City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy and James Clark

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim and James Clark

Chapter 6

Matt laughed a little as he heard Boone softly snoring, and decided to see if he could wake him up. Carefully, Matt poked him in the ribs once while whispering, "Hey Boone!"

Matt waited a second to see if he would get a reaction from the guy, as his hand started to move around Boone's chest and down toward his stomach. Boone's only reaction was to smile even more, and begin softly caressing what he thought was his own leg in his sleep. Matt giggled and scooted over further, so that Boone's hand was dangerously close to his own crotch. At the same time, he let a single finger work it's way down Boone's body. After he got to Boone's pubic bush he started giggling aloud, knowing exactly how to wake him up.

"DING DONG!!!" Matt yelled in Boone's ear, as he grabbed Boone's cock and gave it a firm yank.

As Boone was startled awake, his cock began to stretch out to nine and a half inches. A look of fear crossed Boone's face as he realized that his hand was on Matt's leg, and his finger had rested across Matt's cock.

"Oh shit dude!" exclaimed Boone. "I'm so sorry dude! I thought that it was my leg, really!"

"Don't worry about it Boone." Matt said, wondering just what to expect.

He knew that if Boone was straight, he was dangerously close to getting his ass kicked. Still, he couldn't help leaving his hand on Boone's cock. His breathing got shallower as his own cock started to swell to it's full size. Matt let out a shaky breath, and squeezed Boone's erection in his hand.

"Matt, I just want to pretend like I'm asleep, and enjoy how that feels." said Boone shakily. "I'm afraid though dude."

"Boone, don't be afraid." said Matt. "I just,... I need to know something. Do you like this? I mean if you don't, we can stop and just forget about it." Matt's grip on Boone's cock loosened a little, even as his face moved closer to Boone's.

"It kinda feels nice Matt, but I've always been told that it's wrong." said Boone. "People around here say that you're evil to have feelings like that."

"That's not true, and don't ever believe things like that." Matt said, as he winced. "If you like it, then you can't help it. I really like it,... and I like you Boone." Matt leaned over closer, and slowly stroked Boone's cock up and down once while his own heart raced.

"Your hand does feel really nice Matt." said Boone softly, as he licked his lips gently.

"Boone, if you wouldn't mind, ummm,... can I kiss you?" Matt asked blushing.

"Um,... uh,..." stuttered Boone. "I've had girls who I never felt quite as close to as you ask me that, and it's never been a problem. I don't know what it would be like to kiss a boy, but it might be fun to find out."

Matt leaned into Boone, closing his eyes. He felt his lips come into contact with Boone's, and he rubbed Boone's cock at the same time, wondering how he would take it. Boone placed his hand on Matt's cock, and returned his first kiss with another boy. Across the lake, Luke pointed toward the other two boys as he poked at Josh.

"Don't stare or say anything dude, but look!" whispered Luke.

"Holy shit!!!" Josh said in a sort of yell-whisper, making sure his glance wasn't too noticeable. "It looks like THEY'RE happy as hell! What's up with this Luke? You didn't tell me Boone was gay!"

"I never thought he could be!" replied Luke quietly. "He's always been popular with the girls, while I never thought much about them. He's just always acted like he could never feel that way until today, when he grabbed Matt."

"Wow, I would have never expected it!" Josh said with a mischievous grin. "Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll come to his senses, then punch Matt. I'm just kidding! But doesn't that make you want to do something Luke?" Josh then winked slyly and moved closer to Luke.

"Not where they can see us Josh." said Luke. "I want our love to be private and special, not a peep show for those two horn dogs." Then Luke began laughing.

"Well, I do see a nice little pocket of bushes over there,... but I guess we can wait until later when we're alone tonight. That way we can do whatever we wanna, with no interruptions." Josh said laughing. "Should we break them up, or give them a few more minutes?"

"It probably took Boone a lot of nerve to get to the point where he'd kiss Matt and handle his dick." said Luke. "I don't want to make him uncomfortable about it. Who knows what might happen between them."

"Okay then, we'll let 'em do their thing for a little while." Josh said.

"Boone, we should talk later tonight, when we're at your house." Matt said, pulling away from the kiss. "That way we'll have some privacy too, and not have to worry if Josh and Luke will see us or not."

