Billy & Mason

Copyright 2009
by Lee Mariner

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Chapter #2

There were several occasions that I was glad Billy was holding me tightly.  Uncle Curt seemed to have no concern for our comfort or his truck as we bounced between the protruding rocks and deep ruts that were in the roadway. Every now and then the truck would shudder from the impact as the wheels dropped off into a hole and pulling me tighter against his body, Billy would glance at me grinning from ear to ear. A thrill  of desire real or imagined would surge through me and culminate in my groin.

The sensation of our bodies welded one to the other, and the titillating feelings in my groin were enhanced by the up and down movement as we bounced from one hole to another. The motion only increased the hardness of my cock.  There was more than one occasion when it took all of my will-power to prevent a violent eruption of the male magma boiling deep within the recesses of my balls.

I was in the throes of one of those erotic moments when flexing his eyebrows and nodding to the left, Billy said, "Hang in there, cuz, we're almost home."

Looking in the direction he indicated stood a white two-story clapboard house with at least three nondescript buildings nestled among a stand of trees. Standing on the porch and slowly waving one arm over her head was a lady that I assumed was my Aunt Helen, Billy's mother.  Uncle Curt startled me by sounding the truck's horn and casually waving his arm out of the truck's window as he turned the truck to his left between two fence posts.

Aunt Helen was shooing squawking chickens to her left and right as she walked to meet us. With the exception of seemingly having added a few pounds she hadn't changed awfully much.  Her hair was still the same red that I remembered, and she still wore a broad apron that covered the front of her dress down to the dress's hem.

As we reached the crest of a slight rise, the barns, corn-crib and several buildings came into view.  Several cows were gathered in a fenced in enclosure and chickens seemed to be everywhere.

When the truck had stopped, Billy jumped out hollering, "I'd better open the barn doors for the cows, Dad."

Aunt Helen was coming around the front of the truck as Uncle Curt answered, "Best do that boy and then you can get your cousin settled in. Don't take to long though, we got to get the milking done."

"Yes, Sir," Billy called out as he raced in the direction of the huge faded red barn.

I had forgotten Aunt Helen as I watched Billy running full tilt to take care of his self-appointed chore. The sudden sound of my name being called startled me, "Mason, Mason."

Glancing toward the left I saw Aunt Helen advance with her arms spread wide, she hadn't changed very much in the years since I had seen her last.  Her hair was still, although subdued some, reddish brown, her blue eyes crinkled and the smile on her face shone a genuine welcome. I could do nothing but accept her chest crushing embrace.

I was on the verge of suffocation when she suddenly released her grip and replaced it by grabbing my shoulders as a torrent of questions cascaded from her lips. One question after another left me with only the ability to answer, " Mom is fine, Dad's okay, the neighborhood hasn't changed much." 

I'm sure that, I missed some of her questions but, she didn't seem too concerned. She talked as we walked toward a side door that I learned into a large kitchen. Without asking, she directed me toward a chair at the kitchen table, and exclaimed, "You must be starved after that long ride. You just sit where you are while I pour you a glass of milk and cut you a piece of apple pie I just made." Again without asking, she served pie and milk while talking and insisting that I was hungry. Actually, I wasn't hungry for what she was serving. I had something a lot more  satisfying than apple pie on my mind.

My hard-on had receded only slightly, and while Aunt Helen was talking and bustling around I was wondering how long Billy would be in the barn.  My question was answered when he suddenly burst through the kitchen screen door carrying my suitcase.

"Hey, Mom, can I have some milk and pie?"  He asked as he dropped the suitcase at the bottom of stairs that led up to the second floor of the house.

"Help yourself; the pie is on the sideboard and you know where the milk is," she replied


I came close to stabbing my cheek as I tried to eat the pie and look at Billy while eating.  He was wolfing his pie and gulping his milk and coming close to being finished before I was.  As it was, we finished at almost the same time. He would have beaten me if he hadn't tried to consume the syrup on his plate.

"You two ate like you had something important to do," Aunt Helen said as she removed the dirty plates and glasses.

"Dad told me to show Mason where he was going to sleep, and then I gotta help him with the milking." Billy said as he scooted his chair back from the table. A noncommittal grunt was the answer he got as he grabbed my arm with one hand and my suitcase with the other.

We ascended the stairs to a short hallway with a single unshaded light hanging down from the ceiling.  On the right wall there were two doorways, duplicated on the left. At the end was another door, the door that Billy was headed for.

The room was large and compared to my room at home, it was sparsely furnished.
Two unmatched beds stood against the wall on either side of a large curtained window. To the right of the doorway as we entered, there was a five-drawer chest with various items scattered on top. In addition to the chest-of-drawers, there was clothing hanging on several wall pegs. There was a door that I assumed was a closet. In the far corner there was a five-gallon enameled pot with a non-descript wooden board covering the top.

Billy threw my suit-case on one of the beds exclaiming, "this is it Cuz. It ain't much but it'll do." 

"It's okay, Billy," I replied. "I thought I would be sleeping on an army cot or something like that, but not a bed."

