[On a Scavenger Hunt]

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To the beautiful blue-eyed stranger I met and who will never know he inspired me part of Xander's lover character, and made it into gay erotica fiction.
To Julian Winter, wherever you may be, whoever you may be, and whose path I'll probably never cross again.

* * *

And now, on with the story!

[On a Scavenger Hunt]

. 3 .

"What's with all of these?" I laughed as I let Julian, his arms full with packed brown paper bags from the grocer's, come into my apartment.

"You said you were cooking, so I came prepared," he teased.

I rolled my eyes and closed the door. "You have no faith in me!" I exclaimed as I indicated the way to the kitchen.

We were back in America -- back in New York, back home, after three extraordinary weeks: Australia had been terrific, and Julian... Julian had been amazing. Delightfully so.

"I can make spaghetti," I went on, "I still have margarine left in the fridge and a bottle of tomato sauce in the cupboard." I'd checked, right after telling Jules over the phone to come for dinner.

"And I remember you telling me what happened when you made spaghetti," he quipped as he placed the brown paper bags on the island counter. Apparently, he hadn't forgotten how I'd once managed to burn them.

"What d'you get?" I asked as we began to empty the bags.

"A few vegetables and whatnot to throw a salad together..." Julian answered dismissively. There were more than 'a few' vegetables, though -- he had bought lettuce, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, corn, lemon, one ripe melon, slices of red ham, a piece of edam cheese, a bottle of balsamic vinegar (the boy gets picky with his vinegar) and a small jar of mustard.

"Let's share tasks: you make your spaghetti and I'll take care of the salad and the tomato sauce," he offered.

"Okay," I agreed: spaghetti was pretty easy to do; let the chef take care of the more creative part of dinner -- salads and sauces were okay for me to make, yet Julian seemed to want to do them fancy.

"You make life real easy," he threw me a grin, his mesmerizing clear blue eyes sparkling.

"I aim to please," I jested back.

He raised an inquiring eyebrow. "Do you?" he asked. His voice had gone a little hoarse and he'd come closer to me, pinning me between his hard body and the island. When he bent down to kiss me, however, I leaned my head back before his lips could do more than graze mine. He definitely looked surprised as he opened his eyes, and maybe a little hesitant, too; seeing the teasing glimmer in my eyes, nevertheless, he grinned and pressed himself back closely against me, his hands roaming on my body. He craned his neck down once more, yet feeling in a wickedly teasing mood, I evaded his mouth again and kissed his jaw instead, grazing my lips against his invisible, blond stubble, feeling the electric tingles they created. Getting bolder, I traced his jawbone with my tongue and nibbled on his chin before I descended down his neck and chewed on the skin at the crook of his neck, meanwhile slipping my hands under his close-fitting long-sleeved tee and feeling the exquisitely hard and smooth abs of his taught belly.

"You're a sweet, little tease, aren't you?" Julian moaned against my ear. He lightly nipped it and I trembled with desire -- my back, neck, and ears are all connected straight to my crotch, and I've never been able to resist the lightest caress on any of them.

Julian grabbed me by the hips and raised me onto the counter, the blue watery pools of his hypnotic eyes peering deep into my chocolate ones, their irresistible pull drawing me into them.

"Tell me there's no one else," he asked, his voice veiled with desire.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and pressed him closer to me. "There's no one else but you," I breathed against his mouth. "Tell me we're more than a vacation fling."

Julian's tongue briefly slipped through my parted lips, caressing my own. "We're more than that," he said before he latched his mouth onto my neck. "I want you and I to be dating."

"Exclusively," I agreed as he pressed me down on my back.

"Yes... exclusive," he repeated as he rocked his hips -- and the beginning of a boner -- against my crotch.

"Please fuck me, Jules," I begged with a moan. We hadn't been able to have sex again after the Olgas, and I ached to be filled with his tool. The mass and largeness of his length still raised a few fears within me, yet I knew how gentle, how sweet and soothing Jules could be; and that alone allayed many of my fears.

"Oh, yes," he hissed, "I've been aching to all week." One of his hands left me and reached for the grocery bags as he feverishly continued to adore my body with his mouth, his hips still so painfully and so sweetly grinding against my swelling member. I could feel myself losing all sense of reality, overwhelmed with waves of wonderful feelings; even the ringing doorbell seemed far-away and of no importance, even as it rang again and again...

...contrarily to my brother's raucous words as he mercilessly teased: "You know you got a room for these type of activities, don't you, Xan?"

