City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

"I guess you're right honey." replied Naomi. "I don't know what I was thinking last night. Boys, I'm sorry for invading your privacy last night."

Lonnie smiled as he hugged Naomi with one arm, and the boys with the other arm, and said, "There now, we're one big happy family again. To prove that I'm sorry about our argument Naomi dear, I want to take you out Friday night. We'll go to a nice restaurant and everything. I hated it when we argued, and I hope we never do it again." Then Lonnie leaned into Naomi, and gave her a very loving kiss. As soon as Naomi left the office happy, Lonnie said, "Okay Josh, let's see what you have to nail that asshole!"

"Okay Lonnie and Luke, every program on this disc is illegal, so don't say anything to anyone about this." said Josh, as he held up the disc with the skull and crossbones on it.

Then Josh slipped the disc into the computer. A screen popped up that said, "Hello Josh, are you sure you want to do this? Enter your password to continue." Lonnie and Luke were already beginning to become impressed as Josh entered his password to access his disc.

"Okay guys, this first program I'm going to install and link to my e-mail account is actually a part of a worm virus." said Josh. "Don't worry though, it's not the whole virus, just the useful part. I isolated it and turned it into a program that can be helpful. There is no risk to your computer from this. What it will help me do is mask my e-mail address, and replace it with an address completely at random, or any address I want."

"Holy crap Josh!" exclaimed Luke. "Are you some kind of genius or something?"

"Nah babe, I just hung with people in the city that knew a lot about computers, and picked up a lot from them." replied Josh with a smile, as he installed the program and linked it to his e-mail account. "Now, I looked up the address for that wacko reverend in Kansas who thinks gay people are bringing on the end of the world. I'll just enter that as the return address, then enter Reverend Snot's address as the recipient. Now, all I have to do is come up with a message that will get Reverend Snot to open the file I'm going to attach. Hmmm, let me think." Then Josh began typing.

To my brother in Christ, Reverend Scott:

This is Reverend ## ######, from Kansas. As you may know, my ministry works with trying to eliminate homosexuality from our society. I have heard of some of your works, and would like to commend you for your help in our battle with evil. Our most recent campaign of protesting homosexual marriages, and the funerals of those who have died as a result of God's wrath against homosexuality, has gone as far in it's course as it can. I am now developing a new campaign, and I would like to enlist the support of Reverends across the nation for this campaign. Please take a moment to look at the materials I have sent you with this message, and consider joining this new and glorious campaign. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your brother in Christ,
## ######

"There guys, do you think that will do it?" laughed Josh.

"Josh, you should really consider a career in writing or acting!" laughed Lonnie.

"Does it have to be so anti-gay?" asked Luke.

"Well babe, we want Snot to open the file that I'm going to attach." replied Josh. "This is exactly the image that Snot wants to portray to the rest of the world, regardless of anything he might be trying to hide. I hate to think that there are people who feel that way, but they do exist. Now, all I need to do is change the signature of the program that I'm going to attach, and give it a really irresistible name. Josh made a few minor entries to a program he had copied from his disc, then typed in the file name "BattleAgainstEvil.exe." Then Josh attached the program to the e-mail to Reverend Scott, and hit send.

"What is that program you sent our friend?" asked Lonnie.

"It's a very sophisticated keylogger." replied Josh. "When Snot opens this, it will install itself in his computer without him knowing it. All he will see is an error screen, and think there was something wrong with the file so that he can't open it. Then the keylogger will keep track of every keystroke he makes on his computer, like if he enters an address manually, or enters a password. Then all I have to do is log onto his system, and open the results of the keylogger. It will be very well hidden in his system, and will require a password to access."

"What if he catches on though?" asked Luke.

"Then it will appear to have come from the reverend in Kansas, and not from here." replied Josh. "There will be no way for him to trace it to this computer."

"How are you going to log onto his system?" asked Lonnie.

"I have a password program that can decipher any password in about thirty seconds." smiled Josh.

