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From the last chapter:

At the end of the first day, Charlie went home with Luke and Josh, while Bobby went home with Frank. “So, did you like the first day of our new school Bobby?” asked Frank.

It sure is a heck of a lot different than anything I've seen in Smithsburg.” replied Bobby. “It feels really nice that everyone in our school is gay though. I was scared every day when I went to school before coming here.”

Well, I hope I can help you feel a lot better about being here now.” said Frank.

Do you like me Frank?” asked Bobby.

Bobby, I think I'm falling in love with you.” replied Frank, as he put one hand on Bobby's thigh.

Can I be your boyfriend then?” asked Bobby.

I'd love that!” replied Frank, with a beautiful smile.

When Luke, Josh, and Charlie got home, Lonnie and Janice met them at the door. Lonnie put an arm around Charlie's shoulder and said, “Welcome to our home Charlie. I hope you like it here with us. I want you to know that things will be much different than when you were back in Hawley. I know your parents didn't take it very well when they couldn't ignore the fact that you're gay anymore, but you'll have no such problems here.”

Yeah, dad and mom both know that Josh and I are lovers.” said Luke. “They think the love Josh and I share is a good thing. They know we make love every night, and they encourage us to express our love around the house any way that we want.”

Luke is right Charlie.” smiled Lonnie. “He and his brother Josh share a very beautiful love together, and we encourage their love to grow and flourish. If you find a boyfriend here, we'll have no problem with you expressing your love to him any way you want in this house.”

That would be a dream come true, if I find a boyfriend here.” replied Charlie. “I could never have a serious boyfriend at home. We would have to always make sure there was nothing going on when my family was around, and it usually kept us too afraid to do anything. I'd love to be free to find a boyfriend, and love him any way I want.”

Everyone deserves that Charlie.” said Janice. “I hope you do find a boy here and fall in love. We'll be so happy for you if that happens.”

At Frank's new home, he had introduced Bobby to Sammy, then Sammy and Frank helped Bobby settle in. Bobby was amazed by how accepting Sammy was of the two gay boys he was now caring for, and mentioned that to Sammy.

Well Bobby, I love God very much, and I'm very open to what God tries to tell me.” said Sammy. “I know for a fact that God loves you and Frank too, because he loves everyone. I also know God would rather see you two boys love each other, even if that love is physical, rather than hate each other. The one thing God is not very accepting of is hatred. That's why you and Frank will never have to be afraid to love each other here. It makes me feel good to see you two boys together, and know that you love each other.”

Frank then decided to test that, and gave Bobby a very warm and loving kiss in front of Sammy. When the boys were finished with their kiss, Sammy was smiling warmly at both boys.

I think that was a very beautiful sight boys.” said Sammy. “I can tell how deeply you love each other after seeing that. I want you to consider yourselves lovers here, and feel free to express your love to each other.”

That night would be a first for Frank, as the two boys prepared for bed. “Bobby, I've had sex with other boys before, but I've never made love to a boy I love yet.” said Frank. “You are going to be the first boy I've actually made love to.”

Then this is going to be the best night of our lives!” smiled Bobby. “You'll know what to do when the time comes Frank. All you have to do is listen to your feelings, and remember that I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in my life.”

Bobby then began to slowly undress Frank. As Bobby uncovered any part of Frank's body, he would stop to gently caress it. During the undressing process, the two boys kissed several times. Frank was finally in nothing but his underwear, and Bobby removed those slowly. Then Bobby softly caressed Frank's dick, and leaned in to kiss the head of it lovingly. Frank then undressed Bobby the same way, taking his time, and enjoying every second of baring the body of his new lover. After five minutes, Frank was finally face to face with Bobby's semi hard dick.

You have such a beautiful body Bobby, but this is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.” said Frank softly.

Then Frank put his lips against just the head of Bobby's dick. The spongy head of Bobby's dick felt very soft and smooth against Frank's lips, so he kissed Bobby's dick longingly. Bobby moaned softly when he felt the tip of Frank's tongue rubbing gently across the slit of his dick.

Let's go to bed now Frank!” moaned Bobby softly.

