City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

"I almost started to before we left the house today, but I chickened out." replied Boone. "Then I talked to your dad. You have a really great dad Luke. He told me about you coming out to him earlier today, and how much he still loved you and Josh both. He convinced me that my mom isn't too much different than he is, and that I should finish what I started earlier."

"That's so cool buddy!" replied Luke as he smiled. "I know your mom will take it just as cool as my dad did. By the way, I think my dad kinda looks at you as another son Boone."

"Yeah, I kinda get that feeling!" replied Boone with a really goofy smile.

"Things are going so good for you guys, that there's only one thing we can do right now." said Josh, as he got to his feet. Then he reached over and tapped Boone on the shoulder and yelled out, "Tag! You're it!"

Josh ran for the water as fast as he could, with the other three boys behind him. All four of them had about the greatest afternoon imaginable, filled with the sounds of splashing water and boyish laughter.

As the boys laid in the grass, gently stroking their respective boyfriend's cock while drying off, Boone said. "I don't know about this gayest boy in town thing Luke, but if I were the gayest person in the world, it wouldn't matter as long as I had my Matty. I just hope we look as good making love as you two do though."

"Don't worry about that buddy." smiled Luke. "You and Matt looked hot as hell when Josh and I were watching you. I loved how we could see your cock pulse in Matt's mouth while you were feeding him your cum."

"Yeah, and the intensity you had on your face while you were sucking Matt's cock was beautiful Boone." said Josh. "You two were meant to be lovers, just like me and Luke."

Once the boys had started drying, Josh and Luke turned around on each other and took their cocks into each other's mouths once again. This time though, Boone and Matt moved in as close as they could and watched their two friends intently as they made love. It turned Luke on intensely to know that his two friends were watching him make love to Josh. Luke and Josh were both incredibly hard, as they put on the most erotic show of love-making that they could for their friends.

Then Boone leaned down and placed his lips against Josh's ear and whispered, "When you take Luke's cum, could you hold some of it and let me see what my buddy tastes like?"

Meanwhile, Matt was busy making the same request into Luke's ear. Boone and Matt watched eagerly as their two friends approached their orgasms. Luke's and Josh's bodies writhed in each other's arms, as they filled each other's mouths with cum again. Josh and Luke swallowed about half of each other's loads, then sat up. Josh placed his lips against Boone's and gave him the rest of Luke's cum, while Luke did the same for Matt.

Once that was done, Boone smiled as he said, "Damn Luke! I know why Josh loves sucking the cum out of you so much now. That tasted pretty damn good, but not as good as my Matty."

"Well then, why don't you two get busy with each other?" asked Luke. "Josh and I want you to do the same thing for us that we just did for you."

Boone and Matt giggled slightly, then went to work on each other's cocks. Josh stared at Boone's face while his lips wrapped tightly around Matt's cock. Josh really did think Boone looked so right with Matt's cock in his mouth. Meanwhile Luke watched Boone's cock thrust in and out of Matt's mouth, as Boone's heavy balls smacked against Matt's chin. Watching their two friends make love was the most exciting thing that Josh and Luke had ever seen. Even Josh and Luke were breathing heavier as Boone and Matt approached their orgasms. Luke and Josh watched as the boys took their lover's cum into their mouths, then swallowed half of it. Luke almost couldn't believe how much of Boone's masculine but sweet cum Matt was letting slide into his mouth when their lips came together, but Matt assured him that it was half of Boone's load. Josh could not believe how sweet and creamy Matt's cum was, as he had never tasted anything like that before except Luke.

The four boys then shared a group hug, as they also shared a kiss with each of their friends. By this time it was almost early evening, so the boys reluctantly put their clothes back on. Boone and Matt got in Lonnie's truck, then followed Luke and Josh back to the farmhouse. Then it was time to say good-bye for now. Boone almost couldn't wait to get home now, to let his mom know that he was gay, and in love with Matt.

Dinner at Boone's house was fairly quiet, but Boone and Matt smiled at each other quite a few times during the meal. Ellen did glance at the two boys ocassionally, and smiled herself to let Boone know that she was okay with both of them. Finally, everyone began finishing their meal.

