Cameron Foster

By Lee Mariner


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Chapter #5

When Gramps and Lucas got up from the table, Cam and I started to follow them but Cam’s mother wouldn’t have any of that.

“You boys clean your plates first.” She said sternly.  “Times have not gotten so good we waste food.   I don’t reckon the cows will mind if the men folk open the doors.”

A stern look from Cam’s father stopped any protest and Gramps grinned at our embarrassed discomfort as we both said, “yes ma’am.”

We wolfed down what was left on our plates and bolted through the door letting it slam behind us. We heard Mrs. Foster call out as the door slammed shut. . . . . .

“Cameron, tell your father and Mr. Brockman, I’ll have lunch ready at noon.”

He called back over his shoulder as we raced to the barn, “I will Mom,” but I’m sure she didn’t hear him.

When we reached the barn, most of the cows were already in the stocks munching on the hay Lucas was forking into the feed troughs. 

“Cam, jump up in the loft and pitch some more hay down while Brad finishes the feeding.” He said as he handed me the pitchfork he was using.  “Walt is gonna need some help with the nursing calves before we can start the milking.”

“You got a pitchfork up there, Brad?” Cam asked.

“Yeah, it’s hanging on the wall by the ladder,” I answered. “I can do that if you want.”

“Nah, I’ll get it. Just don’t get in the way when I start pitching it down.”

“Don’t pitch too much down, Cam. Gramps doesn’t like too much hay on the floor cause it gets moldy.” I said, watching his muscles rippling under his shirt as he deftly climbed the ladder.

It became a game to see if I could dodge out of the way as he deliberately tried to throw a forkful on me.  I was doing pretty good at dodging when Gramps gruffly called out, “no time to be playing, boys, we got too much work to be done.”  Cam got me with a full pitchfork load when I hesitated looking at Gramps.

“I’ll get you for that.” I hollered up at him.

“In your dreams, you might.” He answered with a broad smile on his face until his father hollered.

“Cameron, you got enough hay down. Help Brad with the feeding.”

“Yes sir.” He answered quickly hanging his pitchfork up. 

I later learned that there was a difference between when Cam’s mother called him by his first name and when his father used it.  His mother always used it; but, when his father did, that meant stop the nonsense or shut up.

Cam had a sheepish look on his face when he joined me with another pitchfork.

                * * * * * * * * *

Working together it didn’t take us long to distribute the hay.   When we had finished, I started to move to where Gramps and Lucas were working with the nursing calves; but Cam grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

When I looked at him quizzically he was grinning, his brown eyes sparkling.

“Do you ever go up in the loft?” He asked quietly.

“Of course I do Cam, when it’s just Gramps and me.  He does the feeding while I pitch the hay down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” He said in almost a whisper. “Do you ever jerk off in the loft?”

“Ohhh!” I said trying not to blush at not catching what he was saying at first. “ Sure I have, there, in the outhouse and my bedroom.”

“I bet you do it other places if you get as horny as I do.” He said as he rubbed his hand over the increasing bulge in his overalls.

My cock started getting hard and when I turned my head to see where Gramps and Lucas were he grabbed my crotch. “Oh shit, Cam!!” I gasped. “We can’t do anything now, they’ll catch us.”

He kept on squeezing my hard cock like he didn’t care if we were caught.  He took my hand and held it over the bulge in his crotch. His eyes gleamed when I squeezed and he sucked air into his lungs sighing softly as he exhaled.

“Jesus, Cam.” I whispered pulling my hand away. “You can’t be that horny, not after this morning.”

He reached down inside of his overalls and, adjusting his cock so the bulge wouldn’t show he whispered, “I’ll show you what really gets me horny.”

Quickly adjusting my hard cock, we went around the end of the milking stocks to where the calves were sucking on their mother’s teats.  Gramps was showing Lucas the milk storage room where the stainless steel buckets and cans were kept at the other end or the barn by the tack room.

We could hear the noise the calves made as they sucked on their mother’s teats; and when Cam asked me if I had ever thought about someone sucking my cock like the calf was sucking on his mother’s teat, it shocked me and I looked at him wide-eyed.

