The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 25 - Low Hangers

After I hung up the phone, I held Mike and told him the gist of the conversation with his Father. He didn't say anything at first. He finally said, "I'll call Dad and Mother in the morning and go help them however I can. I guess I am truly a father now. Do you suppose that Judge friend of Chad's in Iowa City can finalize Tommy and Timmy's paperwork too since we're going to be kicked out of the house at some point for the remodeling?"

I pulled Mike close, "Michael, let's go to sleep and talk about this tomorrow. I need to go to work in the morning. I'll probably be working every day for the rest of my life with all of these interruptions."

For some reason Mike woke up with me the next morning even though I got out of bed before the alarm had gone off. I was in the shower when Mike came into the shower and pushed me against the wall and challenged, "You're not going to forget what I look like are you?"

I reached out and patted his penis, "No, my little one. I'll still love you when and if we ever get time."

Both of us started to laugh. Mike had a twinkle in his eye, "Let's see, Jon and Mark aren't even a month old yet so I guess it is going to be another twenty years at least. By then, our balls will be dragging on the ground."

We had not heard Chad come into the bedroom with two cups of coffee. He called from the bedroom door, "I heard both of you so I brought two cups of coffee. What's so funny? Dad Mike, why are you up? You don't have to go work."

Mike called out, "Chad, we'll explain when we get downstairs; thanks for the coffee. We'll be down shortly."

Chad yelled, "Yeh, you just want to get rid of me."

When we got downstairs, Chad was eating some casserole that he must have concocted. He got us each a serving. It tasted superb. We started eating and Chad started, "Spill, two grown men don't usually stand in the shower laughing like hyenas. I want to know what was so funny and I want to know now."

We told Chad what we had been talking about and he was silent but finally started, "So, I guess we need to find some way for you Men of the Order of the Low Hanging Balls to keep from stepping on your balls when you walk."

Both Mike and I had mouths full of food when Chad said that and it was like food exploded everywhere. Chad didn't stop, "What was the phone call late night? It woke the boys up."

Mike explained, "My brother died last night right after Jason and Jeremy said goodnight to him. The two boys want to come home. They told my parents that their house is boring."

Chad started to cry, "Dads, what is it about me that causes people to die."

I took a deep breath and went and held Chad. Mike spoke first, "Chad, you have done nothing to cause any of the deaths. Erase that thought from your mind. You did not know of Jodie's previous medical condition and you sure didn't kill your parents. As far as Tommy, he has been having problems for a long time and you never even met him. Now you need to stop feeling guilty and figure out what your two Dads are going to do about their low hanging balls."

Chad looked at us, "You two are weird. Dad Mike, will you be here long enough for me to go to mass? I think I need to go and thank God for bringing us here and pray for our well being. The boys have been fed and they shouldn't need any attention until I return."

Mike cringed, "Chad, I'll stay here until you get back. I'm sure that Grandmother will want to go to church but she won't be going to a Catholic church."

Chad didn't comment, "I'll be back as soon as the mass is over. The other children will probably sleep half the morning."

Chad hugged us and wished us a good day as he departed.

I hugged Mike, "The ball's in your court, I need to go to work."

It was another busy day at work, but I didn't have to do the evening news. I got home at about four o'clock. Mike was still gone and Dad met me, "Turn your son off, he has had everyone working since he got back from mass. I think the other children are about ready to strangle him."

I went to see what was going on. Everyone was in the garage covering the things that had been in the attic and the basement. Chad saw me, "Dad, it's good that you and Dad Mike didn't use the attic very much but it sure is dusty up there. Don't you and Dad Mike ever throw anything away? What do you need all of these old things for? Remember, we have three houses full of furniture in Iowa City that we have to decide how to deal with."

I grabbed Chad, "Chad, slow down or you are going to hyperventilate. Now, why don't all of you go get cleaned up and as soon as Mike gets here with Jason and Jeremy, we'll go to the Valentino's restaurant? Now move it."

I don't think most of the people knew what Valentino's was but everyone left to get cleaned up except Chad. Chad looked at me, "I'll stay here with the twins Dad. I don't think they're old enough to go to a restaurant."

Grandmother had been standing there listening, "Hog wash, we'll feed and change them before we leave and they will be fine. Now call Kendra and Kevin and tell them what's happening since you worked their fingers bare today. Tell them to be here at five thirty."

Everyone was assembled when Mike arrived with Jason and Jeremy. It took five vehicles to get us to the restaurant. Kendra and Chad were carrying the two bassinettes with Jon and Mark. The host directed us to a private room and we were there by ourselves at least temporarily. When we arrived the host had given us each a glass so we could get whatever we wanted to drink. Chad almost went white when he saw the total of the bill that Dad paid.

Chad looked at everyone, "We aren't going to eat out very often, so you had better enjoy your meal."

Mike took Jason and Jeremy and I escorted Billy and Bobby to get their drinks and then took them through the buffet. The four young guys were almost alike in that that they chose a taco and two pieces of pizza and some green salad at Mike's and my insistence. The rest of the party except for Chad and Kendra joined us as we got our food.

