The Mark and the Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 19 - We Can Make It Work

I woke to the feeling like little bugs were crawling on my body. I opened my eyes to see Mike leaning on an elbow and moving the finger tip toward the prize that was standing semi erect. When he touched the tip of my penis, he uttered, "Oh my, I wonder what this hole is for?"

I pushed him away, "I'll show you after I go to the bathroom, if you wish."

Mike wasn't making it easy on me, "I'll go to the bathroom with you to make sure you do it correctly."

After we relieved ourselves, Mike and I stepped into the shower. As we were washing each other's bodies, Mike looked at me, "Doug, I really don't feel real good about today. I am so afraid that someone is going to be hurt. Let's hope and pray that it is not Chad or any of his brothers and sisters. I just feel like I want to take them, especially Chad, and put them in an impenetrable chamber."

I held Mike's face, "Michael, the police have everything under control. Besides, Chad and Tim would feel like we were usurping their responsibility. Michael, we just need to think positive. I know that it is not going to be easy, but we can make it work. Now let's get dressed and then make sure the young ladies are awake. Chad will have our butts if we aren't there in time."

When Mike and I were dressed we went to check on the young ladies. Kendra opened the door, "Hi Uncles, we will be ready in a couple of minutes. We just need to finish fixing the girls' hair."

The young ladies appeared shortly and they were dressed very simply with gray skirts and white blouses. They had on nylon hose and flat shoes. It was a simple outfit but they all looked great. Kendra and Grandmother had done a great job getting the ladies outfitted.

We made our way to Dad's house and good smells were emanating through the house. Dad was sitting having coffee and reading the paper and Chad was busy making sure that nothing was burning. Right after we arrived, Tim and Kevin entered the kitchen followed by Billy and Bobby. They looked all polished and shining.

Chad directed everyone to the dining room table that had already been prepared and made Billy and Bobby put a dish towel around their necks much to their chagrin. They didn't complain too loudly because they started to eat the casserole that Chad served them. Everyone was just about finished when Chad stood, "I cooked; the rest of you get to take care of the cleanup while I get ready."

Chad disappeared, and as we finished eating, we took our utensils and plates to the kitchen and Kendra and Jenny took care of the clean up.

It was 9:15 when we assembled to go to the church and Chad issued some last minute instructions. "The only time I want us to be together is when we are in the sanctuary at the church during the memorial service. We will take all three cars so that we aren't all together."

Billy looked confused, "Chad, why can't we be together? You are all my brothers and sisters."

Chad sucked in his breath, "Everyone, please listen to me, there are some bad people out there that did not like our father very much and I am afraid that they might try to hurt us. Please, do as I ask, so we can get back to the safety of Dad Doug and Dad Mike's house."

We went to the three cars and I noticed that we were being followed by two other cars. I saw that Detectives Frazier and Taylor were in one of the vehicles. I didn't know who was in the other vehicle, but I assumed they were undercover policepersons as well.

When we arrived at the church, we were met by Father Lawler and Todd Gussler. Mr. Gussler started, "I think you should all stand in the centrum and visit with anyone who might like to talk to you."

Chad shook his head no, "Mr. Gussler, I do not want us to be standing together. There are some things happening that indicate we should not do that. We will stand around and one of the adults or Kevin and Kendra are to be standing with them. Tim and I will be the focal point so that the younger siblings are not exposed to danger."

I think everyone was surprised by the number of people who kept appearing. The sanctuary was almost full by the time Todd gathered us and took us to the waiting area. Father Lawler had everyone join hands and said a short prayer.

We stood at the door of the sanctuary and watched the official procession that preceded Father Leahy and Father Lawler. They were followed by the VFW honor guard and then Mike, Dad and I were escorted to our seats by the ushers.

We had not seen Chad as he issued the last minute talk to the other brothers and sisters. He handed them each two carnations and told them they should genuflect when they reached the front of the sanctuary and then place a carnation on each of the closed caskets.

I don't know how he did it, but he had seven different colors of carnations so that each of the young people was carrying a different color of carnation.

After the procession was completed and the young people were seated, I have to admit that it was one of the most touching funeral services that I have ever attended. There were a bunch of wet eyes in the congregation but Chad and his brothers and sisters weren't shedding any tears. When we were escorted out of the sanctuary, Chad made sure that everyone was in different cars. I was beginning to get a little afraid that he might be becoming paranoid.

After the brief service at the grave site, the military honor guard fired a five gun salute in honor of Mr. Harmon. The four youngest Harmon children covered there ears. I looked around and they were dispersed among the crowd.

As the military honor guard turned and walked away, the two men we saw last night at the viewing grabbed Chad. The older of the two barked, "Okay shit head, we want our share of what that creep left you. We saw all of those envelopes that people were leaving last night and today. We want our share and we want it now. Otherwise you will not be around to share in the money."