Reverend Scott signed off one of his favorite sites for the evening, then wiped the cum from his cock with his hand. After licking his own cum from his hand, the reverend put his now very satisfied cock back in his pants. "God, what I wouldn't give to find some naïve hick around here to do those things with!" thought the reverend to himself. Then Reverend Scott noticed that he had a new e-mail message from a very well known anti-gay reverend in Kansas. Scott made sure his anti-virus program was on, then opened the e-mail. As Scott read the plea for help from the reverend in Kansas, his anti-virus program cut in.

"Whoa, what do we have here?" asked Scott to the empty room. He clicked on the virus report and laughed, "Someone must really like me! Not only is the attachment a virus, but the address was created by a virus! Well, I don't think we need to download any viruses tonight, whoever you are that sent this. Who could I have pissed off that much though? It must be local, but these asshole hicks around here don't have the brains for something like this, do they? I guess I'll have to do a little fishing on Sunday."

Luke assumed his favorite position when the boys went upstairs that night to test their pledge of privacy. Luke smiled in pleasure as Josh's cock drove deeply into him. "I love it that I was able to find someone who loves being filled with my cock babe." smiled Josh, as he looked down into Luke's eyes.

"I can't even begin to describe the pleasure your cock brings me when I feel the love from it inside me my love." replied Luke softly.

"Then I take it you love this too." said Josh, as he lovingly began thrusting his cock in and out of Luke.

"I'm going to try to hold my cum tonight my love." moaned Luke. "I want to put it inside you tonight after you make love to me."

Josh leaned down and pressed his lips against Luke's, while he continued to thrust his cock in and out of Luke's warm and loving hole. Luke immediately sucked Josh's tongue deep into his mouth, and began making love to it like he would Josh's cock. That turned Josh on incredibly, as he made love to his beautiful lover. After about ten minutes, Josh began moaning as Luke's mouth held it's grip on his tongue. A few seconds later, Luke began to moan as he felt Josh's cum begin shooting into him. Josh immediately began doing the same thing with Luke's tongue that Luke had done to his, while his body was in the midst of a very wonderful orgasm.

Once Josh's orgasm had completely ended, he smiled into Luke's eyes and said, "I think you made it tonight babe. Do you want to put your beautiful cock inside me now?"

Luke immediately rolled Josh onto his back, and lubed his cock carefully. He had been very close to cumming, but was determined to save his orgasm for Josh. Luke gently slipped his cock into Josh, then began to slowly make love to him as he leaned down. Even though he was trying to make this last as long as possible, Luke knew it would not take long to pump his love into Josh. Luke pressed his lips against Josh's, and within a few minutes began moaning into Josh's mouth. Josh moaned back into Luke's mouth, as he felt Luke's cum filling his rectum.

Once Luke's orgasm had ended, Josh said, "While your cock is still somewhat hard, I want you to turn back this way inside me while I roll onto my side. Then put your arms around me and hold me tightly against you. I want to sleep with your cock inside me tonight babe."

Luke did as Josh asked, and held Josh's back tightly against his front. Soon the two boys drifted off to sleep, with Luke's cock still deeply inside Josh.

The next morning, Luke woke up and pulled his cock gently out of Josh. Then he turned his lover over and kissed him awake. Luke finally broke the kiss when he saw Josh's eyes flutter open."

"I love waking up with your lips against mine babe." said Josh softly, as he smiled.

"Then I'll wake you up like that every morning!" replied Luke back with a smile. "Now, how about a little before breakfast snack?"

Josh laughed softly, then the two boys quickly got into a sixty nine position. Luke and Josh worked on each other's cocks as quickly as they could, and in a few minutes were swallowing each other's cum. Once their orgasms were over, Luke and Josh took each other into their arms, and shared a brief and loving kiss.

"Now, let's get ready for breakfast while I still have the taste of your cum in my mouth." said Luke. "Everything tastes so much better that way."

