows with a nod, which only fueled the fire.

It seemed like a good time to be assertive. It was definitely a good time to leave. I thought I might start laughing, too, and didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

Seated in chaise lounges on the deck, Mark said, "Shit, there's never a dull moment around here. How do you live with it?"

It was mostly coincidental that he observed Mike and me yesterday, then Mike's return to childhood this morning so I said, "It's not usually like that. Things are pretty quiet around here as a rule. Mike can be a pain sometimes, but he always does it good-naturedly. Then I get to think of something to get even. It's kind of a back and forth thing we have going."

Then we looked at each other and grinned.

"Those two are hot," Mark said. "Do they always go around in their underwear?"

"Yeah, we all do. When I first moved in, it used to turn me on. I guess I'm getting used to it now."

I remembered my sunglasses and camera in my room so I suggested we go upstairs and get them. I told him he might get another show if he were lucky. On the way up, I pointed out the squeaky stairs so we could maintain the element of surprise should there be something noteworthy.

There wasn't so I grabbed the sunglasses and camera from the desk. That's when I felt his arms wrap around my waist from behind and his hard dick against my ass. I immediately grew a boner. I said 'grew' but 'popped' would have been more like it because that's how fast it sprang forth. It was great and the feeling of his hard dick lodged between my cheeks was stimulating to the max. I pulled at the front of my shorts for more room. I was wearing my bathing suit underneath and my boner was caught in the netting.

I wiggled my butt teasing myself as much as Mark. The door to my room was open so I moved away not wanting another surprise. I turned around and smiled at Mark saying, "Let's go downstairs before we get busted again."

I hollered at Mike and Steve asking whose car we were taking. Steve responded positively so we went outside to jockey the cars around. We left Mark's car in the garage and the four of us were on our way a short time later.

At the marina, Mike went inside to buy a carryout breakfast while the three of us prepared the boat. On board, Mike fired up both engines and Steve loosed the moorings; then we shoved off. I put away the groceries and set up the table on deck so we could eat. I made Mike a plate and brought the stool up from below so he would be comfortable while he ate and piloted.

"Thanks, sport," he said, then lowered his voice. "I have to give you credit; you sure know how to pick `em."

That made me smile. I put my arm around Mike's shoulder saying, "Thanks, Mike, I really like him, too. I don't think he knows how handsome and sexy he is." Then I had to turn around to look at him again. "I haven't mentioned this; he's one quarter Natchez Indian. But the best part of him is his personality. He's so nice and considerate."

"I hope it works out for you," he said, then gave me a one-arm hug.

I put my other arm around him and gave him a good squeeze saying, "Thanks, Mike; that means a lot."

I looked down at his crotch while I hugged him and mine stirred a little so I backed away. We were shirtless so I gave him a good going over with my eyes then pulled a couple of armpit hairs that were sticking out. He flinched making me chuckle on the way back to the table.

Steve and Mark were talking like old friends, laughing and kidding around. I took advantage of the situation to eat.

After breakfast, Mark and I sat on the bow with our backs leaning against the glass of the cabin, our heads visible to Mike and Steve. Our hands were nearly touching as we sat and talked. After a while, Mark took his pinky and rubbed my hand. He was grinning like mad making me harden up. His dick was pointing straight out through his bathing suit. It was very alluring. The site of his hard dick in his swimsuit made me shudder with stimulation.

He laughed, "It's because of you. I can't help it you're so damn attractive." Then, on top of my swimsuit, he stroked my hard dick. If I thought I was hard before, I was ready to pound nails with it now. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his rigid pole. God, it felt so good and strong—manly, like him. I pulled the leg of his swimsuit up so I could stroke it with my hand. When I got the material out of the way, it pointed skyward like a heat-seeking missile.

He was uncut and it looked so hot I wanted to put it in my mouth. I had seen uncut guys before in gym class thinking it was hot. And the feel? Absolutely out of this world, and it was attached to my boyfriend! I wondered what it would feel like inside me. If looks had anything to do with it, it would be magnificent.

He leaned sideways, so I met him half way and we kissed as we slowly stroked each other's shaft. After a few moments, he pulled away whispering, "I want to be inside you." Then he gently pushed me down climbing on top of me as I eased back. We began to dry hump each other while our tongues explored each other's mouth.

"WHAT'S GOING ON UP THERE?" Mike hollered from behind.

It was probably a good thing; I couldn't stop in my heightened state. It was like throwing cold water on Mark though; he was off me in two seconds flat, straightening himself up.

"Damn, I forgot about them back there," he said. "Is he mad?" There was only a trace of lust left in his swimsuit and his face was red; it wasn't from the sun either.

I had to chuckle. Mike could certainly be intimidating if you didn't know him. Hell, even knowing him wasn't enough to completely remove the apprehension.

"Naw, he's okay. He's just being Mike. He's like super-cop or super-stud depending on how you look at him."

Then a shadow stretched out before us.

"Who's super-stud?" Mike wanted to know. He was grinning at overhearing my analogy.

"We were talking about Steve, Mr. Nosey."

Mark had a confused look on his face again. I supposed it would take some time before he felt comfortable around us or at least figured out what was acceptable banter and not disrespect.

We were getting close so Mike asked if I was going to call Mom and have her pick us up. I said we would walk. I wanted to visit the restaurant at the marina and say hi to Charlie if he was working.

As Steve guided the boat into the marina, I began to think about all the memories. The first time I saw Dave; all the afternoons I spent swimming and lying in the sun. Then there were the nights we spent together on the wharf after work, there were many good memories and it all seemed like such a long time ago, though it was only a couple months.

I decided I liked the way things evolved, living with Mike and Steve, having Mark for a boyfriend; I counted myself fortunate for the good things. I watched Steve steer the boat as Mark helped Mike hold the boat away from the wharf. I was developing feelings for the two of them. Actually, it was all three of them come to think of it.

Steve cut the engines at the gas pump. A strange feeling overcame me as the thought of saying goodbye came to mind. It wasn't goodbye forever, but still, it was a little unsettling.

"Be here at noon tomorrow," Steve said. "We'll have lunch, then head for home."

