The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 26 - Dirk, The Jerk

I got home about 6:30 and four little boys practically dragged me to the table. Billy looked at me, "Come on Dad, we're hungry. They wouldn't let us eat until you got here."

Dad was standing there laughing, "They had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cookie. Don't let them lay a guilt trip on you."

As we were eating, I asked how everyone's day went. Billy and Jeremy assured me that they had a great day. Bobby and Jason told us that they thought their teacher, Mr. King, was cool. Dianna and Deanna told us they weren't sure at first but they met some really nice people. Jenny was excited, "I met these really great people. There is this guy Rick who tried to help me today."

No one commented. Tim went next. "I have four classes with Kevin so he and I can get together and study. Kendra and Chad and the Stud are in the seventh hour class and we formed a team and Chad is going to be the team leader and spokesperson for our team."

Chad finally had a turn to speak, "I have an announcement. I'm not going back to school. First this stud as Tim called him accused me of being a nerd and then he makes it so I will be the scapegoat if we get a bad grade on our group presentation."

Chad's tirade was interrupted by the phone. Jenny went to answer it. She returned, "It's Kevin, Kendra and someone called Dirk. They want to know if it is okay for them to come over. Dirk wants to meet Jonny and Markey."

Chad threw his napkin at her, "Tell them that they can come and help me put the boys to bed in about thirty minutes."

The children were doing the dishes when the three teenagers arrived. Chad met them at the door and ushered into the living room. "Everyone, I would like to introduce the jock who called me a nerd. This is Dirk. He claims he is the son of Mr. Kelley. He keeps telling me that I can't be in four A.P. classes."

Dirk looked at Chad, "Chad, lighten up. I talked to my father at dinner and he assured me that there was a good reason why you were in more A.P classes than me. He also told me why you and your family are living here. Now can we just be friends?"

Chad was standing beside Kendra, "Dirk, I'll lighten up if you stop calling me a nerd."

Dirk went to Chad and hugged him, "I'll stop calling you a nerd if you stop referring to me as a jock. Now I want to meet your two sons that you keep talking about."

Chad, Kendra and Dirk went to look at the boys who were just waking up. Chad picked up Mark and handed him to Dirk. "Here change him while Kendra changes Jon. I'll go get their bottles while you're doing that."

Kendra instructed Dirk on how to change the pampers. Chad came back with the bottles. "Okay Dirk, feed Mark while I go make sure the other four boys are ready for bed."

Chad left and returned, "Dads, the boys want you to come and say goodnight. Grandmother, the girls have some questions for you. Granddad, where are Kevin and Tim?"

Tim stuck his head into the room, "We're doing our homework like you three should be doing, but no, you're playing Mommy and Poppas."

I watched Dirk to see what his reaction would be. He merely looked up, "Look, Chad's younger brother, I know that neither of you had that much homework for tonight. It was the first day of the new semester and the teachers were trying to lull us into a sense of security. Probably about Wednesday, they will start hitting us with all sorts of ridiculous assignments."

Kevin countered, "Wait a minute; we aren't in all of the A.P. courses that you, Chad and Kendra are. We're in the grunt courses where they make you sweat from the first day."

Dirk laughed, "Kevin, don't try to b. s. me. I know better. I'm going to help Chad put the boys to bed, and then we need to get home before my parents send out a search party. My parents have me on a tight leash unlike some parents I know; namely Uncle Frank and Aunt Elaine."

Chad, Kendra and Dirk took the boys to their beds. When the three teenagers came down the stairs, the visitors left. Grandmother and Dad were waiting for all of the visitors to leave. Grandmother started, "The construction people were here all day and they decided that they could have the initial project done in two weeks if we could vacate the premises by noon on Friday. Since Chad is to go to Iowa City this weekend anyway, I thought it would be perfect. We will need to pull the children out of school for the afternoon."

I watched as Chad was sucking air. His mind seemed to be going in overdrive. He started to say something but was interrupted by the phone. He went to answer, "Oh hi Granddad Long. How can I help you? ... No I haven't talked to Uncle Frank tonight. ... That will work perfectly since Grandmother Walker got us kicked out of the house for the weekend. We are to be out of here by noon Friday. ... Okay see you then. ... I'll put Dad Mike on."

Chad handed the phone to Mike, "What's up Dad? ... Oh so Tommy wanted just a very quiet service and asked that Jason and Jeremy not be present. ... I'll talk to the boys tomorrow and see what they want to do. They really liked their first day of school. ... Yes, they will need to be going with us on Friday. The construction workers want us all out of here while they have the plumbing turned off. Why don't you bring Mom and I'll tell Frank to bring Elaine. We have three houses where we can stay so it will just be the cost of gas there and back. ... Okay, Dad, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Chad turned to Tim, "Come one dude, let's get ready for bed. You can take your shower first." Tim had gone upstairs and we could hear the shower running and Chad kissed us goodnight and started toward the stairs. The doorbell rang and we all looked at the clock.