My eyes flew open as Jules tore his lips away from me and had me down from the counter before I could even catch a single breath.

"Christ, Cole !" I exclaimed, shocked to see him here. I rapidly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and smoothed down my clothes as Rick and Josh giggled, delightfully amused, it seemed, to have caught me in the midst of fiery preliminaries preceding promisingly hot gay sex. "What you doing here?" I asked. "How'd you get in anyway?"

"The spare key you gave me," Cole answered nonchalantly. "Feel free to bark on your brother for thinking that his baby bro may have appreciated having his friends over for dinner; had we known you already had more than ample company for the evening..."

Josh and Rick sniggered, and I glared at the three of them.

"My name's Cole," my brother went on casually as he stretched a hand towards Julian, "and these two behind me are Josh and Rick."

"Julian Winter, pleased to meet you," Julian mechanically answered with a polite smile.

"You eat Mexican food, Julian?" Rick inquired.

"Er -- yes," Julian acquiesced.

"Good, 'cause that's what we ordered," Cole grinned. "The plates are in the cupboard behind you."

I crossed my arms against my chest and glared at my brother. The plates are in the cupboard behind you? Did he think he'd be staying?

Cole coolly gazed back straight into my eyes, a smirk on his lips. The bastard. We stared at each other a whole sixty seconds before I relented, knowing I'd never win.

"Get the plates, Jules," I sighed, "I'll put the vegetables in the fridge."

"What had you guys planned for dinner anyway?" Rick asked as he put the food down on the counter.

"Each other, I think..." Josh teasingly answered as he reached for something between the veggies.

Oh no. I significantly paled as I recognized a tube of KY jelly in his hand. Cole shamelessly laughed as I immediately looked over at Julian whose cheeks had lightly flushed, visibly embarrassed.

"Large size, heh?" Rick grinned as he held up a condom.

My face went red. "Leave that alone," I croaked as my reflexes kicked in and I made a grab for the lube, swiftly picking up the condoms and stashing them in a drawer.

The guys laughed again, yet let it pass as they settled down on the stools around the island.

"The plates are in the cupboard, Julian," Cole repeated as he took a seat, "And the silverware in the drawer where I believe you stashed everything, Xan..."

Bastard. I knew the three of them would tease me about this night for weeks and weeks. Blushing, I took the vegetables from the counter and brought them to the fridge, letting Julian take care of the forks and knives.

I have to say that Cole, Rick and Josh, actually, all behaved themselves afterwards and restrained from making any more comments about the 'compromising position' they'd caught Jules and me in, and we were able to relax.

"He seems to be a good guy," Cole told me before he, Josh and Rick left.

"He is," I beamed, grinning foolishly.

Cole grinned back. "You have a hickey," he said, his eyes lowering on my neck.

I mechanically touched the place he seemed to be looking at. "We get carried away," I croaked.

He chuckled. "I believe that -- you two seemed to have gotten completely 'carried away' before we came..."

"Cole," I hissed.

"What?" he laughed.

"Whatever. You were leaving..."

"Aye aye, I'm leaving, baby bro, I'm leaving. See you tomorrow?"

"Yes, tomorrow," I agreed, mainly to get rid of him. "Goodnight, Cole."

"Goodnight, Xan," he grinned, his eyes sparkling as he stressed on the 'goodnight'. I rolled my eyes and closed the door.

"Your brother's pretty cool," Julian told me when I came back to the kitchen. He had thrown the take-away boxes in the trash and had put the plates, forks and knives in the sink.

"He's a real pest," I protested as I pressed my body into his, relaxing into his embrace. "He's gonna tease me for weeks about catching you and me the way they did."

Julian kissed the top of my head. "He may," he agreed, amused, before he lifted my head off his chest a second and raised my chin for a sweet and gentle kiss.

"Please sleep here tonight," I breathed against his mouth.

Julian grazed his lips against mine and slipped one hand down my backside till it came over my bottom, which he squeezed as two fingers slid between my denim-covered cheeks: "I'd love to." He pulled open the drawer and reached for a condom.

"Leave the lube," I intervened before he seized the tube. Mischievously peering into his clear blue eyes, I added: "We may find the need for it here, one day..."

Julian's face beamed as he flashed me a pearly grin. "Can't wait," he growled, leaning down for a kiss.