The two boys laughed, then took turns taking a quick shower. Once they had gotten dressed together, they happily went downstairs to breakfast. Naomi didn't know why the boys were enjoying breakfast so much, as they kept looking at each other and laughing. She was just happy that they enjoyed it.

After the boys came in from afternoon chores, Naomi went to Josh and gave him a warm hug as she lightly kissed his forehead. "I want to thank you for the disc Josh." said Naomi. "I enjoyed that movie more this morning than I ever have. It looked so beautiful on disc compared to tape."

"In that case ma'am, I'd love to trade you the copy I gave you, and you can have the original disc in it's original case." replied Josh.

"I couldn't do that sweetie." said Naomi. "You are such a sweet and darling boy for offering though. I'm glad we brought you here to be Luke's friend."

"Ma'am, you love that movie more than anyone I know." said Josh. "It would make me feel very good for you to have the original. It would make me a very happy boy."

"Of course I'll trade you in that case Josh." replied Naomi, as she hugged the boy again. "I want you to know that you are such a sweet and good boy, that I kind of think of you as my other son. Which reminds me, your mother wants to come down Saturday and spend the night with us so she can see you. Then she will go to church with all of us before she goes back to the city on Sunday. I hope I didn't speak too soon, but I told her that would would love to see her."

"You didn't speak too soon ma'am." smiled Josh. "It'll be great for all of us to be together."

Once the two boys were off alone, Luke giggled, "Aren't you laying it on kinda thick Josh?"

Josh laughed, then replied, "Hey, Reverend Dirtbag is laying it on pretty thick himself. I'm just trying to top him."

Meanwhile in the capital city, John was making plans for the weekend too. John wanted to find out what Josh's connection was to the address he gave him, and also if his son from the country could ever forgive him for leaving him and his mother. John, who's real name was Jack Daniels, wanted that more than anything in the world, except his adorable thirteen year old boyfriend.

"Hey guys!" said Boone, as he entered Josh and Luke's room after knocking. "Josh, I got a package today for you from some guy named John." Then Boone tossed the package to Josh as he said, "Mom wanted to know what was in it, but all I could tell her was that it was for you, and I didn't know."

"I had my friend John from back home send me a disc with some of his SPECIAL movies on it." replied Josh. "Do you and Matt want to take a look at them with Luke and me?"

"Yeah, but let's go back to my place." replied Boone. "If they're that SPECIAL, we'll be in less danger watching them on my computer."

"Yeah!" exclaimed Josh. "That'll give me a chance to see what you got!"

"I gotta warn you Josh, with three grand I had enough to get quite a bit of computer." said Boone. "And I still had enough left to get mom a really sweet big screen TV. She's so happy with it too!"

"That's awesome Boone, let's go check it out!" said Luke excitedly.

The boys pulled into Boone's driveway, and ran to the house to find Boone's mom enjoying her present. "Hey mom, Luke and Josh wanted to check out the TV I got you." said Boone.

"Isn't it so nice?" asked Ellen, as she pointed at the fifty two inch flat screen TV. "It's better than anything Jack ever got me, but then again, I did raise a very fine young man."

"Wow!" exclaimed Josh. "High definition, stereo, this TV has everything!"

"It even has a port, whatever that is, that can show pictures from a digital camera whenever I can get one of those." said Ellen. "My Boone is such a sweet young man!"

"Yeah, he really is!" snickered Matt, which made Josh and Luke laugh.

"You boys!" laughed Ellen. "I hope none of you ever change either."

"Okay guys, let's go upstairs and look at my computer!" said Boone.

The three boys followed Boone to his and Matt's room eagerly, and Boone booted up his computer.

"Sweet!" exclaimed Josh. "Hey guys, did you notice the lights dim a little when he turned it on?"

"Heh-heh, good one Josh!" chuckled Boone.

