The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 29 - Two Horror Stories

Chad and Dirk had gone upstairs and Mike and I locked up and had gone up the steps and saw Dirk as he was coming out of the bathroom after taking his shower and he was a very good looking young man. He didn't see us so we just stood still and Chad appeared and went into the bathroom. When Mike and I heard the shower, we went to the bedroom where we were sleeping. Chad had put us in his parents' old room so we had our own bathroom facilities.

Mike and I showered and were holding each other with nothing on. We reviewed the events of the weekend. Mike pondered, "Doug, I'm afraid that we haven't heard the last of the Davises yet. I don't know how much more Chad can handle before something snaps. He has been asked to do so much and we have to remember that he is only sixteen. I'll be glad to get home."

He kissed me and motioned, "I have an itch that I can't reach, would you please take care of it?"

Who was I not to comply? Of course I took care of the itch and more. We went to sleep but little did we know what was happening in Chad and Dirk's room. Chad would tell us the grueling details later.

The guys had gone to bed, with their briefs on, I might add. Dirk pulled Chad close and hugged him. "I thought I had it bad but I can't imagine what you must be going through. I don't have all of the responsibilities that you do. In fact, I have none. I have been so trying to blot all of my memories that I have almost forgotten what it is like to have any feelings for other people. I have been so taken by you and your sons that I am beginning to almost feel human."

"Ever since I moved in with my parents, I have been living a lie. I have been trying to forget the past. I have made it my goal to be better than anyone else. In fact my two brothers and my sister had been the same problem as me at first. They have gotten over what happened, but I can't get the night of horror out of my mind."

Chad sat up and put his pillow behind his back and encouraged Dirk to do the same. He turned the light on. "Okay, Mr. Dirk, you started this story. I want to hear all of the story, and I want to hear it now. You started this mess, so finish it. You already know how I got so screwed up, so I need to know all about you, if we are going to be friends."

Dirk started to almost cry, "Chad, I'll go as far as I can, but I may not be able to finish."

Chad put his arm around Dirk, "We have all night or until Jon and Mark start demanding attention."

Dirk was like a little boy. "I was 10 and my twin brothers, Derek and Dylan, were 16 and my sister Deidre was 14. We were at home and our Mother had fixed dinner and it was past dinner time and Dad wasn't home which was very unlike him."

"He came in wielding a gun and shouting, `This is all your faults.' He fired the gun and Mother was laying on the floor bleeding. The twins pushed me down and Derek started to grapple with Dad and got shot in the leg and now he walks with a limp. Dylan grabbed for the gun and Dad fired a shot hit Deidre and shot her left ear lobe off, so now there were three people bleeding in the room. Dylan kicked my Father in the nuts and he doubled over. Dylan took the gun and told me to call 911."

"The police and ambulances finally arrived and we were taken to the hospital. Our Mother died and the social service people placed us in three different temporary quarters. I was the youngest person in the home where I was placed and the older guys started to make me do things I didn't want to do. They threatened to beat me up if I didn't let them use my body. And use it they did."

"Anyway, Dad and Mother Kelley got involved in the case and plucked us from the three homes we were in. They took us in as foster children and then later they adopted the four of us. Our birth Father died of AIDS and the money that he left behind has paid for Derek, Dylan and Deidre's college education. I guess there is enough for me to go to college too. I have never worried about it because I just wanted to find a way to blot these memories out of my head so I have dedicated myself to sports and school activities and concentrated on getting good grades."

He sat up, "Damn it Chad, I've never told anyone this. Please don't hate me."

Chad pulled Dirk closer, "I'm glad you told me. Now we can really be good friends. I love you, but I do not want to have sex with you. I will never force myself on anyone, ever again."

Dirk pushed Chad down, "Daddy Chad, we're both tired. Let's go to sleep. I'm emotionally drained."

The next morning Chad brought two squiggling boys into the bedroom, "Dads, the boys have been changed and fed. Make sure you don't squish them. Dirk is still asleep. I'll fix breakfast when I get back from mass."

The boys were beginning to develop a personality and it was apparent that they were going to be happy little guys. Mike had Jon on top of him and I had Mark. Playtime was interrupted by Dirk, "Where is Chad? I wanted to go to mass with him even though I'm not Catholic. Why didn't he wake me up? I'll take the boys while you old men get your decrepit bodies out of bed."

