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From the last chapter:

Lashawn settled in quickly, and made friends with almost everyone at his new school. He was a little shy around the younger kids though. Ryan and Christof shrugged it off, thinking he would warm up to them eventually. Friday evening, Ellen called for a family meeting at hers and Jack's home. The meeting was mostly for Boone's sake though.

Boone honey, I've already talked this over with Cody and Jack, and now it's time to talk to you.” said Ellen. “Would it be awkward for you to have a little baby brother or sister at your age?”

Are you serious mom?!” replied Boone. “Are you?...”

Yes son, I just found out this morning.” smiled Ellen. “Cody is so excited about becoming a father.”

I'll bet he is!” replied Boone as he smiled too. “Congratulations to both of you mom! I already know you're a great mom, and I'll bet Cody will be a great dad too!”

The next day, Luke, Josh, Lashawn, and Charlie stopped by to pick up Boone and Matt to go to the movies. All of the boys congratulated Boone on becoming a big brother when the baby came. The boys had a great time, and Charlie and Lashawn had become close friends with them.

All of the boys were excited Monday, as four new boys got out of the vans.

Boone went up to one of the new boys, reached out his hand, and said, “Hi, I'm Boone.”

What are you, the head fag around here?” replied the boy unenthusiastically.

What?!” exclaimed Boone.

Don't try to get all friendly on me man!” said the boy. “This wasn't my idea!”

Josh came up and replied, “Maybe not, but you'll watch your mouth around my friends! What the hell are you doing here if you feel that way?”

I don't want to talk about it!” replied the boy.

Then Stan came out and said, “Maybe you should Alvin. Your psychologist in Hawley seems to think it would be good if you talked about it here.”

Him, that counselor, and my parents are just trying to ruin my life!” blurted out Alvin. “That other boy talked me into it! Why isn't he here instead?”

I'll try to answer that for you inside Alvin.” replied Stan. “Okay boys, the bell is about to ring. We may as well go inside the classroom for introductions.”

As soon as Stan said that, the bell rang. All of the boys followed Stan in, and took their seats. The four new boys found seats that weren't being used, with Alvin sitting at the back of the classroom.

Okay boys, you all met Alvin back there, although not properly.” said Stan. “Let's start in the back with Alvin. If you don't want to say anything other than your name and hometown, that's fine. Please try to remember that you're among friends here though. Every boy here has been persecuted for who he is, and is very glad to be here with other gay boys.”

I ain't gay though!” said Alvin. “My name is Alvin Warren, and I'm from Hawley. My school counselor got together with his psychologist friend, then they convinced my parents that I'm gay so they'd send me here. That's all I have to say, except I ain't gay!”

Alvin, the only reason that your psychologist has spoken to anyone is that he cares about you, and he's very concerned.” said Stan. “Did he talk to you about denial?”

All I know about it is that it's a freakin' river in Egypt!” replied Alvin.

Then why isn't that other boy here Alvin?” asked Stan. “Your counselor talked to him and you both.”

He was a real joy to ride all the way from Hawley with like that!” laughed Eddie.

Okay boys, let's try to be a little sympathetic about what Alvin is going through.” said Stan.

Come on Alvin, we want to be your friends here if you'll give it a try.” said Luke.

It was suppose to be him though!” said Alvin, beginning to crack a little. “I wasn't suppose to have to give up my life! He said he would take the blame if we ever got caught!”

What did you tell that other boy Alvin?” asked Stan.

I made him an offer.” replied Alvin, as he hung his head. “It all started about a month ago, on the first day of school. He just came up to me, and asked me to suck his dick. I told him that I wasn't like that, and he replied that he was sure I was, and just wouldn't admit it. Every couple of days he would catch me alone, and said he was sure I was a cocksucker. Then he would ask me to suck him. I told him no over and over again. Then I began to wonder what it would be like if I told him yes. One day he asked me, and I replied that I just didn't want to get caught sucking another guy's dick. He kinda smiled, and asked if there was any deal we could make. I told him that I'd do it, but if we got caught he was suppose to say he talked me into it, then made me do it once we started.”

