Cameron Foster

By Lee Mariner



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Chapter #4

I don't know what woke me but I struggled in the throes of reluctance to leave the warmth of my dreams and the thin quilt that covered me. Perhaps it was the aroma of frying bacon that assailed my nostrils combined with the hollow sound of water splashing in the chamber pot that forced my eyes open.  The need to empty my aching bladder intensified when I saw Cam standing over the chamber pot in the pre-dawn gray light coming through the bedroom windows.

Yawning I thrust my arms up to the ceiling and arched my back; stretching and enjoying the luxuriant feeling of my muscles awakening. "Good morning, Cam, sleep well?" I asked while scratching the scalp of my head.

He turned and looked at me. I could see the movement of his arm as he milked the remnants of his morning piss from his cock. "Like a baby." He said grinning. "How about you?"

"The same." I said as I threw the quilt back and swung my legs over the side of the bed, my piss hard cock slapping against my stomach.

Padding barefoot across the wooden plank floor I joined him. I sighed with relief as the dam burst filling the pot with the overnights accumulation that stretched my bladder.

Stepping back from the pot, Cam moved behind me and putting his arms around my waist rested his chin on the top of my shoulder.  The feeling of his still half hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass sent a shiver through me and I laid my head against his hoping I was hitting the pot.

He blew his breath on my cheek whispering, "Did you enjoy last night?"

"I enjoyed being with you if that's what you mean." I said while milking my stiffening cock.

I felt his cock hardening and his hands running over my stomach and chest sent chills through me.  His tongue touching my neck was like a hot dart pricking me. When he brushed my hand away and wrapped his fingers around my cock my heart quickened and I gasped whispering, "Ohhhhhh shit Cam."

He tightened his grip on my cock and squeezing me tighter against him he started stroking its hard throbbing length.  I felt the stickiness of his pre-cum as he hunched pushing his cock into the crack of my ass and the sensations charging through me were like bolts of fire. My legs shook and my heart beat quickened from the increasing pressure in my loins and I could feel the contractions and movement of my balls  responding to the urgent, rapid movement of Cam's hand.

"Cam." I gasped. "I.....I........I'm...."

"Yeah, me too."  He groaned his arm a steel muscled band around my chest holding me close.

Cam's hand was a vice gripping my throbbing cock the tempo of his stroke increasing with each hunch of his hips. The feeling of his pre-cum slick cock sliding in the crack of my ass while he jerked me off sent thrills washing over me and I felt the sperm rising in my cock as my nuts drew up tight into my groin.  I could hear Cam's breathing becoming heavier and his thrusting hips were like a pile driver sliding his cock up and down between the cheeks of my ass.  "It's coming Brad, you ready?"

I didn't get a chance to answer him. My tensed body was on fire with feelings I hadn't felt before and the cum exploding from my cock with the cataclysmic force of an exploding volcano was answer enough. It felt as if all of the strength in my muscles was draining through my swollen cock.   My orgasm must have sent Cam over the edge.  In the euphoric haze of sexual release I heard him groan and releasing my wilting cock he placed both hands over my pelvis and drove his cock tight against my ass. I felt hot sperm shooting up between us with each spasm of his throbbing cock.  He held me tight and his body trembled as he shot his load.

We stood over the chamber pot leaning against each other but not saying anything. After a few moments, Cam moved his hands from my pelvis over my chest muscles and held me close with his head resting on my shoulder. His breath was warm and I could feel his heart beating against my back.   I didn't know that I could feel so powerful and weak at the same time.  I did know that I liked what Cam and I had done together. 

"Cam." I whispered.

"Mmmmm, yeah."  He answered softly.

"We better clean up before Gramps calls us. There's a washcloth and water in the pitcher on the table with the washbasin." I said.

The water was cold and when Cam touched my back with the cloth I sucked my breath in.  "Damn Cam, that's cold."

"Why do you think I wanted to do you first?" He said grinning at me.

"Okay but I'll get even."

"When, tomorrow morning?"  He said as he washed the crack of my ass.