I looked back and forth between them. I was starting to get all weird about saying goodbye. I knew it was kind of dumb but I couldn't help myself. Then Mike held his arms out so I stepped into them and we gave each other a huge hug. When we finished I stepped sideways and hugged Steve for all I was worth. Then they said goodbye and I chose to say, "See ya tomorrow." It was like I was trying to convince myself it wasn't permanent.

"Be good Sport," Mike said then patted me on the ass.

"I will. You guys be careful."

Mark and I went inside the marina so he could use the restroom. I was going to give him the tour and hopefully run into Charlie. After we tinkled, I stepped out on the deck to watch Mike and Steve leave. They were beyond the waters of the marina when Mike goosed the throttle and the boat stood up. He turned around looking back. I didn't lose a second giving them a big wave then tried to swallow the lump in my throat. It might have looked a little corny but I didn't care. It bothered me watching my two dads leave, even if it was only for a night.

"You really love them don't you?" Mark said.

"Yeah, I guess so," was all I could say for fear of my voice cracking. Then I swallowed again.

He put his arm around my shoulder giving me a quick squeeze before he let go.

I cleared my throat, then said, "C'mon, I want to show you where I used to work."

I also remembered never getting my last paycheck. It would more than compensate for one night's lost wages and the money I would spend.

Inside, Mark said, "How the heck do you manage to work in the fanciest restaurants?" He was mindful of the tips as a percentage of the gross sale. Or maybe I should say meal. Gross sale sounded like we were selling lumber or steel or something.

"Actually sexy," I said pausing for effect, "I was the dishwasher until someone quit. Then I got to be a waiter." I put my arm behind his back saying, "C'mon; let's see if we can find Charlie. I want him to meet you." I was proud to be with Mark and wanted everyone to like him.

The waiters who knew me watched with suspicion, probably wondering what I was doing there. We walked into the kitchen to see Marla bent over the sink. There was no Charlie in sight so I walked behind her and said, "Hi, Marla, how are you?"

She turned around and said, "My God, look who's here," then she grabbed me and gave me a bear hug. I was smiling as I embraced her.

She pushed me back saying, "Let me have a look at you. My, my; you get better looking all the time ... and you're taller." She was shaking her head.

"If you were a little older," I said, "I'd be chasing you around." That made her giggle and, I hoped, feel good.

We chatted for a few minutes, then I introduced Mark. She gave me an approving nod, then I asked her where Charlie was. She said he was home recuperating from surgery. Apparently, he had a bypass and was doing fine as far as she knew.

A few minutes later, we managed to get away gracefully and headed in the direction of our shack. I described the place to Mark so he wouldn't be shocked when he saw it. Then I felt a pang of guilt for putting him through the ordeal. I was aware of babbling as we walked, but I was too nervous to control it. I rattled on about every lousy thing I could think of so he wouldn't be shocked.

Mark stopped walking and pulled me to a halt by the hand. "Take it easy, dude; everything's going to be fine. I don't care what your house looks like."

Then he gave me a quick squeeze and a kiss. He looked around for evidence of eyewitnesses but the area was wooded with no cars or pedestrians in sight; there was no cause for concern.

"Okay," I said. "I kind of forgot how dumpy it was until I started thinking about it."

When our shack came into view, I had to stop and do a double take. It actually looked nice. It had been painted with new windows and shutters. The porch was re-built with a new swing and railing. There was a new chimney rising from the far side. An asphalt driveway led to a new garage that matched the house with contrasting trim and the house had a new roof like the garage that stood in place of the old shed. They were connected by a new breezeway and Mom had bushes planted around the place. It actually looked good. I couldn't believe it.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked.

It took a few moments to align my thoughts as I processed what I was looking at. It didn't look anything like the shack I remembered. It actually looked quaint and cozy; well kept, too.

"I can't believe it, Mark. It doesn't look anything like the last time I saw it. Mom must have had some work done; well, a lot of work to be honest. It actually looks nice. I wonder what the inside looks like. C'mon, let's find out."

When we reached the porch, the screen and front door were closed. That was odd. I guessed it was hotter than you-know-where inside, so I knocked. Mom opened the door, then a huge smile came over her face making me grin, too, I couldn't help it. She pushed the screen door open and said, "Come in, guys. How was your trip?"

I let Mark go first, then dropped my pack and wrapped my arms around her. After our embrace, I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and she pushed the door closed. I introduced Mark to Mom and she recognized him from the yacht club.

"Nice to see you again," Mom said.

"Same here Mrs. Milner."

"So, Mom, what happened here? The place actually looks nice. Did you hit the lotto or something and not tell me?"

She grinned and said, "Kind of, come in and I'll tell you about it."

So we proceeded to seat ourselves in the kitchen, Mark and I side by side opposite Mom.

"Are you guys hungry?" she asked.

"Mom, quit messing around and spill it. I know what you're doing, and it's driving me crazy."

She laughed and I guess I did, too. She liked to play things out like that and I could see it coming when she did. I reached for Mark's hand under the table and he gave it a squeeze.

"Remember the shed in the yard?"

I nodded as I recalled the shed and the world's biggest spider living there.

"Well, I was going to put a garden in so I went to get some gardening tools. It was a filthy mess inside so I decided to clean it first. There was an old trunk in the back corner. When I pulled it outside and opened it, there were a lot of old photographs, a scrapbook of me when I was a little girl and some of Grandma and Grandpa's legal papers. I spent the rest of the day going through the contents."

"C'mon Mom, get to the point will ya?" She was driving me nuts with her shaggy dog story.

"Okay, a long story short, I didn't know what the legal documents were. I could tell they were about mineral rights so I showed them to Bill the next time I went to town. My father, your Grandfather, granted an oil company the right to explore for oil and natural gas. They found natural gas and the wells have been pumping for quite a few years."

I interrupted her, "You mean we're rich?" I couldn't contain my enthusiasm. The thought of Mom never having to work was great, oh yeah, and me, too! No wonder she bought a new car.

"Rich is a relative term," she said, "There's enough for you to continue your education and keep us comfortably. Now, more than ever, it's important since we have the funds to send you to college."