"Mom, can we go to the living room and talk?" asked Boone. "I kinda started something earlier, and I wanted to talk more about it."

"Sure, Boone honey." replied Ellen. "You know we can always talk about anything."

"I certainly hope so." laughed Boone nervously.

Boone went into the living room first, followed by Matt and Ellen. Boone sat down in the middle of the sofa, then Matt sat on one side of him while Ellen sat on the other side. Boone took a few deep breaths before he started.

"I guess the easiest way to do this is to tell you why Matt ran away last night." said Boone. "We had been at the lake at Luke's house earlier yesterday, skinny dipping. When we got out of the water, Matt and I got out on the other side of the lake from Luke and Josh. I kinda drifted off for a little while, and when I woke up, my hand was on Matt's naked crotch. I was terrified of how Matt would react to that when I woke up, but he seemed like he liked it. Then I kept my hand where it was, and Matt put his hand on me in the same place. I knew that I had to kiss Matt then. The whole thing was so much different that I could have ever imagined it being, and I started falling in love with Matt. Then last night before we went to bed, Matt wanted to really make love. I really did want to, but when we started, I kinda got scared. I knew that with the feelings I was having, there was no denying that I'm gay. I kinda ran out, to go talk to Luke. I can see how Matt took that the wrong way though. Luke and Josh convinced me though that I had no reason to be ashamed of being in love with Matt, and expressing my love to him in the most intimate way possible. I never knew that I could possibly be gay before yesterday mom, but now everything makes so much sense. All the girls I've fooled around with, and how it never seemed to mean what I thought it should. It didn't mean anything because they weren't Matt. Matt is the first person that I have ever really been in love with. I didn't set out to be gay mom, but that's who I am. I think it's who I've always been."

"I am so glad that you trust me enough to tell me that Boone." replied Ellen, as she put her arms around her son. "I will always love you Boone, no matter who you are. I'm actually happy that you can accept the fact that you're gay, and I think you may be right that it's who you've always been. Your father fooled around with dozens of women before he settled down with me. I honestly thought before we married that he might have been trying to convince himself that he wasn't gay, but everything seemed to go well for a while. Then he went back to his old ways. He couldn't be intimate with me anymore, but he had no problems with finding other women he could have sex with. There is one thing that remained constant through all the years I'd known him though. He never seemed satisfied with any sexual experience that he ever had, not even with me. I'm pretty sure that your real father is gay Boone, and is still out there trying to convince himself otherwise. I love you though Boone, and I'm glad that you will never have to go through that now. I could almost tell this morning how much you and Matt love each other, and I'm proud to think of him as my son in law if he's the one you want to spend the rest of your life with."

Boone and his mom hugged tightly, as a single tear rolled down Boone's cheek. "Thank you mom." croaked Boone. "I love you so much!"

As soon as Boone broke the hug with his mom, he and Matt threw their arms around each other and pressed their lips together. Then Ellen said, "You boys look very beautiful together. I hope you love each other, and take care of each other for the rest of your lives."

Boone broke the kiss with Matt after a few moments and laughed, "We'll certainly try mom. Seriously though, would there be a problem with Matt and I making love in our room at nights?"

"This is your house too Boone." smiled Ellen. "As much as you boys apparently love each other, I don't see why it would be a problem. Besides, my bedroom is down here on this floor, and yours is upstairs. You would have to be very loud at making love for me to hear you two. There is one thing though boys. I've had a talk with Lonnie, and apparently Naomi would not take you two, or Luke and Josh, being gay as well as Lonnie and I have. In case he hasn't had a chance to tell you, be very careful around Luke's mother. Okay honey?"

"Okay mom, we will." replied Boone. "We're going to go up to my room for a little while now mom, then we'll come back down and have a nice family evening together in front of the TV. Okay?"

"Okay boys, have fun then." laughed Ellen.

As Josh and Luke went to bed for the night, Luke was very excited about the next day. Josh didn't mind that at all, as it seemed to cause Luke to have a lot of energy that night as he thrust into Josh hard and fast. That was exactly the way Josh liked it too. The two boys finally fell asleep that night in each other's arms, and with smiles on their faces after kissing each other good-night as brothers.