"Yeah dude, I guess we should talk." said Boone, as he looked at Matt's erection in his hand. "I was always told that sex was suppose to be between a guy and a girl, but this feels as good as anything I've ever done. I'm still scared though. What will people say about us if they find out? People around here can be set in their ways dude. Our pastor still thinks that hell is someplace in the middle of the Earth that bad people somehow get to."

"Just don't worry, we'll talk later." Matt said with a smile. "Let's go now, okay? We can go have some fun."

As Luke saw the other two boys getting ready to get up, he yelled out across the lake, "Are we going into town anytime soon today?"

"Why do we need to go into town?" shouted Boone.

"Cuz, I've never been!" yelled Josh back. Then, under his breath he added to Luke, "Plus it'll give us an excuse to have Matt bouncing around on you lap in that truck!" Josh laughed aloud, and started getting dressed.

Boone thought about the four boys in the front of the truck as he and Matt walked across some logs as a shortcut to the other side of the lake. It didn't really seem like a good idea to Boone just yet, which was why he wasn't paying attention as he followed Matt.

"Boone, look out!" Matt called out to him, looking back. "There's some moss there, you're gonna slip in the water!"

Boone felt his foot begin to slip, but he was also getting close to the shore. Boone made a desperate jump for land, and landed right on top of Matt. Matt laughed as Boone knocked him over, and then grabbed at Boone's crotch while he was trying to disentangle himself. Boone definitely had a noticeable bulge in his pants, even if it wasn't hard.

"Boone, you ass, get off me!" Matt yelled, giggling.

"If it's my ass that's on you, what are you grabbing at?" laughed Boone.

"Do you think we should throw them both back in the lake Josh?" asked Luke.

"That's a good idea, it might cool them off!" Josh said, cracking his knuckles with a smile. "What do you think? I'm pretty sure I can take Matt if you'll get Boone."

"I was NOT grabbing your ass! I was aiming for an entirely different area!" Matt said to Boone, laughing so hard that his ribs hurt, until he heard what Josh had said. "You wouldn't dare! We don't have any dry clothes with us after these." Matt went on guard, still laughing.

"I wouldn't try it if you guys want to get to town anytime soon." said Boone. "Luke ain't exactly street legal yet. That's why we should take my car when we get back to Luke's place." Boone smiled at his ingenuity.

"Well, let's go." Matt said nervously, trying to distract Luke and Josh from their little plan.

"Okay guys, we was just messin' with you anyway." laughed Josh.

"You should have seen the looks on your faces too." giggled Luke. "It was a real Kodak moment."

All four boys laughed as Josh and Luke helped Matt and Boone to their feet. As Luke was helping Boone up, he looked at his old friend quizzically. Boone was about to get nervous until Luke flashed him a bright smile. The boys headed to the truck and piled in with Luke behind the wheel, Josh sitting next to him in the middle, and Boone and Matt sitting on the passenger side with Matt in Boone's lap. Luke would giggle softly as he lined up every bump with his truck, and Josh just smiled at Luke, trying not to break out in a laugh.

As Matt bounced up and down on Boone's lap, Boone could feel his cock stirring. Boone sat there and concentrated on old lady Gilliam, trying to keep his cock from being too hard when they reached the farmhouse. Matt just smiled as he felt Boone's cock against his butt.

"Damn, it would be great to feel that IN my butt!" thought Matt to himself. He knew he couldn't push Boone too hard though, as his new friend was just now discovering this kind of thing. By the time they got to the farmhouse, Matt was sure that Luke was hitting all those bumps on purpose. He had to make it a point to thank Luke if things worked out with Boone.

When all the boys had piled out of the truck, Boone said, "Okay guys, let's get in my car now. I'll try not to hit every bump I see on purpose!"

Luke immediately doubled over in laughter, followed shortly by Josh. Matt knew better though, and was trying as hard as he could not to snicker. "You guys are REALLY funny!" Boone tried to scowl, but a smile began to cross his face anyway.

The boys then all piled into Boone's black classic Mustang Cobra, with Josh and Luke climbing into the back seat. Josh was excited to be riding in Boone's car because back in the city, a car like Boone's would be worth a fortune. Boone paid practically nothing for it though, because when he bought it, it wasn't too much more than a shell. Boone put a year of work into his pride and joy. The boys laughed and joked with each other as they drove toward town.

"So Luke, what should we show Josh first?" asked Boone in an exaggerated drawl. "The tractor and farm supply store, or old man Thompson's market?"