"What were you trying to do Boone?" asked Josh as he laughed. "Out-technology the folks at the CIA? That is a damn sweet computer though. What's the processor speed and hard drive?"

"Well, it's a pretty new processor." replied Boone. "It's four gigs. The hard drive is two hundred and forty gigs. It has over one point five gigs of memory, and can be upgraded to four gigs. That bright red case was the clincher though."

"Yeah, they're known for their flare." laughed Josh. "I'll bet you could launch the space shuttle or control our national defense with this baby though Boone. I'm surprised you could afford this, AND the really sweet TV."

"The guy said he was going to give me a good deal." replied Boone. "He said that the store got this model as a test model for the line, but it was so expensive that no one would even look at it. He sold it to me for ten percent over cost."

"I wish I'd known that." said Josh. "I would have talked our dad into it! Wow, four speakers and a sub-woofer. I'll bet you get some nice sound with this."

"Let's see how good it plays video!" said Luke, with an impish smile.

"Okay babe, down boy!" laughed Josh, who then handed his disc to Boone. "Just wait until you see some of the stuff on this! John's collection is legendary! I don't know what all he sent me, but I can guarantee it'll be hot."

Boone put the disc in, and the boys all got comfy in front of the twenty seven inch LCD monitor. The first scene opened with two fifteen year old boys kissing passionately. One boy was blonde, and the other was about an inch taller with brown hair. Both boys were extremely good-looking. As the two boys kissed, they began eagerly ripping each other's clothes off. Once both boys were naked, the brown haired boy pushed the blonde back onto the bed hard.

"Ooh, you like to play rough, don't you?" giggled the blonde. "I can take whatever you can dish out stud!"

"That's good, you hot blonde slut!" replied the brown haired boy. "We'll see exactly how much you can take!"

As the brown haired boy tied the blonde's hands together, then tied them to the head of the bed, Luke said, "I'll bet they're being paid to follow a script."

"I would imagine so." replied Josh. "This one looks pretty professionally filmed."

"I wonder how much they paid these boys?" asked Boone.

"From what they're doing, I'd say more than either boy ever dreamed of making!" replied Matt.

By this time, the blonde's feet had been tied to the foot posts of the bed, and the other boy had a nice limber looking cane. He brought it down across the blonde's chest and abdomen several times, hard enough to leave a mark, but not hard enough to break the skin. The blonde boy looked like he was enjoying it quite a bit, as his cock had stiffened pretty good.

"I hope you know if you're going to whip me, you're going to have to fuck me too!" said the blonde lustily.

The boys watched the monitor as the two young actors continued. As the brown haired boy was getting ready to fuck the other boy, Boone said, "Damn, his cock is as big as mine!"

"You better fuck me as hard as you can with that, or I'll whip your pretty ass when I get loose!" said the blonde.

"Don't worry buddy, I'll make sure you feel this!" replied the other boy. "Then you can bring the cane down across my ass anyway!"

"Damn Josh, you're friend John really has some kinky shit, doesn't he?" asked Boone.

"No one has some of the stuff he does." replied Josh, as he massaged Luke's cock through his pants.

The boys watched as the brown haired boy rammed his cock into the other boy, who's feet were now suspended upward from the ceiling. Even though the brown haired boy was very rough, the other boy still seemed to enjoy it. Josh, Luke, Boone, and Matt were also enjoying it, as they began stripping each other as they watched the monitor. The first scene ended with the brown haired boy jerking the other boy's cock at his own face, until the blonde's face was covered in his own cum. Then he pulled his cock out of the blonde, and shot his cum into the blonde boy's face. Then with the blonde still tied up, the other boy kissed him passionately, smearing their cum between both their faces.

"Shit!" exclaimed Luke. "We're going to have to take it easier if we expect to make it through this disc!"