Chad and Kendra waited for the rest of us to come back and then went to get their food. It was an interesting study in dietary habits. The four youngest boys wanted mostly starchy foods. The three younger girls were a little more conservative. Tim and Kevin quite literally made pigs of themselves. When Chad and Kendra came back they had healthy meals on their plates.

We were eating and visiting and Bobby looked at me, "Dad, can we get some more stuff?"

I looked around, "You may get anything you want, but whatever you take must be eaten. If you get sick, then that will be your fault. Remember, each time you go to the buffet, you need to get a new plate. If anyone needs help, please come get us."

The four young guys stood and Tim and Kevin stood. Tim spoke for the two of them, "Don't worry Dads, we'll keep them under control."

Chad looked up from his food, "But who is going to keep you two under control?"

Kevin and Tim turned and glared at Chad. Chad was right. Kevin and Tim returned with another heaping plate of food.

Grandmother stood, "I think, I would like to get my money's worth so I'm going to get some more too."

Mike and I joined Grandmother and Dad. I began the think that the restaurant was going to charge us a surcharge. When we finally finished eating it was almost 8:00. As soon as we were in the door Chad sent all of the young people to get ready for bed. He issued an ultimatum, "Make sure you have everything ready for your first day at a new school."

Kevin had his car so he and Kendra left.

Everyone had disappeared and Mike suggested, "Why don't we just go to bed. It has been a tiring day."

Mike and I had taken a shower and were lying on the bed naked. Mike had his arms around me when there was a knock on the door. Mike called out, "Who is it?"

Chad must have planned this conversation ahead of time. There was no way that it could be spontaneous. "Dads, it's me, Little Red Chad. I've come to check on the case of the hanging balls."

Mike and I started to laugh. I called out, "Not by the hair of our chiney chin chins."

We could hear Chad laughing, "Wrong answer Dads, it sounds to me like troll has you under his control. Never fear Superman is here." The door burst open and Chad came flying into the bed.

When he realized the state of our dress, he jumped up. "Dads, I'm so sorry. I just assumed that you would at least have briefs or shorts on."

Mike and I pulled him back onto the bed. Chad started to cry, "Dads, I am so embarrassed."

Mike seemed to know what to say, "Chad, are you embarrassed because your Dads are not as well endowed as you, or are you embarrassed to see us naked?"

Chad recovered nicely, "Heck Jon and Mark are as well endowed as you two. It's going to take you two fifty years before your testicles are dragging on the floor and by then you will probably be in wheel chairs. We'll have the boys make sure you don't run over them. Dads, I know that I came in for something and I can't remember what it was. I guess the pressure of seeing two naked men is causing me to get Alzheimer's."

Chad gave us both a kiss, "See you in the morning, Dads."

Mike looked at me, "Doug, our oldest son is a very complex person. One minute, he seems so responsible, and then he blamed himself for the deaths that have happened, and this latest adventure is like he is a sex fiend which we know he's not."

I pulled Mike to me and held him, "Michael, Chad is probably a little apprehensive about school and what is going to happen to him. How would you feel if you had experienced everything that he has since before Christmas. Chad will come out of this mess standing on his feet. How many teenagers do you know who would have reacted to us as he did tonight? Now let's go to sleep."

We were awakened by a knock on the door, "Dads, its Little Red Chad, may I come in?"

I don't know where Mike's answer came from, "Not unless you are stark naked and aroused."

We could hear Chad giggling, "Dad Mike, stop trying to make me forget what I wanted to talk to you about."

Chad opened the door and he was carrying a tray with our coffee. "Dads, what I came to talk to you about last night was that we need to figure out how we are going to get the children to school. There is no way we can all fit in my car unless I make several trips and secondly, we need to make sure the younger children have money for their lunches."

I threw back the sheet even though I was still naked and stood up. I figured he had seen us in all our glory last night so why try to hide anything. "Chad, Mike and I will talk about that while we are taking our shower. Why won't the older children need money for lunch as well?"

"Dads, you are doing too much already. We can use the allowance that Granddad gave us to pay for lunch, Now I have another question, why did you say that I was better endowed than you. You haven't seen me naked have you?"

Mike stood, "Chad, we haven't seen you naked, but your briefs make it very apparent that you are extremely well endowed. Now get out of here while Doug and I talk."

Chad turned to the door, "Well, I never." He stopped and turned back to us.

"Are you sure you are just going to talk?"

I threw my pillow at Chad as he ducked out the door.

When Mike and I got downstairs, everyone was already eating except for Chad. He was checking backpacks to see that everyone had what they needed.

Bobby looked at Chad, "Chad, are we going to take a sack lunch or what?"

I stepped in, "Bobby, I am going to take you four guys to school and pay for your lunches. Dad Mike is going to take Dianna and Deanna and get them squared away and I'm going to give the three oldest $25.00 for lunches for several days."

The look on Tim's face was priceless, "Dads, we've never eaten school lunch. We always had to take sack lunches."

