City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy and James Clark

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim and James Clark

Chapter 3

Luke led Josh into the house, and upstairs to the shower. Luke went into the bathroom, followed closely by Josh. "It's a big shower, but I don't know if you want to shower together or not." said Luke. "We could probably fit if you do."

Josh was sort of nervous. What if Naomi wanted to know what they were doing? But, he decided it would be worth it.

"Yeah, sure Luke!" Josh said. Then he started to strip off his now dirty clothing.

Luke watched Josh, as his cousin began to strip. He was so caught up in watching, that he almost forgot to take his clothes off too. Then he shook his head and realized that Josh was almost naked, while he was still fully dressed. Josh started to wonder if Luke was uncomfortable with this whole situation. Suddenly though, he had an idea. Josh leaned over to the still clothed Luke and kissed him passionately on the lips, while reaching for his belt buckle.

"I,... I,... can do that myself, unless you want to do it for me." Luke said in a daze. "I've never had anyone take my clothes off me before, but it feels really nice when you do it!" Then Luke went back to kissing Josh. Before long Luke felt Josh's tongue pressing on his lips, so he opened his mouth a little bit.

Josh reveled in this ecstasy that Luke's lips bestowed on him. He finally broke away though, and knelt in front of Luke. He used his teeth to unsnap Luke's jeans and pull down the zipper, revealing the pulsing man-flesh underneath, covered only by the white cotton briefs that Luke wore. Josh had an underwear fetish, and this really turned him on. He started licking and sucking at the hard, protruding bulge through Luke's underwear, taking in Luke's masculine scent.

"Oh God Josh!" gasped Luke. "I never thought anything could feel like this, before today. We have to get cleaned up for supper though!"

"Don't worry Luke, I'm saving the really fun stuff for tonight." Josh said. "Oh God, I love you so much Luke! I'd do anything for you, and I want you to know that!" Josh used his tongue to pull open the fly of Luke's briefs. After he got Luke's fly separated he used his tongue to pull out Luke's seven and a half inch cock, which was leaking precum, and swallowed as much of it as he could.

"Unnngh!" Luke moaned, as he watched his cock go into Josh's mouth.

Luke was lost in a torrent of feelings as Josh sucked his cock, but he knew Naomi would check on them if they took too long. He had to feel what Josh was doing to him a few more moments before he said anything though. Finally Luke said, "If were not ready for dinner in a little bit, my mom will come up here to check on us Josh."

Josh wanted to make Luke cum, so he ran his tongue faster and faster on Luke's cock. He knew that he could wait until that night to cum, but he wanted to make Luke feel good now. Josh bobbed his head faster and faster, trying to make his cousin blow his load. He grabbed Luke's balls with one hand and rolled them around, and with the other hand he massaged Luke's ass cheeks. After only a little while, he felt Luke's cock get just a little larger in his mouth.

Luke began to cry softly as he begged, "Please stop Josh, or I won't be able to. I want it to be more special than this. I love you Josh, and I want to do all the things that you're doing to me. Please?"

Josh pulled off Luke's cock immediately and sat back on the floor, with his head between his knees. He felt so hurt that he started to sob into his arms. Josh had never had anyone tell him to stop. "Did I do something wrong?!" Josh thought. "Oh God, I don't know what to do. I'm so embarrassed."

Josh just sat there crying into his arms, the taste of Luke's cock still in his mouth. "I didn't realize I acted like such a slut!" he thought.

When Luke saw Josh crying, he picked his cousin up and held on to him tightly. Both boys were now crying as Luke tried to think of what to say to Josh.

Luke finally said, "I love you Josh, and I didn't mean to make you cry. I know you were trying to make me feel good, but you do that just by being around me. The next time we have sex, I want it to be special. I want to be laying in our bed with our bodies pressed together, and I want you to teach me how to make love to you. Please understand, and don't cry. I really like the way you make me feel." Luke then put his lips back against Josh's, and felt their softness.