The two creeps grabbed Chad. I couldn't believe how calm Chad seemed to be as he answered. "First sirs, I have no money, and no one has given any money to me. For your information, my sire, who you claim to be your father, threw me and my sons out."

Chad looked up and saw that Detectives Taylor and Frazier were behind the two culprits with two other policepersons. Chad watched as the rest of the assembled people moved away. It was like everyone was guarding the other six children. When Chad was satisfied that everyone was safe, he smiled, "Why don't you go ahead and kill me too, like you did Mr. and Mrs. Harmon. But I'm telling you right now you will get nothing from their estate. You two are going to hell."

The two creeps were caught off guard, "We didn't kill no one. We just want what belongs to us."

The four police officers immobilized the two creeps and Chad just slumped to the ground. Father Leahy and I both went to him. Chad looked totally white, and all I could think was that he had a stroke or a heart attack. Father Leahy looked at me, "Doug, Chad will be fine. He just needs to recover from all of the adrenalin that must be flowing through his system. I cannot even imagine a person this young being so unselfish and brave."

I was holding Chad, and everyone else who still remained was crowded around. Father Leahy looked at everyone, "I suggest that everyone go back to the Walkers' houses and get your things and start home. Doug and Chad will be along shortly. I think there are some details that need to be taken care of but Chad will fine. He has been under quite a bit of strain. I'll make sure that nothing happens to him. You better go and make sure that Mark and Jon are okay."

The rest of the family left and Father Leahy and Father Lawler were sitting beside me. I was holding Chad and finally he revived, "Dad, I guess I was pretty stupid wasn't I?"

Father Leahy put his arm around Chad, "Son, what you did was rather stupid, but you were very brave. You were trying to protect you brothers and sisters but what if something had happened to you. Who would have taken care of your sons?"

I thought Chad was going to react violently but I was surprised at his answer, "Father Leahy, my sons would still have Dad Doug, Dad Mike, Granddad and Grandmother Walker to take care of them. Besides I had enough faith to believe that nothing else bad could happen to me. To be honest with you, I am not sure that those two thugs are the people who killed Mr. and Mrs. Harmon."

We had just stood to get ready to leave when we were approached by two well dressed gentlemen. The older man started by asking, "Are you Chad Harmon?"

Chad started to walk toward the gentlemen, "I'm Chad Walker. How may I help you?"

The older man yelled, "Grab him Larry."

The younger of the men grabbed Chad and started to pull him away and Chad was really struggling. The older man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the rest of us, "Stay where you are. We are going to make sure we get what we should have from the scumbag's estate. We didn't kill them for nothing."

The two murderers didn't realize that Detectives Frazier and Taylor had been told to stay with Chad and snuck up behind the two gentlemen. They had their guns pulled, "Drop that gun, or you are going to be missing a part of your body and if anything happens to Mr. Walker, we may forget all the training we ever had and start firing indiscriminately into pelvic areas."

The gentleman who was holding Chad released him, and Chad slipped behind the two detectives. Both men raised their hands and were handcuffed and had their rights read to them. As the two detectives were taking the two suspects to their car, Detective Taylor called back, "Chad, it might be good if you got out of town as quickly as possible. You seem to attract a lot of riff raff."

Chad started to laugh, "Detective Taylor, you mean I collect all of the riff raff that Mr. Harmon left behind, don't you."

Chad came back to us and hugged Father Leahy and Father Lawler, "Fathers, thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. Even the service was beautiful if you can say that about a funeral."

He kissed the Fathers on the cheek and climbed in the last remaining car and we returned to the funeral home where we were met by Mr. Gussler. Mr. Gussler handed Chad an envelop, "Chad, the refund check and the memorial envelopes that were left at the home last night and at the church today are in this envelope. I am sure that there will be more funds arriving since there has been so much media hype. I am thinking that once the press gets wind of what happened to you today, there will be even more hype and money."

Mr. Gussler hugged Chad, "Good luck from here on; you deserve it."

We had Chad's car and he handed me the keys, "Dad you drive, I don't think I am in any shape to drive."

When we got to Dad's house, everything was packed and as we climbed into the vehicles, Dad announced, "We'll stop at the McDonald's at the outlet mall so we can save time. We can eat as we drive. I think we have had enough excitement for one day."

Needless to say there was very little conversation in Chad's car which I was driving. I felt like I shouldn't be pushing Chad too hard. After we stopped for the burger which was all he wanted, he asked, "Dad, you and Dad Mike will make sure that we can all stay with you, won't you. I'm scared, I'm only sixteen and now I have two sons of my own and three brothers and three sisters that I need to look out for. Dad, there is no way I am going to be able to take care of all of us without any skills."

