By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #2  

Gramps and Cameron’s parents looked up as we came through the screen door.  Gramps had a cup of coffee, his favorite beverage, in front of him and Mrs. Foster was standing at the sink pumping water into a dishpan.  There was a plate with a glass of milk waiting for Cameron.  

“Sit down and eat Cameron, the cornbread is still warm.” His mother said.

“There’s more in the stove warmer if that’s not enough.” Gramps said smiling as he and Cameron’s dad got up from the table.

“Mr. Foster and I are going to walk around the farm a bit and talk some more.”

Cameron and I looked at each other before I stammered. “Are, are they gonna be staying with us Gramps?”

“Don’t be getting the cart in front of the horse Brad.”  Gramps said over his shoulder as they went out the door.

Cameron and I sat at the table after they left. He put two big hunks of cornbread on his plate covering it with churn butter and molasses and started eating.  He was wolfing his food down and his mother cautioned him as she poured his milk.

“Cameron slow down, there’s aplenty. You’ll have Bradford thinking you don’t have any table manners.”

“I’m sorry Mom. We only had a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast.” He said sheepishly.

“That’s no call to act like your starved.”

“Yes ma’am. Are we gonna be staying here with Mr. Brockman and Brad?  I sure hope so.”  He said glancing at me sideways.  

“That’s up to your father and Mr. Brockman but I reckon we might be. Would you like a glass of milk Bradford?"

“No ma’am and Mrs. Foster, call me Brad please. No one else calls me Bradford except my momma when she is here.”  I said slightly embarrassed by mentioning my mother.

“Where is your mom and dad Brad?” Cameron blurted out with his mouth full of cornbread.

Cameron’s mother glared at him and spoke before I could think up an answer.

“Cameron Foster, we don’t ask questions like that. You apologize right this minute young man and finish eating.” She admonished him sternly.

“I’m sorry Brad.” He said, blushing scarlet.

“Ain’t no harm in asking Cam.” I said as I touched his bare forearm.  

In that moment of embarrassed silence I felt a sort of connection between us when he looked at me his eyes soft and shiny. His mother went to the sink after Cameron had said he was sorry and started pumping cold water for heating on the stove in a big kettle.  Over the clanking of the pump I leaned over and whispered. “I hope you get to stay with us.”

“I do to.” He whispered back, bumping my leg with his.

There was a tingling feeling in my groin when I touched the light growth of hair on his arm and my heart skipped a beat when he touched my leg with his.  Even with a mouthful of cornbread and molasses his face had an angelic aura and his soft brown eyes reminded me of a calf’s eyes.  There was a feeling in my gut that I had never experienced before and I felt my cock swelling at the thought of seeing him naked.  When he looked at me and smiled I had a suspicion he was feeling the same way.

Pushing his plate away he drank the last of his milk. . . . “Mom, I’m full.”  He said leaning back and patting his stomach.

“Then you and Brad go on outside while I finish cleaning the dishes.” She said

                * * * * * * * * *

Cameron and I bolted from the kitchen like two young colts that had been released into a pasture with the older horses.   We saw Gramps and Cameron’s dad standing at the barnyard enclosure with their arms resting on the top rail.  

I started to run in their direction but Cameron grabbed my shoulder and I stopped before I got started.

“Ain’t no need to be rushing Brad, I got too much cornbread in me to be running.”

“Don’t you want to find out if y’all are going to be staying with us?” I asked a little surprised at his nonchalance.

“I reckon so but running ain’t gonna make much difference.” He said.

“I guess your right.” I said skipping so we were walking in step.  

Cameron’s legs might have been a mite longer than mine but walking beside him it didn’t seem like he was that much taller.  His sun bleached hair glinted in the sunlight and his stride was a little longer than mine. I think he realized it and slowed some so I could keep up with him.

“Do you have a school hereabouts Brad?”  He asked breaking the silence.

“Yeah.” I answered. “It’s over by Owenton. The bus stops out front. What grade are you in?”

“The eighth grade coming up. How about you?”

“The seventh. Do you play any sports?” I asked.

“Never had much time but I played some baseball. Sharecropping don’t give much time for playing though. You been living with your grandfather long?”

“As far back as I can remember. How come your dad is sharecropping?”  I asked hoping he wasn’t going to ask about my parents.

“We had a place after he came out of the army but it didn’t work out.  We worked it but taxes took more than we could make.  We could of lived with some kinfolk but dad wouldn’t take any charity.  He says as long as he can work he don’t need to live off someone. How big a farm does your gramps have here?”

