Cameron Foster
Copyright © 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #10

The light from the stars was enough to walk toward the barn without falling into any ruts caused by wagon wheels, and we had almost reached the barn when the moon came out from behind a large bank of clouds.  The sudden infusion of silver light illuminated the surrounding fields and woods in a sort of reverse relief.  The trees appeared black in stark contrast to the surrounding fields of shimmering silver grass, tobacco and corn.  Half buried rocks and boulders appeared as mottled  black and silver stepping stones, and the stream that ran through Gramps farm was a silver ribbon weaving its way through the dark hollows and willow trees before disappearing through a cleft formed by two ridges in the undulating landscape. 

I had seen the silvery black scene many times, and it was always fascinating and changing but, never boring.  While I was under the spell of the beauty shown by the silvery moon, I didn't notice that Cameron had stopped in front of me until with an "oof," I bumped up against him. 

"I'm sorry , Cam, I wasn't paying attention, and I didn't know you had stopped," I exclaimed softly, a little embarrassed.

"No bother, Brad, I was miles away, thinking," he replied, grabbing my wrist, and holding me tightly.

We stood silent for several minutes blending in with the moon lit surroundings.  Cameron clung to my wrist, squeezing gently, and just as I inhaled to speak, he turned his head looking at me, his lips parting.  "As long as I can remember, Brad, I've wished my folks and me could have had a farm like this.  A place where we could have lived and worked, and someday, if it became mine, I could find someone that loved it as much as me to live with," he said in a melancholy whisper.

For a moment, I was at a loss for words and, his lonely melancholy tone cut through me like a knife.  Twisting my wrist in his hand, he released me, and I pulled him with me into the dark shadow of the barn toward the wooden fence around the barnyard pasture.   Cameron was not that much bigger than me, and I sort of expected him to resist but as I pushed him against the fence, he put his arms around my waist, a soft warm glint in his eyes, his succulent lips millimeters from mine.  Our bodies molded together as we embraced, our lips meeting in a passionate tongue twisting kiss, and I could feel the beat of his heart, the strength of his arms as he held me tightly to him, our cocks hardening between us. 

Breathing deeply as our lips separated, I  looked into the glowing depths of Cam's eyes and said, "you and your mom and dad can stay here with us, and that would almost be like having your own place.  Gramps has told me lots of times that he wished he could find someone who would want to stay and help out instead of being here for only a short time before moving on."
"I got a hunch we won't be moving that quick, Mom and Dad like your grandfather, and I like you," he said as he moved his hands down my back, and over my buttocks, squeezing and gripping them tightly, his eyes glistening. "What about you, Brad, do you want us to stay?" He asked, inhaling and pressing his hard cock against mine as he teasingly ran the reddish tip of his tongue over his lips.

"What do you think I want, Cam," I replied, gripping the fence railing tightly as I leaned heavily into him, pushing my cock into his pelvis feeling his muscles tightening as he gently kneaded my ass cheeks.

An erotic feeling of passion engulfed the two of us as we gazed into each others eyes, our lips touching, tasting, brushing without penetration.  The steady cadence of Cam's heart matched the rhythm of mine, and our breathing was becoming more labored as we ground our throbbing cocks together.  The pressure in my groin was increasing, and I could feel Cameron's  passion building  as the grinding tempo between us increased. 

There was a change in the atmosphere surrounding us as the moon slipped behind a bank of thick clouds, the night suddenly a surreal blackness, covering the rutting of teenage animals.  The only sound was that of two hearts beating in synch as we raced unchecked to a testosterone charged climax .   I felt my cock swelling, hardening and then in a blinding flash of erotic power I felt the volcanic eruption of sperm gushing over my tightened abdominal muscles and pelvis hair.  In the euphoric haze that surrounded us, I felt Cameron's muscles tighten, his fingers digging into the cloth covered flesh of my buttocks as he pulled us tightly together, moaning softly, "Brad, Brad,  I don't ever want to lose you."

I felt the force of his cock spewing streams of his sperm, the tight muscles of his body relaxing with each gushing spasm, and my muscles relaxing as the last remnants of my seed drained from my softening cock.   We stood leaning against the fence, our young bodies momentarily spent from the cataclysmic force that had pumped the seed from the depths of our loins.

Cams head lolled against mine, and I moved one hand from the railing, stroking his hair as I murmured, "I don't want to lose you either, Cam. I knew that there was something different about you when I saw you sitting between your mom and dad, and it made me feel all queasy like inside, like I was going to pee on myself."

Chuckling softly, Cam moved his hands from my buttocks, and clasping them behind my waist in the small of my back, he kissed my neck and, looking into my eyes, said, "It looks like we were thinking the same thing, Brad.  I told you that I had sex with a couple of other guys, but they never made me feel the way you do, and I meant what I said,  I don't want to lose you."