I stood still letting him clean off my back. We hadn't known each other a full day and here we were standing together naked putting our hands on each other.  We had jerked off together behind a barn and had sex with each other twice in my bedroom. I had felt strange around other boys but there was something about Cameron that was different.  He had a devilish attitude, an impish grin and when he smiled his face lit up and his eyes sparkled. His voice was warm and when he spoke it washed over you I didn't know then what loving someone felt like but in the few short hours we had known each other I knew I liked Cameron.

'Hey Brad, my turn." He said, his soft dulcet tones cutting through my thoughts.

"Oh, sure." I answered taking the wash cloth from his hand.

"What were you thinking about before while I was cleaning your back?" He asked as I washed his chest and hard flat stomach.

His muscles rippled under the coolness of the washcloth and I grinned at him while I was trying to remove the sperm that clung to his pubic hair. "Oh nothing really Cam." I answered. "I'll tell you about it later. We better finish up."

 We were almost finished cleaning each other off when Gramps banged on the door. "You kids gonna sleep all day? Roll out the sun is almost up. We got chores to do."

"Oh shit." Cam muttered as I hollered out. "We're getting dressed Gramps. We'll be right down."

"Get a move on then. I got biscuits in the oven and the bacon is done. Cam's Mom and Dad will he here any minute for breakfast."

"Yes sir." I answered as Cam and I separated, our once hard cocks hanging limp from the surprise.

"Does your Gramps do that all the time?" Cam asked.

"Not always, usually he stands at the bottom of the stairs and hollers until he hears my feet hit the floor."

"He scared the shit out of me. I thought he was gonna come in."

"Nah, he hasn't done that since he caught me playing with myself last year."

"Your Gramps caught you jacking off?" He said wide-eyed while he pulled his shorts over his glistening cock.

"Yeah but he didn't do anything.  He just grinned and later he explained about sex. I got a kick out of him telling me about what cows, pigs and horses do. I'd seen all of that but I guess he thought he needed to tell me more about it. He got all tongue-tied and turned red in the face when he told me about boys and girls." I said as I finished dressing.

"He didn't say anything about you jacking off?"

"Only that all boys do it and why.  He told me to be careful and not get into trouble with girls."

"Yeah, my Dad told me about the same way except he didn't catch me doing it.  He just said he figured I was getting old enough to know what sex was all about.  I really think he saw me getting a hardon when we were helping a bull get it in a cow. That bull sure had a big dick. He had that cow hunching and the both of them were bawling so loud you could've heard them in the next country. I damn near shot off in my overalls."

"I always get horny when I see some of the animals doing it. Gramps only just started letting me help when he's breeding some of the livestock."

"You got all horny watching me jerk off yesterday didn't you?"

"Sure, who wouldn't. I ain't never seen another boy jacking off like that."

"You were horny a little bit ago." He said grinning, his eyes sparkling.

"Yes and you better stop talking about it." I answered feeling my cock starting to swell again.

"What about later?" He asked his eyes sparkling as he sat down on the bed with me to tie his shoes.

"Don't see why not." I answered my voice trembling.

"Me neither." He said.

When we stood up Cam pulled me to him and looking into my eyes he whispered. "I like you Brad."

"I like you too Cam. I hope you get to stay here with us." I said a feeling of warmth washing over me.

"Me too." He said as his lips brushed over mine.

                                                                   * * * * * * * * *

Cam's Mom and Dad came through the screen door into the kitchen just as we hit the bottom of the stairs. His Mother was carrying a small bundle with her and looking at us she smiled.  "Good morning Cameron, Brad.  My but you look like you slept well."

"Sleeping in a bed is better than sleeping on the ground in a tent Mom." He said as he kissed her on the cheek.

"I can understand that." His Father said. "My bones don't ache this morning."

"Breakfast is almost ready except for the eggs." Gramps said from where he was standing by the stove. "You boys get washed up. The towel's are hanging where you left them."

"Yes sir." We said, dashing for the door.

We heard Cam's Mother take charge in the kitchen as we left them.

                                                                    * * * * * * * * * * 

"I'll take care of the cooking Mr. Brockman." She said.  "You and Lucas have your coffee while the boys are cleaning up." Cam's Mother said as she sat her bundle on the sideboard.