“No!!” I answered exclaiming. “Who would ever do that or have you done it?”

“No, but I’ve heard tell of boys sucking on other boys and I’d sure like to find out what it feels like.” He said almost breathlessly. “I get horny as hell just watching a calf sucking a teat like that.  The damned thing is nearly as big as each of us is. Wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like?  I sure would.”

“Maybe, but I ain’t gonna let a calf suck on me to find out.” I said feeling the excitement of what Cam was saying starting to build inside of me.

“I didn’t mean a calf, dummy.  I meant us. I’d be willing if you are.”  He said breathing heavy, his voice sort of gravely. 

I could tell he was excited by the thought of it, and I was just as excited inside from the way my heart was beating.  “Is that why you asked about the loft?”

“Partly.” He answered absentmindedly squeezing his cock.

The air of excitement quickly disappeared when we heard the sound of buckets banging together as Gramps and Lucas came out of the storage room.

I think we both might have looked a little guilty but all Gramps said was, “If y’all are finished with the feeding, pull them calves away from their mothers and put them in the holding pen until we finish the milking.”

I think we both had lost our hards, and we answered quickly, “Yes sir.”

Removing the four nursing calves away from feeding was not easy and it took both of us to do it.   As the sun rose higher, it was getting warmer in the barn; and we both worked up a sweat pushing and pulling the stubborn, bawling calves into the holding pen.  They probably weighed as much as Cam and I did and it was not an easy job. 

“We’ll turn them out when we finish. You and Cam go on down to Fred and Charlie’s pasture and bring them up to the barn.  I want to hook them up to the rock sledge.”  Gramps called out with his head pushing against the cow he was milking. Hollering didn’t break the rhythm of his stroke.

                * * * * * * * * *

“Do the both of you do the milking when there’s no one else here to help out?” Cam asked as we left the barn.

“Sometimes I try and help,” I answered, squinting up at the sun. “I don’t have the rhythm like Gramps does. My fingers get kind of clumsy when I try squeezing from the top to the bottom and from the way a couple of cows kicked, I don’t think they like it.”

“Your grandfather has been milking cows a lot longer than you have Brad but you had pretty good fingers last night.”  Cam said, laughing playfully and skip jumping over the half submerged rocks that littered the pasture.

Cam jumped from rock to rock with a natural athleticism.  His thick dark brown hair seemed to bounce as he jumped with arms akimbo to keep his balance. Unlike the Dalton boy’s Cam was full of life and fun.  Being with him was like the difference between night and day. He was like an older brother while the Dalton’s had been dour and liked to boss me around when we were working together.  I guess they got their attitudes from their father, I don’t remember ever seeing him smile and he was the same way as his boys even with Gramps.     

Cam broke my gloomy train of thought when he hollered from where he was standing on top of a huge rock, “Hey Brad, come on.  I can see the horses in that thicket over by those rocks.”

I looked in the direction he was pointing. I saw Fred and Charlie in the thicket and not very far away Gramp’s three mules stood on a slight rise, totally unconcerned.  Charlie was nonchalantly swishing his tail from side to side while watching us come down the hill, but Fred was standing stock still ears pointed forward and nostrils flared.

 Fred was the younger of the two and more skittish than Charlie. While Charlie took everything in stride, Fred was always suspicious of strangers and could be dangerous until he knew them.  He knew me, but I was still careful whenever I was around him.  Gramps had bought him from a traveling carnival that had mistreated him, and mistreating animals was something Gramps would not abide.

Cam was about halfway between Fred and me, and Fred was looking straight at him. I started to call out a warning when my foot slipped off of the rock I was standing on, and I tumbled down the hill almost to where Cam was.  I heard him holler, “Brad,” as he ran backup the hill to where I was laying up against a large rock that had stopped me from rolling any further.  

“Are you hurt?” he said in a panicky tone of voice, his eyes wide, as he dropped down on his knees beside me his hands feeling all over me.

