City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone, and welcome to what should be the last chapter of Book 1 of City Mouse, Country Mouse. Sorry, but I took a brief break during writing this chapter. This has been a very fun and very wild ride for me, as well as for the readers who have wrote me to say the same thing. I still can't believe Reverend Snot was little Billy. lol. Anyway, I look forward to working on City Mouse, Country Mouse 2: The Education Of Mice. I do not know how long the break will be before starting CMCM 2, as I have quite a few things going on right now. I will start it as soon as I have the time to put into it though.

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

"Okay then, here goes." said Ellen. "We don't know Nathaniel's orientation yet, because he's kind of young for that. Besides me and him, there are no other straight people in our house. My ex husband is gay, my son is gay, his friend Matt is gay, and even Christof is gay. The only reason my husband and I are living together now is for the boys. We don't sleep in the same room. Our son needs his father around though, and we had to be together to get custody of Christof and Nathaniel. Their parents ran off and left the two boys alone, with no intention of ever coming back for them. Now for the part that might scare you away, although I hope it doesn't. My husband is not only gay, he's a boylover. I've seen a serious change in him since Nathaniel and Christof came to live with us though. Jack is in love with Christof, and he says that it will last long after Christof grows up. That's why the boys came to stay with us. He's so serious about it that he and Christof had kind of an unofficial type ceremony before we came on this trip."

"I'm perfectly okay with the gay thing." replied Cody. "I have had several friends here who are gay. Isn't Christof a bit young for Jack though. I would think an adult cock would really hurt the boy when they make love."

"Jack has been very loving and gentle with him." replied Ellen. "Trust me, I've asked Christof about that. He says that Jack has never done anything that hurt him though, and I believe him."

"Well then, I guess that's between them." smiled Cody. "I love you Ellen, and I'd follow you anywhere."

When everyone had come back from the park that day, Cody had called in to work, and was still with Ellen. Tomorrow he would go in, and tell them he was moving out of state. That gave Boone and the other boys a chance to get to know Boone's future step father a little better.

"So Cody, my mom really loves you, huh?" asked Boone.

"Yeah, and I know what you guys are thinking." replied Cody. "I know that I'm a lot younger than your mom, but she's a great woman. I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"As long as you make sure my mom stays happy." laughed Boone. "Since she tends to like big men, how big are you?"

"Is that something you boys really need to know about Boone's future step father?" asked Cody nervously.

"Yeah!" replied all of the boys at once.

"Okay guys, I'm about fourteen inches erect." said Cody, as he blushed slightly.

"No freakin' way!" exclaimed Josh. "No one is THAT big!"

"Damn, that would beat the hell out of me and my dad!" said Boone. "You have to be kidding man."

"Well, I'm not." said Cody. "You aren't going to make me prove it, are you?"

When the boys all started chanting "prove it", Cody looked around. Then he hooked his thumbs under his shorts and supporter, and pulled them down. The boys all gazed in silence at the largest cock they had ever seen before. Then one at a time, they all stroked it for a few seconds each. Cody's cock was fully erect by the time they were through.

"Damn, and my mom can take that cock inside her?" asked Boone, still in shock.

"She says she loves it inside her." smiled Cody.

"That's the most awesome and incredible cock I've ever seen!" said Boone. "If it makes my mom happy, then I'm happy for you and her both. It'll just be hard to look at her the same way from now on."

That had all the boys laughing, as Cody stuffed his cock back inside its supporter, then said, "Thanks Boone, I was hoping we would become friends. I promise that I'll always do anything I can to make your mom happy."

The conversation with Cody had left the boys a little horny, as they went down to the pool that evening. Several of their new friends were down there, including Marie, her brother, and their boyfriends. After a while, as the sun was starting to set and clouds began building overhead, Marie swam over to Josh and Luke.

"Hey guys, I think I know a place where we can all make love outside, and not get caught." said Marie. "We'll have to leave the property, but it's not too far. What do you guys say?"

"We say lead on Marie!" laughed Josh.

Marie, Austin, Daniel, Mark, Desiree, Derek, Josh, Luke, Boone, and Matt all got out of the pool, and put their shirts and shoes on. Then Marie led the group toward the back of the resort. Once they crossed the street behind the resort, and got to where they were going, Marie and Austin started becoming affectionate.

