Shane and Mark

Chapter 1 -- The Bath

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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Shane opened the note tacked to the front door, a tiny pink heart addressed to him, . . . turning the key in the lock grinning expectantly. Mmmmm Roast Beef in the oven.

He laid his coat and briefcase on the table in the foyer, loosening his tie and slipping off his shoes, as requested striping the rest of his attire hurriedly as he mad his way down the hall towards the bathroom.

A trail of pink rose petals led the way, the dark corridors glowing amber. Vanilla permeated the air for the candles as he turned the knob and was greeted by a mischievous smile.

There in the soft glow of the scented candles and moist warmth of the scented air, stood Mark in all of his glory, just smiling with a twinkle in his eyes on this special day. Mark placed a finger to his lips indicating that Shane was not to speak, he reached out and took Shane's hands gently in his, lifting them and turning his palms up, he brought them to his lips and gently kissed each palm.

Mark led Shane to the tub filled with warm scented water, floating upon the water were the petals of many different flowers. Stepping into the tub, Mark brought Shane with him, gently turning him around so he was facing away. Gently he pushed on Shane's shoulders until he was sitting amid the flower petals. Taking a ewer of the of the water Mark slowly poured it over Shane's body, the scents exploding afresh into the air. Sitting behind Shane, Mark took a large natural sponge and squeezed more of the water across Shane's shoulders and back. Rubbing the sponge lovingly down his back, bathing him with the scents of the petals.

Reaching forward, Mark pulled Shane back against his chest, Shane's head resting on his shoulder. Shane turned his head toward Mark and before he could speak Mark pressed his fingers to Shane's full lips and gently shook his head. Shane relaxed against Mark and let him continue.

Retrieving the sponge, Mark gently sponged the scented warmth of the water on Shane's neck and chest rubbing gently while he kissed and nibbled on Shane's neck and ears. Shane was entranced with the eroticism of this special bath and the love and warmth he was feeling from Mark. This was truly a special day.

The first anniversary of our marriage.

Mark continued to sponge Shane's chest while gently kissing his neck and ears, each time Shane tried to return the affection Mark gently placed his finger on Shane's lips and silently shook his head no.

After about 10 minutes, Mark had Shane stand and he poured warn unscented water over his body to rinse off the flower petals. Stepping out of the tub and drawing Shane with him, he lovingly dried Shane's body with a warm soft fluffy towel.

When Shane was dry he helped him into a fluffy warm light green robe and tied it securely. He quickly dried himself and donned a robe of light blue.

Taking Shane by the hand he led him from the bathroom.

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