The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 32 - A New Romance

I was frustrated, I looked at Michael, "Mike, what's happening?"

He looked at me, "Douglas, I honestly don't know. At breakfast this morning your Dad and Grandmother were telling everyone what was to happen. That's why I decided I needed to be here to help with any problems."

We were interrupted by Dirk and Kendra. They just walked in and Kendra started. "Hey Uncle Mike and Uncle Doug, we figured we'd better come help Chad to keep him from going into melt down. Where is everyone?"

Before we could answer, the doorbell rang. I went to answer and a young man and a couple were standing there. The young man announced, "Hi, I'm Greg Rodgers and these are my parents Doctor Richard Rodgers and Mrs. Donna Rodgers."

I shook their hands, "I'm Doug Walker, please come in and meet my family."

When we walked into the living room, Mike stood, "Good to see you Rich and Donna. Good to see you again, Greg, I haven't seen you since you started high school. You've certainly grown."

Chad, Dirk and Kendra came into the room carrying the two boys, "Who was at the door, Dad?"

Chad looked up, "What's on your mind, Rodgers? Did you bring your parents to protect you from The M and M Company?"

Greg stood his ground, "Look ringer, I have an engagement to take Miss Jenny to dinner and the ice show. She called last night and said that her dads said she could go if they met my parents. You obviously aren't her dad, so would you tell Jenny we're here?"

Chad yelled up the stairs, "Jennifer, your fat date and his parents are here."

Grandmother came down the stairs first, Chad was in rare form, "Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers, may I present your son's escort for tonight, our Grandmother, Mrs. Henrietta Walker." Tim, Kevin and Dad had come into the room as this was happening

Everyone was laughing when Jenny came down the stairs looking like a movie star. Tim was the first to respond, "Holy Cow, who is she? Do we have another person living here?"

Greg seemed like he was frozen in time but recovered, "Jenny, you look stunning. These are my parents, Doctor Richard Rodgers and Mrs. Donna Rodgers."

Everyone watched as Jenny shook their hands and thanked them for asking her to accompany them. She quickly introduced everyone that hadn't been formally introduced.

Doctor Rodgers looked at us, "Sorry, but we need to go if we are going to be on time for the start of the show and we are already going to be late for our dinner reservations. We'll talk to you later. This sounds like an interesting household."

Chad escorted them out and yelled out, "Jenny, make sure you turn on your transmitter."

Greg yelled back, "Watch it Walker. I'll throw a bean ball at you the first chance I get."

As soon as Chad shut the door, "How come no one tells me anything? Grandmother does an extreme make over on Jenny and she is allowed to go on a date. Granddad, why was it so important that Tim be home as quickly as possible today?"

Tim had a big smile, "Come see what I got."

We followed him to the garage and there sat a brand new dark gray Toyota Corolla. Tim was beaming, "Granddad says I can't drive it until we can get it insured. We're going to try to do that tomorrow." He hugged Dad and now Dad was beaming.

Kevin grumbled, "Come on Kendra and Dirk, let's go home and complain about the Walker's spoiling their grandchildren. Kendra, we'll call Granddad Long and tell him what's going on. Maybe we can embarrass him into buying us new cars. We'll be back about seven. The parents are complaining that they never see us anymore."

We went back into the house and Chad announced that dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. He sent Tim to round up everyone.

As soon as we started to eat, I looked at the four young guys, "Jason, Dad Mike and I heard what you said last night. I'm sorry you think that we are paying more attention to everyone else than we are you. We certainly don't mean to slight you. I have to go to work early again in the morning. I will be getting home about one o'clock. When I get home, Dad Mike and I will take you to the New Fun Plex. The people at work said that it is really cool. They even have bumper cars you can ride and miniature golf course with cartoon characters as obstacles."

Tim spoke, "Dad, that sounds so cool. I'll go."

No one was prepared for what happened next. Bobby looked at Tim with a disgusted look, "Tim, you're acting like a spoiled brat. First Granddad buys you a car and now you want to horn in on our private time with the Dads. Back off."

Tim realized he had made a mistake, "Guys, I'm sorry."

Bobby looked at Mike and me, "Dads, that sounds really great. Thanks for caring."

Chad stopped that discussion, "Di and Dee, what time is your party?"

Dianna answered, "Andrea said to come about 7:30."

Chad looked at Mike and me, "Would one of you please deliver the young ladies to the party, since I don't know the area very well? I met Andrea's mother and she seemed really nice. She volunteered to see that the girls got home safely."