Josh couldn't help but to laugh at Luke the next morning, as he tried to keep up with his excited lover, and hopefully someday, brother. Lonnie could also see how excited Luke was at breakfast, and it made him chuckle. When he finally finished his breakfast and asked the boys if they were ready to go to the city, he thought Luke was going to jump through the roof. Naomi didn't know what to think of Luke's energy, but it made her laugh too. The closer they got to the city that morning, the more Luke squirmed in the middle of the truck seat. Lonnie was having a great time seeing how excited Luke was, and Josh rested his hand on Luke's thigh to try to clam him down. That seemed to make Lonnie smile even more. When they stopped first at the DMV, Lonnie made Luke take a few deep breaths before they went in. The written test seemed to take Luke quite a while, before he finally returned it to the counter.

Luke turned from the counter and smiled as he walked toward Josh and his dad. "I did it!" said Luke proudly. "I passed the written test! Now I have to take a road test with a county deputy."

"Congratulations son!" replied Lonnie, as he handed Luke the truck keys. "Now, go show that deputy what a fine driver you're going to be!"

Luke returned about a half hour later, waving a paper above his head. "I did it! I did it!" exclaimed Luke happily. "All I have to do now is take this to the counter and get my license!"

"Well hurry up then!" replied Lonnie as he smiled. "I want to see what my son's first driver's license looks like!"

Luke took the paper to the counter, had his picture taken, then waited at the end of the counter for his license to come out of the machine. Then he proudly strutted back over to his dad and Josh, holding his license out in front of him.

"That looks like a picture of a very happy boy!" smiled Lonnie.

"Alright!" exclaimed Josh quietly. "Now my baby is legal and we can go out on a real date!"

That made Lonnie laugh as he led the boys outside. Then Lonnie went to the passenger's side of the truck. "Do you mean you want me to drive?" asked Luke in amazement.

"Hell yeah!" chuckled Lonnie. "We're going to put that license to work, now that you have it. Besides, the courthouse is just down the street."

Luke drove the short distance to the courthouse, with Josh now sitting in the middle. Josh really was proud of his cousin, and he made sure to let Luke know that. Then the three of them went inside to the family services office. They waited almost an hour, and it seemed like much longer, before a social worker finally came out and called, "Lonnie Tanner?"

Lonnie and the boys followed the lady to her office, then they all had a seat. "I'm Stephanie Miller. What can I do for you today Mister Tanner?"

"Hello Miss Miller." replied Lonnie. "The boy next to me is my son Luke, and the boy on the other side of him is his cousin Josh. Josh came to our house through the alternative sentencing program for juveniles, from the state capital city. I believe that a lot of his problems may stem from the fact of never having much of a father figure in his life. I wanted to know if there would be some kind of procedure for talking to his mother, and seeing if he can stay with us longer than his sentence. By the time he is through with that, he'll have less than a year until he's eighteen anyway, and I think he could turn around really well if I provide him with a father figure in his life. I've already talked to my wife, and she's in agreement with whatever I think would be best for Josh. I wouldn't want to do it though unless we can convince his mother that it would be best for him."

"Well, we do have the report we made on your family before entering the program, so that will help." replied Stephanie. "We would have to talk to Josh's mother, and see what she has to say, then do another report for a custody hearing. Right now though, all we would need is for you and your wife to sign a few papers to get everything started. We can come out to your house and get things going. How soon do you want to start looking into this?"

"How soon can you come out?" asked Lonnie.

"Well, my schedule is tied up for tomorrow, but I can come out the day after." replied Stephanie. "Is ten o'clock okay?"

"That will be fine." said Lonnie. "Would it be okay for us to contact Josh's mother about this in the meantime?"

"That might not be a bad idea." replied Stephanie. "People are usually less responsive when they are surprised by a social worker showing up at their door unexpectedly. Besides, that would give us a good indication if she would be willing to do this."

"Okay then, I'll call her when we get home today." said Lonnie. "Thanks for your help Miss Miller."

"It's my pleasure Mister Tanner." replied Stephanie. "Here's my card so you can call me if anything comes up. If not, I'll see you the day after tomorrow, at ten o'clock."

