World's End

Chapter 1: Worlds Apart

    Well, this is my first attempt at a story, well, technically my 376th attempt; this is the only one that didn't run into a brick wall. The authors at Nifty have always been an inspiration and I'm clinging blindly to the hope that I might be one of them someday.

Disclaimer: This is a story about that sappy thing called love, mainly between two 18 year old males so if you're not into that kind of stuff I suddenly wonder what urged you to download this. Anyway...and if you're not over 18 or aren't allowed to view this stuff where you live then you shouldn't be reading this, but if you're a rebel to society's oppression of the youth then you probably will anyway. You may not copy, edit, claim authorship to or generally mess around with this story without permission from me. If you want it on your site (frankly I don't see why you'd want to), just ask, I won't say no.

Ok, that's done. Enjoy...or at least pretend to. Copyright Oz 2002


    *Flash* I stared straight into Bryan's eyes as he stared into mine, trying to carry that pretence of passion that was required of us every time. I reached out and held his hand, pulling him closer and placing it on my waist. His chest pressed against me as our hard sexes touched. *Flash* I moved my practiced head towards him and as our lips touched, I moaned, "I've wanted this for so long Bryan," I said between kisses and caresses of his back and ass. I feel like my life is being rewinded and played over and over again, please get it right this time Bryan.

    "Well now it's yours. Claim it Daniel," he replied. *Flash* I fell on top of him as we landed on the bed, kissing and groping each other. I straightened my arms and held myself over him. Licked my lips and began kissing down his neck and chest. Come on Daniel, pretend, it's what you're good at. I sucked on his left nipple, running my tongue around it then taking it into my mouth and sucking it. I bit lightly as he moaned. God we've done this so many times, I'm surprised the drug can still keep him hard. I ran my tongue down his stomach, following his treasure trail. I got down on my knees and ran my tongue up his muscled leg, kissing his thighs until I reached his balls. His sack hung loosely. Step 5, shit! What the fuck is step 5?! The oddness of the thought struck me as extremely funny, then I remembered that I'd have to do this all over again if I messed up by laughing, and suddenly, it wasn't funny anymore. I took one of his balls into my mouth, *Flash* running my tongue along them, covering them in my saliva. I let them slip out of my mouth and kissed them. Someone get me a sick bag.

    "Oh yeah Daniel, suck my fat cock!" Sigh. I ran my tongue along the base of his cock to the head then took it into my mouth. Bryan let another moan escape his lips, Well, here goes. I took his cock into my mouth until my nose touched his pubes. The strong smell of extreme cleanliness invaded my nostrils as I started to slide up and down his cock. Don't mess up Bryan, at least you're getting your dick sucked everytime. Thankfully, he didn't, and got up to stand over me. He grabbed the sides of my head and started to rock his hips back and fourth, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Where one would feel extremely aroused by this, I felt active discomfort. His moans started to get louder and he started to fuck my face faster, with more urgency. *Flash* This is getting irritating. Suddenly Bryan's muscles tensed up. Finally, please get it right this time. Bryan pulled out and started stroking his cock in front of my face. His cream shot out and hit me on the cheek. Streaking my face and hair, the rest spurted out and hit me across the chest. I felt it run down my nipples and stomach. "oh yes Bryan, let me drink your juice!" I moaned. *Flash*

    "AND CUT! Ok people we got it!" shouted the director. I did not share the enthusiasm. I got up and looked at Bryan. He was panting as he threw me a grin. I winked at him and turned away, walking to the sink and letting cold water through my hands. I washed my face and watched Bryan's seed swirl down the drain into the blackness. Story of my life.


    I felt the wind rush through my hair, the breeze was picking up as I stood on the jagged edge of Worlds End. This time, I'm alone. The sound of the river below surrounded me, filling the air with a hypnotic white noise. I looked beyond to the other side of the valley. Trees covered the steep slope with a green blanket. I feel you.

    The river started about 150 meters below where I stood watching the blue-green water, fall, and continue its path through the valley. No, I don't feel you. Only the echoes of what you once were. I pulled out the memory from my pocket, holding it over the edge. On my palm the ring shone with a gold-yellow light, the sun's reflection clear on its virtually smooth surface. A sliver chain connected to it ran down my hand, a chain that had once touched His flesh. All that you left me...was this...and the memory of a life that we once ruled.

    I held my arm over the edge and began to rotate my wrist. As the ring started to slip, I hesitated, closing my fist around the ring, feeling its warmth in my hand. I held it to my heart. I have to let go. It's been too long. I straightened my arm again and opened my fist, letting the sunrays cast its golden halo on the ring as I tried to burn its image into my memory. It's the only place I can keep you, and save my sanity.