After Dirk left with the two boys, I turned to Mike and asked, "You don't suppose the one per cent won do you?"

Mike held me close, "No, but I am thinking that Dirk might have told Chad what happened to him to make him like he is. Me thinks that they are like two peas in a pod. I guess I had better start worrying about our niece."

We took a quick shower and went to the kitchen. Dirk was dressed like he was going to church and he was wearing an apron. We watched from the doorway, "Okay guys, we cooked the bacon and broke it up and now we're going to put in the onion and green pepper that we cut up and we're going to spread the eggs over the toast slices that we made and cut up and keep our fingers crossed that it will make everyone happy. Now we need to get some juice and sweet rolls ready, to make sure that everyone gets enough to eat and falls asleep in church." Mark and Jon were sitting in their seats kicking and making cooing sounds.

Mike and I were having hard time not laughing. Mike whispered, "You would think the two boys were his sons."

Meanwhile at the church, Chad had gone and sat down in a pew by himself and was praying when he was joined by some people. When he finished his

Prayers, he sat in the pew and looked up and saw that Judge Yeager and his men were next to him. Father Lawler and Father Leahy did the service and as they were leaving the Yeager guys all hugged Chad.

As Chad was walking out, Father Lawler asked, "Chad, could you wait until everyone else is gone? I have some things to give you."

Chad waited and Father Lawler led him to his office and handed Chad a box, "These are the memorials that have come to the church in memory of your parents. They are made out to your education funds. Will you be able to take care of that?"

Chad looked at Father Lawler, "Father, I'll have our Dad arrange to take us to the bank tomorrow. We have already received quite a bit of money. Hopefully Dad can take us right after school."

Chad hugged Father Lawler and then went to hug Father Leahy.

When he got back to the house, everyone was there and Bobby lit into him. "Where have you been? We're starving."

Chad looked at everyone, "Well why didn't you go ahead and eat?"

Billy looked at Chad with disgust, "Because the Grouch, Dirk, said we had to wait for you. Now sit down before I die of hunger."

Chad sat down and looked around, "Where are the boys?"

Mike was so nonchalant, "There all worn out from the cooking lesson that Dirk gave them that they are taking a nap."

We had just started to eat when the phone rang. Tim went to answer.

Tim put the phone on speaker, "Everyone please listen to me. Mr. and Mrs. Davis just left the police station and Mr. Davis is determined that they are going to take the twins. Chad, I want you and Tim and the twins out of town as soon as possible. He really is a raving maniac. Please just go. I'll talk to the rest of you later."

Chad was almost crying, "Where are we going to go?"

Dirk held him, "We'll go to my parents' house; no one would ever think to go there. Stop worrying about everything and let your Dads and Grandparents take care of the mess. Get your asses in gear. Kevin, you take Tim, and Kendra will go with us and the boys. The maniacs surely can't have a problem with anyone else."

I think everyone was impressed at how Dirk reacted. The get-a-long gang took only the basic things they needed for Jon and Mark and then they left. The rest of us breathed a sigh of relief.

We went to finally eat some breakfast and were talking when all of a sudden the front door burst open. Mr. Davis was standing there with a gun. "We're going to take the two brats and don't try to stop us."

Mike was so calm, "Sir, there are no other people in the house other than those of us eating breakfast. Would you please explain who you are looking for?" Mr. Davis was looking around and Mike grabbed him and put him on the floor and wrenched the gun out of his hand and kicked it across the floor,

Ben and two police officers rushed through the door and took charge of Mr. Davis and he was handcuffed. Ben read him his rights and suggested, "Mr. Davis, you will probably be getting at least ten years in jail. It is a good thing that the gun wasn't used or you would be receiving a life sentence. Officers please arrest this man on every charge you can think of. This is the second time in two days that he has entered into this house uninvited."

The police left with Mr. Davis in handcuffs. Billy looked at me, "Daddy, can we please go home? I don't like this place. Only bad things happen here."

Grandmother took charge, "Bryce, you take the boys back to your house. Mike and Doug, you guys pack everything in this house that needs to be taken back to Des Moines. The girls and I will clean the kitchen and take the food for lunch to my house. We'll eat right after I return from church."

