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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #7

"Beat you to the pond, Cam," I squealed, playfully punching his shoulder as I spun away from the gate.

"Oh, no you won't," he replied, recovering from his surprise and grabbing the straps of my coveralls from behind.  He pulled me backwards causing my coveralls to tighten up in my crotch, and I grunted in pain as my nuts were crushed against my groin.
"Oh fuck," I screamed out loud from the intense pain shooting up through my loins and pelvis into my stomach.  Grabbing at my groin and dropping to my knees in the dust, I gasped for air, bending over from the pain.

"Jesus, Brad, I'm sorry," he said anxiously as he skidded to a stop, kicking up a cloud of dust.  "I surely didn't mean to do that; I know how badly that hurts." 

 "You're damn right it does," I gasped with tears welling up in my eyes and trying to catch my breath while I gently rubbed my groin.  "It feels like a cow kicked me right in the nuts," I moaned, blinking the tears back as I rocked back and forth on my knees.

"I don't know about that, Brad.  If a cow had kicked you there, they would hear you screaming in the next county; and you'd be flat on your back instead of on your knees," he said chuckling low as he kneeled in front of me, rubbing his hand across my shoulders.

"Well, a cow didn't kick me; but it hurts like one did; and you don't need to be laughing at me."  I groused, feeling a little better, but not much even though I liked the feeling of his fingers kneading my shoulder muscles.

"I ain't laughing at you, Brad.  I know how badly it hurts; I've had it happen," He said sympathetically, still rubbing and kneading my shoulders.  "If we get on down to the pond and in that cold water, it'll feel better in no time."

Neither one of us saw Mrs. Foster walk out to the fence; but, when she called out, we both looked up sharply.

"Cameron, is something wrong with Bradford?  He ain't hurt; is he?" she hollered shrilly.

After a brief moment of panic, Cam jumped up and called back, "No, Ma'am, he ain't hurt.  We're just picking up some stuff we dropped; that's all," he fibbed glancing down at me and grinning.

"All right," she answered; and we could see she was holding towels against her breast with one hand and shielding her eyes from the bright sun with the other as she looked to where we were.  Then she called out again,  "If'n you boys are going to be taking a bath while the men are gone, you better come on and get these towels and soap; I got other things to be doing."

"Yes, Ma'am," he called  back. "Just hang'em on the fence with the soap and we'll be along as soon as we finish here."
Cam was standing in front of me with his legs akimbo; and, looking between them, I could see his mother hesitate for a minute before she hung the towels on the fence railing with a couple of soap bars on top.  My nuts were still aching, but I pretended like I was picking up something we had dropped in the dust. She looked our way once more before turning and going back into the house. 

"Whew," I said as he turned around.  "you surely thought that up fast."

"Well, what was I gonna tell her?" He answered, standing over me with his hands on his hips and rolling his eyes.    "Can't you just hear me calling out,  'Bradford has hurt his nuts, Mom.'  That would sound great; wouldn't it?"

"Not really, but I reckon your mom knows enough that it wouldn't have upset her if you had," I groaned as I tried standing up.

Cam reached down and grabbed me by the arm to help me.  I felt his fingers tighten around my bicep muscle; and then, loosening his grip, he tightened his hand again.  I liked the feel of him touching me even with a shirt on; and, when I looked at him, his eyes sparkled as he grinned back at me. "Feeling better?"  he said as we stood looking at each other, his hand still holding my arm, his fingers gently squeezing and kneading the muscle.  My cock started to harden, and I felt an intense urge to move between his arms and kiss him. 

"I'll feel better when we get in the water," I answered huskily, feeling the telltale tingling at the base of my cock as it started getting hard; and I looked away quickly, diverting my eyes from his penetrating gaze.

"Me too," he answered quietly, almost seductively.  Dropping his hand from my arm and putting it in his pocket he glanced quickly at the house before whispering,  "You feeling horny, Stud?"