After Lonnie and the boys left the courthouse, it was Lonnie's turn to drive. Their last stop was out by the mall, in the shopping district. Lonnie was glad to have the boys with him for this, as he didn't know anything about computers. The salesman seemed nice enough to Josh, but he began to realize that the salesman was worried more about pushing their sale model, rather than considering Lonnie's needs in a computer. When the salesman was finished, he acted proud of his pitch.

"That certainly is a nice computer." said Josh. "The only problem is that were not out to buy some kid his first computer. This thing is going to need to run the family business, as well as take care of the family's personal needs. I'm afraid that the hard drive capacity and the processor speed just won't do for that. I'm thinking we're going to need at least an eighty or one hundred and twenty gig hard drive. Also, the one you showed us only has a dvd rom drive. Do you realize that we're going to have to upgrade that right off the bat? We need two dvd drives, and one of them has to be recordable. I'm sure you must have something that will fit our needs better than the sale model."

"Are you going to listen to the advice of this child sir?" asked the salesman. "He's trying to get you to buy way more computer than you really need!"

Luke knew that the salesman had made a serious mistake, even before he saw the look on his dad's face.

"This child, as you called him, happens to be a bright young man!" replied Lonnie, trying to remain in control of his temper. "Since he obviously knows more about computers than you ever will, I think I will take his advice on this! Josh, should we buy the computer here, or at the store across the street in the mall?"

"Well, I would be willing to bet this guy knows more about washers and dryers than he does about computers." replied Josh. "I would probably go somewhere where they know about computers, unless you expect the computer to clean and dry your clothes too."

Luke couldn't help but to double over laughing at Josh's recommendation. By this time the salesman was slightly red-faced, and they had attracted the attention of the store manager.

"What are you doing out of the appliance department again Lou?" asked the manager. "Didn't we discuss this less than a week ago? You are to stay over there where you can't do any harm." Then the manager turned to Lonnie and said, "I'm very sorry sir. You're probably right that your bright young son knows more about computers. That happens to be my specialty too though, so I was hoping you could give us another chance. I can give you a great deal, to make up for my new janitor's behavior."

"What do you say Josh?" asked Lonnie.

"I guess we could give it another try, as long as the manager remembers that we need it for a personal computer, as well as to run the farm." replied Josh.

The manager went ahead and showed them a system that had everything Josh mentioned, and then some. Then he put a twenty one inch LCD monitor, a scanner, and a photo printer with fax together with it. When Lonnie heard the price he offered, and compared it to other systems on display, he knew the manager was really trying to make up for what happened earlier.

"The computer also has a lot of bonus software packaged inside the box with it, so it should keep keep you up to date for quite a while." said the manager. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

"Well, now that you mention it I was thinking of picking up a nice digital camera someday." replied Lonnie.

While the manager showed Lonnie their different cameras, and explained them to him, Josh told Lonnie what a great deal the manager was giving them. The manager helped Lonnie to pick out the camera that would give him the best picture, which wasn't even the most expensive model. Then he gave Lonnie a good deal on that too. By the time Lonnie left the store, he had spent quite a bit of money. He knew that the same thing would have cost a lot more somewhere else though.

"Can I drive home dad?" asked Luke, as they were loading everything in the truck.

"Are you reading my mind son?" smiled Lonnie, as he went over to the passenger's door.

Once again it was Luke behind the wheel, with Josh sitting between he and Lonnie. Luke had a great time driving home, with Josh sneaking a quick feel of Luke's leg every once in a while. The fun really started when they got home though. Lonnie went ahead and cleared off his desk in the family room, then Josh and Luke got busy setting up the computer.

As soon as everything was attached to the computer, Luke said, "Cool! Now we can do some computing!"

"I'm afraid it isn't quite that easy cousin." laughed Josh. "Now comes the fun part, starting it up for the first time, and loading all the software."

Josh had to call everyone in for the start up, so they could all put in their user accounts and passwords. Then Josh ran upstairs for a minute, before he and Luke finished setting up the computer.

"I'm glad I brought this disc with me." said Josh, as he winked at Luke. "Now it's time for your computer education Luke."

