The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the editor)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 24 - Don't Say I'm Sorry

I was to find out that Chad revived about three o'clock in the morning when he heard his sons fussing. He realized that he was still downstairs and he saw Dad sleeping on the chair. Chad shook Dad, "Granddad, go to bed, I'm fine. Thank you for staying with me."

Chad practically pushed Dad up the stairs. He got Jon who was stirring and changed him and fed him. Mark decided it was his turn, so Chad took care of him. Chad just laid on his make shift bed in his clothes. He didn't even bother to get undressed.

I had to go to work since I had missed so much time during the week. I had to cover for the people who had covered for me. It was going to be a long weekend. I must have awakened Chad, because when I went downstairs the coffee was ready, and he handed me a plate of scrambled eggs and some bacon and toast.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes, "Dad, I'm so sorry we are causing you so much stress. I know that you would not be going to work today if we hadn't disrupted your life so much. Please don't hate us."

That comment caused me to spew the sip of coffee I had taken out of my nose. Chad reacted immediately, "Honestly Dad, I guess we will need to put a bib on you like we do Jon and Mark.."

I grabbed Chad and pulled him into my lap. "Whatever you say, Son, but I would like a purple bib if you don't mind."

Chad hugged me, "I was thinking more of one with the rainbow colors on it."

I pinched his butt, "For that comment you deserve a good spanking."

He was about to challenge me when he heard one of the boys complaining. He looked at me and ordered, "Eat, I'll be back as soon as I get the boys settled."

I had just finished eating when Chad returned with his sons. "Dad, hold them while I fix their bottles. I'll be so glad when they can eat solid foods and sleep through the night."

He came back and handed me a bottle and took Mark and fed him while I fed Jon. Chad realized that I needed to leave, so he took Jon from me. The boys were almost asleep and Chad whispered, "Have a good day, Dad. We love you."

As I was driving to the television station, I felt like I wanted to scream. These kids were getting under my skin. I wanted to throw a tent over them to protect them from the outside world.

Once I got to the television station, I didn't have time to think about anything other than business, because I had to get ready for the news broadcasts and in between times I had a bunch of paper work to catch up. Why does everything seem to happen while I'm away. I was so glad when the five o'clock newscast was done and I could go home. I was exhausted.

When I was pulling into the driveway, Billy came skipping out of the house, "Hi Daddy, come see what we did to today. We're making a garden so Grandma can plant her spices when it gets warmer."

I picked Billy up, "Okay William, but where is Daddy Michael?"

Billy held my face, "Daddy, he is too pooped to move. Chad worked us so hard today that everyone is sitting in their chairs drinking beer."

Billy practically dragged me into the house. Chad yelled out, "Dad Doug, you need to get out of those clothes and come and join us. What would you like to drink, we have lemonade, ice tea or beer. I'll get you a beer; you probably need to unwind after your day of work. The rest of us have been playing all day."

Everyone else threw up their arms, "Yeh, we have been playing so hard we wore ourselves out."

Chad handed me a beer, "Don't believe them, they loved working together outdoors after we cleaned the house. Grandmother was having a ball bossing everyone around. Now get changed, dinner will be ready shortly."

I took a shower and as I was standing there when Michael came into the bathroom, "Mike, what is happening?"

"Doug, your son is the bossiest and most organized person I know. This morning he had all of the children cleaning the house and this afternoon he had us all in the yard working. It was a good thing it was an unseasonably warm day. How many days are we going to have in January where the temperature reaches nearly 80 degrees?"

I couldn't help myself, "So you're saying that no one got in trouble today?"

Mike looked at me, "There was no way anyone was going to get in trouble today. The young people will probably all fall asleep in the shower or bath tub. We need to make sure they don't drown."

I suddenly realized that I was famished since I hadn't eaten since breakfast except for a few snacks, "What's for dinner? I'm starved."

Michael looked at me, "Don't ask me. Chad and Kendra have been working all afternoon on something and they had me set up the barbecue grill. So I'm guessing it is going to be some sort of hamburgers.

When we got to the first floor, Chad and Kendra were grilling something and the other children had set the table. Kendra came in and told everyone they were to sit at the table. "Dinner will be served in just a couple of minutes. Uncle Mike, Chad says that red wine would go best with the meal."

