Coming Home: The Davis Brothers


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Chapter 4


Brandon slumped back with a groan. "God damn, you know how to suck cock."

Lonnie raised his head from Brandon's lap and made a show of swallowing the remainder of Brandon's load. "I love sucking you."

"That fucking mouth of yours is gonna give me a fucking heart attack."

Lonnie snickered, then planted a kiss on the end of Brandon's cock. He let it fall and it slapped heavily against Brandon's thigh, totally sated. Lonnie smiled, congratulating himself on a job well done. He planted a soft kiss on Brandon's belly.

"C'mere," Brandon growled. He grabbed Lonnie and pulled him forward. Lonnie straddled Brandon, planting his knees on each side of his hips. Oh, fuck yeah. Lonnie had never sat on Brandon like this before. He liked the view of the younger man sitting on his spent cock. He wondered briefly what it would feel like to have Lonnie ride him.

Brandon spit into his palm and grabbed Lonnie's dick. He slid his hand up and down, twisting and turning, slow and steady. Brandon had done this enough over the past few days to know exactly how Lonnie liked it. Lonnie arched his back and braced his hands on Brandon's thighs. Brandon's other hand roamed up and down Lonnie's tight little body. His tiny nipples were hard and pointy. Brandon wondered if Lonnie liked them played with. He reached up and pinched one of the little brown nubs. He flicked his thumb back and forth across it and Lonnie bucked up into his hand. `That answers that question,' Brandon thought with a smirk.

"Brandon, oh god, Brandon," Lonnie moaned. His whimpers and moans grew louder and higher pitched. His body went rigid and started to shake uncontrollably.

Brandon knew that he was about to shoot. Lonnie's body was so responsive, so predictable, so in tune to his touch. When Lonnie was about to come, he shook so hard that Brandon thought he might just shake himself apart one of these times. He could make the boy come so easily with a lethal combination of twists, turns and tweaks. All from Brandon's hand. Brandon wondered if Lonnie's previous lovers did this for him, did it this good for him. He refused to think about them, touching Lonnie's lithe and delicate body. The thought of anyone else's hands on Lonnie pissed him off.

Brandon continued to stroke Lonnie's cock steadily while he tweaked the boy's nipple. He was about to lose it. Any second now...

Lonnie drew in a sharp gasp and thrust up into Brandon's hand, fucking the slick fist. "Daddy, I'm coming!"

Pearly white strings of jizz spurted all over Brandon's chest. It covered his stomach and spilled down his hand.

The release was clearly intense. Lonnie drew in deep gasps of air, his whole body shuddering and heaving. Brandon couldn't help but chuckle and Lonnie laughed with him.

"Oh!" Lonnie grabbed Brandon's wrist, stilling his hand with a hiss. Brandon still managed to swipe his hand up Lonnie's dick once more, twisting around the head as he stroked up. "Oh god!" Lonnie cried out as his body convulsed. He yanked Brandon's hand away from his raw, over-sensitive dick.

"Wow, you're good at that," he said with a happy sigh.

"Had a lot of practice, cupcake," Brandon chuckled as he made a `jerk off' motion with his messy fist.

Lonnie leaned down and kissed Brandon. "I like when you call me cupcake," he whispered against the bigger man's lips.

Brandon kissed Lonnie back until Lonnie pulled away to take a breath. Brandon was holding his spunky hand out, trying not to let it touch anywhere. Brandon looked at his hand and snickered. His cupcake had a cream center. Images of Twinkies ran through Brandon's head. Nope, Lonnie was no Twinkie. He was definitely a cupcake. His cupcake.

Lonnie grabbed the slimy hand and brought it up to his mouth. He stared into Brandon's eyes while he sucked and licked it until it was clean.

Brandon watched him with a wide-eyed lusty stare and that made Lonnie smirk with glee. Brandon may be confused about his sexuality, but there was no denying what made the man hot.

Lonnie let out a soft sigh, then happily snuggled against Brandon and laid his head down on the big man's furry chest, not caring that he was laying in puddles of his own cooling spunk.

After a moment's hesitation, Brandon's arms slipped around him, holding him tight.

Brandon swallowed but didn't speak. The feelings coursing through him were so confusing.

For the past five days, he had come to Lonnie every night. They shared dinner together, talking and laughing, getting to know each other more and more. Lonnie was so easy to talk to. Brandon told Lonnie personal things he didn't normally share, even telling him details about his marriage and the subsequent failure. He found himself spilling out things he never even told Ben, like how humiliated he was by Ginny walking out on him, how he felt like a total failure. Even though their marriage was completely dysfunctional, it still bruised his ego.

They talked about his mom and having to put her in a home when she got sick, and how hard it was to walk away and leave her there. He even told Lonnie about how he bawled like a baby as soon as he found himself alone in his truck. He never told a single soul about that. Lonnie had put his hand on Brandon's and held it, looking up at him with sympathetic eyes.

They talked about his remodeling business and how it was struggling in the economy. They weren't in danger of going under, but he really hoped the flip would bring them a new source of revenue. He had ten full-time employees to take care of.

It wasn't just one way, Brandon unloading everything onto Lonnie. Lonnie also talked about growing up always feeling a little different. The white kids didn't like him because he wasn't white enough. The Asian kids didn't like him because he didn't speak Japanese and was too American. And not only did he not look like the other kids, but he also struggled with his sexuality for a long time. He grew up being called `sissy' and then later `fag'. He came to terms with being gay in his late teens and came out to his mom after he graduated from high school, but he just couldn't tell his dad. He loved his dad, but he always made him feel inadequate.

It was comforting to Brandon to be able to talk to someone about all of the bullshit floating around in his head.

It was also nice to just spend time with someone, kicking back, relaxing, talking about work and how their days went. Brandon had his own home, but it was empty and lonely. He had friends like Ben and Walker, but they had lives of their own. Was it pathetic that he'd rather spend time in an abandoned house with Lonnie and Ricky than his own home?

The nights would eventually lead to the two of them laying together on Lonnie's mattress. That second night, Brandon brought him a new set of sheets to make it more comfortable.

Each time, Lonnie rocked Brandon's world, giving him mind-blowing head like he never had in his life. Lonnie seemed very appreciative of the handjobs that Brandon gave him, always climaxing hard, his moans and whimpers shamelessly loud. And when Lonnie called him 'daddy'... fuck, it made him so damn hot.

That word -- "daddy" -- seemed to naturally spill out of Lonnie's mouth, like the spunk he sucked out of "big daddy's" dick. Talk about a trigger. It let a man know that his boy knew who he belonged to. Brandon wondered if Lonnie knew what it did to him.