"It's really not THAT bad Josh." laughed Luke. "Old man Thompson has had a post office in his store ever since I can remember, and the man who owns the tractor and farm supply store bought out a department store in the city, and moved their stock out here." Then Luke also picked up a drawl and said, "Heck, we've even been peein' indoors for years!"

"Yep!" replied Boone. "And after that, if Josh ain't too overwhelmed, we can show him the town hall, slash library, slash police station, slash fire house!"

"Don't forget Newton's pharmacy!" offered Luke with a giggle. "Then we can top off the tour with our school. We have kindergarten through twelfth grade all in one building!"

"Don't forget about that annex they added on about five years ago, along with a new gymnasium." said Boone, in mock excitement.

"You guys are making this sound like it will be a really exciting summer!" said Josh sarcastically. "I wonder if it's too late for that jail idea."

"And miss the company of me and Boone?" asked Luke.

"You're right Luke." snickered Josh. "You guys are a little bit better than jail guards."

"Do you mean you either had to come here or go to jail?" Boone asked Josh. "Wow, talk about cruel and unusual punishment! What did you do anyway Josh?"

"Um,... it's a kinda long and,... um,... embarrassing story." replied Josh shamefully. "The important thing is you guys are okay with why I'm here."

"Of course we are, aren't we everyone?" replied Boone. "I don't know what you did, but you seem like a really great guy. I'm sure there's a good reason for whatever you did. Besides, Matt is here with the same kind of deal."

Luke looked over at Josh, and could see that he would be crying if the subject weren't changed soon. "I don't care what the reason is, I'm just glad you're here now." said Luke. "It would have sucked if I had never got to meet you."

Josh looked at Luke and mouthed the words, "Thanks, I love you."

Luke responded by discreetly blowing a kiss at Josh.

The tour of the town went well. The tractor and farm supply store did have a lot more than the name implied, and Josh and Matt were relieved by that. Josh was also able to pick up a few toiletry supplies at Newton's Pharmacy. They may not have stocked the best cologne and deodorants, but what they had was better than smelling like cows and chickens. There were actually a few other small shops too, including a small video store, and about three dozen houses inside the town. The school sat right on the edge of town, and was pretty much what was expected from Boone and Luke's description. The boys joked with each other and looked around for a few hours before finally heading home.

As Boone dropped Luke and Josh off at home, Luke leaned in to Matt's window and said, "Don't have too much fun this evening." He then winked at Matt.

Meanwhile, Josh was at Boone's window saying, "It was nice to meet you Boone. I like you, and I think the four of us will end up having a lot in common."

"Thanks Josh." replied Boone. "You are a really nice guy, and I'm glad Luke has you around here to keep him company."

"I think Luke likes me keeping him company too." said Josh, as he looked at Luke and gave him a wink.

"Okay!" said Luke hurriedly. "I think we have a chore or two to finish before supper. Let's get together Saturday to go to the movies. What do you say Boone?"

Boone chuckled as he replied, "That sounds like fun to me Luke. It's a date!"

As Boone and Matt were driving away, Matt turned to Boone and said, "So, we'll be going on our first date, and it's a double date. That sounds like a lot of fun!"

Boone flashed a big toothy smile at Matt as he drove.

Luke and Josh finished the few chores they had as quickly as they could under the circumstances. As Luke would reach for a cow's nipple, Josh would reach for something else. As Josh would spread out hay, Luke would spread his hands over Josh's taut back. The boys were both hot and sweaty by the time they were through.

As they passed through the kitchen to take a shower, Naomi said, "You boys hurry up now. Supper is almost ready."

Once the boys got in the shower together, Luke decided to thoroughly soap Josh's cock repeatedly. Josh moaned as Luke's gentle hand stroked his hard cock. Then Josh grabbed blindly until his hand had wrapped around Luke's cock. Now both boys were moaning as they stroked themselves toward an orgasm. Luke reached around with his free hand and cupped Josh's butt with it, occasionally slipping a finger inside Josh. Meanwhile, Josh's free hand was pulling and squeezing Luke's nipples. After a few minutes, Luke felt Josh's cock begin to twitch, and his balls draw up against his crotch. Luke dropped to his knees and took Josh's throbbing cock into his mouth, then began to suck hungrily. Josh tried to keep his moaning as quiet as possible while he filled Luke's mouth with his built up load. Luke gratefully swallowed every drop of Josh's cum after making sure to savor it's taste first.