The next scene was between the two twelve year olds that Josh and Luke had seen a picture of before. The two boys were very affectionate and horny with each other, but no one in the room thought that either boy could cum yet. Both boys did cum though, as they finally took turns cumming on each other, and licking it off. Then there were two very hot sixteen year olds, who enjoyed a very erotic love-making session on camera. Then a well-hung sixteen year old with an eleven year old. The eleven year old seemed to be the one in charge, as he stiffened and lubed the sixteen year old's cock. The completely hairless eleven year old boy then gleefully impaled himself on the other boy's cock, and ordered the other boy to jack him off to a dry orgasm. As the eleven year old writhed and moaned in the midst of a dry orgasm, the older boy shot his cum deep inside him.

The younger boy finally lifted himself carefully off the older boy's cock, and climbed into the older boy's arms. "I love you boyfriend." said the younger boy happily.

The next scene started off with two fourteen year olds who got into a very passionate session. Then one boy broke it off and left the room. He returned a few seconds later with a naked middle-aged man that he called his daddy. The boys laid the man down, then stiffened and lubed his cock. The boy who had called himself the man's son then sat down hard on the man's cock, while the other boy put his dick in the man's mouth and began fucking his mouth. Once the boy who was fucking the man's mouth had cum, the two boys switched places. The boy who had just cum in the man's mouth sat down hard on the man's cock, while the other boy began fucking the man's mouth. Once the boy playing the man's son had cum, the other boy lifted up off the man's cock. Then each boy took one of the man's balls in their mouth's, and took turns pumping the man's cock with their hand until the man cummed on his stomach and chest. When both boys had finished licking the man's cum off him together, Boone stopped the disc.

All four boys ran to the bed, then took their lover into a sixty nine. All four boys were swallowing their lover's cum in about one minute.

Once they had recovered, Josh said, "I hate to tell you guys, but we only made it about a quarter of the way through the disc."

"Could you make Matty and me a copy then?" asked Boone as he smiled.

"I can't believe those last two boys rammed that man's cock into them like they thought it was the greatest thing in the world!" exclaimed Luke.

"Well, there are plenty of boys out there who love having sex with men." replied Matt. "They probably did enjoy ramming the man's cock into them as hard as they could. I know they sure as hell loved fucking his mouth!"

Josh made Boone a copy of the disc that evening, and the rest of the week went uneventfully. The boys would be able to manage watching a few scenes from the disc, then make love. Josh had to make very sure every time to remove the disc from the computer, before he and Luke would run upstairs as fast as they could.

John arrived in his old hometown early that Saturday, and hid himself as he staked out his old home with a pair of binoculars. He caught several glimpses of the boy that he knew had to be his son and another boy together. John had gotten Josh to describe himself online a few times, and knew this other boy wasn't Josh.

Josh's mother wasn't suppose to be there until around six, so Luke and Josh decided to go to Boone's house for lunch, and spend a few hours. Jack's luck finally changed around noon, as he spotted a truck approaching his old home. The boy in the passenger seat did fit Josh's description of himself, so Jack went to his car. Boone and Matt went outside to meet Luke and Josh when they saw them coming up the road.

"Hey Boone, hey Matt." smiled Luke, as he got out of his truck.

"Hi guys, how's it hanging?" asked Josh, as he came around from the other side of the truck laughing.

"That disc has been giving Matty and me a real workout!" snickered Boone. "You'll have to thank your friend John for us sometime."

"Who's that coming up the road Boone?" asked Luke, as he pointed toward the car coming up the road.

"I don't know, Luke." replied Boone, as he studied the car.

The car then pulled into the driveway behind Luke's truck, and the driver got out. Boone stood speechless as his dad looked at Josh and said, "Hello Josh, it's me, John. Don't worry boys, I have a cute little boyfriend back home, so I'm no danger to you. I had to meet you though Josh, when you had me send that disc to Boone's address." Then Jack looked over to Boone and said, "Hello son, I hope we can get the chance to talk."

"But,... but,... your name is John." said Josh.

