City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy & James Clark

Hello everyone and welcome to our first collaboration. We are very excited about working on this project together, and hope you will enjoy our efforts. James is looking forward to working with an established writer, and I am looking forward to working with a very talented young man. Due to the distance between us, this story is being written as a role play. James will be writing the part of Josh, and I will be writing the part of Luke.

This story is © 2004 by tim and James Clark. Please do not copy this story or post it to other sites without our permission. All characters and events are fictional, and any similarities between actual people or events are coincidental. Finally, this story contains sexual situations between teen males. If you are offended by this subject or should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing.

I have set up a separate address for our collaborative work. Please send all comment about this story to: . Once again, we hope you enjoy our story.

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

Chapter 1

"Damn it all to hell!" Josh thought, as he left the courtroom. "That shit wasn't just embarrassing, it was humiliating. Prostitution. Drugs. Well hell, at least I didn't get caught doing anything else! And to top it off, no ordinary sentence would do. No, Judge Asswipe in there is sending me to a farm. A fucking FARM!"

Josh felt someone brush by him, and realized it was his mom going past him for the car. She hadn't acted the same since she found out what Josh had been doing while he was in those "study groups". In fact, she hadn't talked to him about anything that wasn't absolutely necessary since she came and picked him up from the city jail. It seemed to Josh that she didn't really care to defend him from the judge's wrath. Still, he supposed the judge had been fairly easy on him. Just going to spend a year on a farm? It couldn't be as bad as alternative school, or even a jail sentence. He was going to have to leave the next day; his ticket was already bought and paid for.

After Josh and his mom got home, she brushed past him without saying a single word except for, "Pack!"

Josh went into his room and found the biggest duffle bag he had, and began to pile in his clothes. Then he grabbed his backpack and stuffed in his CD's and player, along with extra AA's. Josh didn't look forward to the year-long stay on the farm, but it couldn't be as bad as he first thought. Maybe it'd be fun after all.

Luke had just finished his chores, when his mother called him in to talk. At 15, Luke stayed in fairly good shape with all of the work he did on his family's farm.

"Hello mom," said Luke, "what did you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to talk to you about a houseguest we're going to be having." said Naomi, Luke's mom. "We're taking part in a state program for kids who are in trouble with the law. What with our crops not doing as well this year, we really need the money that the state will be paying us."

"You mean we are taking in some kind of criminal?" asked Luke.

"Not exactly." replied Naomi. "He's a boy about your age, who's had a rough time lately. As a matter of fact, he's your cousin."

"You mean I have a cousin?!" asked Luke. "How come I've never met him?"

"He's the son of my first husband's sister." replied Naomi. "We just haven't kept in touch with that side of the family. Anyway, he'll be here tomorrow and he's suppose to stay here for a year."

"That sounds like it might be fun!" exclaimed Luke.

"There's one more thing honey." said Naomi. "You'll have to share your room with him."

Naomi saw her son's expression change, so she left him to himself for a while. Sure, Luke didn't mind having someone his own age around, but why did this person have to share his room? What if he wanted to do that thing that he had discovered during the last school year? The boy would tell on him for sure, because everyone said it was wrong to do things like that.

After Luke moped around for a while, he went back to his mom and asked, "Why does this kid have to share my room with me?"

"Because Luke," replied Naomi, "you know how much it costs to heat the entire house for the winter. We can't put him in a room where we'll have to shut the heat off for the winter. Besides, I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think it will."

Josh got off the train at the proper depot, and looked around. His bags were in his hands, and he walked over to a bench to sit for a minute. Those bags were heavier than he first thought. As he sat there he saw a woman with thick, long brown hair, and a boy about his age standing beside her, looking around the station. The boy was gorgeous! Josh stared at him for a moment, taking in those dirty blonde locks of straight, but somehow unruly hair. He was amazed at the stillness in the boy's green eyes, which maintained a quickness of some intelligence behind them. Josh marveled at the fact that he could see all this from ten feet off, but that's how much the boy had drawn his attention.

The boy looked directly at him now and called out, "Hey, are you Josh?"

"Yeah." Josh replied warily as he walked toward them. "You must be Ms. Naomi and Luke." said Josh, not quite able to call upon a smile as of yet.

"These people are probably just in it for that nice little paycheck that the damn judge gets them. This year will be hell!" Josh thought to himself. Josh set down his bags, then he reached for the boy's hand.

"Hi," said Luke bashfully, "I'm your cousin Luke, and I guess we'll be roommates for the next year." Then Luke took Josh's hand and gave it a firm shake.

"Roommates?!!" Josh thought. "What the fuck?!! I don't even get my own room?! I'm not sure if prison wouldn't have been that much worse!" But instead of spouting off like that audibly, Josh just said, "Whatever dude."