I leaned away and evaded his lips once again, feeling playful. Placing my hand over the one he had on my bottom, I locked my chocolate gaze into the beautiful water pools of his eyes and stepped back, dragging him back into the entrance hall then through the living room to my bedroom. Julian's eyes sparkled, amused, as he held my lower body close to his, his swell grinding against mine, leaning down to nibble on the sensitive skin of my neck.

I actually fell on the bed when the back of my knees unexpectedly hit the edge. Julian had seen it coming, however, and wickedly grinned as he peered into my eyes, his blue pools gleaming to have me pinned underneath his body. "You ain't going anywhere now," he teased.

I grinned back, kicked my shoes off and wrapped him with my legs high in his back, my tool painfully hardening in my jeans. "You neither," I quipped.

Julian buried his face in the crook of my neck and nipped my ear, eliciting a sweet moan from me as I arched my back, pressing my chest against his. I managed to flip him on his back (or rather, Jules let me) and sat back on the swelling bulge in his crotch, rocking my bottom on the knob. I held my breath and threw my head back in ecstasy. I knew I needed Julian pressed in me again; my body desperately ached to be filled with his tool.

Seizing the hem of his tee, I smoothly removed it, exposing his lean, hard chest, my hands on the incredible physique laid before me.

"You're beautiful," I told him, hearing my voice veiled with desire, as I leaned down to kiss him.

"Not as beautiful as you," Julian disagreed. "Let me see you too, Xander."

I grinned and obliged, leaning back into a sitting position again, and deliberately removed my tee. I could feel his swell grow against my bottom and I rocked back, eliciting a groan from Julian.

Leaning down again, I began kissing his chest, nibbling on his left nipple as my hands roamed on his smooth chest and felt his chiseled abs. Julian had an incredible body, radiating both of grace and maleness, and I could still only barely believe I had a magnificent specimen of the male species beneath me, caught between my legs.

"You're so beautiful," I repeated against his chest. My hands went to his zipper and undid it. "So, so beautiful."

Julian momentarily raised his hips, helping me slip the slacks of his long, strikingly sculpted legs. With a trail of hot, wet kisses, I descended down his midriff, placed a small peck on the spearhead of his member and continued down to his ballsac, tickling it with the short, electric stubble of my jaw. Julian groaned in ecstasy and seconds later, I felt his hands on my head, fingers smoothly playing with my hair. I grinned to myself and kissed his sac, sticking a tentative tongue out to feel the heavy, pliable balls under the hot skin react to my touch and roll away.

"Oh, yes," Julian hissed, his grip on my hair tightening a brief instant before he relaxed his fingers again.

I placed a soft tender kiss on one of his balls then slipped my tongue around it and gently engulfed it in my warm, wet mouth. Julian groaned and slightly raised his hips as I rolled his testis around before I switched and swallowed the other one. When they were completely wet with my saliva, I started kissing my way up again, depositing another trail of hot, wet kisses on his turgid tool. Reaching the dark, plump, spearhead, I mercilessly teased the slit with a swirling tongue, eliciting soft groans. From the gasp and moans that followed, I knew I was getting him crazy... at least, I believed so till he detached me from his member and pulled me against his chest, rolling on top of me. I peered into his eyes, feeling a little insecure about my oral performance, especially on a shaft so large I couldn't take in my mouth.

"I was getting close," Julian reassuringly whispered, his lips grazing mine before he softly kissed me. Moments later, he descended down my neck, depositing small brief kisses, all the way down to my navel. His hands went for the zipper of my jeans and smoothly rolled the denims off my legs, releasing my aching member.

His touch was gentle and sweetly tentative as he delicately played with my piercing. I moaned, feeling pure thrills of electric bliss rippling through my shaft and making my back arc, and gasped when his warm, wet mouth came over my head, teasing me in a similar way I had him, his agile tongue on my slit. Very leisurely, he started going down on me, taking me further in his mouth. He was extremely tender again when he reached my piercing, fearing to hurt me. He managed to deep throat me and I bit back a groan, clawing the bed sheets.

He released me all too soon, nevertheless. Seizing my hips, he pulled me closer to his body till my legs were off the bed; then he raised them so my legs came to rest on his shoulders, the dark crevice of my cheeks before his face, and he leaned forwards to breathe in my scent, placing a sweet and gentle, wet kiss on my tightly sealed rosebud. I trembled with desire and whimpered as I felt the tip of his pink tongue graze my clenched ring, grabbing the sheets of my bed. Julian licked the core of my being again and again, using extreme gentleness as he rendered me a complete, helpless mess in his hands, especially when, after an eternity, he forced his tongue through my ring and Frenched my delicate opening.