"Come on Josh, very few people who hang out in the groups I do use our real names." replied Jack. "It's just safer that way. My real name is Jack Daniels, and I'm Boone's father."

"Why did you leave us dad?" asked Boone.

"Did you or your mother find my trunk?" asked Jack. "I hope it was you son. I meant for you to come across it when you could understand."

"So the stuff in the trunk, it's who you really are?" asked Boone emotionally. "And the pictures and home movies with Billy?"

"Yes son, I'm a boylover." replied Jack. "Billy was the sweetest boy I ever knew. I made him very happy until he turned fourteen, and found a boyfriend his own age. That's usually what happens to relationships with men like me. The reason I left was that I was dying here. Not physically, but emotionally. The only way I could have helped myself was to let it come out to the people around here who I was. I wasn't mentally prepared to do that, and even if I were, I'm sure you know how the people around here would have taken that. It killed me to leave you and your mother son, but I didn't feel as though I had a choice. I'm hoping that you can forgive me son."

Ellen finally came out of the house and said, "Jack Daniels, what are you doing around here?! You have about one minute before I call the sheriff."

"I wish you wouldn't Ellen." replied Jack. "I don't want to interfere with yours and Boone's life, but I do want to make peace with both of you. I married you to hide who I was Ellen, and that was very wrong of me. You were the most wonderful woman I ever knew, and you deserved better than me." Then Jack pointed to Boone and said, "Then when something great did come out of our marriage, I managed to mess that up too."

"Why would you marry me to hide who you are Jack?" asked Ellen. "If you're gay, I'll have you know there's nothing wrong with that. All you had to do is be honest with me, and I would have understood. Our son is gay, and I still love him every bit as much as I ever have, if not more."

"Is that true Boone?" asked Jack as he smiled.

"Yeah dad." replied Boone. "This is my boyfriend Matt."

"Hi sir." said Matt to Jack.

"I guess you're the one we have to thank for sending that disc to Josh then." said Boone. "You have really good taste for the most part, although the two eight year old boys was pushing it a bit."

"I had to put that on." replied Jack. "I had filmed that one myself, and those two boys loved everything they did. By the time we were finished filming, I had never seen two happier boys in my life. They're probably still smiling over it today."

"What are you saying Jack?" asked Ellen.

"Ellen, it's not just about me being gay." replied Jack. "If that were all it was, I would have been honest with you, and tried every way in the world to stay with you and Boone. I've always missed both of you, and still do. The problem is that I'm a boylover. I couldn't even understand why myself, and I was sure that no one around here could. I went to a counselor for two years after I left here. She finally helped me accept who I am, and helped me deal with having to leave you."

"Did you ever do anything with our son Jack?" asked Ellen fearfully.

"No Ellen, that would have been wrong." replied Jack. "Boone is very special to me, and he deserves someone just as special. Even though I really love boys about the age Boone was when I left, I could have never done anything with him. I would have been no where near good enough for him."

"He's right mom." said Boone. "Even though I could tell dad loved me, he never tried anything improper with me. I still wish you hadn't left though dad. The last five years has been so hard."

"I know son, it was hard for me too." replied Jack. "I could see some of my behavior rubbing off on you though, and I loved you too much to let that happen."

"I still don't know how I should feel though Jack." said Ellen. "You hurt both of us quite a bit Jack. And now you say that you like having sex with boys. Do you hurt boys too Jack?"

"I could never hurt any boy Ellen." replied Jack. "Staying here would have hurt Boone much more than leaving, trust me. Do you still have the home movies from the trunk Boone?"

"Yes." replied Boone.

"Most of the contents of the trunk were meant for only you Boone." said Jack. "It was so you could understand why I did what I did. There is one movie that I meant for you and your mom both though. Do you know which one that is Boone?"

"It's the one in the film canister with the white stripe, isn't it?" asked Boone.

"Yes son, that's it." replied Jack. "I want all of us to watch that together. You other boys are Boone's friends, so you should probably see it too. Then I'm going to ask you to let me try to make peace with you and Boone, Ellen. If you say no, I will accept that and leave. Is that a deal?"