Josh slipped the disc into the computer, and downloaded a few programs. Then he called Lonnie back in to set up an internet account. Once again everyone had to set up their own account and password, then Josh made sure everyone had left, before he shut the door and continued with Luke. Josh typed in an address, and within a few moments Luke's eyes were bulging out of their sockets. On the screen was a very well-built guy in his twenties, with a cock that must have been ten inches long and as thick as Luke's wrist.

"I thought you might like that!" laughed Josh softly. "It's one of my favorites too. Now, I'm going to close the page. Do you think that can come back to haunt you Luke?"

"I'm not sure." replied Luke. "Does that little address bar thing keep track of where you've been?"

"Very good Luke!" said Josh. Josh then clicked on the arrow on the address bar, and sure enough, the page was there. "You see, your computer stores this stuff so it will make it easier to load the page the next time. The problem with that is that even though this won't show up on someone else's account, it could still get you. I'll show you how it can do that."

Josh clicked on the address, and the well-hung hunk showed up on the screen again. Then Josh closed the page again, and clicked the start button. Josh went into the computer, then into the operating system, and found the history folder. When Josh opened the folder and clicked on the entry there, the hunk jumped back up on the screen. Luke was now riveted to what Josh was doing. Josh closed the page again, then went back to the history folder. He right clicked on the entry this time and deleted it, then went back to the browser to show Luke that it was no longer there.

"Now are you safe Luke?" asked Josh.

"I would like to think so." replied Luke.

Josh then began digging deep into the computer, and in a few minutes was once again able to summon the hunk back onto the screen.

"How did you do that?!" exclaimed Luke.

"Your computer stores this stuff in a lot of different places." said Josh. "That way if your history is deleted, it can still find it. So can others if they know where to look, or someone tells them where to look. That's where this first program I loaded comes in handy. It's an internet trace cleaner, and it goes to all these places and erases the evidence of where you've been. Even with that though, there are forensic programs that can still recall every page you visit, even if you've erased their entries. That's where the second program comes in handy. It scrubs your hard drive clean of any traces of whatever you tell it to. Then there is nothing that can bring back what you've erased."

"Wow!" exclaimed Luke. "That is so cool. Won't someone be suspicious if they see those programs on the computer though?"

"That's why I loaded them to only show up on your user screen." replied Josh. "No one but us will know that they're there. Also, if you are ever curious about seeing other guys our age, some of those types of pictures are illegal. With this though, no one will ever know."

"Do you know places where we can see pictures like that?" asked Luke, as he grinned impishly.

"Well, those sites change constantly, and I've been out of the loop for about a month." said Josh. "I could see what I can come up with though."

Josh began typing, and went from dead end to dead end. Finally he came across a contact from one of the sites he use to hang out at. He was an older guy, but he never did anything Josh considered inappropriate, so they tried to keep in touch every once in a while. When Josh explained what was going on, his friend told him that the heat had been on lately, and everyone was laying low. He told Josh that he could help him and Luke out though. Then the man sent Josh several files. Josh and Luke opened the files, and began looking at the pictures inside.

As the two boys were busy at the computer, Lonnie and Naomi called Josh's mom from the living room. Lonnie had gotten a second phone line for the computer, so they could be online and not tie up the phone. "Hello Janice, this is Naomi Tanner calling." said Naomi, after Josh's mom answered the phone.

"Hello Naomi, how is everything down that way?" asked Janice. "Josh hasn't gotten himself into trouble there too, has he?"

"Oh no Janice, not at all." replied Naomi. "Lonnie and I both think he's doing really well here."

"That's good, because with him down there on the farm, I've actually started meeting people again." replied Janice. "You have no idea what it's like trying to find someone special when you have a boy like Josh looking for ways to get into trouble."

"I'm sure it's not that bad Janice, after all, he is your son." said Naomi.

"He may be, but he's been so hard to control since his father left us, and that was quite some time ago." replied Janice. "I really have tried my best with him, but he seemed determined to take his life in the wrong direction."

"I don't know what to tell you about that Janice." replied Naomi. "I wish I did though, because we always got along just like sisters when I was married to your brother."