Josh broke away almost immediately. "No! I'm such a slut!" Josh cried. "I make everything quick and cheap! You deserve better Luke, you really do! I didn't realize it until just now, but the reason I did those things with those guys was because I LIKED it. Oh God I'm going to hell, and you should hate me and stay away from me Luke! You don't want to be near me Luke, and you shouldn't be associated with someone like me! I'm a fucking cunt! That's all, just a warm hole to put a cock in!" With that, Josh began sobbing uncontrollably.

Luke lunged back toward Josh, and wrapped his arms tightly around the boy.

"I don't know what these things are you're calling yourself Josh, but they're not true!" said Luke. "I've never had the feelings that I do right now until you came here today. I never even knew what love was, until I fell in love with you!" Then Luke began crying again too as he continued, "If you're going to hell then I'm going with you Josh, because I want you to show me how to make love to you. I've never even thought of sex before, other than playing with myself, but I know I don't want to do it with anyone but you now. Please love me Josh, I need you!"

"Do you mean it?" asked a teary eyed Josh. "Because if you do, then we can get cleaned up, eat supper, and I'll show you how much I love you tonight."

"I always mean what I say Josh, and I love you." said Luke. "I need you to teach me how to make you feel as special as you make me feel. Now, let's get cleaned up."

After the boys took a somewhat non-touchy shower, they headed downstairs. Naomi had made cornbread, purple-hull peas, and ground beef patties with gravy. Luke, Josh, Naomi, and Luke's dad Lonnie all sat down to eat. Josh was amazed at the fact that everything was fresh, and home-cooked. Luke looked over at Josh as they were eating, and started to smile. Then Luke saw Josh looking around, trying to find what Luke was looking at. Finally Luke began to snicker.

"Mom is really going to like you Josh." said Luke. "She loves to see someone enjoy her cooking."

Naomi smiled at both boys.

"Really thought Ms. Naomi, this is wonderful!" Josh said, smiling. "I don't think I've had a home-cooked meal in a long time, especially not one this good!" The next moment though, he tried to breathe as he took a bite of cornbread. Then he started coughing, and trying to laugh at his own stupidity for inhaling cornbread.

"Okay Josh, I believe you when you say you like it." said Naomi. "You don't have to eat it too fast to prove it though."

Luke almost fell out of his seat from laughing so hard, and Lonnie tried not to chuckle too. Then Luke noticed that Josh seemed a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry Josh, I just couldn't help it." said Luke. "I promise I'll find a way to make it up to you cousin." Then Luke shot Josh a mischievous grin.

After supper it was about eight o'clock, and everyone started to turn in for bed. As Luke and Josh went to their room, Josh started breathing hard. "So, this is what love is." Josh thought. "I know that I can have my way with anyone, but this boy,... he's special, and it gives me the butterflies."

"Luke, come over to the bed and sit down beside me." Josh said. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, are you sure you love me? It's just that I've never had anyone care about me this way, and it's unbelievable."

"I've never been in love before Josh, but ever since I saw you today I haven't been able to think of anything else." said Luke. "That sounds like love from what I've heard other guys say. I also know that you make me feel so good, that I want to make you feel the same way. Can you tell me one thing though, what does it feel like to have another boy's cock in your mouth? I'm kinda nervous about that."

"Well, it's hard to explain." Josh said. "I think it feels great. It's warm, soft but hard, and it's an expression of love. Don't worry if you don't want to do it to me though. I love you so much that it'll never matter to me." Josh had something else planned tonight, something that would bring their love to the next level. "Luke, I love you and if you don't want to do it that's okay, but I want you to make love to me."

"What do you mean Josh?" asked Luke. "I thought that's what we were doing today at the swimmin' hole. You're going to teach me everything you can Josh."

"I mean that I want you to put your cock in my asshole and fuck me." Josh replied. "I know it sounds weird, but I guarantee you'll like it. I love you enough to let you do that. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes. You make me so happy. You'll have to loosen me up first though. Do you want me to do it to you first? That way you'll know how. I can understand though if you don't want to do it."

"I wanna learn everything Josh." said Luke. "You're going to have to teach me though, cause I don't have any idea what you're talking about."

"Allright, just take off your clothes and bend over the bed." Josh said. "I'll be right back, I've gotta get something out of my bag." Josh intended to make this perfect for Luke. He loved him so much that he'd do anything for him.