"What do you expect, Cam?"  I said as we reached the fence railing where his mother had left the towels and soap. "You grab me from behind, and that doesn't make my balls feel very good when you yank on the shoulder straps. Then you start feeling my arm and squeezing it like you were; how do you think that made me feel? My nuts don't hurt like they did, but that doesn't stop me from getting horny and my cock getting hard," I said, softly, glancing at the open door into the kitchen where Mrs. Foster was standing, watching us.

"Yo'all boys be careful now; you hear?" She called through the screen door.   "It ain't been that long since you ate; and, Cameron, you be sure and wash behind your ears."

"Mother!" Cam called back acting exasperated and rolling his eyes as we pulled the towels from the railing. 

"Don't you 'Mother' me, Young Man," she replied sharply, placing one hand threateningly on the screen door jamb.  "You and Bradford do as I say. Wash yourselves good, get that stink off'n you and be careful," she said 

I detected a note of concern in her voice and I glanced at Cam, "Yes, Ma'am, we will," I called back, pulling on his arm and whispering, "come on, Cam, before she tells us we can't go."

He looked at me with an impish glint in his eyes, and I could see that he enjoyed teasing his Mother.

Several chickens scattered, squawking as we ran around the corn crib and climbed the fence behind the outhouse.  The sky was a cloudless brilliant blue, and there was a light warm breeze blowing from the southwest.   Cam was running in front of me,  skipping between the rocks that covered the pasture.  His thick light brown hair flowed with the breeze as he ran effortlessly, topping the ridge and stopping to wait for me.

When he turned and stood with his hands on his hips, he looked at me, his face wreathed in smiles and his eyes flashing brilliantly.  His chest was heaving from running, but he wasn't gasping for breath, and I could see the exhilaration he was feeling as I trotted up to where he was standing.

"God, Brad," He said, excitedly. "I love living out in the country; don't you?  I don't understand why anyone would want to live in a big city." He exclaimed.

"Me neither," I answered.  "You've been in a big city; haven't you?"

"Yeah, once when we were down in Memphis, Tennessee," he said looking around before going on.  "There were bunches of unfriendly people living in dirty buildings, streets full of junk and automobiles belching smoke.  Mom and I were scared my Dad was gonna take a job at a meat packing factory making two dollars a day.  We were surely glad when he didn't; I can tell you that."

"Ugh," I grunted.  "I don't think I'd like that either," I said disgusted by the thought.

"You wouldn't, no more than I did; and, if he had taken the job, we wouldn't have met," he replied, pointing at a grove of trees growing on the low side of the ridge.  "Is the pond down amongst those locust and willow trees yonder?" he asked excitedly.

"Some of it is, but that part is not deep enough for swimming," I answered.  "When Gramps built the dam, the water backed up against those rocks at the bottom of the ridge; and it spread under some of the trees as more flowed in.  He and Mr. Sommes from the neighboring farm built what Gramps called a spillway at the same time as they built the dam. The spillway was so the water wouldn't spread out so much; and Gramps helped Mr. Sommes dredge a ditch on the low side of that hill yonder, so the water would be directed onto his farm instead of going on down into the holler.  Mr. Sommes had some land that was so rocky it wouldn't grow anything, and Gramps told him it was good enough for cattle to graze on if he had water, so that's how come we have a pond and Mr. Sommes has land that he can use to graze his livestock on.  Gramps didn't charge him for the water even though it belongs to him.  He doesn't believe people own the water that God put here in the first place. That's what he says, he's kind of funny that way.  Gramps only lets the horses and mules use this pasture but not the cattle, they mess the water up too badly.  Mr. Sommes built a smaller pond on his pasture and the water drains back down on Gramp's land onto that pasture you can see over yonder where his milk cows and other cattle are," I said, waving my arm and pointing to where some of Gramps livestock were grazing before we started running on down the side of the ridge.  