We were just about finished eating when Tim asked, "Chad, did you tell everyone about our presentation?"

Chad looked up, "When did I have time, I swear, living in this house is like being in the center of a tornado."

Chad excused the six youngest and they went to start the cleanup as he and Tim told us what had happened. The four of us were laughing. Mike stopped, "So that's why Greg called you a ringer."

We were interrupted by Jason, "Chad, Mr. Crouch is on the phone. He would like to speak with you."

Chad tensed. He stood up and I followed him to the phone. He picked up the phone and pushed the speaker button, "Hi Uncle Ray, what can I do for you?"

Ray came back, "Chad, I'm broke and I had to sell your house at a bargain price so I could get a couple of bucks to pay my bills. I was able to get an offer of $124,000.00 for the property. The young couple who want to buy the house are willing to pay you another $12,000 for all of the furnishings since they have nothing and are just starting out."

Chad turned white and buckled and was lying on the floor. I spoke into the phone, "Ray, this is Doug. Chad just went down. I'll have him call you when he comes around."

I went to get Mike and he was checking Chad as everyone else was watching. Chad started to revive and he looked at me, "Dad, did Mr. Crouch really say, $124,000.00 for the property and $12,000.00 for the furnishings?"

I looked at Chad, "That's what I heard, son."

Chad looked at Dad and Grandmother, "What are your recommendations? You know more about this stuff than I do."

Dad looked at Chad, "Chad, I'm sure you might be able to get more if you held out but then again you would need to pay for repairs, taxes and insurance. I recommend that you accept the offer. It is almost double what the creep offered you. Tell Mr. Crouch that the buyers need to pay all closing costs."

We were interrupted by Dianna and Deanna, "Dads, could one of you take us to Andrea's house please?"

Mike asked, "Where does Andrea live?"

Dee answered, "726 Leprechaun Lane."

Mike and I looked at each other and Mike asked, "What's Andrea's last name?"

Di looked at us like we were a little funny, "Her last name is Quail like in a bird."

Mike and I started to laugh and Mike answered, "You ladies can walk there faster than we can drive you and Andrea's parents won't even have to drive you home."

The girls looked at us, "What do you mean?"

Mike went to get a jacket, "Get your jackets and I'll show you."

They went out the back door to the gate at the back of the yard and opened it and walked up to the neighbor's house. Andrea answered the door, "Why did you come to the back door?"

Mike was laughing, "Hi Andy, I thought I would save gas and walk the girls over. When you get tired of them, kick them out and they can walk home. We'll leave the back lights on."

When Mike came in, Chad was on the phone talking to Ray Crouch. The front door opened and Kevin, Kendra and Dirk entered with two older guys and a young lady. Chad waved. "Mr. Crouch, why don't we accept their offer and I'll try to come over the weekend to get the personal things. Things are moving so fast and I really don't want to bring the twins with me for fear my ex-father in law gets out of jail somehow. ... Are you sure Judge Yeager wouldn't mind? ... Let me see what I can arrange. Dad Doug has to work in the morning and he and Dad Mike are committed to an outing with my four youngest brothers tomorrow afternoon. ... Okay, here's Grandmother."

Grandmother got on the phone, "What's up Ray? ... Oh, that you have an offer for $325,000.00 and they want to close next Friday? ... They would like everything out of the house as soon as possible. ... We need some furniture here at this house now that we have five extra rooms. ... Go ahead and set up the closing for next Friday at two. I'll make arrangements to have the furniture and goods out of there. ... Okay here's Bryce."

Dad took the phone, "This is Bryce. ... Hi, Ray, what's happening? ... Oh an agent contacted you and made an offer of $275,000.00 with the stipulation that I pay the closing fees. ... Tell the agent to shove that offer and make a counter proposal of $280,000.00 and the buyer pays all closing fees and agent fees. Make sure you get your fair share. ... We'll call you in the morning to tell you what our plans are."

The phone was finally not in use and Dirk started, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce my brothers, Derek and Dylan and the beautiful young lady is my sister Deidre. They wanted to come and meet the creep who brought me out of my shell."

Dirk wasn't finished, "These are my two godsons Mark and Jon. He handed Jon to Dylan and Mark to Derek. You are going to need to take care of them like their Daddy. They are rather demanding."

Deidre put her hand over Dirk's mouth, "What my brother meant to say was that we had to come to see who broke this nut free from the tree. All he has talked about is Chad, the ringer, and his two sons. We left our fiancés at home with Mother and Dad. We thought we'd like to take these young people bowling. We understand that Chad and Tim play baseball so it shouldn't be too hard for them to throw a gutter ball. We'll be back to pick you up in 30 minutes and make sure you have something for Dirk's godsons to eat. Crying interrupts my bowling game."

Dirk turned to us, "The princess has spoken. I was going to say queen but Grandmother is the Queen so I had change my sentence. We'll be back before midnight and we won't let my godsons get too drunk."

After Dirk and his family had left, Kevin turned to us, "Grandmother and Granddad, you don't realize how great it is to see Dirk finally come out of his shell."

Chad called the four young guys, "Men, Tim and I are going to be going with Kendra and Kevin so you need to baby sit the Dads, Granddad and Grandmother. You four are in charge. Make sure that they get to bed on time since Dad Doug has to go to work early. Remember only healthy snacks."

Billy looked at Chad, "Are we going to have to take care of Mark and Jon?"

"No, we are going to take them with us. Their godfather said he would take care of them."

Billy sputtered, "Who is their godfather?"

Chad spoke without thinking, "Dirk, the Jerk of course."

Bobby looked at Chad, "Chad, Uncle Dirk isn't a jerk. He is one of the nicest people I know."

Chad knelt down, "Guys, I was being funny. You just make sure everyone goes to bed early."

The conversation was interrupted by Dirk. "Okay people, we are going to meet my brothers and their fiancés at the bowling alley. Deidre and her friend will also meet us there. I'm going to go pick up Chrissie. I told Lynn and Samantha that you guys would pick them up in thirty minutes. So get moving. Kevin, do you know where they live?" He turned to Chad, "You did tell the boys that the ventilation system in the bowling alley isn't the best, I hope."

Kevin looked at Dirk, "Where is it that we are going bowling?"

Dirk looked like he didn't understand why there was a question. "Look, the closest bowling alley is over on Farnsworth Street, next to the new Fun Plex."

Everyone had left except Chad and Kendra. Dad pulled out his wallet and handed Chad some money, "Chad, you pay for the bowling. Everyone can pay for what they eat and drink and don't let Jon and Mark get too drunk."

Chad packed the diaper bag and dressed the boys in their snow bunny suits. Chad yelled as he was leaving, "Why don't you older people go to bed? I'll do a bed check when I get home."

Mike and I got the little guys in bed and Mike took me to bed and made me feel very loved. As he was leaving in a warm up suit, he whispered, "Go to sleep my lord, I'll guard the castle and count the noses as the wondering flock comes home."

Mike was sitting downstairs when Dianna and Deanne came in the back door, "Dad Mike, that was so much fun. We had a great time. Some of the guys wanted to walk us home but we told them we had to sneak in the back door. Thanks for trusting us."

The twins had just disappeared up the stairs when Jenny came in. Mike heard her say, "Greg, thank you so much for asking me to go with you. I had a wonderful time."

Mike looked at her as she came into the house, "Jenny, did you kiss Greg?"

Jenny looked at Mike, "I don't kiss and tell, Dad. I had a wonderful time. Greg is a gentleman and his parents are so great."

The conversation was interrupted by Chad arriving with the twins. He looked and saw Jenny, "Good, Jenny is home. How about the twins?"

Mike nodded yes and Chad sighed, "Good, all we need now is for Tim to get his bottom home."

Tim came in, "Watch what you ask for, Chad. Dad Mike I wish you could have seen Chad at the bowling alley. He tried to throw the bowling ball like he does a baseball and he found out that didn't work too well. He waxed everyone's butt when he realized that he had a natural curve shot. I think Dylan, Derek and Deidre's boyfriend Curtis were about to take him out and hogtie him. The twins are going to be so spoiled. People kept feeding them French fries and hamburgers all evening. They'll probably look like a balloon in the morning."

Chad looked at Mike, "Dad, I think Tim has had too many of those funny cigarettes. Now let's go give the guys some cereal so maybe they will sleep through the night. We're not even going to give them a bath tonight. Dad Mike, do I really have to go to Iowa City again. I really don't want to."

Mike held Chad and Tim, "Guys, feed the little ones and things will look brighter in the morning. Guys, I'm going to bed. It's been a long day and I need to make sure that Doug is up in the morning."

Tim looked at Mike, "Does that mean as in out of bed, or having his pride and joy standing at attention?"

Mike turned to Tim, "I guess you'll never know. Son."

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