That would have been rape though Alvin.” said Stan. “That boy didn't rape you, did he?”

No sir.” replied Alvin. “I was curious, and I agreed to suck his dick.”

Then it would be wrong for him to admit to committing a felony that he didn't commit, wouldn't it?” asked Stan.

Yes sir.” replied Alvin softly.

Did you get caught sucking his dick then?” asked Luke.

That first time all that happened was that he cummed in my mouth.” replied Alvin shamefully. “I yelled at him, asking what he thought he was doing cumming in my mouth like that. He had noticed that it didn't stop me from swallowing it though. He laughed as he told me he could tell that I liked eating his cum, and that I'd ask him for more before long. That really screwed with my head, and four days later I practically begged him to let me suck his dick again. He asked if I was looking forward to eating more of his cum, and I said yes. Then I went down on his cock a lot more eagerly, and that's when we were caught by a group of kids. He claimed that I was a faggot, and I came after him. He told everyone that I wouldn't stop bothering him until he let me suck him. Everyone believed him, and no one believed me, not even my parents when they found out. Then the counselor sent me to see a friend of his who was a psychologist. My life at school was quickly becoming hell when the counselor went to my parents about coming here. After he left, they told me that if I was going to act like that, then I should go to what they called a fag school. They said I didn't deserve to go to school with normal kids. I really hate how this has turned out, and I hate myself for being so weak as to give in. I was a star on our baseball team, and now I'm nothing.”

Don't say that Alvin.” said Frank. “God knows I'm responsible for making a few kids feel that way too, until I figured out I had more in common with them than I wanted to admit. You're a good person Alvin, and there's a reason for you to be coming here. Stick with us, and we'll treat you like the good person you are too.”

He's right Alvin, you don't have to be in denial about who you are here.” said Luke. “We're all gay, and that's okay with us. If you'll give us a chance, we'll like you, and you won't have to worry about acting like who you are around us. You had sex with him because you wanted to, didn't you?”

Yeah, I guess so.” replied Alvin.

And you're gay, aren't you Alvin?” asked Luke.

Yeah, I guess so.” replied Alvin. “Why else would I swallow his cum, then want more? Why did I have to end up liking to have sex with boys though?”

No one asks for that Alvin.” replied Stan. “Most research suggests that it's how we were born. There are biological differences between straight and gay people. It's just like how Lashawn over there is black, and his boyfriend Charlie is white. That's how they were born.”

So, it isn't my fault?” asked Alvin.

No son, it isn't.” smiled Stan. “You didn't choose to be gay, and it isn't some kind of punishment from God. It's just who you are.”

If that's the case, I guess I'm glad I'm here.” said Alvin. “Oh Boone, I'm sorry about that head fag remark.”

I'll let it pass, THIS time!” laughed Boone.

Okay, let's move on to the other new students.” said Stan. “Who do we have back there nearest to Alvin?”

I'm Kyle, and I came from Millville with Peter.” replied the boy Stan had picked out. “I'm not Peter's boyfriend, but he is kinda cute. Anyway, my parents are great about me being gay. They said it was perfectly okay with them, as long as they didn't catch me doing any gay crap with other boys.”

That's kinda messed up man.” said Matt.

Well, it's still better than my dad shooting me in the chest!” laughed Lashawn.

I don't know, I have to agree with Matt.” said Stan, as he smiled at Lashawn. “It's ridiculous for your parents to say it's okay to call yourself gay, as long as you don't do anything that would make you gay. What about when you meet the right boy Kyle, and want to share a kiss with him? That would be a gay act.”

You're probably right.” replied Kyle. “I think when the dorms here are done, they wouldn't be too disappointed if I wanted to stay here.”

Well, I'm sure the school would love to have you staying here.” said Stan. “Why don't we hear from the youngest boy in the group now?”

I'm Bruce, and I'm from Shifley.” replied the boy. “I'm twelve, but my parents already know that I'm gay.”

How do they know that?” asked Ryan.