"Walter please Elizabeth.  Ain't no one ever calls me Mr. Brockman." Gramps growled good naturedly as he backed away from the stove.

"Walter then, but don't be getting in my way while I'm putting breakfast on the table." She answered.  "After my kitchen is cleaned up we'll be wanting you and Bradford to be taking your meals with us once in awhile.  I know you must be a pretty good cook but that ain't no reason ya'll can't eat with us if you're a mind to."

"I thank you for that Elizabeth.  Me and Brad ain't had a woman's cooking since his grandmother passed on."

"You're in for a treat Walter. Elizabeth is a mighty fine cook and I don't mind saying so. You can tell." Lucas said patting his stomach with one hand and lifting his coffee cup with the other.

"I reckon we better get the kitchen cleaned up first then."  Gramps said.

"I suppose so Walt but I'd like to take a walk around and get familiar with how you do things. Maybe the boys can help Elizabeth after the milking is done."

"You won't have no trouble with leaning the farm but it sounds all right to me, Lucas. The boys can clean out the stalls and re-fodder while you and I do the milking. Brad and me been doing that but with you and Cam helping out it shouldn't take that long and then they can help clean up the cottage.  Is that all right with you Elizabeth?"

"I reckon so Walter. Milking comes first if'n you don't want the cows bawling their heads off." She answered as she turned eggs in a large cast iron skillet.

Gramps kitchen was not that difficult to learn. Like most farm kitchens, it didn't have any frills and it was pretty simple. It had a sink built under one window and a cast iron water pump. There was a table with cane back chairs and a sideboard where Grandma kept her linens. There was a large kitchen cabinet where flour, sugar and other store-bought items stored in it. The stove was cast iron and wood fired. Gramps built the fire but it was my job to keep the wood box filled.   He told me later he enjoyed watching Cam's Mother moving around fixing and setting the table. She reminded him of Grandma. Cam and I were almost finished washing up when he called out to me.

"Brad.  Don't forget to bring in the milk out of the spring house and some butter."

"Yes sir." I answered.

"You got a spring house?" Cam asked with a surprised tone in his voice.

"Yeah, it's behind the house. That's one of the reason's my great-grandfather built the house here so it'd be close to the water.  The spring never runs dry and he built a shed over it to keep the dirt out. It runs off down into a hollow and there is a great pond for swimming in among the rocks.  It runs off from the pond onto the next farm. Great-Grandpa fenced the pond in so the livestock couldn't muddy it up but they got plenty of water on down below the rocks.  It ain't a great big pond but that's where we swim and take baths in the summer.  The water is cold as can be but it feels good once you get in it. My Grandpa piped it in the house for washing dishes and drinking.  You have to use the pump inside but it's better than going outside in the winter."  I said proudly as I showed Cam the spring house.

                                                             * * * * * * * * * *

When Cam and I walked back inside, Gramps and Lucas were sitting at the table. Cam's Mother was sitting platters of bacon, eggs and fresh biscuits on the table. She took the milk and butter from us, telling us to sit down before our breakfast got cold.  She made sure Gramps and Lucas had what they wanted before the platters were handed to us and she sat down. 

Cam and I sat across from each other and while we were eating I felt his foot brush against my leg. When I looked at him he would grin and my cock was so hard it ached.  I lowered my head so the others wouldn't see the redness in my face.

Gramps and Lucas were talking about crops and rain. Cam & me were finished eating our breakfast and when we started to excuse ourselves from the table Cam's Mother spoke to him.

"I brought some fresh clothes from the house, Cameron. From the looks of your bedroom it might be a few days before you'll be using it. Maybe you can stay with Bradford and Mr. Brockman until we can get it cleaned up." She said looking at Gramps and her husband.

"No trouble at all, Elizabeth.  Brad's bed is big enough for the two of them unless Cam wants to use the old cot that's out in the tack room."

"We didn't have any trouble last night, Gramps. Besides, there ain't any kind of mattress he can use on the cot."  I said trying not to sound excited.

"That's up to you boys. Right now though the sun is up and I can hear the cows in the barnyard mewling for the barn doors to be opened."

                                                             * * * * * * * * * *