The two boys laid down together, and ran their hands over every inch of each other's bodies as they kissed passionately. After another five minutes, Bobby turned around the other way on the bed, and both boys were gazing at each other's dicks with a feeling of love and need that was almost overwhelming. Then at the same time, the boys took each other's dicks completely into their mouths. Frank felt more love than he ever had before, as he caressed the shaft of Bobby's dick with his lips. Bobby was making love to Frank's dick so lovingly that he never wanted it to end now. Both boys were now moaning softly from a more complete and total love than either of them had ever felt before. Neither Frank nor Bobby had to concentrate on holding back their orgasms, because they both wanted to make love like this forever. After thirty minutes though, both boys dicks were throbbing strongly. Frank never even felt it, but he did feel his orgasm begin to travel up through his dick. Frank then gave the contents of his body to Bobby as completely as he could, as Bobby sucked and swallowed hungrily. Frank's cum tasted so good to Bobby that he began to feel his orgasm begin. Frank then joined Bobby in hungrily swallowing the cum of his lover. Frank and Bobby kept each other's dicks in their mouths for several minutes after their orgasms had ended, until their dicks became too sensitive to continue. Then Bobby finally turned back around into Frank's waiting arms.

I've never felt anything that beautiful and right before Bobby.” said Frank, as he held Bobby lovingly in his arms. “I want you to be my lover and mate for the rest of our lives.”

This is like a dream come true for me Frank.” replied Bobby, as he stroked Frank's chest. “I'll never leave you, and I'll never love anyone like I love you.”

In that case, I want dad to marry us right here in this room.” said Frank. “Just him, us, and Luke and Josh. I want him and God to bless our love for each other, even if it won't be recognized officially by anyone else.”

Do you think he will?” asked Bobby.

I think he'll love doing it!” smiled Frank. Then the two boys finally drifted off in each other's arms.

The next morning at breakfast, Frank said, “Dad, Bobby and I want to know if you would marry us. We know it wouldn't be recognized officially, but we want you and God to bless our love for each other, and the relationship we want to share for the rest of our lives. Would you do that for us?”

It would be a joy for me to provide you two boys with that blessing!” replied Sammy. “Can I write the vows for you?”

That would be great dad!” smiled Frank. “How long will it take? I want to have Josh and Luke witness our ceremony, and we want to have it in our room.”

Tell them to come over Friday evening then.” replied Sammy as he smiled. “I'll have the most beautiful vows I can come up with by then. We can go to Hawley tonight to find rings for you boys.”

We also want to find a pair of long and flowing white robes.” said Bobby. “That's what we want to be married in, with nothing on underneath them.”

That sounds beautiful and perfect!” smiled Sammy.

Frank and Bobby showed up at school that morning holding hands and laughing softly together. When everyone went into the classroom, it wasn't missed by Mister Parker and Mister Baxter either.

Before we begin, I see we have two extremely happy students with us today.” said Stan. “Frank and Bobby, would you like to share your happiness with the other students here?”

Sure Mister Parker!” replied Bobby happily. “Frank and I are going to be married Friday by Frank's dad. We love each other very much, and we want our love blessed. We were going to talk to Josh and Luke about witnessing our ceremony, which we want to have in our room at home.”

What, don't you like the rest of us?” asked Boone. “Some of us would like to be there for you too.”

Yes, Boone is right.” said Stan. “I can't speak for Mister Baxter, but I would love to see two beautiful boys commit their love and lives to each other.”

It's not that.” replied Frank. “We just wanted to have it in the most intimate place we could think of, and I don't think all of you could fit into mine and Bobby's room.”

What if Matt and I could turn the classroom here into a very intimate room?” asked Boone. “I promise you won't even be able to tell it's a classroom when we finish with it. How many of Frank's and Bobby's classmates want to see them get married?”

Every hand in the room went up, including Stan's and Irving's. Then all the kids began promising to help turn the classroom into an intimate wedding chapel on Friday.

Okay guys, we'll try it.” said Frank finally. “There is one thing though. I have never been very spiritual until I moved in with Reverend Sammy. Sammy has taught me that God loves me, and the only thing he wants is for me to be happy, and love him back. God is a big part of my life now, and I love him. I know God is happy that I love Bobby as much as I do, and he wants us to be happy together. One reason for having this ceremony is for God to bless our love and relationship, and we need to have the classroom reflect that on Friday evening.”

I agree with everything you just said Frank.” said Luke. “It'll be no problem making this place somewhere where God will be welcome by Friday. I'm sure all of us want him there too, so he can bless yours and Bobby's love. So, were you also thinking of having your dad baptize you?”

Yeah, I was thinking of springing that one on him soon too.” replied Frank.

Can I be baptized with you babe?” asked Bobby.