When Josh's orgasm was over, and Luke had stood back up, Josh went down to his knees in the shower. Luke gasped slightly as Josh's lips sealed around his now aching cock. Josh expertly sucked Luke's cock while Luke grunted and whimpered in approach of his orgasm. Luke had to brace himself against the shower wall as his cum exploded into Josh warm mouth. Josh helped to hold Luke up as he drained Luke's balls into his mouth. Once Luke had finished cumming, Josh stood back up and took Luke into a tight embrace.

"I love you so much Luke." whispered Josh into Luke's ear. "I never knew I could love one person so much until I met you."

"Well, I never even knew I could love another boy until you came into my life." whispered Luke back.

The two boys smiled and kissed as they finished their shower and dried off. Once they had redressed, Luke and Josh headed back to the kitchen smiling. By this time Lonnie was at the table, and Naomi was waiting for the boys before serving supper. Lonnie saw the two boys together and smiled slightly. He had always felt bad about not giving Luke a brother to keep him company, and this idea that his wife had come up with was now appearing to be the best idea he had ever seen. Luke and Josh happily sat down to the table as Naomi served supper. Once the table had been filled with food, everyone dug in.

As Josh sat next to Lonnie and ate like a starving boy, he said, "Miss Naomi, your great cooking just keeps getting better all the time!"

"You better be careful son." said Lonnie. "If you keep talking to her like that, she may want to adopt you."

It had been so long since Josh had heard a man call him son, that he felt himself choking up slightly. That had been something that Josh had wanted to hear for most of his life now. Josh looked up at Lonnie, trying to form words of gratitude, but nothing seemed to want to come out. Luke noticed this, and knew that Josh would become so choked up that he would leave the table if he didn't say something.

"Come on Josh, think of another compliment for my mom's cooking!" smiled Luke. "I need a brother, and we get along great together!"

That was enough to lighten the moment, and the rest of supper was a happy affair. Lonnie knew that at some point, he would have to have some private time to talk to Josh though. He had taken to Josh quite a bit, and he wanted to clear up whatever was bothering the boy deep down inside. After supper came the infamous kumquat pie, which the boys snickered and giggled all the way through. It was almost enough to make Lonnie laugh aloud. After all, he had once been a boy himself.

After a nice family evening together, Josh was feeling more normal than he ever had in his life. He was also feeling tired, as it had been a long day. He wasn't too tired yet though, as he and Luke headed upstairs to Luke's bedroom.

Meanwhile, in Boone's bedroom, he and Matt had talked quite a bit once they were alone for the evening. Matt could tell that Boone was very confused by the things he had felt that day, but he thought Boone was handling it very well. Now came the real test though, as the two boys stripped to get into Boone's bed together. As the boys laid in bed in an embrace, Matt thought Boone was doing very well. Now came the moment of truth.

"I love you Boone." whispered Matt. "There's something that I want us to share together."

Matt turned around on top of Boone, and began to take Boone's huge cock into his mouth. Boone had felt girls lips wrapped around his cock before, but knowing that this was now Matt made the feelings much more intense. Then he saw Matt's cock dangling in front of his face. Boone knew that Matt was very self-conscious about his cock, but right now Boone thought it looked very nice. Boone closed his eyes, and took Matt's cock onto his tongue. Then he guided it to his lips. The feeling of Matt's cock on his lips was too intense for Boone though.

"Oh my God!" gasped Boone, as Matt's cock slipped from his mouth. "I gotta go somewhere! Stay here!"

Boone jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on, then bolted out the door. Matt got up to go after him, but by the time he was dressed he heard Boone's car tearing out of the driveway. Matt sat back down on Boone's bed with his head between his hands, and began crying heavily.

Luke and Josh had been hugging and kissing for quite a few minutes now, and Luke needed something more. "Josh." whispered Luke softly. "I need you to put your cock inside me and make love to me!"

"I'll give you anything in the world that you need Luke." replied Josh as he smiled sweetly.

Josh knelt between Luke's legs as he lubed his hard cock, then he placed it at Luke's pucker. Josh looked down at Luke to see the most angelic smile that he had ever seen before. Josh slowly and gently pushed his cock into Luke, until it was in as far as it would go. Then Josh began to thrust in and out of Luke slowly and passionately as Luke moaned softly. Suddenly, the door to Luke's room was thrown wide open.

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