City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

"Well boys, we'll miss you on the trip." replied Lonnie, playing along with their game. "I'm sure Boone and Matt will miss you too. Jack is marrying Christof at the same time, and their family has agreed to go with us. I'm sure your plans sound fun though. Good luck."

"Are you nuts dad?!" exclaimed Luke. "Do you really think we would pass up a trip to Florida?"

"Well then, I'm glad your schedules have suddenly cleared." laughed Lonnie. Lonnie and the boys laughed all the way through lunch. At the end of the day, Lonnie said, "I can't tell you boys how proud I am of both of you taking care of things for me. All three of you boys are all I could ever ask for in my sons. And from what Janice says, Ryan is doing a very good job of taking care of the chores right around the house."

Lonnie gave both boys a hug, then Lonnie and Josh followed Luke in. Luke drove the tractor, and Josh impressed Lonnie with his driving skills, as he had done on the way out that morning.

Once Lonnie and the boys got home, Luke and Josh asked Ryan if he would like to join them on a trip to Boone and Matt's house. Once supper was over, the boys headed out to their friends house. As they were walking into Boone's house, Jack and Emo were finishing up their day's work.

"Emo, I am so glad that I brought you into the business." said Jack, as he patted Emo's back. "I can't tell you how much you are going to mean to the company. And now with you, we'll be even more successful. Don't ever feel guilty about what I'm paying you."

"I'll try not to Jack." smiled Emo. "I'm just excited to have a chance to learn this business with one of the best." Then Emo saw the boys and said, "Hi Ryan. How are things going in your new home?"

"They're a great family, and I'm glad they took me in so easily." replied Ryan. "It's still a bit boring right now, but Luke and Josh have promised to help me with that when school starts."

"Can we talk in private Ryan?" asked Emo. "Jack has made a place for me upstairs until I get my own place."

"Sure Emo, we can talk just like old times!" smiled Ryan.

Once they got to Emo's room, Emo said, "I hate to think that you're bored and lonely out here Ryan. I always loved taking care of you back in the city."

"Do you mean taking care of me as in giving me a place to live, or taking care of me in other ways?" asked Ryan.

"Both." smiled Emo. "I know we always kept things kind of casual Ryan, but I miss the time we had in the city."

"Well, it's not like we're that far apart here Emo." said Ryan, as he put an arm around the lower part of Emo's back. "We had fun back there, and I wouldn't mind being friends here either."

"Would you mind if we were a little more than friends Ryan?" asked Emo. "I think I fell in love with you before we came out here Ryan. Is there any way you would ever think of being my boyfriend?"

"I've already thought about it a few times over the years Emo." laughed Ryan softly, as he guided Emo back toward his bed. "There were times that I wouldn't have made it without you Emo. That means an awful lot to me."

Ryan then sat Emo back on the bed, and sat on the bed with him. Ryan moved his face closer to Emo's, until he touched Emo's lips with his. Ryan kissed Emo lovingly for the next minute, before backing off and saying, "I would love to be your boyfriend Emo. Everything we've done before has been sex, but could you make love to me now?"

"Making love to you would be the greatest pleasure of my life Ryan." replied Emo.

Emo gently undressed the excited boy, then it was Ryan's turn to undress his older friend. Once Ryan and Emo were both naked, Emo laid Ryan back on the bed with him. Emo covered Ryan's lips with his, and drove his tongue into Ryan's mouth. Ryan sucked passionately on Emo's tongue for a few minutes as Emo caressed Ryan's soft body. Then Emo and Ryan shared a kiss filled with love and depth. By this time, Ryan was also caressing Emo's body. Then Ryan broke the kiss and turned around, and began lovingly caressing Emo's cock with his lips. Emo moaned softly, then engulfed Ryan's dick in his mouth. Ryan and Emo shared an incredible amount of pleasure in just a few short minutes. Then Ryan reluctantly let Emo's cock slip from his mouth.

"Please make love to me now Emo!" begged Ryan.

Ryan rolled onto his back, and spread his legs apart for Emo. Emo knelt between Ryan's legs, and began lubing his cock with the lube from his nightstand. Without saying anything, Emo lifted Ryan's legs up, and placed his cock at Ryan's pucker. As Emo slowly pushed his cock into Ryan, he watched Ryan's dick stiffen even more. When Emo began slowly thrusting in and out of Ryan, Ryan's dick began bobbing up and down.