And last night, Brandon had even spent the night. After Lonnie gave him an amazing full-body massage, concentrating on the tight knots in his neck and shoulders, Brandon couldn't have got up even if he wanted to. When Lonnie whispered a plea of "stay, please," Brandon pulled him close and they slept, Brandon holding Lonnie in his arms through the night. It felt so right spooned up against the little man. Lonnie had fallen asleep right away, and he looked so angelic laying on his hands folded under his cheek. Brandon surrounded him and protected him with his big warm body, holding his smooth and lean body against his softer and hairier bulk.

Brandon now looked down at the young man laying on his chest. His heart was pounding in his chest, echoing in his ears. He was relaxed but stressed out at the same time. His body wanted to lay like this forever, let someone take care of him, make him feel good, take the stress away. His mind wanted him to run, fast and hard and not look back.

"You're amazing," Lonnie whispered. He pressed his lips to Brandon's chest, then sat up and kissed Brandon's lips again, this time harder. He opened his mouth and let his tongue tickle the bigger man's lips. Brandon opened up and stroked his tongue against Lonnie's.

Their kisses quickly turned heated, passionate beyond anything they had done before. Brandon held tight onto Lonnie, and rolled them over so that Lonnie was underneath him.

Lonnie's legs spread automatically as Brandon moved on top of him, cradling the big man between his thighs. Brandon covered his smaller body completely, making him feel really safe and protected for the first time in a long time. He knew that Brandon was a good man, despite that outward attitude he used to keep people at bay. If he could just break through that shell, they could be so good together. He just knew it.

With a groan, Brandon kissed Lonnie. Lonnie poured all of his emotions into the kiss, letting the big mountain of a man ravish his mouth. He could feel Brandon's cock coming back to life as it pressed beneath his balls, its full ten inches nudging into his crack as if it was drawn towards his target. Lonnie's hole twitched in anticipation and Lonnie whimpered into Brandon's mouth.

Brandon pulled off Lonnie's lips and kissed a trail down his jawline to his neck. He licked and sucked at Lonnie's neck, his whiskers rubbing the skin red, his mouth pulling blood to the surface, boldly marking him. His calloused hands caressed the baby soft skin of Lonnie's body, making Lonnie tremble underneath him, making Lonnie whimper and moan. Brandon loved the power he had over the boy.

Brandon's beard rubbed against Lonnie's skin, sending ripples of pleasure down his spine directly to his groin. "Feels so good," Lonnie whimpered, arching his head back to give Brandon more access to his neck, while also pressing his aching dick against Brandon's furry goodness.

Brandon growled while rubbing and kissing Lonnie's neck and shoulders. "Yeah, cupcake. You feel so fucking good."

Lonnie's body bucked underneath Brandon's. He was so big and heavy, his hairy bulk pushing him down into the mattress. His huge cock pressed harder underneath Lonnie's ball sack. Lonnie's groin contracted and his hole twitched again in anticipation. He couldn't think straight. He knew damn well that it was not a good idea to go all the way with Brandon. He tended to become too emotionally involved with people he had sex with. He would just have to deal with that later. All he knew was that he needed Brandon inside him right now, more than he ever needed anyone or anything in the world.

"Fuck me," Lonnie groaned. "Fuck me, big daddy."

Lonnie slapped his hand to the edge of the mattress. He felt around until he found what he was looking for. He pulled back a near full tube of gel and pushed it into Brandon's hand. "Please, Brandon. I need you. I need you inside me."

Brandon was operating on autopilot, not giving a second thought to what he was about to do, or the line that he was about to cross. The sound of Lonnie's needy voice was just too much. Holy mother of god, he was actually begging to be fucked! Brandon squeezed the slippery gel onto his fingers and smeared them into the crack of Lonnie's ass. He grabbed his cock and started to push up onto his knees, but Lonnie grabbed his wrist.

"You need to stretch me out first," Lonnie said.

"Oh. Yeah. Right. Sorry."

Brandon pushed a slick finger into the boy, then slid in another when Lonnie begged for it.

"Like that?" Brandon asked, hoping that he was doing it right. He didn't want to hurt him, but right now he didn't have the patience for long, drawn out foreplay. He wanted to fuck. Lonnie's ringed muscle throbbed around Brandon's fingers, squeezing him so tight it felt like his hole was trying to snap his fingers off. Brandon's mind had a single purpose: to bury his fat cock inside that hole, to feel it squeeze and throb around him. There were no other thoughts, no other priorities.

"Yes," Lonnie groaned. His hands fisted the sheets, gripping them with tight knuckles. "More."

Brandon pushed in three thick fingers. He pumped and turned, twisted and scissored. He watched in amazement at Lonnie's reactions. The little guy was clearly loving what Brandon was doing to him. He bucked his hips up into the air, then backed his ass up against Brandon's fingers. He wanted to get fucked. Well, god damn it, his ass was going to get fucked.

"God, Brandon. That's enough. I need you inside me. Oh, god, I need you so bad."

Brandon hesitated for a second. He needed Lonnie to know about the test before things went further. "I got tested... I'm clean."

"Me too."

A silent acknowledgement passed between the two of them.

Lonnie turned over onto his hands and knees, presenting himself to Brandon.

Brandon squeezed more gel into his hand and coated his cock. Brandon moved up behind him and used his meaty paws to spread the cheeks of the smaller man's ass. His little brown pucker winked at him and Brandon's cock jerked in response. His ass looked so small, he wasn't sure Lonnie would be able to take him. But he sure as hell was gonna try. He lined the tip of his cock up to its shiny target, and with a push, the head slid into Lonnie.

Lonnie hissed in pain as Brandon breached his muscled ring. He had never had a cock so big. As Brandon pushed in, Lonnie pushed out, easing his entry. Brandon gripped his hips with his big, rough hands, making sure he couldn't get away, not that Lonnie was going anywhere. Lonnie breathed slow and deep and willed himself to relax through the burn. He wanted this. No way was he going to back out now. The spasming slowed and his sphincter relaxed and opened up for his man.

Yes, he thought of Brandon as his. This morning when he woke in Brandon's arms, with the big man's warm body spooned behind him, he knew. He was beyond falling hard and fast for the man. And with Brandon inside him now, he knew it was too late. He was already there.

When Brandon felt Lonnie's body opening for him, he pushed forward, sliding in deeper and deeper. Once he was buried completely inside the boy, he held still. His ass felt so damned tight, so hot, so soft. If he moved he knew that he would come and it would be all over before it started.

