City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy and James Clark

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim and James Clark

Chapter 2

"We have a little time to kill before evening chores." said Luke. "Would you like to go swimming now?"

"Sure!" Josh replied. He was definitely eager to see this farmboy hunk in the nude. Josh hadn't ever really felt this close to anyone before though. He wondered... "Nah!"

Luke led Josh downstream as he wondered what it could be about Josh that made him feel different than when he was around other boys. When they finally got to the pool, Luke began taking off his clothes without giving it any thought.

Josh's mouth fell to the ground. "Oh my God! He's taking it all off!" Josh thought. Then, after regaining his composure, he began to take off his own clothing.

Luke noticed that Josh was staring at him while he was taking off his clothes. He couldn't understand why though, after all, they were both boys and had the same equipment. Then Luke remembered Josh talking about having sex with other guys.

"Josh," started Luke, "are you,.... never mind." Luke remembered that Josh had become upset earlier, and he didn't want anything to spoil the fun they were about to have.

Josh's heart leapt into his throat when Luke began to ask him something. He knew it would have something to do with the growing hard-on in his pants. "Let's get in the water, Luke." Josh said.

"Okay Josh!" beamed Luke. "You're not going swimming with your pants on though, are you?" Luke could see that Josh was getting a stiffy, as he called it, but he couldn't resist asking.

"Well, I... okay." Josh said.

Josh took off his pants, but left on his underwear. They were tight, form-fitting white boxer briefs. He knew that Luke could see his seven inch cock bulging out of his briefs.

"Come on Josh," said Luke tauntingly, "off with the really neat underwear too!" Then Luke thought to himself, "Did I just say Josh's underwear looked neat?"

Josh was really starting to think that Luke liked him. Josh knew that he'd give it a go if Luke were willing, but Luke was straight. Josh hooked his thumbs in the waistline of his boxer briefs and dropped them. As he pulled them down over his cock, it sprang back up and hit his stomach with an audible whack. Josh hoped that Luke wouldn't freak out.

Luke heard the sound when Josh took off his underwear, and began laughing. During the battle over getting Josh undressed, Luke's cock had grown to become a seven and a half inch stiffy. Now he knew that Josh had the same problem.

"I guess you have the same problem as me, don't you cousin Josh?" asked Luke. Luke then turned to proudly display his erection.

Josh's stiff cock bounced when he saw Luke's perfect meat. He almost started drooling when he saw that cut slab of hard meat turn to face him. Only rationality kept him from dropping to his knees and swallowing it all right there.

"Luke, are you sure you want to swim like this with me?" Josh asked. He didn't know how far he could push Luke's acceptance, without pushing it past the breaking point.

"Sure!" replied Luke innocently. "It's not like one of us is a girl or something. Boys goof around like this all the time around here. You're not afraid to be around me like this, are you? I told you that I didn't care about the stuff you've done before!"

Luke couldn't understand why Josh was so nervous over something as simple as skinny dipping. He also couldn't understand why it had become so important to himself that they go swimming together now.

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable." Josh said. "I am gay, and I admitted it, so you don't have to treat me like a normal guy just to avoid hurting my feelings. Besides, aren't you afraid that I might like, wanna do something with you? After all, you're not like most guys." Josh really wanted to get in the water before Luke realized what made his boner bone.

Luke walked over to Josh and put his arm over Josh's shoulder, then smiled at his cousin.

"I'm not treating you any differently now than how I would anywhere else, Josh." said Luke. "I'm treating you this way because I like you. Now, let's hit the water!" With that, Luke playfully pushed Josh into the cold water.

"You ass!" Josh said, as his head popped out of the cold water. He didn't expect that from Luke. "Well, are you coming in Luke? Maybe the cold water will get rid of that LITTLE problem you have! Just kidding buddy!" Then Josh began to laugh.

"Watch out then, cause here I come!" yelled Luke.

Luke jumped into the pool as close to Josh as he could without hurting him. He also made as much splash as he could produce. Then Luke saw Josh's butt float up to the surface. With a mischievous look in his eyes, Luke shouted out, "Water tag, you're it!" Then he playfully tagged Josh on the butt.