"This is perfect Marie!" said Josh. "No one will see us here, unless they're on the tower ride, and have really good eyes!"

Then everyone began undressing their lovers, and found a spot on the ground. Luke and Josh ended up between Marie and Austin, and Daniel and Mark. Daniel and Mark settled into a slow sixty nine, while Josh put his cock into Luke, and Austin put his cock into Marie. Boone and Matt laid at Luke and Marie's heads, and went into a slow sixty nine as well, while Desiree and Derek made love laying at Luke and Marie's feet. They could easily see Josh and Austin's butts flex as they made love to Luke and Marie.

Just as everyone got a good pace going, the first drops of rain started. No one wanted to stop what they were doing because of the rain though. In just a few minutes time, the rain was coming down heavily on the kids as they made love. When the rain began being accompanied by the low rumble of thunder, Josh and Austin lowered themselves down to Luke and Marie. Josh put his lips on Luke's, as their bodies were covered with the rain, while Austin did the same with Marie. Everyone's pace seemed to pick up as the thunder got louder, and the rain soaked the loving couples. Boone and Matt, and Daniel and Mark had turned to the side with their positions, while Josh, Austin, and Derek were now getting pelted in the cracks of their asses by the rain.

Daniel and Mark were the first to cum into each other's mouths, followed shortly by Derek cumming into Desiree. Then Josh blasted his cum deep inside Luke. The rain felt so good hitting Josh in the crack of his ass that when he was done cumming, he just slid down with his butt facing up, and took Luke's cock into his mouth. Then Boone and Matt cummed into each other's mouths, as Austin began moaning loudly. Austin finally blasted his cum into Marie, as Luke began moaning. Everyone now watched as Luke began cumming into Josh's mouth. Luke's first blast was accompanied by a loud clap of thunder, which made his orgasm intense.

Once Luke had finished cumming, all of the kids took turns sharing hugs and kisses with each other. It was an evening of love making that none of them would ever forget.

Luke gave Austin a hug, and a light kiss, and said, "Josh and I will never forget you and Marie. You are two of the best friends we've ever had, outside of our close friends at home."

"And you're not a bad kisser." laughed Austin lightly. "Josh is very lucky to have a guy like you Luke, and I'm glad you two consider us your friends."

The kids were in no hurry to get back to the hotel, as they were already soaked. They walked back leisurely, laughing and joking along the way. Once they got back to the boys suite, Luke and Josh handed out towels. Then Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt stripped to put on dry clothes as they visited with their drying friends.

The next day, everyone compared family notes, and ended up going to the marine life themed park in Orlando. They didn't have many rides there, but the kids had a great time watching some of the shows, and interacting with some of the animals there. Luke and Marie liked feeding the sea lions, Boone, Josh, Austin, and Mark liked feeding the rays, and everyone else liked feeding the dolphins. By this time the kids were becoming close, and hated the thought that they would soon have to say good-bye.

The next day was spent at the other major resort in Orlando, and Jack had worked out a tour deal to get them into whatever parks they wanted for that day. He also included the boys friends, and their families. Now everyone felt better that they were only spending one day of their vacation at that resort.

The last full day in Orlando was spent at the resort they were staying at. Ellen would not be with them, so she could help Cody prepare to leave Orlando with them. The kids started off in the park with the majority of thrill rides, but decided to start on a ride that was considered more of a kiddy ride. As they approached the entrance, a middle aged man welcomed them.

"Hi everyone, welcome to the trolley ride." said the man. "You look like a large and happy group."

"Thanks, but this is our last day together." replied Luke. "Some of us live in the midwest, and we're flying home tomorrow. The others live in South Florida."

"Well, with the internet these days, at least you can keep up with each other." said the man. "So try to enjoy your day together. Now, why don't I help you kids out, by bypassing our one hour wait?"

"You don't have to do that for us." said Josh. "We're staying at one of the hotels here."

"Well then, that's great!" replied the man. "Our express line is right over there. Some of you boys, and boys and girls look like you have better things to do than wait in line all day anyway."