"Oh God Emo, that feels so good!" moaned Ryan softly. "I love how your beautiful cock feels when you push it into me as far as you can!"

"And I love how tightly your rectum grasps my cock." panted Emo softly, as he increased his pace.

"That's because yours is the only cock I've ever enjoyed being inside me Emo." replied Ryan. "All of those guys in the pictures only had their cocks inside me long enough to get the shot. Every last one of them wanted to fuck me, but I wouldn't let them. The only reason I let Spot fuck me is because I was paid very well for that. Otherwise, I could have never let a dog fuck me. That could never compare to how I feel now."

"That still must have been a sight." smiled Emo, as his cock slid in and out of Ryan.

"The cameraman had his cock out banging it before Spot even had his dick halfway inside me." replied Ryan. "That's enough about my acting career though. Can you lean over and kiss me while you make love to me?"

Emo leaned down and put his lips over Ryan's, and kissed the boy as passionately as he could. After about five more minutes, Emo began gasping into Ryan's mouth. Ryan sucked hard on Emo's tongue, as Emo began to cum into him. Emo thrust hard into Ryan with each shot, until he was finally drained. Then Emo gently slid his cock out of Ryan, and immediately covered Ryan's dick with his mouth. Ryan began to moan softly as Emo made love to Ryan's dick with his mouth. After only a few minutes, Ryan's moaning became louder. Emo sucked hungrily as he felt Ryan's cum shooting from his throbbing dick. Once Emo sucked the last few drops of cum from Ryan's dick, Emo climbed up and took Ryan into his arms. Emo and Ryan kissed once again, as they recovered from their orgasms.

Emo finally broke the kiss and said softly, "I'm so happy that you'll be my boyfriend Ryan. You've always been the sexiest young guy I've known. Making love to you just now was the greatest sex I've ever had."

"I always had a feeling we might end up this way." replied Ryan. "It always made me feel so good to let you take care of me."

Meanwhile in Boone's room, Boone and Matt had just finished making love, so they watched Luke and Josh finish. It didn't take very long at all before Luke was cumming inside Josh's rectum. After Luke and Josh rested for a few moments, the four naked friends began talking about the upcoming trip.

"I always wanted to go to Florida." said Luke. "It's so great that I'll be going with with my lover, my little brother, and my two very best friends."

"I'm sure we'll have a blast." said Boone. "Matt and I were checking out Florida on the internet earlier. There are so many cool things to do there that I'm sure we'll be busy until the time we leave."

"Orlando looks like it will be fun." said Matt. "I wonder how many days we'll spend there?"

"Since it's right in the middle of the state, we should talk Jack and Lonnie into getting rooms there for the entire trip." said Josh.

"We could probably see Tampa from there, but I think dad said something about wanting to visit Key West too." replied Luke.

"Well then, let's get dressed and go talk to my dad about it." said Boone. "It feels so good to be able to say that again."

"I'm glad you got the chance to be able to say that again Boone." smiled Luke. "You deserve it."

The boys got dressed, then went downstairs to talk to Jack and Ellen. When Jack heard that the boys wanted to discuss the trip, he suggested that they call Lonnie and Janice over since they would be in on the plans too. By the time Lonnie and Janice got there, Ryan and Emo had joined the discussion as well. Jack could see that something had changed between the two, so he insisted that Emo join them on the trip. They could both take laptops to keep track of the business.

Once Lonnie and Janice had joined in the discussion, everyone began putting their plans together. It was finally decided that everyone would fly to Miami, then Jack and Lonnie would rent two vehicles for the entire stay. After arriving in Miami, they would drive on down to Key West. After spending two nights and one whole day in Key West, they would drive up to Orlando. They would spend seven nights in Orlando, then fly home from there after the seventh night. That plan met with everyone's approval, so Lonnie told Jack to go ahead and make all the arrangements. Now all the boys had to do was wait three weeks until Lonnie and Janice's wedding, and Jack and Christof's ceremony.

Once Lonnie's family had left that night, Jack took Emo aside for a talk. "You really love that boy, don't you Emo?" asked Jack.

"I know I've know him for a while, but I never really thought about it until we came out here." replied Emo. "Now I know that I've fallen in love with him over the past year."