"Did he just spank me, or what?" Josh thought. "Oh, water tag!" Josh jumped after Luke, and tackled him in the water playfully. As they were grappling, Josh felt his cock rub up against Luke's stomach, and Luke's still hard cock rubbed across Josh's stomach. Josh stepped back so quick that he almost tripped on the bed of the stream. He was red-faced from embarrassment.

"Luke, I am so sorry man. I didn't mean to do that!" said Josh fearfully.

"Do what?" asked Luke. "We were just playing buddy. If it made you nervous because I tagged you on the butt, then I'm sorry Josh."

"Why did I do that?!" Luke scolded himself. "Josh is already upset about something, and I had to tag him on the butt. He must really think I'm some kind of dumb hick kid now!"

"Please Josh," begged Luke, "can we just forget everything that's happened up to now, and still be friends?"

"Dude, it's not you," Josh said, "it's me. I sort of... well, I like you, as in more than just a friend. I didn't want to tell you, but I figure you'll find out sooner or later. I just didn't want to freak you out or offend you Luke. It's okay if you just want to leave me alone for the rest of the year, I'd understand." Josh really liked Luke, but he didn't think Luke could ever love him in the same way.

"What do you mean as more than a friend?" asked Luke. "Do you mean like those guys you were talking about in the city?"

"No, I didn't really like them." Josh said. "But I really like you. I mean as in love, Luke. I think I love you." Josh thought Luke was so naïve, but in a really cute way.

Luke was really confused once again. He thought he had done something wrong, but that wasn't what this was about. Then Josh said that he loved him? Luke didn't know what to think, but he knew he liked Josh, and he had to say something to calm his cousin down.

"Josh, I like you a lot." said Luke. "I don't know about this love thing though. I was raised to think that playing with your stiffy was wrong, but I know that I like doing that. If you,... love me, we'll figure out what to do about it together."

Luke didn't know why he felt different about this boy than he did any of his other friends, but Josh's friendship was now very important to him.

"Well Luke, I'm ready for whatever you decide to do." Josh said. "I just wanted to let you know how I felt. So in the meantime, do you just wanna swim for a while? Or do we need to head back?'

Josh really didn't know what to think about all of this. Luke gave him a glimmer of hope to hold onto though, so he was content for now. But he really didn't want to think about it right now.

"We should probably start back to do the evening chores." replied Luke. "We can't go back like this though!" Luke then pointed down at their erections as he smiled mischievously. "The only way I can ever get it to go back down is to play with it until it shoots!"

"Well Luke, do you want me to help you with it?" Josh asked, hoping he didn't gross Luke out.

Luke didn't know what to say, but he knew that Josh's question was now making him breathe heavily. "What would it feel like for someone to touch me there?" thought Luke to himself.

"I,... I guess we could,... if you really want to." replied Luke in a raspy voice.

"It isn't if I want to." Josh said. "The question is, if you want to. I don't wanna force you into anything Luke, but I'd do anything you want me to." He was really hoping for Luke to want to do something, but he wasn't going to force him.

Luke closed his eyes and thought hard about what Josh wanted to do. He thought so hard about it that he began to drool slightly, although he was unaware of it.

"Sure buddy." replied Luke, with a little more conviction. "Let's do it!"

Josh knelt down in front of Luke's hard cock and wrapped his fist around it, eliciting a groan from Luke. He slowly started pumping it back and forth, sliding the little bit of loose skin that Luke had forward and back. He saw a bead of precum oozing out of Luke's piss slit, and he leaned his head forward and licked it off the tip of Luke's cock.

"Oh God!" moaned Luke. "I can't believe you licked it, but it felt so good!" Luke had never done anything like this with another person before, so Josh was awakening feelings in Luke that he had never dreamed of. "I was thinking that maybe I could play with yours too!" panted Luke.

"We can do whatever you want to Luke." Josh said. "Just lay down on the grass beside me, and I'll show you something." Luke laid down on the soft grass, and Josh laid down the other way, putting them in a sixty-nine position.