Brandon kneaded and squeezed the round cheeks of Lonnie's perfect ass. He spread them with his thumbs and looked where their bodies were connected. Brandon knew he was hung like a horse, but he just couldn't believe how the tiny little hole stretched out for his girth. The dark auburn bush surrounding his cock spilled thickly onto Lonnie's smooth and pale cheeks, providing a sharp contrast in color. His low-hanging nuts rested against Lonnie's tightened sack. Brandon didn't have to reach down and feel between Lonnie's legs to know that Lonnie was rock hard and dripping.

"Move, Brandon. Please."

Brandon gripped Lonnie's hips and slowly pulled back until the ridge of his crown broke free of the tight muscle. He gently pushed forward until he was once again buried completely. When Lonnie moaned and pushed his ass back against him, he pulled back and snapped forward once again. He began moving faster and faster, building up speed and intensity.

"Shit," he grunted. "Tighter than fuck..."

Lonnie panted as Brandon slammed into him. His dick was hard as a steel, pressed against his belly, dripping pre-come onto the mattress beneath him. Then Brandon moved and hit his sweet spot.

"Yes! Right there! Oh god!" he cried out as stars danced in front of his eyes and waves of pleasure soared up his spine.

"There? Like that?" Brandon accented each word with a snap of his hips.

When Lonnie cried out in ecstasy, Brandon made sure he hit the spot over and over. Their skin slapped against each other, the sounds loudly echoing throughout the empty room.

"Oh my god," Lonnie moaned as he pushed back against Brandon.

"Fuck yeah, back that ass up on my cock, boy."

Lonnie's breathing hitched and he started to tremble.

Brandon usually preferred doggy style when he fucked, but this time he wanted to see Lonnie's face. He pulled back and flipped Lonnie over onto his back. Before the boy could protest, he grabbed Lonnie's legs and pushed them towards his chest. He slid forward on his knees and sank into him, all the way to the root in one push. He leaned down onto his hands, hovering over Lonnie.

Lonnie looked up at him in wonder, bringing his hands up to Brandon's chest. He scratched his fingers through Brandon's thick pelt of chest hair. His brown eyes silently pleaded. He wrapped his legs around Brandon's hips and arched upwards.

Brandon couldn't look away from Lonnie. He slammed his hips forward, in and out, up and down, around and round. Hard and fast, slow and easy. When he found Lonnie's g-spot, he made sure to hit it over and over. Lonnie's body was writhing beneath him. He arched his back up and slumped back down onto the bed over and over, his breathing was quick and shallow.

"Fuck me, daddy," he whispered. "So good, so good..."

Lonnie's words inflamed Brandon's desire. Every time he called him `daddy', his cock swelled and throbbed. Brandon couldn't believe how tight Lonnie's ass was. His tunnel milked his cock, bathing it in silky soft heat. And the way Lonnie was responding... Christ. Brandon never had someone respond to him this way before. He seemed to be enjoying it as much as Brandon was, maybe even more. Soft little high-pitched whimpers and moans spilled from his lips, turning Brandon's crank even harder. He wondered for a second if he was faking it like his ex-wife. He looked down between their bodies and saw the evidence of Lonnie's arousal. His dick was hard and swollen, deep purple and sopping wet with need, his ball sack already drawn up tight. With every snap of Brandon's hips, every thrust across his prostate, Lonnie's dick throbbed, oozing pre-come all over his belly.

"Harder, daddy."

Jesus! Brandon looked back at Lonnie and became lost in the emotions on his face. He thrust without abandon, slamming into his boy's ass like a jackhammer. He could hear himself grunting like an animal, but he couldn't help it. He was giving it to Lonnie as hard as he could, pounding him straight into the mattress. And Lonnie took it all, everything Brandon dished out, pushing back against his body, pressing his aching dick into Brandon's soft furry belly, clawing against his back and sides, whimpering and begging for more.

Lonnie's body suddenly went rigid. His toes curled and he dug his heels into Brandon's thrusting ass. He moaned wantonly, digging the fingers of both of his hands into Brandon's back. "Daddy," he gasped.

Brandon could feel Lonnie's whole body shaking uncontrollably. Brandon's eyes widened. Was Lonnie about to come? Lonnie's mouth then fell open in a silent scream and his back arched up hard and swift.

Brandon gasped as his cock was gripped in what felt like a vise grip. Lonnie's ass muscles began contracting around him and Brandon felt bursts of hot liquid between their bodies. He lifted up and looked down at Lonnie's cock, and watched it spurt jets of come onto his sucked-in belly.

Holy fucking shit. He had fucked the come right out of Lonnie. The knowledge that he had given the boy the ultimate pleasure, that he had fucked him so good that he had come without even so much as a touch... it was just too much.

"Lonnie, I'm--! Oh, Jesus, fuck!"

Brandon's rhythm faltered and his thrusting became erratic as he began unloading a huge load into Lonnie's still quivering chute. Brandon's vision faded as stars shot across his mind. Spurt after spurt of hot cream burst deep into Lonnie until Brandon finally lost control of his arms and collapsed hard onto Lonnie's body, still hard, still buried deep inside the smaller man. He tried to pull back, but Lonnie's hands grabbed him and held him in place.

"No. Stay..."

Brandon opened his eyes, and they slowly focused on the man underneath him. Lonnie had one hand digging into his shoulder. The other held tight to the nape of his neck. His heart pounded in his chest and emotions overwhelmed him as he looked down and tried to focus on the man underneath him. Lonnie was whispering and Brandon struggled to hear his words.

"... love you, big daddy. Love you, Brandon..."

Brandon panicked at the spoken words and the raw emotion they held. The reality of what just happened slammed into him. He had his cock buried inside another man. He couldn't breathe. He pulled back suddenly, sliding out of the tight body, yanking away from Lonnie's grasp, and smacking his hand away. "I ain't no faggot!"

Lonnie looked up at Brandon in shock, looking as if Brandon had punched him in the gut. He twisted from underneath Brandon and wrapped a blanket around his body and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

Brandon couldn't believe he had said that. He was a fucking idiot.

"Fuck!" he shouted. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

He slammed his fist into the drywall, leaving a gaping hole. He was a fucking idiot, but he needed to get the hell out of here. He couldn't stay here and process this at the same time.

Brandon quickly got dressed, pausing only to wipe his dick and hands on the sheets. He paused outside the bathroom door, where he heard the muffled sounds of Lonnie's sobs. Brandon's chest tightened and he reached for the doorknob, but his pride made him draw back. He finally forced his feet to move and he stumbled to the bedroom door, feeling like his heart was in his stomach.

It took everything in his power to leave the bedroom. He opened the door, stepping over Ricky's sleeping body.

Ricky bounced up and followed Brandon to the back door. Brandon left without a word, climbing into his truck. He clutched at the steering wheel with white knuckles. His heart was pounding and his head throbbed. He drove mindlessly, unaware where he was going. He just needed to get far away.