"How about a car, Mom? Mark has one and it's really hard getting around town on the streetcar."

It was a long shot but what the hell. You don't get the order if you don't ask for it.

"We'll see. In the meantime, I suggest you stay on friendly terms with Mark so you don't have to ride the streetcar," then she laughed. "For now, nothing's going to change except you quitting work when school starts."

"I don't want to quit my job. I can do well in school and work too, you'll see. Besides, that's the only way I have to pay room and board." Then a thought crossed my mind. "Unless you pay my room and board, then I can keep working and buy my own car." That sounded reasonable to me.

"We'll see," was all she said rising to her feet. "Put your things in your room. We're having dinner about five, so don't wander too far."

The hallway to the back of the house was shorter by the depth of a new closet. Everything else was new, too, and I couldn't help wondering how much those leases or mineral rights or whatever you call them were worth. It was hard to imagine the creaky floorboards and dingy walls when we first pulled up, not so long ago, as Mike would say. I had to chuckle at the thought.

"What's so funny?" Mark asked.

"I was thinking about something Mike said."

We were standing in the bedroom while I was taking in the newness of everything. There was a new queen size bed too, so I decided we were going to sleep together. Sleeping over at a friend's house wasn't all that uncommon, I reasoned. Maybe sleeping with your boyfriend might be pushing it, but screw it, or maybe I should say, "Screw me!" I pushed the door to my room closed. It seemed odd to think of it as my room, but I guess if anyone could call it theirs, it would have to be me.

I dropped my pack on the floor and flopped on the bed, face up. I motioned for Mark to join me, so he did. He climbed on top of me and we started making out, tongues and all. We were still shirtless—wearing our bathing suits—so I could feel his hard cock against mine. I had to see it again, so I pushed him over on his side. I knelt between his legs and pulled at the waistband of his suit. He raised his butt and I drew it down, exposing him. I held it in my hand and stroked it. I marveled at the sight of his foreskin moving over the inflated head so much that I put it in my mouth and started to suck and gently bob my head. It was so fucking hard and big it made me bone up to the max. I wanted to suck the life out of it.

At that moment, Mom knocked on the door, "Val?"

I scrambled to get off him. I panicked trying to come up with a reason why the door was closed and we were quiet. Mark pulled his bathing suit up and jumped to his feet.

I whispered in his ear, "Start putting your things in a drawer."

I started doing the same and said, "Yeah, Mom, come in."

We didn't turn around to look since our faces felt like they were on fire.

"Would you guys mind going to the grocery store and picking up a few things for dinner?"

"Not at all, Mom. Make a list; we'll be done putting our stuff away in a minute."

"Thanks," she said, then left.

I looked at Mark who was grinning a big one. He said, "Man, that was close."

"What, you getting off or Mom catching us?"

We both giggled and finished putting our things in the dresser. We changed into T-shirts and shorts. Before we left the room, Mark grabbed my crotch and massaged it. I stuck my hand down the front of his shorts and felt his pubic hair and soft dick. It was enough that I started to get hard again. We had a quick smooch then made our way to the kitchen.

"Mom, do you mind if we go by Charlie's place to say hello while we're out?"

I didn't mention anything about him recuperating in case she thought we should call first or some other confounded reason not to visit.

"Why don't you call first?"

Damn! Did I call that one or what? She must be taking lessons from Mike! All I could do was shake my head then she started grinning. Sheesh, no rest for the tormented.

"We'll call from the car. Okay?"

"Okay, honey; be back by four-thirty. I need some of those things for dinner."

She was standing at the sink with her back to us so I rolled my eyes at Mark. He had to smile. I gave Mom a quick hug and kiss on the cheek then we headed for the door. I almost slipped and fell on the wood floor, it was so shiny and new, but I caught myself. Before we made it to the door, she said, "Don't you want the list and the keys?" as she jingled them in the air.

She tried to give me money and I declined, telling her I had enough. Then I changed my mind. She was the one with all the money so what was I trying to prove?

I took the money saying, "I don't think that's enough."

"Scram," was all she said so we did.

I couldn't figure out how to get the garage door up so Mark said he would go through the breezeway and look from inside. A minute later, the door started going up by itself. Mom had an automatic door opener installed like the one Mike and Steve had on their garage. `Wow' was all I could think. `Mom bought a new car and had a new garage to park it in. How uptown is that?'

In the car, Mark said, "You're lucky to have a mother like her. Maybe it's because I've seen her at the club with Bill, but I feel like I've known her a long time; she's so nice and I don't know what ... attractive I guess. And you two seem to get along so well."

"I know," I said looking at him, "Call me a mama's boy or whatever; I don't care. I'm not ashamed to say I love her. We've been through a lot together. And I'm lucky to have you, too." Then I made a smooching noise with my mouth.

"Have you ever had sex?" Now that had the potential to be embarrassing and I wasn't sure how I wanted to respond.

"What do you mean?" I knew what he was asking, but I wanted him to say it.

"Well, what I mean is ... have you ever done it with a guy?"

That was direct enough, so I simply said, "No."

"Have you done it with a girl, then?"

I had to laugh at the gentle way he was beating around the bush.

"No, I've never so much as kissed a girl. I'll bet you have though."

"No, I haven't. I've never been with a girl, either. I thought about trying it, though. But truthfully, it would be fine with me if I never did. So is it safe to say you're a virgin?"

Yikes, do I have to admit to that? Where the heck are all these questions coming from? Whatever happened to respecting one's privacy for Christ sake?

I sighed with no apparent way to escape, so I said, "That would be safe to say."

Then I would have slinked away into some corner if there'd been one. Instead, I trained my eyes on the road ahead feeling like I was on stage at the Met.

After a few quiet moments, Mark said, "It's okay. There's nothing to be embarrassed about," then he ran his fingers through my hair saying, "You're beautiful."

Son-of-a-bitch there's that reference to girls again! Shit, I wish I could grow a mustache or something. The conversation wasn't going all that well from my vantage point so I said, "We're almost there. You'll like Charlie and his partner, Bill. They're both real nice."