I was relieved, "Chad, please believe me. Mike, Dad, Grandmother and I will do everything in our power to make sure that all eleven of you children have a good life. With this many of you, you may not always have the biggest and best, but you won't be missing anything. Now why don't you get some rest before we get to the desert oasis in the middle of Des Moines where your sons are being kept captive?"

Chad looked at me, "Dad, thank you for caring about us. I do love you and Dad Mike. I feel so safe with you but I am afraid of what will happen to us."

I wanted to pull Chad next to me and hug him but couldn't because I was driving. "Chad, everything will work out. The star didn't lead you to Grandmothers house by mistake. Someone is looking out for all of you. So please just let it happen naturally. It may not always be easy, but if we all work together we can make it work. Chad, I want you to realize that the recent events are causing a drastic change in Mike's and my life. I am not complaining; we are having to adjust our lifestyle."

Chad started to laugh, which was good to see, "Yeh, I guess it will be difficult for you and Dad Mike to refrain from running around in all of your naked splendor with your splendiferous cocks showing and beckoning to each other."

I could hardly control myself, "Chad, we Walker men don't use words like that."

"Dad, what are you saying? Do you not want me to use the word cocks? Would rather I had said peckers, rods or penises?"

"No, I am telling you that our friends would never understand the meaning of splendiferous. They might think you were talking about something dirty."

"Oh, you mean like suckable cock?"

This was a side of Chad that I had not seen previously, I was wondering if there was something about him I didn't know.

As we were nearing the house, Chad switched characters again, "Dad, I'm sorry, what I have been saying was totally inappropriate. I think my mind has been overtaken by the events of the last several weeks. Please forgive me."

After I stopped the car in the driveway, I put my arms around Chad, "Son, I was not offended by anything you said. I just wasn't expecting it from you. In fact I am glad that you can act like a teenager sometimes. Chad, I am going to say this only more time; Mike, and the rest of us, will make sure that you only have the best that we can afford. Chad, we have grown to love you and the twins and I am sure that we will love the other eight children just as much, but we are going to need your help and we certainly do not want you to try to do everything by yourself."

Chad and I walked into the house and everyone was eating some sort of food from a crock pot. No one was complaining so Chad and I sat down and started to eat. It was like it was a meal in one pot except that we had a pineapple salad with cottage cheese.

As we were eating, Grandmother explained, "I had an architect and a construction expert here today while everyone was gone and they drew up some tentative designs as to how we can make this house accommodate all of us. They are proposing that we make two rooms in the basement with a bathroom for Chad and his sons. They want to make three bedrooms in the attic which they will heat and air condition for the five guys. The ladies will have two bedrooms and there will still be a bedroom for any guests."

Mike's mother was laughing, "Yep, Henrietta has it all planned and the boys will have bunk beds and every one has to take care of their own space. She even made out a list of choirs that each of the young people needed to take care of." She looked at Kendra and Kevin, "You better be careful or you will need to do some work too."

Dinner ended and Chad and Kendra were feeding Jon and Mark while Tim and Kevin were supervising the cleanup. All of the guests had departed and we thought everyone was asleep. Mike and I went to our room and had taken our shower and crawled into bed. I was telling Mike about the ride home when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

Chad quietly asked if he could come in.

Mike and I were naked but we pulled the sheet over us. Mike spoke so Chad could here, "Come in Chad."

Chad entered, "Dads, I guess I acted rather foolishly today. I not only put myself in jeopardy, but I put everyone else who was still there at risk. Dads, I know that you would have taken care of Jon and Mark, but please promise me that you will take care of my brothers and sisters and Jason and Jeremy. They are all going to need so much love in the next couple of years."

Mike and I pulled Chad close and Mike almost whispered, "Chad, I can't believe that after everything you have been through in the short period of time, that you are more worried about everyone else than yourself. Chad, we love you and promise that we love all of the others just as much."

Mike hugged Chad and then I grabbed him and squeezed, "Chad, I have already told you we would do everything that we can do to make sure everyone has the best that we can provide."

Chad climbed off the bed, "Dads, I love you and thank you for everything that you have done. Really I just came to check on the cock, dick, prick, rod or penis situation in this room so I could send a report to the dickaholics society."

I threw my pillow at Chad as he ducked and went out the door. I pulled Mike close, "I think he is one very intelligent young man. We need to get all of the children enrolled in school and now."

Mike looked at me, "What happened to days without stress?"

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Editor's Notes:

Let's see, days without stress; I don't think that is going to happen.

Chad is certainly one remarkable young man. He is certainly also one lucky young man as well.

It also seems there were more than just the two murderers looking to get what they thought was their fair or not so fair share of money that the Harmons left. I guess some people are not as nice as Chad and his new family.

I am certainly ready for more of this wonderful story.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher