The Mark and The Mole

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 34 - Tim's Wake Up Call

On Monday morning when Mike and I went down stairs, Chad had the boys sitting on the counter. "Dads, make sure the rest of the young people are up. I need to put the boys' car seats in Granddad's vehicle. The coffee is ready and there is a coffee cake on the counter. The weather is rather yucky so I'll need to drive the young guys to school while Tim takes the girls. Hopefully this drizzle moves out before this afternoon."

Mike went to make sure everyone else was up while I watched the twins and they were definitely happy little boys. I started to talk to them like Chad did, "Your Daddy's fixing your car seats so you can go visit Grandpa Yeager and Sgt. Danny."

Chad had heard what I said, "Way to go Dad, now they'll never want to come home."

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of some of the other children. Chad looked at the four young guys, "Guys, it's rather yucky so I'll take you to school. Do you need any lunch money or anything?"

Bobby looked at Chad, "I'll check today and see how much we have in our accounts. Since we don't have tickets, it's hard to tell how much we have left. They usually send home a note if the account is getting low."

I had to go and I guess everyone departed as soon as they had cleaned their breakfast dishes. As soon as everyone was gone, Dad put the boys in their car seats and he, Grandmother, Jon and Mark were off to Iowa City again.

I was to find out later how everyone's day went. Dad and Mother had so much help that everything was out of the houses before five o'clock. Dad had arranged for two packing and moving crews and some of Grandmother's friends helped to take care of Jon and Mark while the things were being loaded. Ray met with Grandmother and Dad and they signed the paperwork so that the new owners could take occupancy. They had dinner with Judge Yeager, Dr. Jimmy John, Officer Nelson and Ray before they started back to Des Moines.

The four young boys had walked home and their description of the trip was hilarious, Billy started, "Timmy's Dad was with us and no one was going to mess with us. He looks like The Hulk. He made everyone stop until we were inside the house.

Jason took over, "Timmy's Dad is a big man, but I think he plays football for the Chicago Bears. Timmy's sister is in our class and she said they live here because their mother doesn't like big cities."

Mike looked at the boys, "What's Timmy's last name?"

Bobby answered, "Their last name is Winston. Their father said we should call him Mr. Andy."

Mike and I both looked at each other. Andy Winston is an All Pro defensive tackle who plays for the Chicago Bears.

I looked at Di and Dee, "Anything happen to you two young ladies that we should know about.?"

Dianna smiled, "Not really, the P.E. teacher wants us to try out for the softball team."

That caught Chad's attention, "Why would he or she suggest that?"

"We were playing a softball game in gym today and Deanna and I were the designated pitchers for the two pick up teams. At the end of the period, Mr. Lundgren approached us and suggested that we should play on the Middle School Team."

Deanna took over, "We told him that you and Tim were going to be on the high school baseball team."

He looked at us, "So you are the other set of Walker twins?"

Deanna continued, "Di answered, `But sir. there are actually two other sets of Walker twins. Chad and Tim are juniors in high school and Chad's sons are just about a month old."

Dianna started to laugh, "I wish you could have seen the look on Mr. Lundgren's face. It was priceless. He recovered nicely though and promised, `I'll talk to your Grandmother and threaten to give you a failing grade and I'm sure that you will be playing softball."

Chad was sitting at his place and it was difficult to tell if he was laughing or crying because of the tears that were streaming down his face. He finally composed himself, "I've got to meet Mr. Lundgren. He has to have been talking to Coach Houser and Coach Parsons."

Mike looked at Jenny, "How was your day?"

Jenny was very nonchalant, "Kendra suggested that I tryout for the cheerleading squad and volunteered to work with me. She is going to be the leader of the squad next year. She figures that will give her a reason to be here at the house so she can be with Chad and the twins. Greg will be over later."

Chad put his head on the table and moaned, "Why does everyone need an excuse to come to our house. Are we that mean?"

Tim laughed, "No, they're afraid that you will boss them around like you did the coaches at practice today."

Chad challenged, "I wasn't bossing anyone. I was suggesting some things."

This came totally out of the blue. Jason had something to say. "Look brother, we all know who is the boss around here. It's like Chad is in charge of everything. The bad thing is that you do it in such a nice way that we don't mind. I for one, am glad that you are my brother."

Chad just pushed his chair away from the table and left the room. Mike and I were at a loss as to what to do. Billy and Jeremy excused themselves and went to look for Chad. Mike told the other children to take care of the cleanup and we went to find Chad, Billy and Jeremy.

They were sitting in the family room and Chad had a boy on either side of him. "Guys, I don't mean to sound bossy, but someone has to be in charge. Our Dads are just learning to be Dads and are busy. Grandmother and Granddad have already done too much so we need to be able to help each other. Now let's go help the others do the cleanup."

Mike and I made our presence known. Mike looked at Jeremy and Billy, "Why don't you go help the others and ask Tim to come talk to us. Chad will be fine. He just misses Jon and Mark."

We hugged the two boys as did Chad. He whispered, "Thanks for caring Billy and Jeremy."

Tim came in and asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

I had no idea what Mike had in mind, so I let him handle the conversation, "Tim and Chad, you have done nothing wrong. Let's go to Doug's and my bedroom and talk. Doug, please tell the other young people where we will be."

I followed the boys upstairs and they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders indicating they had no idea what was going on. Nor did I.

Mike pointed to the sofa and I sat between Tim and Chad. Mike pulled up a chair in front of us. I thought to myself, `This has to be serious.'

Mike looked at Tim, "Tim, does Chad know what you and Kevin talked to us about last evening?"

Tim shook his head no, "I didn't think he needed to know what we talked about. I'm sure he probably has a good idea though."

Chad spoke up, "Dads, Tim's sex life is his business. I just hope that he doesn't allow himself to make the same mistake that I did. I think he and Kevin need to play the dating game while they are in high school so that people don't ostracize them."

Tim started to laugh, "Dads, Chad had to have heard our conversation last night. He sounds like he is saying the same things you guys did."

Chad looked at Mike, "Dad Mike, I'm sure that you didn't have this meeting to talk about Tim's sex life."

Mike nodded, "Chad, you're right. My Dad called me today with some things that the seven of you children and Doug need to do on Friday. He has made an appointment for you to meet with the Personnel Officer at Offutt Air Force Base at 1:30 on Friday. That will give you an opportunity to leave here about 9:30 and have lunch before the meeting. My Dad will be going along as your legal representative and Doug as you your guardian."

Chad started to complain, "But, Dad, what about school?"

Tim leaned forward, "Chad, we don't have school that day. It's an in-service day for the teachers and we don't even have baseball practice. Don't you ever listen to anything?"

Chad started again, "But what about the twins and Jason and Jeremy? That leaves them for Grandmother and Granddad to take care of again."

Mike was getting frustrated, "Chad, Kendra and Dirk can take care of the twins while you're gone and Kevin can certainly find a way to keep his cousins, Jason and Jeremy, entertained. In fact all four of the younger boys are going to spend the weekend with my parents. They have some fun things they want to do with the boys."

Mike continued, "Another thing, neither one of you is going to be working until school is out for the summer. Chad, I don't even want you to work then, since it is going to be a critical time in Jon and Mark's life. You can also monitor the other children because I'm afraid that it would be too much for Grandmother and Granddad Walker."

"That brings me to my last thing. Tim, you need to take on more responsibilities. It would be great if you made Bobby, Jason, Billy and Jeremy your responsibility. Chad needs to have time to spend with Mark and Jon. We're also going to have a talk with the three girls. Now do you have any questions?"

Tim nodded, "Dads, I still don't think it is fair for Chad to have complete control of the money and not allow us to take some and use it as we want."

I looked at Chad and he had tears in his eyes. I was afraid he was going to lose it. I put my arm around Tim, "Tim, your father stipulated that Chad was to be in charge of the money and you children. I happen to agree with Chad on this point. If he provided you some funds, you would perhaps start spending them indiscriminately and then want more money. The other children would see what was happening and demand to be treated the same."

"If you think you need or want something, then come see us. We'll discuss what the money is to be used for. You have a new car and new clothes. What else do you need?"

Mike took over, "Tim, I know for a fact that Kevin, gets the same amount that you are getting for an allowance. His parents have made the same arrangement with Kevin and Kendra that Dad Doug has suggested. I fully support Chad for being frugal with the funds."

Our conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Bobby stuck his head in, "Dads, please inform Chad and Tim that the homework gang is here. Dads, Jason and I need some help with our math."

Tim and Chad both hugged us. Tim spoke for the two of them, "Dads, thanks for taking time to talk to us. That's something our other Father would never have done."

Jenny and Greg were in the kitchen. Kendra and Dirk were waiting in the dining room and Kevin and Tim disappeared into the study. Jason and Bobby were sitting at the coffee table in the family room with their math books. Billy and Jeremy were playing a game and Di and Dee were reading a book. Dee looked up, "We have a book report due on Thursday."