"Oh God," I moaned as the tongue poked back and forth in me. "This feels so good!"

Julian, it seemed, took even more delight in lavishly licking my rosebud, repeatedly spearing me; the intimate caress was so soft and so wet, the snaking tongue both flexible and rigid, that its exquisite torture drove me crazy.

At length, he removed his versatile tool from my puckered entrance and climbed back on top of me, giving me a brief kiss.

"Where's the lube?" he asked, his water-colored gaze completely glazed with lust.

I craned my neck back and indicated the bed table. "Drawer," I croaked. Julian reached for the handle and pulled out the tube.

I hissed as I felt the cool gel on my pucker, despite the fact that Julian had warmed it a bit before placing his fingers at my twitching entrance. He easily slipped a finger into the tight tunnel of my chute, deliciously twisting it within me before he added another. I moaned as he scissored me, biting my lips in delight as Julian began playing with my testis, rolling them in their hairless sac.

"Yes," I groaned as his hands timidly began to trace loopy patterns on the base of my shaft and upwards, till they reached my piercing. His feather touch became even lighter as he caressed it. I smiled to myself, thinking that he, too, had fears. I think seeing the grin on my lips encouraged him because he became slightly more daring and fully grabbed my tool, keeping away from the piercing nonetheless, and began to jack me.

I gasped when I felt a third finger snake into my chute, feeling some discomfort at being even more opened. We may have had sex two weeks ago, I still had been totally inactive for ages before that, and my ring had remained very tight. Julian placed a soft kiss at my opening, besides his fingers, as if to sooth me.

"Tell me if you need me to stop, okay?" he asked.

I released the sheets from my clutching hands and dropped them to his head, playing with his curly hair. "'Kay," I agreed, biting my lips. "Feels good, though... keep going."

Julian carried on with his caresses for a little while before he released my turgid tool and removed his agile digits from my button. Hearing a tube being uncapped, I leaned back on my elbows and watched Julian cover his magnificent tool with a condom and then coat the large pole with lube. He grinned at me and climbed back over me seconds later, placing his mouth on mine.

I peered into his mesmerizing blue eyes when he pulled away, then peeked at his enormous manhood laying beside mine between our two bodies. I really looked slender compared to his massive length. "Be gentle," I asked, looking back into his lusty gaze.

The glazed hunger in his eyes softened hearing my words. "Always," he answered back, his gaze locked into mine. He bent down and sweetly kissed me again, our tongues dancing together.

Pulling away after a moment, he raised my hips on his folded legs and nestled the spearhead of his large erection between my parted cheeks, at the center of my exposed rosebud, and locked my legs high behind his back. Leaning over me, he kissed me, seizing my tool although not jacking me.

He didn't press his shaft into me either. He could have, splitting into me, seeking to gratify his needs before mine, and there would have been nothing I could have done to prevent the pain of being torn and ravaged. Julian, nevertheless, remained the caring and tender lover he is as he tried to make the penetration as painless as possible.

It did ache -- being as big as he is, there's no way he could penetrate me smoothly and easily. The spearhead breached my ring forcefully and securely wedge itself into my tender chute, eliciting a pained whimper from my trembling lips as my pucker helplessly clenched itself against the colossal intruder. Julian's breath tickled my ear as he groaned from the delight of being in me, the hot, narrow walls of my chute hugging his head. He shortly recovered, nonetheless, and seeing a lone tear roll down my cheek, he kissed it away and stroked my hair.

"Relax, baby, it'll be okay," he soothed, peppering my neck with soft pecks. I nodded, my face against his chest, my legs tightly wrapped high around his back, as I let the pain throb down to a mild ache.

"Feeling better, Xan?" he asked when I began to relax in his warm embrace.

"Yes," I meekly breathed.

Peering into my eyes, Julian playfully flicked his pink tongue across my lips and kissed the tip of my nose.

"Let's get the big guy hard again," he said, the blue pools of his eyes twinkling as he started jacking my deflated organ, making me moan.

"Go ahead and press in, Jules," I encouraged.

He grinned and willingly obeyed, forcing a thick inch of his tool in me.

"Wait, let me get used to it," I asked when he paused.

Julian released my member and roamed his hands all over my body, tenderly caressing my arms, sides and legs, as I wriggled beneath him to find a comfortable angle. I looked too actively for it, however, as Jules grabbed my hips still, his jaw clenched.