"Yeah, those were good times Naomi." replied Janice wistfully. "I'm just glad that you and Lonnie have been able to help out with Josh. I really don't know what I would have done if you hadn't. The state was almost to the point of putting him away, until I had his lawyer plead for another way out of his problems."

"Well, he's been doing really well here Janice." said Naomi. "Lonnie seems to think that a lot of his problems stem from never really having a father around to help him, and I know that's not your fault. I went down that road once myself with your brother. I'm just lucky that Lonnie came along before I had Luke, but it could have easily ended up worse."

"Well, I hope Luke ends up being a good influence for Josh, instead of Josh being a bad influence for him." said Janice.

"Luke and Lonnie both have seemed to be a really positive influence for Josh, and that's why we wanted to talk to you." said Naomi. "Josh's sentence is going to run up to about eight months before his eighteenth birthday, and we were wondering if you might consider letting him stay on for those eight more months."

"Are you sure about that Naomi?" asked Janice. "It's not that I mind. I was actually afraid that once this sentence was over, Josh would get right back into the same old trouble again. He can be quite a handful."

"Well, he's behaved himself really well here so far, and we think this would be very good for him." said Naomi. "Of course we would love to have you come out to see him as often as you want, but the environment here seems to be what he needs right now."

"I don't know what to say Naomi." replied Janice. "I can't begin to tell you how grateful I would be if you turned him around, and kept him from eventually ending up in serious trouble. What would you and Lonnie need me to do?"

"Well, we would need you to assign us as his guardians until he's eighteen." replied Naomi. "That way we could legally take care of anything that might come up with him. I can have a social worker visit you, and we can arrange everything quickly if you would agree to this. We're not trying to make it look like you did anything wrong Janice, but things might have just gotten out of yours and Josh's control there."

"Thanks Naomi, I really do appreciate everything you and Lonnie are doing for us." said Janice. "If you're sure you want to do this, I'd love to give it a shot. I don't want to see Josh go back to the way things were here, if things are going that much better for him now."

"Well, I still think of you as my sister Janice, and it's our pleasure to do this for you." smiled Naomi. "I know we haven't kept in touch since your brother and I split up, and that's a mistake that has needed correcting for quite a long time. Would you like to come down and see how Josh is doing sometime?"

"I'd love to Naomi." replied Janice. "Why don't I give him about one more week to adjust, then come down to see him and your family?"

"That sounds fine, and I can't wait to see you again Janice." replied Naomi.

Meanwhile, Josh and Luke were still busy looking at pictures on the computer. "Aren't some of these kids kinda young?" asked Luke. "Not that I mind, but some of them don't even have any hair around their dicks."

"Most of the guys in these groups like kids anywhere from just before puberty, all the way through their teens." replied Josh. "You kinda have to take the younger ones to see the ones you want with most of these guys. Some of these kids are cute though, even though they're a little young."

"Hey, you better not be looking at other guys that way." giggled Luke.

"Only to appreciate their cuteness." smiled Josh. "I could never look at anyone the way I look at you."

The two boys looked at the rest of the pictures, as they put an arm around each other. As the pictures became more sexual in nature, Josh and Luke both began getting hard. When they came across a picture of two boys that couldn't have been more than twelve or thirteen, both enjoying a sixty nine with each other, Josh and Luke decided that they better stop while they could still leave the family room anytime soon. Josh thanked his friend, especially for that last picture. Josh's friend told Josh to let him know when they got DSL, because he had a fifteen minute video of the last two that he could send him.

"I've heard rumors about your video collection John." wrote Josh on the IM. "You should just burn me a dvd of your best ones and send them to me through the mail. You can't send them here though, but I have a friend who's address you can use."

"You trust me enough to let me know where you live Josh?" asked John. "I hope you don't trust everyone who's into this stuff that much. You're safe with me because I have a cute little boyfriend that I love very much, but some of these guys aren't quite as safe."

"It's only because I know I can trust you John." wrote Josh. "I wouldn't give my address to anyone else. So, tell me about your boyfriend."

"He's a really cute little thirteen year old boy, with a sexual appetite that you wouldn't believe." wrote John. "The only thing I hate is that his folks don't seem to care where he is most of the time, or what he's doing. I'm glad he ran across me before anyone else though."