Luke took all of his clothes off and bent over the bed as Josh had asked, because he knew that Josh wouldn't do anything bad to him. Luke was nervous though, because Josh had said something about putting his cock inside Luke's butt. Luke figured that sometimes when he pooped it did come out kinda big, so what Josh was talking about couldn't be too bad.

Josh walked over to his bag, and got a small tube of KY. Then he walked back over to where Luke was bent over the bed, exposing his perfect rosebud. Josh set the lube on the floor, and stripped off his clothes. Then he knelt behind Luke, and spread his cheeks even further apart. He dove in with his tongue, bathing Luke's hole. Josh desperately hoped that Luke would like it.

Luke had to hold his tongue to keep from moaning loudly. He had never felt anything like what Josh was doing now, but he loved it! Every swipe of Josh's magical tongue sent tingles through Luke's naked body.

"Oh Josh!" panted Luke. "This feels so good that I can't wait to learn everything you can teach me. This feels like what heaven must be like!"

Josh took this as his cue to use the lube. He lubed up his right index finger, and slowly pushed it through the resistance that Luke's sphincter offered. Finally he was knuckle deep, and started finger fucking Luke's hole.

"Oh shit cousin!" Luke almost exclaimed too loudly. "I don't know what you just did, but please don't stop! Is that your finger inside me again?"

"Yeah it is, and so is this one!" Josh said, as he added another finger to Luke's ass.

"Mmmph!" grunted Luke. Josh wasn't hurting him, but this felt really different. Luke had never had anything in his butt before today, and he was really beginning to feel full.

After a while of fingering Luke with two fingers, Josh thought Luke was ready for his cock. Josh stood up, pulled his fingers out of Luke's ass, and lubed up his cock. Then he pulled the skin back, and placed it right at the entrance to Luke's chute. He met some resistance as he pushed forward, but broke through it, placing the head of his cock inside Luke's hole.

"Ooooh!" groaned Luke sharply. "What did you put in me Josh? A telephone pole? Please take it easy and let me get use to it."

"I'm so sorry Luke! Do you want me to take it out?" Josh asked. He was really worried that he'd hurt Luke, and he loved him too much to do that.

"No please!" begged Luke. "Don't take it out of me! It just hurt a little at first, but it's getting better. Just take it easy."

"Okay, as long as it doesn't hurt you too bad." Josh said. He then pushed a little more of his cock into Luke, and sweat was breaking out on his body from the pleasurable sensation's that Luke's tight virgin asshole was giving him.

Luke was breathing heavily as he tried to relax. He would have never imagined feelings like the ones he was having now. The pain he had first felt was changing into such an intense feeling of pleasure, that he didn't know if he could take it without screaming out his love for Josh.

"Oh God Josh!" panted Luke in a cold sweat. "Are you making love to me now? If you are, I don't ever want you to stop now."

"Relax buddy, you still have to do this to me!" Josh said as he pushed the rest of his seven inches in to the hilt. His nuts were now touching Luke's ass as he started to slowly fuck Luke.

A whole new world of love and pleasure was now opening to Luke for the first time in his life. He didn't care if people thought what he and Josh were doing was wrong, he just knew he would never be able to stop now.

"I love you Josh." said Luke breathlessly. "I've been waiting for this for my whole life, and I'm glad you're the one who's given it to me. Please make me feel your love Josh."

With that Josh started bucking into Luke, harder and harder, until he could feel his orgasm building. He knew he was about to coat Luke's insides with his cum. "Oh Luke, I'm gonna cum!" moaned Josh. "I love you Luke! Oh God, I love you!"

"Oh God Josh, I love you too!" gasped Luke. "I wanna feel you shoot inside me. I can't believe how much I want to have your cum in me."

After Luke said that, it sent Josh over the edge. He emptied his balls into Luke's ass, shooting more than he'd ever shot before. When his cock stopped spasming, Josh collapsed atop Luke's sweaty body and caressed him lovingly.

"Now Luke, after we rest for a bit it's your turn." Josh said to his lover. "I want to feel you in me!"

