THE SOUTH OF FRANCE October, 2000

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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!

AUTHOR'S NOTE : Excuse my French and the use of French slangs. Corrections are welcome.
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  I woke up suddenly..... my ass throbbed mighty. Slowly reaching down between my legs I touched the still open orifice and felt the dried cum there. I was filled with a languid sensuousness as I smiled at the memory of our lovemaking. I rolled over, to cuddle Barret but found his side of the bed empty !

  'Now where could he be?' I thought..... 'must have gone to the loo' I said to myself as I closed my eyes and pulled at my slowly hardening cock. I waited for him to come back.... I felt hot.... wanted to suck him before going back to sleep. Feel the pulsing and throbbing shaft as I licked it.... took it deep inside my mouth. Feel him tense and shudder as he exploded and poured his rich and creamy load down my gulping throat and if I knew him, which I did, after three years of being together, he would most welcome my attention !

  But wait, I opened my eyes again, there was no sound coming and there wasn't any light either from under the bathroom door..... 'Now where could he be....?' I was worried as I sat up. Then I noticed the door, slightly ajar..... 'where could he have gone, at this time of the night..... ?' It was still dark outside and I looked at the clock on the night stand, it said 5:45 AM !

== **** ==

  We were staying at the place of a friend of his cousin, in the French Riviera, on holiday. He had always promised me a vacation to the south of France and now that I had just graduated he insisted that we take that promised vacation. We arrived in Paris and after three days there left for the south. His cousin, Beatrice had an old friend here and he had invited us to stay at his mansion on the Mediterranean coast. So, here we were, at his large and beautiful chateau, tucked in a deserted corner of a breathtaking part of the coast. The whole area was private and therefore empty and without the usual chattering crowds of tourists. The days we lazed around the sprawling garden or at the silvery beach and the nights were a continuous orgy of passion. It was indeed pour comble de bonheur, pure ecstasy...... heaven! I was constantly high. And then André, the young son of the owner, joined us that evening. Somehow I didn't feel nice about it..... The classical case of the guest detesting the presence of the host.....? Or maybe the fact that he too was 17 and extremely sensuous..... I felt threatened - huh ?!

== **** ==

  Getting up and off the bed I wrapped the robe around my naked frame and slowly opened the door walking out into the passage. I stood still trying to figure out which way I should go when I heard a faint moan, some rustle..... I silently tiptoed towards the sound, scarcely breathing, my heart thumping. Suddenly I regretted having woken up..... I dreaded finding out, yet my legs carried me forwards..... I somehow knew what I'd find and prayed I didn't !! I crept forward and pushed the door a bit and nearly gasped.

  I stood silent, watching...... André was on all four, holding on to the headboard as Barret plowed him from behind with huge thrusts, making him grunt with animal lust. There was a lamp burning at the far corner of the room, throwing a eerily sensuous glow all over the large room. I watched as Barret clutched André' slim hips and fucked him, muscles rippling, ass cheeks flexing, head thrown back, the long blonde hair flowing in the early morning breeze coming in from the open window. I watched mesmerized as the thick shaft pulled out from the gripping anus of the young boy, glistening in the subdued glow, the blond pubic bush catching the reflected light from a nearby glass top, shimmering. And then after a slight pause the flesh pole rammed right in, making the youth shake and grunt, pushing his lithe body back at Barret.

  "Fuck...... fuck me.... ha.... harder.... Ooooooi..........!" wailed the kid in a hoarse voice.

  "Great ass you have......" panted Barret, "Love it kid !"

  "Merci" he replied, panting. "Le plaisir est pour moi." he added after a while.

  He speeded up, holding onto the slim waist Barret screwed the prone teen with savage thrusts, making him holler in French as his surprisingly long cock flopped with each shove, slapping against his belly with an audible smack. I saw Barret's muscle ripple and glisten and his ass cheeks hollow and flex. His mouth was open and he was gasping for air. He reared up and ground his cock deeper and I knew he was about to shoot....

  "Oi, Donne-moi ton foutre!!" screamed the kid raising his ass higher and pushing back at Barret.

  I could hardly believe what I was seeing and hearing..... Barret, MY Barret was fucking this sickly pale French kid, our host's son......! And after all WE had going for ourselves !!! Three years of being together and my giving him everything, every part of my teenaged body! How could he do such a thing! The hunching bodies blurred as tears of anger flooded my eyes. I turned and walked back to the room.


  I finished tying my shoe lace and looked up as Barret entered the room, a robe loosely wrapped around him. He looked surprised at seeing me up and dressed, my bag packed and ready at the foot of the bed.

  "Up early..... and dressed? Going for a walk?" he asked closing the door behind him.