"How did you know?" asked Luke.

"It takes one to know one son." smiled the man, as he winked. "You kids have fun today and tonight."

"Thanks mister." said Luke as he waved, and the group headed toward the express line.

That started the day off great for the kids, who enjoyed the ride even though it was a kiddy ride. In some of the darker queues that day, they did get in a little touching and a few quick kisses. It turned out to be the most fun they had had yet, and the day passed much too quickly for everyone.

While the kids enjoyed their last afternoon together, the movers were finishing up at Cody's place. "Well Cody, there goes the last of it. All they have to do now is load your car. Say good-bye to your stuff until it arrives at your new home."

"Good-bye stuff, and I can't wait to see you at my new home." said Cody, as he put his arm around Ellen.

"You aren't nervous are you, my dear?" asked Ellen.

"Only very." laughed Cody. "I can feel this is the right thing to do though. I love you so much Ellen."

"I love you too Cody." replied Ellen, as her face drew closer to Cody's.

When everyone returned from the park, Jack could hear Ellen and Cody in her room, making passionate love. Jack smiled, then decided to take Christof to their room, and give Ellen and Cody their privacy.

The other kids, except Nathaniel, were all in the boys suite. After Luke had kissed Josh, while he finished stripping him, he said, "We really are going to miss all of our friends here in Florida."

"We're going to miss you boys too." replied Marie, as Austin snapped her bra off, and began rubbing her breasts. "I wouldn't have met the greatest boyfriend in the world if it hadn't been for you guys."

"Yeah, and I have one hell of a beautiful girlfriend!" smiled Austin, as he lightly pinched Marie's nipples.

The boys watched as Austin leaned down, and stuck his tongue into Marie's slit. After watching that for a few minutes, Luke and Josh began making love in a sixty nine. Very soon after that, Luke felt a hand gently caressing his butt. He glanced over to see that Austin was now making love to Marie, while reaching over and rubbing his butt. Marie was also reaching over though, and caressing Josh's butt too. Luke just relaxed at that point, and enjoyed the contact of Austin's hand on his butt while he made love to Josh. As the four of them began moaning, Luke was shocked to feel Austin's finger slip inside him.

"Oh God Austin!" gasped Marie. "Harder baby, harder!"

As Austin began to thrust even harder into Marie, his finger thrust deeper into Luke. Luke was now moaning loudly around Josh's cock, as he was on the verge of a very intense orgasm. Little did Luke know that Josh was about ready to explode just as tremendously, because Marie had a finger buried deep inside him too. Austin and Luke began shouting out at the same time, as their orgasms wracked their bodies. Luke had to get himself under control quickly though, because Josh was very close to his orgasm as well. Once the last of Josh's orgasm was over, Austin and Marie giggled as they pulled their fingers out of Luke and Josh. After Luke and Josh recovered, they gave Austin a hug and kiss, followed by Marie. Luke was feeling a little frisky, so he rubbed his tongue along Austin's lip as he kissed him. That made Austin blush slightly as he smiled.

"We really do love both of you guys." said Josh to Marie and Austin. "We wish there wasn't so much distance between our homes."

"That doesn't mean we can't still be friends." said Marie. "Besides, Austin and I had our fingers up your butts there. I think that kind of seals our friendship."

After everyone had finished their love-making, all of the kids got dressed again. The adults had gotten together earlier, and planned a farewell dinner for the families who's kids had become friends. After the dinner, the kids went back to the boys suite for their good-bye. This time everyone stayed to their lover for making love. After it was over though, it was time for a good-bye kiss. Marie asked Austin to kiss their two friends as passionately as he kissed her. First was Luke and Austin. Luke was surprised when he felt Austin's tongue trying to enter his mouth. Luke let it in though, and the two boys shared a passionate kiss. Austin even caressed Luke's back and butt as Luke did the same to him. Then it was time for Austin to kiss Josh good-bye. Josh immediately began sucking on Austin's tongue after he let it in his mouth. Josh even managed to leave Austin a little breathless. Then the two boys kissed Marie good-bye, and were just as passionate with her as they had been with Austin. Then it was time for Austin and Marie to leave, so they put their clothes back on again, and Luke and Josh followed them to the door. The four friends shared one more group hug before Marie and Austin left, but not before promising to come visit them sometime.