    I turned my wrist and watched it slip, feeling the silver chain run down my palm. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to grab it, to hold it close. No. The ring fell, rotating in its golden light as it dropped down the edge of the red-orange cliff rock. I followed it with my eyes, a falling golden star, until it reached the water and vanished into the depths of the river, swept away by its flow. I stared blankly - at the spot where it fell, my thoughts suspended in a void, and my mind absorbing the lulling hush of the waterfall. It was all I could hear, and it enveloped me. I closed my eyes as a single warm tear ran down my face.


    "Good job Daniel, your money's on the table on your way out."

    "Thanks Jack", I said, that was the director. He treated all this with the indifference of a businessman about to sell a new kind of vacuum cleaner. That's really all it was, business. I put on the worn baggy pants and the white shirt I had come in with, shouldered my bag and walked out "Yo Bryan, I'll meet you at the dorms." I called behind me.

    "Yeah ok." He called back, one leg sticking out of his trousers as he tried to put them on over his cock. The drug hadn't worn off yet and he was still raging hard. I smiled to myself and picking up my cheque, letting myself out.

    The moment I got to the dorms I flopped onto the bed. I resisted the urge to scream and just settled with a long sigh. Two hours of scenes should keep them off my back for a while. I guess one would ask why I was in the "business" if I hated it so much. Truth is, I needed the money. I had lost my mother and father when the World Trade Center fell. My father was a Lebanese Arab and my mom was American. I've always been fascinated by the irony of it all. I wasn't all that devastated about it, they hadn't taken my homosexuality very well and had told me that they'd keep paying my school fees if I stayed out of the house, and, well, I did.

    Bryan walked in a few minutes later and grunted a hello. I grunted back, imitating him. He smiled and plopped down on his side of the bed. "The stuff hasn't worn off completely yet." He said grumpily.

    "Heh, yeah, it'll probably take another half an hour or something." I commented unnecessarily, since we both knew EXACTLY how long it took it to wear off. At least it wasn't my turn today. "Good night dude."

    "Yeah." He replied.

    I lay on my back staring at the ceiling, watching a hyperactive fly collide repeatedly with the wall. At least something shared my frustration. I'd have all the time in the world to let it out in the rock concert tomorrow, and with that thought, I drifted, or more accurately stumbled, into the dream realm.


    I walked in to find Megan on the couch waiting for me. She smiled at me and winked as I sat next to her.

"Hey," I said weakly, making a pathetic attempt to smile.

    "How do you feel?" She asked while putting her arm around me. Megan was one of my best friends; she had dark green eyes to go with her long flowing black hair that rested on her shoulders. At school she was the epitome of beauty. We'd met during an interesting accident at Starbucks, which had involved a cup of very hot coffee; we got to know each other and eventually practically lived at each other's houses. We had gone to the same high school but never really noticed each other until that incident. We sat quietly, each absorbed in our own thoughts while a few characters from some soap opera were having a very dramatic cup of tea on the television.

    "Better, I don't think the funeral was enough closure for me, I needed to talk to Daniel alone." I said, breaking the pleasant silence.

    "That's good, dude, I think you actually made it through." She said brightly. I suddenly felt relieved, she was right, I had moved on, I couldn't really say I was surprised, I wasn't that emotional, but Daniel had taken me longer to leave than anything else.

    "Yeah...what are we doing tomorrow?" I asked, what could I say? I was a sucker for social life. Megan giggled at my sudden change of subject.

    "Well...tomorrow's Friday, we'll just make it up as we go along."

    "Hmm, good idea." I suddenly felt very tired, I hadn't really slept for a month, haunted by dreams that showed Daniel's death over and over again like a scratched music CD. I made a show of yawning as loud as I could, Megan got the message, gave me a hug and left. That's something I liked about her, we were on the same mental level. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, the gel in my hair was starting to lose its hold and my black-and-spiked-in-every-direction look was faltering. I fell onto my bed. Things will be different now, the real Jason is back now, God that's corny. I sighed, then laughed loudly, then sighed again, then slept.

    That's it for the first chapter; it's basically an introduction to the main characters. Yeah, I know not much of a sex scene, but it's too early anyway. The storyline is still a bunch of ideas so if you have any suggestions or comments or flames or praises or spontaneous urges to write, send them to It's nice to know who's reading this and if there's any point continuing. Anyway, next chapter will be up someday, later. Oz