"Okay Jack, I'll give you a chance." replied Ellen.

Everyone went inside, and Boone set the movie up, then started the projector. This movie had been shot on one of Jack's trips to New York, when Billy was nine. Ellen expected it to be mostly Jack having sex with the young boy, but it wasn't. There were a few sex scenes, even one showing Billy's very first dry orgasm, but those showed how gentle and loving Jack was with the boy. They brought back fond memories for Jack, and they made Boone look at his dad as if he wanted to hug him. Ellen could see the amount of love between the young boy and her ex-husband, and knew that they looked like two people who should be husband and wife. Most of the movie was Jack and Billy having fun together though, doing things that friends would do. No matter what they did, Jack always seemed to have the utmost love for Billy. The scenes like Jack and Billy flying a kite, and Jack and Billy feeding ducks in the park, made Ellen look over at Jack. Then there was a scene with Billy sitting in Jack's lap.

Billy hugged Jack, gave him a kiss, and said, "I love you Jack."

"I love you too Billy." Jack replied. "You are a very special boy Billy. Someday I will have my own son, and he will be special, just like you, except I won't make love to him like I do you. That makes you very special Billy."

"I'm glad I'm special then Jack." replied Billy. "I love making love to you."

When the movie did end, Boone got up and gave his father a hug. That was enough to bring a tear to Jack's eye. Then Ellen moved closer to Jack and put an arm around him.

"You should have told me Jack." said Ellen. "If you had shown me that when you told me, I would have understood."

"I didn't understand myself though Ellen." replied Jack. "I couldn't comprehend that anyone else would."

"I would have though." said Ellen. "I would have understood, and I would have supported you. Your son and I did care about you Jack, and we still do apparently."

"I do love Boone, and I love you too Ellen." said Jack. "Maybe not the same way I loved Billy then, or the way I love Christof now, but it was still love. I just couldn't drag you and Boone through this with me."

Boone looked at his mom and said, "Mom?"

"Jack, your son still wants you in his life." said Ellen. "If you can find a way to do this, I'll support you and help any way I can. At least this time I know what not to expect, but I do care about you Jack."

"Well, I run my own online consulting firm." said Jack. "I'm my own boss, and my only employee. That wouldn't be a problem. The problem would be Christof. He's the sweetest thirteen year old boy you've ever seen, and I love him very much."

"What's his family situation right now Jack?" asked Ellen.

"After the end of this past week, I'd say shaky." replied Jack. "His parents never did seem to care where he was most of the time. Then just yesterday, they left Christof and his six year old brother Nathaniel home alone, and told their neighbor to keep an eye on the boys for a week or so."

"What?!" exclaimed Ellen. "What the hell kind of parent could leave their thirteen and six year old boys home alone for a week or so?! That's not just insane, it's illegal!"

"I know." replied Jack. "Both the boys were scared to death when I got there. The neighbor begged me to take the boys to my place, and I had to get a close friend to watch them today."

"Oh my God Jack, they're probably still petrified!" said Ellen. "Okay, here's what we need to do. You and I will go back to your place, and pack your stuff. Then we'll call the police, and explain what their parents did. The police will call a social worker out, and since I'm already licensed to foster, we can have them placed in our custody. Then we can pack their stuff, and bring them back here. How does that sound?"

Jack smiled and said, "Ellen, if you were a boy, I would so kiss you right now! Oh, what the heck?!"

The boys all laughed as Jack gave Ellen a kiss. Then Ellen called Luke's mom to see if it would be okay for Boone and Matt to stay there until she got back. Naomi didn't have any problem with that, as there were still two rooms upstairs that hadn't been shut off yet. The boys would have to keep quiet though, as Josh's mom would be in the second room. When the boys had taken off to Luke's house, Ellen and Jack headed to the capital city.

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