"Your wriggling's driving me crazy," he hoarsely explained.

I bit my lower lip. "It's the angle," I said. "It's not very comfortable."

"I see..." He briefly kissed me and then began to move his hips, changing the angle. "Tell me when."

I smiled and did, pressing his chest when the angle felt better.

I arched my back in ecstasy when Julian pressed more of his fleshy member in my chute, feeling every millimeter he fed me as they penetrated my overpowered ring.

"More, Jules," I begged as he stopped to let me accommodate to the second inch.

Julian seemed to hesitate, nevertheless, and when he pressed in, he did so very carefully and deliberately, watching my face for signs of discomfort. He stopped as soon as my groans changed to a more effortful grunt and covered my face with soft, wet pecks.

"I'm okay," I told him, my hands roaming on his back and his sides.

"Someone's eager," Julian teased. "We don't need to hurry, baby; we have all night. I wanna wear you out till morning." And with this, he playfully nipped my ear. I moaned.

"I don't think I'll be able to hold till morning," I grinned. "You're so big and so thick that everything feels a lot more intense." I tentatively flexed my muscles, squeezing my grip on him. Not my brightest idea -- Julian groaned, instinctively rocking his hips, and roughly shoved with a short, hard thrust half an inch of his very large, turgid tool into me before he could stop his body from reacting. I winced and whimpered, completely surprised by the brutal intrusion, and my pucker immediately clamped down on him, as if it could have stopped the forceful entrance.

"I'm sorry," Julian gasped, "I'm so sorry, Xander -- are you okay, baby?"

My arms around him and my face buried in the crook of his neck, I bit my lips as I trembled against him. For a moment, it felt as if he'd rammed a hot poker the size of a brick into me, the invasion had been so fast, so fierce, so unexpected.

"Baby, tell me if you're okay," Julian pleaded. He delicately stroked my sides, attempting to soothe the pain yet afraid, it seemed, to cause me any greater harm.

"I'm okay," I replied through gritted teeth as I exhaled, willing the pain to lessen.

"I'm so sorry," he repeated.

"It's okay," I breathed against his chest. "It's me."

"No baby, it's me -- you're so tight, everything feels a lot more intense on this end too, so when you tensed your grasp on me... Just warn me before you decide to clench your pucker again, okay?"

I nodded. "Okay. I will."

I felt Julian's gentle lips on the side of my neck. "I'm sorry," he said with a kiss. "I'm sorry," and he kissed me again, on a spot right above the preceding one. "I'm sorry." He kissed the underside of my jaw. I peeked out from the crook of his neck and he kissed my cheek; "I'm sorry," he repeated. I peered into his eyes and smiled as I saw a playful glimmer twinkle in them. "I'm sorry," and he peppered my face with tender kisses with each apology. I melted. How could I resist a guy so sweet?

"I forgive you," I said, nuzzling his neck. The throb at my pucker had become a little milder. "I feel better."

"Do you want me to pull out?"

I gazed into Julian's clear blue, and oh-so-concerned eyes, and shook my head. "No. Please don't."

Julian looked back into my chocolate pools a long moment before he leaned down and placed his lips squarely over mine and gave me a sweet, gentle kiss. Slipping an arm beneath my back, he pressed me against his body and rolled me on top of him.

"This way you set the pace," he said when I tore my mouth from his. I stared at him, surprised and hesitant.

I'd never been on top -- Gregory usually preferred me on all fours and had rarely fucked me any other way; he said it excited him a lot more to mount me that way, from the back. He said it made penetration less painful too. I went with anything less painful. Regrettably, Gregory didn't always. He knew how to be gentle, and could be extremely so; he'd been so sweet and tender picking my cherry, and I could still recall that night fondly. And after the sex, he had never refused me the cuddles I craved. There were days, however, when he had seemed more into his needs than mine, and a few times, I'd had to bear his pounding as he had mercilessly hammered his tool in me. I hadn't cum and hadn't wanted nor needed to either.

After I broke up with Gregory, had anyone told me I'd have sex with a basic stranger, I'd have never believed them. Not when sex had been what it had been with my ex. Julian, however... we had clicked right from the beginning; he didn't feel like a stranger, somebody I'd only met a few weeks ago. I had faith in him; faith that he would treat me right. He hadn't pressed me to have sex with him in the gorges -- even after I'd told him I needed him in me; he had said, seeing the fears in my eyes after I'd discovered how big and how thick he is, "we don't have to; we can do other things". Gregory had been more forceful, even if only a little bit, and the only reason he'd waited three weeks before getting me to agree to having sex was because I had been a virgin.