"They're gay?"

He said it with such surprise; I had to look at him. He was so cute and handsome with that look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm not sure how long they've been together but it's a long time. I stayed a couple nights with them when Mom went to New Orleans for a meeting. They have a cute dog named Frisky, too." Then I remembered playing hide and seek with the little shit, deciding he wasn't so cute after all.

"Geez, you sure know a lot of gay people."

His voice inflection was absolute, so I glanced quickly his way. He had a serious demeanor. I hadn't given it much thought to be honest but now that he mentioned it, I guess I did. It didn't seem to bother him, though. He said it more as a statement than passing judgment. Still, I was a little curious as to the reason, so I asked him, "Why do you say that? Don't you know any gay people?"

"Well, yeah, there's a couple guys at work. And Jimmy—he's the one I fooled around with when we stayed at Granny's. There's Sam and his boyfriend, John; at school, the lifeguard at the pool, that would be Larry..."

I cut him off, "And how many of them have you fooled around with?"

He was quick to respond, "None of them ... and that's the truth. Well, there was Jimmie, but that's it. I had a crush on Larry the lifeguard for a while, but I'm over him. He was caught sucking some guy's dick in the locker room. That was a big turn-off as far as I was concerned."

We were parked in front of Charlie and Bill's place but the conversation was stimulating so we sat there for a minute.

"I almost got caught sucking your dick. Is that a turn-off?

"No, that was different."

We both knew I meant it as a tease, so we giggled, then made our way to Charlie's door, but not before we kissed and groped each other in the car. God, I had to see his dick again soon or I'd go nuts or maybe acorns, I wasn't sure. One thing I did know—I was itching something fierce and needed it scratched.

Bill answered the door, recognizing me straight away.

"Hi, Val. How are you? What brings you to these parts?"

I told him we were visiting Mom and heard the news about Charlie from Marla. Bill asked if I was going to introduce my friend. I felt a little sheepish having overlooked something so basic. I introduced them and they shook hands.

Mark said, "We heard Charlie had a bypass. How's he doing?"

"He's doing well. He might go back to work next week if the doctor gives him the green light."

Then Bill invited us in and led us to the living room where Charlie was watching television with the dog. I had a pang of guilt pass through me as I looked at Charlie. I sort of forgot the circumstances under which I resigned. It was very short notice.

"Hi, Charlie, how are ya?" I asked him. I was trying to feel him out to see if he was maybe harboring some angst for my leaving the way I did.

"My God," he said, "I never thought I'd see you again. How are you and who is this handsome young man?"

I put my arm around Mark and introduced him as my boyfriend earning a smile of approval from both of them. Then Mark put his arm around me, which I found a tad embarrassing, as nice as it was.

"Charlie, I'm sorry for the way I resigned. I hope you're not mad."

He laughed then said, "I was but I'm over it now. I talked with your mother after you left. She came in for dinner with her boyfriend and we discussed you at length. She didn't realize the problems you were having. So how do you like living with Mike and Steve?"

"They're the best, Charlie. I love them. It's like having two dads—two gay dads," I said smiling fondly at their memory. "But I'm not staying there for free. Hey, I didn't tell you; I'm working at the Admiral's Palace!"

Charlie was impressed with that. He said it was one of, if not, the best restaurant in the city. I knew that, but it was nice of him to make the distinction just the same.

We sat and talked for quite a while. We seemed to pick up where we left off a couple months before. It was great to see him. I asked him about Kris, and he said he hadn't seen or heard of him since he was fired. He added that it didn't bother him, either, making the two of us nod in agreement.

I mentioned that Mark was a waiter at the yacht club in town and that piqued Bill's interest. He managed a club with a marina, too, so they compared notes for a while. I played with their little dog, Frisky. The little shit was cute as could be and spirited, too. Charlie said the little hellion destroyed his likeness, the one I bought, and we shared a laugh. It was getting late so I said, "We better make a move. We still have to go grocery shopping."

We all rose making our way to the front door. I gave Charlie a hug and told him how nice it was to see him and wished him a speedy recovery; then I did the same with Bill. Charlie took the initiative to hug Mark, and I had to chuckle. They weren't really friends but I had the idea Charlie wanted some physical contact with him, and ... well ... I couldn't fault him for that. Of course, Bill couldn't resist either and seemed to hold Mark a little longer than necessary.

We made a quick pass through the grocery store and headed home. Back at the house, yeah I said house... It really was a home now; not at all the shack it once was. We parked the car in the garage and entered through the breezeway. Mom had it decorated with an area rug and wicker furniture, a fan hung from the ceiling with tropical plants strategically placed. It was nice and inviting.

We helped Mom set the table then, sat down to a true Cajun meal. Mom was a good cook given sufficient time to do her thing. Mark was especially enthusiastic when he complimented her, and she was graceful, as usual, accepting his praise.

The kitchen was remodeled including new appliances and, best of all, a dishwasher. After the meal, Mark cleared while I loaded, then we joined Mom in the living room to watch a movie. She had a fireplace installed on the outside wall with cabinetry on either side. She opened two pocket doors on one side of the fireplace to reveal a nice entertainment center. It wasn't spectacular or anything but it was doggone awesome to my way of thinking. All we ever had was a crappy old television. We could never afford DVD players, cable, or any of the nice stuff.

"Is it okay if we sit together on the sofa?" Mark asked.

Damn, I wanted to crawl under it after he said that. WTF, he wanted to be intimate in front of Mom! I went to the bathroom to get out of there.

"I have to take a leak," I said; "I'll be right back."

In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe Mark said that in front of Mom. Doesn't he know anything? It was bad enough Mom knew about me, but now Mark wanted to flaunt it! In front of Mike and Steve was one thing, but Mom? I wasn't quite ready for that.

There was a knock at the door causing me to straighten up, "Yes?"

"I'm going to change clothes. Then we'll start the movie," Mom said.

"Okay, Mom," I said.

I exhaled, then went to the bedroom to change. As I rummaged through the drawers, I couldn't believe some of the clothes I used to wear. They looked awful. I found an old T-shirt and pair of shorts. I braced myself and headed for the living room. Mark was sitting on the sofa so I sat at the other end, not even close to him.