"They sort of detoured the water, so it could help Mr. Sommes out, but our cattle still get plenty of water when it comes back to the stream bed  where it originally ran," I said, feeling important and puffing my chest out. "When it's real hot like today, Charlie and Fred hang out under the trees and around the water where its cooler."

"Animals ain't dumb, Brad," Cam said looking at me quickly before waving his towel over his head as he started on down the ridge angling for the rocks above the trees. 

I stood for a minute watching him and I heard him call out, "Come on Cam" but I'd already fallen once, so instead of running I broke into a slow trot watching out for the rocks.

"How deep is the water, Brad?"  Cam  hollered out to me as he stripped his clothes off, throwing them and his towel down on the flatter rocks at the base of the big boulder at the deeper end of the pond.

"It ain't deep enough for diving if that's what you're thinking," I replied as I trotted to where he was.  "It's maybe four feet at this end, but it gets more shallow at that other end where it runs over the spillway.  Gramps tried dredging it out some but there are too many rocks," I said, looking up at Cam standing naked on the boulder and looking down into the water about three feet below him.

Cameron's lean muscular body glowed golden in the brilliant sun, and the breeze blew his hair around his head forming a sort of halo.  The cloudless turquoise blue of the sky was a background enhancing his physical beauty; and, for a brief moment, it was as if I were gazing up at a magnificently enchanting apparition that had suddenly materialized.  I felt my breathing and heart beat quicken with excitement, my cock swelling as I swallowed trying to get my breath back.  His arms hung akimbo, and I could see the darkness of the hair in his armpits that contrasted with the golden light brown bush at the thick base of his half hard cock which rested on his full balls. 

I could see the wheels turning inside his head; and, for a bit, I thought he was going to ignore my warnings and dive in; but he turned and jumped down to where I was standing, his cock and balls bouncing as he landed, his eyes glistening with excitement.

A momentary sense of relief flooded over me until he spun around and dove into the water from the embankment.  "Oh, Jesus," I thought to myself as he sliced through the water, disappearing into the shallow depths.  Visions of  him hitting one of the protruding rocks on the bottom shot through my head; and I held my breath, anxiously waiting for him to break the surface. 

The pangs of anxiety were building inside of me; and I was about to jump in the water when Cam, hollering,  suddenly shot upwards out of the water  with water streaming from his body, "Come on in, Brad; it's great."

I had never dove into the water before, but a sudden sense of boldness prompted me to follow Cam's example.   For an instant, the water was cold but not uncomfortable.  Opening my eyes, I saw the bottom with a couple of flat rocks slide beneath me; and then I saw Cam in front of me standing on one of the larger rocks.  His feet curled around the rock steadying himself, and his flaccid cock waved in the water.  Arching my back, I surfaced almost in front of him. He grabbed me around my waist and pulled me close so I could stand on the rock with him, and my arms automatically went over his shoulders and around his neck.
"It's not too bad; is it?" he said, more as a matter of fact than as a question, holding me tightly to him.

I replied, "Not really," with my mind more on the feel of his arms around me than the coldness of the water; and I could feel my cock starting to harden from the pressure of his cock and pelvis pressing against me.

"Are your balls still hurting?"  He asked looking at me and holding me tightly to him, the playful glint I was starting to recognize; glowing in his eyes.

I shivered from the effect his hand was having as he massaged and squeezed the water slick muscles of my back.  I could feel his cock hardening and pressing against mine.  He smiled and reached a hand down between us; and then I felt his cock pushing my balls up as it penetrated between my legs pressing against the soft flesh between my balls and asshole.  A thrill I had never felt before spread over me; and, looking wide-eyed into his eyes, I whispered breathing heavily, "Not now," as I tightened my arms round his neck,  pulling his lips to mine.  I arched my back and pressing my hard cock against his pelvis, I squeezed my thighs around his thick cock.   