I felt a slight pang of guiltiness to compare both men in the midst of sex with Julian; I couldn't help it, nevertheless. They were so different. Julian had fucked me very sweetly, very tenderly, that night in the Olgas. Besides the many fears raised in me by his massive length, I had been scared that the face to face position he'd fucked me in would make things more painful, hence my request for him to be gentle: Gregory had fucked me that way once because I'd begged him to, and I hadn't enjoyed the ride the way I had thought I would -- penetration had been 'sloppy', for lack of better word, and Gregory had been in a 'one of those days' mood. "I told you," he had then said to me when I had admitted it hadn't been what I had expected; and we'd pretty much stuck to having me on all fours from then on.

Face to face penetration had stung with Jules; yet I had the feeling it had been due more to the huge size of his tool than anything else. He fucked differently: he watched for my needs. Maybe it was because he knew that with a tool like his, he could easily hurt people. I think that's why I hadn't wanted him to remove himself from me: because I knew he'd be gentle and I had come to believe that in the end, the pain would be worth the sex with him.

"Are you okay, baby?" Julian asked, caressing my back and breaking my trance with a long, tender stroke that had me trembling with desire, distracting me from the mild soreness around my ring. I moaned and bit my lower lip.

Baby. It irritated me when Cole called me his 'baby bro'. Jules had used the word when he'd fucked me in the gorges and today, as we were having sex again. Somehow... I didn't hate it. On the contrary: it made me feel... I don't know... safe in his arms, I guess. Yeah, safe. Julian had this caring and protective side.

I grazed my lips on his, enjoying the ghost tingle, before parting my lips and seeking entry in his mouth. "I'm okay," I breathed against him. "You make me feel safe." This made Julian grin widely.

Looking into his beautifully mesmerizing blue eyes, I began to move back against the hot, turgid piece of flesh. I could feel my pucker resisting as a few millimeters slid into my overstretched ring with some effort, a little heat building up; I could feel the fat, swollen head of his throbbing tool, too, as it advanced down my chute, straightening my twisting bowels that, as snug as a sheath, hugged the large protrusion in a deliciously warm, moist embrace.

Julian's water-colored pools were glazed with desire as he watched me leisurely impale myself on his colossal shaft. He never pressed me to hasten my pace, and I believe it did take me a whole thirty minutes to get the first six inches of him into me. He seemed okay with the regular stops I'd make to accommodate to his length; maybe he thought of it as foreplay. We relentlessly kissed everywhere, licking, nibbling and chewing on every available spot of skin, hands roaming on each other.

When I reached the sixth inch and couldn't take any more of his tool, I began moving my bottom, rotating it to feel the tumescent part of his member that I had taken in me caress the inner walls of my chute. I felt so full with his shaft reaching into my belly, it seemed, and so good, that I threw my head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, as I sighed in pure ecstasy. In the distance, I heard Julian's warm, singing voice: "You're beautiful," he said. "So fucking beautiful."

I forced my eyes to open and looked down at him. His gaze burned with hunger.

I began to move up and slid his shaft out of me before moving back down. Inch by inch in the beginning, till I got used to the largeness of his member gliding more smoothly in me. Tentatively, I started to use more of his tool to caress my insides, using deliberate strokes, at times trying to slide a little more of his length into me. I think I managed to take two more inches in the next twenty minutes.

I don't know when, Julian sat up wrapping me in his arms and pressing me against his chest as he latched his mouth on my exposed neck. The buildup of thrills and delights, especially as he began to lick the rim of my ear, pushed me over the edge and I tensed, spilling my seed between our bodies. I was vaguely aware of Julian rolling me on back as easily as he would a rag doll and thrusting into me as my ring painfully clenched against the massive intruder in a desperate attempt to seal itself, the throbbing excruciating as I rode wave after wave of my incredible orgasm.

When I came back to myself, Julian was lavishly kissing my neck. My eyes fluttered opened and I sighed, feeling sated and tired. My tool had softened and felt sensitive, squashed beneath Julian's weight. His member, however, was still very hard, very erect and very hot, throbbing deep in my chute.

"I'm in you -- totally," Julian murmured, a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

I took a moment to mentally feel him. His balls were against my bottom, his pubic hair on my sac... I felt full, my chute stuffed, overfed. He had forced the rest of his shaft into me while I had been creaming. One may have called that 'cheats', I still felt pleased to have him all in me. I smiled and answered "I feel you". And God, he felt good.