That night as Luke and Josh slept comfortably in each other's arms, and Boone and Matt slept comfortably in each other's arms, Ellen and Cody also slept comfortably in each other's arms.

The next morning, as everyone was getting ready to leave for the airport, Boone said to Cody in a fake drawl, "Well, I hope yur ready to becum a hick like us Cody."

"I'm thinkin' I can keep up with y'all." laughed Cody. "Besides son, I love your mom so much that I'd become an Eskimo if I had to."

The talk about the vacation was non-stop on the flight home, which wasn't non-stop. Luke and Josh did get a chance this time to join the mile high club, which they had heard about from Emo. Luke didn't think they could do it in such cramped quarters, but he was surprised when he felt Josh's cock slide into him. Then Josh gently slid back and forth inside Luke, so as not to make too much noise. The feeling of Josh's cock sliding so slowly and gently in and out of him made Luke as hard as steel. Josh covered his mouth as he cummed into Luke, then he turned Luke around and had him squat up on the lavatory seat. Josh hungrily swallowed Luke's hard shaft, and sucked as hard as he could. Luke had to work hard to keep from making enough noise to get them caught. When he started cumming in Josh's mouth, he had to clamp his mouth closed tightly with both hands.

The boys finally emerged from the lavatory, looking a little disheveled and slightly flustered. Jack and Emo both began laughing , as Jack welcomed them to the mile high club. After landing in the big jet, the group got on to the smaller commuter plane for the short flight. The commuter plane to Joplin finally landed, and everyone went out to where Jack had another rented van waiting. By this time Cody was beginning to fit in, and he helped everyone load the van. On the way home, Cody smiled as he looked back at Josh and Luke talking, while Josh had his hand gently massaging Luke's thigh.

"I hope Marie and Austin do keep in touch with us." said Luke, as he smiled from the contact from Josh's hand. "They were really cool."

"I'm sure they will babe." smiled Josh, as he gave Luke's thigh a slight squeeze. "It just seemed like the trip was much too short." Then Josh resumed massaging, and worked his hand up to Luke's crotch.

"Ungh." moaned Luke softly, feeling Josh's hand stroke his cock through his pants. Then Luke leaned his head back and said, "Much too short. I'm sure you can help keep my mind of it though."

Cody continued watching, as the outline of Luke's cock became more prominent, and Josh massaged it more passionately. Cody finally couldn't take anymore, so he turned to Ellen and drew her into a kiss. As Ellen began returning the kiss, her hand instinctively went to Cody's thigh. By this time, Cody's erect cock was running down the thigh Ellen had begun massaging. Ellen rubbed Cody's massive cock until he finally broke the kiss.

"I love you so much Cody." smiled Ellen.

"As you can tell, I love you too." laughed Cody softly.

Once they arrived at the Daniels home, everyone said good-bye. Then Lonnie and his family piled their luggage into the back of his and Luke's trucks. After Lonnie and his family left, Cody helped Ellen take his and her stuff inside.

Ellen went to her bedroom door and said, "Here's my bedroom, my love."

"Okay, where am I going to sleep?" asked Cody.

"Stop being silly, and bring our stuff into our room." smiled Ellen. "Then we can show each other our love much better than we could in that van."

Cody smiled as he brought their bags into the room, then began undressing for Ellen. Once they were both naked and in bed, Ellen kissed down the entire length of Cody's once again stiffening cock. Then she begged Cody to make love to her.

After a good night of love-making and rest, Josh and Luke headed over to Boone and Matt's house. Boone was in the process of checking his computer to see if they had missed anything while they were away. Cody also wanted to bond more with Boone and Matt, seeing as he might become Boone's stepfather, so he joined the boys in Boone's room. As everyone talked, Boone and Matt had their arms around each other, and Josh and Luke had their arms around each other. Then Boone opened a spam message from a gay web site that looked interesting. Cody tried not to pay any attention to the computer screen, but in doing so, he saw what it was doing to the boys.