Chad detoured and answered the door, "What's the problem Mr. Kelley? Dirk left with Kevin and Kendra quite a while ago."

Chad ushered Mr. Kelley and a lady into the room. Mr. Kelley started, "First, let me introduce my wife Karen Kelley." He pointed to us as he introduced us.

He continued, "Chad, we came to thank you for whatever you did to Dirk today. When he came home tonight all he could talk about was Chad and his two sons. He did something tonight that he hasn't done since he was quite young. He kissed his Mother and me and told us he loved us."

Mrs. Kelley had tears in her eyes, "Chad, he had a horrible life when he was young. Please listen to him and see if you can get the past memories out of his head. Dirk is a wonderful young man but he can't accept that he is as good as anyone else. He keeps trying to prove himself. He told us that he called you a nerd. The fact that he still came over here tonight is some indication that you hit a soft spot with him. Please be gentle with him."

I think Chad's response surprised everyone, "Mr. and Mrs. Kelley, I am not gay, I would gladly be a friend to with Dirk if he will let me. It must be just friendship and nothing more."

Mr. Kelley stood, "Chad, I'm sure that is all Dirk wants too. He needs to tell you what happened himself. I'm sure he will when he trusts you and you are one the first people that I would ever say that to. We need to get going. I need to be at school in the morning as do you geek."

Chad stood, "One thing I'm not, sir, is a geek. I know absolutely nothing about computers."

Mr. Kelley laughed, "Well if you are around Dirk for very much time you will be, and then he will probably refer to you as Daddy Chad, who is a geek and a nerd."

Chad was almost bent over laughing, "Yeh, when that happens, don't be surprised what the other students start calling Dirk the jerk until I think of a better name."

The Kelleys left laughing after shaking hands.

Chad announced, "I'm going to bed. Don't answer the door anymore tonight."

We watched as Chad went up the stairs. Grandmother looked at us and issued an ultimatum, "Guys, Chad needs to relax and act like a teenager. Otherwise, he will die before his sons reach puberty"

The next several days flew by and we had settled into a routine. Kevin, Kendra and Dirk were at the house every night. Everyone knew what was expected and on Thursday night at dinner when Chad issued an edict. "I want everyone to pull out enough clothes to get you through Sunday. The construction workers said we could come anytime after four o'clock. The Dads will write us excuse slips to get us out of school at 11:00 on Friday. Make sure you take you homework with you."

Chad turned to the adults, "I have asked Kevin, Kendra and Dirk to go with us. Is that a problem? Uncle Frank and Aunt Elaine are going to be with us so they have no problem with it. Dirk hasn't answered yet."

Chad had no sooner said that than the phone started ringing. Jenny went to answer it, "Dad Doug it's for you."

"This is Doug Walker. ... Oh hi Mr. Kelley, Chad said you and Dirk might be calling. ... Hey, we would love to have Dirk go with us. We will be staying at three houses so there won't be any cost. ... Chad says they can work on their project in their free time if they have any. ... Okay sir, I'll have Chad tell Dirk what the program is."

No one was very active that night so every one went to bed early.

The next morning I was the first one up, or so I thought, but the coffee was ready and I didn't see anybody. Something was cooking. I was drinking coffee when Chad came up from the basement, "Dad, our bedrooms are going to be so cool. I'm sure that the bedrooms in the attic will be just as great. Are you sure that you don't mind me asking Kendra, Kevin and Dirk to go with us?'"

"By the way I finished the last of the Thank You notes for the memorials at least until we receive more. We need to go to the bank first thing next week and get the money out of here. Do you realize how much people have donated to our education funds? My mind is blown away."

"Chad, stop! Now, let's deal with one issue at a time. I think that it is great that Kevin, Kendra and Dirk are going with us. I'm a little concerned about Dirk."

Chad looked at me with his big eyes, "Dad, I'm hoping that he will open up to me and tell me what happened to him. He has to want to tell me because I'm not going to push."

I looked at Chad, "When we open the college accounts for the children, they will need to go with us. We can do it when and if I am assigned as their guardian or whatever. Let's see what your Judge Yeager has up his sleeve."

Chad looked at me, "Dad, everyone thinks of me as an adult. I was robbed of my teenage years by my own stupidity. We need to make sure that doesn't happen to any of the rest of us. Dad just love all of us unconditionally."