He looked over at me quizzically. "What are you doing over there? Do I have body odor or something?"

"Shhh, not so loud. Mom will hear you."

"It's not like she doesn't know. Grow up will ya?"

"Do I have to do it tonight?"

"Okay, fine," he said. Then he scooted over next to me and took my hand.

I was trembling slightly at the thought of Mom seeing us. Mark was obviously enjoying the scene making me vow to get even. Two can play at that game, but for now, I was on defense. I sat there rigid as hell looking straight ahead; and yes, holding his hand. Just wait till later when he wants to mess around.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek then started laughing. I jerked my head away wiping my face and said, "Stop it. Mom's gonna be here any minute."

"Mom's here now," she said as she took a seat smiling. "There's no reason to be uncomfortable in your own home. It's nice to cuddle during movies."

Looking at Mark who wore an evil grin, I gave up. I rolled my eyes sinking into the sofa as Mark put his arm around me. I thought if I sat perfectly still maybe no one would notice.

When the introduction began, the picture was stunning, so Mark said, "That's an amazing picture. It's so clear."

"It's a new technology called Blu-ray. Bill helped me select it. We have surround sound, too."

It was only a few seconds and the surround sound was evident.

"That's awesome," he said. "It must have been expensive."

Mom rented a DVD of "Gladiator" with Russell Crowe. It was an older movie but none of us had seen it, so it held our interest. It was spectacular the way the sound came from everywhere during the fight scenes and the clarity of the screen made for an awesome experience. It was better than going to the movies.

When it was over, we had to wake Mom; then we made our way to our bedrooms. I kissed Mom goodnight; then she motioned for a kiss from Mark, which he was happy to do.

Mark closed the door behind him and flashed a devious smile. It was apparent what he had in mind. I, on the other hand, was remembering the embarrassment I suffered at his hand, not so long ago. Christ, that phrase of Mike's was burned into my brain ... along with my obsession, the one about guys and dicks, that is. I wondered if I would be able to resist him. Mom was on the other side of the hall, too. It was a lot to weigh.

We undressed and climbed into bed wearing our underwear then Mark turned the light off on the nightstand. He didn't waste any time rolling on his side and stroking my stomach with his hand. That's all it took for me to pop a solid boner. When I reached in his underwear, he was as hard as the rock of Gibraltar and nearly as big; I sighed, so much for redress.

"Take your underwear off," he said flatly.

We both kicked them off and moved together exploring the others mouth with our tongues. We were grinding our hard-ons together making me harder and wanting his big hard cock in my mouth. Mark pulled away pushing the covers to the foot of the bed. He straddled me on his knees and the sight of his huge uncut cock pointing at the ceiling from his light brown bush was almost too much. I gasped at the sight of it.

He leaned over and kissed me then said, "Relax, I'm going to show you something."

As if I hadn't seen enough already, what could he possibly show me that was better than his strong hard cock? The one I wanted to nurse on.

He moved down to my crotch and began sucking. It was heavenly. He sucked and bobbed alternately pausing at times to keep me from shooting. All I wanted to do was blow my load in his warm moist mouth, but he kept stopping short.

He raised his head saying, "I have some lube in my backpack," then rose from the bed.

I began to grow somewhat tenuous wondering if he wanted to fuck me. Back in bed, he lubed a couple fingers and my ass, then he resumed sucking my hard cock. His one hand was feeling my chest and stomach. Ever so lightly with the other, he began to massage my hole and I instinctively tightened up before the sensation began to feel good, eventually relaxing. He slipped a finger in and I thought I would go crazy. It was exhilarating making me push my ass into his finger while raising and spreading my legs. I was rolling my head back and forth in heaven  when he worked another one inside and began to bob and suck like mad. He massaged my button with his fingers making my abdomen shudder as my orgasm began to roil. I felt the inevitable release approach arching my back with my legs spread, ass wide open and pumped his mouth full loving the feel of his frantic fingers inside me. As I finished shooting, I shook a couple times when the tremors eased. It was the most awesome orgasm of my life.

As I lie catching my breath, he moved toward my mouth and we kissed. When he pulled away I said, "That was unbelievable. I never came so hard in my life."

"I learned that from Jimmie. He was a little more experienced."

"What else did you learn from Jimmie?" I seriously wanted to know.

"I learned how to fuck."

I smiled inwardly. If his fingers felt that good, what would that big uncut pole feel like pounding into me? I was sure I would find out, and more than anxious to know.

I decided it was time to get him off so I pulled him by the hips until his big pole was in my face. I wrapped my mouth around it then he began to slowly fuck my face raising his hands, placing them behind his head. He looked awesomely masculine, all man. The head of his cock was huge too; I loved it and the taste. His hard cock was so big and strong it made me gag a couple times when he shoved it all the way in and held it there. He began to fuck my mouth vigorously probing my throat, stopping to bury his pubes in my face at times. It was a challenge to gauge my breathing but oh so hot; I grabbed hold of my hard cock and began jerking off as he resumed pummeling my mouth. He thrust his hips forward faster and harder pausing to bury his cock in my throat again so his pubes obscured my vision. When I felt his cock swell in my throat, he held himself rigid and fast, arching his back, spewing his load down my throat. All I could see were his taut stomach muscles when I looked up as he emptied himself. It was such a turn on that I blew another load on his back. Then he collapsed half on and off me as he panted, catching his breath.

We lay side by side holding on to one another. I looked at him as he grinned; it was the best feeling I ever had. I never felt so open and free. There were no barriers or facades to overcome, nothing to set aside. We were exposed, one to the other. It was gratifying and fulfilling.

"I never felt so good," he said sliding his arm under my neck, drawing me close. "I hope we can be together. I want us to be together."

"I would like that," I said then I rolled onto him and we kissed. It was blissful and engaging and I don't know what all ... it was good. I was half on him loving the feel and his essence.

Our eyes were growing drowsy but I wanted to make a statement before we succumbed.