Mike started to laugh, "Doug, you need to talk to your son about being so bossy."

I looked around, "It seems that we are missing some people. Where's Tim?"

Dad answered, "He and Kevin were going out to eat and then go to a movie. I told him he had to be home by 11:00."

I frowned, "Did he have any money?"

Bobby answered before anyone could, "Yep, Granddad gave us all our allowances for working so hard."

"Okay, but where are Jason and Jeremy?"

Dianna answered my question, "Dad Doug, they are spending the night with their other grandparents. They were going to take them to see their Dad."

Anymore talk was stopped because Kendra and Chad started bringing everyone's meal. They served each of us a beef kabob that had been grilled with carrots, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. It was served on a bed of rice and topped with cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks that had also been grilled. Chad helped Billy and Bobby get their food off of the skewers before he started to eat.

When I took my first bite it was like the meat melted in my mouth. It dawned on me what the special taste might be. "Chad, am I tasting bourbon in the meat?"

He looked at me sheepishly, "Yes, don't you like the taste? Don't worry we aren't going to get drunk, we only used a little bit of the bourbon and the alcohol has evaporated."

"Chad, it tastes wonderful. But I'm surprised that you would think to put bourbon in a marinade."

Chad shook his head, "I didn't think of it. I was reading your cookbooks this morning after you left and saw this recipe. I asked Dad Mike if I might borrow some bourbon. So what you see is what you get."

I watched as everyone absolutely cleared their plate. As soon as everyone was done, Bobby asked, "May I please be excused?"

Grandmother nodded yes and Bobby went and hugged Chad, "That was a great meal. We'll take care of the cleanup."

The five youngest Harmons took care of the cleanup and started the dishwasher.

Chad and Kendra had gone to the family room with Jon and Mark and that left Grandmother, Dad, Mike and me sitting at the table. Dad started the discussion, "I overheard Chad and Tim talking today. They are contemplating getting jobs to help pay the expenses. Under no circumstances do I want them to think that they need to help pay the expenses. If they absolutely think they need to get a job, I have no problem with it, but whatever they make is to be theirs."

My mind was a blur, "Dad, I think that when they start school on Monday, they will realize that they won't have that much time on their hands, especially Chad. I agree that they should not help with the expenses. Between the four of us we should be able to provide for them quite adequately. There is also a matter of self esteem that we need to consider. This is an entirely different mindset especially for Chad since his esteemed in-laws made him help pay for the expenses. I would like to meet those people and wring their necks."

Mike spoke, "Quite frankly, I'm not sure that Chad has seen the last of them yet. I hope that we can get Doug signed as his legal guardian as quickly as possible before they cause Chad any grief. I have been thinking that we need to get Tim's driver's license as soon as possible, and then get him a set of wheels so that he and Chad are not totally dependent on each other. I have a feeling that they will have a completely different circle of friends."

Grandmother had to get in her two cents, "Look, we can't just concentrate on Chad and Tim. We need to think about the other seven children as well. I think we all know that Jon and Mark are going to be okay. We need to make sure the others, especially the girls, aren't overlooked. It is going to be an awesome responsibility to make sure that they come out of this mess feeling good about themselves."

Grandmother continued, "Jenny came to me today and asked, `Grandmother, what do I say when someone asks where I live and who I live with?' I told her to tell the truth and not make a big deal about it. I suggested that she pretend that it was a normal situation. It is important that we welcome the children's friends into the house."

Our conversation was interrupted by Billy and Bobby who were in their pajamas. Billy put his hand on my thigh, "Dads, can we please have some dessert?"

Bobby had been standing beside Mike looking at him. Mike looked at the two guys, "I'm sure we can find something to eat. Where are your sisters?"

Bobby put his arms around Mike, "They're watching some dumb movie with a lot of kissing and stuff."

I put my hands on Billy's face and held it, "Well, where are Chad and Kendra?"

"Daddy, they're doing what they always do, they're sitting in the living room listening to some dumb music and holding Jonny and Markey."

Grandmother was laughing, "Guys, there is some ice cream in the freezer. Go check with your sisters and see if they would like some with chocolate sauce on it."