Because, I invited a friend of mine over after school a few weeks ago, and we played with each other's dicks.” replied Bruce. “It was really fun, so I asked him over again last week. He asked if he could bring his seventeen year old brother, and I said sure. I didn't think he would want to do what we did the first time, since his brother was there too. Then he asked if we could play with each other's dicks again, right in front of his brother. His brother just kinda smiled, so I said sure. Then while we were playing with each other, he asked if I would lean over and put his dick in my mouth. I just looked at it at first, then I started wondering what it would feel like. The more I looked at his dick, the more it looked like something that I wanted in my mouth. After I leaned over and put his dick in my mouth, his brother started telling me how to suck it. I was really enjoying it, so his brother lifted my legs onto the bed, and pulled my pants down. I was laying face down, sucking my friend, and he was telling me how nice it felt. Then I felt his brother spread my butt cheeks apart, and put his big dick between them like he was going to push it into my butt. I didn't think he would, until he pushed my face down hard into his brother's crotch. The next thing I felt was his dick going up inside me. It hurt like crap for a few minutes, so he kept my face in his brother's crotch so I couldn't cry out. Then it stopped hurting as much, and he stopped pushing on my head. When he asked if I wanted him to take his dick out of me, I mumbled no as I continued sucking his brother. Next he started pushing his dick in and out of me, and it felt incredible! Just as I was really enjoying both dicks inside me, my dad walked in. My dad made them leave, even though I begged him not to. I guess my dad didn't like how I begged not to make my friend's brother take his dick out of my butt, because he walked out of my room really quietly. My mom said I was lucky he walked out. Then the next thing I knew, they were sending me here. I think it's just so I don't see my friend and his brother again.”

Most of the boys now had bulges in their pants, as Luke asked, “Do you mean you would do that again with both of them if you could?”

Oh yes!” chirped Bruce. “It was fun!”

I believe our last boy is from Smithsburg.” said Stan, a little flustered.

My name is Roy, and I don't really want to talk about why I'm here.” replied the last boy. “I'm ashamed of what I did, even though I couldn't stop myself. I'm ashamed of the fact that I might be gay, and I'm going to do everything I can to change that. I'm ashamed that I might slip, and do it again.”

We understand what you're going through right now Roy.” said Josh. “We've all been where you're at.”

Just save it!” said Roy. “I don't have a problem with you being that way, but I'm going to go straight. I'm too ashamed of having sex with another boy to stay gay like you guys. I wish I had the guts to be as proud of it as you, but I don't.”

I think the boys are just offering their friendship Roy.” said Stan. “Everything else will work itself out as it was meant to. Now, let's get to work, and see if our four new students need to catch up any.”

Most of the boys in the class kept talking to Alvin throughout the day, getting him to open up a little more. Roy was going to be a tough one though. Although he wasn't violent like Alvin had been at first, he did have a very low self-esteem level. That worried Stan and Irv, as they felt Roy was sent to the academy for his own good.

When Friday rolled around, it was unseasonably warm. Luke suggested a field trip to the swimming hole. Stan thought it would have been a good idea, if not for the fact that no one had swimwear with them. Luke smiled as he told his teacher that the usual attire for the swimming hole was nothing at all. Josh joined in the discussion at that time, and soon over half the boys were begging for a field trip. The rest looked uncertain, and a few looked downright scared. The majority finally won out though. Janice smiled as she looked out the kitchen window, and saw the school vans head toward the trail to the swimming hole.

Okay boys, I know none of us have swim suits, but Luke tells me that everyone who swims back here usually does so naked anyway.” said Stan. “If any of you are uncomfortable with that, we've parked the vans so you can stay on the other side of them, and have the privacy you want. We don't want you to swim naked here if you don't feel comfortable doing so.”

Three kids decided not to swim naked with the rest of the boys, which included Alvin and Roy. Luke and his friends were concerned that Alvin didn't join them. The third boy caved in as soon as he heard the other kids having fun, which just left Alvin and Roy out. Then about a half hour later, Luke smiled from ear to ear as he saw Alvin come to the side of the pool.

I'm really happy you finally decided to come over Alvin.” said Luke.

Well, I'm still not completely sure about this.” replied Alvin.