I was more embarrassed than hurt, but I liked the tone of concern in his voice and the feel of his hands searching for any damage.  The only damage was to my dignity.

“No, I’m not hurt.” I said, struggling to sit up.

Putting his hand in the middle of my chest, he held me down. “You just lay still for a minute,” he said as he sat down beside me.

“Damn, Cam, this rock is not very comfortable to be laying on.”  I answered, feeling the warmth of his concern flowing over me.

“Maybe not, but from the way you bounced over a couple of those rocks, you could have broken something. Maybe I better go and get your grandfather,” he said hesitantly looking back up the hill towards the barn.

“Don’t you dare do that, Cam Foster, and don’t you dare say anything about it,” I exclaimed, pushing his hand from my chest and struggling to sit up again.  “I’m okay.”

“I bet you’ll have some bruises.” He giggled, his eyes laughing at me and said, “You did looked funny rolling like you were.”

“Oh…now I look funny.” I said with a tinge of anger, “A minute ago you were worried I’d broken something and now you think I’m funny.”

“I’m sorry for laughing, Brad, and I’m not making fun of you but you did look funny,” he said smiling at me with sparkling eyes.

His smile was infectious, and I remembered the concern he had earlier.  I started giggling, and he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips.  It wasn’t a passionate kiss but it made me feel warm all over.

When he reached to put his arms around me, I drew back and looked up the hill.

“Not here, Cam,” I whispered even though no one could have heard me.

“Why not?” he said still smiling. “ I like you Brad and I’d hate to see you get hurt.”

“I like you too, Cam, but we better get the horses before they start wondering what’s taking so long.”  I said, standing up. “I was going to warn you about Fred when I slipped. He gets nervous around strangers.”

“I could see that, Brad, from the way he was watching us. I’ve been around horses some you know.”

“I didn’t mean to say you didn’t know horses, Cam, but talk low and look him in the eye until he settles down.  Charlie won’t bolt and run but Fred might. Just watch him.” I said as we moved on down the hill.

Cam was right about one thing; I was going to have a few bruises. 

                * * * * * * * * *

I was no expert, but I could see Cameron was a natural with horses. I was going to approach Fred, but Cam went straight for him moving slow and talking softly.  Fred stood unmoving with his ears forward listening and watching Cam as he approached. Although his muscles were bunched and quivering ready to bolt and his tail was swishing excitedly from side to side he didn’t move. 

Charlie stood patiently as I walked up to him. Taking his halter in one hand, I stroked his neck and talked soothingly to him. When I glanced over at Cam, he was standing in front of Fred soothing him; and Fred had let him put his hand on his nose.  I saw Fred’s muscles relaxing a little as Cam continued talking and stroking his nose.  Fred nickered and lowered his head so Cam could stroke his neck like I was doing to Charlie.

“I think he trusts you, Cam,” I said softly.

“He’s a real beauty.” He answered softly, still stroking Fred’s neck and withers. “Do you think he’d let me ride him?”

The thought of riding the horses back to the barn had not occurred to me, but for some reason Cam’s remark didn’t surprise me even though I wasn’t sure whether Fred would let him mount him.

“Jesus, Cam!! I’m not sure.  I’ve ridden both of them, but Fred isn’t as easy to ride as Charlie. Fred doesn’t trust strangers that much and you only just met him.  I’d die if he threw you off.”

“Would your grandfather mind?” He asked, glancing over at me.

“No, not if you walk him. He would have a fit if you tried to run him in this rocky pasture; and, besides that, you don’t have any reins to control him.”

“You don’t need reins when you ride bareback, Brad. Let’s see if he’ll let me get on his back.”

I held my breath as Cam gathered a handful of Fred’s mane in one hand and placing the other hand in the middle of Fred’s back at his haunches, he sprang upwards lying across Fred’s back with his legs dangling down.  Fred moved sideways at the feeling of Cam’s being on his back and he lifted his head up, nickering. I thought he was about to bolt when he turned his head and looked back at Cam lying over his back. 