I'm sure dad would love that!” replied Frank as he smiled.

The classes went well that day, as everyone began settling into the new school routine. All of the kids were excited to see a crew arrive at Boone's barn, to begin turning that into their new school. Jack had been so eager to do this that he went over the contractor's plans in one night, and made the corrections he wanted. The contractor had put the kitchen for the school cafeteria inside the barn, but Jack wanted any cooking to take place outside the barn, in an attached concrete structure. He wanted the school to be as safe as it could possibly be, since the loft would be a large dormitory, housing boys who would need housing to attend an all gay school. Jack also wanted an auditorium and athletic facility as a part of the school, but that would wait until after the main facility was finished.

That evening as Luke and Josh were helping Charlie get use to his new home, and Frank was telling Sammy about the change of plans and his desire to be baptized, Jack was talking to Boone and Matt about the school.

I sure hope the changes I made to the plans will help get the school finished quicker.” said Jack.

Why is that dad?” asked Boone.

I've begun hearing from schools all over the state.” replied Jack. “This idea is going to be more popular than any of us thought. We have school districts in Joplin, Springfield, and Saint Louis wanting to send kids out here. And then there's the smaller districts too. A lot of them seem to have one or two kids they want to send here. Our transportation can extend out a little bit, but a lot of kids are going to have to be housed here.”

And here back in the summer I was joking with Luke about Greenfield not exactly being a gay mecca!” laughed Boone.

I think we might change that!” laughed Jack.

How many kids do you think we'll have here eventually?” asked Matt.

From the response I've had already, I'd have to update our original estimate to around two to three hundred, but that includes the seventh grade on up.” replied Jack. “I'm going to have to make new plans for more teachers and live-in counselors by the time the school is ready.”

Damn, I can't even imagine that many kids living in our barn!” exclaimed Boone.

We may have to consider building a housing complex separate from the barn.” replied Jack. “Maybe you guys can come up with something for now though. You know how close kids can live together comfortably more than I do. Here are the floor plans for the barn loft. We want to have two main dormitory rooms, with boys fourteen and under in one, and boys fifteen and older in another. The fifteen and older group will make up about seventy five percent of the school. I've separated the loft according to that, and laid out one live-in counselor apartment in the younger boys dorm, and two in the older boys dorm. See what you can come up with as far as layout for the remaining space, and get as many kids as we can in it.”

Okay dad, I'll see what I can do.” smiled Boone.

Boone and Matt talked to Josh and Luke about their ideas for the dorms the next day, and Josh and Luke agreed with most of them. The next evening, Boone was ready to go back to his dad with the loft floor plans.

Okay dad, here are the plans.” said Boone. “The first thing we came up with were full sized bunk beds. We are talking about nothing but gay boys, so there shouldn't be any problem getting two boys to share one bed. That opens up one wall of each dormitory for a wall of closets and drawers, and an area in each dorm for desks and chairs. The kids will have homework, not to mention they'll want to have access to computers. We need enough space for desks and tables to handle that. If we have two hundred and twenty five kids in the older boys dorm, my changes will call for fifty seven sets of full sized bunk beds. That many will just fit with how I have everything set up there. That will leave nineteen sets of bunk beds in the younger boys dorm, which will fit easily.”

I'll see what I can come up with then son.” replied Jack. “I'm not sure this plan calls for enough computers though. Maybe we should have one for every three boys, instead of every four boys. That's only another sixteen computers.”

Hey, if you want to buy them, I'm sure the boys will appreciate them!” laughed Boone. “Anyway, our maximum occupancy right now will be two hundred and twenty eight boys age fifteen and up, and seventy six boys age fourteen and under. You'll just have to see what the building codes require for that kind of occupancy, including the live-in staff.”

Jack gave the plans with the layout to the contractor the next day, then began to make calls trying to find what would be needed. He had to call six different bedding companies before finding one who led him to a company that carried what he wanted. They agreed to have seventy six sets of full sized bunk beds delivered just after Thanksgiving. The same company was also able to help Jack with desks, chairs, and tables, and they would be delivered at the same time as the beds. Then the expensive part came when he went in search of one hundred computers. Jack knew computers though, and knew the supplier who could handle that order, and had the best equipment for the best price. As long as the contractor could deliver on his promise, the school could be ready after the start of the new year.

Friday, the kids spent the second half of the day transforming the classroom into an intimate enough environment to suit Frank and Bobby. The boys covered and hid everything that would identify the room as a classroom, then Boone and Luke put up enough spiritual plaques and pictures to make everything as pleasing to God as they could. Then they put up enough chairs to seat anyone who wanted to be there. All of the boys in the class who were bused in got permission to stay late that Friday night.

Finally came the time to get ready. Luke would be with Frank during the ceremony, and Josh would be with Bobby. So Luke took Frank to Ellen's room to prepare him, while Josh took Bobby to Jack's room to prepare him. Frank stripped down naked and took a shower in Ellen's shower, then came back out and stood naked in front of Luke as Luke held Frank's robe open.

You are beautiful Frank.” said Luke, before covering Frank's naked body with the robe. “Bobby is a very lucky guy to be getting someone like you.”

Do you really think so Luke?” asked Frank, as he looked down at his body.

I know so Frank!” replied Luke.

Then Luke put the robe on Frank, and secured it around him. Once Frank slipped on a pair of sandals to wear out to the classroom, he was ready for Bobby. The scene in Jack's room was almost exactly the same, as Josh prepared Bobby for the ceremony. Then Luke led Josh back to the classroom as Josh and Bobby waited back behind the building. Once the music Sammy had picked started, Luke led Frank inside, and up the aisle to where Sammy was waiting. Frank looked back at everyone there, which included all of his new classmates and teachers. Everyone smiled as though they were very happy for Frank. Then Frank turned back to Sammy, who was smiling as well.

I love you dad.” said Frank.

I love you too son.” replied Sammy. “You are making me the proudest father in the world right now!”

Then the music changed, and Josh came in escorting Bobby up the aisle. Now Frank and Bobby both were standing in front of Sammy, as the music trailed off.

First I would like to have Frank and Bobby hold hands throughout the ceremony.” said Sammy. Once the boys were holding hands and smiling, Sammy continued, “Dearly beloved friends and family, we are here today to witness God's blessing of the marriage of these two young men, Frank and Bobby. Frank and Bobby share the love for each other that is required for God to bless any couple. I know that kind of love makes God very happy, and in return, God fills all those here with love and happiness as a way to thank us for accepting the love that two of his children share. Today God will bless this couple, and everyone gathered here. He will bless his two children, Frank and Bobby, so that they may share the love he wants them to have for each other for the rest of their lives. Can you feel God's blessing building inside you Frank?”

Yes dad, I can.” replied Frank. “I love God for giving me his blessing.”

Can you feel God's blessing building inside you Bobby?” asked Sammy.

Yes sir.” replied Bobby. “It feels like what we're doing here is so right.”

That's because God is here right now.” said Sammy. “He sees the love his two children share, and it makes him very happy. This is what God wants for you two young men. He is pleased that you love each other so much that you want to commit the rest of your lives to each other. Now for the vows that will seal your love for each other, and your love for our God.”

Luke looked to Josh, and Josh nodded yes. Then Luke asked, “Can you do us a favor Reverend Sammy?”

What is that my son?” asked Sammy in return.

Josh and I would like you to include us in your vows, and be married tonight as well.” replied Luke. “Frank, do you and Bobby mind if we share your ceremony?”

We'd love for you to join us.” replied Frank.

Well then, so be it.” smiled Sammy. “Luke and Josh, I will be asking God to bless your union too. God knows the trials you have been through, and has seen your love for each other flourish in spite of that. God is happy that you love each other enough to take this step. Franklin Peters, do you take Robert Heeley as your husband, to love in the sight of God, through good times and trials, through sickness and health, with the love that God wants you to share with each other, for as long as you both live?”

I do.” replied Frank breathlessly.

Robert Heeley, do you take Franklin Peters as your husband, to love in the sight of God, through good times and trials, through sickness and health, with the love that God wants you to share with each other, for as long as you both live?” asked Sammy.

I do!” replied Bobby excitedly.

Lucas Tanner, do you take Joshua Brooks-Tanner as your husband, to love in the sight of God, through good times and trials, through sickness and health, with the love that God wants you to share with each other, for as long as you both live?”

I do.” replied Luke as he smiled.

Joshua Brooks-Tanner, do you take Lucas Tanner as your husband, to love in the sight of God, through good times and trials, through sickness and health, with the love that God wants you to share with each other, for as long as you both live?”

I do!” replied Josh, as he gazed into Luke's eyes.

Then in the sight of God, and with his blessings for your love, I now pronounce you wedded husbands.” said Sammy. “You may now express your love to your mates, but keep it clean!”

All of the boys snickered, then shared a kiss with their new husbands. Lonnie and Janice were shocked that Luke and Josh had joined in the ceremony at the last minute, but they were also very happy for their sons.

On Sunday, Sammy not only performed the Sunday service, but was given the joy of performing the baptisms of Frank and Bobby. It made him happy that he had gotten through to the boys that they could love their faith, as well as each other.

On Monday, Jack began calling school counselors back to tell them that they could start accepting boarding students on the second day of the next year. One of those counselors was Sam Burke from Saint Louis.

I guess most of the boys I would like to send to you can wait until then, but there is one that I would like to do something for now.” said Sam. “It would make me and his social worker very happy if he had somewhere safe to go when he's released from the hospital tomorrow.”

Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Jack. “What's the story that led to him being in a hospital?”

He's a fifteen year old boy named Lashawn Williams.” replied Sam. “His family is very religious, and found out that he was gay two weeks ago. His father left the room in a rage, and came back a few minutes later with a gun. The man didn't even say a word before lowering the gun and firing it at his son. Lashawn's guardian angel was with him though. The bullet struck Lashawn in the chest, but managed to miss his heart, his aorta, and his lungs. Two days later, an older male sibling got past hospital security and almost beat Lashawn to death as he was recovering from being shot. The father and brother are both being held without bond for attempted murder, and the court issued a restraining order against the entire family that forbids them to even mention Lashawn's name. Most of the family intends to finish what the father and brother tried to do. Then his mother and her brother went to the court to try to get Lashawn when he gets out of the hospital, and the court immediately put them both in jail overnight for violating the restraining order.”

I can see why he needs to be out of Saint Louis then.” replied Jack. “There's no way I can hear a story like that and not have him here somehow.”

That would be so good.” said Sam. “He really is in danger in Saint Louis. His family is very large, and the only one the social worker could find who is sympathetic to Lashawn is a female cousin. He really shouldn't be anywhere near the rest of his family though.”

Is he okay to travel when he's released tomorrow?” asked Jack.

I can take him right to the bus station tomorrow when he's released.” replied Sam.

Okay then, get him to Hawley and I'll pick him up there.” said Jack. “I'll find room for him somewhere here until our new building is ready.”

Thanks Jack, you may have just saved his life.” said Sam.

Jack then had a talk with Lonnie and Janice, and Sammy that evening. Sammy was very sad to hear Lashawn's story, and Lonnie and Janice were shocked beyond words.

I would love to take him in, along with Frank and Bobby.” said Sammy. “He sounds like a young man in desperate need of love and compassion. The problem is with him coming from a religious background. All of you know that I certainly don't believe the way his family does, but right now he's not likely to trust any religious figures. Now if he were to appear to want to live with us, I would take him in instantly, but it would have to be something he would be totally comfortable with.”

Our background isn't quite so religious.” said Lonnie. “He could bunk with Charlie, but the problem here would be the fact that Luke, Josh, and Charlie barely fit in Luke's truck.”

I could always take the boys to school in the morning.” said Janice.

Or I could get a vehicle that holds more people.” said Luke hopefully. “A newer Club Cab would be nice.”

I'm sure it would!” laughed Lonnie.

Really dad, we want to help.” said Luke. “This boy was shot by his father, then his older brother tried to beat him to death. He needs people who can understand and love him, and we want to be that for him. Please dad?”

Lonnie looked at the pleading look in Luke's eyes, then said, “Okay son. I think I know someone in town who would like to sell his.”

Jack agreed to bring Lashawn to the Tanner house the next day, and Lonnie took the boys out to try to get Luke a larger truck. Then the next day Jack went to Hawley to pick up Lashawn. When the bus from Saint Louis pulled in, Jack went over to find Lashawn. Then a young black boy got off by himself, and Jack knew that had to be him. The boy seemed to be in his mid teens, was of medium build, had short hair, soft facial features, and very smooth dark ebony skin. The boy also seemed like he had seen better times. Jack also couldn't help but to notice the boy had a quite noticeable package in his pants.

Has anyone seen Lashawn Williams?” Jack asked the group.

I'm Lashawn.” said the boy Jack had spotted. “You must be Jack. Sam told me a little bit about the deal here.” Then Lashawn lowered his voice and asked, “Do you really have an all gay school out here?”

It's actually down in Greenfield.” smiled Jack. “Now, let's get your stuff and get to your new home.”

You're looking at my stuff.” said Lashawn sullenly.

Didn't your social worker get your family to let you pack your things for the move?” asked Jack.

My family burnt up everything that belonged to me after the social worker talked to my mom last night.” replied Lashawn, on the verge of tears.

Jack took Lashawn into a hug, and said, “Then I guess we better stop at the mall before we leave Hawley. Don't worry son, I'll buy you anything you want. Then I'll take you to your new home.”

After Jack got Lashawn clothes, and even some music and a CD player, that seemed to make Lashawn feel a little better for now. Then Jack drove back toward Greenfield, and took Lashawn to Lonnie's house. Luke, Josh, and Charlie were pulling in in the new Club Cab at the same time Jack and Lashawn pulled in. Then Lonnie and Janice met everyone at the door.

Oh good, I get to introduce everyone all at the same time.” said Jack, as Lashawn followed him to the house. “Lashawn Williams, this is Lonnie, Janice, Luke, and Josh Tanner, and their house guest Charlie Baker. Everyone, this is Lashawn Williams.”

Lonnie shook Lashawn's hand and said, “Hello Lashawn, it's a pleasure for us to have you in our home. I want you to feel safe and comfortable to be who you are while you're with us. We'll be having supper at about six o'clock, so you have a chance to settle in and freshen up from the bus ride. Boys, help Lashawn get his things and settle in.”

The boys went to the trunk of Jack's car, and Luke asked, “Why are all of your things in shopping bags from the mall in Hawley?”

My family destroyed all of my things, but Jack was nice enough to replace some of it for me.” replied Lashawn.

Everyone grabbed some bags, and followed Luke into the house to Charlie's room. Then Luke said, “Okay Lashawn, you'll be rooming with Charlie. Don't worry though, we've had a week now to house train him. Charlie will make some room for your things in the closet and dresser. The bathroom is the second door down on the right. The first door is mine and Josh's room, and you're welcome to stop by anytime, if Charlie will let you get away from him. Do you have any questions?”

Yeah, like why are you people so much nicer to me than my family was?” asked Lashawn.

Well, every boy in this house so far is gay.” replied Luke. “Dad and mom are use to raising gay boys now. They love me and Josh as much as they ever have. I can't imagine what it would have been like to go through what you have, and I wouldn't want to try. We want to help you as much as we can, and show you there are people who understand and care. As for your family, I can't explain why what they think was more important to them than their own flesh and blood. Now, we'll talk more after you have a chance to take a shower. You'll love your new school tomorrow.”

Thanks guys.” said Lashawn, as he smiled at his three new friends.

As Lashawn undressed to get ready for a nice shower, Charlie went to get him a towel. When Charlie went back into the room, Lashawn was lowering his briefs. Charlie stood there speechless, watching Lashawn taking off the last of his clothes. Then Lashawn finally noticed Charlie staring.

I assume they don't have many black folks in Hawley, do they?” asked Lashawn.

They didn't in any of my classes.” replied Charlie, who then caught himself staring. “Oh shit, I'm so sorry Lashawn. It's just that,... well,... you know,... your...”

Lashawn laughed as he held his cock out in his hand and said, “Yeah, it is pretty nice. Would you believe that it's a little over ten inches erect? Shit, I'm just fifteen, so that's pretty cool for someone my age. Would you like to touch it Charlie? I'm really flattered that you like it enough to look, and I love other guys touching it.”

Wow!” exclaimed Charlie. “You'll really let me touch it?”

Yep!” smiled Lashawn.

Charlie stepped up to the Lashawn, and reached out to grab ahold of his cock. Lashawn moaned softly as Charlie ran his hand up and down the length of his cock, and both boys watched it stiffen slightly.

I think he really likes you Charlie!” snickered Lashawn softly.

I like him too!” replied Charlie. Then Charlie looked at the wound on Lashawn's chest and said, “I can't believe someone would do that to you just because you're gay.”

Well, I guess my family ain't the smartest bunch of people.” replied Lashawn. “How would you like to kiss a black guy for the first time Charlie?”

I'd love that!” replied Charlie.

Lashawn put his lips against Charlie's, and began giving Charlie a long and deep kiss. The two boys kissed for a few minutes, as Lashawn massaged Charlie's butt cheeks through his pants.

Lashawn finally broke the kiss, and said, “I think I'll love it here, and I think I might end up having you to thank for that.”

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