"I guess I'm not a virgin anymore, huh Josh?" said Luke softly. "Thanks you for being the one, I love you Josh."

As soon as the boys had rested, it was Luke's turn. "Okay Josh, go ahead and lay across the bed." said Luke. He hoped he could remember what Josh had just done to him.

"Allright Luke, just please be careful." Josh said.

Josh rolled over, stomach down, and spread his legs slightly to allow access to himself. For the first time ever, Josh was about to be made love to. He'd had sex plenty of times, but no one had ever really loved him this much.

Luke laid down with his face over top of Josh's butt, looking at it for a few seconds. Then Luke took a cheek into both hands, and exposed Josh's crack. Luke stuck his tongue out and lowered himself closer and closer, until he touched the bottom of the crack between Josh's cheeks. Luke became incredibly turned on by touching Josh there with his tongue, and began eagerly licking the entire length of Josh's butt.

"Oh Luke, please don't stop!" Josh begged. "That feels so good!" Every swipe of Luke's tongue sent shocks through him. Josh spread his legs wider and felt his cock harden against the bed, as he moaned and groaned into his pillow.

Luke licked at Josh's pucker for a few minutes, then worked his way a little lower. Luke raised up a little and asked, "Could you raise your hips up, and bring your knees forward Josh?"

Josh immediately complied to Luke's requests, because every time Luke touched him it was like heaven. Josh got on all fours on the bed to give Luke easier access. Luke went back to work, and worked his way to the area between Josh's butt and balls. Luke noticed that Josh seemed to like it as he sucked at the tender flesh there. Josh's balls were now dangling in front of Luke, so he decided to see what they would feel like in his mouth. Josh let out a gasp as Luke sucked at the base of his scrotum, then he moaned as Luke took the egg sizes orbs into his mouth.

"Luke... I love you!" was all Josh could think of to say. He was absolutely speechless.

Luke heard Josh say that, and the urges inside him began to rise. He could now see Josh's semi-hard cock dangling in front of him, so he swiped it with his tongue. Now Luke wanted to feel it in his mouth before he continued, so he opened his mouth and put his lips gently around the shaft.

"Oh man," thought Josh to himself, "for a country boy, he sure does seem to know what he's doing! I've never felt anything like this before in my life!"

Luke sucked on Josh's cock for a few minutes, then laid his head back on the bed and gazed lovingly at the cock that had just been in his mouth. "I love the way your cock feels in my mouth." moaned Luke softly. "After I make love to you, can I suck your cock some more?"

"Luke, I love you so much. You can do anything you want to!" Josh said, delirious from the sensations emanating from his groin. "I love how hot and slick your mouth is,... you're so good! I love you Luke, and I'll never leave you!"

Luke smiled warmly, then licked his way back to Josh's pucker. As he prodded at the opening with his tongue, he reached for the lube that Josh had used on him. Luke lubed up one finger, then watched intently as he slid his finger into Josh. "I hope I remember how to do this." said Luke. "I love you very much Josh, and I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"Just go easy Luke, and I'll be fine." Josh said. "Wow, you have really long fingers though. Luke, bend your finger up like you're telling someone to come here." Luke's finger in his ass made Josh start sweating again, the pleasure pulsating through his body.

"I'll do my best Josh." replied Luke. Luke then curled his finger inside Josh, and felt a small lump in Josh's rectum. When Luke hit that, he noticed that Josh almost jumped. "I'm sorry Josh, did I hurt you?" asked a scared Luke.

"Ahhh! No Luke, you didn't hurt me!" Josh said. "It felt so good!" Josh couldn't wait any longer to have Luke's big cock pillage his hole. "Dude, I need you inside me now! I can't wait anymore!"

"Okay Josh, I love you." said Luke. Then he put some lube on his stiff cock, and placed it against the opening to Josh's butt. "Tell me if I hurt you too much Josh."

Luke then pushed lightly, but his cock wouldn't go in. He put a little more pressure behind his cock, and it felt like it wanted to go into Josh. Finally, Luke pushed harder, and the head of his cock slipped into Josh.

Josh's eyes closed automatically as he felt Luke's hard, throbbing cock enter him. He was so hungry for more of it, that he reached back and grabbed Luke's hips. Then he pulled hard, and pushed back onto Luke's cock, engulfing it to the hilt. Josh's cock twitched violently, as he threatened to lose control of his load.

"Oh God Josh!" gasped Luke. "Your butt feels so warm around my cock!" Then Luke's basic instincts took over, as he began to slide his cock in and out of Josh's ass. The friction and warmth that Luke felt in his cock was different than anything he had ever felt, or could have ever imagined. Luke kept thrusting faster and faster, unable to control himself now.

Josh felt his orgasm build as Luke humped him faster and faster, but he managed to stave it off. Suddenly he felt Luke's cock swell even more, and throb even faster.

"Oh God Josh!" Luke moaned. "I love you so much Josh. I'm gonna cum in you Josh!" Luke felt his cock begin to throb, and his balls tingle. He thrust his cock in and out of Josh wildly, as he felt himself begin to cum. Luke grunted unintelligibly as he was wracked by the most intense orgasm of his life. When his cock stopped throbbing, Luke rested his body on top of Josh.

"Oh God Luke, that was so good!" Josh said as Luke laid on top of him, with his cock slowly deflating in Josh's ass. "You nearly made me cum without touching myself! We have to do that again soon! I love you Luke."

Luke began coming back around as his cock slowly deflated, then slipped from Josh's butt. As soon as Luke could speak, he said, "I'll always love you Josh. That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt! Now, could you turn over, so I can feel something that I'm sure will be very close to that?"

Josh eagerly flipped over onto his back, knowing what awaited him, as he said, "Luke, you can do anything you want to me anytime. I love you more than you'll ever know!"

"It can't be much more than how much I love you Josh." said Luke. Then Luke gazed longingly at Josh's erect cock. He slowly bent down and took Josh's beautiful cock into his mouth. Luke stroked Josh's cock gently with his mouth, then stuck his tongue underneath Josh's foreskin.

Josh thrashed on the bed and grabbed the sheets, twisting them as Luke crucified him with even more intense pleasure. Luke's hot mouth was sliding up and down and giving him chillbumps, even though the bed was now drenched with their sweat, and the room smelled of cum. Luke continued to slide up and down on Josh's shaft, as he pulled back on it with his hand to expose Josh's cockhead inside his mouth. Then Luke began putting suction on the throbbing cock in his mouth, begging it to cum for him.

Josh shuddered and shivered as his cockhead rubbed against the roof of Luke's mouth. He felt his balls draw up close to his body, then felt his cum explode into Luke's throat. Josh groaned, unable to use actual words from being lost in the torrent of his orgasm.

Luke was surprised by the force of Josh's cum shooting against the back of his mouth. Although he wasn't use to the taste, it was kinda good, so he kept up as much as he could. Some of Josh's cum did escape though, and as Luke raised up, he had a string of cum hanging from the corner of his mouth.

"I love you so much Josh, and I want to make love to you as much as possible." said Luke. Then he realized he had some of Josh's cum dripping from the corner of his mouth. Luke giggled as he stuck out his tongue, and pulled the cum back into his mouth.

Josh giggled at Luke as he said, "Dude, I can't believe you didn't notice that! It was so cute. I wish I'd had a camera!" He then grabbed Luke and rolled over on top of him, kissing him roughly. "Allright," Josh said between kisses, "are you ready to go to sleep?"

"You mean we can't make love all night?" asked Luke as he giggled. "The only way I'll go to sleep is if I'm wrapped in your arms." Then Luke grabbed the back of Josh's head as he kissed him deeply.

"I just know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!" Josh said. Slowly their kissing died down, and Josh's eyelids started to get heavier.

Luke noticed Josh's eyelids begin to droop, then the exertion of what they had done began to hit Luke too. Within a few moments Luke's eyelids slowly closed, and he began snoring softly in Josh's arms. Josh realized that Luke had fallen asleep, so he nuzzled his face into Luke's neck and closed his eyes. For the first time in a long time, he didn't fall asleep crying.

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