His muscles were bunched and for a moment I thought to myself, “Sweet Jesus, he’s going to run.”  He didn’t move and I could see his muscles relaxing as Cam swung his right leg over Fred’s back and slid forward to his shoulders.

“Oh my God, Cam, I didn’t think he’d let you do that,” I gasped in admiration and surprise.

Cam looked fantastic sitting on Fred holding his mane with one hand and patting his neck with the other. He was smiling and his eyes sparkled as he looked down at me.

“It’s easy when they know you aren’t going to hurt them, Brad.  Dad told me to always talk to them like you would a woman and don’t jump right up on’em.”

“They are both boys, Cam,” I said, as I mounted Charlie.

                * * * * * * * * *
Fred nickered and pranced a little just as we started back up the hill, but Cam held him in check following behind Charlie.  When we reached the barn, Gramps and Lucas were standing together watching us ride up.  For a moment I thought we were going to catch it, but Gramps smiled as he reached for Fred’s halter.

“I think we might have a couple of jockey’s on our hands, Lucas,” he said as he reached for Fred’s halter and patted his neck. 

“I don’t know about being jockey’s, Walt, but Cam’s always been a good rider,” Lucas said as he reached for Charlie’s halter.

“He must be for Fred to let him on his back the first time he meets him.”

“You should have seen him, Gramps,” I said, excitedly, as we slid off of the horses. “He walked right up to Fred and started talking just like you taught me. Fred just stood there watching him all the time.”

“You didn’t try to jump right up on him did you, boy? He’d have bolted if you did that,” Gramps said with concern, but not gruffly.

Cam started to answer but his Dad cut him off answering for him.

“He better not Walt or he wouldn’t be able to sit down much less ride a horse, he knows better.  He’s been taught how to handle animals, ‘specially strange ones.”

“Brad’s been taught the same Lucas.” Gramps said, ruffling Cam’s hair. 

In my mind, I knew another bridge had been crossed, but when Gramps spoke again, he surprised both Cam and me.

“It took you boys so long getting Fred and Charlie that we went ahead and cleaned out the barn.  That’s your chore you know.”

“We’re sorry sir.” We both said together and I could see Cam was as embarrassed as I was.

“Just see to it that you don’t forget tonight after we do the milking.” He said grinning at us.

“We won’t.” We said again in unison.

The camaraderie of being praised for our horsemanship faded a little from being chastised for forgetting our chores, but I knew my grandfather.  If he had been really pissed, his anger would have shown. The cleaning of the barn after milking would have still been waiting for us, and his verbal reprimand would have been much harsher. 

“Lets see now, Lucas,” Gramps said as he rubbed his chin. “Elizabeth has already started cleaning the house while these two have been out riding; and; from the looks of the sun, we still have about three hours before lunch.  We’d get more rocks moved off that south slope with their help, but I reckon they best be helping Elizabeth with the window washing, scrubbing and such. Don’t you?”

We both winced, feeling the sting of Gramps words mocking us.  Lucas adding his comment didn’t help us feel any better.

“I reckon so, Walt, wouldn’t want them dropping a stone on their foot and getting hurt.”

“Dad,“ Cam started to say but a withering glance from his father stopped him short.

I knew Gramps was chiding us for taking so long in getting the horses, but when it came to work on the farm, he was always serious even when he was kidding.  I had learned he never stayed angry for long, and I could usually mollify him by apologizing and owning up to mistakes.

“Gramps, I’m sorry, it was partly my fault. I fell going down the hill and Cam made me lie still for a little while. I wasn’t hurt or nothing but it took us longer getting the horses.”

I could see the concern in his eyes when I confessed and out of the corner of my eye I could see Cam glance at me, a surprised look on his face.

Gramps and Lucas started to speak at the same time until Gramps put his hand up.

“You sure you didn’t hurt yourself? There’s lots of buried boulders in that pasture.”

“No sir, I’m okay.” I said trying to be sincere.

“You should have come for us, Cameron,” Lucas said.

“I started to, Dad, but Brad wouldn’t let me. He said he was okay.”  Cam said with a tone of anxiety in his voice.