His forthrightness and his tone of sincerity was overpowering, and I felt a lump forming in my throat as I listened.  I still was not sure where my feelings were or why he made me feel the way that I did,  but my heart told me that no one could ever replace Cameron.

"I think we both feel the same Cam, but right now, I think we better turn the lights off in the barn and get cleaned up.  I ain't never shot a load in my overalls before."

"Me neither, but I ain't never been with anyone that did it like that," he replied, his dark brown eyes twinkling as he brushed his lips over mine, whispering impishly as he released his hold around my waist, "It was exciting and different, and i liked it, didn't you?"

"Yeah, sure I did," I replied, feeling the stickiness in my groin, and stepping back. "I don't like the wet sticky feeling, but I sure got excited, and I really wasn't exactly sure what to do so I just did what you were doing."

"It was fun, wasn't it?" Cam asked as we moved away from the fence. 

"Yeah, it was but, if we do it again, lets undress first." I answered softly.

"That makes sense, Brad," he said, agreeing as we moved toward the barn.

* * * * * * * * * *
Cam turned off the lights in the milk room while I took care of the ones over the milking stalls.  There were some scratchy scurrying sounds coming from the hay loft but, we knew that was probably chickens on their nests or a family of barn rats looking for food. 

When Cam looked up, I said, "Rats probably but, they won't last long."

Why not, you don't have traps in the hay loft do  you?"  he asked as we stepped through the portal door.

"No, silly, ain't you ever heard of black snakes hunting for rats?" I replied, snickering softly.  "There are a couple of black snakes that live in the barn that eat the rats or mice.  Once, I started to cut a black snake in two with a hoe and, Gramps had a fit.  He explained about how they do good by hunting the rodents that eat corn, chicken eggs and even little chicks."

"First time I heard that," Cam said as we walked across the moonlit yard toward the wash bench.

"I bet your Dad knows about black snakes," I said.

"He probably does, just ain't never had no call to talk about it," he said as we reached the wash bench.

"Damn, Cam," I exclaimed under my breath, looking around furtively as we cleaned off the sperm using cold wash rags. "I sure wish we had hot water."

"Me too," he answered.  "But, we better hurry up and finish before someone comes out the house."

"Yeah," I replied, cringing as I washed my cock and balls.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cam's mother was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, and we could hear the  big Zenith radio in the living room where Gramps and Lester were probably listening intently to the news.  She looked up as we opened the screen door, and said, "I don't have to sit in there to hear that gosh darn radio, they got it playing so loud."

"Gramps has to have it a little loud, Aunt Elizabeth," I said quickly in his defense. "He is a little hard of hearing."

Smiling benevolently, she said, "I reckon they both will be soon enough.  You boys want some milk and cornbread?"

"No, ma'am," I replied looking at Cam who shook his head in agreement. "We both got kind of wet washing up, and I reckon we better get changed out of these wet clothes."

"I guess you should, you both look like you took a bath with your clothes on," she said in agreement, looking at our wet crotch areas.  "Throw those down after you take 'em off and, I'll dry them by the stove."

"We will, Mom," Cam said as he kissed his mother on the cheek and followed me pell mell up the stairs.

When we reached the top of the stairs, we quickly shucked the wet overalls and tossed them back down the stairs, both of us calling out our 'goodnights' as we scurried to the bedroom, hearing Cams mother reply, "goodnight."

As we got into bed, Cam's arms went around me natural like, and our lips met in a soft, passionate kiss, and our hardening cocks pressed against each others hard flat stomach's.  His mouth tasted sweet, the beat of his heart was slow but increasing and matching the rapid beat of my heart as we kissed.  His earlier words of 'not wanting to lose me' echoed in my head.  Pulling my head back slightly, our lips parted and, he looked at me curiously as he asked, "Something wrong?"

"No," I answered.  "I was just remembering what you said earlier about not wanting to lose me."

"I meant it, Brad, every word."

"I know you did," I said softly, looking into his eyes and breathing in deeply.  " I feel the same way, I don't want to lose you."

We lay quietly for several minutes, looking at each other as the earlier passion subsided.  I didn't know quite what to do at first, not sure if we should make love to sort of show we really meant what we had said to each other - or what.  I could still feel our cocks between us, even though they had softened, and I felt his heart beating in sync with mine; both of us breathing softly in a sort of limbo - unsure.  My mind was racing when Cam moved his hand to my face and stroking my cheek, he pulled my head next to his on the pillow and said, "We've got a long road ahead of us, Brad, but I don't know of anyone except you that I want to be with."

I didn't reply, I didn't have to.  I could feel something building between us, a love that would endure through troubles not of our making... yet to come.

* * * * * * * * * *