* * *

"Thank you, baby," Ben mumbled, unable to Look Benji in the eye.

Benji smiled and leaned in and pressed a kiss to Ben's red cheek. He had never seen his man blush so hard. It was kind of endearing. He helped Ben up and reached around and flushed the toilet. "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

Ben scoffed. "Are you kidding me? I have no dignity left."

Benji laughed and washed his hands, then moved to the shower. He reached in and adjusted the knobs and looked back at Ben. "Come on. You need a shower. You know it's bad when I think you're starting to stink."

Ben's shoulders slumped. "Jesus, Benji. You're killing me. Leave me with a little pride, will ya?"

"I'm just playing with you. You know I love you, Ben."

Benji pulled out two protective bags and wrapped Ben's casts and secured and sealed them with thick rubber bands. After testing the water temperature, he stepped into the shower and held out his hand. Ben moved forward and Benji guided him into the shower and closed the curtain behind them.

"Okay, now, just relax. We do this all the time."

"Yeah, but this time, I won't get to return the favor," he said. He reached up and poked Benji with a plastic coated hand.

Benji looked up and saw the sad look on Ben's face. He pressed up onto his tip-toes and gave his man a kiss. "You can make it up to me when you get your casts off."

Benji took the shower gel and washcloth and scrubbed over every inch of Ben's body until he was squeaky clean. He then went over his body again one more time with just his hands to rinse him off thoroughly. Ben's cock had risen as soon as Benji started to touch him. Now it looked achingly hard. His foreskin had partially retracted to reveal a deep crimson head.

"I need to clean this too, I guess."

Benji took Ben's cock in his hand, pulling back the foreskin and cleaning all around. He slid the foreskin back over the head and Ben drew in a hiss of breath. Benji gripped the thick shaft with both of his hands. He dropped down to his knees and slid his hands up and down together.

Ben looked down at his lover. Benji looked so hot down on his knees. The double-fisted handjob he was giving him felt so damned good. Benji's hazel eyes stared up at Ben, hooded and filled with desire.

"You keep that up and I'm gonna shoot my load all over your face, baby."

Benji's eyes widened at Ben's husky spoken words. "Then come on me, Ben," he whispered. "Shoot it all over me."

Ben couldn't help but groan at the sight before him: Benji on his knees, tugging on Ben's cock with both hands, which was aimed straight for his face. The whispered words brought him even closer. Benji flicked his tongue on the underside of the head, tickling the bundle of nerves where his foreskin connected.

Fuck, Ben once more wished he could grab onto his baby. He was about to lose it. Hell yeah, he was about to give his baby one mother of a facial. "Open your mouth, baby. Keep going. Here it comes!"

Benji opened his mouth just in time. The head of Ben's cock flared and a string of white cream splattered across Benji's face, running from his nose to his forehead. Benji let out a whimper but didn't back away. In fact, he leaned in closer just in time for the second blast to splatter smack in the middle of his forehead. By the time Ben finished, Benji's face, lips and tongue were covered in his thick milky fluid.

Benji kept one hand with a tight grip on Ben's cock. The other reached down between his legs. His eyes never left Ben's as his hand slid up and down, using Ben's jizz for lube. It only took a few strokes before Benji cried out. His face twisted in agonizing pleasure as he unloaded his balls onto the tub floor.

Benji's eyes never left Ben's. Using Ben's softening dick, he ran it over his face, then licked it clean.

"God damn, you are so fucking hot," Ben whispered. "Stand up."

Benji gripped Ben's thick, muscled thigh and pulled himself up to his feet. Ben put his plastic-covered left arm around Benji to hold him in place, then leaned down and kissed him hard, deep and penetrating. He ran his tongue along Benji's messy chin. He sucked his chin clean, then gently nipped him with his teeth.

"I fucking love you, baby."

Benji grinned. "I love you, too."

Ben turned his body so that Benji could get under the spray. After Benji rinsed his face off, he poured shower gel onto the washcloth. Ben couldn't help, but he stood behind Benji while he cleaned his self up. Benji stayed close while he washed, leaning back against Ben's big body. A part of Benji's body always remained in contact with Ben's while he washed himself. Ben was grateful for the intimate physical contact. He couldn't touch Benji with his hands, but this was the next best thing.

Once Benji was clean, he grabbed the wet/dry razor and shaved Ben's face. Benji reshaped and touched up his thick mustache into the thick horseshoe shape he found so sexy.

Ben dropped his head and kissed the top of Benji's blond head. He had been such a bastard to him, but Benji never gave up on him. In sickness and in health. Ben decided right then and there that he would make it up to his little man. Just as soon as he was able to, he would prove to Benji just how much he was loved.

After Benji dried off Ben and himself and got rid of the plastic bags, they moved to the closet. Benji helped Ben step into a clean pair of gray cut-off sweats and pulled a wifebeater onto him. Benji pulled up the sweat shorts, adjusted Ben's flaccid dick and tied the drawstring. "God, your dick is big," he whispered to himself at the sight of the obscene bulge between Ben's legs. He traced a finger along the outline of the big cock, then gave the head a little pinch.

Benji pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and slipped into one of Ben's baggy tshirts.

Ben groaned in his chest at the sight of his baby in his shirt. He bent his head down, silently asking for a kiss.

Benji responded by pushing onto his toes and pressing his lips against Ben's. He twisted his fingers through the short hairs at the base of Ben's neck. "Are you hungry? I can make you a snack. You really need to eat before you take your pill tonight."

"Yeah. I could eat."

Sitting at the table with Toby laying at their feet, Benji fed Ben a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of chicken soup. Ben didn't complain, not even once. And the whole time, Ben ran his foot over Toby's back and head, soothing and petting the little schnauzer.

When Ben was finished, Benji ate his own sandwich. Ben sat with him until he was finished, occasionally leaning in to take a sip of ice water out of the cup with a bendy straw that Benji set out for him.

"Do you think Brandon is having sex with Lonnie?" Benji asked suddenly, out of the blue.

Ben nearly choked on his tongue. He let the straw fall from his mouth as he looked at Benji in shock. "The kid from the hospital? Hell no. No way!" He shook his head. He couldn't even imagine his older brother having sex with another guy. Since his divorce, he had a different girl in his bed every week. Some of the stories Brandon told him would melt Benji's ears.

"I don't know. You didn't see the way they were looking at each other. I thought Brandon was going to burst into flames when Lonnie put on his shirt. Kinda the way you were looking at me a bit ago," he said with a snicker. "You know Brandon found him and his dog living in that foreclosed house after he got kicked out of his dad's. His dad is an asshole. It's really sad."