Julian gave me a little while to recover, roaming his hands along my sides. When he began moving, my organ was half erect again, yet still very sensitive, and the friction as he rubbed his body against mine felt electric. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his back, played with his hair, feeling so safe: Julian was rocking me with a gentle fuck, and to me, it felt like a warm, caring cuddle as he tenderly caressed my insides. I lost track of time, and what seemed to be after an eternity, Julian began to increase his pace till I felt him tense, his turgid member growing even larger in my chute, reaching even deeper spaces; he groaned against my ear, his hips still bucking against mine, till he had completely finished spilling his seed. Feeling him come triggered my own orgasm and I began spewing cum again, milking Julian as my ring contracted against the invader.

Everything afterwards seemed pretty hazy. I felt like a sated and exhausted puppy needing rest. I could have fell asleep that way, on my back with Julian crushing me under his weight, his deflating member still in me. He chuckled when I moaned a protest, feeling him carefully remove himself from my chute.

"I need to get the condom off, baby," he said with a kiss on the tip of my nose.

I whimpered when the large head of his shaft breached my ring again as he drew it out.

"Sorry, sweetie," came Julian's immediate soothing words. "Here, let me make it feel better."

I felt his breath on my pucker a second later, then his warm, wet lips covered my reddened rosebud and a tongue came lapping the center of my being, as soft and sensual as a kiss.

"Feeling better, baby?" he asked.

I grinned and sighed "yes", my voice barely audible, even to me. I was so sleepy.

Julian came back up and gathered me in his arms, pressing my slender frame against his. I fell asleep in seconds.

* * *

The fog took time dissipating from my head, the next morning, and it was very gradually that I woke from my sleepy state. The immediate feeling I swiftly became aware of, nevertheless, was the warmth I was bathing in; it seemed to glow from within me, radiating through my being. I felt warm and cozy in my bed sheets, fully appreciating the gentle hand lazily roaming on my back.

Wait -- hand ?

I willed my eyelids to lift and they fluttered opened. Two transparent water-colored pools were gazing at me and my lips impulsively drew into a smile.

"Good morning beautiful," came Julian's warm voice. He looked cute with his curly, sheep hair all adorably tousled.

"Goo' mornin'," I answered, my words muffled by a pillow.

Julian grinned back at me and I cuddled closer, my body against his and my head on his chest, closing my eyes once more.

"Havyoubeenawakeforlon?" I softly asked as he caressed my back, letting his hand trail down to my buttocks before he slid it up.

"Not very," he answered. His hand went down again and this time, he pushed the bed sheet as he did, exposing my entire backside. "You're so beautiful," he breathed before I could protest and object to being torn away from the delicious warmness of my bed.

"You're beautiful," I countered, letting my hand roam on his taut, flat belly, feeling his sculpted abs. "You have an amazing body... so perfect."

Julian leaned down and kissed my forehead. "I'm aware of my looks," he answered, his tone empty of arrogance, nonetheless. "Are you aware of yours?"

I actually forced my eyes to flutter open and raised my head from his chest.

I knew I was no troll -- I'd been called "cute" by the ladies fairly often, though I'd been told, too, that I'd look a lot cuter with a few more inches. Women. They all lust after tall men. My small size, nevertheless, seems to attract a few men, and Gregory had always been very attracted to me. I guess I had some charm and could look good if I put effort into my looks.

"Can I ask you something?" Julian went on before I had replied. His hand had stopped stroking my back and was caressing my cheeks only, now, kneading my right one every now and then.

"I still can't tell whether you have some experience or not," he finally said when I kept quiet. "Don't get me wrong," he rapidly added when I completely tensed. The hand on my cheeks had paused and he immediately rested the other one on my back. "You were amazing -- really: I love the way you were so completely gone in the ecstasy as you were riding me -- no, don't be embarrassed."

I couldn't help it, however -- yes, I'd ridden his tool and I had been so into the feelings, relishing in the sparks of pure delight, that in my rapture, I had completely ignored Julian's needs. That made me as bad as Gregory, and right then, I felt like a hypocrite for complaining about his attitude when I didn't do any better.

"I'm so sorry," I started apologizing, yet Julian stopped me before I could go on:

"What for?" he asked. "That was so hot to see! You were so fucking beautiful! Even after you came -- you were smiling. I don't remember being with anyone who was smiling that way: so... satisfied, so happy ; you don't know how amazing it feels to know you're satisfying someone that way."