Josh noticed Luke's expression change a little, but he couldn't read this boy like he could most people. He was just a little more complex than Josh thought the average farmboy would be.

"Darn!" thought Luke to himself. "He seems really excited about this. I hope mom knows what she's doing!" Then Luke asked Josh, "You want me to help you with your bags?"

"Yeah man, thanks." Josh said, surprised a bit by Luke's attempt to be nice. He didn't expect help.

"Allright boys, come on and let's head for the truck." said Naomi as she smiled. "I didn't park too far off."

Josh gaped at Luke when he picked up the bags. The boy picked them up like they were nothing! Josh could feel a tent pitching as he watched Luke's muscles move under his shirt.

Luke helped Josh take his bags to the truck. There was something about Josh that was different than most boys Luke knew, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Luke kept studying the boy all the way home, but that didn't help.

When the truck pulled up in front of the farmhouse, Luke said, "Come on Josh, I'll show you to our room. Then I can show you around the farm. They did tell you that you'd be helping with some of the chores, right?"

"Oh well, I wasn't really expecting a free ride." thought Josh, but chores with Luke would probably be more interesting than he originally thought. "Okay, can I unpack and change first though?" Josh asked.

"Sure!" chirped Luke. "Let me show you where our room is."

Luke led Josh upstairs, then showed Josh where he could unpack his bags. Luke noticed that Josh had been looking at him strangely, but he decided not to say anything yet.

"Is there anything that you need Josh?" asked Luke.

"Actually yeah, if you don't mind. I need some deodorant, I guess I lost mine somewhere." Josh said. He stared a little lustfully as Luke turned around.

"Deodorant?" asked Luke. "Oh, you mean that stuff that smells good that dad uses on Sunday! I'm sure he won't mind if you use a little, but who do you want to smell good for, the cows?"

"Ummm... never mind, it's allright." Josh said. "I've got some money, and the next time Ms. Naomi goes to the store I'll hitch a ride." Josh was really amazed at how country you could be without really trying.

As Luke stood there, Josh pulled the duffel bag onto the bed that looked unoccupied. Then he started pulling out clothes and stuffing them into the chest of drawers closest to the bed. The drawers were completely devoid of contents, so he knew they were for him. After picking out an old shirt and a pair of jeans that were heavily worn, Josh pulled off the shirt that he was wearing. After dropping his pants as well, he chanced a look at Luke's face.

Luke did not mean to stare while Josh changed in front of him. As a matter of fact, Luke was going to ask Josh if he wanted him to step outside, but he never got the chance. Now Luke couldn't help himself. He was intrigued at how much smoother Josh's skin looked compared to most of his friends. Without realizing it, Luke gently ran his hand over his own crotch.

"Holy shit!" thought Josh. "This kid's actually looking! There might be hope for this year after all, but what do I do when he finds out about what I was sent to jail for? Oh God! They didn't tell him, did they?"

Josh slowed down his redressing, and made sure to show off the six-pack abs that had gotten him so much business in the city. After he had finally gotten his clothes on and adjusted, he looked at Luke.

"Well, lead on Luke. What do you have to show me?" Josh asked with a genuine smile.

"Um,... uh,..." stammered Luke, "I guess we can start with the barn."

Luke led Josh outside, while he wondered why he felt so strange watching Josh change clothes. His friends at school changed and showered in front of each other in gym class, and Luke had never felt any strange feelings then. Luke was still a little nervous as the boys entered the barn, so he thought he would take his mind off what had happened earlier.

"So, what did you get in trouble for Josh?" asked Luke innocently.

"Umm... uhhh... just... um, stuff that I shouldn't have done." Josh said. "So, here it comes already." he thought. "Why did he have to ask? I don't want to lie to him, but what can I say?"

"I got caught with some weed, and the people who caught me were cops." Josh said, hoping that would satisfy Luke, at least for now.

"I have some friends around here who have done that stuff." said Luke. "It's usually not a big deal around here though. Do the police follow everyone around all the time in the city?"

"Well, not really. It's just when they catch you, they crack down. Especially if they catch you more than once. You haven't ever smoked? I've smoked for a while now, but I think I'm gonna quit after this though." said Josh with a grin.

Josh knew he was rambling a bit, but it was because he was nervous. Luke made him feel a little out of control of the situation, and that was the one thing that Josh hated. He HAD to be in control.

"I've never tried it." replied Luke. "Mom and dad says that stuff is bad for you. One of my friends named Billy got caught with it in school once though. He had to do community service for a week, and I was told not to play with him anymore because he was a bad boy."

Luke then studied on Josh's reply. He thought, "Why did Josh get sentenced to a year, when Billy just got one week of community service?" It didn't really add up in Luke's head, but Josh seemed to be a little nervous about talking about it. Luke decided to drop it for now.