"Do what you want to Luke. It's allright if you don't want to do what I do." Josh said, just before he swallowed all of Luke's cock.

Luke gulped loudly as he felt Josh's mouth around his cock. "This was more than just playing with each other." thought Luke to himself. Luke knew that Reverend Scott would damn him to hell if anyone found out about this, but he was having real sex for the very first time and he really didn't care! Luke carefully reached out and took Josh's cock into his hand, then began stroking it back and forth. Luke was hypnotized at how Josh's piss slit opened and closed as he played with Josh's cock.

Josh gasped as he felt Luke playing with his cock. He decided to see how far he could get with this. Josh licked a finger, and slowly pressed it between Luke's butt cheeks. Josh found Luke's hole, and pushed his finger halfway in.

"Unnngh!" grunted Luke out loud, as he felt something push into his butt hole. Luke immediately tightened his grip on Josh's uncut cock. Luke reached up with his other hand, then pulled Josh's foreskin out as far as he could without hurting him. Then Luke stuck a finger from his other hand underneath Josh's foreskin, and continued stroking Josh's cock.

Josh let out a moan as he felt Luke pull on his cock. He also noticed that Luke seemed to like his finger, so he pushed it in up to the knuckle and began finger-fucking his cousin. He was now instinctively bucking his hips toward Luke's mouth, and he could feel his orgasm building.

Luke could feel what must have been Josh's finger go deeper inside him. Suddenly Josh hit something inside Luke that made his head start spinning. Luke removed his finger from underneath Josh's foreskin, and began pulling it all the way back. As the head of Josh's cock was exposed to the air, Luke could feel it throb in his hand.

Josh pulled off Luke's cock. "Luke babe, I'm gonna cum!" Then he went back to sucking and finger-fucking Luke furiously. A few seconds later Josh felt that miniature explosion in his groin, and sprayed out his cum in thick ropes. Josh groaned around Luke's cock, making it expand with pleasure.

Luke was so hypnotized by everything that was happening, he didn't hear Josh's warning. Before Luke knew what was happening, Josh's cock was shooting onto his face. When Luke felt Josh's warm stuff hitting his face, he could not hold himself back. Luke panted hoarsely, "Shoot,... shoot,... shooting!"

Josh heard Luke's warning and sucked harder, jamming his finger in and out of Luke's hole. A few seconds later, Josh was rewarded with a hot steaming load shooting into his mouth. He drained every drop, and nursed Luke's cock until it was soft.

"Luke, I love you man!... I've never,... wow!" Josh said. He let his finger slip out of Luke's ass, and turned until he was face to face with Luke. He leaned in for Luke's mouth, slowly parting his lips.

"You got your stuff on my face." gasped Luke softly.

"Oh man, I'm sorry if it freaks you out. I tried to warn you." Josh said. He was worried about Luke because he knew that a lot of guys felt really guilty after the first time they had sex with another guy.

"It's okay, I didn't hear you." said Luke. "My mom is going to kill me if I come home with this on my face though!"

Josh was relieved as he leaned forward, and licked off all the drops of cum covering Luke's face. Then he kissed Luke on the lips, letting Luke taste his stuff.

Luke was nervous as he saw Josh's lips coming closer to his face, but he wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss Josh. He didn't know why he wanted to know that, but after what they had done, it didn't matter too much why. Luke parted his lips slightly and waited in anticipation. Then Luke felt the lips of another boy for the first time in his life. Before he knew what he was doing, he was kissing Josh deeply. Luke could feel his head spinning again.

Josh pulled away from Luke, and looked into his eyes. "Luke, I love you!" Josh said, with tears forming in his eyes from happiness. This was the first time he'd ever really loved any guy.

Luke looked at Josh with a mixture of feelings that he couldn't explain. He really liked what they had just done, but he was scared too. "Does this mean that I'm gay like you Josh?" asked Luke fearfully. "Are we both going to go to Hell?"

"Dude!! We're not going to Hell!!" exclaimed Josh. "There's no way, not with how much I love you. Just don't worry about it man, I'm sure you'll figure it all out on your own." Josh didn't really know either, but he wasn't about to let on about that. "When do we have to head back up to the farm?"