"Well, Ryan is a great boy." smiled Jack. "Just make sure that those who know about it are only people you can trust. I've been a boylover for quite a while, and I know what some people would do to you if they found out. They wouldn't care that Ryan loves you deeply, which I can tell that he does. Trust me though Emo, the love you two have for each other can be one of the most wonderful things either of you will ever experience."

"Thanks Jack, and thanks for inviting me along on the trip." replied Emo.

"I had to." said Jack. "I know how miserable both of you would have been if I hadn't, and I can't have my business partner being miserable. Now, make sure you love that young boyfriend of yours with everything you have."

The next three weeks would be a long wait for Josh, Luke, Boone, and Matt. They were excited about the trip, as none of them had ever been out of the state before. Luke and Boone had never even been further than Joplin before. Ryan had no problem passing the time though. He and Emo tried to get together every day, plus he also started talking to Sammy to adjust to the sudden change for the better in his life. Sammy did want to meet Emo when Ryan told him about him. Emo was very nervous about that, due to what Jack had told him. Sammy was finally able to put Emo at ease though, telling Emo that Jack was right, but he didn't have to worry about him. He just wanted to know that Emo loved Ryan, and that he'd take very good care of him. As far as Sammy was concerned, that was all that was important, even if Emo was an adult, and Ryan was a boy. After Sammy met with Emo a few times, he even volunteered to perform a commitment ceremony if they ever decided that that was what they wanted. Of course it would have to be just between them, and Ryan and Emo's friends and family, as the church still wouldn't go that far with accepting the gay lifestyle. Ryan said they would have to think about it, but he did know someone who was looking for someone to perform such a ceremony now.

Jack was a little skeptical about having the new reverend do that for him and Christof after Ryan told him about it. Ryan and Emo insisted that Sammy was different than most reverends though, and Jack finally agreed to at least talk to him.

"Hello Jack, I'm so happy that you at least came to talk to me." said Sammy. "I just want you to know that I am a part of a much more moderate and tolerant group within our church. I actually would have liked to met your lover too, so we could discuss a ceremony together. That way I could put both your minds at ease."

"Well, there's a good reason that I didn't bring him just yet." replied Jack. "I have to be sure about this before it goes any further. You see, I left my family a while back because I knew this town wasn't ready to accept who I am, and I didn't want it to ruin the life of my wife and my son. The town still isn't ready yet, but things have changed with enough people close to me that I don't have to worry as much as I use to. I still have to be careful though. If my personal life became public, it would still ruin me and my wonderful family, and I can't do that."

"I can understand that Jack, and I would like to help in any way that I can." said Sammy. "After all, you have a lot to offer those around you. Take the advice you gave Emo, for example. It was very good and heartfelt advice, and it came from someone who really understands and cares. I'm guessing that you have loved boys for most of your life, but one has come along now that has completely stolen your heart. If you are now at a point where you no longer specifically love boys, and will love this boy no matter how old he gets, that is what I would mostly be looking for."

"Am I that obvious?" asked Jack.

"Not at all." laughed Sammy lightly. "When I first started preparing for my work with the church, I knew I wanted to provide spiritual comfort for those who felt that no one else cared about their lives or needs. Homosexuals are routinely ignored by most religions, and made to feel outcast. My family was very involved with the church when I was young. When it was discovered that my brother was gay, I watched in pain as people made him feel like an outcast. He often told me that I was the only one who made his life worth fighting for. He finally moved off to a more tolerant community when he was old enough. He's now very successful, and has a wonderful mate that he has been with for the last ten years now. He and I still talk quite a bit on the phone, and we get together whenever either of us can get away for a visit, but it's not the same as having him near. I just want to help make things better for gay people than it was for my brother. As a result, I have worked with quite a few gay people over the past several years, most of them younger. I have seen a lot of different sides of the gay community, and I'm a little better at spotting things than most people. Now Jack, how do you feel about this boy of yours? You must have strong feelings if you both want a ceremony."

"He's the center of my life right now." smiled Jack. "I sometimes get the feeling that the only reason that I've been attracted to boys was to meet this one. He's so special that I no longer think of him in terms of being a boy. He's my lover and mate, and I want him to be that for the rest of my life now. I can't ever again see myself feeling the way I do for anyone as I do for Christof."

"That sounds like what I wanted to hear from you Jack." said Sammy. "I do want to know Christof's feelings about committing himself to you though, especially if he's very young. How old is he Jack?"

"He's thirteen." replied Jack.