"If you guys want to do stuff, you don't have to worry about me being around." said Cody. "I think it's cool that you guys love each other, and I think I can take it."

"Are you sure?" asked Boone.

"Absolutely!" replied Cody.

With that, Boone began stripping Matt. Cody watched as Boone got his boyfriend naked, then Matt began stripping Boone. Once Matt began stripping Boone, Josh and Luke began working on each other. In a few moments, Cody was in the presence of four completely naked boys. Cody watched the boys stroke each other for a few moments, then Josh and Luke got into a sixty nine. Cody moved in a little closer, and watched in amazement as the two boys lovingly swallowed each other's cocks. Cody didn't think of himself as gay, because he much preferred making love to women. In an effort to find release before meeting Ellen though, he had let a few guys suck his cock. He never could see why they seemed to like it so much, but he moved in very close to where Luke was making love to Josh's cock, and saw what he had never seen before. Cody watched as Josh's cock slid back and forth between Luke's moist lips.

"You love him, so you love the way his cock feels sliding between your lips, right Luke?" asked Cody breathlessly.

"Mmm, mmm." replied Luke, not letting Josh's cock out of his mouth.

"If you like that Cody, you'll want to see this!" said Boone, as he knelt between Matt's legs and lubed his cock. As soon as Cody was next to Boone and Matt, Boone placed his cock at Matt's pucker and said, "Pull his balls out of the way Cody, so you can see this."

Cody took Matt's balls in his hand, causing Matt to gasp. Then he lifted back on Matt's balls, so he could see the head of Boone's cock waiting to penetrate Matt. Then Cody watched in awe as Boone's cock began slipping into Matt. Cody was so riveted in a crouching position over Matt, watching Boone's cock slide in and out of him, that he couldn't move a muscle when he felt Matt unzipping his zipper. As Cody continued watching, he felt his cock being pulled out of his pants. Then he felt Matt's mouth around a little over half of his cock.

"Are you concerned about your boyfriend sucking my cock?" Cody asked Boone breathlessly.

"Not as long as he knows not to make you cum before I've had a chance to suck it." smiled Boone. "I want to see what my mom has become so wild about."

"I don't know about this boys." said Cody.

"Matt and I love each other, so you don't have to worry Cody." replied Boone. "We also know that you love my mom. We just want to make you cum this one time, just for the fun of it. If you want to take your cock out of Matt's mouth though, go right ahead. We won't force you to do this."

"I can't take it out." smiled Cody, as he gazed at Boone's cock sliding in and out of Matt. "I guess I'm stuck with letting you two make me cum. Please don't ever mention this to Ellen though. I love her very much."

"It'll be our secret forever!" moaned Boone.

"Good!" smiled Cody, as he reached out and pinched both of Boone's nipples. As Boone moaned even louder, Cody said, "Those two really enjoy sucking each other's cocks, don't they?"

"They could probably go for hours!" moaned Boone breathlessly, as Cody continued tweaking his nipples. "Oh God, I'm getting ready to cum soon!"

"Boone, I've let a few guys suck my cock over the years." said Cody. "I never once wanted to return any of that. When you finish filling your boyfriend with your cum, could I see what it's like with his cock? Then you can finish making me cum at the same time."

"We wouldn't do that for anyone except you Cody." moaned Boone.

Then Boone began cumming inside Matt. Matt moaned around Cody's cock, as he felt Boone's warm cum filling his rectum. As soon as Boone finished cumming, Cody pulled his cock from Matt's mouth. Then Cody turned Matt to the side, and gazed at the first cock he had ever thought of sucking. Matt moaned as Cody's lips tentatively came in contact with his cock. Then Cody took the plunge, and took all of Matt's cock into his mouth. As soon as he did that, Boone got into position and took Cody's cock into his mouth. As Boone sucked a little more than half of Cody's cock, he began to relax his throat. Half wasn't enough, and Boone was going to try to take all of Cody's cock into his mouth and throat. Once Boone's throat was as relaxed as it was going to get, he took Cody's cock all the way to the back of his mouth. Then Boone swallowed hard, and lunged his mouth down on Cody's cock. Cody was shocked when he felt Boone's lips slide further down on his cock, and the head slide into Boone's throat. The feeling of someone lips around the base of his cock for the first time ever caused Cody to forget that he had never sucked anyone's cock before. Cody began sucking Matt's cock passionately as Matt moaned loudly. In just a few minutes, Cody knew he was ready to cum quite a big load. He couldn't warn Boone though, because he didn't want to let Matt's cock out of his mouth. As Boone began running out of air, and let Cody's cock slide out of his throat, Cody began cumming. Boone swallowed as fast as he could, swallowing all of Cody's cum. As soon as Cody's orgasm began to wane, he felt Matt's cum shooting into his mouth. Cody surprised himself when he began eagerly swallowing Matt's cum.