"I guess we should get going soon." replied Luke. "Don't let my mom find out what we did though Josh. She thinks like Reverend Scott does, and she'll think we're evil. Okay Josh?"

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to." Josh said. "We don't have to let anybody know until you're ready to do it. And if that takes a long time don't worry about it, it'll be alright." Josh then wrapped his arms around Luke.

"Okay Josh, that makes me feel a lot better." said Luke. "There's one more thing Josh."

"What is it?" Josh asked.

"What we did was really fun." replied Luke as he smiled warmly. "It felt really good, and I've never felt things like that before. You're the first person I've ever done anything with, and I think I love you too."

"Thanks Luke, you don't know how much I needed that!" Josh said. This was the first time Josh felt anything other than lust for another guy. He actually loved Luke, and he intended to have everything turn out allright with it.

Luke and Josh made their way back to the farmhouse, happy to be together. As Luke was taking Josh upstairs to put on some chore clothes, they passed by Naomi.

"See," said Naomi, "I told you that you boys would be friends in no time. Are you taking good care of my little sweetie, Josh?"

"Yes ma'am." Josh replied. "He showed me where the creek is, and we had a great time swimming. Thanks for letting me stay here Ms. Naomi!"

"Come on Josh, and I'll show you how to milk a cow!" said Luke excitedly.

Luke couldn't wait to see what kind of fun he and Josh would have over the next year. As soon as the boys were changed, which included a lot of staring, Luke took Josh out to the barn.

"Uhh... Luke, I've never milked a cow before. I don't know if I can." Josh said.

"Sure you can buddy, it's easy!" boasted Luke. Luke got the four cows they were going to milk ready, then pulled up a stool beside the first cow. "Go ahead and sit on the stool, Josh." said Luke.

"Okay Luke." Josh replied. Josh sat down on the stool, bringing himself eye level to Luke's crotch.

"Okay Josh, when you're done staring at my crotch, take these two buckets." instructed Luke with a giggle. "First you want to milk a little bit from each nipple into the small bucket, to make sure her milk is good."

"Oh, sorry!! I didn't mean to stare." Josh said. He put his hand on one of the cow's nipples and pulled like he had seen on TV, but nothing happened.

"That's okay buddy, I was just kidding." giggled Luke. "Besides, I like it when you look at me like that. Now, remember when you had ahold of me earlier, and you were making me feel really good?"

"Yeah..." Josh said. "What does that have to do with this?"

"See if you can make the cow feel really good the same way!" replied Luke, as he began laughing.

Josh tried again, and this time a little milk squirted out! "I did it!!" Josh exclaimed.

"Allright buddy!" exclaimed Luke. "I just taught you how to jack-off a female cow!" This time Luke doubled over in laughter.

Once Luke could talk again, he told Josh to finish milking the cow into the large bucket. After Josh had milked a bucket full, he asked Luke what to do next.

"Well," replied Luke, "why don't you make sure the other cows' milk is okay, while I get the automatic milker ready to hook up to 'em?"

"Sure, as long as I get to make sure yours is allright in a little while!" Josh said.

Luke blushed at the thought of that, then replied, "Wait until we go to bed tonight. I might even work up the nerve to do a little more tonight!"

"It's okay Luke." Josh said. "But if you wanna do something, I'll be happy to oblige!" Josh couldn't wait to get Luke into bed that night!

Luke and Josh finished milking the cows, then Luke took Josh to show him how to feed the chickens. By the time that was done, both boys were in need of a shower before supper.

"Well, are we done for the day?" Josh asked. He didn't want to let on to Luke, but he was exhausted. He really wasn't use to being outside all day like this.

As Luke was locking everything down for the evening, he turned and gave Josh a light kiss. "Yep, we're done!" replied Luke. "Now, let's go shower before supper, you stink buddy!' Luke couldn't help but laugh again.

"You're not exactly smelling like a gardenia flower yourself there dude!" Josh replied, as he laughed with Luke. Josh was wondering if Luke had the same thing as he did in mind for their shower.

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