"Well, I was a little out of it at the time. But anyway, Brandon's straight. He never gave me any indication that he might be even remotely gay. You heard some of the stories he tells."

Benji shrugged as he swallowed the last bite of his sandwich. "Well, maybe those are just stories, you know? I wonder if Brandon might be lonelier than he lets on. And maybe he's bisexual. And he's joked more than once about `trying anything once'. Anyways, why put a label on it, you know? He should be able to be with whoever he wants, as long as it makes him happy."

Ben thought about what Benji was saying for a moment. "I suppose. I don't see it though."

"Well, if they aren't, then Brandon needs to be careful and not lead him on, because I think Lonnie has feelings for him. But I bet you five bucks they are totally, you know..." Benji smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. "Doing it."

Ben shook his head. "Since when did you become a gossiping little hen? You've been hanging around Mona at work too much."

Benji laughed as he got up and grabbed their dirty dishes. He jumped in surprise when Ben leaned forward and nipped his shoulder with his teeth.

"Thank you, Benji. Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Yeah, but it's always nice to hear again." Benji's eyes glistened as he leaned in and kissed Ben once more.

The ringing of the doorbell broke them apart.

"Who the hell could that be at this time of night?" Ben said with a frown, looking up at the clock as Toby tore through the house yapping his fool head off.

* * *

"Brandon?" Benji opened the door wider, letting Ben's big brother inside. "Is everything okay?"

Brandon reached down and rubbed his hand all over Toby's head while Toby tried to climb up his leg. The miniature schnauzer was very happy to see his `uncle' on this unexpected visit. Brandon looked back up at Benji's questioning face. "Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Am I interrupting anything?"

"No, we just finished eating a late-night snack," Ben said as he slid up behind Benji and nuzzled his nose against the side of Benji's head. He looked at his brother with a frown. Something was definitely going on with Brandon. Brandon's eyes darted between him and Benji and he shuffled nervously between his feet.

"Hey, bro. Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Benji realized that whatever it was seemed serious and Brandon didn't seem to want to discuss it in front of him, so he offered the man a way out. "Do you want something to eat, Brandon? We had grilled cheese and soup. It won't take me long to make you one."

"That'd be great, Benji," he said. He looked back at Ben. "Can we go out back?"

Brandon shut the back door behind him, with Toby squeezing through the door at the last second, and he rushed to pull out one of the patio chairs for Ben. He helped his brother settle down in one of the seats and then sat down across from him. Toby settled under Ben's chair and sat back on his butt, looking up between the two brothers.

Ben sat quietly and patiently, not wanting to push. Brandon pulled his lighter and a pack of cigarettes from his jacket and lit a smoke.

They sat in silence for a few moments until Brandon finally looked up at Ben. "You and Benji seem to be getting along."

Ben looked at Brandon suspiciously, wondering where that came from. "Yeah... We kind of went through a rough patch this week, but we worked it out."

"Good. Benji called me a couple of times this week--" Ben straightened in his chair, but Brandon held out his hand. "He would never say anything bad about you or betray you in any way. I just got the feeling that maybe you weren't treating him very well. He seemed kinda depressed. And I know how you get when you're sick."

"Yeah. But we worked it out. Like I said. I'm gonna make it up to him."

"Good. Don't let him get away, Ben."

"I don't plan on it."

Ben watched Brandon bring his cigarette up to his mouth and draw in a long pull. As he exhaled, he stared down at the glowing tip and flicked the filter with his thumb. He lifted his head and met Brandon's eyes.

"I fucked Lonnie."

Ben was definitely not expecting those words from his brother's mouth. Good thing he wasn't taking a drink, or he might have covered Brandon in a spray of water. "You... Um... Okay... You don't look happy about it. What's going on? Talk to me."

"It started the night we went to the hospital. When I dropped him off, we kind of got into... a fight, I guess. He ended up sucking me off." Brandon closed his eyes. "And god damn, if it wasn't the best blowjob I ever had. He even fucking swallowed, Ben." Brandon laughed mirthlessly.

`Damn. Benji was right,' Ben thought, but he remained silent, letting Brandon tell his story at his own pace.

"I couldn't stop myself from going back. I couldn't stay away. And it's not just sex. He's easy to talk to, easy to be around... But tonight... It just happened. I fucked him."

"What about all those girls you always talk about, Bran?"

"I made 'em up." Brandon gave Ben a sheepish look. "They were mostly stories from when I was younger, in the service. I didn't want you to think I was some pathetic lonely loser who couldn't get laid."

"You're an idiot. You know I would never think that about you. So was it just something that happened, something that you wanted to try? Or is it more than that?"

Brandon sighed. "It was the best sex I ever had, man. So fucking intense, I don't think I ever came so hard in my life. I about blacked out it was so damn good. It was rough, raw... I was a fucking beast, man. And Lonnie.... whew..." Brandon shook his head at the memory of Lonnie's intense climax, the way he looked at Brandon. Brandon thought for a moment, then looked back at Ben. "We didn't use protection."

"What? You really should get tested. Benji and I got tested. We don't use rubbers anymore, but you really gotta be more responsible, Bran."

"I got tested on Tuesday, actually. I'm all clean. And I know Lonnie's clean, too."

"Okay. Don't worry about that for now; but you're gonna have to deal with that later. You got other things to worry about. So what happened? Why are you here and not at home with Lonnie?"

"I freaked out. Afterwards, we were..." Brandon's eyes darted away from Ben when he quietly added, "cuddling." He cleared his throat and looked back up at Ben. "He said he loved me."

Ben groaned and dropped his head. "Aw geez, what've you done?"

Brandon looked down in shame. "I pushed him away and said `I ain't no fag' or something like that."

"Jesus, Bran!"

"He ran out of the room crying and locked himself in the bathroom."

"Ya think?!"

"I didn't know what to do. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. I wanted to hug him and tell him I was sorry, but--"

"But you're stubborn as a god damned mule," Brandon finished. "And you let your pride get in the way."

"You should talk. You--"

"Wait a minute," Ben interrupted. "Where did this happen? Don't tell me you fucked that boy on a dirty mattress in that abandoned house."

Brandon winced. "When you say it like that..."

Ben shook his head. "You got a lot to make up for, bro. If he even wants you back. I'm assuming that's what you're going to do, right? You wouldn't be here, be this upset if it was just a single meaningless fuck, am I right?"

Brandon sucked down the last of his cigarette, then flicked the butt into the yard. He fumbled with his cigarette pack, trying to decide if he wanted another smoke. He looked back at Ben with pained eyes, and shrugged his shoulders. "Am I gay, Ben?" he asked quietly.