"I do other things that are bad though." said Luke in a guilty tone.

"What do you mean buddy?" Josh asked, curious about what could have vexed Luke and his stunning naiveté.

"Oh darn!" thought Luke to himself. "Why did I say that?!" Josh had been honest with him though, so he figured it was too late to back out now.

"You know how when you play with your dick and it gets hard?" asked Luke. "Some people say it's bad to do that, but I do it anyway." Then Luke began to blush.

"Dude, everybody does it, they just say they don't!" Josh said as he was smiling, and trying to resist the urge to laugh. Luke was so sweet, so innocent. He added, "It's okay, I do it all the time."

"Really!" said Luke, as his expression brightened. "That's cool! I thought I might not be able to do that anymore when I'm laying in bed at night. That's usually when I do it. It makes me feel really good sometimes."

Luke then noticed that his pants were beginning to bulge, so he wanted to change the subject. When he noticed that Josh was also starting to get a bulge in his pants though, Luke couldn't resist going on.

"Do you ever do anything else like that?" asked Luke.

"Well, uhh,..." Josh trailed off, "I, umm, that is, I got in trouble for something like that. Please don't let it freak you out. I don't have any diseases or anything, but I use to... well, do it for money!" Josh's eyes pleaded with Luke as tears welled up, even though Josh didn't mean to let them show. He felt that he could trust Luke though, he seemed so sweet.

"That's okay Josh." said Luke, as he stepped closer and put an arm around his crying cousin. "I didn't know anyone would pay you for playing with your dick though! How do you get diseases from doing that?"

"Damn, this kid just can't make it easy, can he?!" thought Josh as fresh sobs wracked him. Then Josh sobbed, "Th... th... that's not all I did Luke. I,... I let them do other stuff with me,... that's how you can get diseases."

Josh waited with his eyes closed tightly, for his cousin to back away from him in disgust like everyone else did.

Luke was completely confused now. What did his cousin mean by "other stuff". Then a light came on in Luke's head. "Do you mean you had sex with girls, and the girls paid you?" asked Luke, with his eyes wide with fascination.

"What should I say?!" Josh thought. He blinked back the tears hoping that they'd stay away, at least until he was through talking, so his voice wouldn't crack.

"Luke, I,... I don't have sex with girls at all. I don't like them. I h... had sex with g... guys!" Josh said, as the tears came flooding back.

Now Luke was really confused again. He had heard guys at school talking about other guys who they thought did stuff like that, but according to his friends those guys were some kind of freaks or monsters. Josh didn't really seem that way at all! Luke had also heard stories about how those people should be treated, but the stories were so awful that Luke usually felt sorry for the person being treated that way. Besides, his cousin seemed really nice and Luke would hate to see anything bad happen to him.

Luke pulled Josh in a little closer to him and said, "It's okay cousin, I don't mind. I didn't mean to upset you so much. Are we still friends?"

"You are so awesome!" Josh said, his voice cracking about halfway through the sentence. "Do you wanna get back to the tour, or what?"

Josh was so grateful for Luke. No one else had ever been so accepting of him. Once it had gotten out at school, he'd been beaten up several times; but Luke just took it in stride. Josh was starting to really like being around him.

"Sure cousin!" said Luke, as he smiled at Josh. "Let's go explore the family farm. There's a lot of cool stuff to see, especially where our farm goes right up to the creek in back!"

Luke grabbed Josh's hand and began leading him all over the farm. Sure, he had questions. Luke had never heard much about a lot of the things his cousin had told him, but the questions could wait. Right now Luke just wanted himself and Josh to have fun. The boys finally ended up on the bank of the tranquil creek that ran across the back of the farm.

"Oh my God! It's beautiful Luke!" exclaimed Josh. "Do you ever go swimming in it?"

"The only place where it's really deep enough for swimming is about two hundred yards downstream." replied Luke. "There's a little bend in the creek, then it opens up into a pretty nice pool. It's pretty secluded there too." Then Luke grinned guiltily as he said, "I even go skinny dipping down there sometimes."

"Well, swimming just isn't as good with a bathing suit! Ya' wanna go sometime?" Josh asked with a huge smirk. Maybe, just maybe, Luke felt the same way that Josh did. He was falling for Luke, and he knew it!

"Sure!" replied Luke. "There's nothing wrong with that, after all, we're cousins. Besides Josh, I like hanging out with you."

Luke did like Josh's company now too. If anyone else knew some of the things Josh had told him today, they wouldn't approve. Luke had no intentions of saying anything to anyone though.

That is the first chapter of our collaboration, we hope you like it and will let us know. Please send all comments to: . Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.