“I’m not real sure Cam, it’s pretty big. I don’t know how much corn and tobacco he grows but it’s right much. Then there’s Charlie and Fred, Gramps work horses and three mules for working the fields.  We have several milk cows and a herd of beef cattle, some hogs and my grandmother had chickens but after she died gramps stopped raising so many. What we have now is mostly for eating and eggs.   I used to help her with the chickens and her vegetable garden but gramps needed me more after she was gone.   Mr. Dalton and his boys helped out until they left a couple of months ago.  We can use some help since they left.  I sure hope him and your dad can work it out so you all can stay here.”

“Who were the Dalton’s? Immigrants or sharecroppers?”

“Sharecroppers. We didn’t need immigrant help while they were here.  Gramps let them work fifty acres for themselves with a house on it in exchange for working for him four days a week.  They stayed through one crop last year and after helping with the spring planting this year Mr. Dalton told gramps they were moving out west to Missouri. He had a brother there that needed help. It bothered him somewhat with the cultivating and harvest coming up but he understood them going to help Mr. Dalton’s brother.   He’ll probably let y’all do the same thing if they can work it out between them.  I hope they do.”   

 “Me too.” He said glancing at me his eyes filled with hope.

                * * * * * * * * *

“Did you get your fill Cameron?” Gramps said as we walked up.

“Yes sir, Mr. Brockman.  Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.” Cameron said looking at Gramps and then at his father.

Gramps had a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes as he watched the both of us fidgeting.  He was holding the shoulder straps of his overalls in his hands and looking at Mr. Foster he said more for our benefit than his, “Do you reckon the two of them can get along together Lucas?”

“I reckon they can.”  He answered his face breaking out in a broad smile.

Cameron stood still for a second before whooping out loud. . . . . “Were going to be staying dad, for real?  You hear that Brad?  Were going to be staying here with y’all.” He said excitedly.  

I felt like jumping up and down myself but Gramps put his hand on my shoulder and drawing me to himself put his arm around my shoulder.  When I looked up in his eyes he winked. “Looks like you’ll have someone to help you with the livestock Brad.”

“He’ll be doing more than that Mr. Brockman. I’m sure the missus will be agreeable but I better talk with her.”

“Mom already said it was up to you dad.” Cameron said still excited.

“Maybe so son but I best talk with her. You stay here with Mr. Brockman and Brad until I get back.”

“Lucas.” Gramps said. “Unless you want me to be calling you Mr. Foster, best you drop the mister.  Walt or Walter will do.”

                * * * * * * * * *

The three of us stood silent for a few minutes watching Cameron’s father walk towards the house.  He glanced at his overloaded truck before going inside.

Gramps leaned back against the fence and hooked his foot over the bottom rail.  I moved to where Cameron was standing facing the house. I could almost feel the concern running through him when gramps spoke.

“You boys getting to know each other Brad?”  He asked.

“Yeah Gramps. We were talking and I was telling him about the school and the Dalton’s, stuff like that. I told him you might let them do like the Dalton’s did while they stayed here.  Cam will be in the eighth grade next term, a year ahead of me. We can ride the school bus together.”

“That’s part of what Cameron’s dad and me were talking about. Your dad sounds like he might want to stay on for a while Cameron.  Y’all can have the use of the house and the same fifty acres the Dalton’s were using.  We might have to do a little fixing on the house though.  The last time I looked it was in pretty good shape except for the outhouse and one of the bedrooms.  You and Brad might have to share his bedroom until we can get yours cleaned up Cameron. The big bedroom room seemed to be okay but one of the windows in the smaller bedroom was broken and the birds and some other critters messed it up and I haven’t had time to fix it.”

“Cam can sleep with me until its fixed and cleaned up Gramps. Can’t he?” I said quickly but trying not to sound over anxious.

“Well son, lets not go jumping the gun at least not until Lucas gets back from talking with his missus, they might have other ideas about what they will want to do.  Women folk figure a lot in these things especially where family is concerned.”

“Mom and Dad think pretty much alike Mr. Brockman.  Neither one of them wants to leave Kentucky if it can be helped.”  Cameron said.

“You might be right Cameron, here come your folks now.”  Gramps said nodding in the direction of the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster were walking towards us with their heads together talking and Cameron bolted running to his parents.  The three of them stood talking with each other for a few minutes and then Cameron put his arms around his mother. His father hugged the two of them before coming to where Gramps and me was standing waiting for them.  

“I reckon we’ll be taking you up on your offer Walt.  We’d be right proud to help out and I can promise you a good days work.” Cameron’s father said extending his hand.