Ben let out a deep breath and thought about what he wanted to say, and thought about what Benji told him. "You're the only one who can answer that, Bran. You like girls, and maybe you like guys, too. Maybe you're bi. Why put a label on it? You be with whoever makes you happy. Don't worry about gay/straight/bi labels. So it comes down to one question. Does Lonnie make you happy, Bran?"

Brandon looked away, but nodded his head. He covered his eyes with his hand and drew in a ragged breath. Outside of a couple of rough visits with their mom, Ben couldn't recall the last time he had seen his brother cry.

"When did you get to be so fucking smart?" Brandon asked. He sniffled and stood up. "I gotta go."

"Go get your boy, Bran."

Brandon leaned down and pressed a kiss on top of his brother's head and gave him a couple of love taps on his cheek with his open palm.

Ben and Toby followed Brandon back into the house. Brandon told Benji "sorry" as he raced through the hall and disappeared out the front door.

He was gone before Benji could even say `goodbye'. Benji looked back at Ben, and his mouth turned up in a smirk. He held out his hand, palm up.

Ben looked down at the hand and frowned. "What?"

"I think you owe me five bucks."

* * *

As soon as Brandon pulled into the driveway, he slammed the gear into park, turned off the engine, and raced inside.


He ran to the bedroom, then the master bath. He turned on the light and stepped back into the bedroom. His heart sank when he saw that the blankets were gone as well as the garbage bags that held his clothes.

"Lonnie! Ricky!"

Brandon ran through every room of the house before returning back to the bedroom. He was too late. His stomach started to churn and his chest felt constricted. He fucked it all up. As he reached into the bathroom to turn off the light, a sheet of paper tacked to the bathroom door caught his eye.

He grabbed the paper and read the neat and precise cursive handwriting: "I meant what I said and I won't take it back. I hope you live a long and happy life. I will never forget you. L."

Brandon folded the paper up and put it into his pocket. He stumbled his way through the house back to his truck. He leaned against the truck and banged his forehead against the door and closed his eyes. He had really fucked up big time. He had a shot at being happy for once and he let it go. And now Lonnie was gone. His cupcake was gone.

He banged his head against the door again. If he got into the truck, he might be able to find him. If he even wanted to be found. He couldn't be too far away, not on foot. He had to take the chance. He stood up straight and unclipped his keys from his belt.


Brandon drew in a breath and turned towards the bark. He moved around the truck. "Ricky!" he shouted and gave a whistle. "Here boy!"

Another Yip!, closer this time.

Brandon rushed to the end of the driveway. Ricky was running along the side of the road towards him, his little legs moving a hundred miles an hour. Brandon bent down and scooped the ugly little dog up and gave him a kiss on his head. "Where's your daddy? Huh? Where's Lonnie?"

Ricky barked and started to squirm. Brandon set the dog down and he took off running. He stopped and looked back at Brandon, barked, then kept on running. Brandon started walking after Ricky, but decided he should take the truck. "Ricky! C'mere, boy."

Ricky barked back at Brandon, but refused to come back. He ran around in circles, wanting Brandon to follow. Brandon went to this truck and backed out of the driveway and slowly drove to where Ricky was waiting. He leaned over and pushed open the passenger door. "C'mon. Get in, little ugly."

It took two tries, but Ricky jumped up into the cab, his feet scrabbling to get purchase. Once he got in, he hopped up onto the seat. Brandon reached over and pulled the door shut and put the truck into drive. Ricky leaned his front paws on the door to look out the window.

They didn't have to drive very far. Brandon spotted him right away. The small figure walked along the side of the road, dragging two bags with him.

Brandon pulled up behind him and honked the horn, scaring the crap out of the boy, almost sending him into the ditch.


Brandon got out of the truck and scooped Lonnie into his arms.

"Brandon? Wh--"

Brandon grabbed Lonnie's face in his hands and pressed his mouth against his. Lonnie dropped the bags on the ground and let out a soft whimper. He let Brandon completely ravish his mouth.

Brandon finally broke the kiss, reached down and grabbed the bags and tossed them into the back of the truck.

"Brandon? What... What are you doing?"

Brandon turned and grabbed Lonnie as he started to step away. He gently rolled Lonnie, until his back was against the truck. He reached up and stroked a lock of hair off his forehead. "I'm sorry, cupcake," he whispered. "I'm sorry I hurt you."

Lonnie looked up at the giant man, wanting so desperately to believe him. It had really hurt to be used like that, especially by someone you had developed real feelings for.

Brandon's voice quivered as he continued. "You make me happy. Happier than I've been in a long time... maybe ever. But you also scare the shit out of me, you know? I don't know where this thing between us is going to go, but I know that I want to keep going. But you're gonna have to be patient with me. Can you do that, Lonnie? Please."

Lonnie nodded. "Yeah." A tear spilled down his cheek and Brandon reached up and wiped it away.

Brandon leaned down and gently pressed his lips against his boy's. "C'mon. Let's go home."

Lonnie grabbed Brandon's arm. "Wait."

Brandon pulled him close and looked down. He swallowed nervously, waiting for Lonnie to speak.

"You really hurt me, Brandon." Brandon opened his mouth, but Lonnie stopped him with his hand. "No. Just listen for a sec. I can't help how I feel and I won't apologize for it. But I want you to know that I shared something special with you and you used that to hurt me. If you ever do that again, there won't be a second chance. I can be patient, but I won't be a doormat. And if you think you can just hide me away in the closet, that's not gonna work either."

Lonnie started to get worked up and Brandon's eyes widened as Lonnie's voice got louder. Lonnie put one hand on his hip, while the other poked Brandon's chest..

"And the next time you want to use the word `faggot', think of the faces of people you love, like your brother and Benji. What would you do, how would you feel, if someone called Benji that?"

Hearing that hateful word coming from his boy's mouth was a harsh reality check. If Brandon heard anyone call Benji or Lonnie... that word... he would go ballistic and kill the motherfucker. `I'm a fucking asshole,' Brandon thought. Maybe he didn't deserve another chance, but he desperately needed Lonnie to give it. He might even beg.

"Oh, and if you think I'm gonna sit around by myself in the dark, at your beck and call, waiting until you decide you want to come get laid, you got another thing coming. I want a relationship. I am not your fuck toy." He finally noticed Brandon's wide eyes and hanging jaw. He stopped and took a breath and calmed himself. "Okay. Sorry. I'm calm now."

"Damn, cupcake." Brandon might have laughed, but he decided that he didn't want to get chewed out. His cupcake was a firecracker!

Lonnie's face flushed. He hadn't meant to get worked up like that. "So, is that understood? Can you handle that?"

"Yeah, Lonnie, understood. I can, and I am sorry. I know I'm a dick, but I'm gonna try real hard to make it up to you. I just can't deny you or this attraction between us anymore. I wanna give this thing a chance. I promise. Everything will be okay. I swear."