"Then I really do need to speak to both of you together Jack." said Sammy. "If you both truly love each other, I have no objections to performing a ceremony for you. I need to see his feelings for you though, and make sure you both understand the nature of this type of relationship. You are right that there are many people who would ruin your life, Christof's life, and the lives of your family over this. They certainly wouldn't be right, but that wouldn't stop them. And don't worry Jack, I'll help in any way that I can."

Jack did take Christof with him to visit Sammy, and Sammy liked both of them very much. By the end of that visit, Sammy was looking forward to performing the ceremony for them. He would also have a wedding to perform the same day, as Lonnie and Janice both wanted him to perform their wedding.

Lonnie had a very interesting time over the next few weeks. Janice was very eager to help Lonnie rehabilitate himself after the surgery. Janice was very gentle with Lonnie's cock, and most of them time it was very pleasurable for Lonnie. His cock still got very tender easily at first, but they worked together with it. About two weeks after the surgery, Janice masturbated Lonnie to his first orgasm in over fifteen years. It was a very intense experience for Lonnie, but it was accomplished without too much discomfort. The next night Janice gave Lonnie oral sex for the first time in his life. Lonnie had always been a bit old fashioned about sex before the accident, so he couldn't believe how it felt for his cock to cum in Janice's mouth. The following night, Lonnie made actual love to a woman for the first time since the night Luke was conceived. It was hard to say who enjoyed it more, Lonnie or Janice. Lonnie moaned as he remembered the sensations of warmth and moisture as Janice had her orgasm. Then he moaned even louder as Janice's vagina grasped at his cock as it cummed inside her.

Over the next week, Lonnie's fall help began showing up. The foreman was the first to show up, so he and Lonnie could prepare the bunkhouse. Lonnie explained to the foreman that he would be getting a bonus this year, due to the fact that he would be in charge for a week and a half. Then Lonnie and the foreman went over everything that Lonnie wanted done in his absence. The foreman was a good man who Lonnie had been bringing here for years, and he felt confident that everything would be fine.

Then the big day finally came. The wedding would be performed at the church, with a reception immediately following. After the reception, only Lonnie's and Jack's families would move on to Jack and Ellen's house, where Sammy would perform the commitment ceremony between Jack and Christof. Luke was already very nervous when he awoke that morning, because Lonnie had asked him to be his best man.

"Hey Luke, good morning." said Josh, as he stared into Luke's fluttering eyes and smiled. "Today is the big day. By this afternoon, we'll officially be brothers. I can't wait to make love to my brother tonight."

"I just hope we both feel okay with it." replied Luke.

"I know I will." smiled Josh. "It makes me horny just to think about making love to you as my real brother. It's going to be such a turn on for me that I'll probably have the biggest orgasm of my life tonight. You aren't having any second thoughts about it, are you my love?"

"I never want to stop making love to you Josh." replied Luke. "It's just that when we make love as real brothers tonight, I'm afraid it will be different."

"Of course it will be different." chuckled Josh lightly. "That doesn't mean it will be worse though. Being even better would also be different, wouldn't it?"

"I guess you're right Josh." smiled Luke.

"Besides, you can't tell me that you haven't boned up just thinking about making love to your brother." laughed Josh, who then reached down and grasped Luke's erection. "It's turning you on right now, isn't it?"

"I can't wait!" moaned Luke as he smiled.

"In that case, I think I can help." replied Josh with an impish grin.

Josh climbed down in the bed, and engulfed Luke's cock in his mouth. The way that Josh used his tongue on the head and shaft of Luke's cock sent shivers through Luke's body. Luke ran his fingers through Josh's hair, and his other hand across Josh's back as he writhed in pleasure.

After a little over five minutes, Josh backed off Luke's cock long enough to say, "I love you more than anyone in the world, my brother. Please give me your cum."

When Josh's mouth went back around Luke's cock, Luke began moaning and grunting very loudly. A few seconds later, Josh began swallowing around Luke's cock, as Luke's cum flowed down his throat. When Luke stopped cumming, Josh climbed back up in the bed and gave Luke a very hot and erotic kiss. A few minutes later, Lonnie knocked at the door and told the two boys to start getting ready to go to the church.