"Yeah, he's lucky there." wrote Josh. "I know you would never hurt him."

"I adore that sweet little angel." wrote John. "I have to slow him down sometimes so we don't do things that might hurt him."

Josh and John finished their chat, with Josh wishing his friend good luck, then having him send the disc to him in care of Boone's address. Once the conversation was over, Josh showed Luke how to use the programs to wipe the computer clear of what they had just done. He made sure that Luke knew how important it was to do that every time he looked at anything like that on the computer, because some of what they had seen could get them in serious trouble. Then Josh and Luke shared a passionate kiss before going out to join Luke's parents for supper.

After supper, Luke and Josh were ready to show Lonnie how to set up the computer to keep track of the family farm. First they had to teach Lonnie the basics about using the computer. Once he had that down, Josh went into using a few business programs to help Lonnie keep track of every detail about the farm. Lonnie was amazed by how much he could keep track of with only a few clicks of the mouse, and knew that the computer was going to be a wise investment. Then Josh had Lonnie get the camera out, so he could begin teaching Lonnie about photo editing on the computer. Lonnie snapped a few very innocent pictures of the two boys, then they downloaded the camera into the computer. Josh covered cropping and editing photos, but with the camera Lonnie had bought, there wouldn't be a whole lot of editing to do. Lonnie did like some of the special effects he could use on the photos though. When Lonnie said he might like to get a picture of Josh and Luke sharing a kiss sometime, Josh knew he was going to have to let Lonnie in on the two programs he had set up on his and Luke's accounts.

When Josh had the programs set up on Lonnie's user account too, Lonnie said, "So that's what you boys were in here doing for so long. You weren't doing anything that might get you in trouble, were you?"

"Let's just say that if we were, there's no trace of it anywhere in the computer now." giggled Josh.

Lonnie smiled and said, "That's what I wanted to hear. You boys just make sure to keep it that way, okay? I don't care what you look at, but I don't want it to cause you or us any trouble."

"We'll never let that happen dad." replied Luke. "Those two twelve year old boys we saw making love are committed to memory, and are completely gone from the computer now."

"That's good because that kind of thing could definitely cause trouble." smiled Lonnie, as he rubbed Luke's and Josh's heads.

Lonnie then snapped a picture of Luke and Josh kissing, and the boys helped him edit it on the computer. Lonnie thought the picture was very sweet, and wanted to make a copy for the scrapbook he wanted to start on his two boys. Josh helped him crop and size the picture, then they sent it to the printer. Then Josh loaded a sheet of photo paper, and they watched as the picture came out of the printer.

"Wow!" exclaimed Lonnie. "That's better quality than the photo service they offer at Newton's pharmacy, and you don't have to wait three days for it!"

"Just make sure you have a safe place to hide that though dad." giggled Josh. "We don't want to be condemned to hell just yet."

Then Josh showed Lonnie how to use the programs he had shown Luke, to erase any evidence of the picture of him and Luke kissing. Lonnie seemed to really like it that they could do that. Lonnie left the regular pictures of Luke and Josh in a folder titled "My two wonderful sons", then it was time to shut down for the night.

That night Luke and Josh took turns putting their cocks inside each other's beautiful butts, and making passionate love to each other. Luke and Josh neither one could ever imagine anything feeling better than making love to each other now. After Luke had made love to Josh, with his cock thrusting in and out of Josh urgently until he left his cum deep inside his lover, it was Josh's turn. Josh's love-making was not quite as urgent, as his cock slid longingly in and out of Luke. It felt so great to Luke that he hoped Josh could hold back all night, and continue sliding in and out of him, but Josh didn't have nearly that kind of control. After his cock had lovingly caressed Luke's insides for about ten minutes, Josh moaned softly as he pumped his cum into Luke. Then the two boys embraced tightly as they laid in each other's arms to recover.

"I'm so glad that our dad is so accepting of us loving each other." said Luke softly. "I love having a brother I can make love to like you Josh."

"I love making love to you too, my sexy and hot brother." smiled Josh.

After sharing a long and loving kiss, the two boys drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. They both smiled in their sleep, as they felt safe and comfortable wrapped in each other's embrace.

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