“Well, I don’t reckon you could leave him but you should have hollered,” Lucas said but less sternly.

“No harm done Lucas. I appreciate Cam being with him. I’ll bet you have a few bruises if you bounced off any of those rocks.” Gramps said, grinning and patting me on the shoulder.

“Yes sir, I reckon I will.” I said rubbing my rump.

“You can rub some liniment on them tonight before you go to bed. Now then, get yourselves on down to the house and help Cam’s mother.”

“You tell your mother we might be a little late and not to wait lunch on us, Cam.”  Lucas said as we hastily moved away.

“Yes sir.”

                * * * * * * * * *

We spent the rest of the morning scrubbing and cleaning every room except the one that would eventually be Cam’s bedroom.  It was going to take more than soap and water to scrub the animal dung from the floor; it was going to need scraping.  The walls were covered with bird droppings where they had sat on the molding that ran around the room just under the ceiling.

“Damn the Dalton’s.” I thought as we cleaned. “There was no need for a house to be in such condition.”

As if he was reading my thoughts, Cam leaned back on his heels breathing heavy from scrubbing the kitchen floor. “Boy, Brad, those people that lived here before must have been really cruddy,” he exclaimed loudly.

“They were, Cam, and they weren’t much help for Gramps either.  He was kind of glad when they left but, if my grandmother was still alive and saw this, she would have had a nip shit fit.”  I said without realizing that Cam’s mother was standing in the doorway.

“Most women would, Bradford,” she said softly with a twinkle in her eyes. “I’m not all fired sure if it would have been as bad as you describe, but I’m sure she would have been upset.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Foster,” I said, embarrassed for the umpteenth time.

“There’s no cause to be, I’ve heard worse from Lucas at times when he has a nip shit fit,” she answered smiling broadly. “Let’s go on up to the big house and you boys can wash up while I fix lunch.  You sure, Cameron, that your father said not to wait on them?”

“Yes ma’am, that’s what he said.”

                * * * * * * * * *

We both were too tired to play around but when we stripped our shirts off both of us were sweat-streaked dirty. The hot sun beating down through the pine and black walnut trees felt good but the water we were using to wash was cold and we both were shivering when Cam’s mother came from the kitchen with a pail of hot water.

“Oh, my heavens. There ain’t no need to be washing in cold water. Just look at the goose bumps,“ she exclaimed as she placed the pail on the wash bench. 

“Thanks, Mom.” Cam said, “I guess we should have asked, but we didn’t want to bother you what with you fixing lunch and all.”

“Cameron Foster!! When is it a bother to take care of my boys? From the looks of you both, it’s going to take more than a pail of water to get you clean.  I’m thinking you’ll be needing a bath later on this evening.” She said as she turned away.

Hearing her say “my boys”, including me with Cam made me feel good all over and when she was out of earshot I turned to him.  He was grinning and his eyes gleamed.

“Yep, I heard her, Brad.  I think she has always wanted another boy ever since they lost Buster, my younger brother.  He was only two years old when he came down with diphtheria.  I was only ten, but I knew it was bad when they sent me off to a neighbor’s. Neither one of them has said much about it ever since we buried him,” he said a little sadly at first and then brightened up.

“Now she has you, Brad, that’ll make her happy. Be careful though, she’ll try to fatten you up,” he said smiling.

Even though Cam was smiling, I could see deep in his eyes that an old wound had been reopened.  I took his hand but really wanted to hold him tightly.

“I’m sorry about your brother, Cam,” I said softly, squeezing his hand.

He took a deep breath and, sighing, turned his head looking at me, “It’s okay, Brad. He was a cute little guy. I think about him and I miss him but maybe something sent us this way for a reason,” he said softly, adding, “I hope so.”

“Maybe, Cam. I know I’m we’ve met.”

“Me too,” he said. “We better put our shirts on and go inside before Mom comes looking for us.”

I didn’t know about Cam but seeing the compassionate side of him made the bond I felt growing, stronger.

                * * * * * * * * *