Lonnie and the boys were dressed and ready when everyone left for the church. Janice was going to wait until she got there, then Ellen would help her get ready. Lonnie, Luke, Josh, and Ryan all looked very handsome as they talked to Sammy, and waited for the ceremony to start. As the time drew closer for the wedding, Lonnie's friends from the community began showing up. They all wanted to wish him and Janice well, after Naomi had run off with William Scott. As the church filled, Josh was told that his mother was ready for him to escort her down the aisle. Josh gave Luke a quick and discreet kiss on the cheek, then went to get his mother. Then Sammy, Lonnie, and Luke took their places.

As the Wedding March began playing, Lonnie looked back down the aisle. Josh came out leading the most breathtaking woman Lonnie had ever seen down the aisle. Luke smiled when he looked up and saw the look of love in his dad's eyes. Luke was grateful to his mother for bringing him into the world, and he always would be, but he knew that this was meant to be. Janice would now be his mother, and Josh would be his sexy and handsome brother.

The vows that Sammy used were something that he liked to use. They were based on the traditional wedding vows, but Sammy made them a little more personal and meaningful. Luke and Josh smiled as Lonnie and Janice pledged their love and lives to each other. After Luke handed his dad the ring, and Lonnie placed it on Janice's finger, Lonnie and Janice shared a very warm and loving kiss in front of the crowd.

"Congratulations Lonnie and Janice." said Sammy. "I hope you two have many wonderful years together as the most perfect family I have ever joined together."

During the reception, one of Luke's friends from school caught up to Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt.

"Hey Luke." said the boy named Darryl. "I saw Josh kiss you before he went to walk his mother down the aisle. So, it's really true that you're gay, huh?"

"Yeah Darryl, it is." replied Luke. "I didn't even know it myself until this summer, but it is and I can't help it. I hope this doesn't change anything between us though. I always though of you as a pretty decent friend."

"Then why haven't you invited me over to the swimmin' hole this summer?" asked Darryl. "I was just kiddin'. I know what my father would say about it, but I don't think I can make myself act that way. The world is changing, and he isn't. I can't say that I can understand being in love with another guy, but you are a pretty good friend and I don't want that to change. I know a few girls who are going to be disappointed if they find out though."

"Whoa, you mean Luke had female secret admirers at school?!" laughed Josh. "This may be a pretty interesting school year after all!"

"Just do me a favor Darryl, and don't tell my boyfriend too much more about them." said Luke as he smiled. "I don't know that he'd ever let me hear the end of it. How is your dad going to feel about you being friends with us Darryl?"

"Well, fortunately he missed the kiss earlier, and Reverend Scott's last sermon." replied Darryl. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him. So, what's it like having sex with another guy?"

After Luke laughed briefly, the boys continued talking. Luke hoped that everyone else would take it as well when school started, but he knew that might not be the case. Still, it was a relief to find one friend from school already that was okay with it.

After the reception, Sammy followed Jack's and Lonnie's families back to Jack and Ellen's house. Then the close group of friends watched as Jack and Christof committed their lives to each other as mates. After that was over, almost everyone took turns wishing Jack and Christof good luck. Soon though, it was time for Lonnie's family to get home to pack for the trip, so Luke and Josh set off in search of Ryan. When they came to Emo's door, they heard the unmistakable sounds of two people making very passionate love coming from the room.

"Well I'll be darned." said Luke softly. "I guess our little brother couldn't wait for us to help him find a boyfriend."

"I can't say that I'm too surprised though." replied Josh softly. "Emo has done a lot to help the little guy after he left home. Emo really is a nice guy though, so Ryan could have done a lot worse. I think it's cool that our little brother has a boyfriend now."

Josh and Luke continued listening until they heard Emo and Ryan both have an orgasm. Then they knocked at the door and told Emo that if he saw Ryan anywhere, they were ready to head home now. A nervous looking Ryan showed up downstairs about five minutes later.

As everyone was heading out to the car, Luke put an arm around Ryan and said, "Don't worry about being in love with Emo little brother. As long as you're happy, that's all anyone wants for you. Besides, Emo is cute for an older guy."

"Thank you so much Luke." replied Ryan. "You're a great big brother, and I love you."

That night when Luke and Josh made love as brothers for the first time, it was everything Josh expected and more. Luke soon realized that he had nothing to worry about, as he enjoyed it more than ever before now. After Josh had the largest orgasm of his life inside Luke, and the two boys switched places, Josh coaxed his brother along.