“Right now Lucas, I’ll settle for a platter of good fried chicken and biscuits with the fixins if Mrs. Foster would oblige us by fixin supper.”

“Cooking for hungry men is always a pleasure Mr. Brockman. It’ll be real good cooking on a real stove instead of a campfire. ”  She said smiling at Gramps and then at her husband.

“That’s a pleasure we’ll be looking forward to Mrs. Foster but right now we best be showing you your house first.  Lucas, just follow the roadway alongside the fence there and me and Brad will be along in the truck.”  

“Can Cam ride with us Gramps?” I blurted out.

“I reckon so if’n he wants to.”

                * * * * * * * * *

The sharecroppers house was on a rise some four-hundred yards or so south of the main house.  It only had one floor with two bedrooms a small parlor but it had a large kitchen with a huge stone fireplace and a wood cook stove.  There was a small barn with the outhouse on down the hill behind the house.  The Dalton’s had done a pretty good job of keeping the house and barn in good condition but the outhouse would need some repairs.

Gramps was right about the smaller bedroom. There were only a couple of panes of glass left in the window and the “birds and critters” had really messed it up.  The rest of the house would only need cleaning to make it livable.

                * * * * * * * * *

When we drove up behind where Cam’s Dad had parked, they were inside the house.  Gramps joined them while Cam I looked around the outside.  When he saw the outhouse he looked at me grinning.

“That don’t look like a two-holer.” He said, nodding his head in the direction of the outhouse.

“It ain’t and that door is gonna need fixing.”

“That won’t be no trouble Brad, I can fix that. The barn don’t look like it needs any fixing though.”

“The Dalton’s took good care of it, especially the roof.  It’s mostly used for hay storage after its cut and you know what happens if it gets wet; it gets moldy and ain’t no good for feed or bedding. There’s plenty of room for your Dad’s truck if he wants to put it inside.”  I said as we went around behind the barn.

“Reckon there’s no need to be going to the outhouse Brad, I can take a leak right here.” He said as he unbuttoned the fly of his overalls.

I watched nervously as he fished his cock out and skinned it back.  He gave it a couple of strokes before a strong yellow stream hit the barn wall.

“Whew!!” He said looking at me. “I was about ready to bust a gut.”

“Me too.” I said as I fished my cock out.

We stood side by side pissing and I tried looking at his cock out of the corner of my eye without him noticing. His was a little bigger than mine but not much and we both were hooded not cut back like some of the kids I had seen at school.

When we finished pissing Cam milked his down and it started getting bigger. I started getting hard from watching him and he turned towards me looking down at mine.

“You got a nice looking cock Brad, do you jerk off much?”  He said looking at me and stroking his cock.

“Once in awhile.” I said nervously, my legs starting to shake.

“I do it whenever I can.” He said as he moved closer. “But I ain’t never seen another guy jerk off. Do you cum much?”

“I reckon I do.” I croaked. My mouth was dry and I was shaking all over but I couldn’t take my eyes away from his hand sliding the skin back and forth exposing the head of his cock.   His cock was thick and looked like it was maybe six-inches long.

We both stood watching each other jerk off and my body felt like it was on fire.  Cam was hunched down a little with his head back and his hand was a blur sliding up and down.  The head of his cock glistened from white stuff oozing from its slit. He suddenly thrust his hips forward and he hissed, “Here it comes Brad. Oh shit.”

His body started jerking as streams of white stuff started spewing from the head of his cock against the barn wall. I felt a groan escape from my lips and my throbbing cock swelled and jerked in my hand as white stuff spurt from it.  My cum splat against the wall with his and it felt like bolts of fire were shooting from inside of me and I clinched my teeth trying not to scream from the feelings that shot through me.  We both leaned our heads on the wall gasping for air. After a few minutes Cam straightened up and still breathing heavy he gasped, “Jesus Brad that was hot watching you shoot your load.”

I was still shaking and breathing as heavy as he was when I straightened up. “Yeah, me too. I ain’t never felt like that before.”

“Me neither.” He said looking at me, his eyes shining.

I didn’t feel as nervous as I had and we both just grinned at each other as we milked the last drops of cum from our softening cocks.

“You wanna do it again Brad?” He asked as he stuffed his cock back inside his overalls.

“Sure but we better be getting back with the folks before they come looking for us.” I said as I buttoned my fly.

                * * * * * * * * *

I didn’t know it then but Cameron and I were going to learn a lot more about each other after that first jerk off together.