The two boys went to get the three girls and they appeared, so Mike and I fixed them some ice cream. After they were finished eating, Jenny took care of the cleanup and emptied the dishwasher. Billy looked at Mike and me, "Dads, will you please tuck us in?"

Mike and I took the two young boys to the room they shared with Jason and Jeremy. They climbed into the bed and Billy looked at us, "Daddies, could we get some books so you could read us a bedtime story sometimes? It is going to be lonely tonight without Jason and Jeremy."

Mike looked at me, "Guys, while Dad Doug is working tomorrow, I'll take you to a bookstore and we'll find some books that you might like."

The guys hugged us and kissed us.

As we were walking down the stairs, Mike put his arms around me, "Dougie, I think I am falling in love again."

Chad and Kendra were following us down the stairs. Chad laughed, "Dads, is it okay if I walk Kendra home? I'll be back shortly. The boys should be okay. They're asleep."

How were we to say no. While Chad was gone, the girls went to get ready for bed as did Grandmother and Dad. Mike and I were sitting on the sofa and I had my head on Mike's lap while we talked. Chad returned approximately twenty minutes later. "Well, if that isn't an interesting picture. I hope you two were just talking."

I sat up, "Chad, that was cruel."

"Dads, I wasn't trying to be cruel. I was trying to be funny. I just can't seem to do anything right. I'm sorry."

Mike tried to lighten the situation, "Son, I hope you kept your dick in your pants when you walked Kendra home."

Chad went white, "Dad, that isn't funny. I promised myself that I will keep my dick, as you call it, under control until I get married. I made one mistake, but that provided me with good results. I wouldn't have my two boys otherwise. Believe me, I am not going to make the same mistake again."

Mike countered, "Chad, I was trying to be funny."

"Dad Mike, I'm sorry, I'm just sensitive. I seem to spoil everything that I come in touch with. Now why don't you two go to bed and do whatever you do behind closed doors. I'll wait for Tim and we'll dock him a buck for every minute he is late."

Chad obviously had not heard Tim come in. Tim looked at the clock, "Since I'm thirty two minutes early does that mean I get a bonus of $32.00?"

Chad looked at Tim, "Not on your life, brother." Chad looked at Mike, "Okay Dad, why didn't you ask Tim the same question you asked me? Is this pick on Chad day or something?"

Mike surprised everyone, "Tim, what Chad is babbling about is that I asked him if he kept his pecker in his pants when he walked Kendra home. He assured us that he did. How about you?"

Chad fell against me laughing. Tim looked at Mike, "Dad, that was crude and I refuse to answer on the ground that I might intimidate myself. I declare that I am under the protection of the First Amendment."

Tim continued, "Just so you don't get the wrong idea, Kevin and I did feel each other's penis while we were at the movie but nothing else happened. I wanted to take him and make something happen but he convinced me that we needed to slow down and make sure that that was what we really wanted. Quite frankly, I think he is in love with Chad. I'm going to bed."

Chad was sitting beside me, "Dads, Tim can't be serious, can he? I really like Kevin but there is no way that I could ever love him. Why don't the two of you go to bed, since Dad Doug has to go to work in the morning. I'll lock up and secure the house."

Mike and I got ready for bed and Mike was holding me, "Our two oldest sons are as different as day and night. I am never sure what to expect next. Grandmother was right, we need to pay equal attention to the girls if they are going to be living with us."

We were just about asleep when the phone rang. I answered and this is what I heard, "Doug, please tell Michael that Tommy died tonight right after the boys said goodnight to him. As we were leaving, Tommy hugged Jason and Jeremy and told them that they needed to take care of their new Dads. The boys are asleep now but they are chomping at the bit to get back to your house. They declared that our house was boring. Talk to you later."

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Editor's Notes:

That last paragraph was a real jolt. Even though we knew it was going to happen, it was still a shock. I know that Jason and Jeremy will be ok, but it must still be hard for them to know that they will never see Tommy again.

Like all of E Walk's stories, we have come to care very much for all the people here. They are part of our extended family and we love them all.

We are ready for the next installment of this heartwarming story.

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