"Nah," he said as he threw himself on his bed. He lay on his side, bending his arm at the elbow so he could lean on his hand and hold his head up. "When, Dad told me you would be staying with us for the summer, he said we could buy a cot at the hardware store but Mom told him to get a proper bed."

"A cot would have been all right," I replied, secretly relieved that Aunt Helen had insisted on a bed.

"Nope," he grunted as he swung his legs over the side of his bed and stood up. "Mom said a bed, and a bed is what we got," he said as he  shrugged his shoulders, allowing the straps and bib to fall to his waist.

He stood stretching his arms over his, and I could see prominent twin nipples pressing against the thin fabric of his shirt.  When he lowered his arms and looked at me, I could see a twinkle in his eyes. Sitting back down, he started to unlace his high-top shoes. I stood like a schoolboy, nervously gazing at the broad expanse of his back and his small waist.  My cock expanded to its fullest and I felt my nuts drawing up.

"Are you gonna change clothes or stand there, Mason?" He asked as he pulled his shoes off.

"Change," I replied, dropping onto my bed.

"Its best if you brought some old pants or shorts with some pull-overs to knock around in," He said while still sitting. Undoing the buttons on either side of his waist, the bib fell down between his legs exposing a trickle of dark brown hair cascading down from his naval between the hard ridged muscles of his abdomen to merge with the thick dark curls of his still not fully exposed pubic hair. Seeing the direction of my gaze and grinning impishly, he inserted his thumbs on either side of the waist band of his overalls and started slowly pushing downward revealing the thick base of his cock nestled within a thick mass of silky soft dark brown hair.

I stood transfixed as he slowly pushed his overalls down exposing the full length of his hard impressive uncut cock. My cock was so hard it ached. Waves of excitement swept over me and inhaling deeply, I unconsciously gripped its still cloth covered length.

"What's the matter, Mason," Billy said softly, his eyes gleaming as his overalls dropped around his ankles.

My mind went blank for a few moments but, I squeezed my cock tightly, and swallowing the excess saliva that had accumulated in my mouth, I stammered, "Noth...nothings wrong, Billy."

"Are you sure?" he asked while he pulled his shirt and undershirt off over his head, revealing his magnificently muscled chest. Twin nipples, surrounded by large brown aureoles jutted out pertly.  There was a small patch of hair at the sternum that traveled down between ridges of hard abdominal muscles to surround his inward navel and then merge with the thick silky mass of dark brown hair that surrounded the base of his impressive cock.   

"You've seen me naked when we jerked off and played with each other," Billy said softly, seductively.

"Yeah but not like this. We were kids then," I replied as I stood up to undress.

Billy stood less than feet away from me, stark naked, his chest expanding and receding as he breathed.  With his hands on his hips like a golden god, and a sly twinkle in his eyes he gently waved his fully extended cock from one side to the other. When he stepped closer and reached for my belt buckle, I felt a wave of panic sweep over me. Looking into my eyes as his fingers worked the leather strap through the belt buckle, he whispered softly, "We aren't kids now, Mason, we're sixteen years old and we've grown some since we were."

"I...I know, Billy, but you sure look a lot bigger than me," I said in a nervous guttural tone.

"Maybe a little, Cuz, but we won't know until we get these clothes off and see what they're hiding.  His fingers fumbled with the buttons on the front of my pants while I pulled my shirt over my head. My legs shook from the passion and excitement that was sweeping over me, and from the way Billy was fumbling with my belt, the thought crossed my mind that he was just as excited as I was.

When my pants dropped down, he pulled the elastic band of my jockey shorts away from my waist and let them fall.  I moaned softly when he wrapped his fingers around the aching six-inch length of my pre-seminal slick uncut cock. "There ain't much difference between us Mason," he said softly. "Not much at all."  His breathing increased as he gently, tentatively stroked my cock. A surge of electric feelings signaled the rising of sperm in my urethral channel and, I gasped,  "Jesus, Billy, if you keep it up I'll blow my load."

He quickly extracted his hand from my jockeys, and said, "Not now, Mason, later when we have more time."

"Damn, Billy," I said softly, putting my arms around his waist as he put his arms around my chest and pulled us tightly together. "I was hoping but, I sure wasn't expecting this to happen."

"That's not the way it looked in the truck, Mason," He chuckled softly. "You had a rod on all the way home, and so did I."

"You did," I exclaimed. "I couldn't see anything."

"Wellllll," he drawled. "Why do you think I ran off to the barn when Dad told me to?" He said, rubbing his lips over mine.

"I wasn't sure," I replied. "I wanted to follow you but, Aunt Helen trapped me before I could."

"I knew she would do that, Mason, " he replied.  "And, I bet she talked your head off."

"Yeah, she hasn't changed much."

He ran his hands upwards over my back and I felt the goose bumps spreading. Gently grinding his cock against mine, he looked deep into my eyes as he asked, "Mason, have you ever kissed another boy?"

"No," I replied nervously. "I've wanted to see what it's like."

"Neither have I," he replied as his lips covered mine and our tongues met for what would not be the last time.