His lips were soft as we kissed passionately and entwined our tongues, and I tightened my thighs when I felt the pressure of his hips pushing his cock further between my legs.  The beat of my heart quickened, and my hips started moving in response to the thrust of his cock sliding between my legs.   Cam looked into my eyes; and, dropping a hand to the small of my back and holding me tightly, he started to move his cock in and out between my legs with my cock sliding up and down over his hard flat pelvis.  The sliding of my cock through his pubic hair sent a thrill through me; and I groaned softly, tightening my arms around his neck and laying my head on his shoulders.  "Jesus, Cam, that feels so good," I whispered.

"Do you like the feel of my cock between your legs, Brad?" he whispered softly turning his head and nibbling on my ear lobe.

"Yeah, but it's not what you started to do in the barn?"  I murmured, enjoying the feeling of his cock between my legs but thinking of how I had felt when he put his mouth on my cock.

"You liked what we were doing in the barn; didn't you?" He answered while he was moving his hands over my back; and, kissing my cheek, he whispered,  "Let's get out, Brad; and after we dry off we can lie in the sun on that big rock."

With a quick squeeze, we dropped our arms; and grinning at each other we quickly ducked down into the water.  Pushing off the rock, we swam the thirty or so feet back toward the point where we had dove in.  Cam was a powerful swimmer; and, as we swam, I could see the rope-thick muscles of back rippling as we matched each other stroke for stroke.  He was a year older than I, but our physiques were not really much different except he was a little taller than I and weighed maybe five pounds more.  We both had the same color hair but his eyes were a deep chocolate brown while mine were hazel.  Other than that, the greatest difference was his cock's being a little longer and thicker than mine.  If no one knew differently, we could have passed for brothers.

"Whew," He exclaimed as we climbed out of the water.  "That felt great," he said, panting a little from the exertion of swimming.  Leaning over he picked our towels up and threw mine at me.

"Do you mean the swim or what we were doing on the rock?" I asked, eyeing him mischievously and watching him drying off in the warm sun, his golden body gleaming.

"Both," he answered softly, seductively, as he swung his towel over his shoulder to dry his back.

My cock started hardening as I watched his thickening, the blood engorged crown emerging from its protective cocoon of flesh as his cock waved from side to side from the motion of his arms moving his towel back and forth over his back.  Watching Cam's cock hardening and jutting out from his thick pubic hair, sent thrills through me.   His flexing chest and arm muscles swelled with power as he moved the towel over his back, and his dark nipples jutted out invitingly from the golden flesh of his thick defined breasts. 

I stood mesmerized by how beautiful he was as he moved toward me, and there were feelings that I had never felt before racing through me that left me weak in the knees and with shaky legs, "Jesus, I've never known anyone that made me feel this way," I said to myself, entranced by how gorgeously athletic and graceful he was as he moved closer, his golden muscles rippling. "Why didn't I see or feel it before?" I murmured softly.  I had not even realized that, while I was looking at and thinking about Cam, my arms had stopped moving; but I was still holding my towel behind me with both hands.

"See what before, Brad," he asked as he took my towel out of my hands and dropped it on the ground. 

I felt his arms slipping around my waist and then tensing, pulling me against him.  When his cock touched mine and I felt both of them sliding up over our stomachs, it felt as if a fire had ignited between us.   Putting my arms around him, I held him tightly; and I laid my head on his shoulder, a soft moan of pleasure rising up in my throat at the feel of our bodies melding as if one.

We stood holding each other, the bright summer sun beating down on us; but it didn't match the heat of passion and desire that I felt building within me.  Cam moved his hips very slowly, his cock rolling over mine and his fingers stroking the muscles of my back sending little electric shocks flowing through the sinews of my tensed muscles.  When he started to take his arms from around me, I lifted my head, and looking at him, started to say, "Cam;" but he stopped my by putting a finger over my lips; and I lowered my arms.

"Shhhhh," he said softly.  "Keep you eyes closed and stand still; I'm not going to hurt you."

"I didn't think you wer...," I started to say; but he covered my lips with his; and my eyes closed as a feeling of ecstasy covered me.  It felt like there were a thousand butterflies in my stomach when his tongue slipped between my lips into my mouth.  His tongue slowly twirled with mine, and I felt his hand moving with the softness of a feather over my chest and stomach. "Cam, Cam, Cam," I whispered softly as I moved my hand up over the velvety softness of his back into the soft hair at the nape of his neck while I entwined the fingers of my other hand in his thick hair.  When I felt his fingers wrapping around my cock and start stroking it, I groaned at the intensity of the erotic feelings rushing through me, building in my groin and my throbbing cock.

"Easy, Brad, Baby, take it easy.  Let me do it; you just relax and enjoy it," he said softly into my ear after breaking the kiss.  With one hand on the small of my back, he continued slowly stroking my cock and lip kissing my chest.  I kept my eyes closed letting the sharp feelings of ecstasy flow over me. When I felt his hot mouth suddenly engulfing my cock; my eyes flew open as I grabbed at his head, gasping loudly, " Jesus, Cam."

He was crouched in front of me; and, when I started to pull away, he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled my cock back into his mouth clamping his lips tightly around the base.  I started to pull back again, but he tightened his lips. He started moving his tongue over and under my aching cock, my cock felt as if it were on fire; and I could feel hot pre-cum starting to ooze upwards through its throbbing length.  When he slid his tongue under the foreskin and touched the glans, my back arched from the intensity of feelings I had never felt.  My cock started swelling and hardening, the burning pressure in my balls increasing; and I groaned loudly, "Suck it, Cam, please.  I can't stand it anymore."

I felt his lips loosen as his mouth greedily sucked my cock, and my hips started involuntarily moving in response to the sucking effect his mouth was having on every muscle in my straining body.  The sweat was pouring off me, and I ached with the building need to fill his mouth with my cum.  When I looked down and saw my cock sliding in and out of his mouth, an almost animal like urge of pure lust surged through me and I placed a hand on each side of his head. 

Holding his head tightly in both hands, I drove my cock in and out of his mouth feeling the pressure increasing; and my muscles tightening when, with the force of an exploding volcano, my cock jerked and spasmed gushing thick streams of cum against the back of his mouth.  My body reacted uncontrollably, as my hips continued driving my wilting cock into his mouth as feelings of ecstatic fire and the pain of my balls tightening as they emptied the hot cream into Cam's mouth.  I felt him swallowing, his lips stripping the last drops of cum, when suddenly he swallowed my cock and buried his face in my groin.  I felt him shuddering as he moaned with my cock still in his mouth, and I looked down.   He had been jerking off as he sucked my cock, and his cock was spewing thick streams of his cum between my legs.

It was several seconds before the cum gushing from his cock started to slacken, but he still had his lips tightly around my half-hard cock.  Straightening up, I pulled back; and, as my cock slowly slid from his mouth, he looked up at me, breathing hard and hovering over him.  There was a soft glow in his eyes, but there was something else in their depths that I hadn't seen before, a flickering spark, and then he was standing up in front of me.  He brushed my lips with his and whispered, "I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you."

 Sliding my arms around him, I looked into his face; and there was something flowing between us that I hadn't felt before; something had changed.   Laying my head on his shoulder with my lips touching his soft neck, I whispered, "You didn't have to wait so long if that's all you wanted."

"That's not all I want," he said kissing the top of my head.  "I think we better rinse off for now though; don't you?"

"I guess," I sighed, not very anxious to leave the warmth of his arms around me just to get back into the water.  Dropping my arms from around him I turned around shivering at the thought of the cold water when I remembered the feel of his hard cock between my legs.  Reaching for his hand, I looked at him and smiling said, "We can soap each other down on that big rock we stood on before."

Cocking his head, he looked at me quizzically for a second before his face lit up; and then his eyes lit up as he squeezed my hand.