Mike had everything packed that we had brought and the boys had brought. Mike was putting the last of the things in the van when the phone rang. I almost didn't answer but I did. "This is Doug Walker. How may I help you?"

"Dad, this is Chad. Is everyone okay?"

I might have known, "Chad, we're all fine. It is a good thing that you left when you did. Your ex-father-in-law is now in jail again and will be for quite some time. We'll tell you about it when we get home. Now, where are you?"

"We stopped at the rest stop for a bathroom break and to feed the boys. I'm using Kevin's cell phone. Dad, I have the key to the house in my pocket. When you leave, you can lock the house. Would you please call Mr. Crouch and tell him that I'll send the key to him tomorrow? Also, Father Lawler gave me a package this morning that is on the table by the door. Would you please bring it since there is money in it? You might also bring the mail since there are some bills that I will need to pay. We'll see you about four o'clock. Love you, Dad."

Mike and I locked up and we went to Grandmother's house. Grandmother was ready for church so I decided that I would take her; Mike was going to stay with the girls and Dad decided that the boys didn't need to go so he opted out too.

After the church service, Grandmother saw a lady and went to talk to her. "Martha, are you still cleaning houses?"

"Yep, we have a regular crew that cleans. We work with real estate companies a lot. We don't have any really regular customers anymore so that we are free to work when we want to. Why do you ask, Henrietta?"

Grandmother answered, "We have three houses that we will be selling by owner. Mr. Ray Crouch will be handling the properties for us since all of us are living in Des Moines. We were going to clean them today before we left but some weird things happened and we didn't get them cleaned. Why don't we have Mr. Crouch contact you and make arrangements to have the houses cleaned? We haven't moved anything out of the houses except for some personal things."

The Martha person said, "I know Mr. Crouch. He was my husband's lawyer and handled things when he died. I haven't talked to him for a while. I'll be glad to work with him and work out a schedule."

On the way home I told Grandmother about the call from Chad and the key. "I'll call Ray when we get to the house and we will need to give him the keys to your's and Dad's houses. We can drop them off at their house on the way out of town."

We pulled into the driveway and everyone was there. Chad had bought the things so we could have sandwiches and a salad for lunch. We each made our own lunches. While the young people were cleaning the kitchen, Dad and Mike were loading the rest of the things in the vehicles. It seemed like we were taking back a much larger number of packages and things than we came with. I called Ray and told him of the arrangements that Grandmother had made and made plans to drop off the keys.

We stopped for one restroom break. When we climbed out of the three vehicles, we had the boys go the bathroom and then run around to get the wiggles out. We arrived at the house at four thirty and the workmen were loading the vans and trucks with their equipment. The foreman came up to Grandmother, "Mrs. Walker, we were able to get all of the plumbing finished so you are all free to go to the bathroom and take a bath or shower."

Everyone helped unload the vehicles and Grandmother started to sort the things out. There were piles of things for all eleven children. Jon and Mark's pile were especially big. Grandmother directed that the children take the things and put them in the appropriate rooms. She turned to Mike and me, "Guys, why don't we just get Kentucky Fried Chicken or something tonight? I don't think the little guys need to go out anymore today. Where are Chad, Tim and the twins?"

Chad and Tim had come in and Tim whispered, "We're here Fairy Godmother, how can we help you?"

Grandmother turned and threw a package at Tim, "Here, take your things to your room. You guys need to figure out a system so you can mark everyone's clothes so we can figure out what belongs to whom. We're going to have Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner."

Chad started to complain, but Grandmother stopped him, "Listen you twerp, stop arguing with your Fairy Grandmother or I'll turn you into puppy dog."

Bobby was standing there, "Grandmother, would you please make sure that he is a Golden Retriever?"

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Editor's Notes: I agree with Bobby, Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs.

I'm glad we finally know Dirk's story. He is a wonderful person and he has had a lot of terrible things happen in his life. Of course there is nothing for him to be ashamed of. Why do people blame victims for being assaulted? I have never understood that. I certainly hope that things will be better for everyone concerned.

I'm ready for the next chapter, but then I am always ready for another chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher