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From the last chapter:

Well, Leroy said you probably wanted to let up because maybe you had something to hide.” replied Curt. “And besides, I don't think any of us are killers.”

And his ignorant little brain came up with that on his own?” asked Frank. “I happen to know a few things about Leroy that you guys should too. He hates ALL guys. It's not just the gay kids. He hates me, you Clete, and you too Curt. He thinks every guy in the world is worthless except himself. And in case you haven't noticed, Leroy isn't exactly the sharpest saw in the tool shed. You might be looking at the type of person Sammy was talking about when you look at him!”'

I don't know Frank, we'll have to think about it.” replied Clete. “Are you sure you're not hiding something though?”

You guys, we've been friends a long time.” replied Frank. “You guys know me better than I know myself almost. As for Leroy, he can't keep a friend for more than a week without pissing them off. Who are you going to trust on this, me or Leroy? While you're thinking about it, can we just go along with the plan to lay off for now? Leroy is going to end up pissing the principal off to the point of making it hell on all of us. That's the real reason I want us to lay off.”

Okay, we'll have everyone lay off for now.” said Curt. “You should have just told us that was the reason.”

As soon as Frank left, Clete said, “Damn, I'll bet he's a fag now too!”

The next day, Frank ran across Leroy in the hall between classes.

Why are you trying to turn everyone against me you faggot?” asked Leroy.

I don't know what you're talking about Leroy, and I ain't no faggot!” replied Frank.

So, I suppose you didn't tell Curt and Clete that I'm an asshole, and I'm not the sharpest saw in the tool shed?” asked Leroy. “You can just save that shit faggot! Those two fag boys Luke and Josh got ahold of you, and turned you into one of them, didn't they?”

Of course the hall monitor was again out of place, so Frank asked, “Have you been sniffing paint fumes again Leroy? I've told you that shit will kill what little brain you have and make you an idiot!”

I've had enough of your mouth fag, at least til I beat you down then make you suck my dick!” said Leroy, as the two boys started attracting attention.

Then Leroy took a swing at Frank, but Frank dodged it. After dodging the punch, Frank hit Leroy in the midsection. The often missing hall monitor showed up only in time to see Frank hit Leroy, so he sent Frank to the office. As Frank waited to see the principal, he knew his secret was getting out. He also knew Curt and Clete had been talking to Leroy again. After getting three days of detention for hitting Leroy, Frank went to find Luke and Josh. Lunch period had just started, and Luke had drove his truck today, so he, Josh, and Frank decided to leave the school grounds for lunch. They went to the small drive-in in town, so they could talk in private.

What am I going to do guys?” asked Frank frantically. “My secret is getting out! Curt and Clete have been talking to Leroy, and they all seem to know that I'm gay! Leroy even threatened to rape me!”

Holy shit!” exclaimed Luke. “That guy is going to really hurt someone!”

Damn!” cried Frank. “I wish I was dead guys!”

Don't ever talk like that Frank!” said Josh. “You know Luke and I love you, and we'll do anything to help you! Are you going to calm down and trust us Frank?”

I guess so.” replied Frank, as he stopped crying. “What am I going to do though? By tomorrow the whole school will be calling me a faggot. Then it won't be long until my parents hear about it.”

You need people on your side here Frank.” said Josh. “Curt and Clete might not understand, but you have to be honest with them. Then maybe they will respect you enough to stick up for you against Leroy.”

What if they don't though, and take Leroy's side?” asked Frank.

Then remember what Sammy and us have told you about your parents.” replied Luke. “If it even looks like it will get bad, run as fast as you can to us or Sammy. We'll protect you from them.”

Okay guys.” said Frank. “I just hope I have the nerve to go through with this when we get back to school.”

The boys finished their lunch, and headed on back to school. There was still about fifteen minutes left in the lunch period, so Frank shook hands with Luke and Josh, then went to find Curt and Clete. The boys were once again with Mona, but were alone other than that.

Guys, I need to talk to you about something.” said Frank.

What is it pal?” asked Curt.

I haven't been completely honest with you, even though we're good friends.” replied Frank. Mona knew where this was going, since it was one of her friends who took the pictures for Frank. She really felt for Frank, as Frank continued, “It started last year. I was surfing online, and came across some pictures. They were of famous people, mostly athletes with no shirts on. I didn't want to think anything of it, but deep inside I wanted to see more. I finally found links to those pictures, which went further and showed them naked. I didn't want to like looking at those guys, but I couldn't help it. Then I got into my own naked body, and got someone to take some pictures for me. Then for some reason, I tried as hard as I could until I got a few shots of me sucking my own dick. I didn't want to be gay guys, but I can't seem to help it that I am. I hope that we're good enough friends though that we can still be friends.”

Damn, I knew you were a faggot too!” replied Clete.

Please guys, I can't help it that I'm gay!” begged Frank. “Do you think anyone wants to be someone who people will treat the way some people treat gays? It's not a choice guys, and I can't help it. We're friends guys, please don't hate me!”

I don't know man, you're a fag.” said Curt. “And on top of that, you weren't even a good enough friend to be honest with us about it.”

Okay, that's about all I'm going to keep quiet about!” said Mona. “Frank is our friend, and he just poured his heart out to us, even though there was a chance we might hate him. I think that took a lot of guts, and I admire him for it. I certainly don't hate him. Do you guys?”

But he's a fag!” replied Clete.

I guess I have my answer then.” said Mona, as she put an arm around a now scared Frank. “You two guys aren't quiet the men I thought you were. Frank here likes other guys, but he's a lot more of a man than you two are. He just did the bravest and most honest thing I have ever seen before, and you two want to respond by acting like a couple of stupid little boys. I'll be proud to still be your friend Frank, even if these immature little boys can't!”

Thanks Mona.” replied Frank, as he gave her a hug.

Well then Mona, I hope you're happy with choosing him over us!” said Clete. “Let's get the fuck out of here Curt, before he tries to turn us into fags!”

After the two boys left, Mona smiled into Frank's face as she said, “I mean it Frank, what you just did was very brave and honest. I'd much rather have friends like you than friends like those two. It's just a shame that you're gay though, I'm so attracted to you right now.”

The equipment still works Mona, but it wouldn't mean anything to me other than giving pleasure to a friend.” said Frank. “I'm afraid that wouldn't be fair to you, and I value you too much as a friend to not be fair to you.”

Who cares about fair!” snickered Mona. “Let's skip our next class!”

I don't have any rubbers on me though Mona.” replied Frank.

I think I might have one in my purse, and it has your cock's name all over it!” said Mona. “I'd love for it just to be a friend giving me pleasure, without it being all serious. Can we do that Frank?”

Sure, let's find someplace quiet.” smiled Frank. “Thanks for being such a cool friend Mona.”

Frank had had a weird day already, but it was about to get worse. First, his secret began getting out, and he had to punch Leroy which caused him to get detention. Then his new best friends Luke and Josh calmed him back down. After returning to school, he came out to three of his closest friends, losing two of them. Mona was still his friend though, and he ended up skipping a period to have sex with her. He didn't feel anything like love, but it did feel okay to have sex with someone he just considered a friend. He now had Mona's number, and an invitation to call her if he ever needed anything. Now his first day of detention was over, and he was walking home.

Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt had gotten their parents together once again at the Tanner farm, and told them about the day's events.

This whole thing is getting way out of hand!” said Lonnie. “It's no one's business who my son loves, but the other kids in this town are going to make all of our kids lives hell just because they're gay!”

We have to do something right away, before they have to go back to that school again.” said Janice.

Well, Ive been making a few calls.” said Jack. “I can get accredited high school teachers to come in and help the kids finish their education. That won't solve the problem though. There are other gay kids in this district, and in the entire county, and things won't get any better for them if this school gets away with this.”

Can you get enough teachers to open a school for gay kids?” asked Lonnie.

Possibly, but we need a suitable building, and the school will need to be accredited by the state.” replied Jack. “Then there's the fact that a lot of gay kids wouldn't attend because it would mean having to come out, and face the hatred of their friends and families.”

We would have to have a building with live-in facilities for those kids then.” said Ellen. “Our social worker can help with getting them placed into our facility.”

Yeah, all we need is a facility to put them in.”said Lonnie.

We aren't using our barn anymore, except for storage.” replied Ellen. “We could have it remodeled into a school, with housing facilities for kids who won't be able to stay at home anymore. In the meantime we can rent a portable trailer for a classroom, hire a teacher, and find temporary places for children to stay for any child who needs it. Then we would need a few buses to pick up children from around the county who can stay home and attend the school.”

How are we going to afford all of this?” asked Janice.

I'll pay to set everything up.” replied Jack. “Emo is even insisting that we let him give some financial support. We'll pay for this no problem, so you don't have to worry about that.”

Frank walked up to his house, and went on in. He was immediately standing face to face with his dad, who looked very angry about something. “Why do I have boys calling our house asking if that fag boy Frank is home?!” yelled Frank's dad.

Frank immediately went reeling to the floor when his father hit him across his face. Then Frank yelled back, “That was your only free shot asshole! You come near me again and this fag boy will beat your ass!”

The fuck you will you piece of shit!” yelled Frank's dad.

Frank's dad then pulled out a gun and fired, but missed Frank. Frank hid himself behind the sofa before his dad could get another shot off. Then Frank spotted his mother's car keys on the coffee table, so he grabbed a pillow and threw it out from the opposite side of the couch. When Frank's dad took a shot at the pillow, thinking it was Frank, Frank grabbed the keys. The window directly behind the couch was open, so Frank jumped up and out the window as quickly as he could. Frank's dad ran to the window and took another shot as his son, missing him again. Frank ran for the car as fast as he could, jumped in and started it, and took off. As he pulled out of the driveway, Frank saw his dad run out and jump in his truck. Frank drove as fast as he could to Luke's house, with his dad behind him all the way. Frank finally managed to get a little bit ahead of his dad as he sped up to Luke's house. Frank hit the brakes hard, then jumped out and ran to the Tanner's front door pounding on it.

Please let me in!” screamed Frank. “My dad is right behind me, and he's trying to kill me! He's gone completely crazy!”

Lonnie ran to the door and opened it, then asked, “What in the world is going on boy?”

My dad knows I'm gay!” screamed Frank. “He's got a gun, and he's already shot at me! He's going to kill me!”

Lonnie saw Frank's dad speeding up the driveway, and yelled out, “Oh hell no he's not! Get inside now son!”

Lonnie then pulled Frank into the house, and reached behind the door for his shotgun. As Frank's dad screamed to a stop, Lonnie stepped out onto the front porch.

When the man jumped out of his truck, Lonnie lowered the weapon and shouted, “Don't you move another muscle, and put your hands up where I can see them! What the hell are you doing chasing your son up to my house like that?!”

That's my boy Tanner, and I'll deal with him!” shouted Frank's dad.

Well, he's in my house now, and you ain't killing that boy as long as I can help it!” yelled Lonnie back.

That's kidnapping Tanner!” yelled Frank's dad. “You better stay out of this if you know what's good for you!”

And what you just did to him is attempted murder!” yelled Lonnie. “You better think of a way to explain that to those deputies coming up behind you!”

Okay everyone, freeze!” ordered the first deputy as he jumped out of his car and drew his gun.

Lonnie immediately laid the shotgun down and said, “I was just protecting my family from this trespasser officer.”

He's kidnapped my boy!” yelled Frank's dad.

I did no such thing officer.” said Lonnie calmly. “I was protecting the boy after his father tried to shoot and kill him.”

The deputy didn't like that, so he immediately handcuffed Frank's dad. Then he found a pistol in the waistband of the man's pants. Once Frank's dad had been cuffed and disarmed, Frank came out and told the deputies everything that had happened. The deputy then informed Lonnie that he had a new house guest, at least until a social worker could come out.

Once the police had both of Frank's parent's vehicles towed away, and took Frank's dad to the county jail, Lonnie put an arm around Frank to take him back inside. “You're safe now son.” said Lonnie softly to the still scared boy. “We love you, and we won't let anyone hurt you. Now let's go in, and see if we can get my wife to start supper.”

Thank you sir.” replied Frank emotionally. “I love your family so much!”

While Janice and Ellen made supper, Frank joined the guys for their talk. “We might as well tell you what's going on Frank.” said Josh. “You'll probably be included in this. We've all agreed that school is getting out of hand, and someone is going to get hurt. By Monday Boone's dad is going to try to have a portable classroom ready at his place, have a teacher hired, and try to get accredited by the state as a private school. We're going to stay out of school until then. Then he will have the barn at their place remodeled into a school, with facilities for kids to stay there if they've been kicked out of their homes for being gay. We're going to try to be finding kids from all over the county to come here to school, and maybe even further if they have to live in once the facilities are ready.”

How many gay kids do you think you'll have in the school?” asked Frank.

Well, ten percent of the population is gay.” replied Jack. “I grant you they will be a bit more closeted around here, but I'll bet there are more gay kids in your school than you think. If we give gay kids a place where they can be themselves, and learn without being afraid for their safety, I think we'll get a few of them to come to our school. Now all we need is a name for the school.”

I don't suppose the Gay School will help draw any kids in, will it?” asked Luke with a smile.

No babe, but the Rainbow Academy might.” snickered Josh.

That's a good one Josh!” said Boone. “I say we go with that.”

How does everyone feel about that?” asked Jack.

I guess it's okay.” said Frank.

It's cool!” said Matt.

Okay then, the Rainbow Academy it is.” said Jack.

I can't wait to paint a big rainbow on the side of your barn Boone!” laughed Matt.

What about other kids who are friendly to gay kids?” asked Frank. “Mona stuck up for me today when Curt and Clete walked out on me. Then she asked me to have sex with her!”

You didn't do it did you?” asked Josh.

Why not?” asked Frank. “I mean, it didn't mean anything to me, but she enjoyed it and that's all she wanted.”

She still wanted to have sex with you, knowing that you couldn't love her?” asked Luke.

I guess she just enjoys the feeling of having sex.” replied Frank. “The funny thing is, it did even less for me this time than it has before. I don't think I can have sex with a girl again, so I'm glad she was the last.”

Okay Frank, we're glad to hear about your sex life.” chuckled Lonnie.

I guess you can ask friends that you know without a doubt you can trust.” said Jack as he smiled. “Don't be surprised when not too many straight kids want to go to a predominantly gay school though. Between now and Monday, we'll want all of you kids to stay home from public school too.”

The next day was busy. Jack had to have a portable classroom brought out and hooked up, and had to hire at least two teachers for now. He had already interviewed a few people by phone, and asked if they would have any problem teaching nothing but gay children. Then he checked out all of those who passed the interview. When everything had been hooked up at the classroom, a T1 line and server would have to be set up that was separate from those that had been installed for the house when Jack had moved back in. Then he would start off with twenty computer workstations in the classroom. Also that day, Jack got in touch with the state Department of Education, so the new private school could be accredited. An inspector would come out the day after the classroom was set up.

At Lonnie's house, Lonnie had gotten in touch with their social worker, and called Sammy to come over and meet with them about taking on Sammy as his foster son. The social worker brought the police report from the day before with her, and interviewed Lonnie, Frank, and Sammy. Sammy impressed her quite a bit, and Frank really seemed to want to stay with him. The social worker had no problem with that. Before her, Sammy, and Frank left with a police escort to get Frank's belongings, Janice had him agree to come back for supper that evening.

Jack's lawyer George called the school that day, and informed the principal that Jack's, Lonnie's, and now Sammy's kids had been removed from the school for their own safety. He also informed the principal that because of that, the lawsuit would be amended to a much greater amount for damages. Now the principal began to think that he should have controlled his hall monitors better. Leroy thought he had gotten what he wanted, so he went around gloating that afternoon. Curt and Clete saw signs though that the known gay kids leaving school may not be enough for Leroy. Now it was too late to undo what had been done though.

Luke and Josh headed over to Boone's house after they helped Lonnie's school season farm helper with the morning chores. It had been decided that all of the boys except Nataniel would attend the Rainbow Academy. Now they were all out decorating their new temporary school, hoping other boys like them would be joining them. They were surprised to see Frank drive up in a nice older car.

Hey man, where'd you get wheels?” asked Boone, as Frank came up smiling.

My new foster dad, who is the greatest dad in the world already, thought I would need a way to get around since I would be coming here to school.” replied Frank, as he joined the boys smiling.

You have a very nice smile today Frank,” said Josh, as he gave Frank a nice friendly hug.

Frank was very pleasantly surprised when Josh also gave him a quick kiss on his lips as he broke the hug. Then Luke, Boone, and Matt all greeted Frank the same way. “Thanks for the kisses guys, it really meant a lot to me.” said Frank. “Besides, I'm really starting to like kissing other guys!”

Everyone laughed at that, then Luke came back up to Frank and said, “Then you'll really like this.”

Luke put his lips back against Frank's, and gave his friend a much deeper kiss. When Luke felt Frank's tongue brush his lips, he opened his mouth and let it in. Luke and Frank spent over a minute caressing each other's tongue with their own. Then Josh stepped up and gave Frank an equally loving kiss. Then it was Boone and Matt's turn to give Frank a show of their love. Frank was smiling even wider after all four boys had shared a much nicer kiss with him.

When the inspector came out, Jack told him what kind of school they were opening, and why. The inspector examined the temporary school, and heard about the plans for a permanent facility. Then he examined the credentials of the two teachers Jack had hired. After giving it what Jack thought was too much thought, the inspector finally granted accreditation to the Rainbow Academy. Then Jack called all of the school counselors in the county, and spread the word about the new school and its purpose. No child would ever have to pay tuition to attend the Rainbow Academy, but they would have to be open about their homosexuality.

As Jack was doing that, the boys were decorating the inside of the classroom. “How would everyone like to play a game me and my friends in the city use to play?” asked Ryan. “It's called Who's Who.”

How do you play it?” asked Luke.

We all get undressed, then take turns being blindfolded.” replied Ryan. “Then the other guys stand in a line, and we see who's the best at identifying people by having their dick in their mouth for two seconds. We'll have to have something for the smaller kids to stand on though, so everyone's dick is at the same level. It'll show how much attention you pay to other guy's dicks.”

The boys laughed at that, then found enough materials for platforms to make everyone's dick at the same level. Ryan drew the first name out of the box, and Frank was first. Since Ryan had drawn his name, he got to blindfold Frank. Once Frank confirmed that he couldn't see anything, the other boys shuffled themselves around and stood in a line. Christof was the first in line, and Frank put his lips around the base of Christof's dick. Frank felt the shaft of flesh in his mouth for the two seconds, then correctly guessed it as Christof's dick. Frank moved on down the line, taking Boone's cock into his mouth and nearly gagging on it. That made it easy for Frank to guess it was Boone. Luke was next in line, and Frank got that right too. Then it was on to Matt. Matt looked down and smiled as he watched a blindfolded Frank wrap his lips around his dick. Frank guessed right once again, then moved on to Josh who he also got right. Last was Ryan, as Frank wrapped his lips around Ryan's dick.

After a few seconds, Frank said, “That would be Ryan's dick. You have a very sweet tasting dick Ryan.”

Thanks Frank.” giggled Ryan.

Frank ended up being the only person who got everyone right. On the other end of the scale, Christof got every guess wrong except for when he tried to get Boone's cock into his mouth. After the game was over, and Frank had been declared the winner, Boone and Matt got into a hug, then lowered themselves to the floor of the classroom. As Boone and Matt began making love to each other's dicks with their mouths, Luke and Josh followed suit. Christof didn't seem too interested in watching the older boys make love, so he went off to the house.

Ryan looked at Frank and said, “I guess that just leaves you and me Frank. Did you really think my dick tasted sweet?”

It does taste very sweet Ryan, but what about your boyfriend Emo?” replied Frank.

He would understand this one time.” smiled Ryan.

As Boone, Matt, Josh, and Luke made love, Ryan and Frank laid down in a sixty nine position. Frank gazed at the nicest smaller dick he had ever seen, then took Ryan's dick into his mouth longingly. Ryan sighed softly from pleasure, then took all of Frank's dick into his mouth. Frank had never felt anything as good as Ryan's lips wrapped around the base of his dick, while his tongue caressed Frank's shaft. That caused Frank to love the feel of Ryan's beautiful dick in his mouth, and the two boys were soon moaning around each other's dicks louder than anyone else in the classroom. The last two to cum were Frank and Ryan. Ryan swallowed hungrily when Frank began shooting his orgasm into his mouth. Then as soon as Frank's orgasm ended, Ryan began cumming. Frank held all of Ryan's cum in his mouth for a minute or so after Ryan stopped cumming, enjoying the most pleasurable taste he had ever had in his mouth.

I can't believe how good and sweet your cum tastes Ryan!” said Frank, after finally swallowing it.

Yeah, that's what Emo always says too.” replied Ryan as he smiled. “You are a very nice lover Frank. You're going to make some guy very happy soon.”

Thanks.” replied Frank.

Frank did talk to Mona that evening, and she told him that Curt and Clete seemed sorry about how they had treated him.

Well Mona, I gave them a chance.” replied Frank. “It kinda hurt when they didn't want to talk to me anymore.”

Yeah, but that was before they started to think you might have been right about Leroy.” replied Mona. “He isn't going to settle with you guys not coming back to school. I'm sure that he'll find someone else to take his attitude out on now.”

That's because he needs help.” said Frank. “You wouldn't be interested in coming to our new school, would you?”

With nothing but gay boys?” asked Mona. “I don't have anything against gay people Frank. After all, I consider you a very good friend. It doesn't bother me who other people are attracted too. I have to be here with my other friends though Frank. I hope you understand.”

Yeah, I do.” replied Frank. “I really don't blame you either. I just had to ask because you are one of my very best straight friends.”

Well, maybe it's not too late for Clete and Curt to be your friends too.” said Mona. “I think they just don't understand guys being gay. If you gave them the chance, they might learn to understand it though.”

I don't know Mona.” replied Frank. “They really seem to like using the words fag and faggot. Those kind of words really hurt guys like me.”

Tell them that then.” said Mona. “You know guys around here sometimes aren't that bright. They don't think anything of using those kinds of words because they haven't thought about how it makes you feel.”

If I did talk to them again, I couldn't trust them enough to talk to them alone.” said Frank. “They would have to talk to me with my new foster dad with us, and maybe my friends Luke and Josh too. You know Luke isn't that bad Mona. We've known him for years, and he's still the same nice guy we've always known.”

I know.” replied Mona. “I always kinda liked Luke. I'll tell Curt and Clete about your offer to talk, and see if they'll meet you at your new place.”

By Friday evening, Jack had already heard from a few school counselors in the county. The high school in Hawley had a half dozen boys who were known by everyone to be gay, and they weren't being treated any better than the boys in Luke's hometown of Greenfield. There was also one boy in the town of Millville, and two boys in the next town over named Smithsburg. One of the boys from Hawley and another from Smithsburg also weren't being very well accepted by their families. When they were approached about the possibility of the boys going to a new all gay school in Greenfield, the parents could no longer ignore the fact that their boys were gay. They said the only way that would happen is if the boys left home. Otherwise, they would be expected to start acting straight. Jack told the counselors to tell the parents of those two boys to have their bags packed when they waited for the bus Monday morning, and he would find accommodations for them in Greenfield. Luke and the other boys were excited to hear that nine more boys from other schools in the county would be joining them on Monday.

On Saturday, Frank had Luke and Josh come to Sammy's place. Mona had talked Curt and Clete into talking to Frank, to see if they could straighten things out. When Curt and Clete showed up on Saturday morning, Sammy answered the door and showed them in to the kitchen table. That was where Frank, Luke, and Josh were waiting for them. Sammy, Curt, and Clete went ahead and took a seat at the table.

Okay guys, the first thing I want to say is that when you refer to me as fag or faggot, it really hurts.” said Frank.

We just never though about it Frank.” said Curt. “Those are the words we've always used for gay people, so we didn't think it would hurt.”

That was before you knew there were gay kids in the area though.” said Frank. :I know I've been guilty of the same thing before I realized I'm gay. Now I know how much it hurts people like me.”

Okay Frank, we promise we won't use those words anymore.” said Clete. “It's still kinda hard for us to understand you being gay though. Why did you guys all become gay?”

We didn't become gay, we've always been that way.” replied Frank. “I'm still the same friend you've had for years. It's just now I accept things about myself that I use to hide from everyone. At least I respected you guys enough to be honest with you.”

Have you ever had a problem with me?” asked Luke.

No, you've always seemed pretty cool too.” replied Clete.

Well, before this summer, I've never even had any thoughts about sex, except for jacking myself off.” said Luke. “The first feelings like that I had for anyone was for Josh. I didn't turn gay either. I didn't know if I was straight or gay before this summer, so I assumed I was probably straight. Then I started having feelings for someone else, and realized I was gay instead of straight. No one ever turns gay.”

Tell me something boys, do you feel homosexuality is wrong?” asked Sammy.

Well, it's what most people around here says that the Bible says.” replied Curt.

Well, the only problem with that is that the Bible doesn't say that.” said Sammy. “I should know boys, I read it every day. When I tell my congregation what the Bible says, I tell them what it actually says, not what other people have translated it to say. People most often do that to justify beliefs that have no justification.”

We always just kinda assumed everyone was telling us the truth.” said Curt.

Most times people do Curt.” replied Sammy. “When it comes to something like that though, people tell you their beliefs instead, whether it's true or not. Just look at the other three boys at the table. Can you tell me that you believe they look evil?”

I guess they don't sir.” replied Clete.

The only difference between me, Luke, and Josh from you two is that you're attracted to girls, and we're attracted to boys.” said Frank. “We're still the same people you've known for years though. We're people that you use to think were cool, or use to be your friends, and we're still the same people we were then.”

Why do you guys like having sex with boys though?” asked Curt.

Why do you guys like having sex with girls?” replied Frank.

Well, it feels good to us.” replied Clete.

Then why can't that be the same reason we like to have sex with boys?” asked Frank. “To me it feels really good, and I've had sex with girls before so I know which I like better.”

You guys, we respect the fact you enjoy having sex with girls.” said Josh. “We would never do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable around us. Can't you show us the same respect?”

Even if we do, what about some of the other kids?” asked Curt. “There are a few others like Leroy, who could never show you any respect.”

We know that Curt, that's why we're starting at a private school on Monday.” replied Frank. “Those other kids haven't been as close as friends as you two have been though. You're the only two right now that I'm concerned with straightening things out with. Can you two give our friendship another chance?”

Curt and Clete looked at each other a few moments, then Curt said, “Okay Frank. We're sorry about the way we acted earlier this week too. We'll never say anything to hurt you if we can help it. After all, Mona was right. It had to have taken a lot of guts for you to stand in front of us and tell us that you're gay. I guess that kind of honesty has been in short supply around here lately.”

Besides, Mona really does like you as a friend, and she's always been a better judge of people than we have.” added Clete as he smiled.

As the two boys gave Frank a friendly handshake, Sammy smiled and said, “You two have just made God very happy. You've just shown the kind of compassion and love that he wants all of us to show each other.”

When Monday morning came, the boys were very nervous and excited. As they waited outside the classroom just before nine, the first of the vans carrying other students pulled in from Hawley. A few minutes later it was followed by the van from Millville and Smithsburg. One of the boys from Hawley and another from Smithsburg were also carrying very heavy luggage. Jack came out to meet the boys as the last of the two vans unloaded.

Hi boys!” said Jack. “There are two boys who won't be making the commute here every day. Where is Charlie Baker from Hawley?”

Here sir.” replied a boy carrying two large suitcases.

Okay Charlie, you will be staying with Luke's and Josh's parents for the time being.” said Jack. “Luke and Josh, give him a hand putting his bags in the back of Luke's truck.”

Sure thing Jack!” replied Luke as he smiled. “Come on Charlie, I promise you'll like it here.”

Now, the other boy with the suitcase and large canvas bag must be Bobby Heeley.” said Jack.

Yes sir.” replied a very nice looking and shy boy.

Our Reverend, and Frank's foster dad Sammy has agreed to take you in for now Bobby.” said Jack. “Frank, can you help Bobby put his stuff in your car?”

Sure!” replied Frank, as he almost stared at the very cute boy. “Hey Bobby, I'm Frank. I'd be happy to take one of those for you.”

Thanks Frank.” replied Bobby shyly, as he handed the canvas bag to Frank.

All the way to his car and back, Frank couldn't understand why his heart was beating so fast. Whenever he would glance at Bobby, it only made his heart beat even faster too.

Luke pointed at the two boys as they returned from Frank's car, and said to Josh, “I think our Frank has fallen in love man.”

I think you might be right babe!” snickered Josh.

So, you two are boyfriends?” asked Charlie.

Yep, and brothers too!” beamed Luke.

Wow, that's cool!” exclaimed Charlie.

Just then, a very loud bell on the side of the classroom building rang, making some of the boys jump slightly. “Damn, Jack went and turned this into a real school, didn't he?” asked Luke, causing the other boys to laugh. Then everyone went on into the classroom.

Good morning boys.” said one of the two men at the front of the classroom, after the second bell had rung. “I'm one of your teachers, Stanley Parker. The other man here is your co-teacher, Irving Baxter. Welcome to the Rainbow Academy. The first thing we want to get out of the way is that Mister Baxter and myself are both gay as well, and both are happily attached to our mates. If you want to talk about that at some point, I guess we can, Irving and I just both thought it would be best to clear that point up though, so none of you boys would think we were favoring anyone you felt we might think of as cute. You boys have a very unique opportunity here. Irving and I both grew up in rural areas of the state, and we wish we'd had someplace like this to attend school. That's why we want this Academy to be as successful as possible, and we want all of you boys to be successful later on in life too. The way we are going to work here with two teachers is that one of us will concentrate on the oldest boys, and the other will take on the younger boys. The reason we have two teachers is that if one of us were to have to take a day off, the other would be able to cover the entire class. Now, we want all of you boys to introduce yourselves to us and your classmates. We'll just start at the front on the right side of the room, and go around the room in order.”

Luke stood up and said, “My name is Luke, and I live here in Greenfield.”

Josh then stood up and said, “I'm Luke's brother and boyfriend Josh.”

Next, Frank stood and said, “My name is Frank. I live here in Greenfield with my new foster dad, who is also our town's Reverend. He's really cool though, and he's a lot more supportive of me being gay than my real parents were.”

Frank had dragged Bobby along to sit next to him, so Bobby stood up and said, “My name is Bobby, and I was from Smithsburg. When I told my parents that I wanted to come here to school where I wouldn't be picked on for being gay, they told me that maybe I should come here to live.”

The other boys introduced themselves in order. In addition to Boone, Matt, Ryan, and Christof, there was Carl from Smithsburg, Peter from Millville, Charlie who would be staying with Josh and Luke, and Eddie, Marvin, Sean, Chad, and Billy from Hawley. The first week of school would be spent making sure all of the boys were at the same place in their grade level where they should be. All of them could tell right away that their new classroom environment would very relaxed and friendly, which was something they hadn't been use to lately. When the lunch bell rang, Boone led everyone to the house for lunch. That would serve as their temporary cafeteria until the permanent facility had been finished. Ellen was happy to prepare lunch for all of the boys, and their two teachers. Being a one room school made the first day of school very relaxed, and all of the boys were now falling in love with their new school.

At the end of the first day, Charlie went home with Luke and Josh, while Bobby went home with Frank. “So, did you like the first day of our new school Bobby?” asked Frank.

It sure is a heck of a lot different than anything I've seen in Smithsburg.” replied Bobby. “It feels really nice that everyone in our school is gay though. I was scared every day when I went to school before coming here.”

Well, I hope I can help you feel a lot better about being here now.” said Frank.

Do you like me Frank?” asked Bobby.

Bobby, I think I'm falling in love with you.” replied Frank, as he put one hand on Bobby's thigh.

Can I be your boyfriend then?” asked Bobby.

I'd love that!” replied Frank with a beautiful smile.

Well, Luke and the boys have found a way out of their predicament at school for now, and it seems as though Frank may have found his very first boyfriend. Please send all comments to: Also, please don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 5.