Lonnie looked at Brandon, studying his face. Satisfied that Brandon meant it, he gave a nod. "Okay then. Let's go."

With a grin on his face, Brandon opened the passenger door of the truck. Lonnie stepped onto the running board and Brandon helped him in, `accidentally' brushing his hand down the swell of his round ass. Lonnie jumped in surprise and looked back at Brandon. Brandon snickered and wiggled his eyebrows.

Lonnie settled in the seat and Ricky bounced into his lap. He watched with his mouth open in shock as Brandon shut the door and jogged around to the driver's side. Brandon was smiling, and his face radiated joy. His body moved in a more fluid manner, as if he was suddenly weightless. Could it be that he really wanted Lonnie? Was he really going to do this?

Lonnie knew that he would have to guard his heart to keep it from being shattered, but he also knew that would prove to be hopelessly impossible where Brandon was concerned. He was already crazy in love with him. The older man was everything he wanted in a partner: big, strong, dominant, protective, passionate... and, oh my god, just amazing in bed.

Brandon started the engine of his pickup truck and looked over at Lonnie as he put it in gear. He was holding his ugly little dog in his lap, gently rubbing his back. Lonnie looked over at Brandon through his bangs. He reached up and brushed a lock of his silky black hair out of his eyes and gave Brandon a hesitant smile.

Brandon could see that Lonnie was holding back, but he could also see the hopefulness. Despite Lonnie's little tirade, Brandon knew that Lonnie was scared and unsure. He would just have to prove to Lonnie that he was serious about this. This relationship.

He reached over and took Lonnie's hand and brought it to his mouth. He kissed the back of it, then let it rest on his thigh, their fingers intertwined.

As Brandon pulled onto the road and began driving, Lonnie looked over his shoulder out the truck's back window. "Wait-- Where are we going?"

Still smiling that goofy smile, Brandon kept his eyes on the road. "We're going home, cupcake."

* * *

"Home sweet home."

Brandon dropped his keys onto the small table just inside the front door. He pulled off his favorite ball cap and dropped it onto the table, covering the keys.

Lonnie looked around Brandon's modest home. Definitely a bachelor pad. He didn't even have any pictures or art on the walls, though there were visible holes where things may have hung at one time. The living room had two old recliners in front of a huge flat screen TV with a folding TV tray in between... and that was it. No couch, no coffee table, nothing. The dining area had a card table and four folding chairs. There was a used paper plate and a red disposable party cup sitting on the table with some empty beer bottles. It all looked so lonely.

Brandon looked at Lonnie and shrugged, knowing exactly what the younger man was thinking. "My ex-wife took most of the stuff when she moved out."

Lonnie nodded. He didn't really want to deal with that can of worms, so he decided to pretend like he never heard mention of the ex-wife. Who was apparently the dumbest bitch in the world if she had someone like Brandon and then left him.

`Oh well, finder's keepers, and all that,' Lonnie thought as he smiled to himself.

He followed Brandon's wide form through the hallway until he stopped outside the bedroom.

Brandon turned around and looked down at Lonnie. "I got a guest room with a small twin bed. You can stay in there, if you want. I don't want you to feel like you have to sleep with me."

"You don't want me to sleep with you?"

"No, that's not what I'm saying. I don't want you to feel like you have to. Like... I don't know... payment."

"I understand. Can I stay with you because I want to?"

"Yeah," Brandon breathed a sigh of relief before he mumbled, "thank god." He paused for a second, wanting to think of what he wanted to say. "I want you to think of this as your home, Lonnie. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Lonnie nodded. His heart pounded in his chest. He had just moved in with Brandon.

Brandon carried Lonnie's `luggage' into the master bedroom and set the bags down by the closet. There was plenty of empty space in the closet for Lonnie's things. They could unpack later.

When Ricky hopped up onto the bed, Brandon frowned. He rifled through the bags and gathered up Lonnie's blankets. He went out into the living room and carved out a corner for the little dog, making a comfy bed out of the blankets. Ricky eyed the bed of blankets suspiciously, then followed Brandon back to the bedroom. Brandon shut the door on him and ignored the annoyed bark.

Lonnie looked around the bedroom and was honestly shocked. The room was barren. A ratty old Army green blanket covered the window, a sorry, albeit serviceable, excuse for a curtain. There was a large king-sized mattress and box spring set on a metal frame. There was basically a metal bar for a headboard and it didn't even have a footboard. The unmade bed was covered with a fluffy navy blue comforter and some tangled baby-blue sheets. Next to the bed was a small end table with a single drawer functioning as a nightstand. An LED alarm clock and a lamp sat on top of the table. Where a dresser might have sat, there was a laundry basket that had haphazardly folded clothes and rolled up socks stacked in it. A pair of huge cowboy boots and a pair of boat-sized sneakers lay scattered next to the basket on a tattered rug.

Lonnie took one more look around the room, then looked back at Brandon. Is this all that Brandon came home to every night? No wonder the big guy was so desperate for companionship. It tugged at Lonnie's heart and made him want him even more.

"Let's get ready for bed," Brandon said to Lonnie. He bent down and untied his work boots, then pushed off the boots with his toes and kicked them onto the rug with his other shoes.

There was a muffled `yip' outside the door. Lonnie tried not to laugh. "Ricky likes to sleep with me."

"I can't... you know... with him in the room." Brandon's tongue wet his bottom lip as he stared at Lonnie lustfully.

Oh my. Lonnie blushed and turned away and squatted down and rooted around one of his bags and pulled out his toothbrush. He toed off his sneakers and set them next to Brandon's shoes, re-arranging all of them upright and in pairs, nice and neat. He followed Brandon into the small en-suite bathroom. Lonnie spied the toilet and shower and was relieved to see that they were clean. It was nice to see that Brandon wasn't a slob. The man had no decorating sense, but at least he was clean.

They stood at the sink together, brushing their teeth. Neither one spoke, just occasionally catching each other's eyes in the mirror.

When they finished, Brandon dropped his toothbrush back into one of the holes in the toothbrush cup. Lonnie hesitated for a second, unsure of what to do, when Brandon took the toothbrush from him and dropped it in next to his.

"Do you need to take a shower?" Brandon asked.

Lonnie shook his head. "No. I took one before I left."

Lonnie watched in stunned silence as Brandon proceeded to strip off all of his clothes. He tossed the clothes into a laundry hamper and Lonnie watched him walk back to the bedroom.