Biting my lip, I continued to blush though the reason had changed: Julian seemed to be sincere and hearing this made me feel all warm inside.

"Thanks," I answered. "You were the amazing one to me. Can I ask you, though, what makes you think I'm... inexperienced?" I asked, lowering my eyes.

I felt a soft hand caress my butt cheek. "Certain... insecurities?" Julian carefully answered. "There were a few times when you looked scared," he explained, "You asked me again to be gentle, as you had when we were in the gorges; and... I don't know... it's only and merely a feeling... Other than that, you were amazing."

"You're pretty big," I replied, biting my lower lip. "And maybe... I still am... inexperienced," I finished rapidly.

Julian wrapped his arms around me. "That's okay, Xan," he said, craning his neck and briefly kissing me on the lips. "It's not anything to be embarrassed about."

"I'm twenty-five," I tersely snapped back. "It is."

Julian resumed his stroking on my back. "If it hadn't been for the insecurities you revealed despite yourself," he answered, "I'd have never been any wiser. You were amazing," he repeated.

"...really?" I asked, my tone softened.

"Mmm hmm," he nodded, raising my chin with his fingers. "Really," he repeated.

I peered into his eyes to see the truth yet as I met the mesmerizing transparency of his blue gaze, I instantly drowned in its beauty and lost the capacity to speak, to think.

"Thanks," I answered and offered him a timid smile before I rested my head back on his chest. I closed my eyes again and cuddled back against his warm body.

"Not feeling too sore?" he asked after a moment.

"A bit," I admitted. "You're a pretty big boy, you know?" I chuckled.

Julian did not reply. He detached me from his body and slipped down to spread open my legs and nestle between them. Still on my belly, I looked back, feeling somewhat a little helpless in this position; in the two times he'd fucked me, I'd loved being able to see what Julian wanted to do to me.

"Julian --" I called his name when I felt him part my cheeks. Maybe a little too abruptly. It's not that I had anything against being fucked again; I only wanted a little foreplay before that. To get in the mood before being penetrated.

"It is red, though only a little puffy," he said.

Oh. So maybe he had not wanted to fuck me. "It doesn't feel too sore," I repeated, "It's o--"

I gasped and never got to finish: Julian had exhaled his warm breath on my rosebud and a hot, wet tongue had begun lapping the core center of my being. I half-moaned, half-whimpered. The boy was an expert with that agile and versatile tool of his. It felt as sweet as a kiss, as sensual as a caress, as mind-blowing as sex; I certainly loved it. Fortunately for me, I rapidly discovered that Julian did too; he tried to rim me as often as possible.

I'm embarrassed to say, I came fair swiftly, spilling my seed all over the bed sheets. Julian came back up again and gathered me in his arms, my body sideways between his legs, his chin on the top of my head.

"How does that sweet pucker feel now?" he asked with mischief.

"Good," I grinned. "Relaxed. Ready to get fucked," I added.

Julian chuckled. "Later, I promise. Let's get some food other than you before we do, though. It's already past eleven." He winked and let me out of his embrace.

He grabbed his jeans from the floor and slipped them on while I looked into my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of shorts. Not any shorts either -- a short pair, that rode low on my hips and barely covered any thigh. The zip was actually Velcro, like with board shorts, and the material was comparable. They made my bottom look good and were easy to rip off anytime. I hoped Julian would appreciate them.

"You're a sweet little tease, know that?" came his voice in my ear as I felt one arm wrap me, pressing my back against his chest, and one hand stroke my hip. "I said I'd eat you later, so stop looking so appetizing!"

I chuckled, pressing my buttocks against his crotch and grinding his tool.

"You are bad!" he laughed as he moved away from me. "Come on, let's get to the kitchen." He kept his arm around my hips, nevertheless, and he had me sit on his lap, eating out of the same plate. We settled for what we had initially planned for yesterday's dinner as time was nearing noon. No, I didn't burn the spaghetti. Mainly because Julian kept an eye on the pasta, I admit.

Julian left me at eight that evening. We didn't have sex again -- he said he'd hate to leave me right after getting his rocks off. Sweet, even if annoyingly so. He kissed me goodnight, telling me he'd cook for me tomorrow and to feel free to bring a change of clothes with me. I grinned, let him leave my apartment, and went to sleep in a sadly empty bed.

* * *

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