The Scent of Him

By John Yager

The following story contains adult themes and should not be read by those who are under age or otherwise restricted by the laws of their area, state or nation from access to gay erotic material.

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It wouldn't be long now, Teddy thought as he stepped out of the huge marble shower, feeling clean, scrubbed, fresh, ready.

Half a mile away Stu fought the traffic, working his way east on Walnut, waiting for the light to change.  The shiny new S600 purring softly. It had been too long, almost six weeks, but it wouldn't be much longer now.

Minutes later Stewart Granby Longsworth pulled into the arrival area at the Rittenhouse. He unfolded his six-foot four-inch frame from the driver's seat and turned the big Mercedes over to the loving care of the waiting attendant.  He walked across the elegant lobby to the elevators. The doors slid silently open, announced only by a soft ding, and he entered the elevator, pushed the button for the twenty-ninth floor and leaned back against the dark wood paneling, loosening his Brooks Brothers tie.  He smiled, knowing his lover was waiting.

Above him, Theodore Crook dozed, lying naked on the bed, covered only by the soft percale sheet.  The door, left discreetly ajar, opened and shut in the living room. There was the click of the lock and then familiar steps, barely heard on the thick carpet, made their way across the living room to the bedroom door. Then Stu was there, smiling slightly as his eyes ran slowly over the recumbent form on the big bed.

"Hello, Lover," Teddy said, "I thought you'd never get here."

"Traffic was a bitch," Stu said as he moved across the room, leaving a trail of impeccably tailored clothes in his path. Then, naked, he slid into the bed, under the cool sheet, and nestled against the anything but cool body of the man he loved. He kissed Teddy's neck, ran his tongue over the curve of his ear, and announced, "You showered."

"Not long before you got here."

"You smell so damned fresh."

"You smell so damned sexy."

"I haven't showered since six this morning."

"Fine by me," Teddy whispered, turning onto his side and pulling Stu to him. Stu's masculine odor filled Teddy's head. The mix of spicy aftershave, leather and a little sweat combined with the underlying scent which was Stu's alone. Teddy knew no aphrodisiac more powerful.

Their bodies pressed together, chest against chest, stomach against stomach, hard, pulsing cock against hard pulsing cock.

The two men had been friends since their school days at Chestnut Hill, but it was only during their freshman year at Penn, after nearly a full term as roommates, that they'd finally figured out that they were in love.

Were they Gay? It had never really been a question, certainly not an issue of any importance between them. They had not only dated girls, they had dated the most attractive, most sought after girls. Six years later, after graduation and completion of graduate business degrees at Wharton, they'd both married. Teddy had been Stu's best man, Stu, Teddy's. They'd had solid marriages, happy marriages. They both had kids whom they loved and of whom they were justifiably proud. Their wives were happy, socially prominent, and looking forward to the joys of grandparenthood. Both men had successful careers. Both headed interlocking networks of companies. Teddy lived and worked in King of Prussia, Stu 60 miles to the north east in New Jersey. But Philadelphia was more or less home town for both of them and it was their most frequent meeting place. They had both been married for twenty-six years. They'd been lovers for thirty-two.

Teddy ran his wet tongue over Stu's jaw. The prickly stubble aroused him even more. Turning over so his back was to Stu, he pulled his lover's hips tightly against him and murmured, "Fuck me."

"Gladly, Teddy, but why the hurry?"

"It's been too long," Teddy groaned, thrusting his ass back against Stu's throbbing cock. "And I'm horny as hell."

Teddy reached for the tube of lubricant he'd judiciously placed within easy reach on the bedside table and handed it to Stu, who made quick use of it, probing his lover's waiting ass and then spreading a generous glob over the wet head of his cock.

Within seconds of Teddy's request, Stu was sliding slowly and easily home.

"Yes," Teddy hissed as Stu reached full depth, "Too fucking long!"

"The wait or my cock?"

"The wait, you egotistical bastard," Teddy chortled.

In fact, they were very nearly the same size, height, weight and cock, so alike in other ways as well that many took them for brothers, even twins. They had the same auburn hair, now going a little gray at the temples, the same brown eyes, and the same smooth, naturally muscular bodies. There was even a likeness in the tone and pitch of their cultured voices. Teddy and Stu, two peas in a pod.

Pod-like, they lay on their sides, their bodies curved together, back to front, one curving easily into the other. It had been the first position they'd tried when they progressed from oral to anal in their narrow dormitory beds so many years ago. It was the best position, they agreed, for a slow, loving fuck.  But as passions grew and harder, faster thrusts were called for, they tended to reposition themselves so the willing bottom, whichever of them that was on a given occasion, lay on his back with the other kneeling between his hoisted legs.

They'd now reached that juncture in their passion and Teddy quickly rolled over, settling on his back in the center of the big bed, spread his legs and whimpered as Stu again impaled him.

"Yes," both men hissed as Stu's cock reached maximum depth and sent bolts of lightning through Teddy's body as it grazed his prostate.

"Yes . . ."

Stu was pounding hard now, thrusting with all the considerable strength of his pelvis, driving his shaft into Teddy's ass. Again and again he pounded into him. Then, suddenly, he froze, stopping mid stroke, holding stone still as his climax hit him, and he erupted, filling Mr. Theodore Crook with one more hot load of Longsworth sperm.

"Yes . . ." Teddy hissed as his own cock exploded.

Stu tended to lose his erection quickly and his limp cock soon slipped out of Teddy's wet, dilated ass. Teddy, on the other hand, always stayed hard longer, sometimes much longer, even after a powerful climax.

Looking down at his lover's still hard cock, Stu chuckled and said, "I don't know how you stay hard so long. I wish I could do that."

"Believe me," Teddy moaned, "it's a mixed blessing."

They dozed in the big bed, curled together, naked bodies intertwined.

Later, as the daylight slipped away, the showered together, shaved, dressed in well cut suits and conservative ties and descended for a late, light dinner at Lacroix.

Back in their suite on the twenty-ninth floor, they lingered over coffee and brandy, then returned to the bedroom and undressed. Soon they were again naked, in bed, their bodies entwined.

"Isn't it about time you fucked me, Teddy," Stu said as they kissed.

"Gladly," Teddy chuckled, "to quote an eminent friend."

He reached for the lube and positioned himself, lifting Stu's legs to rest on his shoulders, and slowly, lovingly, worked a greased finger into his lover's willing ass.  Soon another finger joined the first and then, after adequate time for Stu's sphincter to adjust, a third.


"More than."

Teddy slid in. Stu's warm hole took him, surrounded him, made him feel at home. "Oh, Stu . . ."

"Yeah," Stu moaned. "Wonderful, isn't it?"

"Always amazing,"  Teddy whispered, ". . . always just amazing."

Slowly at first, but quickly building force and speed, he pounded into Stu's talented ass, feeling the tight muscles grip his cock, feeling the heat and sexual energy. Remaining hard for so long, as he usually did, Teddy could fuck for an hour if they both wanted, moving them both toward climax, then slowing down, thrusting with maddening slowness which always sent Stu into a state of sexual bless.

It was only after three or four trips to the edge that Stu began to beg for release and Teddy rammed fast and hard until they both exploded for the second time that evening.

It was a little after midnight when they drifted off to sleep locked in each other's arms.

When Teddy woke the next morning he was alone in bed. Stu's voice came softly from the living room of their suite. "Love you, too," he said, and then added, "My meetings may go on all day but I should make it back to Princeton in time for dinner tonight."

Teddy smiled to himself. He'd told his wife the same thing. They had a long, loving day ahead of them.

The end.