That comment almost sent me into tears, but people started to come into the kitchen so the discussion was ended for the time being.

Everyone was delivered to school and each of them had notes asking that they be excused at 11:00. Mike and I had rearranged our schedules once again so we could pick the boys and the twins up. When we got to the house Kevin and Chad's cars were already there. Mike's parents and Frank and Elaine were also there. Grandmother had made us sandwiches which we could eat on the way.

We stopped once for a bathroom break. Fortunately Kendra had her driver's license and drove while Chad and Dirk took care of the boys and fed them. The motion put them back to sleep immediately. We gathered at Grandmother's house and tried to figure out who needed to go to meet with Judge Yeager. Raymond Crouch suggested that everyone go. So here we went again.

We finally got everyone cleared into the courthouse and Ray Crouch went to Judge Yeager's office and told him that everyone was present. Ray suggested that he might want to meet with us in a court room instead of his chambers since there were so many of us.

Ray took us to a court room and Judge Yeager came in and sat on the rail, "Since this is not a regular trial we can conduct business without the formalities. He surveyed the room with his eyes. I don't see Mr. Stone or Mrs. Young so I guess we are on hold until they arrive. In the meantime, would everyone please identify themselves so I can understand what the petitions are about."

He pointed to Jason, "Young man, please tell me why you are here."

Jason was very eloquent, "Sir, our Daddy and Mother have died and they asked that Uncle Mike be our new Daddy."

The Judge looked at Jason, "That's very nice but I still don't know what your name is or who the other party or parties are."

Jason composed himself, "Sir, my name is Jason Long. Our father, who died earlier this week, appointed Uncle Mike Long as our, Jeremy's and my, guardian."

Judge Yeager was having a difficult time keeping a straight face, "So do you know Mr. Peter Long and where we will you be living?"

Jeremy answered, "Sir, Mr. Long is our Granddad and we were kicked out of Uncle Mike's house so they could make some new bedrooms for us. I need to go to the bathroom."

Chad stood, "Okay anyone who needs to go to the bathroom, needs to go now."

When everyone was back the Judge looked at Jeremy and Jason. "Is there anything else that you two gentlemen would like?"

Jeremy looked at the Judge, "Sir, could you please tell Chad not to be so bossy?"

I looked at Chad and he was beet red.

The Judge looked up, "I see that Mr. Stone and Mrs. Young have arrived. I'll cut to the chase. Since I have legal documentation that Mr. and Mrs. Harmon assigned the guardianship of Mr. Chad and Mr. Timothy Harmon to Mr. Douglas Walker, it is so ordered. The gentlemen have requested that their last name names be changed to Walker. Since we have legal documents that say that Chad was to be in charge of his sisters and brothers, their last names will be changed to Walker. Any and all money in the estate will be placed in the control of Chad Harmon Walker and Douglas Walker."

Mr. Stone stood to speak, "Jerry sit down, Chad told me what he threatened to do and if you even interfere, I'll encourage him to send his letter. He is absolutely right. Your regulations are antiquated."

The Judge looked around the room. "Would the Walker children please stand so I can see who you are?"

The seven of them stood. Chad spoke up, "Your honor, could you please change the legal name of my sons also? He was holding Mark and Jon. Would you please change their last name to Walker, also."

Judge Yeager went to Chad and took the two boys, "I pronounce that from this day and for evermore you will be known as Mark Walker and Jon Walker."

Judge Yeager stopped in front of Dirk, "I've met you before haven't I, son?"

The Judge handed Jon to him and handed Mark to Kendra.

All eyes were on Dirk, "Yes your honor, I was about the same age as Jason and Bobby when you took us away from our old parents and Mr. Stone placed us with our new parents. Everyone thought we would be out of control. My two older brothers have graduated from Yale and my sister is attending Yale."

The Judge raised even more eyebrow, "So, what are you going to do when you graduate from high school, Dirk? I am confused as to why you are here with this motley crew."

"Judge Yeager, I live next door to Kevin and Kendra and I am very fond of Chad and his family. For the first time in a long time, I am feeling good about myself. The entire family exudes a feeling of love and caring. I don't know what else I can say, sir."

The Judge stood, "As soon as Ray gets done with the legal work, you're all invited back to the house for hamburgers and hot dogs. We'll eat at six."

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Editor's Notes: I told you last time that I liked Dirk. Well, now I like him even more. Judge Yeager is adorable. I liked the way he slapped Mr. Stone down and put him in his place. I really love Chad, and the way he really is taking responsibility for his sons. However, he really needs to step back sometimes and just be a teenager. There are plenty of responsible people that will be glad to help care for all the kids. I'm really ready for the next chapter.

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