  I didn't answer.

  "Hey, what's the matter.............. " he said softly, as he walked closer and stood by my side.

  I flashed him a stare - fire and brimstone. He could surely see the hurt in my flaming eyes.

  "Oh, c'mon baby," he said taking my chin in his hands and forcing me to face him. He knelt in front of me and brought his mouth close and kissed me.

  "You still smell of him." I said pushing him away and quickly rose, unshed tears of hurt and anger blurring my eyes as I reached for my bag.

  "Huh?..." he looked puzzled for a moment. "Hey, listen, I can explain...." he attempted, realization finally dawning.

  "Va te faire foutre!" I said, trying out my newly acquired knowledge of French slangs that nearly made me laugh. "What's there to explain...." I hissed, "... that you just fucked the teenage son of our host?"

  "Andy, be reasonable..... " he spoke.

  "Shut up, will you. I'm leaving and please don't try to stop me. I can find my way back to Paris and then go home. Thanks for the lovely time and thanks for the vacation. I'll always remember." My voice choked as I turned away to hide my tears.

  In an instant he was all over me, wrapping his strong arms around me, face nuzzling my neck. He lifted me up and carried me to the bed. I struggled but he was so much stronger and as always, his very touch made me weak ! He flopped me down and got over me, covering me, the robe falling away to reveal his awesome body that always made me pant..... I felt my resolve weaken as his mouth covered mine and his tongue sought to enter.

  I was gasping as he rubbed his groin into my aroused pubes and his tongue probed deep inside..... my arms wrapped around his shoulders as if of their own volition. I knew I was lost ! I felt my cock harden and gush out sticky pre-cum...... I was moaning rubbing back into him as his fingers began to undo the buttons on my shirt.

  He knew exactly how to get me hot, what turned me on and he planned exactly that.... Pulling my shirt off, his crotch grinding against my throbbing cock relentlessly, he took my nip between his teeth and flicked the sensitive nub with his wet tongue. I growled and pushed up.... squeezing him harder.... I was panting.... I could feel my ass hole open and shut like a fish gulping air, waiting for his glorious cock to enter.... but no, he wanted to torture me.... make me beg for his cock.... make me grovel for it since I dared to threaten him, threatened to walk out on him. He knew the power he had over me and was using it to the maximum.

  Leaving my reddened right nip he moved to the left and as I thrashed about he proceeded to suck it inside his hot mouth his hands already undoing my fly. I had my eyes shut, grabbing at his hair, pulling him closer as he started to move lower..... He reached my tingling cock and with one single motion sucked it in ! I shuddered, I groaned.... and he continued to suck, bobbing his head up and down, tongue flicking the tiny piss slit, licking the glans and the sensitive rim below the crown. I was driven crazy and he didn't let up..... I felt his fingers flutter at my entrance and circle the mouth.... caressing the tight rim but it didn't enter..... Raising my hips high I parted my legs wider.... pushing my cock further into his clutching oral cavity and at the same time allowing him better access to my bung hole. But still he didn't enter and he knew I loved his fingers probing me.

  "Ah....please, Barret....Oooohh.... do it... do it to me...!" I screamed unable to hold back any more.

  "Do what Andy?" he asked taking his mouth off my oozing cock.

  "Put your fingers in..... " I shouted hoarsely, "make me cum...... I'm nearly there...."

  "Hey, didn't you say something about leaving, about going back to Paris?" he remarked snidely, before taking me back in.

  "Oh..... please, I'm..... sorry.... uh, oooohhh !"

  He sensed my throbs and twitches and knew I was close..... his one finger would send me over the precipice..... and he suddenly stopped. Releasing my cock he just started licking my pubes with long, full strokes of his broad tongue, around the pulsating base and over the churning balls. I thought my head would explode... how could he do it !!!

  "Oh PLEASE....." I implored, my hips rising and falling, craving for the hot mouth to embrace my cock one more time, a thick finger lunge deep in the shuddering hole. I pulled at his hair, trying to make him go back to sucking me again. But he moved away....

  Opening my eyes I looked at him.... "Take me !" I said, voice nearly choked with the raging passion.

  He acted as if he didn't hear me..... sitting up and stroking his massive prick, ignoring me.

  "Barret, please fuck me!" I said again, pleading.

  "You want me to fuck you?!" he sounded surprised, "Well, I thought I still smell of André." he stated.

  "Please, I'm sorry....." I was begging now, a mass of quivering jelly waiting for the flesh prong to bore deep. "Fuck me!"

  He seemed to think for a while and then turning, smiled, "OK, if you say so." He tugged off my jeans.