Grandmother started to laugh, "Well, then it's time you started, I ain't packing a zillion lunches each day."

Chad switched topics, "Okay, we know how everyone is getting to school, but what about getting everyone home?"

Dad answered, "Chad, I'll pick up the four boys first and then go get the twins at the middle school. Dianna and Deanna, you may need to wait a couple minutes."

Chad took charge, "Everyone take your dishes to the kitchen and Tim and I will do the dishes while you brush your teeth and get your jackets."

I watched as Chad got ready to leave. He kissed Mark and Jon who were sleeping. He turned to me and Grandmother, "Grandmother, please call if there is a problem and I'll come right home."

The three high school students were leaving, I yelled, "Don't forget that you are to report to Mr. Kelley."

Chad looked back at me and stuck out his tongue, "Yes, Daddy, we'll do as you dictate."

Everyone got to school and the lunch problems were resolved. It is going be interesting to see how everyone's day went. We will only have nine different reports to listen to.

Chad, Tim and Jenny went to Mr. Kelley's office and they dropped Jenny off first. They took Tim to his classroom. Mr. Kelley introduced Chad to the teacher and motioned to a young man sitting in the back, "Dirk, you and Chad are going to have the first three classes together. Would you please show him around?"

"Sure Dad." The guy was really a good looking young man. He was well built. He motioned for Chad to come to sit beside him.

The guy tried to make conversation, "Dude, are you a nerd or what? You are dressed like you are going to church."

Chad answered, "Hey, I don't have many clothes. I don't know if I'm a nerd or not."

Class started and there wasn't anymore time to talk. When class ended Dirk started to ask questions again. "Well if you are in these first two classes you must be rather smart. Where did you go to school last semester?"

Chad looked at the guy, "Dirk, I haven't been to school since last May."

Dirk stopped, "You're shitting me aren't you? These first two classes are A.P. classes. You can't be in them if you haven't been to school."

Chad wasn't about to be bested, "Mr. Kelley brought me my schedule the other night and I have two more A.P. classes."

Dirk was getting frustrated, "Chad, you have to be a nerd or Dad would never have put you in four A.P. classes. This is where we have our next class. What do you have after this?"

Chad looked at his schedule, "Creative writing in room 420."

Class started and there wasn't anymore time to talk. When class ended, Dirk directed Chad to room 420. When Chad walked in Kendra was already sitting there. She motioned for Chad to come sit beside her. She looked at him, "So how is it going?"

"I had the first three classes with this Dirk person. I guess he is Mr. Kelley's son. He keeps telling me I have to be a nerd. He says I dress as if I'm going to church and then because I have four A.P classes."

Kendra looked at Chad, "It sounds to me like you may have made friends with the most popular guy in our class. He is the football team's quarterback and is the President of the junior class."

Their conversation was stopped because the bell rang. After class, Kendra looked at Chad's schedule, "Good, we're scheduled for the same lunch period. Let's go eat."

Chad and Kendra got their food and were sitting at an empty table. They had just sat down when they were joined by Tim and Kevin. Chad looked up, "So how was your morning?"

Tim started, "I'm already swamped with work. Kevin is in three of my classes and I have a study hall right after lunch so I can get some of the work done."

The conversation was interrupted by Dirk. He plopped down his tray, "Hi Kendra and Kevin, how do you know the new nerd, Chad?"

Kevin answered, "Chad and his twin brother here are living at our uncle's house."

Dirk asked, "Does the twin brother have a name?"

Tim stood and stuck out his hand, "Yeh, the twin has a name. It's Tim."

As everyone was finishing eating, Dirk asked, "Nerd, what class do you have next?"

Chad pulled out his schedule, "Advanced calculus."

Dirk pounded his fist on the table. "Hey, he is not only nerd but a super nerd. Come on let's go, I'll make sure you pass the course."

Chad went to his sixth hour class and didn't know anyone, but Kendra, Kevin, Tim and Dirk were all sitting in his seventh hour class when he arrived.

They motioned for Chad to join them in the middle of the classroom. The teacher said, "I would like to have you form teams of five people so that you can work on your projects together. This is a course in business management and you will be graded on how well your team solves the theoretical problems. It will require that you spend time together as a team and pick a team leader to make your presentations."

Dirk quickly moved his chair around and pointed, "Why don't the five of us form a team? We'll make the nerd the team leader. All of those in favor raise your hand. The vote is four to one so Chad, the nerd, Walker is the team leader."

Chad stood up, "People, I can't be the team leader. I need to be able to spend time with my two sons and we need to be available to help our other brothers and sisters. Our Dads, Granddad and Grandmother are already doing too much. Please people."

Dirk looked at Chad with wide eyes, "Chad, what two sons?"

The bell rang before Chad could answer. "Dirk, Tim and I need to leave so we can meet our sister and get home and help. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

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Editor's Notes:

It looks like Chad is making a pretty good impression on everyone. I can see that Dirk really likes him. It will be very interesting to see what happens next. The one thing that will need to happen soon is that Chad is going to have to chill out some and just be a kid, at least sometimes.

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