"We're together," I said. I rolled half on him running my hand across his chest and loving the feel of the nubs on his pecs, they were stimulating. I moved my hand south to his big bush and felt his pubic hair, geez it felt good and masculine making me want him that much more.

After some touching and kissing, we took turns cleaning up in the bathroom then eventually fell asleep.

I awoke early the next morning watching him rest. He was something to behold, so masculine and handsome with that shiny brown hair, it made my morning woody do a jig. I licked his tit as firm as it was with the little nub sticking up. I wanted to play with his hard pole; it was pointing at his face strong and erect. `What a handsome stud' was my only thought. I knew then and there he was going to be the one.

I eased away from him to take a leak. As hard as I was from admiring him, I had to sit on the stool leaning forward and push my hard dick down to pee. I put my underwear and shorts on and sloughed into my T-shirt making my way to the kitchen. I started the coffee maker then raised the temperature on the air conditioning; it was chilly in the house.

I slipped my sandals on and decided to try out the new swing on the porch. I noticed a little white box on the wall blinking and wondered what it was. It looked like a sensor of some sort, maybe a motion detector. Outside, Mom had the porch and roof extended. It projected further out and wrapped around the side toward the breezeway. The swing was nice, too. It was larger and much more comfortable.

The swing was always a nice place to sit and think, the slow rocking motion and the dense woods around our shack, though the term 'shack' seemed like a misnomer now. Still, it was pleasant to observe the birds and squirrels foraging in the morning sun, the sounds and smells with the beautiful landscape as only Mother Nature can depict.

A short while later, Mom opened the front door and said, "Oh, there you are; good morning."

"Morning, Mom," I said making my way inside to join her.

I kissed her on the cheek as I passed, then spotted Mark in the kitchen. He was eating a bagel and a bowl of cereal. Mom was behind me so I pursed my lips making a kissing gesture, Mark smiled. Damn, he looked good when he beamed like that.

"Morning," he said, still grinning.


Mom was having yogurt with fruit so I ordered the same. I sat next to my man, grinning at the thought. Maybe he was a young man, but he was all man in my mind. He stroked my thigh, then pulled a couple hairs. It made me jump and say, "Ouch."

Mom turned around so I said, "I bumped my knee on the table."

She bought it and went back to doing what she was doing; then I elbowed him gently. I really wanted to fall to the floor pulling him on top of me, but that was out of the question. Then he put his hand behind my head and kissed me silently. I pushed him away with my elbow, but I couldn't withhold a smile.

"I have to take a leak," I said, then went to the bathroom.

When I sat back down at the table, Mom said, "I've been thinking. This thing about you working has been bothering me." She was looking at me. "I don't think I want you working when school starts. A kid your age shouldn't have all that responsibility. I'm afraid you're not doing the things kids your age do. Honey, you're only young once. I want you to quit your job when school starts."

There was no way I was going to quit my job, no eff'g way. I was working at the most prestigious restaurant in the city. There's people that would do insane things to have my job. I decided to take a different tack.

"Mom, it hasn't been a problem. In fact, it's taught me the value of a buck. And ya know what? Mark works, too, and he's not flunking out, his grades are outstanding." I didn't know if that was true, but hell, a little horseshit couldn't hurt and I really liked the money. We never had much, so anything I could get my hands on was, well, money in the bank. "Mom, please don't make a decision now. Will you agree to give it further consideration? That's all I'm asking."

Damn, I hoped she'd agree to postpone her decision. All I needed was a little time to make a convincing case. Then I could work on Mike and Steve and ease them into my corner. I nudged Mark hoping he would assist.

"Yeah, Mrs. Milner," Mark said, "It's not a hard job and Val's working at the best restaurant in town. I would kill to work there. The tips are awesome and he's good at what he does."

Mom was pensive for a few moments, then said, "Okay, I'll talk it over with Mike and Steve. Just so you know; I don't like the idea."

That was all I could ask for. I was certain I could bring them around to my way of thinking. If nothing else, I would raise the room and board issue. I was sure that would get their attention. It's funny how money factors into situations.

"Mrs. Milner," Mark said, "You may not realize how fortunate Val is. Do you know that many college graduates don't make the kind of money he makes there?"

I nodded in appreciation; he was right, too. Well close enough that it was more like splitting hairs than arguing.

"I'll think about it," was all she said.

That was good enough for me. I had sufficient time to come up with something.

"What do you do for fun?" Mom wanted to know.

Geez, what's this thing she has with me having fun? I can't tell her I like sucking Marks' big uncut cock or how I obsess over guy's and dicks. After all, that's a ton of fun!

"Mom, pardon my language, but this is ass backwards. I'm the one who's supposed to be avoiding responsibility and you're supposed to make me get a job and toe the line. What am I supposed to do if I don't work? Where am I going to get money for school supplies and everything else? Besides, I like working."

I wasn't at my wits' end but I was on a roll. I wanted to keep my job. I didn't care how much money Mom had with the gas leases or whatever. The only funds in my account were the monies I put there. I was proud of that, and I had a respectable stash, too.

Mom said, "What if you want to partake in some extracurricular activities at school? You won't have that option if you're working."

"Mrs. Milner," Mark said. "It's different living in the city. There's a lot to do but it costs money and there's nothing wrong with working. Work is honorable; at least that's what Mom says. Besides, if Val didn't work I'd be worrying about what he's doing while I'm working."

He looked at me and winked. I didn't want to look at Mom to see if she noticed. It was much easier to pretend she didn't. Then I couldn't help picturing his big hard cock in my mouth and my face in his pubes. I wondered how something so big could be so inconspicuous at times. I knew I shouldn't be thinking about it since my own dick was stirring. But ... hell ... he had the biggest, best looking dick I had ever seen. How was I supposed to not think about it?

We finished eating and Mark took his turn in the bathroom first while Mom and I talked. I asked her about the gas leases but she was vague as to their worth. It didn't matter much to me anyway. I was glad she had a cushion to fall back on. It wasn't all that long ago when she was worried where the next dollar was coming from. Now she was considering a vacation in Vegas or California with Bill. I was happy for her.