Mike sat down with Jason and Bobby. "What's the problem, Guys?"

Jason looked at Mike, "Dad, this problem doesn't make any sense. How can you take half of a half?"

Mike read the problem, "Dad Doug, please get an apple and a cutting board and knife."

I got the things that Mike requested. "Bobby read what the first part of the problem says?"

Bobby read, "If you and a friend decided to share an apple equally how much would you get? Dad, that's easy. We would each get a half."

Mike cut the apple in half and handed each of the guys a half. "Now what does the problem say?"

Jason read, "Two of your friends come to visit and you both decided to share one half of yours with them how much would they get?"

Jason looked confused, "Dad, if we gave them one half they would have a half and Bobby and I wouldn't have anything."

Mike wanted to laugh but he was so cool. "Guys, think about what the problem said. It said share one half not give one half to your friends. So what do we need to do?"

Bobby smacked his head, "So, we would each have one fourth, right?"

Mike hugged the two guys, "Guys you just need to make a mental picture of what the problems are asking in your mind and it will be so much easier."

Our session with Bobby and Jason was interrupted by Jenny, "Dads, Granddad is on the phone and he wants to talk to you."

I picked up the phone, "This is Doug, Is there a problem, Dad?"

"Doug, I had a flat tire and we are at the Q.T. right after the turn off to Ames. Can you come get Mother and the boys? AAA says it will be at least a half hour before they can get to us. I'll stay here with the vehicle."

Chad was standing there listening to the conversation. "Dads, I'll go. I know where they are. You stay here and take care of everyone. I should be back in 45 minutes."

The visitors got ready to leave. Greg came to us, "Sirs, would it be okay if I took Jenny to the dance on Friday night? My parents are going to be two of the chaperones."

I looked at Greg, "What dance? Where is it and what's it for? Jenny and her brothers and sisters have to go to Omaha for an appointment that day. Kevin and Kendra are going to be babysitting the twins, Jason and Jeremy. We may not get back until about 7:00."

Greg looked at me, "Mr. Walker, you sure do ask a lot of questions. The dance is being sponsored by the Student Council. It is to provide support to the local food pantry. It is free and the price of admission is to bring some food that the pantry needs to restock it's food supply. My mother is on the board, and volunteers. I'll ask her what the pantry is in need of and let everyone know at school tomorrow. Oh, by the way, the dance is from eight until ten so Jenny should be home before four in the morning."

I looked at Greg, "Punk, we'll let you know tomorrow after we have a chance to discuss the ramifications of our daughter being seen with you in public two weekends in a row. I just hope we don't have to go looking for a formal or something like that."

"Mr. Walker, you're even more weird than Chad. It's a western dance and we have to wear gym shoes so we don't scuff the gym floor. Every respectable teenager has jeans of some sort."

Mike was into the act now, "But Mr. Rodgers, our children have never worn shoes in their lives. We can't find any big enough to fit their feet."

The six teenagers were laughing and we were interrupted by a voice, "Dads, we're ready to be tucked into bed."

I looked at Tim, "Show our guests out and I suggest that you all plan to go to the dance and don't tell Chad until the last possible moment, or he'll have a stroke. He's already complaining about being away from Mark and Jon all the time."

We went to hug the four little guys and tucked them in and then went to say good night to the three girls. When we got downstairs, Tim was sitting there with his arms around his knees, like he was crying, "Dads, you laid quite a guilt trip on me this evening. I'm sorry I'm not like Chad."

Mike took the lead, "Tim, we don't want you to be like Chad. We couldn't handle two of Chad. We want you to be yourself and be your own person. What we would like is for you to assume some more responsibilities because Chad can't physically or emotionally continue to do everything that he has been doing without becoming ill. Tim, we love all eleven of you the same. Now get ready for bed."

Tim had just disappeared up the steps when Chad came in. "Dads, make Grandmother go to bed. She's exhausted. You need to go to bed also. I'll feed the boys and give them a bath and wait for Granddad. This is not negotiable."

Mike and I must have been really tired because we never did hear Chad and Dad come to bed.

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Editor's Notes: Has anyone besides me noticed that even when there is no crisis in that house, there is always a crisis. I love how everyone is part of the family, even the people that are friends. Everyone is loved and cherished. I really do wish things like that happened more often in the real world, instead of all the fighting and grubbing to find the way to the top.

I always have to stop and think as I read theses wonderful chapters, and consider the best way to handle any given situation. Thank you so much E Walk for writing such wonderful stories. You make all of us better people, for having read them.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher