Cameron Foster

Copyright © 2002

By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #9

Cameron's mother had anticipated Gramps and Cam's dad, and there were five plates with huge slabs of apple pie waiting on the table when we entered the kitchen.

"Bless me, Elizabeth," Gramps said.  "I was asking Lucas if you had squirreled a pie or two away."

"I reckon I know men and boys well enough, Walter," she answered curtly, glancing at Cam and me with a twinkle in her eyes. "I been around menfolk all my life, and near as I can recollect, there ain't that much difference that I've seen." 

"Not all men, Mother," Lucas replied, cryptically, as we sat at the table.  "There's some that seem to need more than apple pie."

"It might do them some good, Lucas, but you menfolk can talk about that later if'n your a mind to," she responded. "Right now, instead of talking, lets eat before the pie gets cold," she said with a note of finality in her voice.

Mrs. Fosters authority evaporated when Gramps and Lucas started talking about crop prices and projections of acreage yields.  Cameron was wolfing his pie down by the forkful following it with gulps of milk. His mother, laying her hand on his wrist, gently admonished him for his bad table manners, and said, "There's no need to be rushing, Cameron, there's plenty more in the oven warmer."

"I'm sorry, Mom," Cameron apologized, blushing and glancing at me.  "It's been a long time since we had apple pie twice in one day, and I sort of forgot myself."

"That's no call to forget your manners, but if'n you and Bradford want another slice, help yourselves."

"They are only boys, Elizabeth," Gramps injected.  "And you know where apple pie is concerned, boys will be boys."

"I reckon you might be right, Walter," Elizabeth said as she scooted her chair back from the table, continuing as she stood up, "But, boys have a way of becoming men; and if'n they don't  get an education, and learn their where's and what for's when they're young'uns, you might be talking about them instead of one of those Chicago hoodlums they keep talking about on the radios, or some foreigner."

Cameron's fork hung empty, suspended between his plate and his mouth, and a feeling of d'eja' vu spread over me as I listened to his mother.  I could remember hearing my grandmother and gramps talking the same way.  When they were talking about me and my education, Gramps would usually defer to her maternal instincts, and she won.  It surprised me some when Gramps apologized, a little.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth," he said.  "I reckon I left most of that up to my missus; but since she's been gone we've sort or let our manners slip a mite. "

"You both did a fine job, Walter," she replied in a conciliatory tone.  "Bradford is a fine boy, and I know him and Cameron are going to be fine men when they are growed."

Cameron and I were engrossed in the exchange between Gramps and his mother when we heard a loud cough and, "I'll have another cup of coffee, Mother," followed by Gramps, "Me too."

Cam and I finished our  pie while his mother was pouring the coffee.  When she saw we were finished, she said, "You two scat while  I'm cleaning the kitchen."

"Yes, ma'am,"  we said, following Gramps and Lucas outside on the front porch overlooking the roadway.

* * * * * * * * * *

Fluffy pink tinted clouds scudded eastward across the sky while a blood red sun sank below the horizon in the west.  On the other side of the state road, several of Gramps beef cattle were gathered around a small watering pond and stone salt lick.  While I was watching them, the thought that they were taking turns at the lick popped in my head as I saw them, one after the other, take a few licks and then give way to another, who was stoically waiting his turn.  

A stream lazily wound its way through Gramps property, and he with some migrant workers had build a clay-earthen berm to form a watering pond, much like the one that Cam and I had swum in. On the downside of the berm, Eros, Gramps prize Angus stud bull sauntered into view, casually  walking to the waters edge, his huge testicles swinging like black pendulums.  His coal black hide glistened in the gloaming as he stood regally for a moment surveying his potential harem, snorting disdainfully before lowering his magnificent head to the water.

"Good, Lord, Walter," Cams father exclaimed low, almost reverently, "I ain't never seen an animal such as him.  Lord amighty, he is something."

"Hmmmm," Gramps mumbled, innocently sucking on his corncobber and pretending he hadn't heard Lucas.

I knew that Gramps would play Lucas as long as he could.  He was extremely proud of Eros, and he took particular delight in  hearing people admire and praise the magnificent animal.  Eros was a county fair prize winner; a financial asset to the farm and had probably sired half the beef cattle in the county.  Eros was a bull that heifers and cows were brought to when they were in season - he didn't go to them.

"Eros, Gramps.  Lucas was asking about Eros," I called out, looking up at him and pointing across the road.

"Eros," Gramps said, trying to stretch out the moment before he acknowledged Lucas admiring his treasure.  "Oh, Eros, I didn't see him."

I knew better and Lucas probably did as well, but he didn't interrupt Gramps moment to crow a little.

"I reckon he is about one of the finest beef studs that I've ever seen, Walter.  If'n you don't mind me asking, how'd you come by him?"

"Depression," Gramps answered curtly after several seconds, lowering his head slightly and chewing contemplatively on the reed stem of his pipe before continuing,  "I ain't exactly proud of how I come by him but,  tain't no reason I need to be ashamed neither.  I was in town at the Farmers Market where I heard Grooms Evans down Parkerville way needed money for his taxes, or the government was going to hold a foreclosure auction if'n he couldn't pay'em.  Five hundred dollars was a lot of money, but I knew there was no stud animal with his pedigree in the state of Kentucky. His stud fees would pay that money back in no time," Gramps said, drawing deeply from his pipe.   "He's paid his way several times over," Gramps said, glancing sideways at Lucas and grinning slyly.

Gramps and Lucas forgot about us as they were talking and analyzing the attributes of Eros; and all of the ramifications of an Angus herd.  Cam was sitting quietly beside me, with his legs pulled up against his chest.   His head was resting back against the edge of the porch, as he sucked on a piece of grass and gazed out over the pastures. 

I was thinking back on the times when Gramps had let me watch Eros being bred to a heifer, and my pecker got hard while I was watching Eros humping the heifer, bawling and driving his huge cock deep inside of her.   There were strange warm tingling feelings in my crotch; feelings that that I couldn't understand.  Every time I watched Eros fucking a cow or a heifer, I'd get those feelings, and I'd run my hand down inside of my overalls and play with my cock. It was after he noticed my excitement that he explained the feelings, the reason for them and why they felt so good.   He told me that even though my little pecker would get hard, it would be a few years before I would be able to do anything; but when I was able, I should be careful about who I did anything with.  I knew he meant girls and fucking them. But it was the boys in school, and seeing them naked in the showers after physical education classes that excited me more than the girls.

I was so caught up in my erotic thoughts, that Brad startled me when he nudged my ribs with his elbow and whispered, "I reckon he's got maybe two or three foot of cock.'"

"He's got about as much as my leg," I said softly, turning to look at him; then glancing up over my shoulder at Gramps and Lucas, to be sure we weren't being overheard. I felt Cam's hand searching for the buttons on the side flaps of my overalls.

"That's all right for a bull, but I like what you have," he whispered huskily.  Looking at me, his eyes glistened as the steel side buttons gave way to the manipulation of his fingers.

His hand penetrated the folds of my overalls; I was breathing heavier and my muscles tightened as he grasped my rigid pole, moving his hand over its turgid length.

When I started to undo his buttons, he winked and then  twisting around he said, "Uncle Walter, you don't leave lights on in the barn do you?"

"I leave a light on midway on the road yonder, and one is left on in the milk room, but not the rest of the barn. Why do you ask?"

"We thought there was some light shining out from around the doors," Cam answered, glancing at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

Gramps said, "I reckon..." when Lucas interrupted.  "Walter, when we were checking the milk and the temperatures, I believe I forgot about turning off the light in the yoke room.  That's probably what they saw."  I

"Nothing wrong in that, Lucas, I've done it plenty of times," Gramps answered, standing up, and dropping his corncobber in a small bucket of water on the floor beside his rocking chair.  "You boys check it out and then, I reckon you better be getting to bed, there's lots to be done tomorrow.
"Yes, Sir," we both answered simultaneously as we jumped up.

As we raced away, we heard Gramps say, "I reckon I'll catch some of the news afore I turn in Lucas,"

"Mind if I join you?" Lucas asked. "I like to keep up with what that new breed of Germans are doing over in Europe.

* * * * * * * * * *
The lights were on in the yoke room and in the barn.

"He is a beauty, Brad," Cam said quietly from where he was sitting beside me sucking on a piece of grass.