  I was now lying on my right side, facing him, he lowered himself and lay facing me. He took my left leg and placed it over his right hip and I felt his thick meat snake into the crack of my ass. Taking my face in his hand he kissed me, licking my lips before shoving the tongue inside my gasping mouth.

  I closed my eyes again and surrendered to the awesome pleasure that coursed through my young body. I felt his hand pull my left cheek higher and felt the cool air caress my feverish butt hole, making me shiver and then felt him shift a bit and the bloated head was right at my back entrance, nudging..... He left the cheek and steadied his cock and with a slight jerk of his hips snapped open my sphincter, pushing the head in ! I screamed into his mouth, no matter how many times I've taken him up my ass, each time is an ordeal.... the first few moments an agonizingly painful event before the pleasure takes over.

  I clutched him tight and sucked on his tongue, pushing down on the monstrous penis as it drove into me at lightening speed..... rubbing the tender linings raw. My stomach heaved and churned, the ass mouth stretched wide to accommodate Barret's cock and as I threw my leg higher over his pumping hips, he grabbed my balls and started squeezing them lightly.

  For over half an hour he fucked me with massive strokes and a steady rhythm, emptying my insides and then shoving it right in. The ass slit clung to the pulsating shaft like a rubber band, following it up and out with each withdrawal and then folding in with each inward thrust. His left hand started tweaking my nips real hard now, making me cry into his mouth as we kissed, saliva dripping all over the place as I sucked his probing tongue, filling the room with the obscene slurp.

  If he knew how to fire me up then I too knew what pushed him over the edge..... I lifted my leg from his hip and placing my hand under the knee I pulled it up to my shoulders while the other leg I maneuvered under his hips and hooked it around his leg. Now I was wide open and the tiny butt hole directly in the path of his rampaging prick. Now every time he entered I flexed the inner muscles and made him grunt and shove harder and as he planted himself deep I clamed shut the sphincter in a vice grip, making him shudder and grind his hips wildly. This always got him. With my other hand I reached down and grabbed his balls, turning and twisting the larger than average globes and tugging at them. He shook violently and bit my lower lips and within a couple of minutes slammed deeper and ejaculated. It was a wonder that he could still produce such a copious load after having fucked me earlier in the night and then the young André and now me again ! But that's also one reason that I adore him, always ready with a stiff dick and loaded balls.

  I hadn't cum, but that's no problem, I knew what was to follow...... so I rolled over on my back and raised my legs high. Like clock work Barret was down between my spread thighs, licking at the oozing hole, lapping away at his own goo ! He always did that, as soon as he finished fucking me and once he had extracted every gob of cock juice from my quacking anus he went for my cock till I flooded his gulping throat. I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the incredible sensation of being rimmed immediately after having been savagely fucked.

  He was doing a splendid job, as usual, holding my cheeks far apart and licking away at the deep valley..... working his tongue up and into my ass hole and then audibly sucking out the drooling jizz.... and then higher till he reached the tingling ball sac before returning back down to start his journey up again. He lapped and lapped, outdoing him self I thought.... he lapped and sucked and now he was even licking my cock too !

  "Ooooo....... YEAH !" I hissed.

  He was licking my hole and licking my cock at the same time ! Incredible....!!! I felt him open his mouth wide and place it over my twitching hole and suck and at the same instant he took my cock deep into his mouth !

  Hey, wait a sec..... how can he be doing that ???!!!! I mean, suck my cock and eat my ass, all at the same time ???

  My eyes flew open and I stared. Before I could see Barret I noticed André! He was bent over me and sucking my cock! I wanted to yell, tell him to get lost.... leave us alone.... but I could only moan and hump up further into his wet mouth. He was an awesome cocksucker and I was totally lost.

  "Je veux lecher ton foutre." he said briefly lifting his face off my groin and back again.

  Just then Barret thrust a thick middle finger deep into my ass hole and pressed my prostate and as if on cue André tightened his throat muscle around the head of my cock. It was irreversible..... It was over...... I lunged upwards and deeper into André' slobbering mouth and grunted as my cock jerked and melted away.

  For a moment it felt exactly like that..... it seemed that my cock had turned liquid and was gushing into his mouth..... my whole groin went numb, I nearly passed out, it was so intense. I screamed out loud and grabbed his head, pumping my hips rapidly into the two faces eating me at either end.

  The spurts slowed and finally stopped and I slumped back onto the sweat drenched bed, totally exhausted. I felt André move up and crush his open mouth to mine and I welcomed his wiggling tongue inside. Barret too moved in and started kissing my face, licking my escaped cream from André' chin every now and then.....


  We had another week at the place and needless to say the three of us made a pretty ménage a trois..... practically turning the whole mansion into un champ de tir.


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