"I love the way my brother's cock feels inside me tonight." moaned Josh. "I always wished for a brother who was gay like me, and who would make love to me. No one could ever make me feel as good as you are right now, my brother. I can't wait to feel my beautiful brother's cum filling my insides tonight."

After a few minutes of that, Luke also shot the largest orgasm of his life inside Josh. Then the two brothers fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, and smiling beautifully.

The next day was very exciting for the boys. Lonnie and Janice got their boys up and ready early. After breakfast, everyone put their bags in the truck and headed toward Jack and Ellen's house. As soon as Lonnie pulled to a stop, the boys hopped out of the back of the truck and began taking luggage to the van that Jack had rented. Luke laughed that it looked more like a small bus than a van, as Jack rubbed his head and smiled. As soon as Jack and Lonnie's boys finished packing the van, it was time to head to the airport. This time they were going to fly a commuter plane from Joplin, then transfer at Saint Louis to a jet to Florida. That would cut the trip time by six hours, and give them enough time to make it to Key West by tonight. This would be the first plane trip for all of the boys except Christof, and they were all a little nervous. Every boy had a tight grip on their boyfriend's hand until they were well off the ground. The boys were all amazed by the airport in Saint Louis, but that would be nothing compared to when they landed in Miami.

The plane from Saint Louis to Miami was much nicer and bigger than the first plane they rode. It was enough to make the boys excited about this flight. Since the plane was much bigger though, it had to go much faster to take off. The boys weren't ready for that, as the plane accelerated down the runway. By the time the plane lifted off the ground, they were going much faster than any of the boys had ever dreamed of going. Jack laughed at the look of nervous amazement on most of the boys faces. The trip to Miami was pretty uneventful, except when the drink cart came down the aisle. It was quite an event to watch the boys ask the flight attendants every question they could think of while being served soft drinks. The plane finally began descending, then landed in Miami.

As they were walking up the jetway, Jack said, "Okay boys, Miami can be a rough town at times. Don't stray off anywhere. We're going to pick up our bags, go straight to the rental cars, and head off toward Key West. Once we get to the Keys, you can stretch your legs a little."

The terminal in Miami was much larger and more crowded than the one in Saint Louis. Also, many people there were speaking either Spanish or Haitian, so the boys stayed close to the adults. After picking up the luggage and stopping at the rental car counter, everyone got on a shuttle to the rental car lot. Once they found the cars that had been rented, Jack made sure they were fueled and ready to go. They were soon going south on the freeway, and before long they were leaving Miami behind. When they got south of the city, Luke remarked that a lot of the buildings in the area looked new.

"This is the area that was hit hardest by Hurricane Andrew back in 92." said Lonnie. "Just west of here is Homestead, where most of the heaviest damage was."

Shortly after the freeway ended, Jack pulled off for a rest stop. "Okay boys, if you have to go, make sure you do it now." said Jack. "Some of the bridges we are getting ready to cross are quite long, and it could be a while before we can pull over if you have to go. In that case, you'll just have to pee in a bottle."

After a fifteen minute rest break, Jack pulled out toward the first of the bridges, with Lonnie right behind him. In a few places, the boys thought the bridge would keep going all the way to Cuba. It looked like they were traveling across open ocean anyway. Eventually though, another Key would pop up in front of them. Even with Jack's warning, Luke and Ryan found themselves too far from land when they had to go again. When Luke announced that he had to pee first, Josh picked up an empty soda bottle. Then he took Luke's cock out for him, and pointed it into the bottle. Luke smiled as he emptied his bladder with Josh holding his cock. When Ryan made the same announcement, Emo picked up another empty bottle. Then he took out Ryan's dick, which fit down into the bottle. Emo watched as his little boyfriend almost filled the bottle. Then it was Ryan's turn to watch, as Emo took the bottle and turned it up to his lips. All of the boys watched as Emo took two good drinks of what Ryan had filled the bottle with. Lonnie and Janice knew better than to try to keep an eye on the boys, so neither of them saw it.

"What are you guys looking at?" laughed Emo. "I thought it tasted nice. There isn't anything about my boyfriend that doesn't taste nice."

The other boys decided that they would just take Emo's word for it. By the time they finally crossed the last bridge into Key West, it was almost supper time. Jack went to the hotel he had booked first to drop off the bags, then he found a nice restaurant they could all eat at. No one could be talked into trying the gator tail soup, but they managed to have a nice supper anyway.

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