Lonnie couldn't help but stare at Brandon undress. He hadn't realized it until now, but he hadn't really seen him totally naked before. Sure, he had given him head a few times and they fucked once, but it was dark or dimly lit at best. Brandon's hooded dick flopped around as he moved, swinging between his thighs. Jesus, it was bigger soft than his was when it was fully hard. His chest hair was deep and thick all over his pecs, trailing a line downwards, where it flared out all over his soft and rounded belly before leading down to the furry overgrown bush surrounding his dick.

As Brandon turned and walked to the bedroom, he got a good look at his backside. His back was broad. His wide shoulders had a light dusting of hair on them. He had a nice thick patch of hair above the crack of his lightly furred ass, which looked big and muscular, like his tree-trunk thighs. Sure his tummy and waist were a little soft, but it made cuddling oh so good. And Lonnie loved to cuddle, especially with Brandon.

"Coming?" Brandon asked over his shoulder.

Suddenly feeling nervous, Lonnie swallowed and stripped off his own clothes. He hesitated for a moment, then tossed them into the hamper with Brandon's. He couldn't help but feel self-conscious at his nakedness as he followed Brandon to the bed. He knew that he was short and skinny. But Brandon liked that, at least it seemed that way from the way he looked at him.

Brandon turned off the overhead light and flipped the switch to turn on the ceiling fan to the lowest setting. He couldn't sleep well without a little air movement and noise.

He let out a deep breath as he walked towards the bed. When he had stripped in the bathroom, it was out of habit. He always slept naked. When he realized that Lonnie was watching him, he suddenly felt... exposed. Back in the day, he was built. These days he was a little softer and a little heavier. What would someone with a body like Lonnie think of him? Maybe he was worrying about nothing. Lonnie had said he loved him, right? And Lonnie seemed like he was more than satisfied when Brandon fucked him. He wouldn't have come so hard if he wasn't turned on by him, right?

Brandon straightened the sheets and comforter and crawled into bed, taking the side next to the table, closest to the door. Lonnie climbed over him and settled down on his other side. Brandon reached over to his nightstand and tapped the three-way lamp until it was on the lowest setting.

He turned onto his side, and slid an arm under Lonnie's neck. The other hand rested on Lonnie's flat stomach. "I figured we should probably talk."

Lonnie nodded. "Yeah."

Lonnie cuddled into Brandon's warm body, loving the way the cool, clean sheets felt and contrasted with the warmness of Brandon. The man's furry skin tickled his smooth skin, making him ache even more for Brandon's touch. His big, meaty hand was resting on his stomach. If he moved it down a little bit, he would feel how much Lonnie liked being with him like this. He turned his head and pressed his lips to Brandon's skin.

"I talked to my brother tonight," Brandon said quietly. "About you. And me."

"What did he say?"

"He said I shouldn't try to label myself, gay, straight, bi, whatever. I should do what makes me happy, be with whoever makes me happy."

"Your brother sounds smart. People do tend to get caught up in the alphabet soup."

"Alphabet soup?"

"You know, L. G. B. T. Q. I.," he said, then added with a snicker, "L-M-N-O-P."

"Oh." He let out a snort of laughter at Lonnie's silliness. "Lesbian, gay, bi... I don't know the other letters."

"Me neither," Lonnie chuckled. "No, I think `Q' is questioning. That's where you fall, I guess. Maybe you're a `B'? Or somewhere between `B' and `G'? Anyways, it doesn't really matter."

"Yeah... Like I said, this is all freaking me out a little bit."

"I can be patient, Brandon. I think you're worth it." Lonnie reached up and stroked his fingers over Brandon's beard. "You're so macho and studly, so handsome...."

Brandon blinked and stared at Lonnie, in shock. He searched the younger man's eyes and saw no deception. Only adoration. No one except his mother had ever called him handsome. "Thank you, cupcake," he whispered before he leaned down and pressed a kiss onto Lonnie's sweet lips.

"I know you said to be patient, but... I have to know... Are you mine, Brandon? I mean, you and me, we're together, right? I don't think I could be just a fuck buddy." He hated how insecure he sounded, but he really needed to make sure that Brandon's expectations were clear.

Brandon smiled and ran his fingers along Lonnie's jaw. "Yeah, baby. We're together. I didn't bring you here to be my fuck buddy. Though, there will be fucking if I have anything to say about it. Buddy."

Lonnie's grin lit up the room. "Pig."

Lonnie laughed when Brandon snorted loudly like a stuck pig. After their laughter settled, Lonnie laid his head on Brandon's arm. His hand trailed down to Brandon's furry belly and he began rubbing a slow circle.

Brandon suddenly felt self-conscious about the softness of his belly. Lonnie was so thin and beautiful, and he was a little bit overweight and a lot hairy. He put his hand on top of Lonnie's and stilled it.

"Does that bother you?" Lonnie whispered.

"No, but..."

After a moment, Lonnie said quietly, "I like you just the way you are, Brandon. I like how big you are, how hairy you are. You're perfect."

God, it was like Lonnie knew all of Brandon's fears. If Lonnie wanted to rub his hairy body, then Brandon would let him. Brandon moved his hand away and Lonnie resumed rubbing his belly. Brandon let out a happy groan and even though his cock was rock hard and throbbing, he felt himself being lulled into sleepiness.

Lonnie rubbed his hand over Brandon's pec. "You were in the service?" he asked as he traced the eagle emblem tattoo barely visible underneath his chest hair.

"Yeah. Army."

"You've got great tattoos," he said as he outlined the `fighting Irish' man on his upper arm with his fingers. Brandon lifted slightly so that he could show Lonnie his other arm. Lonnie ran his hand over the three-inch tall celtic armband.

Brandon looked down at Lonnie's hand. "That was the first one I got."

"It's sexy. You're a sexy bear."

"Glad you like `em." Brandon liked being called sexy. He didn't exactly feel sexy, but it felt fucking awesome that Lonnie thought so. "What's a bear?"

"A big, hairy guy."

"Oh. That's me for sure."

"Yup. You're my bear." Lonnie leaned in and kissed Brandon's chest, then nuzzled his nose against Brandon's beard.

Lonnie pulled back and covered his mouth with his hand as he started to yawn. "Sorry."

"Go to sleep, cupcake," Brandon whispered. "We can talk more in the morning."

"Your bed is so big and comfy," Lonnie whispered groggily. "And you're so warm."

Brandon watched as his beautiful little man quickly fell asleep in his arms. He really did look like an angel as he softly snuffled in his sleep, with his face pressed against Brandon's soft and furry chest. His cute little nose breathed in and out, his breath warm against Brandon's skin. And those little brown freckles across his nose were so damn cute.

Brandon knew right then that he'd never be able to give Lonnie up. It didn't matter that he was a guy. The sweet man was his cupcake. And god help him, he was falling in love.