Alvin, look out there.” said Luke. “All everyone is doing is swimming. Okay, so they might be naked, but there's not that much other than swimming going on. If it would make you feel better, you can leave your briefs on, then use mine when we're done. We look about the same size. I have to tell you though that everyone out there is as naked as the day they were born, and it isn't bothering any of them one bit. I'm sure you'd find that it wouldn't bother you that much either.”

I hope you're right Luke.” said Alvin.

Alvin then tentatively stripped off all of his clothes, including his briefs, and jumped into the water. Soon, he was having as much fun as the other boys. Lashawn had seen quite a bit in his young life, including behavior like Roy's. That worried him as he swam over to his teachers.

Sirs, I'm worried about Roy.” said Lashawn.

We are too son.” replied Stan.

I've seen kids with low self-esteem before.” said Lashawn. “Usually it's not too bad, and they get over it. I've seen it as bad as Roy's too, and they usually don't get over it until something happens. I want to go have a talk with Roy.”

That would be a good idea Lashawn.” replied Stan. “If anyone can get through to him, I think you can.”

Lashawn climbed out of the pool after leaving Charlie with a kiss, then dried off and put on only his pants. When Lashawn got to the other side of the vans, he saw Roy sitting in the grass crying.

How ya doin' Roy?” asked Lashawn.

Just save it!” sniffled Roy.

I'm not just saving it just because that's your favorite term!” replied Lashawn. “I didn't come over here to talk about anyone's sexual orientation Roy. I just came over here to ask you as a friend, how are you doing? It looks like you could use a friend right now.”

Do you really want to know what I'm thinking?” cried Roy. “I'm thinking about whether or not it would hurt to end it all someday! None of you could understand that though! You're over there so happy to be gay boys, frolicking around in the nude! I'm ashamed of it though. Everyone I know at home sees me as a failure, and evil because I can't control my feelings.”

Since when did they change the word swimming to frolicking?” asked Lashawn. “As for killing yourself man, it would hurt, and it would be a mistake you could never undo. You may not be evil now, but killing is evil, even if it's killing yourself. Man, someone has screwed your head on so crooked for you that it's a shame. Do you want to know what's evil Roy?”

What's that?” replied Roy.

Look at my chest.” said Lashawn. “Inside this chest is a heart that's filled with nothing but love now. Do you see that wound?”

Yes.” replied Roy.

That wound was put there by my own father, who's heart was so filled with hate that he tried to shoot a hole in mine, and drain the love and life right out of me.” said Lashawn. “Do you know what hurts more than a bullet ripping through your chest? It's knowing that it came from your own father, who hates you so much that he wants to see you die. Do you think I'm proud that my heart is still filled with love, or would I be proud if my heart was filled with hatred, just like my father's?”

I...I...” stuttered Roy.

Lashawn saw a weakness in Roy's emotions, so he jumped on it as he said, “Those people who are screwing with your head don't love you Roy. They hate who you are, which means they hate you too. Hate is what's evil Roy, and I really hope you can see that right now. Hate is the main product of the devil Roy. I should know. Not only am I gay, but I'm black as well. There are still people out there who hate others because they are black, and I had nothing to do with that Roy. I can't change the fact that I'm black, and I can't change the fact that I'm gay. You know what? Since I can't change either of those facts, I'm proud of them! You should be proud of who you are too Roy, and let the devil have his way with those haters back home. They'll be going to be with him much sooner than they want. The one thing that can defeat him though is love. I'm going to fill myself so full of love that he'll be afraid of me! Just stick with me, and you won't have anything to worry about. You don't need those people back in Smithsburg Roy. You have people here who would love to be your friend, and love you for who you are. Please give us a chance Roy.”

Please help me.” cried Roy.

Of course I'll help you Roy.” replied Lashawn. “We'll all help you. Unlike most other people you know, we all care very much about you.”

Then Lashawn reached down, and pulled Roy up into a comforting hug.

That was a fun chapter, wasn't it? Imagine what it'll be like when the new school and dorms open, and they get quite a few more gay boys at one time. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.