Once Matt stopped cumming, Cody kissed each boy on the lips and said, "I don't know if we'll ever do this again, but I want to thank you two for this time. Even though I enjoy having sex with Ellen much more, I enjoyed what we did today."

At about that time, all three of them watched as Josh and Luke cummed in each other's mouths. Josh's and Luke's orgasms were very erotic and passionate, and Matt, Boone, and Cody watched them intently.

As Josh and Luke were licking the last drops from the head of each other's cocks, Cody said, "Now I understand the feelings gay guys have for each other, and I think it's beautiful."

"They have that effect on everyone!" laughed Boone.

The following Monday, Cody's things arrived from Florida. As he and Ellen made Cody at home, the boys would have to start preparing for school, which would start the following Monday. Once Cody was all unpacked, he and Jack began discussing what he could do to make a living around there. At the same time, the boys all went out back to school shopping. The parents all trusted their boys to be able to shop for themselves, although Ellen and Cody would have to take Christof and Nathaniel shopping for back to school clothes and supplies.

While Matt, Boone, Ryan, Josh, and Luke were at the mall, they ran across a couple of boys from Luke's and Boone's school. After the last encounter, Luke was feeling pretty good about himself. As Luke and his group approached the boys, that was about to change.

"Well, if it isn't that faggot Luke, and his boyfriend!" said a boy named Frank, who was the leader of the group. "Why are you with him Boone? Don't tell me that he's turned you into a faggot too! I always had a feeling about him."

"And I always had a feeling that you were a dumbass Frank!" shot back Boone.

"Oh hell, he HAS turned you into a faggot, hasn't he?" replied Frank. "I think it's about time we show him and his boyfriend what they get for trying to turn other guys into fags!"

The boys came at Luke's group, and Frank went right for Luke. Josh saw that, and stuck his leg in front of Frank. When Frank hit the ground, the other boys decided to go after whoever was closest. A much larger boy was about to attack Ryan, until Luke hit him from behind and knocked him down too. Then Frank got back up, and was going to go after Luke again. Before Frank could do anything though, mall security showed up. Then they separated the boys, and asked them what happened one by one. Everyone from Luke's group told pretty much the exact same story, and that they were only defending themselves. Every boy from Frank's group told a somewhat slightly different version of what happened, and a few of them were swearing irrationally. The mall did believe Luke's group, and let them go on their way. Frank's group was shown the exit though, and asked not to return without parental supervision.

When the boys got back on their own, Luke looked very upset. "Why do they hate us Josh?" Luke almost cried. "I've known Frank for years. Although I'd rather not hang out with him, I've never had a problem with him."

"You know that Reverend Sammy said that not everyone would accept us being gay though." replied Josh, as he put an arm around Luke. "From what I could tell about Frank, he fits that type perfectly. Don't worry though babe, we'll all stick together."

"Yeah Luke, and that includes me and Matt too." said Boone. "I guess we're kinda out too now, so we have to stick together. Maybe we should talk to Sammy tonight."

"That might be a good idea Boone." said Josh. "What do you say Luke?"

"I guess we could." replied Luke. "He might be able to help with this. I guess next week is going to be kinda interesting. We're going to be the first gay people that anyone has known about at our school."

Well, I guess we ended with a bang. We all know that things won't be perfect when Luke and the boys return to school though. Once again, thanks to everyone who has read this story. I promise you will like CMCM 2 just as much, when I return to it. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you when I start City Mouse, Country Mouse 2: The Education Of Mice.