I went through my routine after Mark, then we went for a walk while Mom took her turn in the bathroom. When we came back, Mom had two gift boxes wrapped on the table for Mike and Steve. I felt adventurous, so I said, "Where's mine and Mark's gift?"

"I already gave you yours. And I didn't know Mark was coming until the last minute so I didn't have a chance to get him anything."

"But Mom, you haven't given me anything yet."

"I gave you my love," she said then started snickering. "That's worth more than any material object."

Well shit! That wasn't exactly humorous from my point of view, so I said, "Ha Ha, very funny."

Mark was giggling, too, but I didn't want to admit it might be a little on the funny side. As far as I was concerned, I was shortchanged; Mike and Steve were the big winners.

"Come here, honey," she said as she approached me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and planted a big kiss on my forehead. "There," she said. "What could be worth more than that?"

"A new car," I said without hesitation. Mark started laughing which made me chuckle along with him. What the hell, maybe if I kept at it she would break down and buy me one. It was worth a try. What could it hurt?

The phone started ringing so Mom answered it. When she hung up she said, "That was Steve. They're coming here to say hello and have lunch before you go back. I'm out of almost everything so you guys will have to pick up lunch in town."

Mom got a menu out of the drawer for a Szechuan restaurant in town then ordered lunch. After ordering, she fetched a fifty out of her purse and handed it to me.

"I don't think that's enough."

"It's plenty and I want my change this time," she said. She was trying hard to be stern but it wasn't her nature.

Mark and I left. We had an hour or more to kill, so I thought we could window shop on Main Street since that's where the restaurant was.

As we browsed the store windows, Mark said, "I really like your mom. She's really nice. I can see why Bill likes her, too. There's something about her. I'm not sure what it is ... like classy or something. You can't help liking her as soon as you meet her."

"Yeah, I'm definitely lucky to have her for a mother but ya know what? I get nervous when you want to be affectionate in front of her. I don't know why, either. It doesn't bother me around Mike and Steve."

"It's because she's your mother. Mike and Steve are gay so they understand but mothers are different. I don't know why; they just are."

"Yeah. Hey, let's go in that gift store over there. That's where I bought Charlie and Bill a present for letting me stay with them."

"You lived with them, too?"

"No; they babysat me one weekend when Mom was away. That was the weekend she met Bill."

"Oh," he said, "you did say that before." Then put his hand on the back of my neck as we crossed the street. I wanted to hold his hand but thought better of it. "Bill's a great guy, too. He and your mother make a nice looking couple. He's the commodore at the club. He's done a good job of turning the club's finances around and recruiting new members. He'll probably be re-elected."

I liked the feel of his hand at the base of my neck. The way he did it was more friendly than romantic, so I wasn't embarrassed. It was small gesture of caring but I liked it a lot.

We entered the shop and began to stroll around. Mark was drawn to a display of scented candles where he picked up one after the other smelling them. I watched from across the room. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked so masculine and virile it made my knees weak. As manly as he was, it was his gentle considerate manner that I found most attractive. The rest of the package was boner material ... I mean bonus material. Christ, I can't even think straight ... I mean logically ... when I'm near him. I had to smile at the thought.

"You like what you see?" a voice behind me asked.

I turned around and to my surprise; it was Kris, the waiter from the Marina. I backed away from the hideous ogre, as he stood too close for comfort with a sneering look on his face. He was wearing a nametag, which I assumed meant he worked there.

"God, nothing like ruining a perfectly good day," I said in disgust.

"You may as well forget it," Kris said. "He's out of your league," nodding at Mark.

"Whatever," I said. "Why don't you get lost? Crawl into a hole or something ... go home ... same thing, come to think of it," Then I started for the back of the store.

I could hear Kris' footsteps following me on the old wood floor. At the rear of the store, I stopped at a display of cloisonné figurines. There was one of a Cardinal that caught my eye so I picked it up. It was meant to hang from something since it had a gold string attached.

"Do you like it?" Kris asked. "I'll buy it for you."

"Yeah right; steal it is more like it. I can pay for it myself." I could see Mark from the corner of my eye slowly making his way toward us.

"Why don't you let me buy it for you?" he said.

It was only a couple steps to the rear wall of the store. Kris pushed me. I was surprised and had to move that way to regain my balance. He pressed me against the wall and put his mouth over mine. I started turning my head from side to side to avoid his filthy mouth. I braced myself against the wall and gave him a shove.

It took nearly all the strength I had; it was enough that he took a step back. Mark appeared behind him and my gaze moved to him. Kris turned to see who was there. That's when Mark took his hand and jammed it under Kris' chin driving him back, pinning his head and neck to the wall.

"Leave him alone," Mark snarled through clenched teeth. Then he pulled Kris' head forward and slammed it against the wall. "Do I make myself clear?"

The entire wall shook, rattling everything fixed to it. Kris' eyes were open and round as the full moon. I didn't think anyone had that much white in their eyes. His face was flush and mouth agape, struggling to breathe.

"Do you understand, asshole?" Mark demanded again.

"Yeah," Kris managed to eke out, but it sounded more like a heavy exhale than a word.

I put my hand on the back of Mark's shoulder and said, "I think he's got the message."

Mark released him and slapped his face firmly pointing his finger at Kris' face. He cocked his head slowly moving his finger deliberately, up and down, making a grrr sound. Kris' eyes were trained on Mark as if he were a lion ready to pounce. And that he was. I never saw that side of him; the anger was undeniable and a little scary, too.

"Let's go, Mark," I said, rubbing his back. "The food should be ready and we have to get back."

He looked at me then back to Kris. He raised his hand with an open palm and held it staring Kris in the eye. Kris was plastered to the wall like paper maché. Eventually, Mark lowered his hand relaxing his stance. "Let's get out of here," he said.

As we walked to the front of the store, Mark turned around to have another look. I put my arm around his shoulder giving him a one-arm hug saying, "C'mon; he's not worth it."

We walked in the direction of the restaurant quietly for a block before Mark said, "I'm sorry about the scene I made back there. Man, he really pissed me off, though." His voice inflection was conciliatory and I had the impression he regretted his actions.

"Don't worry; he's a useless piece of shit. He's one of the guys that beat me up one night. Then a few days later, he tried to have sex with me. I was lucky to get away from him. He's a lot stronger than me. That's when I decided to get the hell out of here. Charlie fired him after the incident."

"It's a good thing I didn't know that, or I'm not sure what I would have done. I'm still sorry and a little frustrated with myself for losing it. I haven't done that since last summer. It happened at the club's pool. One of the member's kids was taking a lot of flak from some older boys. I don't know if the kid was gay or not, but they were calling him faggot and all kinds of things. They were barred from the pool for the rest of the summer."

Mark was calming down as he talked. I gave him a sideways glance to look at his handsome face. I noticed his color was back to normal, then he tossed his head back throwing his hair out of his face. It shone under the afternoon sun and I wanted to lick him; he looked that good.

"What?" he asked, noticing me watch.

I couldn't help smiling and thinking how much like Mike he was; he wasn't much taller than I, but definitely stronger and so sure of himself. Every time I examined his body, I swear I could feel it between my legs.

"Nothing, I was admiring your good looks and sexiness." Then I pursed my lips and made an ooou sound.

He started laughing, then said, "What a nut job."

"I'll give you a nut job right now, drop `em."

We were laughing when we entered the restaurant.

A few minutes later, and we were on our way. In the car, Mark put his hand on my thigh as I drove. He moved it up and down then gently pulled some hair between his index and middle fingers. It was enough that I boned up in no time spreading my legs as much as I could.

I turned off the main drag onto the road where Mom lived. A half mile in, I pulled over and put the car in park. Mark had my fly open stroking my hard dick. I let the seat back giving him more room.

He pulled off for a moment and said, "I love the taste of you." Then we kissed.

When we finished our kiss he said, "I want to make love to you."

"We will," I said, then kissed him again. "When the time is right, we'll do it." Then he loosed the button on my shorts.

I made my mind up shortly after I met him that he was going to be the one. Whether it was merely sex or sex and love, it didn't matter. I wanted to be with him.

I couldn't finish the thought since he was bobbing and sucking the daylight out of my hard cock. He kneaded my balls with one hand while he rubbed my chest and stomach with the other. God it felt so good I wanted to taste him too. I was beginning to feel the onset of an eruption and arched my back. He sensed it barely covering the head of my cock with his mouth while he stroked me. I began to spew cum into his mouth making him pull his head away. He stroked me until I finished my orgasm. I squirt some on his face and all over myself. It was great.

I was out of breath as I lay panting in the driver's seat. I pulled him by the neck and he rested his head against mine smiling.

"I like you a lot," he said; then we kissed.

"I like you, too."

I knew I wanted to be with him the very first time I saw him. I was sure of that. Now more than ever, I was convinced. It was so different with Mark. Yeah, we had sex, and yeah, the attraction was there but that wasn't all of it. It was more like becoming one with the other, living the moment through the other person. Maybe it was the passion, but I was feeling very different with Mark and liking it.

We drove the rest of the way to the house. Almost home, Mark took my hand and said, "What do you think is going to happen to us?"

I glanced at him and said, "I don't know. Why do you ask?"

He was quiet for a moment, then began, "This is awkward for me."

I looked at him and he wasn't stuttering but appeared uneasy.

"I want us to be together. I mean ... what I mean is ... I would like it if we were like seeing each other and no one else. You know, sort of together or something. You could still see your friends but I ... I don't know ... I would like us to be..." he trailed off and his face became as red as a Valentine.

I turned into Mom's driveway and stopped, facing him. "I would like that a lot," I said. "I introduced you to Charlie and Bill as my boyfriend, remember?" Then I couldn't withhold a chuckle. I knew that was what he was working up to. God, this guy that was hot to the touch wanted to be with me. That was it and it was plenty for me. It seemed easy and comfortable with him. I couldn't believe my luck. The dude was on my mind constantly, but more than that. He wanted to be with me; it was an easy decision.

"Yeah, I do and it was nice. Kiss me," he said, then leaned forward. "I want you so bad. I want us to be together."

Man, this hunk that came to my rescue a short while ago was as hot for me as I was for him. There was no doubt in my mind what would happen sooner or later—hopefully sooner.

After we broke for air he said, "I'm happy. Let's go eat. I'm starving and it smells good."

We parked the car and made our way through the breezeway into the house. Mike and Steve were sitting in the living room talking to Mom. They stopped when we walked in the room.

Steve was sitting nearest the hall and stood up when we entered. "Hi, Sport," he said, then stepped forward and we hugged.

After I squeezed him half to death, I said, "Hi, Steve. Did you guys have a good time at Avery Island?"

He said they did, then I bent over the back of the sofa and squeezed Mike from behind. "Hi, Mike. Did you miss me?"

"Oh, yeah," he said sarcastically, but I knew he meant it sincerely; I could tell. It was good to see them.

I helped Mom pour iced tea for everyone, then we had lunch. When we finished, Mark and I went to the bedroom to gather our things and make the bed. We lay on the bed kissing and groping for a few minutes, then straightened up. When we emerged with our things, Mike and Steve were talking to Mom by the front door so I dropped my bag and waited to kiss and hug her before we left.

Mike and Steve gave Mom a hug and a peck on the cheek, then it was my turn. I gave her a hug, holding it for a few moments, then kissed her goodbye. Mom gave Mark a quick hug and asked him to come back and visit. He thanked her, saying he enjoyed himself and would be back or see her at the club when she came in with Bill. Mom said she would offer us a ride except her car wasn't big enough for everyone. We all told her it wasn't a bid deal citing the short walk to the marina.

We started across the yard toward the road. Before we were out of sight, I turned around and gave Mom a wave goodbye; she was standing on the porch looking lovely as ever. Everyone turned with me to wave, then she blew us a kiss and waved back.

A short distance down the road, Mike put his arm around Steve who leaned into him, and said, "It's nice to be going home. Spending that much time on the water is tiring."

"Yeah it is," Mike said, placing his other arm around me. "It's nice to be going home."


To Be Continued.